Dangerous Fun

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A man cursed to be and live as a pet pony woos a farmer's daughter to mate and begins something diabolical...


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Youth and fascination can be a terrible thing to waste when it turns volatile. Something happened to one youth, he confronted by a random choosing of him as granted a chanced once in a lifetime choice. The offering presented by a willful devil, he wishing to help sins along, as suggesting of some great fun times what one should not miss.

Karla was just such a fun person too! She lived then at home with her widowed father and two brothers. They resided at where all worked, having a farm handed down from fathers to sons. Theirs was a centennial farm, it owned in a family for more than a hundred years. The farm was well established, with fields planted in corn, wheat, and soy, the livestock bred there as well were of the Hereford and Angus breeds for sale as beef.

In now modern times the moving of cattle from one pasture to the next they did by urging them along while riding on A.T.C. vehicles. The general use and riding of horses had ceased on their farm, though there were three kept for pleasure riding. The only other large animal there was Billy, he a Welsh Mountain pony wandered there many years before Karla or her brothers were born.

Karla felt she had befriended the pony as a pet, it being quite elderly. Her brothers being older and more business minded had asked why or for what reason their father continued keeping the pony, it did no work and consumed feed, but never did they receive a logical answer.

So, naturally, she thought the pony to be quite tame, and as with aging he would be slow in everything he did. It was this misconceived idea that lead her to playing with the animal from time to time. She entering his stall when in the barn at sundown and whether kneeling by him or sitting in the clean straw covering the concrete floor, she would like pet him. To this, the pony acted a favorable, he liked the companionship of another being near, especially enjoying being massaged, old muscles soothed, and for this, and he rewarded Karla with showing of something she absolutely adored.

These romps continued unnoticed for months, it happened that their father decided to take his two elder sons with him, as well four beef cattle to the state agricultural fair. They would be there for four days and three nights, their leaving Karla to remain at home. Although the farm employed three men to help with the daily chores, they all clocked out at six in the evening and went home. This had Karla alone and unsupervised for once to do what she wished and or enjoyed by anyone there on the farm.

She took this autonomy to good use and after insisting the barn worker to clear thoroughly the stall belonging to Billy and place in it clean straw; she had an added plan of visiting him for a much longer duration of frolicking. Billy seemed to notice his stall as cleaned the concrete floor even hosed with hot scalding water to remove soiling and fully disinfect it from his natural scent.

When after Karla had her dinner and walked out to the barn, she planning to be play with Billy, she was delighted to find the stall clean enough for her to decide, she might stay there the entire night.

Play and massaging did what it had before, Billy letting hang his long maleness, giving her a thrill at touching and stroking his male meat. Unlike at other times, this time she came prepared with a bottle of hand lotion, with plans to use it for increasing her stroking to the very erect male organ. This was her plan and not his, for when she first applied the soothing liquid, Billy felt the cool chill of it on his taunt flesh and moved away, keeping his distance from Karla.

Karla followed the pony all around the stall, but he would step away from her, acting as if he had lost all trust in her as a friend.

She seeing this as a problem then thought if he were to like her again, he would need to smell her. Therefore, with this new plan she wrestled into the stall two hay bales, and covered them with one of the aged old saddle blankets. Then she removed her jeans and tennis shoes, socks, and finally her silken panties, lying down on the hay bales she spread her legs and gave Billy something she thought he would like.

Likable, Billy took a sniff of the air, his upper lip curled back as he became quite spirited, prancing he advanced toward Karla, she watching him from her helpless vantage point. He danced to her and first put his muzzle to her sensual folds, the sniffing a couple of times and then licked at her what had Karla near to going crazy. The sensual lick to her most sensual self caused a near orgasm of its own and increased the interest of Billy to this a possible mate.

Wide were the eyes of Karla, as she lay with the pony standing over her, and his four legs pinning in place, His rotundas belly pressing down against her holding her snug to the stiff hay bales. Almost as if he had done this sort of thing before the stallion pony stood over his mate. Billy then with his might shaft in a fully erect state did then move slowly as the flared head plowed into her. His maleness spread wide her nether lips, it greased allowed the entering at an easy pace. Sensations, and juices flowed, Karla lying there moaning, feeling the hot horsemeat sliding into her, it going deeper.

When Billy struck bottom and could not advance any deeper into Karla, he began to rock his pelvis. The stud pony began working his shaft in and out, driving Karla from one orgasm to the next, until she, in the heightened state of sensuality she blacked out.

Awakening, Karla noticed quickly the early morning light coming through a window there in the stall belonging to Billy. Frightened for the reason of someone there discovering her improper playing with Billy, she went to look for her discarded clothing and found not a piece, scrap, or shoe. Looking around, not even Billy was in his stall, his door open and he having gone out, she thought he might have run away.

Finding a pair of work coveralls left there in the barn by one of the men, she donned them on and proceeded to run for the safety of the main house, with plans to take a shower. Coming to the house, she discovered the back door as locked, leaving her stranded outside until the farm supervisor Jake arrived, he having keys for every lock on the entire farm.

Sadly, Karla returned to the barn, thinking then to drag the two hay bales back out of the stall, in hopes of removing all of her degrading play toys. She arriving back at the stall there stood Billy, he seeming elated to see Karla. She tried removing the hay bales but Billy stepped forward, he placing both fore hoofs upon them, making the moving of them as impossible.

This aggravated Karla, she getting angry tried verbally yelling at the pony, as if doing so would warn him to keep his distance. This failed too, and as Karla leaned over a bale to get a better hold and block Billy from stepping up on it, he walked over and covered her as he had the night before. Unlike when she was on her back, this time he had her face down and squirming.

Feeling the bumps coming from an excited and fully erect male member belonging to Billy, it bumping her butt, Karla tried harder to squirm free from being under the aroused stallion. Her squirming did just the worst thing possible it helped with the slipping off of her the coveralls, leaving her with a butt up and a stallion standing behind. Billy took advantage to this, he moved swiftly and nailed Karla, this time he buried his shaft inside her in one massive thrust.

She screamed and was scared as her nether lips were dry certainly not in a juiced state, the entry of the huge flared glands into Karla became more painful than she could stand, and again she fainted.

This time when she awoke she heard voices, the men had arrived and she was still with Billy. She found he had buried her in the straw covering the stall floor. Her stallion lover stud lying partially over her, his still stiffened shaft stuck in her vagina, keeping them both as quite aroused. They continued to lay there for what to Karla, she thought as hours. If she moved, the pony stallion shaft tended to stiffen, it spurting in her more of his semen.

Adding his insult to her injuries, he continued to protect Karla. He in his aroused manner laid there all day, keeping Karla as his, the stallion pony acted as if he had a logical reason for doing what he forced her to accept. It was late when Billy climbed up to stand on all fours, his erect member jellified but still holding a sound grip inside of Karla. She felt his shaft stiffen in her as he lifted her up off the stall floor, she held suspended on the then stout as flared end of that might pony shaft.

Happy and feeling still horny, Billy walked slowly, he heading for the hay bales still in his stall. He was careful as he helped Karla to slide her body up onto this one bale, her head hanging off the far end put her rump and legs at a perfect angle for the stud to have some added fun. Fun is what began anew, and thrusting, the black shaft slid in and down, this time to the surprise of Karla, he embedded the entire length inside her body.

It was after sundown and the barn and stall lay dark from a moonless night. Billy feeling a need to get a drink dislodged his stout shaft from out of Karla. She by then was limp and laid there, her strength to fight wrung out of every fiber of her body. She moaned from her full day and the many hours of him rutting her constantly. Weak of self, had her lying fully naked in his stall.

Slowly Karla regained some will to move and crawling back to a sitting position on the hay bale, she sat there gasping for her breaths, feeling strangely thrilled by her day of wild sex.

Billy having drunk his fill from the five-gallon bucket set into his stall, he munched some grain put in his meal bin and then whinnied at Karla to come, as if she should get a drink too.

Parched too, Karla was willing to get a drink from the bucket Billy drank from, but when she tried to get up and walk that way, she fell forward, finding it as if proper and comfortable for her to walk on all fours. Standing, as would Billy, she on hands and tiptoes in the straw, she thought this silly and tried to laugh. Her laugh was not a human laugh but came out of her as one long drawn out giggling whinny. The sound of this scared Karla, as then she took to looking at her body, seeing where she had sprouted fur.

Sauntering closer to the stall window, Karla let the dim yellow glow of a security light outside show her of what and how much of her had fur. Using her hands to climb up and hold onto the iron bars protecting the window from breakage, Karla saw she was fur from top to bottom, arms, legs, and seeing that her feet were longer and her toes had become as cute hoofs.

Crying from fear, Karla sank down hunched on her legs, as from out of the dark stall Billy came to give her some comfort. Snuffling at her hair, the pony stallion tried to quell her worst fears. The obvious fear being after a night and daytime of being so horny and she mated by the stallion, he had caused her body to begin changing into becoming a pony too.

Not wanting his touch or affections, Karla grabbed hold the iron bars once more, she stood looking out the dirty window, felt a feeling as of her still changing legs and the new hind hoofs.

Billy came close and gave an affectionate lick to where her nether lips had traveled. His touch made her shiver, the goose pimples tickling in her groin. There the soft skin of what was her equine mare udder felt the equally aroused tips of two sensual teats. Feeling this and reaching a free hand to touch it, Karla tried to scream but whinnied harshly. Scared as angry with her pony lover, she began to do some high stepping in place prancing as she stood there. The weird want to prance and feel then her new host of different feelings, one that made her scared more was from the touch to her tail swishing over a very sensitive place.

Wishing she could plead that this not be true, Karla unable to speak English found her mutterings as understood by Billy. He began to say to her not in English but in sounds, and seemingly similar then to words, they conversed. Karla met then a relative, Billy a cousin to her father, he had many years before insulted a woman who was a witch. Witches, she knew could live long lifetimes, some even as alive for centuries. As he told her of how since she made of him to be a pony, granted an extended life while being quite like a real pony. Most of his life was of work and drudgery, but or when allowed to mate with mares he discovered arousing fun times, given to and having some stallion style fun. The most recent fun feelings came with coming to feel a sense of love for Karla.

Billy had learned much during his years about the curse done to his life. His maleness was a key to the curse and could help him when choosing a human to mate he could bring to an end his bestial lifestyle. He told Karla how by his protecting her when the second time they mated, and if then on that night she were to allow him to mate with her a third time, she would fully join him, they both as ponies, as if together for many years, or decades to come!

She had then a choice, but one not without its problems. As Billy stood there, he began telling Karla about living pony like, suddenly there, as seated on the stall door sat a red-eyed dark figure of a little man.

Suddenly to a scare of both pony and his dear Karla, the man spoke to them in their equine language. He greeted Billy and then turned to give a jagged toothed smile at Karla, informing her that she had gone too far to turn back.

Billy wanted to argue but the little devil stopped him, as it said to Karla about her having changed as far as she had, her ceasing desire of stallion lovemaking would force her to remain a pony-taur. She as partially changed, if to regain her lost humanity of form, he said she must be that way for three months before she would then change back to being human.

He seeing her horror at his statement, he then smiled, and added one more proviso to her ordeal. If she after having mated but twice with Billy and became pregnant, she would change completely, also as well quite permanently she then being a pony mare.

The little devil posed then another option; one he said would be the easier, did suggest that Karla continue her fun frolicking and mate the third time with Billy. She looked at Billy and him as to her, their mutual feelings from the wild thrill alive in each. She thought of her increased wants and lust, knowingly willing to mate again for another glorious night. If she did, and they bred the third time, come morning when the men arrived to do their chores, they would find in the stall with Billy a pretty pony mare.

Karla pondering her passions, heard an excited Billy dropping a butt-load, she quickly decided she did not want to become a pony mare. She felt the aching where he with his massive male tool had thrilled her. She would admit she liked the feelings taunting at her, but lingering still was the thought of living as do animals, she liked being human better.

Karla said her good bye to Billy. He was devastated, as tried to dissuade Karla to stay so that he as in time might win his freedom from the curse. He had not said as to all of what he hoped, before she left him and ran off toward the far woods, there along the river delta, she thought it a worthy place for her to hide there for three months.

As she ran, she did so mostly on all fours, her body still changing from all the cursed semen it had accepted.

In coming days and weeks with Karla missing and she never returning home, there was a search but, nothing did they ever find!

She saw them coming and hid, learning to use her instincts to the max, Karla wandered, moving up river, finding there a farm with many horses and ponies.

Changed more as of form to look like a pony mare, Karla felt closer to the animals than they to her, accept for one elderly stud. He kept trying to jump and hump her as she stood in the pasture, while she tried hard at learning how and having to graze to eat to live. Two months into her time of seclusion, feeling the pangs from her pony-period wanting of sexual pleasures, she struggled with deep passions. The elderly stallion was not like Billy, he was born to being a pony, and often came to her giving a sense of relief when he would mount and mate.

Her wish of dearly wanting to be again human was in conflict with her almost daily pleasuring done by the old stud. One morning when eying a look at her reflection in the watering pond, Karla noted she was getting plumper. Fearful of what this meant to her, as of those womanly contours not returning, she thinking, hoping this was from how well she had learned to graze.

Grazing became a thing of mindlessness, her brain slipping into a lulled state of ignoring her great hope of being again fully human, she caught her thoughts liking as wishing she could remain, as is a pony mare.

So, when one afternoon she felt the elder stud land on her rump, he straddled her and moved his bulk self forward over her back, she was reminded of the little devil suggesting she let the third time happen.

In actuality it had happened long hence, and many times more since, as this time he came on rough, like would an old male pony. Her quick thrill she then felt held not the valued worth, as it had cost a price she had to pay. As her need for mating ceased and another pregnant mare became a member of the herd, Karla had to accept her reality. She being then a mare lived there mingling with the others like her; she continued mating with other stallions. She dropped her foals and let them suckle. Her mind began to fade, and not until she went as a 4-H pony to the fair did she meet a beautiful woman.

This woman was the witch that had so cursed Billy. The witch could see the past of this mare and made her an offer. Karla as much an animal as all those there at the fairgrounds, such was the deal as offered a dehumanized but sensually drunk pony mind could agree to the proposal.

Accordingly, she had to act alluring, coming on to a young male person, as had Billy done to and for her. If she could lure him to mate with her three times, then he would change into a pony and she could become again human; or so the witch implied.

Karla tried her best and after some years as many failed tries, she learned well how to allure and coax young men to want and try her as a lover. Yet in all that span of time nary one male dared to come back more than twice. The person who was Karla is gone, vaporized by devilment, a curse, as living daily with the sensuality and lust only a mare knows and feels.

"So if you happen to see, meet, and discover a mare that shows loving interest in you, beware!”




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