Bad Day At The Glade

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2015


A man old enough to know better takes a dare for him to visit Pleasure Island Amusement Park where he meets a Satyress, and some horny satyrs that makes a life changing situation


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This story was written for fun for those who enjoy reading short stories and may not worthwhile reading for a literary critic.


A Fifty plus years old fool had come on a dare to the erotic Park so named Pleasure Island. Paul had for many years thought his personal fantasy for transforming of self into an animal bodily form was just his lone fetish. It took but the dare and travel to come to where he laid as high on a hill overlooking a shady glade. In the glade there were those, people and that what might have been humans all enthralled in an orgy of sexual romps and some physical changes.


Paul had asked and was told to go see this place of evil, of satyrs as they were in continuous orgies, and of a sex queer by the famous name of Circe, she offering the people samples of her wines.


Using binoculars to see up close and personal, Paul watched with arousing captivation as two young lovers were being sexually ravaged, while seemingly they were enjoying what might be then their future life as being a buck and doe goats. Yet he watched, Paul saw nothing of Circe offering wine, just satyrs drinking, smoking joints, and one boiling place set aside for strange creatures to revel in sexual acts of all kinds.

Naturally, any man young or old seeing the scene would become aroused. As Paul laid flat on his belly watching the debauchery, he was crushing his stout an erection. Paul kept muttering of his astonishment, he saying, “Oh damn, but those females, their tits, their big nipples, the way they let the males take them, if I were younger I would be a wishing to join their bands.” That said, Paul was stunned more when he saw off to the left of the encamped satyrs a larger satyr doing something to a fat male satyr. Paul watched the situation unfolding, seeing as the elderly looking satyr began changing further as would, and did become a full form of one big buck goat.


Paul witnessing the complete change over of a half-human half goat satyr becoming a sexy buck goat stirred his ideas of fun fantasies, as he muttering said, “Golly, but that might be great fun!”


A moment later and he hearing a noise from behind where he lay spying of the on going orgies, as he turned over, looked up at there a pair of shaggy legs, and a large satyr blocking the way of any possibility of escape.


Stunned by the beast and its male genitals looming so large, Paul was about to ask a proper question when the Satyr smiled. The smile was to distract Paul from what the bestial satyr had as a plan. While Paul laid there gawking and his mouth hung open, the satyr squeezed his sheath and from it poked out a morbid red tip. Seeing the red tip to a satyr goat cock, Paul watched, he stunned, as from the cock spurt forth a stream of infectious urine.


A fat stream of highly infecting satyr urine arched out of the cock tip and fell inside the still open gawking mouth of one man quite close to his planned retirement.


Gulping, swallowing, coughing, the urine began what for Paul would become a bad day at the satyr Glade. He lay there his face splattered with droplets of green satyr urine, his mouth and throat tainted by the infecting liquid, Paul was about to speak when the large satyr fell to kneeling over the manly chest, as poked into a opened mouth an expanding satyr cock.


Then with his furry hands grasping at the head of Paul the satyr demanded his victim to begin suckling, sucking the satyr to an orgasm and Paul to swallow the coming load.

“Do enjoy dear sir,” said the satyr to Paul. “Once my big balls shoot in you my load, it with the infectious urine will bring you around to wanting to chase after me for getting more!” After his ejaculated four spurts of satyr semen down the throat of Paul, the satyr pulled out his cock and began to run across the green tall grasses of a wide pasture.


As then Paul rolled over and seeing the satyr running away, the odd flavor in his mouth coupled with the infection gathered in his stomach, he too began to run, chasing after the one that could thrill more than retaining his good sense.

“'He brothers I see Chalet running in this direction and not too far behind him is a fat middle-aged man looking bugged and likely infected!” said Damon, he a recent college student sex bond slave having grown cloven hoofs, pointed ears, and a furry goat sheath.


“Hmm, the old man reminds e some of my father,” said a young female Satyress as she reached to hold and stroke the cock of one large buck goat.

Alan has been a buck goat for one week since his being captured and molested by not less than six, of some sexy Satyress’. He stood not knowing what to do and if he could run away or wished to run away. The satyr master had taken all his clothing and his wallet, leaving Alan naked and nowhere to go.


Watching the common manner to entrap a victim, Alan bleated his manner of greetings or warning but to no avail as humans do not understand goat wailings.


All there being satyr or beasts stood naked, liking each for their special ability for sexual pleasuring.

As Paul ran he saw his gained and gaining proximity to the satyr glade, their encampment near to a pond used for washing after they would indulge.


Then suddenly Paul tripped and fell, as became unseen by the satyr bands.


Satyrs are a patient lot and waited for Paul to stand up and or walk on toward what his stomach told him he wanted more than life itself!


Lying stunned there in the two foot tall grass, Paul felt a hand touch his ankle.


“Ack,” Paul exclaimed, as saw there a wool covered hand holding him by his ankle. A moment later and coming out from between the tall blades of grass pressed into view the face of a young college age woman. The face was very human but around it and about her neck, shoulders and torso she had a pelt of sheep wool.


“Please hear what I have to tell you sir,” she said, as a stunned Paul gawked at a highly sexual form of a wooly slim large breasted woman, the like he could wish to make love to, he with a belly full of satyr semen and urine bubbling away.


She crawled to where the wooly lady was lying atop Paul, her breasts pressed to either side of his chin.


“Please, hear what I know, you are in great danger of you follow that satyr into the camp. They plan to do to you like what they made of me, their ram died just when the ewe herd, they are going into heat. The ewes are near sex crazy and it is beginning to bother me now too! Ignore your gut feelings and return back to the boardwalk if you value your reasoning and reality.”


Paul laid there as the ewe-girl heard some heavy hoofs tromping in her direction, she sliding her woolly body over his, as well her musky scented crotch dragged over his face.


The sheep-girl vanished off into the tall grasses, as just then a very goatish scented satyr female knelt down and sat on the chest of Paul. She smiled down at him with a very seductive smile, almost enough to block from his mind the warning given him by the sheep-girl.


“What, no smiling manly greeting for a Satyress perched kneeling across your chest, what kind of man are you?” She said, she being a skilled Satyress with several dozen transformed victims to her credit.


Paul felt sick in his stomach, the satyr vile churning, infecting, causing a sane as religious man to think as wish he too were a satyr, or even willing to become an animal to give aid to the satyr glade social order. He said nothing, he just laid there gawking up at a lusty form of female with firmly tapered as slightly upturned breasts and really puckered large black nipples.


The Satyress reached behind her furry rump and wiggling tail, she making use of one hand grabbed at what she expected to find, that being a manly size erection.


Just as she held the erect male member tenting the slacks front of Paul’s pants, she inched forward her dangerously infecting mound closer to where Paul could sniff her or be then able to lick-lap his tongue to her labia lips.


A moment more and Paul lay there virtually drowning in Satyress musk scent, he salivating, his nasal passages burning, urging on his maleness to reach orgasmic seepage.


Just when he thought it could not be worse, Paul saw a young as teenage Satyress come near, she kneeling by his shoes, as began to remove them off his feet.


The older more mature Satyress wiggled her mound closer yet, as with her one free hand she did finger fuck her pussy, dragging from it a slick stringy mass, as she began then wiping it on the lips and over the nostrils of Paul.


Just then his pants were jerked off him by the teenage Satyress, as she leaned forward and tucked his penis free from out his underwear. As then with nimble slim fingers she caressed the male organ, holding it with some sense of reverence. She blew softly at the erect member, before placing the stiff inside her soft mouth.


Paul almost screamed when he felt his penis engulfed inside the young mouth. Drastic fear began building as he looked around and saw there more pairs of cloven hooves and many furry bodies, male and female all watching his being molested.

“Let go your worries about the future, I have heard you swallowed both satyr urine and semen, leaving you no real alternative but to join our happy social order. We all live unto the present and ignore what comes as we cannot stop the inevitable.


Just think what the sensations are as you see and feel your human male body changing, becoming maybe a big buck goat. I see a middle aged man who with some guiding love could be rejuvenated, made young again, and live his life to the sexual fullest any human would think was an impossibility!” She the mature Satyress said to Paul, as sparking in him again the fool reason why he walked off the boardwalk and took to spying on the wild glade known for its bestial orgies.


“Hey man, trust there our Alice, she became a Satyress more than thirty years ago and look at her, tell me you have seen a woman her equal of beauty and sensual gifts. Lick her dark folds, delve deep with your tongue and let her satyr infection mingle with what is inside you now.” A male satyr said, he trying to reason with Paul as to the merits of becoming a member satyr.


All the while he was being tempted and infected, the warning words of the cute sheep-ewe-girl was swirling around in his addled head.


“Children, has he come around to accepting our social dominance?” Said a gruff sounding big as older and very fat his belly a satyr.


“No master Cedius, not as yet, but I think his will to deny and run is crumbling. Please master, give us some time more to tantalize him and he will become your willing servant.” Said the young teenage a Satyress, she spoke, slightly slurred due to the penis on Paul was coming free from out her sucking mouth.


Cedius looked up and away as across to the wide pasture, he seeing many a very horny ewe trying to hump other ewes feeling as dire their sexual needs for a new herd Ram.


“No, he was thrilled enough, but the time is now and whatever he thinks or wants is not important to the duties I have for him to handle. Stand clear, and let me sprinkle on him the Ram dust made from the roasted bones of his predecessor.” Cedius the naster satyr said as ordered all to stand away as the magic he controlled could harm Paul and any of the others standing too close by.


As Paul laid there mesmerized from too much sexual sensations, the kinds his dear wife when alive had never done, or would think to do for her often horny husband.


Sifted gray power drifted down from the small hip hugger pouch carried by Cedius. The dust lighted on Paul made his eyes to burn, his nose to tingle, and what entered his agape mouth stuck to his teeth.


It was with the last split second before the dust were to touch Paul below his waist that the teenage Satyress rushed forward and with her furry hand she snagged, and removed the jockey shorts from off of Paul. It was then she screamed and leaped back but nary in time as the body tainting dust did touch as then contaminated her Satyress goat form.


A sprouting pelt of wool began to cover Paul, as soon to encase him in curly wool hairs. His penis felt like it too was on fire as were his testicles swelling.


Paul moaned from sensations of pain and a weird sense of male lust urging him to obey Cedius every command. Paul rolled over as being face down to the earth as forgetting what Cedius would do, he sifting then the changing dust to infect the back and rump of his soon new Ram.


If ever there was a stranger or a difficult situation in his life, Paul at the moment of his sensing his mental end, was when Cedius announced to all his satyr genitals appreciators of what this man would become their best as biggest endowed Ram sheep.


Paul moaned twice as his body wriggle from the massive infection, the third moan rolled out his pursed thicker lips as a harsh sound bleating “Baa!”


The hearing his making a baaing tone sound stirred Paul and he lying face down to the ground, he rolled over as sat up sitting on a wooly butt.


Mentally feeling as disassociated with the world as a whole, Paul looked up before looking down, he seeing his arms becoming as forelegs, and his human legs contorting muscular wise, becoming the hind legs of a powerful big Ram.

Paul felt so sadness then, the satyr semen and urine gurgling down in his gut acted like an inebriating potion to divide the ideals of sin and morality into a blended mush. At that moment whatever Cedius might suggest for Paul to think about his body, his future, and the use of being a herd sire Ram, seemed agreeable to him.


As much Paul became like a ram sheep the satyrs wandered back to their favorite delights, leaving Cedius to brainwash Paul with horny, happy ideals of him being the best stud Ram that Pleasure Island ever produced.


Paul felt glad then for becoming a Ram and the fearful warnings of the sheep-girl-ewe seemed as a lie or something worse. He was sure then that the young ewe would after he had mated with her a few times, she too would see the blessings offered them by master Cedius.


Seeing his human toes near meld into cloven hoofs, his fingers doing the same, he then gawked down, delighting as baaing, watching how his human maleness became that of a well endowed Ram. It was of his baseball sized testicles that he rolled over and stood for the first time on four legs and cloven hooves. Baaing and walking in circles he felt undecided as what or how best to impress master Cedius.


“You feel up to the task I shall set before you Ram Sheep Paul?” Cedius asked, as Paul slowed his walking circles and wiggled his wool covered ears. He strained to look up and need to cock his head and give one eye a fair view at the tall satyr, before baaing as questioning, wanting to be shown where he should go.


Paul was a horrid mass of fear, desire, lust, and beastly sensual longings. Bleating madly then, Cedius smiled, knowing the Ram felt young again, as Paul so longed to mount a furry female.


Brady, a satyr from the previous year of debauchery walked up and offered to lead Paul to join his herd or ewes.


Cedius was in full agreement and suggested to Brady he might offer the Ram some mouthing playtime, letting Paul try with his muzzle lips of giving a sucking on a satyr cock.


Brady agreed to give Paul a lesson in cock sucking, and after Cedius took his leave from the two males, a teenage Satyress by the soft name of Satin asked Brady and the Paul if she too could walk the new Ram toward his herd.

Paul strode his steps of four legs and on cloven hoofs, he finding walking on all fours as something natural as well, comfortable. He listened to Satin suggest Brady take her to a private shady place he knew and to mate, screw her until her would weep and beg him to stop is rutting.


The half mile walk toward the center pasture had Paul eying carefully the two of his captures. Something still of being human what remained inside his mind told Paul that if he mated, bred more than a few ewes he would be forever a Ram sheep. It might have been then that he decided to wait and watch for his one best chance to run toward the boardwalk and some semblance of safety.  

It so happened that a satyr messenger runner came to meet Brady and Satin. The young satyr had new orders concerning the Ram. The master satyr Cedius felt a wavier in the bestial flux and ordered that Paul be returned to the glade, and there he be raped senseless by six female satyrs. The order brought both fear and wanton lust to the animalistic new mind in Paul.

A lassoed rope about the neck on Paul was the positive resolve he had to follow and went with the three satyrs back to the encampment.


Cedius was there wearing his kingly toga as he stood on a tree stump above all there, as motioned for six young teenage Satyress creatures to come forward and to molest as rape Paul insane.


Shaking from fear as he understood every word said as ordered done to him by Cedius, the feel of a soft hand on his woolen shoulder came with a voice saying to him, “Paul, you might not recall me, and not know me for what my body is today but we met once. It happened when I was a college student and your grand daughter was a freshman student, you enjoyed a fun luncheon time in the student union restaurant.


My name then as now is Tuesday, and according to the orders set by Cedius, my Satyress teenage sisters and I will now rape you senseless. It won't hurt and you will work into enjoying every move and thrust.


I am pleased now to introduce to you Wendy, as her expertise is to mold her mouth over your Ram cock and suck free from it any remaining human male semen. As much your cock is already becoming erect, it is quite a fine specimen of animal male sex.


Myself, I shall message your jowls and muzzle using my nimble hands, to give final conformation to the skull and jaw bone, as well then arousing your horn-buds to grow a pair of curling ram horns.

Lilly here has a special potion she shall use to rub it around your tight anus and on those massive black as big balls to enhance their ability to produce usable semen. She may finger fuck your tight anus until she is satisfied it resembles that of a mature Ram.

Annie here shall finger message your wooly ears, stroking your woolen neck and shoulders.

Janice and Monica each offered to let you learn how to mount a female standing on all fours, and blindly prod your erect cock until you touch a warm as moist spot, and then thrust you cock deep. They have asked for this opportunity, as after you learn to mate properly, they shall have you mate them for a whole night and come morning you shall be an experienced Ram and they as very cute Mountain goat does. Yes they have requested their becoming fully animals, and after tonight they shall go to a national zoo to help repopulate an endangered species.”


Paul would agree that of all there, Wendy knew her trade well, she tongue stroked his aching Ram cock, licking it, suckling she wrapped her nimble tongue around the cock head until Paul jumped when he felt his balls orgasm.  

As each went to work the sense of feeling quickly became a mad desire for lust. Paul would say he felt surprise at how fast the sensations instilled from his genitals positive reactions of what Cedius applauded; he liking to see a changeling swing of mood to passionate deep seeded animal desire to ravage the mind.

As each one sensed their winning over the body and mind of Paul, he baaed as his cock spurt forth spewed new semen.

An occasioned short look down to see Wendy, and Paul tried hard to wiggle her free from molding the contours of his cock to being that of a Ram sheep.


It grew long and hung from the abdomen attached sheath. Wendy sucked at the open end of the cock as if it were a straw for drinking a milkshake.

Paul marveled when he saw what Wendy did so well, as his Ram cock was of bright red of color, it became the essence of his want to do something he knew as sinful. He eyed there a pointed knob on the end of his slender but stout ram male member stick out so very long.


"See this is so long now,” Wendy said to the Ram. “You won't need any help in mounting even the tallest of your mates. Stretch-push, and feel the need to thrust, do as I say and when in deep and tight, enjoy the touch of a woolly rump against your belly and sheath."

Paul laid hump mounted on Monica, as he remembered another famous person of the same name with similar abilities to give a powerful male pleasure, he thrusting into her, his long and red cock working like the side rods of a locomotive.


Paul drifted into a sensual sleep with his ram cock shoved sheath deep inside Monica even as she struggled and wiggled to try and get free from her mated sire.

It was midmorning before a weary rejuvenated male being a stud Ram awoke and found his cock stuck in a sleeping Mountain goat doe. As he tried to rise up and wiggling free from the furry slit, Paul looking around saw there Tuesday, she monitoring her assigned duty, looked down at Paul with a seductive gaze, as she said, "Enjoyed them you did, but I am not sure the static flux I feel emanating from you is that of a true beast.”

Tuesday helped Paul to wiggle free from the doe goat, her cunt weeping out spent volumes of semen and female juices from the excitement. When she helped Paul rise almost to standing uprightly she reached down and pressed her palms into his groin, squeezed out some last droplets of his semen, as she toyed with the substance in the palm of her hand.

Knowing where the drips came from, Paul tried to lick the semen pearls, but Tuesday had other ideas. The semen had a scent similar to a musky perfume. The scent instilled in Paul a want to go and meet as mate with the ewes of similar an odor. Paul had a tongue of a sheep, and from his night of being molested he had learned and taught the young Satyress to like how he could extend it and probed deep between their sexy lips. He felt so young and bold, liking to sniff a spicy scent, as lick and or suck as maw his lips at the furry labia of a horny female anything!


Paul felt as though his soul had been set on fire and now was less than ashes. As the last of his sensual partners walked off to their new future lives at some zoo, he heard the crowd of male satyrs begin to moan as taunt him about his changed form.

Cedius was suddenly there and quelled the rude and crude comments, he wanting Paul to own no reason not to want as do what the master satyr made of him a Ram. As Cedius stood before Paul he began to applaud Paul for not trying to fight the sensual night of wild molestation.

"Congratulations are in order my good... man, as please excused me for my forgetting, you being now and for many decades our stout herd sire Ram.” Said there Cedius to Paul.

The insulting words rang true in Paul's head. He knew he was but an animal and a joke to those satyrs male or female, young and old.


A sense of humiliation backfired on Cedius as Paul stood being as knowing he became a young and muscular Ram. His incensed anger dredged to the forethoughts the learned knowledge of some fifty years of human existence. Paul shook his great head and feeling the weight of his grown horns, cleaned away the mental cobwebs. He stood there and as best a Ram could, he did smile at Cedius.

Paul knew a plan and turned he dashed off with running, leaping, as would a bounding sheep filled with the glee of bestial life. He ran at and mingled with the ewes, some being so horny the stood with tails high, legs spread, and heads touching the ground.


Cedius and his chiding satyrs watched Paul from afar.


Paul mounted one ewe and fashioned his moves as if he were mating and thrusting. Instead of what the satyrs expected, Paul baaed at his ewes, and those with some memories of what they were born, gathered around him.


He leaped on several more but did not try to enter their bodies, as he moved the herd further up a far hill until he and most of his knowledgeable ewes walked beyond the view of Cedius and his band of devilish satyrs.


When Paul stood below the highest hillside, he bleated and eyed many of the hundreds of wooly females. Their eyes met and an understanding move through the herd, as many remembered a more upstanding past.

Jogging ahead of his herd, Paul was approached by several overly friendly ewes. They were the hard-up ewes, as wanting then of him to orgy with them for a few short hours, as their rank scent bothered him to sniff at each her heady scented a ewe.


Baaing reminders as to time and the urgency of the moment by other younger ewes instilled the plan in the mind of Paul to help as many of his herd to escape from the glade. As he looked up the rear hill the group of horny bastard satyrs sat pointing and laughing at Paul and his harem.

Paul became enraged as would a Ram insulted, it a ram could feel insulted?


His red ram cock moved out of its woolen home and the sensual scent of a beckoning ewe stood there before him, she presenting herself ready and willing, as the laughter brought back his wishing for being human. Desiring of what then seemed a hundred years back, or in another time, as on some other planet, Paul did not want to remain there or be a horny ram for the rest of his life.

Memories of his human self, of when he retired, that comfortable lifestyle offered him more than the idea of having as his life dealing with being an animal and of rough sex. Standing still as he had his thoughts, he felt his erection pulsing, it out straight, ready for him to begin mating with his harem-herd.


As ideals and thoughts changed, the distant laughter and beastly jokes only increased his want for gaining back what was his previous life. Though by being made a mighty big Ram he felt healthier, what was his true life seemed far away, but was not bettered by him being a sex monger ram.

His member softened and shrank back into its thick woolen home. He began walking among the herd that thought as he. The herd was very large and the farther he strolled into then the farther way was the rude group of satyrs.

Paul their hoots and jeers making him to walk with intentions, as his ewes followed their leader, to the top of the next hill as it offered a clear view in the distance of Pleasure Island Amusement Park and of the boardwalk set high above the entrance to the glade pastures and an encampment for wild orgies.

Paul ran a zigzag course until he and the herd topped the far hill and started down the opposite side. About halfway down Paul broke into a mad run. The herd quickly followed!


The ewes that still had any human thought ability quickly realized that the ram was making a break for freedom and maybe regaining human form.

Paul was within ear sound of the Park's music when the angry screams of approaching satyrs came also into range. Paul ran as never before, the plank walls below the boardwalk stood as a major problem. He panicking searched for the weakest spot to break through, but it was of a very fat ewe who did charge head-long at the fence and in a bonking- crack, she burst straight thru a weak hole.


Paul and several dozen ewes quickly followed the fat ewe, as close behind the herd of ewes were the angry satyrs, they capturing half of the herd and turned them back to their accursed existence.

Paul ran up the easy incline to the boardwalk and charged past scared people walking along the boardwalk. Many people screamed and parted like the Red sea as a herd of one big Ram and some two hundred and thirty three ewes followed him, and fled up the main street to the office of Park management.


The commonality between Cedius and his satyrs and that of the Park management failed to help Paul or the ewes regain their lost humanity. What happened was a grateful assistant Park manager tried to explain what was, was real and final, no human regenerations were possible. Paul found the world as harsh and demanding, as all his herd and he too were trucked to the Pleasure Island Research farm where Paul began his duties of keeping a thousand ewes happy rather than horny.


I discovered too much about Paul and after having retraced his logical moves, I too found the want to escape as well the satyr glade. They there know all the possible means of escaping victims as what was there is wild lust and nothing as of love.


Cedius tried hard to assure I could never tell of what or all I was a witness did change me, my life being as a beast of burden, a gelded donkey I am, pulling a garbage wagon around the Park.


Do be wary if ever you dare to venture as visit Pleasure Island Park!"