Devil Curse Or A Blessing

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 30th, 2015


Foolhardy youths happen to open a portal between very different focal planes and all heck begins


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An Epilogue

Curse or a Blessing ?

"Opening the portal an invitation makes. Cut off from Aether's vitality withering does commence. Forever, be you as cursed for this most evil deed." Said that Demon little devil, he paused to take another breath; meanwhile stroking the length of his stallion size of cock. I remember it so vividly; he gave it a jerk or two and from it sputtered out three globs of greenish blue demon semen.
"When next your eyes do gaze upon a creature not of your kind, its purpose you shall have! You have then but span three suns to gather into you self the seed of that creature, or that creature's kind be yours." This is about how he said it, but the intent is there, the memory of it all is there, and the way my asshole aches from him and later of Onyx thrusting; I may never need an enema again!

What a long night, I felt charged with so much adrenalin; the thought of sleeping never came to mind. What did overwhelm all my senses, all my thoughts, was the sudden realization of being then as is a naked animal, a horse, a stallion, and the vivid memories of when I mated earlier with two mares.

My first real experience was with that neat little blonde colored mare, she backing her hindquarters up to trap me, and me then by wild lust did mate with her. The raw sensual, sexual glory of feel my horse size of cock plunging in, feeling vaginal walls compressing around my huge prick; and then to start thrusting, nothing else mattered except for to enjoy that wonderful moment.

The second mare, a Pinto horse, she much taller than was the blonde colored horse, but me at near to 15 hands high, the mounting them both was quite easy. I felt blessed by my changed legs and increased height, as well endowed too of my rather forward set sheath. The sheath helped with my ability to aim and penetrate the mares, sinking my entire shaft into them, 24 inches of wanton length down in a hot tunnel!

If not for Paige and her horse-restraining tool horn-hooked onto my soft lip, I would likely have assured that mare her desire to become pregnant.

I understood why Paige felt angered by me; I gave up and let the animal instincts rule me to near my permanent ruination. An animal is ruled heavily by sensations, and with having still a thinking, rational human mind inside the sensual form of a stallion feeling the call to mate, I, me, I would prefer to be as is a horse, a stallion, and a stud.

Like I said, it became a long evening, and the night lasted seemingly forever.

My passion tempted early on by two mares and the lusty rape of my horse cock by Paige had me standing in various positions, masturbating until I spewed another might load of stinking semen. The stench of equine semen is as a slight blending or foliage greenery eaten, hay devoured, a little grain found, and then the rush of my stallion semen. When first I did an ejaculation it had no blatant odor, but with nibbling on what was in that stall as food, the stench had its beginning.

Instincts are the inner realization of stink as being your own, a mark in the animal world as is a name in being human. I found a strange sense of personal satisfaction from my manure, my urine, later my semen, and surprising to me found how I liked to give it a sniff, and my semen a lick. The tasting of my own equine semen began to urge a bold drive in me. I hoof kicked at the door to my stall. Kick, kick, and kicking it often, hard, and striking it as hard with hind hoofs; it helping me to gain some composure, and control.

“Crack, snap, and a thud,” all were the sounds of wood cracking, breaking and a heavy wood door bolting bar slid harshly to the barn floor.

My equine brain screamed “Freedom” and slamming at the door with my chest, they flew open, granting me open range on all there inside that barn.

Eager, yet cautiously I did nervously prance out of my stall and into the main aisle of the barn. An ogling look to one side and with my nostrils capturing the scent of someone I had tried to get to know earlier in that evening, I followed the trail of her scent.

The Pinto mare stood in an open stall. She tied by the rein attached to her head halter to the hay crib there before her face. She hearing the noise of me breaking free caused her to half turn and looking out into the aisle, she did whinny a friendly greeting.

In horse stallion lingo a whinny from a mare is as much an offering of her body to me, and my throbbing cock.

Eager, I pranced to her, hearing Onyx in the background screaming a whinny of warning and his disliking of another stallion loose in his barn. A tail held quite high, set over to one side, the mare stood with her head lowered into a pose of submissive want. Even as this invigorated me, my stallion eyes went wide with delight, seeing there the mare begin to wink her black vaginal lips.

Winking of those black lips, showing the pink skin below and of the hot love tunnel she had to drive a stallion wild with bestial want, bestial lust, bestial everything. If there was but one moment of that entire night which told me to be and remain if possible as a stallion for life, the sexual romp with that Pinto sealed my want of wishing to be again as a human!

Sniffing her, a purely animalistic act, and the wafting vapors pouring out her vulva would drive Onyx insane, but put me over the edge of not wishing to return. My upper lip did curl, as if to aid in holding grasping the scent and keeping it up inside my nostrils. Excited by this, I remember doing it, but felt lust and revulsion all too once, but I reached my head forward and gave her juicy vulva a big horse tongue, slurping slick a lick.

Scent, flavor, all rambled about as each works to urge in separate ways, inviting a drive inside my horse head. As the horse head knew what it wanted, the trumpet shaped head of my steel hard erection did scream its want as well.

Anxious to gain again the feeling of equine supremacy, I leaped up to stand with fore hoofs on the top of her rump. At that moment, a trumpeting whinny roared out of me, and I then let slip my fore legs down and grasping at her flanks, I worked my bulk forward. A mouth grip of stallion teeth on the nape of her withers and mane help me steady and pull my whole body forward. Forward until the tip of a wildly aroused stallion penis did come into first contact with those still winking black lips of mare sex.

I remember doing a whinny, but in my thinking mind I thanked God for allowing the devil to come and put a curse upon me that felt more as if a blessing. Blessed with a penis made for rutting hard and thrusting harshly, I let the tip of it slip over the lips of her sex.

Oddly, it felt like her vaginal vulva winking lips did kiss at my advancing penis head. Nipping at me, her vulva lips nibbled, urging me to press onward, letting the moistness and mare juices to lubricate and guide my prick in, down, and held tightly by aroused mare muscles. Slithering in, the heat, the slime, I felt my penis become even more engorged with bulk and the end of it flare out to some enormousness.

My loins stirred, as with insertion of the penis all of what was from the pelvis and down were in command of those sex rich moments.

Unimagined to me when a human, but as a stallion comes the sensation of a building explosion of semen, semen that would roar down the length of my penis and erupt, spewing out the pee-hole end.

Sensations so enthralling of every kind were telling me that this being as an animal and horse was a blessing. Wild as it did seem, but that hole at the anterior ending of a penis, my horse cock, those lips there, sent back sensations as they were nibbling at her internal sexual parts.

Slowly, in easy and smooth strides of movement I thrust in and withdrew some of that massive long length of my stallion penis. My smooth moves quickened as sensation and lust turned to passion and a bestial desire to procreate another living thing.

The fully set sun allowed a mercury vapor security light to blink on, sending its orange glow in through a barn window and making my stallion penis a glistening gold rod of pure delight.

My Pinto lover moaned and leaned back, guiding my shaft to impale her more, giving to me a greater sensation too, and reinforcing the pressure my semen would squirt, spew, and splattering inside her womb.

The tending to our mutual sensations failed to make me aware of two new bodies coming closer. I felt the silky hand of someone touching at my penis as I did a thrust. An ogling gaze back over my shoulders and flanks had me seeing two young women, both stock naked, and each taking a side to me, both watching, seeing how well I was thrusting.

I felt suddenly quite subdued, my load spent in the mare I had two lines of thought. One idea was to stay there atop that mare and continue some playful thrusting.

My second thought suggested I ease off the mare and stand with a fluidly softer erection, letting these two women have a turn.

The erotic and perverted thought won out, and pulling back, my hind legs stepping away, the penis slithered out of the mare and hung hefty full, and slimed with the bounty of her juices and my semen.

Standing on all fours in the aisle, one woman ducked under my belly, scooped up the flared end to my partially erect penis, and then engulfed the thing inside her mouth. As she took to sucking me, the other woman nestled between my hind legs and took to tongue licking at my still excited equine big balls.

Sexual torture to a stallion, I sniffed the air and as much as the Pinto mare stood asking for another quick rematch, I had the scented note of another mare, she wishfully wanting of me to come and do her several times.

With the stall door shut and my only manner of escape stopped cold, I stood there feeling anxious anxiety for the coming of morning. I wondered if with the coming new day if my humanity would return.

I wondered too if come the morning that I would be then yet as stallion and horse.

Time alone brought on strange patterns of thought, a decided longing to avail me of the extreme sensuality of what I had become, this brown haired' black mane and tail stallion.

A longing in me to be free of my confines, I considered about the Pinto mare and her hot body I felt the surge and urge of a coming erection. My stallion shaft slowly unfolding, falling loose and limp but gain weight and size the longer my mind pondered the sensation. The two women staying there with me found my new erection as a thing to touch, fondle, as toying did disturb my thoughts about the Pinto mare.

Soon, I stood with my body stretched in length and the glorious shaft that stretched out taunt and begging of me to seek some hot moist hole to plunge; my thoughts turned to finding relief, to masturbate, equine style.

A throbbing long cock, 24 some inches of massive shaft swung and with my increased equine libido. I swung it harshly upward, slamming into my hairy rounded belly, driving me mad with ideas of lust.

Hard and fast tempo of breathing added to my fantasy delights as the raw sensations from becoming fully formed as an equine animal were turning me to want this to last forever. Even as I worked my shaft toward a climax, the idea gained strength, as if a hope that with the coming of day, I would exit the stall and act as a stallion, a stud, and a horse delighted with the ideas of living this way the rest of my life.

Anxiety peaked, and from my shaft gushed seven hard surges of milky cum and juices with a stout odor of their own.

Once spent the massive organ retreated quickly back into its dark home, my very nice horse sensual sheath.

The heighten sense of smell had my nostrils busy collecting and sorting the differing scents between horses and cattle, as well the scent of a mare compared to that of Onyx.

Accordingly, to the ways of that demon curse I thought I met his requirements quite well. Yet come the morning if I were again human, I needed to spy a horse first and let my body become as this again, but decidedly making this all as something permanent.

I loved Paige dearly, she was until this all became as real, the woman I could, or might have married someday. Since this all culminated I now enjoy the sensation of being such a virile and powerful animal. My passions and lusty ways bring me inexhaustible delights!

I whinny and neigh wishing to communicate with those of my now preferred species.

Pawing a hoof at the barn floor, I stand impatiently longing for morning and the return of Paige or even her Uncle, of either coming and releasing me, whatever I am?

Slowly, painfully my equine form melds back to becoming human, having had Onyx semen in me works to satisfy the devil curse. I hate what I shall become once more, wishing with all that is in me to be again a stallion and live as love like a stud, not letting a stallion mate with me, and come the third day gain my lustier a triumphant transformation made permanent.

All is well, as I hear Onyx moving in his stall, my seeing him first and being his double would be fine with me. Impatient I stroll about the stall waiting, watching as the sun rises higher in the sky. The scene out my barn window is one of pleasured peace and the tranquility I so much desire…  Oh no, by all that is wrong, that little devil has worked his doom upon me, he knows I want to be a horse permanently. There in the pasture, the sun it light giving form to a dark figure, I see not a horse but the farm bull, to become a bull seems as greater disgrace!

I am not as of fully changed back to being a man, as the curse works to make of me a horny Dexter breed of a bull. Cows, I stand and have wonder if they can be anywhere the equal of satisfaction to me, when being a bull I sniff, lick, mount, steady, and bear in my bovine bull cock inside a leathery set of vile lips?

Equally nspiring art:


Artistically this work depicts what early in that fated new day after seeing then a Jersey bull out the stall window, is then the Minotaur form as the curse and changes would begin and continue until wholly bovine. The devil curse will aspire to making of me a bull, and not being the only bull in the pasture, the farm owner shall place us each in a seperate pasture, male apart without any chance of me getting his seed in me lest I remain a bull then permanently. My doom then seems assured, and being a bull I must decide to like cows!





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