Dark Corner 2

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 30th, 2015


A dark corner in a old downtown hotel has ways to causing a person to change...


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Ah the bliss of being young, male, unattached, having a good job, and living in the big city where it is all so easy a conquest wealthy environment. Masculinity and athletic built torso does so much to make a woman swoon to give of her own self, so one evening it all came to a stop.


I went cruising the city downtown streets, the women were everywhere, and after a day at work dealing with anxious, money hungry people, the desire of some strenuous relaxation seemed so righteous.


So many, some who looked their part, they dressed in bright colored clothing, wholly uncoordinated clothing, suggested the essence of a street bimbo. Then there was she, Tina, and seeing her she had style. Tina was more than well-dressed if but offering, she looked as intelligent, her stance and calm demeanor advertised of a woman bearing her self-dignity.


Instead of doing a drive up howdy there, are you available for this evening, I got out of my car and strolled casually up to her, smiled, and asked quite politely, if she were waiting for someone. What she saw was a wealthy young man and his around-town sports car, figuring he was anything but a police officer, she took my arm and we soon drove off together.


A quiet diner at a swank nightclub, we watched the floorshow, and then I suggested we find a place to retire for an evening of relaxation. We walked to where I had parked the car, finding the locals there thought my car looked better with four knife-slashed tires.


She being well liquored to acting loose as wild for a night with a man, and I as horny as ever, saw there the front sign of the Dante Hotel. We thinking nothing more of the elder city relic of a hotel, we went inside and I being wealthy requested a penthouse suite for that one night.


When comes varied times of quiet yet, the mind remembers and reminisces, seeing that hotel front clerk, she radiating an evil sensation, something that if sober then, I would have sensed and turned as ran away. Instead, we were both about half in the bag from our fun night, as with the key to a room, the elevator went to the thirteenth floor and we walked to my north facing suite.


It seemed to be a larger than expected room, as five rooms, an efficiency suite with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room, the added fifth room was a solarium glass portico facing north, overlooking the true downtown.


Tina was all and more than what I ever expected and with a king size bed, what she how to do kept me awake and erect for hours. I awoke when Tina moaned, her body shivered, seeing as remembering how she wished to be on top of me, we were as joined still, I erect as heck and inside her hot body.

A glanced eye to look at the bedside clock saw the time, as four-fifteen in the early morning hours. I remembered the last glancing at that clock, as from when we had settled into her female dominant situation was at two-forty eight. My liqueur-muddled brain had trouble thinking, but with trying. I finally realized my erection as still in her while we slept. The elapsed time of an hour and a half term my staying placidly firm of an erection seemed very strange.


Tina asleep, I rolled her off from lying spread eagle over me, feeling as my maleness slipped out of her, had a juicy sound sending a shiver down my spine. Tina feeling her loss of sensation, she moaned, and awoke. She sat up on the bed, her first thought to begin fingering, swiped at the seepage coming from her fuller vagina.


I laid there making it seem as if asleep while watching her slowly get up as off the bed and yawning, she doing some stretch-limbering exercises.


Tina went into the bathroom but failed to close the door, she sitting on the toilet did her needs, summarily stood up and walked with a strut, came out into the bedroom to do more exercises. I watched her, loving every revealing motion she did, right up to when she as I heard a thud as if something fell over in the living room.


Brave as bold, Tina walked out of the bedroom and into the next room. It was but moments later when she did scream, as screamed, and continued screaming, her screams seemingly sounded as if to fade off into some far distance.


I bounced from the bed and felt oddly the need to staggering, then tripped over the living room carpet, did stumbled, and fell face harshly down to the floor. Stunned by my fall, as I looked up, having a worm’s eye view along the living room floor I saw what appeared as a black drape across one corner of the room. It as dank and black, but seemed to move with a slight breeze, as from under it glimmered a bright red-orange light.


Rising to sitting, I sat there wondering what as why I had not noticed the drape when we arrived and entered the suite.


I stood up after several long minutes of wonderment, as then walked toward the drape and was about to slide it to one side when someone there in the shadows said, “Beware, you open that and expect the same happening to you what did to Tina!”


My Army reserves training had me whirled around as braced for an attack, stood ready to defend my person! “Who is there, show yourself!” I said as much demanded, expecting an attack by a burglar or worse.   


“Be calm, it was Tina we were after, she holds a special esteemed status, being she was the only daughter of the seventh grandson, of a seventh son sired by a minister.” Said the voice, the tone of it changing, what began a monotone seemed suddenly more masculine.


“What…, her family lineage means something to you, why?” I said as asked, wondering to what reason she meant something of her as injured or dead was to this man standing in the shadows.


“She is a portion to the internal skirmishes, a house divided against itself shall not stand, I remind my superiors of that remarkable truth, using due caution I might add. It is the same there as here, the country known as the United States, they of greed spawns hatred, and that defiles their souls. Jealousy justifies murder, as the country of great hope slides ever closer to its demise.


We stand ready to except the coming multitudes of misled souls, they self-damned walk laughingly down into hell, carefree until coming to that last step as fall into the abyss.”  He said, as said with a sense of humor at those foolish enough to think their deceiving ways would gain them something righteous.


“What of Tina, how was she of use to you…, you being… obviously then the devil? She her doings, what she did for me tonight and so well, what is her vocation, she seems to be working your side of the street?” I asked, standing there feeling oddly while sure I was talking with the devil, or some demonic man!


“Dearest Tina…, she would often repent and swear an oath not to return to her lusty lifestyle, but she came back willing as wanting many times. Her style of purpose for you found approval, and did more than you might realize. The baiting of you to come here with her she entered our entrapment, assuring she would never again cause the master an embarrassment before higher powers. The primary reason my master deemed she at this time should receive her preparation for the future. A granting to her of some stylish enhancements to assure she would or could not return home and repent again.


Ah, I read you mind, how then of some sensual woman could, as become enhanced in her form to be of use through her endeavors. As of when her father retired from the ministry, he purchased a farm. She watched his routine each morning, gaining appreciation of him and his kindness for his animals; she enthused for the simplistic lifestyles. As from what he felt was his favorite animal, of it and Tina acting similar, he often spoke of her as acting like a doe goat in heat. My master saw her father and his preoccupation of tending watching the delights of his goats. The chosen enhancing of Tina, she her body, that what she cloaks with clothing, is as we speak becoming similar to that of a sex-sensual doe goat.  


Trying to decide her liking the feeling of her slightly pointed and furry ears, as too from her shoulders along that lusty torso, she grows now fur. Those, her breasts still quite succulent, the nipples puckered to resemble teats, her labia lips tighter, likened to those of a goat, as is her vagina given of sensuality ten times that of a goat, she feels agony when not having a penis in her body.


The master is as well benevolent to all of they who serve his planned purposes!


Tina upon her return here will not want you, but feeling her new pangs will venture to the curbside and beckon sane men of virtue to follow her coming closer to their doom.” He said, he that as I had by then knew was a devil, sent there to guard the opening to the abyss.


“Tina was as is special, had you not captured her and done what you will, I might have married her!” I said, I a puny vain foolish man, stood there and confronted a devil with my planned hopes. “If when she returns and I ask, if she would come with me, goat form or no, I want her!”


He sneering a sly sounding laugh suggested otherwise, continued his standing in the shadows until with a sigh, he took a step closer to the dimly lit portion of the room. What I saw told me much as what else remained of him in the dark, he something I did not wish to get a look-see!


“She will not… want you now!


You might want her, at present. However having asked of and learned to know as much about me as you wished, means for you…, your present existence is questionable. I should not bother to taunt you further, but with a flick, I could snuff your life. The manners to which you work hardily at serving the master daily, suggests there is some value of keeping you alive. I trust you would prefer living a while longer, so if prepared and made able before becoming willing to do as advised by me, you would allow some changes?


You need not speak you answer, I read your thoughts again!


What is of a mutual desire becomes for you numerous enhancements required by our greater plans. Your essence of self is then reason enough that dear Tina shall not want the likes of you as her beloved mate. As you long-hence wished, that what is your male member should gain much girth, be far too long and not what she would want to find any sweet delight.


Did you not wonder why your erection remained inside Tina as you both slept? Do you remember how it felt, your maleness, remaining fitted so snug while not rigid? It held inside her vagina for more than an hour of time, until you rolled her off and then came that odd slurping sound.


You began then the first feeling of the planned change to your destiny. As for your coming changes, most humans consider as quite non-consensual at the outset. Yet, given time and from heightened sensual sexual pleasuring, I feel sure you shall decide to accept what we then deem as permanent.


You remember falling on the carpet and the vision of reddish light, which kept the mind busy, as did the words of my confrontation. The hotel desk clerk knows this room and two others as have doorways to where occasional guest open and fail to pay their room charge. You had a wondrous night of fun and frolicking adding to our purpose. Therefore, you need not worry about paying for the room charge, as come the light of morning, your want of, or need for money shall cease.


Look at you, so wide eyed, and like all the others, but for you, I have your plan is as already set in motion.


Do you remember when you went to bed, being naked are you still naked?


What is naked you ask? How strange, naked is a term used by humans when they are not wearing clothing. To you, beginning now the word naked means nothing, of self is your one worry, caring not what people think. If ever there were a thought similar to you feeling naked, it comes from when not wearing a head halter. Just as well, of an opposite a sense to you then the idea as wearing too much, that coming when with the bit in your mouth, and a hated harness draped across a strong, broad back.


I decree that you shall ignore then any sense of fear or foreboding as I deem the continuance, effecting the useful changing of the previous you to what is your only choice of living a life.


A mind is a terrible thing to let waste away, as such for you and your memories, I want as intact. Your many years of advanced schooling, all this and the ability to think rationally shall remain yours to deal with every waking day. Gone from a smaller brain is the ability to speak, besides your mouth, those lips that tongue and the teeth, together act to forbid any intellectually intelligible manner of human speaking.


You will continue the ability to read, and with some aggravation, learn to write using your foreleg with hoof scrawling in the sand of a corral. As such, you need a warning, the telltale of what you were and how you became, as we wanted you, must remain a secret.


Beware, if to tell of too much about you to people, and they in turn informing someone in authority, such miraculous a realization, they will see too it you are killed, destroyed for being a host to a devil.


Even as I speak and you stand there feeling the strange sensations of growth and the physical conforming urge by those from my realm working great difference to a human body. Some of what you shall be feeling will want to make one smile, gaining a sense of appreciation from what was as had to what it shall become when enhanced. This especially and other different feelings offer a warm as sensual delight that continue onward into you new chosen form and lifestyle.


I read the urgent wonderment as a questioning unto what breed or form was the choice, as best and to better your future. To answer your wish to know, not that once the change is complete you being what you are as then the knowledge as to breed will not matter, your new self we deem as being a Haflinger draft pony!  


Shivering is a common reaction, coming as nerves and muscular changes occur. Sensations are a greater part of what and how you shall live your lifestyle. The word instinct bears to the sensation from scented fragrances and a relating in the brain to proper responses, and a blending for you with rational observations, allowing your response to vary from that of a born animal. This is what will separate the true new you from the others of said breeds in the same stables.


As for you I have deemed to be much like your previous self of mentality, alert and of understanding what is there around you and not just go from one fearful situation to another.


Oh, that spinal harsh pop you just felt was the inevitable realignment of the spine to the repositioning of the pelvis as your natural stance is as being an equine of form.


Although you cannot see if but feel the drastic differences that is you body changing, know that as a rarity for such as I, your inadvertently bringing us Tina as we wished and had want, gives me to you special allowances. Pleasures you can barely contemplate now shall be yours to enjoy greatly. Your time with that wild child Tina will in comparison seem later as a mild amount of sensation to the brute mating sessions of a stud stallion covering a shivering and horny a mare.


As part of your endowment being a Haflinger breed stallion, your male member, penis, shall be of select sensual form. The length, girth, and its bulbous flared end when fully aroused gives to its owner the quintessence of masculine sensuality. You working for me as well the whole of my realm shall, when at stud as often have watching various people, the owners of your mate and of the animalistic you.


From you and your physical assertions while mating with a mare, the sounds of huffing as with thrusting, the occasional passing of anal gas, the flicking of your tail, and prancing of hind legs as that greater penis dwells sheath deep, instills you, as it enthralls some of those watching.


What of you are being an animal is as doing me and my kind a dutiful service, as from your enjoying equine sensualities, gains you a following of aroused humans. In due time your many pleasured times shall include the occasion of a man or woman coming to you to offer worship of your great male tool. You shall allow them their delights, helping to foster their perverse ideas to thrive, letting the stroking or suckling on your male tool. Some of the women shall wish for more and direct joining of your male member into, as inside their body, vagina, or womb. This in addition, you shall allow, and being of human rational, know by sensation as how far to dwell inside and not injure or kill your mate.


I have kept your mind busy while the host of us finishes the working around your bodily form. The newer form of you is but moments away from a complete species transitioning.      


Soon, Mrs. Dante shall come up from the front desk, she having a special rein to attach to the head halter, but first our dear Tina shall return here, and she doing the honors of adorning over your new face a bridle.


The Dark powers shall control you for a short while, let them have their way, it is easier that way.


The new exuberance that is of you shall give want to prancing, as eager to feeling the first of thousands, more aroused erections, as one likened to a stallion wishing to breed.


When taken down to street level two men shall come and take you to the central park stables. Once you are there with others of kind, those born to be animals, and they like are you as enhanced to becoming animals, shall you reside there, as would another animal.


Let your lusty passions mingle with human thoughts to become a guide, as directing you to live daily as if a born stallion. I shall come to you when then the time is right and return all your rational thinking you will longingly desire be there.


Greetings my friend, you have done well to adjust into your new as greater participation of life. All happened as I told you it would, and dear Tina walked back into this realm of reality, she coming to see as know what became of you, thought what you were, you had asked to become. She became intolerant, did harshly slap your face, and with hissing anger, she accepted her adorning on you the “Bridle of obedience.”


Since your arrival here at the city park stables, much of what was wished for you to do as help happen, has come to pass. I invoked you to stand at stud for six months before coming to you today and resurrect your human rationale. You will have full memories of the many experiences as happenings from the past six months living here, as would a horse in the stables.


Commonplace to realization of pleasures that abound here, I denote your feeling aroused, then let it be so, let it hang hefted. Now comes your heightened awareness of self and part of that mentality are the tickling sensations. A natural enjoyment to an aloof mind being part of an animal form is of having a tail. What would to an animal is an annoyance, is unto you of a virtual human mind as tickled lickings done by flies walking about, ingesting what they find on the anal opening, or the sexual slurry encrusted on your penis, is enough to make you shiver with delight.


The simple sensation of a breeze across the billions of hairs on your body shall please you. Sensations abound living the life of a stallion, as from breeding or when saddled and galloping, your having hoofs, four legs, and wanting nothing more than is given at the stable, to you all is as peace.


Just to let you know and give consideration to when she, Tina should come and want a reunification of your relations. She shall come, so do greet her with a hardy whinny when she steps up and gives your muzzle as loving kiss. She has done well, accepting for her what is the only life we our master will allow her to live. Being each different but of unholy kinds, she will know you, as you her.


Tina becoming in part an animal and as a goat, she feels for you a sense of compassion, help her foster it further. Let her pet your face, finger your nostrils, and smooth her hand across that broad back to her fingers tickling a tracing about your puckered anus.


Let Tina then delight seeing to what breed of horse you became, all that matters for you now is to be at the ready when called to aid her as our needs.”


Time and days pass, as while standing in the stall, waiting for the next renting of a horse for to give a rider one gallop around the park, arrived there and the dearest Tina darling.


Tine then said, “Oh dear dearest, my dear wondrous lover of that fated night, as to see me and I you, we are alive to serve the evil in this world. Let me come into you stall and see me, as I disrobe, showing you what they made of me, I am bestial!


Perky breasts, textured of soft fur, my nipples are more like teats of a goat. All is fur on my shoulders, back, covering my torso, groin, and buttocks. I have a goat’s tail, my thighs are human if furry too, but shin, feet and toes are likened to those of a goat. I am a sex beast, something made to allure a conquest and infect a human with want of delighting in bestiality.  


I despise what they made of me, but hating it is not enough, as part of me is now an insatiable hunger for feeling vaginal sensuality. I lust, and it becomes unbearable, to where I would wish to die. He, the devil you met and made of you what you are, informed me you were alive, and when if I were in need to come to you and we take pleasure by being together.


Dearest, oh please do not hate me, allow this satiric minded female to meet and greet a kindly friend, you a horse, another I did doom when placing on you that bridle.


I am sorry for what they spurned me to do, to be of hatred to all who do not need live, as must I, and I not realizing you and what it must be like being wholly as is an animal.


Nothing of this is poetic in any way, as I reside at that hotel, a permanent guest. I lure men to their sexual and divination doom. We meet, and with their first lusty entrance of a penis into my accursed pussy, they are mine, of mind, body and soul. Three times with me and that devil comes, taking them away screaming, cursing me, and struggling to quote biblical passages, as if any of that then would save them.


Some, a few solid men, young, religious types, knowledgeable of their faith and what is sinful, those I am allowed to nurture slowly.

Let me kneel here and touch, stroke, feel you your glee. Never have I thought to take an interest of such a maleness, but knowing you who knows me, we together, this is what I love and want to admonish.


My few special followers, they are gaining similar of what those devils did grant you. Tommy, he was the first of the few, his has grown to over a foot long mammoth penis for a man. This new me being in part like a goat, when joined with me, those my few do not become as well goatish. The devils minister to me often, and have told me that based on a family heritage is what brings about the changing of forms.


Tommy as my example, his ancestors originated from Indian tribes of the Great Plains, and because of what they ate most, of Buffalo meat, he is becoming a bull Bison.


Oh, my dearest, this horse cock is soft and the skin, it must feel extra sensual to you!


My Tommy has of his changed cock feels quite soft, is smooth going in me, and when he thrusts it, the silky sliding of it in my vagina is heavenly. He hated and lusted for me when first realizing how I had infected him. His second coming to me he forgot his hatred and became as a sex slave to me as for me to enjoy.


I shall invite him to join with me in the same hotel suite we so enjoyed that first night together. His third meeting and joining with me shall begin his physical dooming. As he will lay atop me thrusting then furry sheath deep and huffing his breathing, the devils will come, swarming around him,. Even with the devils swirling he shall continue to thrust and sexualize with me. As minutes and hours of wild lusty sensation drive me wild and crazy, my Tommy will discover cometh the morning he has joined a new heritage, he being then a yearling bull Bison.


Tommy, Jason, Percy, they cannot compare to what you have and I so much want, somehow I need to get you inside me!”


A proud stallion and his young consort live on, thrilled by the sensations they know from being in part or wholly animal, they are doomed, but for the present feel foolhardy joys.




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