Brothers Still

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Based during the times when wizards and witches had great powers, two brothers, each find disfavor and become animal genitals...


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Artistry by “Horsebreeder” at Fur Affinity - 2013

Inspiring Art:

Rand and his twin brother Vega lived during a time when magic and the dark powers ruled the lands. Wizards and Witches were rather common, though only a few were as feared for their delight for doing evil deeds to the foolish or the unwary.

Therefore, as shown in the lurid scene is Rand kneeling, he holding of what remains as was his brother, he cursed by Mistress Shelby, merged with the body of a horse, he became then the maleness organ of the animal.

Mistress Shelby was not far away as she was laughing, humored by the otherwise touching scene of a brother made lonely from seeing what became of his brother. As one brother sat kneeling, he eying the essence still of his twin brother, given a lifetime sentencing for trying to take what belonged to the witch. She working her spellbinding to degrade Vega physically, by magically, as permanently merged into the body of what was his riding mount he rode there to her castle fortress. He is sharing the body of his own horse to retain a life. His only outward sign of what was a being, shows in the horse sheath skin, there bearing still the eyes of what was Vega. The accused felt the curse put upon him, he of body became the penis under his horse. As horse and owner realized the existence of the other, they fed their sensual delighting by what Vega knew, as felt, as needed to act vigilant of purpose.

Made then as a fixed organ belonging to his favorite horse, Vega felt and knew a drastic sense of humiliation and a horror. His life was a sentencing of service he said he wished to offer the witch for his trying to take what she took from his father.

Mistress Shelby was not without her usual as morbid sense of humor when given the thought to make a strong example to all what could happen to a common thief.

When Vega stood before Mistress Shelby and those there, the people and servants within her entourage of followers, the gasps heard when told what he would endure as his sentencing. He, Vega then would act as the maleness, the penis to his own horse. He would know he was alive and of where, his eyes set into the upper folds of the sheath, his mind held within the groin, as for his penis body, he would feel a crude form of heightened sensuality. As would his penis skin be sensual, his damning mouth then being the urethra, the vile piss-ejaculate hole, to which held still the taste buds of his mouth to realize horse as stallion essence.

A pointing of her silver walking staff at Vega and her spell-curse on him made his banishment from humanity an instant reality. As at that moment the horse so named Fellow by its owner stood outside the court entrance, screamed a terrified whinny when the merger thrust man into becoming in part a horse.

As the great bronze doors swung open, those there gasped and murmured, seeing, as watching another such sentenced individual, walking slowly, he given the task to lead inside the bay colored stallion.

The sheer force of the magical merging caused Vega to realize then the more sensual as vile his new predicament, while causing the stallion body a gained new realization of its own sensuality. Merged, Vega helped Fellow to have as enjoy a rigid erection, so still was it that from walking into the court, the penis swayed side-to-side slapping the body against strong flanks.

Men there groaned at the possible feeling of becoming a horse penis, as did the women, some of the more lurid types, moaned, wishing to gain a try of horse into human intercourse, as expecting from Vega a manner of controlling the horse to act kindly.

Rand screamed, he begged the witch, pleading with her to undo her spellbinding sentence put upon his brother. As to hearing the fervent pleading she laughed, as with a wave of her hand had a rouge mare brought into her court. The man leading the nervous mare led her to stand with rump facing the stallion. Stud stallion Fellow was a sire for several years; he knew what he smelled as wanted. Fellow mounted the mare and with help from an equally aroused then Vega personality, they controlled the horse libido quite well.

Witnesses standing the closest to the breeding, saw there the blue eyes of Vega set as blinking, being in part with the sheath, horse Fellow stood mounted, he with his sheath folds pressed snug to the winking vulva, the mare juices causing sheath born eyes to tear.

Stallion Fellow stood rutting the mare with new urgency as was the mind belonging to Vega realizing the rank new sensuality what was the whole of his physical being.

The mare whinnied when as the stallion would thrust deep, the end to his penis flared to resemble the bell of a hunting horn. The women standing close, some falling to kneel gained then the best angle to watch as seeing the sheath-eyes blinking, struggling to rinse away the mare mucus. They grimaced at seeing the stallion bring forth the surge of his semen, some what the mare womb could not hold the massive volume did spit out and from around the invading member.

The scene was one of vivid horse breeding done there before all with the wish to accentuate, as give notice to all what she, the witch could do to a person to demean them to the very essence of their being alive!

When stallion Fellow slid off the mare, he let his still erect penis slip like a great snake from out the silken feeling vulva. As did then Vega the penis hang down, and out what to him was his mouth leaked still the ejaculation. One horse penis being wet and glistening wriggled, contorting still from the stunning memory of where it had gone and felt vividly stimulated.

As the sounds of those imagining the erotic sort of sensations Vega then felt, knew, and remembered began to calm into a reverent silence, Mistress Shelby spoke a command.

“Stallion horse Fellow and Vega, you have enjoyed the extreme delight know from breeding a mare, I command then to here Vega speak. Let he the sentenced now tell of his sense of purpose, knowing he for his lifetime shall be to his own horse what grants each a useful existence.”

Vega felt the urge as the ability and in part making use of the spectacular stallion libido, he began to put in verbal, intelligible words what he knew as felt, describing then the sensations of being a horse penis.

A shrill voice emanated from the penis hole, as was heard the lips smacking while speaking. Vega, his voice echoed the court for all to hear, he surprised they who supposed a sense of self demeaning and hatred for becoming a horse penis, heard instead words of thanks and praise to Mistress Shelby.

“My greetings for having to hang low, as speak to you from out this the end hole to my penis body. What has happened here came about from a failure to communicate properly between a witch and a man. I admit to trying to take back what the Mistress took from our family! I feel sad for my dear brother Rand as he without me at his side, must struggle to live and work to remain alive.

Certainly, my sense of self is not what the Witch Mistress felt would become to me as me considering this my personal doom. To the contrary, I feel fine! My penis body is extremely sensual. The one portion of my exile from human comforts deals with what I must taste of horse semen, and soon, the urine spewing out this my mouth.

Unlike my dear brother and all here present, my being a horse penis means I need not toil and work to earn bread. He my new master eats and grazes sustaining us as I through him to do what I can to make our life together as something more enjoyable…” Vega said, he expounding his ideals and feelings when the then angered witch decided she had heard enough, as with a wave of her hand the time of communicating ceased.

“Guard, bring in another mare!” Mistress Shelby demanded, as she pointing to the half man, half Ram creature what led in the first mare, then walked the satisfied animal out a side door to the corrals.

In walked another manly creature, this one being in part still a recognizable man, but most of his outer self, being that of crude as large and an aroused male goat. He led a larger horse mare, a draft animal acting equally nervous about her having to walk on paving stone floors, of the crowd, and what she knew was there, that the stallion bearing still the scent of having just mated.

“Baa…my Mistress Shelby, this your…baa, Bay mare I have readied, baa… brought here by baa… your command!” Spoke as bleated the goat-man to she who made of him to be a beast of body, mind, and passions.

“No, please, no more, my brother surely feels a sense of his disgrace, why torment him further?” Rand cried out saying, as pleading to let Fellow and Vega leave the court and return the horse to the stables.

Laughing, Mistress Shelby was thinking like a devil-inspired witch. She having heard her planned demeaning disgrace done to Vega did not make the spectacle she had hoped for; she thought of s secondary plan what might force Vega to feel hurt.

“Rand, come forward and stand before me!” Mistress Shelby demanding said.

Rand kneeling, he beside the stallion sat holding the penis body what was the living essence of his brother, stood up and took a deep inhaled breath, as prepared to plead for mercy for his brother.

As Rand stood looking up at the smirked face of a bold witch, Mistress Shelby said, “I know your brother tried to take from me what I treasure a fond memory as from your father. Your brother seems elated at becoming a horse penis, his own words he told of considering my transforming of him as if a blessed retirement for human responsibilities.

Understand me well, as I want him to know and feel as hurt beyond words!

If he can bolster his being dehumanized, what then is the part and portion of his crime shared then by his twin brother?

Silence, all here are here to listen and learn, reminded what I can do and…

Rand, I look at you and see a brother of a brother, being brothers still, partners in a crime you should share in the condemnation. As Vega says he is in a wonderment state, what would he think of his brother becoming an equal of similar a deformed manner of lifestyle?

I deem that Rand is equally guilty of the failed crime, a brothers they be, one bold and one passive, as Vega is a horse penis for life, so the his brother Rand I deem my wish he become as part portion the vulva of this Percheron mare!”

“What,” Rand screamed as he began to walk backwards, thinking to turn as run but knowing the witchery powers could reach him no matter where he would go to hide.

They there in the halls of the court stood and were silent, fearful of what she the witch their queen and Mistress of a damned homeland might turn her evil delights on others.

Mistress Shelby turned and took up as holding her silver staff, she pointing it at a scared Rand, she said, “Let your brother know how you appreciate what he is when he, his penis body invades inside your mouth, as tasting his semen, being and knowing the real you as the womb and vulva to this now immortal a mare.”

A lightning spark shot at and engulfed Rand, lifting his whole self to floating in the air, as she moved her shaft, pointing for Rand to glide toward and begin entering the winking vulva black lips of the large mare.

One crying young man was without the ability to speak, he helpless before the greater as evil powerful witch. Rand went head first passing between the large lips as his feet kicked from his sensed horror, until all of him had entered and merged, melting into the skin as organs of the Percheron mare womb.

“Perfection, as brothers still, one the horse penis has the ability to service his brother and the want for feeling as filled. Let all know and let it be told of what these brothers became, they the result of a man mating a witch and mating becoming their only form of contact, Vega delved to wriggle inside his brother Rand, both knowing the flavor of tasting horse semen, what a life they must share!”

That said, and the court became very still, the only sounds were of breathing as from the Percheron mare, her vulva lips parted and a shrill voice called out saying, “Yippee!”




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