Bad To Worse

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2015


A falling grand piano begins a situation that engulfs many people, changing lives and futures...


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READER NOTICE: This story was written for the TF fans and may not be worthwhile reading for the critical literary purest.

What began as the act of a hero had my son Charles was driving home from where he works when as what he told me later, he heard a horrendous sound! It was late in the evening and as he drove, he was being careful to look for deer along our rural country road. He seeing a rolling cloud of dust crossing the road in front of him turned his attention to seeing a small house as it set crushed down into a sinkhole.

Charles stopped along the roadside where in the fading light from a glorious red sunset he could see the crumpled house. Indeed, it has sunk and was still sinking down further into the ground. His first thought was to see if there was anyone inside the house when it collapsed. As he walked up from the road to where the house was, he saw setting atop the crushed roof an ebony black grand piano, it undamaged looked in excellent condition, though coated with plaster dust from the crunched house walls.

As Charlie stood eying the mess, he heard something running through the nearby woods. He stood still, as where he was there was no place to hide, no nearby tree to climb, and his vehicle set some fifty yards away. What he reported seeing were two goats coming from out the line of trees, they seeing him, began bleating frantically. The one goat with foot-long horns as obviously a male goat stood quite tall, its girth as size Charlie said was similar to a large pony. The other and slightly smaller a goat was a doe. She had no horns as both were black their fur, which of the doe Charlie noted her pink colored, bloated full udder, it causing her to walk with her hind legs staggered outward.


Both of the goats came very close to Charlie, the male and then its female reaching their muzzles and teeth to grab hold of the leather belt around the waistline on Charlie. Together they began to pull, as urge Charlie to go with them as away from the crushed house.


When Charlie tried to remain still and not go with the urging goats, the goats stopped their tugging action, the male goat cocking his head as if thinking. Then the male goat raised his left front leg, showing Charlie a rather fancy looking wristwatch held snuff to the leg, setting just above the cloven hoofs.


Dear Charlie, he always prepared for anything to happen, removed from his pocket a small pen-light flashlight. He switching it on to see the wristwatch, he saw as well embedded inside the cloven hoof twinkled there a ring, as if a manly type wedding ring.


Curious such of what all there what seemed so strange of happenings, Charlie gawked as the doe goat then lifted her left fore leg and hooves letting Charlie see, she too had a ring embedded inside her cloven hoof. It was then the goats began to tug at Charlie again. They insistent of getting as far from the house and urging him, Charlie went with them back to his parked pickup truck beside the country road.


Once the three arrived to where the truck stood, the male goat let loose of Charlie and walked in front of the truck. It motioned for Charlie to watch the big buck stand there in the glow from the truck headlights. As if it were trying to talk the big goat bleated a panicky cry toward Charlie, as if it wanted my son to come and follow or see something. The doe goat then walked beside Charlie where she reared up on her hind legs, her fore legs she hung over his shoulders and as facing him, reached her muzzle forward, seemingly wanting to try to give him a kiss to his face.


Charlie stood there stunned by the goat kissing him as then saw the buck goat using his right front hoof to scrawl, as write letters in the loose sandy dust there beside the road. My son eyed knelt to better see the writing, the doe goat fawned then lying over his back, she nibble-kissing at his left ear. Nervous from all he had seen, Charlie let the soft furry doe continue her act of affection. Meanwhile her buck mate stood shakily making markings, doing so as if in a rush, or from its sense of panic. When it finished with what it scrawled with its hoof in the road dust, the buck backed away as if to allow Charlie to see it all. What my stunned son saw as then could read, he read, “Mr. John Winkler, and Betty my misses.”


Charlie said he froze there as astonished by what the goat wrote.


The big goat moved further along the roadside and began to scrawl more letters. Charlie sat there for hours with those two goats. As the male wrote the doe became more so affectionate, she kissing, rubbing her chin across the top of his head. She was a distraction to both Charlie and her buck as he continued to write words, my son reading what was written. The male wrote and worked feverishly to erase the words and prepare the roadside dirt for more writings, the doe did something unexpected.


She was fawned over the back of Charlie, toying with him, until she shivered, as slide off of him with her furry self. She walked slowly past my kneeling son to stop and present him a clear look at her furry rump. The buck then bleated loudly as the doe stepped back, she acting as if she wanted Charlie to do something a man should never do to a female animal.


When Charlie noticed she was actively winking her doe goat labia lips, as if asking my son if he would care to mate, Charlie did the righteous thing and with his hand he gave the doe a hard slap to her furry flank. She jumped ahead and whirled around to face both Charlie and by then the buck goat standing beside my son. It was the buck goat who then began a long expounding mouthed rebuking at the doe. She hung her head and seeing this, the buck walked to her as they began to lip kiss and cuddle their heads together.


 As what the buck goat wrote and Charlie read, the human action happening there, as well the mutual affection, suggested all was a very real situation. My son read what the buck wrote during about two hours of time there beside the road. He had informed Charlie to keep away from the house, as inside it had there an evil woman. The she was a Devil-woman who was flying through the moonless sky in route was planning on delivering to a witch she owed a favor, the piano. As what Devil-woman told then after the piano had crashed down unto the house roof, part of her reasoning was due to a flying airplane scared her, coming close to her as she carried the piano. She lost her grip on the piano and let it drop, as fell to where it landed atop their house roof, and the force causing the house to begin crumbling.



Accordingly then, did Mr. Winkler he being the big buck of a goat, wrote how the Devil-woman ceased her excuses and smiled a sneering expression at his wife and him. The Devil saying she would need to conceal her ever being there, said she planned then to destroy the house and kill the two witnesses.


When then his wife grabbed hold to her family Bible and held it facing toward the she devil, the woman turned away and seemed as if then demeaned of her powers to kill. She instead reached her clawed hand and snapping her fingers, caused then them to begin changing of their bodies to becoming as goats.


While they changed, the she-devil woman stood and watched. She spoke then comments, suggestions that they could not deny or stop for doing. He gained a stout erection and began molesting his then naked and furry wife. They mated several times while changing, until finished and being as large goats, the she devil shooed them to run off into the nearby woods and be gone.


The big buck acted reluctant to state as both he and the wife being over fifty years of age people, their becoming as goats felt rather blessed!

The shuddering of the house then further into the hole in the ground made the big goat to turn, as seeing, watch his home become as totally a pile of rubble. The doe goat did the same as stood touchingly close to her husband. Charlie watched the touching scene, as saw the male goat become aroused sexually, his belly mounted sheath stirring, as from it protruded his penis. A dark red of color as stout it of size and length similar to the penis of a pony, but the end, its head was still as circumcised, like that of a man.


A loud and cackling a laugh from inside the crumpling house sent the two goats into a frenzied turning, they did dash away into the woods across the far side of the road. My Charlie did not call to the two goat-people to return. Then as from the house he heard the sounds as if a person were digging their way free from the mass of broken lumber and junked furniture.


Foolishly, my good son walked back toward the house, he calling to the person inside, asking if they were injured. Why he forgot all sense of caution after spending some hours reading the story written by a man transformed into being a goat, Charlie said he was unsure as to what could cause such to happen. He always was the curious type, as his wonderment of how and why got him into troubles at a much young age than of the present.


As Charlie stood near to the front steps of the crumpled house, he saw a dark shadowy figure climbing up out of the deepening hole. Calling to the person, he asking if he should call for emergency responders to come? She answered with a soft as very calm a womanly voice, informing she was fine and would prove it when she was free from having gotten entangled in the broken wood and junk.


Charlie began to back away as what he saw did levitate up and out, she free from the house, floated above the grassy lawn to then lower her form to standing on the solid ground. A shadowy dark form when up close, her back toward the truck headlights, her face illuminated by a security light lit there beside the still standing garage.


Charlie remembered looking back at the garage, and to the light set high on a telephone pole, as it glowed brightly, he seeing the wires feed power to the light lay cut, snapped off the crushed house.


“What, ah… who are you?”  Charlie said he did ask of the woman.


She stared down at my six foot six inch tall football player of a son, she being nearer to seven feet tall. A few frantic moments passed, as Charlie stood looking at the woman, her chiseled chin, a narrow as gaunt face, but with yellow eyes, what gazed back at him as if able to see inside a person, as to their very soul.


“Oh how sad, you met the Winkler couple,” she said, as said more, “I might have let you go your way, as only slightly touched by my powers. Now though you know too much to remain alive or the way you are, do you understand me? Just as well realize what I could do to you, if the fun fornicating doe is of interest, I could make another back goat of you to run and fuck!”


Charlie hearing what the she-devil woman said instilled in him true fear. From what she said, Charlie wondered why he doubted what the buck wrote as told.


The crunching of the house further into the hole and the piano there slipping off the roof, fell to its side in the lawn.


“Blast it, it is likely broken now,” said the she-devil, “Old Hazel will as need wait a while longer in hope of her getting a piano.”


“Excuse me, but if like the buck of the goat-people told me about you and how they became as goats, if you can do such miracles, why not fix the piano and fly away?” Charlie said as asked in his mind a reasonable suggestion.


Suddenly to Charlie the she-devil of a woman ceased to be as a danger. As then the evil looking yellow eyes stared down at him, as he could sense her mind working, considering what fun thing to do with him. “Oh, and as to me, I suspect you are thinking of some planned demise, so I ask as if I told the police or my parents of this mess, would they believe me!” Charlie said as stated boldly then, said, “I think not, so your secret is safe without killing or dooming me as what you did to that nice old couple.”


She then began chuckling aloud, as then motioned with her black hand and what remained as the piano then up righted itself. Charles said he took a few backward steps away from the devil-woman, he stunned to see the piano become as undamaged and good as new.


She knew what Charlie was thinking, and turned to face him, did spread open her black cloak giving him a look at her very womanly as a naked body, she said, “Is this of what I am not better than your wettest dream come to life!”


My son had his private fun fantasies, some of what he thought I did not know about it r any. Yet I had found him asleep while seated at and looking at his computer, a simple touch of the mouse did much to inform me of what he dreamed was as if real. That she-devil of a womanly form was part of his male fantasies, as was that doe goat flaunting her sex. My son read transformation based stories, a quark of his, but a fantasy, as such until that night was not real.


As when Charlie came home that early in the morning hour, he acted very nervous, was sweating heavily, looked swollen about his face, his beer gut gone, replaced by a solid abdomen of stout muscle. That was when he broke down and began telling me his story about what happened. He told of the Winkler couple having become as goats, of their jewelry embedded inside cloven hoofs. He wanted to tell about her, she being his sexiest of dream come to life.


Charlie said her name as being Lysaila, and she boasted of being the personal whore to a high achy demon. As he tried to flee and get into his truck, Lysaila swooshed across the grassy lawn to stand beside his truck, at the driver side door with the window rolled down.


“Where do you think you are going my young stud?” Lysaila asked with a demeaning tone of Charlie, as he sat stunned, afraid, and ready he said to piss in his pants.


She turned her gaze down and knew he was near to peeing in his pants. As just then she smiled, did reach inside the truck cab her black hand, and did stroke it across the erection struggling to stifle the urine from leaking.


“How old are you…, twenty-two, and a mature male and so scared you might pee in your pants. What if and say you were to strike a deal with me, to give me your promise never to tell anyone of what happened here. Say then I let you leave, you drive on to home or stop further up the road there to pissing water a tree?” The devil-woman said, she smiling, and stroking the lump Charlie said was tenting his pants.


“If we could agree, and I promise never to tell about this or you, would you consider then making Mister and Misses Winkler to be their human selves?” Charlie said he asked boldly, as thought how terrible for an old couple to become and need live the remaining years being as goats.


The Devil-woman laughed, as said then to Charlie, “You are bold to dare ask for them and think you have me by the short hairs. Quite possible your fun fantasies are surfacing, the misses, she was acting more like her doe goat new self. She did show you her furry butt how it thrilled her and you, if you would ask nicely, more than maybe I would make a buck goat of you too?


My thoughts are along the lines of offering a deal, as my plans for you leaving here, as returning to your daily struggles. I might be near for a while as fun for me to check on as watch, and wait to see you falter. You are nothing special as a human, as in time you might feel a need to tell, inform someone else as to what you saw, heard, and liked here this early morning. I dare you to tell or defame a promise as not to ever tell.


Why you would ask, because if you do tell it shall bring upon them and you my curse to all who shall learn of my existence.” She saying as she continued to massage the tented erection on Charlie. His fears and her touching made his need accentuate his discomfort to the point he agreed, as promised, doing it before he peed in his pants.


“What you have a need of is greater libido to control your bladder and tantalize your female friends I shall give you that now…!” The devil-woman Lysaila having said to Charles, as she with her talon-like claws did pinch his penis and made him jump up a foot high from off his truck seat.


As she retracted her hand and arm from inside his truck, she said, “Do not worry about the goaty couple, I have plans now for them. He soon shall discover a youthful delight from all doe goats, and she will gain daily relief from her swollen udder. What they know or can do together, as he how to write shall dwindle with time. Just a few months being goats and neither shall remember they were ever married or born to be anything other than what I made of them, so there ha!


You are set and may move on home as I have a piano to deliver before the sun comes up, so enjoy your libido, I shall be near with an ear listening.”


Charlie said that as he drove away from that place, he kept on looking in his rearview mirror until from the darkness he could not see her or that crumpled house. He told me how when he felt sad or disappointed by life he likes to recite memorized passages he read from his Bible. As he drove he wanted to say the Psalm 23 verses, but what came out of him was from the biblical book of Numbers, as from chapter 22.


Charlie then stiffened his frame, and as if in a trance state he spoke, as said, “And when the donkey saw the Angel, she lay down under Balaam. As then Balaam became aroused, and stuck his shaft into the donkey” No, no, that is all wrong! And then the donkey turned as opened her mouth, said, "What have I done to you that you have stuck in me what little you have now these three times? Because you have abused me I wish there were a sword in my hand, for now I would kill you! Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden, and allowed you to fornicate, as ever since I became yours’? No, no it was said wrong, that was not the way the passage told its story, what, why, why did he speak such depravity?”


Charlie said what he said while driving, as recanting the same of what he said when at home with his dad, me!


Troubled by how he remembered that passage he said completely wrong and disgraced the holy words. At that moment, after we had talked, Charlie leaned forward, he groaning as if feeling an intense pain.


“Oh dad, it burns and hurts bad!” Charlie said, as he with a grimaced a painful expression. He shuddered and stood up from where he was sitting, did struggle with his belt buckle, unsnapping his khaki pants, pushed them and his jockey underpants down to his ankles. As without his underwear my son stood there as naked from the waist and down, he looking very different from what I knew about him.


Charlie had then tucked in his groin were two baseball size, as black colored testicles, and from it extended a black sheath, the size equal to what might be common for a medium size horse.


“Look at me, she, that devil-woman Lysaila did this to me. I was scared and she knew I needed to pee, so she said she would grant me greater libido and did this…!” Charlie said as he with his hands began to message the skin of his black sheath. He began arousing from it the lengthy as massive a male tool looking inhuman and bestial. It expanded as grew out from the sheath, filling out to hang bloated, the skin Charlie said was exceptionally soft, and highly sensitive to any touch or what it might touch.


As his penis or then a equine cock grew stouter, stiffening, it raised as arched up and forward, the end no-longer showing his circumcision, was blunt, the edges flared making a trumpet bell. My son stood there mesmerized by the shape of his penis, as what when he touched it with his hands he moaned as if ready to ejaculate right there in our living room.


“Dad, believe me when I say that this is all too real, and the sensed lusts I feel must be equal that of a stallion in rut! Oh, oh my there is something more happening…, I feel so strange, it is vile, I feel as if grubby, my skin, look at me, I am sweating like mad!


Ugg, my gut it aches, the glut of my fat belly is smooth, muscular now…! Oh my back, my spine it burns my skin it itches…” Charlie said, and seeing as hearing him speak of his discomforts, I was then beginning to feel what I thought were sympathy pains. Wishing to offer what comfort I could, I stood up and giving him a hug, felt growing from his head were sprigs of coarse hairs.


Just then I saw there within the fireplace, were two yellow eyes, they were her eyes, she watching, as she said. Lysaila said she would be near and listening if Charlie broke his promise of silence.


“I am sorry dad, as you asked and the way I felt as feeling worse, I told you all of what she said, she would make me feel her disgust, and I am…, feeling it growing in me.


Oh what was…, I think she was here as if she just touched me, I felt her hand slide over around-down my erection. She stroked my buttocks, and along my leg to touch then the calf of my leg! She is here, oh dad what can we do?” Charlie said, and I feeling rather sickly too, saw not his devil-woman but what really touched at the legs on Charlie.


Charlie was panicking and for good reasons, but it were early morning and the wife as two daughters lay sleeping. As I hugged Charlie, I sad to him, “Remember it is nighttime and I do not want your mother coming here, finding you looking… different. So do not yell, but that touching feeling was not Lysaila, but it is your tail, as from the fur and tassel, it is a donkey tail!”


I felt Charlie stiffen with horror and a righteous fear for his changed future. I mention then the Bible passage Charlie told about and his mess he made of remembering it out of proper context. I reminded him of when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, he did so on the colt of a donkey. As likely the she-devil delighted to use donkeys as her trait to demean and disgrace a person whenever possible. When Lysaila referred to Charlie as a stud, what she meant for him was her wish he someday become then a donkey stud.


Charlie inhaled a deep breath and exhaled it as a soft sigh. He tried to remain strong of will and controlled, reaching back a hand to feel as stroke the length of his donkey tail, while with the other hand he began stroking the length of his erect donkey size cock.


I let him touch both and learn to become accustom to it, as if from what seemed so real he had met and was cursed by a devil. My elder son was with certainty changing into a donkey.


The pair of yellow glaring eyes inside the fireplace did fade away, as I said, “Your stomach looks bloated as does that new sheath seems to be moving more forward with the growth. Your black skin or donkeys hide there in and around your groin looks to be spreading as well. I can see the darker skin is half covering up as under your shirt as I speak.


Turn around…, if I lift your shirt, yup it is covering your back, and the black fur is trailing down your buttocks, thighs, and spreading.”


My keeping Charlie focused on his troubles kept him from discovering and becoming worried about me with my portion then of his curse.


As Charlie stood there he began farting. The rank stench increased as he kept lifting his tail from what I expected him to poop on the rug, so I asked of him to go to the bathroom and do his duties there.


When Charlie left the room I dropped my pants and there, as to what I expected was the same discoloring of my genitals, the swelling of old testicles, and the distending to my penis. In every way my groin was changing to match that on my son, as he would so become more likened a donkey, as due to the devil-woman, his promise to her never to tell what he saw, he had entered me into his accursed troubles.


Just then I heard the bathroom toilet flush. A moment later the toilet flushed after what must have been a second load, then a third, fourth and fifth flushing, as caused me to become concerned. I walked out of my slacks and went toward the bathroom. I saw the door was slightly ajar, the room light turned on and Charlie standing in front toilet, he holding onto the tank lid with his furry hands. He had his legs stretched way back from the toilet as the stance allowed him the ability to let his lock cock hang and pee into the toilet bowel.


When Charlie finished his torrent of urine and stood more upright, he strode walking stepped to the bathroom counter and sink, as stood eying his reflection in the wall mounted mirror.


“Charlie my son,” I said as entering the bathroom. As then without moving my son gazed into the mirror to cast a look of sad-sorrowful look at himself and then at me. By then Charlie stood completely naked, as after his difficulty on the toilet he had struggled with his innards, asserting more changing of his body and legs. His exertion while poised equine male style for urinating but into a toilet, helped to surge his skin to change, fur to sprout. His head was and had by then changed greatly, his ears lengthened tall, pointed, and furred. His face had changed as did his skull, as what was my son talking to his father just minutes before, could then snuffle, snort, and struggle to bray at me in a soft as worried tone.


The wondered as worried gaze at me became a wide eyed stare when seeing his half naked father standing there with sprouting black fur, bigger balls and a sheath with what we both knew was held inside. I was otherwise than what he expected, but unlike Charlie. What I felt about changing of form, as becoming a donkey, did not seem as such a horrible bother.


Moments later and notably to Charlie as well me was when we watched his donkey length of penis retract back up into a much enlarged sheath. As I eyed his form in the mirror, I could see the rear of him too! As distinct the details of how he was changing and due to the bright lights of the bathroom allowed each a good look at the other.


“Haw…,” Charlie made a purely donkey like sound, as if in his want to greet me by saying “Dad” his changed lips, mouth, and tongue not capable of forming words.


Of essence my son was well along at becoming a donkey. Being more donkey than human, my son was changed at his head, neck, narrowed shoulders, chest, abdomen, genitals, and pelvis, he having rounded strong muscular buttocks. Quite equine in other ways his anus looked puckered and was protruding from under a grown donkey tail. A look at his thighs becoming as equine flanks, while by the legs having hunched, and heels raised, they became as his hind hocks, both lengthened feet with toes fused became as donkey size black hoofs on each foot. Oddly the arms and his hands had not conformed to becoming wholly donkey. Though the darker skin and fur had covered his arms, his hands were slightly fuzzy, fingers still pinkish and unaffected. 


Just then the bathroom lights blinked twice and Charlie turned to look up as back, as did I look away from the mirror as well. When nothing more happened and we kept electrical power, as we turned to look into the mirror again, there in the mirror was the dark form of that devil-woman my son told his father.


“So soon you had to rush home to pee and tell of what you witnessed, as trashed your promise, well now you can see what I said would happen! I suspect as see of your standing there were eying your changing self, the fear and nervousness are all but gone, feeling now a sense of donkey contentment, carefree about becoming a beast of burden.


What a shame but you would have made an excellent goat, if not for the concern of my Master, he having his own copy of the Book of Life, knew your family history. That heritage of an overly religious trait in your family, with you the first born to your father, he the seventh son to his ministering father. As was his father and two brothers being Christian ministers placed such as you upon a pedestal. Your family heritage has affected a change upon my cursing you both as son shall become intelligent studs.


Your telling of the afore night events and of the Winkler couple becoming as goats to your father, as by my curse the two of you should have changed. I foresaw of a son and his father becoming two new strong donkey jacks to hate and feel jealous of each the other. Instead, you are to gain a choice in the matter of your bestial lot in life, as Abbey Lubber, Azazel, Buggane, all devils who despise religion and churches have decided against my cursing you and too, your father.


Surprised Charlie did I tell you if recanting to anyone of what you saw the same would befall them, as it is, and your father knows he too is changing.


Again though, as my Master and his fellow Demons specified due to your ministerial family heritage set aside my curse to grant you both your choice and chance to dissuade the worst deemed outcome of becoming donkeys. The choice is yours, to continue your course and become then donkeys as to my liking, retaining what you are as will be by the father needs to anally mate with his son before morning.


His semen up the ass end of his son will change my curse only slightly. As then of father and son you become hateful, jealous, Jack stud donkey types. When changed fully, the both of you with your human intellects intact, thinking rational thoughts and struggling at planning your futures…, being as animals mostly and human to some degree.


Or, then as what the masterful demons would desire is for you becoming as were-donkey men, always in part being donkey your cock, sheath, and big…balls. As on moonless or cloudy, rainy nights you feel the urge to fornicate, you changing with in a painful manner, become as is presently Charlie and seek, find, and molest other equines and with attained lustiness, then chase after human females. Your semen in either case being quite infectious, as mattering upon the willingness of any female to let you mate more than once, they shall become impregnated, bearing later an intelligent colt donkey, or of a woman then birthing very cute male baby satyr.


The choice is yours to make, do as I would wish and become… spiteful but intelligent donkeys. Your heritage grants you then an option to weaken my curse and remain almost human some of the time. You both shall remain as cursed, being similar to my thinking, though gifted as to become almost complete animals on moonless or clouded nights. The fun fantasy of your son has damned you both, as accept the gifting and now, it being dark and the sky cloudy, you will become then as donkey were-creatures seeking to fornicate.


Part of the demonic splendor of the lesser curse begins with a proviso, you cannot try to fight you changing, as soon you both will be were-donkey, and my masters require some proof of willingness on your part. Charlie as well his father when then being as were-donkeys, and wanton for molesting of and fornicating, must breed with the closest females available, such being a mother and wife or two teenage daughters!”


Instantly Charles decided and became stoutly aroused, his donkey cock standing stiffened, extending twenty-two inches long, flared and ready to go and molest.


“No, no, think my son, our mother your sisters we both love and cherish!” I said hurriedly, as Charles pressed at me in a forceful manner, his erection compressed against my chest, his musk driving me to near distracting to want of bestial desires.    


Lysaila peered from inside the bathroom mirror, she smiling as being inquisitive, blinking her seeking yellow eyes. She was reading the mind and thoughts of Charles, knowing of his foreboding fear of her, and of becoming permanently a donkey animal.


As Charlie and I stood in closeness, she stepped out from the mirror as into the bathroom, she with her fingers began fondling the erection on my son Charlie.

Outside our home were the sounds of distant sirens heading in our direction. The eerie tones spurred Lysaila to coax Charlie to push past me, and hurriedly do as his bestial desires suggested would save him from his fool bestial doom.


Sternly standing as blocking Charlie from exiting the bathroom and stride down the hallway to my bedroom and his mother, I saw Lysaila smiling.


“No, no, not her, she is a pure woman; I will not let you defame her with this curse of sin!” I said, as Charlie pushed me out of his way, asserting such strength his cock spit out pre what splattered me in the face. Immediately I became erect, my penis half changed to being a donkey size cock. It stood swaying there in the air before me, as seeing my son there in the bathroom doorway, he with his back toward me, I decided for us what was best.


My penis changing ever so quickly, as the uncircumcised then blunt end pressed against the puckered anus of Charlie, it made him jump. He sprang upward, as I with my hands aiming that cock as at his anus, when he let his torso down my cock entered with a puckered popping sound.


I reaching did grab Charlie about his middle and pulled him back as pushing in him much of the new length to my changed penis.


The police and fire trucks sped past our house as onward to some other emergency. To which Lysaila gave a sigh of her relief, as why I for one was unsure.

My changing cock up the anus of Charlie caused him to want to double over forward what allowed me to sink in even farther. I was sheath hilted inside Charlie, the sensations raw as bestial, I felt my bigger balls stir, and from the cock spewed forth a hard spurting stream to bind as decide the future of both son and his father.


Lysaila moved past me and Charlie, she cupping his muzzle in her hands, did lift up his head to have him gaze into her eyes, as she said, “Is not this what you wanted for so long, what your father did was to decide for you!”


Charlie swung his head and by then an elongated neck to cock his gazing eye back at me, giving me a soft as loving bray.


“I am sorry son, but this curse has gone far too far, and your dear mother or sisters need not suffer any harm from this devil. If we then be as donkeys it is our true providence, as by what is holy or the unholy, you made a deal with a devil and doomed us both.” I said, as felt my cock move and I ejaculated in Charlie a second time more.


Feeling disgust from what I had to do to save my wife, the mother of my children, required to decide for Charlie and me the least worse of two evil ways to live. As from the sexual contact with my son, I had delighted those religion hating Demons.


It begin in earnest upon me as had with Charlie, our bodies, legs, feet, arms toes and hands became equine, donkey, our desires bestial. My skin changed to a thick as black hide, and fur sprouted, quickly flourishing everywhere upon me. As ears grew long, twitching nervously. Lysaila there laughing hysterically, what next should I hear was my wife stirring in bed and our two daughters awakening due to the noise.


“Charlie we must leave here now, the girls are awake, and this damned she-devil is laughing, what will our family think of us if they see us looking as we are?” I said, as taunting my son to think of his family and not with his bigger balls. He turned and looking at Lysaila, he reached and grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom and shoved it inside her big mouth. That shut her up, or changed her tune to something of being insulted as angered.


Charlie trotted down the hall, through the living room, to the kitchen and out then to the sundeck and porch. I followed him as feeling nervous, fearing I might be seen, the demons seemingly met me at the back door and as I exited the house, I left all of what was human there, becoming when outside the house a mature male donkey.


So suddenly I stood on all fours, my changed self feeling hundreds of new as strange and arousing sensations, my donkey cock hung from the sheath, bloated, stiff, and leaking pre.


I tried to say to Charlie what I felt but what came out of me was a terse as loud urgent sounding bray.


Charlie had passed to where the demons wished of him to go as be, he having lost his arms and hands to being then as fore legs and hoofs. Charlie like his father was a virile male donkey. Charlie was as black as the sinful she-devil who cursed him, as was I by then for some unknown reason as was my red head of hair. I stood there a copper-red Chestnut coloring, something very rare for a donkey.

We were outside the house and soon stood on the green grassy back lawn. Lysaila as if she had a plan, stood as glared a gaze upon a courageous old man turned donkey and stud.

One nervous Charles stood stiffly before this she-devil woman, he stiff that is in more ways that just his stance. Lysaila was not one for wasting time. She quickly buttoned her cloak and with a swirling wave of a hand we her two donkeys were wearing head halters and had reins for her to hold as lead us to where she wished us to go.


Leaning in toward my face, Lysaila placed a wet lip kiss to my thick lips. “I thank you for being brash and making the choice for Charlie to be my donkey. I can appreciate a male who shows determination and foresight.” She said, she that devil-woman named Lysaila.


Petting my face her talon clawed fingers traced a line around my eyes, circling inside my nostrils, scaring me while arousing me, my cock becoming stoutly erect. She stroked her claws across my withers, along my spine to run a swirl around my puckered anus. Her touch and moments had me near to masturbating. She traced a line down both my buttocks, as legs, hocks and then stopped. I stood there with my body stretched full length, cock hung erect and pounding at my furry belly, as suddenly she was there, below me, her hands holding my cock as her lips kiss my piss hole, tongue frenching with it, she mouthed the end and began to suck on me something wonderful.  

Whatever she was thinking, she had me enjoying my having become for her as equine and a donkey stud. My mouth frothed with spit, as teeth ground hard my jaw masking the molders tight, desire and passions running wild when she said, “If I give you your freedom would you follow me and forget all about your wife and daughters? Would you be for me my pet and lusty mate, to have and hold, suck, lick, and breed whenever I feel my need?”


I was as is a man drunk on wine as an equine intoxicated by my heightened sensuality and sexuality done she-devil style. My mind worked even if my voice and mouth could issue forth the beastly cry of a beast. The only good reason for an otherwise religion man, husband and father to agree to her offer was the fact I had become mostly an animal of form and desires.


Somewhere during her beckoning I did agree and Lysaila smiled with an evil chilly grin of lust and want for fornication. I stood as she handed my son Charlie to another like her, and walked him away and into some oblivious existence maybe being a stud donkey. As Lysaila had what she liked best, a male with experience and well able to learn the moves she found as delightful!


Ever since that moment, what she thinks and infuses into the mind of her male playmate, my mentality, her suggestions are more that an idea, they are as an order I must follow.

A kiss more and Lysaila with her hairy hands press on broad strong shoulders, pushing me to fall down on the fore-knees. Kneeling before Lysaila is a dangerous position, she being more seductive than can a human female, the Demoness might wish to ride my back or hang on me her belly-riding sling. beckons a young man to seek what till then he but dreamed.

Raw sensual seduction follows as animal is forced by Demoness to do things he being unabated by her powers, would likely refrain from such acts. One such is her daily demand I need wallow my muzzle into her slimed vaginal fur. The firs time or maybe the second were an arousing thrill, but daily, it lacks being a fun habit. I lost my human self due to my son and him sharing his curse to me. It is so now that my fear of her is from her finding a replacement for me, delivering me to another of her kind and forced to act wholly bestial of lust I become a brute animal.

When in her presence I feel such a sense of lust, it is so blinding to me, Lysaila is an expert of her kind in dealing with human males, and helping them to learn and love sin.
Slowly at first, as after weeks of continual acts of sensuality for her or by order to someone she wishes to own, I do whatever it take to demean and disgrace a person.


My fur and skin is changing. I note my bulk and girth of body is getting leaner, smaller, the farmer devil Lysaila gives me to work or graze while being all animal, is keeping me separated, in a stall, in his barn, me alone and horny as Hell!


Lysaila comes and orders the farm-devil to keep me in the stall until she knows I am ready as capable for my new position. This worried me and my rounds of daily masturbating doubled to sixteen driving climaxes, enough to drive man or beast insane.


In my thoughts there is a realization I have become the essence of biblical idolatry, I worship my cock!


Every day and sometimes more than with one partner, I allow them to pleasure me as I give essence to their bestial desires. I must accept whoever comes as feels their need to work of some aggravation, leaving later bloated and what was tender goes away raw or bleeding.


It is all about lust, that wanting to feel my cock compressed in a hot as slick snug fitted sexual conduit, as grabbed, messaged, taunted and purged of every spitting spurt my big balls could produce. Though too, Lysaila and her curse left me testicles sexually energetic for continual regeneration of semen enough for the horniest devil to feel the mutually gut-wrenching force climaxes, to where they cry out for me to stop and withdraw.


What felt renewing at the first has from the passing of time become a dreary existence to finding enjoyment when I see my mated walk past with their belly bloated!


You ask then how I escaped from those devils and that farm-stall made for sexual pleasuring, well I had help, and all that is another story.


Every morning was like the previous awakening, to stir and stretch while lying on straw bedding soaked in spots by expended urine, or to one corner my sense of personal hygiene had me dropping my poop in one place. I from the first when becoming as this donkey form disliked so to lie down in a dark stall and rest my weary head, only to feel it settle into a still damp pile of my manure, or worse so other creatures droppings.


Upon this one particular morning when the sun was not past the distant horizon, I breathing, my nose scented a delightful scent as there in my stall. Awakening and alert with wonder, I raised my head to look around. My night of sleep was shorter than most as the stable groomsman had brought to me three mares and one donkey female for me to rut-impregnate the day before, the donkey arriving late in the day and she stayed late. I tend to when given a female to breed as my primary duties here, give them four fun flings of mating each.


The donkey, whoever she was originally had a great passion for sexual copulating, as after doing her to climax four times, she returned the favoring by licking my cock clean of spent fluids. The groomsman came to check on us after sundown, finding we were still enthralled, as I stood mounted and rut-thrusting at her harshly as she had wanted, we were at our seventh time of frolicking since she had first arrived.


So I felt weary from the duties I had come to learn as do, beginning by keeping Lysaila feeling happy almost once upon any a day she would come to get a fun rut. It became a common lifestyle of sexual drudgery, leaving me tired to where I would sleep soundly all night and every night. That morning was different by the scent of a guest having come to visit so very early in the morning. My usual fare was to rise and the groomsman to come doing his rounds by filling the hay net with a quarter bale worth of greenish hay, filling my grain box with a scope of multi-wholegrain, sometimes adding to it a portion of dark lager beer as a laxative to keep the bowels working.


There, as to my surprise saw seated in a crouched manner was at first my sniffing of her arrived at the thought she was a stray goat having somehow wandered herself into my stall. As with a few steps closer and she rising to me as greet me I was amazed to see the torso and head of a pretty female human form.


She spoke softly to me, acting as friendly and by her scent was not afraid of me, and my beastly self. A soft and not quivering hand reached out and stroked as petted my face, my muzzle, and under my prickly chin.


“Greeting to you and a good morning, the name given me is Francine, as if you are able to speak you can refer to my as Fran if you prefer.”


As I was from that fateful morning when…, this life began for me, Lysaila disavowed me the ability to speak, and from the continuing times of fornicating with so many devils, beasties, horses, and human kinds, my mind changed and want to speak became a forgotten talent. I snuffled softly as pressed my soft muzzle between her breasts, as one with a stiffened nipple grazed across my muzzle lip, making me think to nip at it and wish to suckle.


Why she was there to me seemed a no-brainer, until by my roving muzzle I lowered to sniff as gain from her if she were aroused, I touched then thick fur. My feeling of fur on a sleek as sensual human female a form caused me to step away affrighted from something unexpected.


My manner of sudden apprehension of Francine caused her to cry. She tearing of the eyes did moan and fall to her knees in the straw of my stall.


“I am saddened my form displeases you great one, as Lysaila has for a long time denied me my wish to come and visit you,” she said, as mumbling something even my tall and furry ears could not discern.


I felt appeased from my wonderment and concern of whom or what was there in my stall, as some strange aberrations had come and desired of me as with my cock to rut them insane from our time of copulating. So I stepped close to her again and with my soft muzzle began to lip nibble at the back of her neck. She responded to my act of affection, as even to one who remembered once long-hence was different than what I was, the touching and caressing of a young female was an act of kindness in a realm of brutal lifestyles. 


I continued to nuzzle at her, while she moaned softly, accepting my favoring and from her sounds telling me she liked what I was doing. I did not mind her being there before breakfast, my ability to act loving and show affection was not dead in me. I was not aggressive at all, I think she expected me to become aroused and show her that very bestial donkey cock. The libido control granted me by Lysaila from the first made me appreciate how much control as hesitant ability of not gaining an erection, but stand poised with a sense of dignity, even for being but crude a looking sex beast.  


She stood up and faced me, her soft smooth breasts pointing near to each on my broadened nostrils, increased me scenting of her as did my exhaled breaths tend to arouse her nipples to extend hard and make me think of them as if teats.


We cuddled, her with those breasts pressed snuggly to my nostrils, her arms and hands extended to hug me about my long neck, as she began to woo me with loving sensual humming.


She had a talent at making her partner feel relaxed, slipping into a trusting delighted feeling, becoming willing to do as give her whatever manner of pleasuring she might desire. I was not a novice to her ways as some who come to be with me do it out of a want or desire to learn what it feels like to have a cock my size sunk in and thrusting. Oddly enough and from what I remember from the human realm, those seeking such sensations would purchase a fake cock and rut their bodies with it. The magical folk, devils and witches alike tend to enjoy live action when enjoying sexual pleasures. Live sex beasts like me, who were at one time a human, I was forced to decide for becoming as I am, did so for to save the…wife…and daughters from a fate similar as mine!


Strange, I should remember that episode at the present time, especially when this cute goat-girl is trying to relax me before arousing me. My mind relaxed returns memories of varied other pleasure seekers, as with Francine then she is a rarity of those who begin a romp of sexual pleasuring by being kind.


I felt from her a sensation of nervousness, her heart was pounding, my ears heard that, her breathing was rapid as short inhaled breaths, and her hands though warm were damp from sweating. All that might be just a seeming conscience due to her thought about pleasure seeking from a crude donkey as something terrible or wrong. I gained an erection just the same, did feel of a need to urinate, and doing my duty, did jump when she grabbed hold of my extended cock.


The light there in my stall was exceptionally dim, but as the sun rose the indirect illumination allowed her to see me, and me to pang for her. I stood stunned at seeing ever my first view of what her type, a merging of human and goat in a female form.


Yes, I realized she a female satyr was a Satyress, that the word she said was her title. She was as human from the navel and up, with the exception of her pointed ears and curving goaty horns. Her reason for being there was to help her prepare for that station chosen for her by Lysaila, as she had a reason why Fran should meet as seek pleasure from me?


My newest companion began an affectionate petting of me, by her holding, stroking, my erection, of tonguing about the blunt end, she soon then mouth-engulfed a few inches of the flared end and began suckling on my very male erection.


My sudden climax and the harsh manner of spewing my semen came into her mouth as a blast of oil out a gushing drilled oil-well. I felt stunned she swallowed my entire load, cum, semen pearls and all without so much as a squirt of seepage from out her full mouth.


Four hard gulping swallowing actions and when she again could breath, she remove my cock from her mouth and looking rather peaked, said, “Oh Carrie, how did you get to being here and feel a want to do as this?”


My big ears heard her refer to someone with the name of Carrie, as she had said her name was Francine. I wondered why she would wish to lie too me, was there a dark truth she my fun Satyress knew? The name Carrie struck a cord in my bestially addled brain.


I felt a sense of wonder about her as why such a beauty creature as she would come and bother trifling with the likes of me. It was not her manners that she used as her handling of my more sensual parts, she being kinder than most. She being much nicer than Lysaila had been in…, in, so… long, how long, how long was it since that early morning when Charlie came home, he upset, all sweaty, and looking as very worried.


My son Charlie, he and I were human then and both became as like me, we being changed by Lysaila, made into her sex donkeys. How long a time since I had even a glimmered thought, to wonder about what happened, and where Charlie finally ended up being a donkey and stud. Although I could act as almost human with my manner of passion, I was a sex beast thinking attune to the desire of Lysaila! As such an animal of form, I was not able to talk, my mind alive and rational, living for the now-present and reminded of memories faded into gray ashes of what was my previous reality.


As of the present I was enjoying this pretty creature, as what she knew, pondering between my waves of sensation from a building climax, thought to ask her as of this day what was the date, the year, or where was here?


Drink, drink, the cute goaty Satyress beckons me to drink, to lick her crotch, me to suck at her tits. I did as requested until able to get a drink of clear water from my stall bucket, clearing away the flavors, urging me again to want to pee before I would ejaculate. As much I loved her manner of grooming, play and her ways to fornicate with me, there was that inkling of something distinct about her, a reminding thought, a scent or memory I cannot bring clearly to mind as remember.


Relaxed enough to let her urge me to lie down and roll onto my back, legs pointing skyward, she sat straddled over my belly. I had become erect and she had some eight inches of my cock pushed up as inside her snug snatch. She worked me in and out of her snug tunnel of passion by rising up and sitting back down, the sensations she did for us were wondrous.


As we frolicked, she doing most of the effort, she would mumble, talking as if arguing about something she decided. As did I listen and hearing her say something what stirred in me a renewed memory.


Just then I gained back a clear memory of my three offspring, as of Charlie, he the oldest, and of Carrie born two years before her sister Cherie. Yes, those were the names of our…as my three children, as son Charlie was the oldest, he twenty-two. It was of Carrie that I held great hopes, she a first year medical student…


Ah Carrie, a fiery red head similar to her father…! Duh, as was this Satyress having copper red fur similar a hue to my donkey fur the same color. I began to listen more closely to her when she would speak, trying to remember as compare my lusty lover to the tones of my long hence lost daughter.


Francine sat impaled, I wondered, she had to feel full, a load shot down her throat and then a second full blown climax then spewed inside her womb. She had to feel as plastered full of my semen, did then she stepped off and away from me, my softened cock sliding out of her like some black long turd.


That extra special sound as sensation when my cock slips-slithering out of an orifice, it still fairly erect makes that satisfying popping sound exiting the tight confines of a playmate. She stood there with he back towards me, as messaging her furry legs, maybe my sex play had given her a cramp?


When she turned and faced me, her face looked as sad from what I spewed inside her. Indeed, she being new to donkey sex, her womb was full, my semen by then was leaking out from her vagina, past red rubbed as sore labia lips, roughened by my grizzly terse cock, the exertion my big cock makes painful.


“Damn it, dad…, oops!” She said, she who according to her own words referred to herself by the name of Francine and then said about someone named Carrie, she feeling  pain, did then refer as of me to being her dad, was I her father? 


In an instant I had retracted my erection and rolled over to be standing on all fours. My cock felt still the warm as snug sensation from the hot love-tunnel walls touching my most sensitive skin. Acting different than might be a normal reaction from such sexual stimulation, my cock had withered quickly and retracted back inside its sheath. Dear Fran or maybe then Carrie was about in tears when I took to my more human manners of reacting to passionate a lover and began lip-nuzzles to her face, trying to make donkey lips form a human kiss.


She noticed my manners changed as if the real me had a fuller control of his body. She began by presenting herself to me in a formal manner, stating she was once my daughter, tortured, molested by a devil satyr named Aether. She was from his infecting semen and the wish of Lysaila that she, my darling Carrie should become as then a Satyress working for a she-devil.


I was reminded of my frantic decision to buck-mate my son to stop him from going to his mother and he being mostly an animal of infecting her with his and my curse. I had wanted to save as spare my wife and daughters of the obvious devil inspired fate we would know. The knowledge then of what I did, was in fact as insufficient to save my loved ones from becoming evil creatures for the devil hosts.


There then was Carrie, as she feeling remorse began to cry as she blubbering out the story of how she met Aether. That devil came onto her as if he was a man of great wealth and willing to help her and her broken family after the father and son had disappeared. He was generous and acted as loving of her and Cherie as if they were his own. She said that mom and Aether dated and one morning when she awoke she had in bed with her was Aether in his true beastly blended form of horse, bull, goat, and manly.


She seeing him remembered then her dream from during the night, as if being passionately enthralled with a lover madly rutting as might a wild animal and she enjoying it all. When she screamed at him, as it to get out of her bed, he smiled, stood up then beside her bed and grabbed the bedding, he gave it a toss. With the sheet and her comforter thrown off the bed she saw she was naked, but her body changed, being as she was, part human, and part animal, as is a doe goat.


He told her that Cherie was not as fun a partner as her older sister, from age and moves were more fulfilling to his desires. Hearing that, she leaped from her bed, her goaty new legs being stronger but she unaccustomed to walking on them she fell at the hoofs of Aether.


Aether stared down as she gazed up their views met, his mind and desires became mingled with hers, and she was his to do with as whatever he felt pleased. She never did check on her sister, though from what little Aether ever said to her, Cherie was taken by another of his legion. She cried then when standing changed into a Satyress, watched her younger sister led away being part heifer her form.


Aether laughed, and told how he with her mother, they toyed and she became wrought, tried to slice his sexual member with a sharp fingernail. He cursed her, my wife the mother reminded that devil of when he tried being a woman and toyed with men, changing them to gelded swine, decided to do similar to my wife, the mother of our children. Aether told Carrie in details how her mother began to change, she imagining as how a devil would do  it to a person holding a faith to their religious convictions, Aether made her changing as painful and degrading as he could to have her suffer. He did say that her mother was stronger than what Aether rather expected, as not once did she waiver and beg for mercy. She stuck to her moral attitudes and saying her last words to him, she said she understood why he had to do to her what he did, if only to satisfy his master.


The dear wife to me and mother of three, Aether then dishonored by having her become partially as is a pig but not being a sow. Instead he tainted her passions by inducing her passions, increasing her sense of lust, to his thrills she became a male, and soon with huge balls protruding out the backside to force thinking of wants similar a hog boar as a pet to another more vile devil or worse a demon.


I failed to listen when a child and in church of the wisdom there told about devils and their hatred for not just humans, but also all living things. Francine, Carrie knew the stud donkey she was forced to pleasure herself upon was indeed her father when and after she told of what had become of her mother, my dear wife, my legs collapsed and like my bulk I fell to the stall floor and whimpered.


What a trail of a person, their mind and the convictions they owe to that such as what had become of my son, my family and me was beyond my understanding. The devils and their combined burning hatred of what was our family heritage made all our lives as cursed. The sadness felt then of a good son dragged off like me to live his life in some sexual, bestial damning doom, as then made worse when learning that all my family the devils took ownership.


“We, you with me, could escape from here!” Carrie said as if a possibility. To which I answered by swaying my head as to deny the likelihood, as we of the pleasure stables were watched constantly, that being something I had seen but could not convey to Carrie.


“This is not hell; it is a farm set somewhere in the country!” Carrie tried to persuade me that her idea had merit for us. As again I swayed my head and closed my eyes as to offer her a sign to what she said was impossible. As if I for one could get away, flee from the pasture, leap a fence and run, I would need to outwit the devils who imprisoned me here. Me being as I am, my outward body was so similar to that of a common animal and donkey that in a herd I could mingle, not that any a devil could not tell me form a common beast born to being an animal, her plan was impossible!


I thought then she re-thought her idea and understood the impossibilities facing her and me. As she argued still as said, that I being a donkey could fit in easily, while she made a devilish slut was worse off than being a whole animal. She then began to apologize as if I needed her to say she was sorry for us all!


Just then the stall door rolled to one side and into my stall stomped a brute beast of one searing hot to the touch, red devil, he one of those I knew to be an enforcer. As much I looked and felt crude of form, this beast thing looked evil and crude, his physical contours as such similar to Carrie but being the essence of a buck satyr, red eyes, sharp teeth, his body heat setting my straw covered stall floor to begin smoldering.

The thing lowered his head as he glared a hating stare first toward me, but swayed his head to look down at dearest Carrie.


“Come,” he said to Carrie, as he with a hoofed fore leg pointed at my daughter. He saw she feared him and stepped away to come near me as if I could somehow protect her from his plans.


He then raised his voice and added gusto to say to her “Come!”


When Carrie did not obey and go with him, he walked further into my stall, the straw covered floor beginning to smoke. He reached a hoofed hand and touched the cute horns growing out of her head. Instantly the horns then sprouted of growth, gaining of size and length they drew into a curving, reminding me of ram horns.


When she did not go with him willingly, he snorted as would a bull angered by an intruder into the pasture. He eyed his rolling big eyes at Carrie, seeing her fear and for good reasons as he had the power to keep her beauty or make of her something ugly.


“No, it was Aether who said I could come here, he ordered me to mate with this donkey, this donkey was once my father, my father!” My daughter screamed at the goat beast, as if he gave a care what she wanted, liked, or wished to do as stay.


The creature was moving his other arm and I feared he would reach and with his touch do bodily harm to wayward Carrie.


I leaped to all fours and pushed past Carrie to stand as face the creature, being as knowing my strength as a donkey was puny at best against his powers.


That fore leg and cloven hoofed hand of his continued its swing at me, as I with stout hind legs did charge at him with all my might to force him out of my stall. When as my right shoulder did a body slam of the creature, his body heat seared my coarse donkey fur, my black as thick donkey hide and I screaming my harsh bray, the cry of me echoed the stables, the barn, and alerted the groomsman.


“What is happening in here,” the kindly as friendlier man said, as he walked past the hot creature and saw then me seared of fur and skin.


Then the creature reached out both of his fore legs and hoofed hands to touch and grab hold of my head. Heat seared at my skull, I screamed a bray of pain and defiance. It was that touch what did more than to cause there burned pains, as I fell forward, face down into the straw bedding. My legs crumpling beneath me, the groomsman rushing to my aid as Carrie backed away from me as though I was dying or had died.


“Aether will not be thrilled by what you just did!” The groomsman said to the enforcer creature, as he backed away from us, as out the stall and strode away outside the barn.


Carrie cried and pleading asked the groomsman if I were dead.


He answered by saying “No, but he might begin wishing he had when he gets up again!”


The searing pains in my head and the fluttery feeling everywhere within me then told me that creature did not try to kill me, but had devious ideas how best to make me more uncomfortable.


As I raised my head and cast a gazed look to her, she my dear daughter, Carrie seeing me, she covered her eyes and screamed.


“Oh brother, Aether is gon’a be pissed when he sees you!” My groomsman said, as he with his strong arms and comforting hands did give some aid in helping rise to standing again.


“Ah, huh, thank you that feels better to stand…,” I spoke, hearing it and thinking of how all I could do before was to bray, I spoke words, and felt thrilled for the moment.


“Daddy,” Carrie exclaimed as surprised but was not smiling.


I stood then uprightly, as on hind legs and hoofs still, I stood near to eight feet tall, towering for a moment above the groomsman and dear Carrie. Just then I felt my becoming smaller, shorter, as they and I became the same in height. I shrank of size and bulk, becoming somewhat manly again about my shoulders, torso, and neck. As I stood there I began to inspect what had happened to me, as I quickly realized I was a donkey-satyr.


Satyr types like was Carrie were in part being goat-like, but I as then was donkey and man blended to make a sexy form enough for me to smile.


“You like what he made of you?” The groomsman said to me as if questioning of what he saw and I had not seen all of what was then me.


Feeling of me with working arms but hoofed hands I patted at my stout new body, seeing what was I, looked perfectly fine. As I felt eager my tail swatted at my legs and I turned to see what was a donkey tail was then the tail of a bull. I whirled around and saw the groomsman pointing toward my head. I raised an arm and hoof to feel as discovered I had goat horns growing out the peak of my forehead.


“Oh no,” I moaned, as noted the groomsman backing away as if he were expecting me to lash out at him.


“Forget it,” I said to him, as if to say he was not at fault for what happened to me, but he continued to back away and once in the aisle way he slid the door shut to my stall.

As I turned and saw then Carrie staring at me, something in me caused my feelings for her to change, as become desiring, bestial, lusting. I took a step closer to her as my eyes focused on her furry vagina. My mouth watered with anticipation of what flavor she had and I would find delightful. I stepped closer to her as from a still donkey size sheath rose out my two foot long donkey cock, as I thought to molest this cute satiric creature.


Just then did Aether appear in the doorway to the stall and my seeing him stopped what would to a devilish creature thinking of sex to stop and forget his plans of pleasure. Lowering of my head and gaze I saw my cock soften, wither, and retract up inside its sheath. Meanwhile the groomsman explained the how and why of what was a perfect sex beast looked then like a devil.


A hand motion from Aether sent the groomsman and Carrie with him to exit the stall and await the purpose of Aether. He turned his gaze upon what became of that fatherly donkey stud made to look as is some devil thing.


“You and yours were a mistake of Lysaila bringing you here. Much has happened during your stay here and concerning Charles, Cherie, and Carrie, not to mention she who was your wife continues to create dissention within the devil ranks.


Therefore, I have decided to release you and your family back in time to where you were the religious people you were before Lysaila dropped her damned piano.” Aether said as his voice sounded for the first time ever as if he was truly sorry for what happened to us of our family. He looking up toward the barn roof said, “Does this satisfy thee Lord?”


Aether then looked at me, he gazing down and up while shaking his head, as said, “Be thee all gone from this realm!” As then Aether clapped his hands with a mighty smack and he, the stables, the barn, that realm all quickly faded away in some gray mist.


Suddenly I jerked awake, looking at the clock on the mantle, and saw it was near to midnight. A moment later and the backdoor lock turned as in walked my son Charlie from his long day at work. We greeted each the other in our usual cordial manner, and each then went to his respected bedroom for a night of restful sleep.


I slept but not well, I had an awful dream about our family split, a Charlie and I had to leave home for some odd reason. My daughters awoke as we needed to leave and they then each in turn ran away from our otherwise happy home. My wife held to her convictions and her faith won the day, as come the light all became as it was, all except for my dream.


The following morning at breakfast and listening more than watching of the early morning television news report. I listening heard the recounted story of the Winkler couple, they lived just a mile or so up our road closer to town. The reported told how their small house sank into a sinkhole, it crushed and they feared as being dead. As a further oddity was the garage was not affected, and their two pet goats remained alive, healthy, and picked up by the local humane society for adoption.


During my lifetime I on occasion do some strange things, and after having heard the sad report about that nice elderly couple, I drove to the Humane society shelter and there purchased the two very large goats. When they saw me the two of them began bleating as if they recognized me, the doe goat stood up and she fawning her forelegs over my back as she tried to lip kiss at my face with her muzzle.


The B-I-G buck goat stood as so large if not for being a goat with curved horns, he might have passed for being a pony. He stood there and bleated, while nuzzling his face at my abdomen, they making me laugh as I arranged for their delivery to our small storage barn.


My wife thought I was crazy for doing what I did, but gave in to my idea of giving the poor lost animals a good home. As did the goat delight with being pets to our home, the doe gave us milk and the buck; he took a great liking to Cherie and Carrie. That doe liked to jump up and fawn over my shoulders, she doing the same to Charlie too!


Ours was a happy home, then and for some years to come. As time passed, every venture I entered became a gold mine of added funds for our livelihood. Charlie decided to remain at home, to work and never marry. My two daughters chose a different route for their futures, as they had caroused and became pregnant, each at the same time.


They were our children and we showed them what it is by us being their Christian parents. Charlie was helpful working with me to arrange and change the house for the coming births of two little ones. As the supposed happy time when both daughters were to bear their babies, my daughters became very recluse, deciding to use a midwife for the deliveries and not the family doctor.


Happenings occurred to both daughter just hours apart on the same day as such when I was away traveling for business, and Charlie was at work. When I did return home the next day my wife asked me to walk with her and she had some bad news.


Feeling disturbed with wonderment, we walked as my dear wife told about the birthing, first from Carrie and then her younger sister. The babies, both being boys were as the wife said, were horribly deformed. She said that the midwife took the babies to where they would soon die and the terrible mishap could be nothing more than a sad memory.


My wife expected me to argue the loss and the removal of the babies from their mothers. As she said, my daughters were in agreement to have the babies taken away, as they were something of a reminder they wanted to forget.


I remained angered by the situation and demanded to know what about the babies made my wife allow the two babies to be removed, taken to where they would die. I said they were not as animals to be put down, as my wife burst then into tears, she saying that the two little boys were animals! She said they were goats, looking like baby satyrs, were bred by that big goat I purchased. The beast had wooed our daughters into a sexual relationship until they were impregnated, as then tried to go after my dear wife with ideas of him with her becoming passionate.


Naturally I was stunned at this news, as said that big goat I planned then to shoot!


More news the wife said came from the veterinarian, as the doe goat was pregnant. After checking the kid, and x-rays, the soon to be born was not fully a goat but looked like a satyr, being female of gender. The doctor suggested he should abort the unborn kid and destroy the evidence of some act of bestiality. The wife then looked as stared at me as I back to her with a look of pure innocence, as we together then said, “Charlie!”


When we returned from our walking and talking, we saw there in the driveway stood parked a black limonene. We were met by a woman dressed in black, wearing a large brimmed hat and dark netting so we could not see her face. She said she had heard and spoke to the veterinarian, requesting the abnormal goat kid as part of a scientific experiment, she requesting as well the purchasing of the doe and her big buck, to which I quickly did agree.


Three thousand dollars and all the veterinarian bills paid by the woman and us our family were again free from those damning two goats.


Well almost free, as when Charlie heard I had sold the two goats he became upset.


Our daughters became equally distressed by the loss of their much preferred lover beast.


Charlie, Cherie, and Carrie all three of our children drove to the science facility that day and never did return home. We, the wife and I tried going there, but found the gates closed, locked, and a sign specified the tenant had moved away. We have not seen or heard from our children since, as that was some four years ago. We as parents are heartbroken from the loss, the local authorities having no good fortune at discovering where the science facility moved to, or what became of our three children.


A Saturday at home and watching television, lounging in my leather chair, not interested much with horse racing, the state owned Capitol Raceway was showing the big advertised horse race, and there on the screen was that same woman dressed in black. She stood talking with a reporter, as her three glorious race horses pranced past; she did announce her mounts, they by names were mare Carrie, stallion Charlie, and mare Cherie! 


“Beware, as the devils usually win what they are after!”





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