Dark Corner

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2015


Man staying in a cheap downtown hotel takes note of a dark unlit corner to his room...


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“Dark Corner”

Sleepless that night, as by necessity I came to that cheap room hotel, and all because of the convention in town, there, during that same week as I needed to be there for business reasons. The room smelled musty, the carpet soiled by decades of dirty feet tracking over it what was outside on the city sidewalks.

Worse was the bed, it stank of its many previous occupants; the likeliness is that was used by those who came there for the three hour rental. The sheet was clean if stained somewhat, mostly dead center the bed, a rusty hue suggesting to me of dried blood.

As I sat there in the room my evening meal churning in my gut, the Chinese eatery not my usual fare, considering how far from the beaten track this hotel was, the need to taxi to and from the downtown made it seem as authorized.

If the wife saw this black hole of a hotel she would get back on the train and go home, but business and money calls me to stay where I must. Looking around the dimly lighted room there is one corner where next to the only window it seems as darker than anywhere in that vile room.

No working television in the room, my mind looking for something to entertain me, I stared at that dark corner, wondering why the light coming in the window failed to give all an even light. I got up off the bed and walked toward the corner, expecting to see the reason why it seemed so much darker. As I approached the dark area a sense of foreboding hit me, and I began to feel afraid.

Fearful, I backed away from that portion of the room, going then to sit in the aged overstuffed chair in another corner. I sat down and quickly discovered the springs in the chair seat were gone from age. Feeling still as sense of fear about the dark corner, I saw there the phone book setting under the old Bell telephone style phone in my room. I picked up the phone directory as is was and looking at the corner so dark; I tossed the book toward the corner.

Watching the book sail through the air it went into the darkness, seeing it quickly lose itself into the shadow, it never hit the floor but disappeared while still in the air.

Seeing the book vanish there in that dark corner, my sense of fear increased ten fold.

I rouse up from the sinking chair, walked toward the dark corner, coming to stand with the toe end of my shoes at the brink edge of where the darkness began and grew darker.

"Hello, it anyone there," I called out toward the corner of my room, certain that the phone book directory had gone into something or to some place not of the same focal plane. This might be an entrance to some black hole, a warp in time or who knows what, my science fiction background becoming a reality then for me.

Suddenly, as from out of thin air the phone book directory came a flying out from the corner, sailing past my head and landing on the bed. I turned my head as the book sailed past, the smell of toasted paper tweaking my nose, the book landing on the bed set there with wisps of smoke coming from heat seared page edges.

Stunned by what I saw, as I was about to back away from where I stood so close, too close to the dark area in my hotel room, it happened... Feeling my pants as touched, the zipper fly lifted and the zipper moved to its lower position. Sensations caused me to stand there and look down, seeing fingers, black they were, having talon-like fingernails they so nimbly opened my pants, moved past my under-shorts and took hold of me my maleness.

I stood there a zombie watching those fingers remove my penis and testicles from the bondage of my jockey under-shorts. I watched, seeing the fingers and my penis seem to vanish into a shadowed void there before me. My throat let out a whimper when from down there I felt a tongue lap lick the length of my penis. The tongue wrapped its length about my penis and tugged at it to try to draw me closer or inside the darkness.

A moment of want suggested a "Why not give it a try," idea, but that was when another pair of gray furry fingers reached out and took careful hold to my testes. A fingering of my testes with four furry fingers, so soft, the only harsh feelings coming from their touch, I saw that they had black, miniature hoofs on each finger. A testicle massage to calm but arouse me as the fingers fondled, a tonguing wrap to my penis, as then protruded from the edge of darkness was a paintbrush.

As furry fingers held my testes, the paint brush began to paint as coat my balls with black paint.

I would have turned and run from out the room and resided on the street for the night, but the tongue holding my penis held me as well immobile.

"Please, what are you doing to me...," I said my voice trailing off to a squeaky tone, the fear from what I saw as felt beguiling my mind.

As from the darkness pressed the shape of a dark face, it pressed close to my face and from it spoke a soft, womanly voice.

"You called to us a friendly hello, and we came to be attentive to your desired needs as a male. You have questions, and who would not, you feel a tongue gripping your penis, stroking its length and girth. You feel and see your pretty human testicles brushed black, tainted now, the solution bring them to the size that shall serve your desire better. Tell us, what if you were more male, endowed with what a female would wish for in her most erotic dreams, would you ask to be as such a dream?"

Her words echoed in my head, I remembered each, and every word as if it were the whole of my mind and memories held captive and circling in an empty head.

Thoughts then of the wife, we married some thirty years, my need then to use pills to gain a halfway decent an arousal, knowing what she would remembered I was like once so long ago. As her poised question spiraled in my head, the furry fondling fingers and the drawing tongue on my penis made up my mind, I answered and said "Yes, please if you can make me as such a wondrous a dream for my woman."

"Come then, one stride of a step past the line of darkness and we, us all here shall endow you to your male task of giving females great fulfilling pleasures." She said as then the tongue holding my penis began to pull, moving me in and then inside the realm of darkness.

Inside I felt drastic levels of heat, waves of searing heat and cries of people seemingly roasting and laughter, evil sounding laughter.

Suddenly I felt as one drenched in thick syrup, it stank of toasted sulfur, and I had a thought I had willingly walked into a corner of Hell.

Wanting to ask a question of what as where, I opened my mouth and slipping inside it was the feel of a scaly tentacle. The thing slithered down my throat, into my stomach, and slinking inside my intestines. Every part of what was me felt as attacked and held for the pleasure of some dire thing.

When the tentacle had traveled the full route, I felt the pointed end of it poke out my anus, forcing what all was in there out of me, it seemingly licking at me there, causing me poop and want to puke.

"Ascertain his memories, search for his one great and most erotic fun time, of that we can make use on him, match his desire he felt then... There, yes that would do nicely!" Said a voice, a harsh sounding voice, not a womanly voice but nary that of a man either.

Suddenly I felt as floating, separated from my physical body, saw there before me when I was younger. There we were, my memory of a friend Rodney with me, and our Beebe guns playing as if we were great hunters.

It was as if I was reliving that weird day, the day I first felt and saw something so erotic it changed my mind and desires wishing what I saw was me and mine.

Spreading the tall bushes from our path, there on the other side of a plank board fence stood Mike, he a born Welsh pony stallion. Mike stood there in the shade on that hot and humid a day, feeling his oats and smelling where a mare had recently urinated, the smell of her pee strong even to our human noses.

The pony stallion stood mesmerized by the wondrous scent of a mare. He stood with his stance lengthened and his massive black penis protruded out the sheath. It hung long, was sleek and smooth, the black to charcoal gray skin on it as much a thing I felt duty-bound to reach and touch.

Rodney laughed, he scoffing at me as a pervert, he walked away to search for some game to kill.

That left me there and I knelt down to get a better view of this massive a penis, something I had but nothing like what hung there before me. Staring at it, the pony began lifting his cock up until it bumped his furry belly. He repeated this several times more, until I reached my hand and grabbing his penis, did steer it toward me in proper time for it to spew its vile load at my face.

At first, I was revolted, but some got past my lips and into a agape open mouth. The flavor seemed wonderfully appealing, was silky smooth the texture.

I pulled it closer as reached my head past the fence to push the head of the pony cock in my mouth where I began to suck at it.

Time passed and my face felt the warm air dried semen, encrusting my face, with a flavorful layer of lusty delight.

Suddenly I was back inside of me, and feeling strangely, the womanly voice telling me I could take one stride step back to my time, my era, my world, and there then to learn to enjoy life again.

I did as suggested, but felt odd when it took two stepped strides to exit the darkness and stand then where even on a warm summer night my non-air conditioned hotel room felt almost chilly as compared to where I had gone.

Looking around the room it seemed as bigger to me than what I remembered.

Turning to look around, there seemed an essence in the room of something similar to what my memory held still of meeting Mike the pony, the same scent was there in the room. I walked toward the bed, reaching to grab at it and fall headlong with my nose to the blood washed as stains on the bed sheet. A deep inhaled sniff of the wavering scent and I felt aroused.

Aroused was a word and an half word more as from my groin I felt my penis erupt out from a foreskin, something I new my being circumcised was long gone but felt something equal or more was there.

I turned to give me a look but seeing, saw not the rump of me a human, but the rear flanks of Mike, me being then as was he so many years hence that day in time.

I lifted my bulk self up with then forelegs and hoofs, seeing my dapple gray and black furry self with mane and a tail, it whipping violently as the realization of what had happened settled in upon my weary mind. Thrilled and horrified, what was the remembrance of me seems vaguer by the passing minutes. What I was, being an animal, a pony, felt beguiling to me, I wanted to live as would a pony, like Mike, a stallion, and feel pride from it.

The cute and as furry fluff of a pony was not in any way the then new me, my body was stout, muscularly strong, solid boned, everything about me other than my vision seemed as greatly improved.

Vision seemed a problem, as fixed of focus I could see across the hotel room but once when outside later things beyond twenty yards, or there-about, became blurry, quickly!

Fingers and toes were as single solid feeling hoofs, and as much I knew that should be fearful, the more I tread on them the nicer they felt as fine for me.

Everything that had changed seemed so perfectly proper, and of business, my reason for life was to continue my species. That idea became for me the focus of my every ambition, I wanted out of that hotel, that building, and be free to roam.

Just as suddenly, what was me and my past life as a man seemed as something foolish. My memories of the wife and her offspring were but then to me as past fun conquests and little more. My aching penis swung with a mighty want for it to slip inside a hot as moist tunnel of passion, the like and kind found in, as from the rump of a mare.

A shivered shaking of head, mane, body, and flanks flung my penis so hard it smacked the bedside, did hurt and sent me to screaming a whinny for help.

Whinnies are not what people expect to hear in a hotel!

Soon thereafter I had whinnied, the room door burst open and that mean looking woman of a desk jockey, she stood there with her passkey in hand and two monstrous strong men. The men grabbed me about the neck and one twisted my tail, they pushed me toward the freight elevator, then for a ride down to street level.

So much happened my mind saw it in a blur, but days later, it was something so real I dare not deny it. I stand, a pony and part with five others, as by day we walk in a continuous circle, giving pony rides to happy children in the city Park. It happens when the sun sets that one by one, the man there would walk us to a coral, and the mares and I as still a stallion, we would mingle and become very friendly.

Odd for a person so changed for some diabolical a reason, for me to be as I am, like to an animal, as pony and a stallion, that as I stand mounted, that wondrous big cock inside a mare, with thrusting, causes me to remember her, she who was my wife and compare her then to what I enjoy now, nightly!

This is then me, and my new life, the wonder of it a mystery still to unfold, but what is the reason for me to be as this form, only the devil knows, and he loves a secret!

"Secrets, it was said are like pie crusts, they were destined for breaking," in time, a year later our pony ride was disbanded, we sold, and me still a stallion and I not knowing of why yet, became property of a girl who enjoyed riding me there in the Park.

She was nice to me, giving me a barn and stall to be mine. I was cared for in the extreme, as being mentally still knowing my past, present, and of self, I helped with keeping in accordance to my daily hygienic practices.

Years passed, but I remained loving and kind, as she my owner did slowly onward become then to me a mistress. She adored my maleness, getting bolder with it as she grew, wanting of me to treat her as I would a pony mare.

When with varied trials and dismays the time came when she and I, we virtually joined, her humanity only able to accept a short length of what I was endowed, could so offer. As by night there in my stall I lovingly organized her, she moaning from her sense of delights, formulated a new era of devilish enlightenment.

Our pleasuring times were as something she loved to share, and soon, she was sharing me with her friends. As from a pony lifestyle this sensual play was welcomed relaxation, though aroused and often a sweaty encounter, we played into the deviled plan.

A coven formed and I as the central object of sensual fornication, had as did my best at making horny women act bestial. Devilish pride in me as delighting my lifestyle, a lusty beast, an animal, I learned how to become a passionate, appreciate, lover of debauchery defiling of women.

The occasional pondered thought comes to mind as with hearing a seduced woman moaning, comes then a returning spark of moral scruples, asking if what I do was my truer destiny?



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