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Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Scruffy, The Irish Terrier - By John Doe Author: By John Doe Species: Man to Female Dog Date: July 20, 2008 Rating: X Scruffy, The Irish Terrier

The year was 1808. In a small town on the east coast of the United States, the two men rushed to get deep into the woods. One man was tall, with short brown hair and a muscular build. The other man was short and chubby. Both men were racing through the night, a look of desperation on both their faces. Finally, at the bottom of a small hill in the woods, the larger man stopped. "It's time to bury this thing and distance ourselves as far from it as possible. It's caused us nothing but misery and trouble!" The object in question was a small voodoo charm. It was small, wooden, and resembled the Easter Island statues. The men had purchased it from a gypsy vendor not a month ago. The gypsy promised the charm would fulfill the deepest desires of its owner. Unfortunately, the deepest desires of the men were not interpreted as they had imagined, and when their wishes were granted, they were in for quite a shock. The shorter man, for instance, wished that he would find someone that would always love him. The next day, a man showed up to his doorstep proclaiming his love for him. It was not exactly what he had in mind when he wished he had "someone." He would have much preferred a woman. Any attempt to fix the wish was nullified by the fact that his first wish was that this someone would "always love him," and the magic charm couldn't undo this.

It also turned out that it was impossible to destroy the charm. They had hoped that if they destroyed it, the magic would be undone. It seemed however that the charm was quite indestructible, so they settled with the next best thing, going as far out into the woods as possible and burying it.

The larger man grabbed a shovel and after three big shovels of ground, he dropped the charm in and buried it. "It's not our problem anymore," he pronounced to the shorter man. "I can only hope that no one ever finds this godforsaken charm." He placed a stone on it for good measure and the two men walked off, not once turning back.

* * * * *

The year was 2008. Technology had changed so much in 200 years, especially with automobiles in particular. Cars we so numerous that roads had to constantly be put in, and to shorten distances between residences, roads were put in right in the middle of the woods. With all these new roads, houses started appearing all along them. Fallen Edge Road was one of those roads that were put in through the woods. The road was pretty secluded. It was a few miles long, and connected some small back roads to some bigger back roads, which eventually connected to the highways. It was out there though, and besides for the people living there, it wasn't really used. There were about fifteen houses on this three-mile stretch of road, each separated from each other by dense woods.

The Bailey family moved out to the woods in 1990 to separate themselves from the hectic routine of city life. Out in the woods it was peaceful. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey had three children: two sons, Mike, 21, and Liam, 17, and a daughter, Bethany, 11. Liam and Bethany had lived out in the woods all of their lives, so it was the only life they knew, but they knew they liked it more than the city. Mike didn't really care too much where he lived, as long as he could make good friends. They were all content.

The only member of the family not happy was their dog, Scruffy, an Irish terrier. He is about three-quarters the size of a Labrador retriever, except he has short, matted-white fur. It wasn't that he was unhappy exactly, either, because he loved the Bailey family, they kept him company, but he after he was fixed, he was always a little sadder than he used to be. One thing Scruffy was always happy about was his friendship with Liam. Liam wanted a dog more than anything, and when he was nine, he got Scruffy, the Irish terrier. Liam was always the one to feed him and play with him. Liam would always wrestle with Scruffy and all this company meant a lot to his dog.. Scruffy loved Liam the most.

Liam was an average 17 year old. He just finished his senior year in high school and he was already accepted into the state's best university, so for the summer he planned on taking it easy and relaxing for his last summer before college. It was July now, and he'd already been to some concerts and he had been to the beach plenty of times, not to mention that he played Xbox Live nearly every day. It wasn't the summer that he had hoped for though. About a week into the summer, his girlfriend broke it off, and it was excruciatingly hard to get his mind off of her. He still loved her so much, but she said she needed time for herself. It was difficult for him to enjoy himself when he knew that he wasn't with her. Even playing with Scruffy wasn't as enjoyable as it used to be. He did what he could though. As much as he loved her he needed to let her go, or at least go on with his life for the time being. He couldn't let himself stay miserable, not on his last summer before college!

One morning in mid July, Liam got out of bed feeling better than he had most days this summer. It felt to him like he had finally come to terms with what happened with him and his girlfriend. As he brushed his teeth and showered, he decided that he was going to spend some time playing with Scruffy. He had neglected him this summer after the break up and now that his head was clear, he felt pretty guilty. As he walked down the stairs and into the living room, he called to him, "Scruffy, where are you buddy?" Liam heard the sound of Scruffy's paws start rubbing against the tile on the kitchen floor as he raced down the hallway and into the living room to meet him. Scruffy leapt right off the ground and knocked Liam over. Laughing, Liam pushed off Scruffy and started wrestling with him on the carpet of the living room floor. Both of them were feeling pretty good. "How about we go outside and play some fetch?" Liam asked rhetorically to his terrier. Liam opened the side door and Scruffy trotted out, his tail wagging.

Liam found the tennis ball that they always play with and tossed it across the yard. Each time he threw it, Scruffy was sure to pick it up and run it back to him, dropping it gently at his feet. As Liam was throwing the ball again, he gave it a little too much power and it bounced through the yard and rolled down a small hill into the woods. "Crap. Sorry Scruffy, you have to go a little farther this time." Liam followed Scruffy down the hill after the ball. As he caught up to his dog, he saw that the ball had been lodged right in between a stone and the ground. Somehow the ball managed to get wedged in there so tight that Liam was unable to just pull the ball out. He had to lift the stone off of the ground and he tossed it aside.

Scruffy trotted over and picked up the ball. As he did, he stopped and sniffed the ground where the stone was at rest before. "Smell something?" Liam asked as he crouched down. Scruffy sat looking for another moment and shook it off before returning back up the hill to the yard. Liam followed and they continued their game of fetch.

Later that evening, after everyone was asleep, Scruffy the terrier made his way to the doggy hole in the front door. He pranced along through the yard and down the hill into the woods, back to the spot that had caught his interest before. He followed the scent of where the tennis ball used to be, and stopped when he found his mark. He started digging his paws into the ground. It was only a few minutes before he found something in the ground. He picked up the small, mysterious object with his teeth and brought it up to the yard where he plopped onto the grass. Usually, he would have used something like this as a chew toy, but even as a dog, Scruffy understood that there was something unusual about this item. He picked up the item again and brought it under the porch where Scruffy was going to call it a night.

That night, Scruffy the Irish terrier dreamed about what he always wanted. Scruffy wanted to have his complete maleness back. He wanted to never have been fixed. He also wanted a mate…

The next morning, Liam was feeling as good as he had the day before. As he got out of bed, he picked up the clock in his hands and saw that it was 10am. "I guess that means I'm the only one home right now," Liam thought aloud. Both his parents were working, Mike was taking some summer classes for college, and Beth was at her friend's house. "I guess that just leaves me and Scruffy again."

Liam walked into the living room, plopping himself on the couch, not bothering to put anything on but boxers. I love having the house alone, he thought. He wasn't even downstairs for ten seconds when he heard the familiar pitter-patter of Scruffy coming down the hallway. "Hey pup," Liam greeted Scruffy. Scruffy retorted with a cheerful "ruff!"

It seemed like Scruffy really enjoyed wrestling the day before because Liam didn't even have to move before Scruffy started jumping all over him. "Ouch…hey!" Liam laughed as he rolled off the couch with Scruffy. Liam landed on his back, and Scruffy landed on top of Liam. They rolled around for a few minutes, each trying to pin the other. Man, Scruffy is trying really hard to pin me today, Liam thought. Suddenly, something caught his eye which made him stop dead. Right behind Scruffy's sheath is where Liam's eyes were. He couldn't believe what he is seeing. "Scruffy, you have…but you…you were neutered…" stammered Liam. "What the hell happened?"

Still in shock, Liam was caught off guard when Scruffy tackled him with a force he didn't know Scruffy had. Scruffy grabbed at Liam's boxers and ripped them into rags, the pieces now falling to the floor. "What the hell!" Liam shouted, a little scared and very pissed off. He was now sitting nude on the floor. Again Scruffy charged at Liam, this time knocking him onto his stomach. He hit his head on the way down so now he was dazed as Scruffy placed his paws firmly on Liam's back. Liam was able to push himself off the ground just a little bit, but that turned out to be a big mistake as Scruffy wrapped his paws around Liam's stomach and planted himself up on his back. Liam tried to struggle but Scruffy opened his mouth and closed it around the back of Liam's neck, keeping him from struggling.

Now that he had him where he wanted him, Scruffy started thrusting back and forth. The first few times he missed but on the fourth thrust, he hit is mark. Liam gasped in pain as Scruffy penetrated him from the rear. Unfortunately from the position he was in, there was nothing he could really do. Scruffy continued to thrust back and forth. It was the most uncomfortable thing Liam ever felt. It wasn't just the rear either, he started to feel itchy all over his body. There was pressure on his groin and chest areas too. Liam closed his eyes tight, as this must be a dream. He knew it wasn't, though, because dreams are not this vivid. As he opened his eyes he realized that he could see his nose more. It was protruding from his face.

As Scruffy continued to pound away into Liam, other changes started taking place too. Liam was able to move his hand to his chest and he realized that his nipple was growing longer. As he looked down he realized that whole area was becoming swollen. Not just there either, below his nipples, three more rows seemed to start growing in. Liam whimpered a not entirely human whimper as he saw these changes happening. Something was happening to his manhood too. It looked as if it was being swallowed up by the skin around it. Scruffy noticed this too, and he pulled out of Liam's ass. Scruffy pushed with his back legs to push Liam's rear into the air some more, and he started aiming for Liam's manhood. Scruffy's own member assisted in the shrinking of Liam's manhood by pushing it in even further. Scruffy thrusted a few times, and then got some power and rammed Liam really hard. Liam gasped. This time he was not confronted with discomfort, but pleasure. A chill went down his spine. He did not want to look at what he thought he would almost certainly find. As he brought his head down, his heart almost stopped at what he saw. Instead of his manliness, he now saw Scruffy thrusting in and out of a pair of lips that now made up Liam's vagina. Liam lifted her head to scream but all that came out was a howl. Scruffy continued to thrust, and though Liam was terrified, she could not help her body as it started to push against Scruffy's in a rhythmic motion. Her body couldn't get enough of it. White fur started sprouting all over her body as her ears lengthened and fell limp at the sides of her head. A small tail grew at the end of her spine but was immediately pressed against her body by Scruffy.

Scruffy picked up the pace and Liam braced herself for what she knew was coming. A tidal wave of seed entered Liam, and both she and Scruffy howled in pleasure. Scruffy plopped back down onto the floor and Liam collapsed next to the couch.. Thoughts were swirling through her head about what had happened. She fell unconscious.

* * * * *

Over the next few years, Liam came to admit to herself that she was now and forever going to be Scruffy's bitch, although the thought still sent chills down her spine. As it turned out, the magic that changed Liam made it so instead of the Bailey's having three kids and one dog; they had two kids and two dogs. So to them they never had a son Liam. Liam retained her memory of the past though, a life she was never going to forget, although she would now always be distracted by her pups or Scruffy, the Irish terrier. She would always be his bitch, after all.


A true favourite. Appreciated how the mental thoughts remained human and conflicted but reserved in what has happened to "her".