Brash Or Stupid

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Vacationing at Pleasure Island Amusement Park works its magic, not allowing some ever to leave, and of those who do, none get off the boat being still a human...


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With a concern and having come to a decision, I bought my ticket and boarding pass for the ferryboat, what transported me an a host of others to an island isle renown for sexual debauchery and physical degrading. The ferry was one of those stern paddlewheel types, it clean and neat were the upper decks, but the main deck one had to watch where you stepped. The front half of the main deck was where the boat would load or unload the animals used there in the park. Most of those seen either loaded on board or taken from the hold were equines, draft horses, and those going toward sales on the mainland side were all as donkeys. There were other animals unloaded as well, some cattle, pigs, and various farm type animals. When I boarded the cargo handlers were having great difficult with a wooden crate, as coming from inside it were screams and the cursing, swearing voice of an angry as if wild a woman.

I had decided after hearing so much about the isle, I would go there and see this place on my first real vacation trip away from home since the wife passed away. Disembarking, I was nearly knocked overboard by the rush of young males, teenagers mostly, a few of more elder years and then one retiree type, me!

I began walking along Main Street, the neon signs blinking and strobe lights flashing told much of the truth about what I had heard, this was all the reports heard and read about were in agreement, as this was the den of iniquity!

In the first hour there, I had walked the street known by its offering of many sexual pleasures. Due to my aged years, me being sixty years of age, retiring early, I wanted to enjoy life before the golden years came with the sicknesses and then of the gold one needs give the doctors. I walked far past the shops, bars, and brothels to begin seeing the varied abodes and displays of licensed exhibitors there in the park.

Cautious with apprehension as not to gawk, hearing come from inside several such exhibitions the cries of women wooing, moaning, or in one, a lady screaming as if she were being tortured. I knew better than to be a hero and dash inside and save a damsel in distress. If they went inside one of those places, they had a want to feel distress, or something to excite them with sensual anguish.

As said, the world is a small place, and while strolled along the street where no cars they allow, he was coming toward me, a man I knew. “Hey Ken, Chapel…hey,” I yelled, and Ken seeing me turned away and walked down an alleyway into the clouds of steam coming from the rear entrances to the exhibits.

Resolute not to embarrass him further, I continued my walking, as looking for one oddity of the exhibits there, that of a massage parlor known as “The Sisters of Circe.”

The story of Circe and her blandishments with sailors and visitors to her enchanted isle sent chills through my body. I had read the story a dozen times and felt drawn to the plight of the men transformed by Circe, wondering of how it would feel and the passions as lust a human mind would know after merged into the bodily self of a beast. The fantasy thoughts of such have for many years kept me searching the Internet for possible leads to those of where such things were possible. This Park had the dubious reputation for such debauchery and things worse. Indeed if Circe told me to lie down in her sty, I would cherish the chance to feel her curse.

I had embarrassed myself before the wife and our children with my searching. I did travel all over the U.S.A. and been to Canada, driven into the back woods and mountainous regions seeking but never finding what I had hoped. I had a new hope of finding Circe, or the sister coven of her follows there at the exhibition advertising with her name.

As I neared the end to the main street, at the junction with a side street, there to my eyes was the sign announcing the end to a journey. The iron gates and stone and ivy covered walls looked interesting and as a warning. It was the entrance to her Pavilion as I stopped and stared, pondering if I should dare enter, and fearful then that I was there where what could doom and damn a man stood waiting for a man such as me!

A push of the doorbell button and the iron gates move as swing silently apart, not a sound or creaking did they make. I walked past the gates and not twenty feet inside and the gates swung shut. As I walked the flowery garden and walkway toward the hilltop exhibit, the sight of it is as if a person were walking into heaven and not some bestial sort of hell.

The Greek furniture and expected aura was there, even the white marble pavilion on the hilltop held in me the thought I was walking into the arms of Circe.

A voice of a young female singing and I follow the sound, peering around the corner to a tall hedgerow, there seated on the edge of a cliff was this white skinned beauty. She moved her arm and hand as she played a small harp, while she sang, a song that would woo the heart of any a man into submission.

Even a man my age could easy fall in love with this beauty. I lean forward for a better view and then the Fates came along and they kicked me in the ass. “Crunch, snap,” and I did fall past the hedgerow and over a bluff, doing a full gainer dive then into pool, it her bath pool. My splash covered the bather there with soapy water and my sight of her then was one of blurred eyes.

"Ops, ah…hello..." is all I get could say as from somewhere rushed at me three black handmaids. One pretty a maiden jumped into the pool and using her dress she covered my head and face from seeing more of the bathing naked woman. The other two yanked me out of the pool; the speaking to me in what I thought might be Greek.

“I am sorry, I heard the young maiden singing her song and… the bush broke, I fell in…” I said about that much when from the pool I heard someone get up and step out of the pool.

“Take him, hold him for my future pleasures, bring me the other man, that Mister Church,” she said, she with a voice that sounded of authority, a queen maybe, or even Circe.

“Church, no I say his name is Ken, Kenneth Chapel, and we are friends,” I said, my head cloaked over with the trails of the long gown like dress.

"Kenneth Chapel and I came in those gates back down the hill, how he then got up here..." I said, feeling the need to ask and trying hard to add some levity to a difficult situation.

"Stop, we do not think you are cute, what you did our Mistress did not think of as funny! I sense courage; he is not shaking in fear. The Mistress likes her men with courage, and then too they are brash, being so she dislikes and makes of them what they deserve. To know Mister Chapel will not give you any brownie points with our Mistress.” One of the three young women said to me then, and with my head still cloaked, they led me away.

"Courage, yes I guess I've got some, but being impetuous has nothing to do with me falling into the pool!" I said, trying to admonish my wish to be inoffensive.

"Explain please," one of the women said as then the cloaking portion of the dress they removed from being over my head.

"Well to begin, I came here looking for the Exhibit known as the “The Sisters of Circe, and by chance wandered in here, and well fell in. I came in though the front iron gates; walking though the garden, I heard that beautiful singing. I followed the singing until I was up above her, and peering around the corner of the hedgerow my weight caused the branch to snap and I tumbled forward, falling head first into the bathing pool. Splash and I am down as in and that is it!'

"Huh, then being brash with courage had nothing to do with why you were in the bath pool. It is because you are stupid, " she said, and with some tone of animosity.

I laughed, it seemed funny but my timing was very wrong.

“Guards,” she yelled, and from two side hallways rushed toward me two black furred Minotaur types, they standing each eight feet tall. The two grabbed me under each arm and hoisted me up, off the floor, and held helpless in the air.

"Bring him to the sacrifice stone, lash him face down,” she speaking to the two black maids said, “Go to our Mistress and inform her that this man has no special courage, he is a fool, it deemed likely he has nothing to do with what Mister Chapel did and shall be doing, now go!”

“Sacrifice stone,” I said with a slight whimper in my question, as much I wanted to meet and or talk with Circe, to become a sacrifice before her was not my burning desire.

”Hey guys, fellows, please let me down, let me go?” I tried to speak to them, but they eyed down at me, the froth of foaming drool stringing out past their lower lips. They held me tightly, and airborne at the height as held my face before their thick sheaths. As they totted me along, the one Minotaur perked his pecker out past the black furred sheath, the seeing the flat end of it, and its pretty, as pink color sent shivers up my spine.

Walking, he began to pee a stream out the end of his bull cock, it steaming, stinking, but paying it a no-never a mindful care, they walked along with me.

We came to a small amphitheater; it is all white marble columns, as down in the center of it was a black stone alter, with brass rings for lashing down perspective offerings.

As one Minotaur held me, the other drew his long as curving sharp sword and with me wide eyed and watching, he swooping it, slashed away all my clothing. Naked I stood there, potbelly and my aged as withering maleness becoming aroused. They took me and laid me face down over the black stone alter, tying silk straps about my wrists and ankles; they kept me from moving, or trying to escape.

“Excellent, you did well, go now, leave him there, you may commune with the cattle,” said she the one black maiden, the authoritative one. The two Minotaur then left, they their tromping on cloven hooves walked noisily along marble floor and marble walls.

“Damn they were big!” I said from where I laid, tied and feeling as stupid as the woman stated I was for being there.

“Yes they are, they turned out quite good, they are brothers you know, twins, both football players once, but not anymore, they are happy here and do well keeping the dairy herd giving milk. Now as to you…” She said, she telling me of what might be me or I might be something else they had needed, with my luck, they would have a need for a rat for the cat to chase.

“Do you always try to make a situation show a funny side? I said you were stupid, and the more you speak the more I feel I was correct. Now then, you need preparation for this evening, and to do the honor I shall send to welcome you our fun girl Booby. Booby. Dear girl, come down here and show him a fun afternoon,” she said, as ordering then Booby to come and do me…, I looking up saw big boobs, with large as long nipples, suggesting of some arousing fun.

“Gee-whiz she is for me,” I said, stunned at her furry form.

She said nothing, just stood nearby watching as her sexy Satyress protégée came down to where I was so uncomfortably lying, and began her rituals on me. She to me, with the black Lady watching, Booby did snuggle close to me, trying to get me to suckle on one of her puckered teat-size tits. I was less than an obliging horny male, though aroused by her advances I did not plan to partake.

“What is it with you, you act like the world is a joke and when given the chance to play, and you ignore even pretty Booby there? Give her suck man! Her breasts are full, she has need of a milking, and she so much more would love it if a man sucked her dry. It might be better for you to drink her milk and having a belly full, as when later the Mistress comes for the evening festivities, being so tainted inside, about all she could do to you is change you to being a satyr male or a buck goat.” The black Lady said to me, she seemed adamant to be on my side all of a sudden, so much so, I did not trust her intentions.

Booby tried for an hour to get me to suckle her or by her using those petite hands of hers, she cupping them under my chin pulled my head up to face directly at her furred mound.

“Maw me, baby,” Booby beckoning said, but I was not enticed to have oral sex with an animal-woman.

Crying, Booby left me there alone, she made a handsome Satyress, as had I been a younger man I might have done as suggested and…well as suggested to me I might remain there as a satyr, or if for Booby her pet sire goat. I still wanted some time for talking with as to Circe, and hoped that by that night I might get my chance.

Long hours passed and at home I sleep on a bed so hard people ask me if it is made of stone, I fell asleep lying on the marble alter. The noises of people talking awoke me, and Booby standing nearby, she I saw when looking at her noted those breasts, they were several sized sizes smaller, which meant somebody drank a meal.

The amphitheater became full of spectators, some being wholly human and many others were less human having portions of them as some animal. The audience around me drew quiet as if someone to officiate had come on stage. I tried to lift my head and give a look around, but ceased trying when again heard that very authoritative voice speak. She ordered for something simply named the "Stone" brought to her from the pavilion safe.

Moments later the audience began to applaud, I lifted my head to see one of those pretty as black colored maidens come jogging down the marble steps to where I laid bound and helpless. What I saw was a turquoise colored gemstone mounted upon a long crystalline wand. The black maiden handed it to the still naked Satyress girl Booby. She in turn walks past where I lay and I see her hand it to a tall and slender shapely woman. That done, Booby steps backward away from the woman and she takes a standing position next to me. She then bowing goes to kneeling and looks me in the face with a lovely smile.

"Thank you all for coming tonight, as my Mother, Grand Mother and her Mother down through the halls of time gather we here to grant unto this man his fondest wish as becoming one of mine while he serves me here until he dies!" So said the tall woman, she asked me not a question but holding the crystal wand in her right hand, she lowered the turquoise gemstone to touch the top of my head.

Her reach at me with the wand and its touch to my head brings from me such screams of sensed coming agony, the pain felt by those thrown in Hell. My head wagged as I screamed, the marble walls and columns echoing my cries seemed to amplify them into a deafening, mind-boggling, face and muscular bulging contortion the like no man or woman should ever need to feel.

The Maiden and her handmaids’ step back and away from me as then the black marble alter under me begins to warm and hum with a growing power. I reel with pain as my fingers and toes begin to melting are merged to make of them hoofs cloven and black. Moaning, my pain comes as from my gut I feel as know the bodily organs inside began to rearrange.

Then millions of needles pinprick at my skin foretell while in my misery of hairs sprouting. Reeling from pain, my eyes closed but on short term occasion do open and looking, I saw not fur grown on my arms but bristles popping out like nails coming up as threw wood. Each one is a pain unto itself in seconds my entire body is covered in black tough bristles.

I am kicking my legs and swagger my changing arms as my head bobs, the all of what was me feeling and I knowing of what all is changing. My face is a mass of pain, my eyes ache, teeth I feel them falling out as new; sharper teeth push into place, replacing my human teeth with teeth of an animal. My tongue, when not sticking out straight when I scream, it hangs lolling out and to the left side as hung over those sharp new teeth.

Inhaling as I cry out from the pain I such air in through my opened mouth and in my nostrils, those of the pig form I am becoming.

Suddenly the silken bonds I felt holding me down were as cut, then able to move again, as I tuck up close my legs to the aching gut, with some helping hands I rolled up and into a sitting position, I sat there upon that alter. I use my then fully changed arms and cloven hoofs to help brace me in a seated sitting on my rump position, naked and becoming more the beast before the audience.

Sitting on my rounded big butt, feeling me sitting on my bulging big testicles, I was crushing them and felt a small, coiled tail wiggled, its bristles tickling the skin of a piggish anus, all made me uncomfortable. I stood on all fours, as stretched out straight my hind legs, feeling the delightful feeling that relieves the aching pains in my legs. Wiggling slightly my hind cloven hooves before the crowd, I see Booby step in front of me. Booby smiles a loving smile as if what I am she so appreciates my transformed self.

Two petite as furred hands reach forward and she takes to touching what I have by then is a sheath of a boar pig. She begins to massage it, her thumbs working at it, kneading at what is inside the sheath to come out. My wealth of pains fade as the sensation of my having then a sheath and what was in it began to send in me wild feelings of want, lust, and procreation.

A half coiled tip of what is a corkscrew shaped piggy penis rises out my sheath. The head end is narrow, my human glands gone, it lengthens out, standing then erect, protrudes some sixteen inches of sensual flesh.

The audience remained silent and watching, but as Booby excites out my new piggish penis, they all begin to applaud

Never in all my life did I ever feel such a sense of personal humiliation. It became worse when Booby leaned forward, her loving hands holding my animalistic penis as she then mouths it, began sucking, I feel my balls tighten, and my whole body becomes taunt up my spine.

Excited, I pass a load of gas and feel its force make wiggle my tail. I cannot tilt down or move my head with ease, the muscular neck on me, it had merged with my shoulders, so to see down as back I need cock my pig head and wildly ogle one eye as seeing the show going on below.

“How is it, tell us what you feel, a round of applause for this man transformed, he came here for this reason and for him he was gifted his greatest imagined dream now come true. Behold here is a mature in size male boar Berkshire pig.” That said, as she announced to all there, Booby ceased her sucking and withdrew my aching cock from her mouth, that just at the second I blew out a spewing load, it spraying into the air.

The sensed and unbelievable relief felt in me, my satisfaction cut short when hearing the Lady announce, she said, “Thar’ he blows his last load of human semen, what replaces it in massive amounts is now the semen of a pig. He is prepared physically to take his proper place in the swine sties. Once there his new cock will be in service, a thousand sows await the second new boar transformed here today!”

Booby then coughed and cleared her throat, she said to all there, "See him how he acts so calm like, he thinks his new self is cute and being a man of whom enjoyed acting as if life were funny, he shall learn soon enough the value he lost when becoming as a Pig. So there elder sir, you are not now a human or ever again in the foreseeable future. Behold him, as he said his greatest wish was of meeting our Circe and learning what it feels like to be one of her swine, his wish granted to him, he is one of her Circean boars.

Our Mistress plans to grant this new boar a week of learning what it is to be a boar. His freelance week when finished, he with the other new boars keave here to go to the feedlot farm owned by Pleasure Island Amusements, please give an affectionate round of applause for this happy fellow.”

Cupping my bristled chin in her hands, Booby has me look at her and she down at me.

The applause fades as the audience begins to stand up and file out the amphitheater. Booby is all what I can see, she looking into my narrowed eyes, she said, "Oh dearest, if you wished to be a boar, then by the crystal I can assure you, you shall remain what you are now!”

“Guards, take the boar to the sties, and release him there to begin his training and duties.” I heard the tall Lady say as said; she stood by until the two Minotaur brothers took hold of me and carried me away.

I felt as one cursed, spellbound by such evil powers, my brain began thinking that being as is a pig boar I could hide my sense of shame.

“Foolish, stupid man, you for life to be as you wished for, a boar, and your duty shall be to mount sows and more…as mnay sows. She left in you your mind intact, to think, reason, wonder, and know of what you were, as became and feel the need to do, so I leave you to wallow in the delights of swine life!" I realized it was Booby speaking. What she said seemed she was angry with me, as I did not suck her teat nipples and become for her as a satyr or her pet-sire stud buck goat.

I felt so different being as is a boar. My face a snout, ears that wiggle and flap, a body covered in a thick mat of coarse feeling bristles, what I am is a beast, and gods forgive me I find my thought think I like the idea of this all.

Strange it is to me that a perfect man should want to lower himself in stature to become, as is a swine?

The Minotaur guard brothers drop me to the mushy ground, the one opens the gate to a muddy sty and to my surprise, I before me standing there are twelve hardy sows. They show me a half grin as all turn around and using each their piggy tails, they point my attention to their juicy vaginas, they dripping with juices, in heat, ready and wishing for a boar. I sniffed, my mind knows the scent and all of what was I becomes as something aroused. I stare in awe, thinking how I am going to be feeling ever so fine!

The Minotaur brothers lurch to stand at attention, they saw her first and I then noted her as there to watch. She points at me, and says, “I am the grand daughter of our queen Circe, and I came to see a man that wished he was a pig.”

I would have given a shrugged answer to her, but as the gate stood opened and I peering then at the twelve sows there inside, they stood as inviting me to come to join them, as I strode toward where and what would be my kingdom!

Just then, I hear a voice say, "Is anybody here?”

I knew the voice, it being that of another friend, as there walking along the viewing patio above the sties is John Delano. He stood there peering down, seeing the grand entrance of a large boar into a sty holding twelve sows in need.

"Come my hearty friend, come see and enjoy,” so said then the youngest of relative of the lineage to Circe!"

"Hi there, I am John Delano, and came here to this exhibit to meet a modern day Circe," John said, and he saying it boldly, a temperament that there would get him in deeper into the mire than he might find enjoyable.

"Yes dear sir you have found us at last. Come sit here and tell me your fondest most wish you would like to see come true," she said, she who was by me, went to meet John and began her inquiring of him his likely future.

"Oh I longed to meet a relative of the great goddess Circe. I...," said John, his ranting stopped when the girl said, “You have many questions about her power over men and wonder if she changed men for real into animals, am I correct,” asked the G.D. Circe?"

"Ah yes, but I feel foolish even to suggest such what is impossible. I mean no human could have such true power! Even if somewhere there were such a true power, how could this have been hidden from mankind for so, so long?" I heard John ask, I stood there between a sexual heaven and the possible doom of a friend.

"Malady, come and escort this man... to visit our two recent additions to the herds. After he has seen and spoken, his thoughts bring him to me in my chamber. You will please go with Malady and have many of your questions answered,” said the young Circe."

Malady reached a friendly hand for John to hold and the two walked away from the patio viewing.

John had the same questions for her as I might have if given the chance. I then heard his voice as he said, “But where are you leading me?”

"Fear not yet my mistress only wishes for you to understand her great power." The two walk out the rear of the white marble exhibit area and onto a wooden walkway for visitors to stand and watch the pigs close up there in the sties.

The sounds of many animals makes John frown as Malady, she a pretty human in a silvery gown walks him to where he can see me as I him.

"John, be pleased here to meet the Reddish boar there was known originally as Mister Kenneth Chapel! The other boar, he the black one about to mate with a sow, he came here looking to meet with our resident Mistress, but became our evening entertainment," she said, she the grand daughter of Circe some dozens of times removed, but of the relation to be sure!

At hearing the saying of his human name, friend Ken turns his head and squeals a hello. Ken was just as busy with his boar’ cock buried hilt deep inside a sow, while he slowed his continued humping.

John squinted with his eyes; he gawking sees huge boars made masculine with huge testicles protruding from our rumps, as we were finding enjoyment as only a boar can by being a boar.

Gawking a stare at Ken, John with a shiver in his voice said, “That boar was, or is Kenneth Chapel,” John pointing at the large reddish bristled boar rutting a sow.

"Oh yes that's him alright, and he's so enjoying his fantasy of being a sexy boar don't you think,” said Malady!

John stepped down to a path between the sty pens. Walking closer he continued to watch Ken and his sow. "Ken is that you,” asked John in a soft quivering voice?"

The huge boar lifted his face and gave John a slow nod as if to answer in the affirmative.

"Did you really want to be like this? I can't believe that any human would want to give up all and be a beast in a sty, why…," John asked, I heard him ask it and thinking back to what was done to me I thought the question had merit.

Ken squealed, and then oinking, stood humped and attached to his loving sow, his reply made no human sense to the disturbed John. Frowning, John walking back to the wooden deck where he looked at Malady and said to her, "I can't believe this, it's not true!"

"Why not,” asked Malady?"

"If people knew, this place would be raided and the Circean Mistress governing this all sent to prison. This is wrong...," so said a disturbed John.

"Dear man if one is made to be an animal, he or she knows where and what they are, but once a person becomes the beast, lives as do animals, their instincts wipe away most their desire to be again human. Think, as they lay around in the sun and eat whenever the need moves them, they play together, some are a little ruff, but most of the time all is in fun.

Best yet, is as the need for mating comes over the females all males give up their returning for the chance to mate. As you saw Ken rutting his sow, he enjoys sex as a boar. His bristles stroke hers and the sensuality makes their lust run wild, who's to stop it, nobody!" The young Malady said, and said it as if it as we were inconsequential to their bigger plans.

"You mean that they ask… to be like this...," John imploringly asked of Malady.

Malady snickered; she replying said to John, "Some beg for it! As others smile, when a first they are transforming, thrilled with the sensuality. A few scream, some for a week or more until the instincts take hold, then they become so much an animal that we sell them for their normal use. Horses, mules, donkeys, bulls, cows, pigs, even zoo animals whatever they end up becoming, all are sold eventually. “Once a beast, always the beast!” so says my Mistress!"

John turned to walk back up the steps to the main exhibit, when we all heard the scream of a girl. It sounded to me as quite a familiar voice, I saw John dash across the upper patio viewing area, Malady close behind him.

Adventurous John ran toward the screaming girl, as Malady yelled for him to stop.

I was told of the happening by Malady when next she came to visit. It made me force a smile, so much like the John I knew. When he burst threw a wooden door he tripped and fell, coming to a stop, found he was lying in front of a pretty Booby. As she looked down John looked up, "Oh my God,” he exclaimed!

Pretty booby stood before him, he eying her mostly as from the waist up. The waist down was very much that of a nanny goat. Her twin teats and udder hung so close to John, as he rose up his face came equal to those succulent teats, he thought for a moment, then reached for one and began suckle.

John turned his head to look at Malady, then he turned back to look at the furry dark skinned udder. As he turned Booby stepped ever closer. John tried to say what he had as a thought, but with his mouth full with a warm furry teat, he went to sucking as might a kid goat. The instant that teat nipple touched his lips the common reaction is to clamp down on it and let the milk squirt into the mouth.

Booby looked down at John, and she with a smile and said, "My your brash!"

As then, Malady said she said to Booby, "No he is like so many, just stupid!"

John cared not of either opinion he just sucked down the sweet rich milk.

Booby watching said to John, telling him what was to happen, said, "John, as you suck you will change, and by tomorrow night you shall be perfect for us to make love. I have need of a satyr male, and you are it. We shall be as Mistress and her pet, you doing for me whatever I ask, and without any asking of why. Do as I say, when I say, and you can stay as a satyr. Ignore me once, and my Mistress will make of you a buck goat, selling your final from to the Ransom, Colorado sheep and goat farm."

As from what Malady said and having seen John trailing Bobby around and about, it was over a year ago we came here, he is still doing what she wanted me to do, and Ken and I are both still busy. Oh I am sorry, were you here to join us or just to see someone being brash and stupid?