Bad To Worse As Goats

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2015


An alternate-reality slips into place with the aid of a she-devil, changing live and bodies...


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READER NOTICE: This story was written for the TF fan and may not be worthwhile reading for the literary purest!


What began as a horrendous sound caused then a rolling cloud of dust to bellow, as it floated across the lawn and road in front of their house. They were awake still that night, an elderly couple talking about the economy and their futures, when came the crashing down of something upon the roof. They leaped up and both ran out the front door, as stood there on the front lawn to see setting atop their cottage home set a large, black piano.


“Betty, by all that is holy what is that up there,” asked as said John Winkler to his wife Betty.


“It looks to be a woman John,” said Betty as her reply, she seeing the silhouette of a shapely womanly form standing then beside the piano as their house roof was beginning to crumble.


The couple stood there and watched in horror and silently as their small house crushed down into an ever bigger hole in the ground. When then the eaves of the roof came even with the level ground, the woman stepped off the roof, she giving the elderly homeowners a glaring stare with her yellow eyes.


John being the stronger individualist that he was, then turned his attention to her, that woman and was about to ask her how the piano got on his roof when… their small house  crushed down flat inside that sinkhole.

As from further along the rural as gravel road that led from town, to their home and several others built aside that road, the woman and the elderly couple could hear the sound of an approaching vehicle.


“Charles,” said the woman as with a tone in her voice suggesting her disdain.


John would remember that night and those few moments as if they were a turning point n the life of his dear wife and he, their futures and others they would become a part in a growing curse upon human kind. As he stepped toward the woman, she held up her hand and wishing him to stop and stand, he did as she willed it.


“One situation leads to the next and there is too much happening to once here, so something needs be done!


Damn you humans, as I carried that piano to my friend Hazel as a present, what should come at me out of the black night sky but an airplane.  It startled me and by luck I dropped the piano on top of your small house.


Now comes then Charlie, and he being a nosy fellow, he will stop here to check if anyone be injured.

You two will undoubtedly have something to say to Charlie and I for one dislike my anonymity kept a secret. I must insist the two of you should not talk to Charlie, and/or the authorities, as therefore a little adjustment is required.”


A spiraling swirled wave of her hands and she said, “Let your words be from now and the future as baaing bleats of a buck goat and his sexy doe!”


In those minute seconds of time as the pickup truck with near-neighbor Charlie came ever closer, did John and his wife Betty stand there seeing each the other as sprouting goaty fur. As John, his changing bodily form grew black fur; his dear wife of forty years was changing as she sprouted a pelt of brown goat fur.


They both yelped from the sensations of sprouting and the growth of each their new tails.


Betty moaned with her sense of sorrow feeling her mummeries move within her body, relocating in her groin becoming as a goat udder. She saw her clothing literally turning to dust, falling into the grass, as it all sifted away into nothingness. When then John being as well naked and Betty too see her husband as he was changing form, she smiled at him and he at her.


That dark of a form she-devil there, smiled too, as she and her powers worked to change two nice people into sexually excitable animals, as goats. John looked upon his wife as she became sleek again, sexy, and as he they were animals first and their human selves very little. John bleated softly as he felt his arousal begin and then saw how his penis set then inside a furry sheath. The thin as pencil size girth cock began to rise out the sheath; it grew long, sticking out stiff as stout some sixteen inches long.


“Baa…etty…!” Did John bleating speak his dear wife her name.


Betty heard her name said as bleated, but she was enthralled with her toes becoming as cloven hooves and her legs, they held her hunched as poised, with heels that became her hind hocks, she stood on goaty legs and rather liked the sensations.


John tried to walk toward betty but unbeknown as he held his cock erect, his legs became as were his wife had, with the exception he did not sport and udder, but two Kiwi fruit size testicles swinging in a fuzzy fur cover bag. A stepping forward and his bigger furry covered balls stroke at his hocks and sent shivers through his reddish colored goat-cock.


Betty swooned at the realm of new sensations pulsing inside her, as well the funny feeling as her labia lips to her vulva began to wink at John.


John was forgetting his past, his way of life, their religious convictions, he was becoming satisfied with being a male goat and enjoying renewed passions for mating with females.


When Betty spread her hind legged stance and winking her vulva at her sire, John accepted and he leaped, mounted Betty, as she the devil there reached a helpful hand and did guide that new goat cock to its delightful target. Urgent to his task, John shoved hard, his cock slid easily in and he hilted his sheath snug to her winking lips. Betty bleated her sense of the renewed thrill for sexual contact, not caring that the cost of this was her humanity.


Lysaila stood there as a she-devil satisfied with her handiwork. The pickup truck was coming closer, and the elderly couple were rejuvenated, transformed, and stood mating, delighted with the fact they were as goats.


“Well done Lysaila, as adding acclimation to a transformation is always a plus in your favor!” Lysaila said, she speaking aloud as to her satisfaction of a curse done well. As just then young Charlie drove up and stopped his truck there in front of the crushed house.


John mounted into Betty, they staggered toward the nearby forest, entering as he continued humping her, and she pressing back to deepen his thrusts inside her body. Wild they were for becoming as are true goats, sexy and willing to play.


The dark forest and the fading light from a glorious red sunset, it was summertime and the sun set about 10:30 pm to the western sky. As Charlie stepped out his pickup truck, he stood gawking at the crushed house. Indeed, it has sunk and was still sinking down further into the ground. His first thought was to see if there was anyone inside the house when it collapsed.


He walked up from the road to where the house was, he saw setting atop the crushed roof an ebony black grand piano. The piano seemed as if undamaged, as looked in excellent condition, though coated with plaster dust from the crunched house walls.

As Charlie stood eying the mess, he heard something running through the nearby woods. He stood still, as cautious for where he was, there being no place to hide, no nearby tree to climb, and his vehicle set some fifty yards away. What he saw then were two goats coming from out the line of trees, they seeing him began bleating frantically.


The bigger goat was obviously very much a male, as had foot-long horns, standing tall, equal in its height to a medium sized pony. The other and slightly smaller a goat was a doe. She had no horns as he being black, she was brown their colors of fur, the doe Charlie noted then her very pink colored, bloated full udder, as it caused her to walk with her hind legs staggered outward.


Both of the goats came very close to Charlie, the male and then its female reaching their muzzles and teeth to grab hold of his leather belt. The goats tried hard to pull, as urge Charlie to go with them as away from the crushed house.


When Charlie tried to remain still and not go with the urging goats, the goats stopped their tugging action, the male goat cocking his head as if thinking. Then the male goat raised his left front leg, showing Charlie a rather fancy looking wristwatch held snug to the leg, setting just above the cloven hoofs. Charlie removed from his pocket a small pen-light flashlight. He switching it on to see the wristwatch, saw as well embedded inside the cloven hoof twinkled there a ring, as if a manly type wedding ring.


Curious such of what all there seemed so strange of happenings, Charlie gawked as the doe goat then lifted her left fore leg and hooves letting Charlie see, she too had a ring embedded inside her cloven hoof. It was then the goats began to tug at Charlie again. The goats were insistent of getting as far from the house and urging him. This time Charlie went with them back to his parked pickup truck, its motor operating, headlights switched on still as it set beside the country road.


She-devil Lysaila watched from the shadows, she seeing the big buck of a goat begin to scrawl in the road dust his name and that of his strange as furry wife. As she watched the actions of young Charlie, she began to forge a plan for him as well for the two goats.


“Go get him Betty,” Lysaila said in a soft voice as planting a suggestion inside a sensual minded female animal-human mentality.


The doe goat then walked beside Charlie where she reared up on her hind legs, her fore legs she hung over his shoulders and as facing him, reached her muzzle forward, seemingly wanting to try to give him a kiss to his face.


Charlie stood there stunned by the goat trying to kiss him as then saw the buck goat using his right front hoof to scrawl, as write letters in the loose sandy dust there beside the road. As Charlie knelt down to see as read the letters scrawled, Betty, fawned then lying over his back, she nibble-kissing at his left ear. Nervous from all he had seen, Charlie let the soft furry doe continue her act of affection.


The big goat moved further along the roadside and began to scrawl more letters. Charlie sat there for what seemed as hours with those two goats. As the male wrote the doe became more so affectionate, she kissing, rubbing her chin across the top of Charlie, his head. She was a distraction to both Charlie and her buck as he continued to write words, my son reading what was written. The male wrote and worked feverishly to erase the words and prepare the roadside dirt for more writings, the doe did something unexpected.


She was fawned over the back of Charlie, toying with him, until she shivered, as slid off of him with her furry self. She walked slowly past the kneeling youth, to stop and present him a clear look at her furry rump. The buck then bleated loudly as the doe stepped back, she acting as if she beckoned of Charlie to do something he knew was not righteous for a man to do with a female animal.


When Charlie noticed she was actively winking her doe goat labia lips, as if asking, begging of him to mate, Charlie faltered. Doing what he knew as wrong, the youth unzipped his zipper and withdrew his penis. Lysaila seeing the coming act of bestiality she swooned did urge the doe goat to be more than persuading. As Charlie gained an erection, the doe stepped backward, as to impale the youth inside her snug sex.


As the big buck of a goat watched peacefully, his ex-wife then doe goat companion had a romp of sexual copulation with a young male human.


When Charlie fell over backwards, his penis was yanked out the doe goat with an audible pop! As he fell on his back he looked up to see there the she-devil looking, staring down at him with her yellow colored eyes.


Betty jumped ahead and whirled around to face both Charlie and by then the buck goat standing beside her young stud. It was the buck goat who then began a long expounding mouthed rebuking at the doe. She hung her head and seeing this, the buck walked to her as they began to lip kiss and cuddle their heads together.


As what the buck goat wrote and Charlie had read, he knew much, too much, he had become a danger to Lysaila. As the Lysaila spoke, “Betty liked that, the sensuality of sex with her had become a foreign feeling in their marriage, he having a condition of E.D. No worry now though, as when I caused his virility to stir awake as they were changing of forms and species. He gained a stout erection and began molesting his then naked and furry wife. They mated several times while changing and finished becoming as are goats; only moments before you climbed out of you truck. They saw you and remembered they were naked, as fled into the forest for fear of being seen.


The big buck acted reluctant to admit their new state, both being as feeling the sensuality of becoming animal, goats, he and the wife felt rather blessed!

Their house there in ruination down in that hole in the ground, is as total a pile of rubble.” 


Then as from the house all anyone near there heard was the sounds of the settling mass of broken lumber and junked furniture.


The two goats watched from the far side of the road, they seeing the she-devil talking, threatening young Charlie. As the youth climbed back inside his pickup truck, the she-devil approached as stood beside the driver side door, she reaching inside to touch.


Sometimes animals can sense or even see a spirit or devil doing some interaction with a living being such as Lysaila did with young Charlie. John knew from what he saw she cursed the youth, as before he put the truck in first gear to drive away, he noted the ears of Charlie looked longer, furry, and quite asinine.


When Lysaila had cautioned and cursed Charlie to her delight, she turned and did beckon the two goats to come, and she to give them orders to do or to die.


“Mister Winkler, Misses, you now belong to me! You dear female, you tried to threaten me using your Bible, but only a true, as believing religious a person can stop me from doing as I so please. Your action was to goad me, and oddly I thought it providential of you as to goad, you could do it better by having a winking ability to your old cunt.


Now your body as is that old cunt rejuvenated, made animalistic, you like it are feeling waves of sensuality the like as kinds you never knew when being human. More-so, the two of you being to the eyes of all seeing as watching, see you as the goat you are and as I made you. Nobody expects anything more or different of you than would might as seeing a buck goat want to mate, hump, and breed with a doe goat.


You there John, I want you to try as excel at living your day with sexual gusto, filled with bravado the like to make all other buck goats as envious.


Betty, your new deal is to act similar to John but being female the more you can beckon as incite male humans to fornicate with you, the longer your life and better your worth to me. Charlie was your first male human to mate with, and he did you proud this time as he will in due time, he shall make you pregnant.


John will begin doing similar as excite young female human as what it might be like having such a big virile and animal to mate with them. Try to remember how well you and Betty did it missionary style, the angle of your goat cock would work well when mating in that type of a position.


Go no dearest friends, do as what I ask and live a long as fun and sensuous a life!”



Young Charlie returned home, he scared as had a dire need to urinate, was met by his worried father, and without thinking, he did tell all and cursed both his father and Charlie to becoming as were-donkey sex fiends. That is another story as what became to their whole family and how foiling the devilish plans, the devil did a turn-about, and started their cursed lives living different a third time around. Beware of Devils!