Buck - Crash

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2015


An auto accident happens and a pedestrian is dead and the sheriff wants the medical examiner to look at the victim...


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“This story may not be worthwhile reading for any of the critical literary purests!”


I was nicely sleeping in bed when the phone rang.

“Morning Frank this is Sheriff Peterson!”

“Ah… Sheriff, hey it's four thirty in the morning, what's so important,” I asked groggy as heck?

“Have a strange death and I thought the county medical examiner should come in and give me a little advice, please, as like right now,” said the Sheriff!

“OK but I am on the time-clock starting now and this had better something really different,” I said showing a bit of disgust because of the early morning waking!"

I hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom to do the usual morning hygiene. Half asleep from a shortened night of slumber I warmed a facecloth in hot water to try as cover the face and get my eyes opened. Loving a mystery I had to wonder what in the world Sheriff Peterson could have, that needed my attention at this hour. As medical examiner doctor I deal with death, and never, not once has a client been a no-show for one of my appointments.

A quick breakfasting and then the drive into town had me wondering all the more, this being the start of one weird day of uncanny events. When I turned the car to enter the parking lot, there stood Sheriff Peterson waiting for me, standing with hi back to a lighted lamppost. I parked my can in my personalized parking place in the city lot and getting out I was met by a nervous looking sheriff.

“Thanks Frank, I really appreciate you....” the sheriff began to speak his apology.

“Never mind, I am awake for the day, I am here and on the clock, now let us have a look at is so strange and important,” I said as we walked together into the police building, an d took the elevator to the basement lower level where we entered the city morgue and the exam room.

All the while as we walked together I note that Sheriff Peterson, he the sheriff here in the county for some twenty plus years, was on that morning, he looked rather a pale white his facial complexion. Entering the medical exam room the sheriff stopped and stood just inside the doorway to the room. I looked at my good friend of many years, a man who has looked evil, death, and most anything in the face without a shudder. Yet this morning he was scared as Hell!

“Let me begin by telling you what I saw when driving my tour of duty last night and into this early morning. I was driving the main road out of town and had passed the old Handoff when for a change of routine I turned off as onto Phelps road and as my cruiser was increasing the speed, this… ah…person ran out from the pucker brush. I hit him at almost 50 and he flew up and landed like a ton of bricks on the trunk of the car.”

I was looking at a scared friend when I first peeled back the sheet covering the victim. As I never expected could be real, what was lying there looking quite the decease was a true mystery. I stood and stared at the stiffened expression of surprised on a face I seemed to recall of having know?

I turned away from looking at the deceased victim to look over at the sheriff, he standing by the door his eyes closed, was shivering from reasonable fears.


I turned again to begin viewing first the head just uncovered as my eyes look at a strange sight, that the face of a local man, he an insurance agency owner. He looked much younger about the face, as was his beard which I knew from seeing him about the town was that of a graying man just turned 53 years of age. He was a Caucasian man but laying there the color of his skin appeared to be darker by several levels of hues. His grayed beard was then changed, being a dark brown with sprinkles of black hairs, was not curly normal facial hair, but straight, fine hair, as almost feeling like it was animal fur.


His eyes which I having seen just a month ago, what were blue then were a dark brown. The sense of mystery was just beginning. The victim was partially bald when I saw him walking along the city sidewalk, but what laid there had a head covered in similar brown to black thick hair covering more than the top of his head. The frontal hairline dipped in a “V” of growth as partially covering his forehead. A combing of the thick hairs revealed another reason the Sheriff was acting so disturbed. My victim had two short horns sprouted out the skull at the peak to his forehead. The horns were black and diamond hard, having needle sharp points, similar to the horns seen on Pronghorn deer.


A close inspection of the ears on the deceased man were of an oval shape, covered with short hair or fur black of color, protruded some seven inches long and at the ends were pointed. Having seen this man only a week previous of him coming to lie dead on the examination table he could not had had such extensive hair and facial changes completed, and why the would he wish to look like a farm animal?


Fearing of some strange chemical contaminate caused such drastic alterations, I donned on a pair of surgical gloves and slipped on my throw-away autopsy suit.


Then the thought that what I was seeing might be professionally applied makeup, I took hold of an ear and fully expecting it to pop off it given a slight pull. Nothing happened as the ear stretched but remained in place. I leaned forward and putting on some magnifying glasses, I saw where the ear was attached to the skull, “It… he has, and the ears they are real!” I said, being stunned by what I was seeing.

“Strange,” I said as taking the Lab camera in hand and took photographic evidence of a man we knew having had his head partially change to being goat-like. My examination continued as whatever was the stimulant to cause the mouth of the deceased dropped open, and I could have sworn I saw his chest deflate as if he exhaled. Looking close up while wearing the magnifying glasses, the facial hair resembled fur more than it did human facial hairs. As I moved the lips and began inspecting the mouth I made verbal note as to the lips being agilely muscular, similar to those of a herbivore animal. As I went to examine the oral cavity I could not believe my eyes. The teeth were those of some herbivore animal, the form and arrangement. I then pulled the sheet away to see the entire body. “Holy shit Bob, what is this guy?”

I stepped two steps back to stand beside then the Sherriff. We stood stunned and amazed looking at what was not our friendly and local businessman, insurance agent. In fact he was quite less than being a human then!

I stepped up to the table again as Bob joined me. We marveled at the dark brown fur what covered the deceased from head to his toes. The only area of the body where the brown fur looked as thinner was across the upper portion of his chest. Taking note as to the fur remained thickly grown everywhere else about the torso, the buttocks, groin, and thighs, it shortened and thinned below where he would have his knees, he had animal hocks, with hind feet and cloven hooves like those of a goat, only much larger.


Taking a body probe in hand I stroked it over the sheath grown on the lower abdomen as tipping it up, we saw inside the red tip of one very goat buck male member. The probe slipped inside as touched the penis head, and caused the deceased body to jerk, almost enough for it to fall off the exam table.


“How is this possible, I saw this man walking on the sidewalk just a week ago, and he did not look like then as he does here and now?” I said, the Sheriff friend placing his hand on my shoulder, a silent way of him agreeing to what I said.

Making note as of the hair/fur what grew in the groin, it was a protective layer to give cover to a much larger than is common for a man, and the fur covered testicles were the size of baseballs. I cupped and balanced the orbs in my hands and looked at Bob. “They are dense and must weigh two pounds each,” I said, both of surprise and admiration for the poor dead man.

The thighs were also covered in thick dark brown fur and the muscles had become common for an animal walking on all fours. As I moved the hips for a view of the tail hanging out from under the body one arm fell off the table side. I reached to lift it up and noticed the hand. The backside of the hand was also covered in thin layer of dark brown fur, taking note to the fingernails as not those of a human by any means of thought. They were black, as blunt ended, almost square. The thumb had dwindled in size and looked almost as a dewclaw.

I turned to Bob and said, “Where and how, this is, was Kyle Rooste, but I never saw anything like this he is straight out of some myth!”

As I went to place the hand back on the table the fingers clenched tight with a steel hard gripping of my hand. The strength was like a steel vise and I pulled my arm back trying to break the seized grip. As then the deceased chest moved and the eyes blinked, as Kyle rolled his head toward us and smiled, he then sat up on the table, being then alive!


“Gentlemen, I give you my most friendly greetings this fine morning. Oh ah Sheriff, I am sorry that I ran in front of your cruiser, but I was so scared!” Kyle said, but his manner of speech had in it an odd to him a foreign inflection, a twang not common to our way of conversing.

Sheriff Peterson stood there and began to draw out his gun from the holster, as Kyle seeing his defensive movement, raised an arm, pointed an index finger at the Sheriff, and said, “Please Bob, Sheriff, if you pull out you gun from the holster you would force me to defend my person. So much is different now, and if forced to, well the two of you with a flick of my finger and you would become as all goat, and on a very permanent basis!”

Kyle couched, as hacking tried to clear his throat of congealed mucus for having laid flat for some hours. As he holding his arm outstretched and finger threatening, he turned his attention toward me, and me only.

“Mr. Rooste, Kyle, have you any idea what we are looking at right now,” I asked of him, my tone of voice showing the sense of fear that permeated the examination room.

Kyle smiled as he looked down to see his feet and then gave a wiggle to a cloven hoof, “Yup, I sure can imagine why Bob over there wanted to draw his gun. Mine is an epic of a story that most would say after hearing of it that I am crazy. Then as when others like you two friends knew the whole of what I became, well, of what happened with Bob this morning and learning I am now an immortal being, having powers you never can cope or understand, I expect most who shall see me will want to run away and hide.”

“Kyle, I suggest you stay seated there on the exam table, you had an accident and may have internal injuries.” I suggested, as Kyle smiled a malicious sort of smirked grin, as if he knew something I did not. He sat there on the edge of the exam table, quietly watching what I was doing when he asked for a drink. I seconded the idea, even though I wished it wasn't just water.


“OK Kyle,” I replied and walked to the water cooler, where I filled two coffee mugs with the purified water. As I was handing Kyle his mug of water he looking into the cup saw the clear liquid, he did smile.


“Frank do us as favor and hold both cups together as touching and let me show you one of my neater new tricks.” Kyle said, as I did if just to see what he had the power to do.


Kyle closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath as if he were focusing his mind to a plan. He exhaled a moment later, opening his eyes as raised his furred hand and with his index finger he did a flicked tink using his black fingernail to the side of one cup.


Suddenly the scent of deep burgundy wine began to fill the air, as I looked into the two cups and saw they were then filled with wine.


“Kyle how did you…, “I asked, as stood there stunned by what he just did.


Kyle smiled and then casually shrugged his shoulders as replied, “Something she taught me to do before we made love!”


I looked over at where Bob the Sheriff was then sitting and he shook his head as if not interested. He looked peeved with anger, his face a scowl as he sat watching Kyle and me conversing, the Sheriff having his hand setting on the gun in its holster, as if that would intimidate Kyle being likely an immortal being.

Sniffing my cup of then wine, and taking a sip of it, my eyes widened with surprise. “Indeed, that was the richest of flavor wine I had ever tasted!” I announced to all there.


“She told me how to take the wine and by ejaculating my semen into it, making the wine a potion, anyone then drinking it would become as Grecian goat satyrs, their forms, and in time their mentality as lust and passions rule their every thought. What day is this,” Kyle said as he began looking around for a calendar?

“Saturday September 23,” I replied quickly, “As why?”

“Because dear friends, it was just Thursday when the terse Mrs. Kelly came into my office. She had the specs on the old mansion which she was going to buy and rebuild into a bed and breakfast. You both know how tough that ole' lady can be, heck she's been married six times! Well she wanted my opinion on the value of the structure. After some arguing I agreed to meet her at the property and give her my educated opinion as to its insuring value. As you both know that place has been vacant for years, and nobody goes there!

It was ten in the morning and we met outside the front iron gates. I looked at the huge old structure and thought it reminded me of the Munster's house on TV. We walked up the stone walk to the front porch, and she having keys unlocked those big oak doors. The interior of the mansion was remarkably cleaner than what I expected. I walked and checked every corner for any signs of infestations, termites and the like. The tall ceilings and that curving stairway to the upstairs were in remarkable condition. That was when we both heard the deep humming and the floor vibrated!

We walked around trying to discover the cause, until seeing smoke coming from under a service door leading to the staircase down into the basement. As I opened the door I saw a bluish dull glow coming from where it should be a dank humid basement. The old bitty started to bitch about what it could be and insisted we go and check. I suggested of a want for calling the police and or fire department. She pushed the issue and we walked down into the blue haze, considering of what you see as being me, I should have stuck to my idea and made the emergency call!
The ole' gal pushed me ahead of her and down to the basement we went. I had a flashlight but by the time we reached the basement floor the blue light illumination was enough for us to see just fine. We walked around a block wall that was built to house the thing making the brighter blue light rays,” Kyle was explaining.

“Out, out of what,” yelled Bob!

“A wall of twinkling lights set into stone did some of the cast bluish white light all around in the mansion basement. In the center of it was, we saw an odd oval shaped hole emitting steam into the basement, it trailing about onto the concrete floor before dissipating. It hummed as of operating by some great power, the same vibrations we felt in the upper floor, as we felt there the vibrations in the concrete floor.


Then Misses Kelly said something, as she with her terse attitude toward anything she could not understand, always asked a question. She asked as what the hell was the thing?


That was when we heard the voice, it a feminine sounding voice, reminiscent of a Bell telephone service operator, someone with verbal phone manners, you can remember!

The voice came from within the strange thing. It said it was a portal to past, present, futures to events at places where we would meet people of renown. It began to emit a denser cloud of steam while responding to questions. I felt a sense of fear asking, wondering when it had been used last. It offered forth an answer with a vision mingled in the cloud of steam coming from out the center of the oval shaped portal.


As Misses Kelly stood to my left and me being a half step closer to the portal, we saw then the kids who came, as found this thing and walked back into ancient history.


“Behold the five younglings who came here previous your coming, and they asked to meet a great person with magical knowledge.” It said.


As I asked it as where the kids were?


The Portal answered me by telling us there of just who they met in history was a woman of magical renown. Mattering by how each youth acted or what was said determined their outcome, making their return as an unlikely event. She the woman I would get to meet as well, she used her magic to change each of the five children into bodily forms of advantage to the witch and some planned purpose.

That old bitty Kelly was getting angered by my questioning, as she wanted to know if it was or could become some attraction for her bed and breakfast there.


The thing ignored Misses Kelly and her question. As I asked the thing, Portal about the kids and who as where they went going thru the portal, as met with…? As then the reply being the kids met a witch of historical renown, her name was Andorra!


At that moment was when Misses Kelly acting her usual bold style manner, asked for proof, she wanted to see where that place was? The steam cleared and we saw a mansion of white marble with beautiful landscaping. Brick pathways went everywhere and we saw a woman, she was beautiful, having long black hair, and was standing as waving, beckoning of us to come.

The old bitch of a woman gave me a push and I fell head-long into the hazy scene of that long past place in time. As I fell it felt like I was swimming in gelatin, until I slammed down on my knees, awake and there kneeling before that woman standing, smiling down at her prey there on the marble step. I looked up at her; she smiled and offered me a hand up to standing before her.


“Please hear me,” I said asking of her, “As I am no great student of history but recall having read about Circe being a Grecian witch to be reckoned with, and had terrible powers.”

“Ha,” she said, “I am not Circe, though I know her, my name is Andorra. You are now a person alive in my realm and time, this is my island, my kingdom, and your only connection from here to where you were is that portal through time, I'm pleased to have a new visitor, a mature man might be different, someone with manners of how best to treat a woman.” said Andorra.

My first thought was for safety and keeping my self physically intact and human!


Then an idea formed in my mind, since Misses Kelly was watching and could hear what was said, I looking back over my shoulder said, “Please, how I would love to see all your wealth of gold and diamonds!”


Andorra stared into my face with a questioning look, as seeing me smile. Andorra looked up and away, trusting me as we heard the sound of a screaming Banshee. It was Misses Kelly falling though space and time until with a dull thud she landed on her fat butt looking first at me and then turning to look at Andorra.

“Ah, this is the she you mentioned, she who pushed you into the time portal, and you then baited her to come here and take of my attained wealth,” said Andorra, she with a twinkle in her eye, smiled at me with a sense of admiration.

Misses Kelly got up quicker than I expected a woman in her late eighties might be able.


Andorra offered then a personally conducted tour of her palace. Indeed her taste in décor was something special and splendid. There was one not so splendid portion of the tour, that when we were close to what she the witch said was the pens and pigsty.


I suspected the pens and sty were where she put those condemned to live their lives, moaning and/or with squeals of frantic minds forced to live on in vile as bestial forms and a lifestyle. Andorra saw my looking down that hallway toward the horrible sounds of beasts in anguish, as she took me by the hands and said, for me such was not a certainty.


My hearing that coming from her I felt bound to ask the greater question. I asked then if she hold a hate for men, similar to Circe as history suggested about her.


She smiled and asked me straight out, if I could be an animal which one kind was my favorite fantasy a choice?


I tried to change the subject and asked instead as of more about the five kids who came there to meet a witch. Andorra just smiled at me, as said her question needed an answer, either then or later. She then motioned for us to follow her along then that hallway leading closer to the screams, moans, and squeals of those she had damned.


“If you changed the kids to forms of animals, were they allowed to return to their, our time?” I asked, as Andorra walked ahead of us and she saying nothing.


Circe walked us to a balcony overlooking the pens and the sty below, as she pointed to some corrals a far distance away from the palace.


“There is where I kept them until I was sure they could return safe to their own time. The only reason for my need to make changes to their forms was to insure their inability to tell anyone about me, or how to come here!”

In the distance were a number of pens or corrals. These pens had in them a few animals of varied species, some of the African wilds, some of the more domesticated breeds.


“Four of the five I sent homeward, but one I kept. See there to the nearer pen left from all the others, the Water Buffalo, his name when human was Tyler. He was a teenager of those who came here, being quite brash and disrespectful, poor manners. When he got caught chasing a heifer, I told him he was a bad boy. He sneered at me and holding up both of his hands showing but one finger of each toward me, I asked the others there as what his sign language meant. I received two answers, as both of them suggested his lacking of worth for remaining human. One meaning had to do with his mental intelligence quota, and the other meaning suggested was of an indecent manner of sexual play. Neither answer suggested he was a person of worth to send homeward.


I treated him to his youthful fancy for the sensual and during his frolicking. A young satyr added a poison to what the lad was drinking. The next morning young Tyler awoke to the idea he fostered in me as how best he should be treated.


Pleading with the same sense of horror that those who went into the sty would do, Tyler awoke being black of skin and fur. He had grown over the first night a bull tail, ears, and the yearling size of bovine genitals. By the end to his second month after becoming a bull buffalo, he never accepted the reality as what for him is his way of life.


The others left here as different common farm animals all, the youngest boy age nine, Dillon went home as a Percheron colt. Another boy age eighteen told his friends how he would relish being a horse for its sexuality. He was all about sex and spoke of little else while residing here. I no doubt pleased him as he returned human with a personal curse. As of whatever horse he should touch or pet and he of body would merge with the animal, becoming the male member of the stallion or gelding. He returned home through the portal and seeing Dillon, he began to his young friend and oops!


Johnny received his delighted fun fantasy horse colt Percheron male member; he became merged bodily and mentally with Dillon. Though he cannot see or smell anything, he knows quite well the truer taste of being a horse. As from urine and semen flowing out his round mouth, he has a tongue, and on occasion, if standing close to Dillon after urinating, you could hear his penis exclaiming its thoughts in words as to living life for sensuality, and sexual delights. Oh too, he can hear, and understands as thinks still like the brash boy he was and shall never be again.


The one girl with them when they arrived was of the name Alice. She was a very considerate girl, fourteen years of her age. When and later after they arrived and I felt unsure what to do with them, I asked her to serve in my palace. Delighting both her, and I she accepted and worked well with my male and the few female satyrs I created. When came her time to decide and leave here, she asked to stay, feeling a sense of affection for…, me!


Johnny reminded Alice of her mother being worried. I had allowed them to remain here as entertainment to me, they being my young and impetuous guests. Andorra sent Alice homeward though the time-portal agreeably as a mute and mutant her from, being a female satyr form physically in reverse. As from her udder, vulva, and tail and up she was a female goat, her legs and feet remained human for a while until she would decide to mate with a buck goat.


Andorra commenting on what she did to assure those returning would never tell as of what they saw and learned. She did for me what you see and more, she made me as her, an immortal being, granting me some of her power to change then others who asking, learn too much and become for my existence as distinct liabilities.


My friends, I am happily a satyr-and-goat, being more goat than of anything resembling a human. Andorra made me firstly a satyr and as time spent there in serving her matters nothing as to when returning home. I remained there being her fun consort and a pet, during some twenty-six years I serviced her need of sensuality. After giving to her whims of daily pleasuring, it was as if we were married. It was a strange relationship of woman and her almost all animal mate, while we had other matings, with other loves. Andorra finally became tired of her sex-pet and made me an offer, something she rarely did to any of her lovers. Most of her lovers went on to servicing the livestock used for food, as did she offer that to me or allowing my returning home, of the later I accepted. She arranged the phased limits to the time-portal, returning me back to within a week from the day I was pushed into the portal opening.

Andorra blessed me before we parted company, granting with powers that I do not fully understand how best to use. I can with a great summoning of inner will power cause my body to change, as become a large breed of a male goat to retain a presence of anonymity. I was a big buck goat when Bob in his police cruiser struck me. My becoming as if dead returned me to this my original form as a satyr-goat. As sometime today I shall use my power again and decide to either erase all memories of me in your minds, or, if asked, I can grant you a wondrous new life being an animal.


Bob, you were asking about Misses Kelly, why you would hold any worries for her safety, the old bitty!


When we had just arrived and Andorra noted the different attitudes, that of an old and greedy woman, or a willing man to do as asked, whatever she asked, Andorra accepted me as her source of information about Misses Kelly. I sold her on the idea to keep Misses Kelly there. I told Andorra as of Misses Kelly and her inclination to covet and take what was not hers to own. I mentioned, and Andorra smiled when I suggested how a witch could curb the ambitions of Misses Kelly. I even suggested she keep the old bitch doing something for Andorra to gain profit.

I smile and remember with a fondness how Andorra scowled at me, and as she thought about my suggestion, her expression changed to a cute grin.


Andorra called one of palace mistress female satyrs to escort Misses Kelly to where she could get a personal up-close view inside gem mine. Then the old bitty heard that she became all giggly with a smile as if elated. I saw from experience and that look of greed on her face, as did Andorra. Wicked was the facial expression of Misses Kelly as she was scheming, it told much of what Andorra could expect.


Andorra held the hand of a cute as arousing to me a female satyr and then took my hand and pressed them together. As I became included into part a spell when satyr Carol would return from her duty with Misses Kelly, Andorra wanted Carol to relate her very personal and physical needs with me. Andorra looked at me and smiled, told me to enjoy a day and night with a lusty lover to prepare me for my duties of knowing a witch woman in very carnal ways.


Satyr Carol was ordered to give Misses Kelly a taste of the mountain spring water when they arrived to the mines. Told to leave the old woman there, allowing her time to learn of new ways to enjoy gems and Gem. I heard the word gems and then gem as if it were the name of somebody. Andorra noted my catching her phasing and smiled, to then inform me that Gem was a large male donkey using his equally large maleness to keep the jennet donkeys there in the mine as elated and happy.


After satyr Carol led Misses Kelly along to the mountain mines, Andorra began laughing, she explained, as one drink swallowed of the spring water was poisonous, enriched with special body rendering gifts. Any person who tasted the water, their inner qualities as such the greed of Misses Kelly would feel a delight by being there in the mine. As she would change so would her mind, becoming as willing to be of help to the miners, unknowingly changing until she completed the transforming being a donkey jennet.


The spring water would rejuvenate her body and give her strength and youth. As from one sip swallowed, she would begin to change. By the rising of the sun in the east she would realize her joining the herd of jennet donkeys working there in the mine.


Andorra said she expected Misses Kelly to act angrily about her becoming an animal, as most women changed into any animal form tried to fight their heightened bestial inclinations. The rejuvenation to being young again, and the donkey jenny sexual arousals, the winking action of her big vulva, her vagina Andorra explained the term to me, told too of Misses Kelly becoming a donkey age of a two year old. She was to be at work in the mines for some twenty years, as by then only the brute animal mentality would be her!


Andorra was not without her own thoughts of gaining profit from her herd of female donkeys. As the donkey stud named Gem would breed with a rotating choice of jennet donkeys, continuing the droppings new foals! The whole thing seemed so righteous and proper for our Misses Kelly considering she had so many husbands who died under strange circumstances!


And so then Bob, as during my twenty-six years of being what I became, our Misses Kelly did her fun duties and worked the gem mine, dropped nine donkey foals. My last contact with her came when Andorra rewarded jennet Kelly with a secondary transforming, changing her into a horse mare to pull with three other mares the carriage Andorra and I rode about her kingdom.

As of what you see of me, my wild and fun night with satyr Carol made me to looking as I am, and me then a male satyr. While Carol sat on me and rode me like she does her stud ponies, she told of what Andorra expected of me while I should be a servicer in her palace. I became then as a satyr, part goat, mostly still manly. As after I met and did mate with Andorra she decided how to better make me more animal, more goatish, than being mostly as manly. She was quite nice how she made the physical changing of me to this more goatish form. I served in her palace for years. Remember since this was all in the history of earth and back in time a year is less than a tick on the great clock.

While the waiter to Andorra by day, I was every night her wild lover. She would offer me a drink, as in time I learned it was a rutting potion, putting my mind and body into a frenzy of sexual rut desire for any female. I got a taste for the rutting potion and used it carelessly, mating with a few of the hornier satyr females.


If I used too much of the rutting potion, I felt a bestial inner need to procreate. That's have sex Bob, I see he's still not in the main stream of this story since his gun is now out of its holster and he has it pointed at me, the hammer as cocked.

Well I had a tough time keeping my hands off those pretty satyrs. They were used by the occasional men who wandered to that isle of sex and sensuality.


I had one satyr her name was Beverly, she was so nice! I was taking a platter of drinks to Andorra and a few guests when Bev bent over to pick up a broken glass dropped by a changing guest. My sense of just filled my mind as it blocked out any human moral thought. My goat cock jutted out stiff as you could not imagine! I stepped close and entered her sweet pussy, began then humping her. She was surprised when I mounted her and thrust in my ramped cock, as she looked back at me with a smile, and let me have my pleasure. I was deep in her alluring spell. I finished my third load into Beverly, and stood there with my cock in hand, looked up and saw an angered Andorra and her guests, they having a scared look.

With then my semen still dripping from the end of that long red cock, Andorra angered, she ordered me to drink one of her potions, changing me into all-goat, I was banished to reside at the goat farm nearer the base of a live volcano for as long as it took me to realize I was better when a satyr and not a sex crazy buck goat. I remained there at the farm for almost two years of twenty-four-seven mating with hundreds of equally horny doe goats.

When Andorra had me returned to the palace, she tried to make it sound as if I had felt a sense of repentance for my brash sex act before her guests or victims. I quickly caught the drift of what she was trying to do, as for many years I listened to insurance customers swear the collision as the other person was at fault.


She changed me mostly back to looking like a satyr, adding much more fur and she liked fur, loved to comb through it with her nimble fingers. My term as he lover began in earnest then and continued until the night before last when she just outright asked me if I wanted to return to my home and times.


I agreed, promising not to tell about her and how to get to her through the time portal. My getting nearly killed by Bob meant I had to break that promise and do some explaining.” Ken said, he doing some major explaining of where he went, what happened, and why we did not see Misses Kelly looming about town.

“Bob,” I said as Ken was silent but looking at me with an odd facial expression.

“I think before anyone comes in to work, I should take satyr-Ken home with me! Since I live alone he can stay hidden until we can if possible, figure a way to get him normal again, maybe?"

“OK, but what happened to Misses Kelly,” asked Bob, he his mind full of details?

“Bob, she is still back in time being then as there a horse mare. One thing is for sure she won't be a pain in the ass for this community any more,” said Ken with a chuckle.

I helped Ken into my car and then drove to my very rural home. On the way I asked Ken, “Do you still have strong sexual lusts, did that carry with you returning home?”

Ken smiled wide, “Oh tell me Frank you are gay!”

“No buddy I am not, but I need to plan for your new form and any animal like strange attitudes which might surface, I am a doctor.” I said, but seeing Ken having a small grin as if he were doing some plans of his own.

The trip was a quiet one as Ken shut up and sat fondling his hairy sheath. I watched him rub pointy head of his red cock until we turned into my driveway. We were quick to get him inside and offered he could shower if he felt the need. Ken agreed and I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast as he went to the bathroom. An hour and Ken stepped out of the bathroom. His being wet made his muscular form not covered with fur to send a nervous chill down my spine. The sight of this sex god would send any woman into a lust for an orgy. Yet for some strange reason I envied him, and when he came close to me I felt a need to stroke his animal fur.

Breakfast took some time as Ken polished off two family sized boxes of oat cereal and a gallon of whole milk. As I started to wash the few dishes from breakfast, I felt Ken step near as if to look over my shoulder. I remember his words, “Come with me, and let us romp on your bed my love!” I felt his hairy palms touch my face and all went black.

I had a dream of the worst sensual orgy, something never before in my life. My mind said this was so bad while my lusts said it felt so, so, so good. I began to awaken as thoughts and memories of standing in the kitchen when.... I opened my eyes and looked up at a smiling hairy face of Ken leaning over my rump and back, his red goat cock shoved up my anus.

“Ouch…, Ugg-yuck, why do I have a salty taste of something in my mouth, was I sucking on your red cock? I said, as I could not believe where I was, kneeling before a large male satyr with his salty red cock spitting out satyr semen up my butt.


I tried to move away, and with a harsh jerk I yanked his cock from out of my anus and cursed at him for what he had made me do.

All Ken did was smile as I ran off to the bathroom in hope of puking or draining my bowels. Try as I did nothing came up or out. I returned to the bedroom about to give a piece of my mind when the phone rang.

"Frank, this is Bob, ah could you two fellows meet me at the old Mansion, I have a report of someone heard screaming in there!"

I agreed and started to redress as Ken began to talk in a soft manor again.


“Stay away from me, I am not your kind, I feel angry and well used!” I said!

I was in the doorway to the garage when Ken ducked under my left arm and stood directly in front of me. "I loved our time together let us do it again, now!" Before I could step back he touched his hairy hands to my face and all went black again.

Like a dream it was yet I knew it wasn't a dream but could not wake up or move away. I was on my knees and Ken was humped over my back, he thrusting his cock deep into me but not up my butt. What he was talking about him and me was as if I were a female being fucked by a goat. As much as I wished to get away, my inner lust was of a bestial desire longing for a goat with a bigger cock. The more Ken thrust, and time after time unloaded into me, I felt my sense of lust increase, I wanting more even more!

Ring, ring went the phone I awoke and rolled over on the bed a picked up the receiver. "Hey, where the hell is you guys it's been over two hours, get over here now,” yelled Bob the Sheriff!"

I apologized and rolled up to a sitting position on the bed. I was again naked as Ken had somehow put me in a trance and then played with my body. I felt a funny feeling as something strange and looked down to my groin. Expecting to see there of two tennis sized balls in a light brown fuzzy covered sack. My groin was smooth with fur surrounding my changed to being womanly a vagina. I was slimmer, shapely, having the breasts of a young woman; they tapered up to large, erect nipples. The brown goat fur grew from many places but most prevalent as from my navel down to heavy shaggy fur about my butt and thighs.

“What the Hell is this,” I yelled?

“Frank…, no Francine is your new name, remember it!” Ken said, and as if a spell entrapped my mind, I forgot my ever being a man then and began acting as a female satyr in sexual heat.


“Francine, my dear and such a wonderful lover, we made love twice and if three times the new you will become the permanent you to join with me as a satyr female, a Satyress. We shall be as lovers and roam the countryside mounting and increasing our herd of males and females.” Ken said as I swooned for his every word, accepting what I was and finding new ways of appreciating being for Ken his Satyress.

An hour later we arrived at the mansion, as neither of us being satyr could drive a vehicle, we ran the six miles across country to meet Bob waiting at the mansion.


When Bob saw first Ken run up and then me being a female satyr, he did not waste time to ask any questions. Bow led the way up the path from the front gates to the front porch of the mansion. Ken strode past Bob and as I tried to walk past, Bob reached up a hand and gave my left breast-teat-nipple a slight twist to arouse it further.


I tried to ignore Bob, and I walked in the open front doors of the mansion.

The sounds of a human screaming, and of an animal in pain doing about the same, the noise was coming from the mansion basement. We quickly made our way down the stairs. Turning the corner we stopped and looked in amazement. Standing there kicking with hind legs and shod hoofs was a white mare taking her hate out at the time portal.

“Misses Kelly,” we three all said to once!

The horse turned to look at us, her face was not that of a mare, but that of Misses Kelly merged neatly as if properly a part of the horse head. Her body was that of a Percheron mare, her stubbed tail swishing her anus and vulva.

“Damn it, look at me, this is what that evil bitch she sent me back home being an animal!” Misses Kelly remarked, the tone in her voice said how mad she was, but me looking at her being a mare, she never looked better.


“Andorra told me she did, that I would return and those who greeted me would stay by my side for the rest of their lives! I don't know what to think, as Bob is still the sheriff, and Ken my insurance agent is a satyr, then she, oh damn, she was a he and he was my insurance agent!” Misses Kelly stated, she knew us as we her.

Remembering what Ken told of his story I thought to try and ask the Time Portal a question. “Portal, can these people go back to a time just before their change was done to them and then request their return here to be again as normal people?"

Steam rolled out the front of the blue portal and then it answered. “Yes, my sir it could be done, a small chance remains for them to be human. A better chance that they would remain there, being as the beasts they are and never return here again!”

I turned to Bob and whispered a thought. Bob told Misses Kelly to face the portal, and she did as told.


I took careful hold of Ken and asked the portal to arrange its scene to isle just before their present changes happened. Then I looked at sheriff Bob and said, “One Two Three, and Bob give them a shove!” I shoved satyr Ken into the portal as Mare Kelly screamed and leaped into the portal. I turned and looked at Bob, he standing there with his Taser in hand, as he turned with a smile, said, “I shot the mare a Taser blast in her black vulva, and she leaped into the portal!”

“Is all of time now as it was before,” I asked the Portal.


A moment later and the Portal replied saying, “All is no not quite the same as it was yesterday, the satyr made a ripple in time!”

“A ripple,” I asked, “What is that?”

"The ripple is not a what, but a who! The satyr mated with you, and you became both female your gender and a satyr your species, today you will change the history of another!” Said the Portal voice, it speaking of me and what I would do, being a female satyr with sensual infecting power.

Bob looked at me as asked, “You had sex with Ken, that monster?”

“Ken did not ask and gave me no choice. He had an ability to put a person in a trance with his touch. He made me suck his cock and then he fucked my butt. Each time and several times he unloaded into me his semen, I was helpless!” I replied.


Bob asked the portal, “Is your time sent still for the witching isle?”

“I await your entry and will oversee your pleasure,” said the portal.

I was looking at the scene in the open void of the Portal, seeing below as the Mare Kelly was kicking the shit out of Ken. Out of a corner of my eye I saw Bob start to run and figured he wanted to give me a push into Andorra’s witchery realm. At the last second I stepped to the right and watched my school chum and local Sheriff disappear into the void. A holler and a dull thud I heard, that coming from the witch Andorra who Sheriff Bob fell on as she was standing on her palace walk.

“Time has changed but little, as the man who just entered shall return to regain his full life here,” stated the Portal!

My thoughts seemed clouded and disinterested in Bob, Ken and Mare Kelly. I felt a longing and a real need to have sex. I returned to the mansion basement stairs, as climbing them my breasts swayed, tail wiggled, and I felt so much like a horny female goat down low, that reaching the top step I felt more and more my desire for wild sex.

I ran toward my house and safety. After arriving there I looked at the phone and there was a message waiting. The message service light was flashing and I pushed the button.

“Hi Frank… you dirty bastard. I got back and we are due for a little talk! It can wait until morning. We need to meet at the mansion about nine, so until then missy-buddy!”


Bob had me worried and before going to bed I sat for a long while using a pop bottle to stimulate my new vagina. I had a thought to torch the old mansion and close the Portal from bothering my life again!





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