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Repopulating the Planet Earth - Jack Mack Repopulating the Planet Earth
by Jack Mack
     The year is 2100.
     90 years after the Great Biological War that almost destroyed the Earth.
     This war wiped out 99.9% of population.  The .1% that survived carried a gene in their chromosomes that protected them from the bio-chemicals that killed the others.
      This .1% soon found not that it wasn't so peachy.  They were infertile.  There was no way to repopulate the Earth.
      Until one of the great surviving scientist found the solution to the problem.
      Now it is time for me to find out about the solution.

      Today is my sixteenth birthday.  It is also the sixteenth birthday of the whole Junior class at my high school.  It seems that all of us were born on the same day.  What is stranger is the fact that the following classes have their birthday on the same day.  The only the class I know of that doesn't are the 1st graders.  They are split in half. One half has one birthday and the other half another,
      Today is also the day the whole class goes on a sabbatical for a year.  My sister did hers two years ago with her class.  What was strange was that during the whole year we had no communications with my sister. No calls, no letters, nothing.
     This sabbatical will last a whole year.  I will return home on my seventeenth birthday.
     For the last year I have bugged my sister and my parents trying to find what the sabbatical was all about.  All they told me was all children upon reaching their sixteenth birthday must take a one year sabbatical, no exceptions. From the mayor's daughter to the garbage man's son, everybody had to go.  I found out later that their memories had been erased. As will be mine.
     I was told I wouldn't even need to take anything. Just the clothes on my back.  Not even a tooth brush.  Everything I would need would be provided.
     To save on the confusion, the students and parents had to say goodbye at home, instead of at the school.

      I sat down next to my girlfriend Barbara and across from my best friend Randy and his girlfriend.  Since there were only twenty students in my junior class, all that was needed was an old Greyhound bus with a restroom in the back.
     I asked Barb and Randy the same question.  "Did you find out anything about where we were going?"
     Their replies were still the same.  "No, it seems like everybody goes on a sabbatical but no one remembers what goes on there."
      As the last kid sat down.  Mr. Perkins, the principal, came on board, to introduce our chaperon.
      "This is Mr. Parsons.  I am placing you in his care until you reach your final destination."  with that Mr. Perkins left the bus.
      Mr. Parsons stood there a second surveying the bus.  "Before you ask:  I cannot tell you anything about the next year.  I am here to keep an eye on you.  I will expect you all to act like ladies and gentlemen.
     "The trip will take around twelve hours.  There will be only one stop during that time, for fueling the bus.  No one will be allowed to get off the bus.  Soda pop, snacks and lunches are available.  Only one lunch per person, no limit on the pop or snacks."  These were the only words Mr. Parsons spoke during the whole trip.
      By the time we arrived at our final destination.  The twenty  of us were very butt-tired.  If anybody has sit on a bus for any length of time knows what I am talking about.
        We finally arrived at our destination.  It was to dark to see.  We did hear a lot of barking.  We were provided with supper, which we all devoured.  Then we were directed to the sleeping quarters, divided by male and female.  They locked the doors so there was no hanky panky.
      I think they drugged us.  'Cause I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

      When I awoke the next morning.  I found that the clothes I had worn the day before had disappeared, in their place was a filmy, almost transparent garment that you might call swimming trunks. When I put on the trunks as directed I notice that they were so filmy that they left nothing to imagination about my genitals.
     As we joined the girls in the meeting hall.  I noticed they were wearing the same type garment except they were wearing a two piece.   As I sat next to Barbara I couldn't help but notice seeing her nipples of her breast and the hair of her pussy.
     Then I started to worry.  I wasn't having the normal male reaction to the sight of a woman dressed like this.  I couldn't get a hard-on.  I looked around at the other guys.  I didn't see a hard-on any one of them.
      Then the lights went out and a film started.
      The film was documentary about, the war, the aftermath, the problems the survivors faced.  The film stopped when the survivors found themselves infertile.
       As the lights went.  We heard a voice saying.  "Welcome to Earth's Reproduction Center."
       A slight man in early fifties walked into the room.
       In unison twenty voices asked loudly.
       "Quiet, no more shouting.  I will answer all your questions."  He then just stood there until the room calm down.
       "To answer the important questions. It is time for the you to help repopulate the Earth.
       "Why now?  After the war, when one of the last surviving scientist found out about the infertility,  he worked the rest of his life to find a solution to the problem.   Unfortunately he found the solution only two days before his death, so he was never able to correct some of the major flaws in it.
       "One of the flaw is, during our lifetimes we are only fertile during our sixteenth year of life.  Which all of you have just started."
       "Then why are we here?  We could done the job at home.  Most of us have boy or girl friends.  We could have gotten together and had a child."
        "You could have.  Except for the other major flaw: in your present form, none of the girls can conceive.  So it would a waste of time."
        "What do you mean present form?"
        "That is the other of the major flaw in the program.  The problem is that it is the way we reproduce our species."
           "If we can't do it in this form.  What form do we have to be in to it?  That is if we want to do it at all."  Someone if in the back of the room asked.  Without turning I knew who asked.  It was Yvette.  Yvette and Libby, the character on Sabrina the Teenage Witch have something in common.  Cheerleader, if she wants something she gets it,  regardless of who gets hurt in the process..
       "Not doing it at all is not an option."
       "I don't go nothing I don't want to do."
       "You are Yvette, right?  You are going to do it, whether you want to or not.  The easy way or the hard.  But you will.
        "When the scientist developed the solution he combined the reproductive organs of a dog with that of a human.  The problem that arose was they we can only reproduce in the form of a dog.  We have the ability to transformed our bodies a few times in our lifetimes: six weeks after birth and during our sixteenth year.
      "Do you mean you will turn us into dogs," Yvette said disbelievingly.  "I won't do it and you can't make me."
       "There is nothing you can do to stop it.  Your transformation has already started.  None of you will allowed to leave this room until it has been completed."
       "NO!" screamed Yvette and few of the others, as they rushed towards the exits.  Which they found locked.  They tried to rush the speaker, which didn't out work to well.  He was protected by a invisible screen.
       "You might as well calm down and except your fate.  Every living person above the age of seventeen has been through one of these camps.  Both of your parents, brothers and sisters grand parents and great grand parents.  Including myself.  If they hadn't been through a camp, they wouldn't have been allowed to raise any children."
        "Then why don't they remember anything about it then?"  I asked.
        "Their memories have been erased as well as yours will when you leave here.  People have been working on solving this problem since it first appeared.  But so far nothing has been solved.
       "If we want to repopulate the Earth this is the only way we can do it for now,"
       "So what happens now?" asked Randy.
       "Now comes the interesting part.  Our scientist have found a way to made some improvements in the procedure.  Unfortunately some of you will hate the improvements. One of the improvements is that we are able to control the sex of the transformee.  Which means the ten boys in this group will be come dog bitches, just like the girls.  The reason we do this is we need more female than male dogs."
      "No way!  There is no way you are turning me into a bitch.  A dog yes, I will accept that, but definitely not a bitch." complained Tom.  Who was our star quarterback at school.
     "As I said before.  There is nothing you can do to stop the transformation."
     "If we are all bitches how can we reproduce?"  asked Barbara.
     "That is no problem.  The campers who will turn seventeen tomorrow will be transformed into males today.  Then they will spend the night with you.  In nine weeks 99% of you will produce a litter of four puppies.  There are some that don't conceive the first time.  We will keep trying until they do."
      "Why do we have to stay here for a whole year.  The process you talked about last only 9 weeks?"  I asked.
      "The gestation period last 9 weeks.  Then six weeks until the puppies are weaned.  Then a nine week rest break and then it starts all over again.  Each one of you will have two litters.   Then the day  before you leave you'll be allowed to father another batch of puppies."
         "What will happen to our puppies after they are weaned?"
       "After their transformation into their human form, they will be transported to a prearranged town or city.  There they will handed over to their new parents to be raised as their own, just like your parents did with you.  Then, when you are old enough, someone else puppies will given to you to raise.  That is why all of you have the same birthday."
       "Will we ever meet our own children?"
       "We hope not.  You might , but we try to arrange it so it won't happen.  Even if you could remember what happens here.  We don't keep any records of where the puppies are sent.
      "You might as well strip.  You don't have anymore need for clothes."
        To the utter shock to me and the rest of the guys present.  We didn't rise to occasion of seeing a naked girl.  I mean it just hung there.
      "Don't worry fellows.  It is only temporary.  Everything will be in working order in a year.  In a couple of moments the males dogs will allowed into the room.  Within a couple of minutes each one of you will fall to all fours.  This will be the signal to the nearest male dog to come over and mount you.  As the mating is taking place your body will be transformed into the female counterpart of the your mate.  So if you are mated by an Irish Setter .  You will before become an Irish Setter and so will be pups.  For next 24 hours you and your mate will mated an average of six times.   Don't try to pick the male.  The choices have already been made."
       As if on cue. A door off to the side opened and 20 dogs rushed ready for action.
       What happened next had to arranged.
       A scream was heard.  I looked to see who scream and found Yvette down on fours.  Before any of us could do something a male German Shepherd was on top of her.  Within second the dog's penis found its mark.  As we stood and watched Yvette's body starting sprouting gray hair.  Then her nose pushed itself from her face to become a muzzle.
     Then I heard a thud, when I looked down I found Barbara on all fours and a Rhodesian Ridgeback was about to mount her.  Within seconds the dog found the mark.  Not wanting to watch my girlfriend being fucked I turned back to Yvette.  By this time there were two German Shepherds.  By the looks of the action going on Yvette was enjoying herself.   I turned and found the star quarterback on all four about to be fucked by a French Poodle.  I found my friend Randy going hot and heavy with a Rottweiler.   The only reason I could tell it was Randy.  I saw the  dog mount Randy out of the corner of my eye.
     By this time there were just  three of us still standing.  Each of us a dog standing very close.  A Great Dane, a Collie, and standing next to me was a Golden Retriever.  If I looked closely I could see his penis standing by for action.   He didn't have long to wait.
    Unable to stop myself I fell to the floor. Two seconds later I could feel the Retriever mount me.  I could him jabbing at my butt with his penis.  He was having a little trouble finding the mark.  As he did.  I could feel the wet slickness of his penis slide into my hole.  As he started to pumped my body started to itch.  As I was being fucked.  I could feel my body changing.  It became more comfortable standing on all fours.  I could feel my tail being pushed about by the my mate.  As my tongue lengthened it hung out side my mouth.  As this was going on I was enjoying the fucking more and more.  Everytime my mate would push his penis in my hole, I would push backwards trying to make it go deeper.  My transformation was completed by the time my mate shot me full of his puppy cream, as his knot made our mating complete.

      The voice came back.  "I see the transformation of our new campers has been completed.
After your mates' knots shrinks so he can pull, your handlers will enter and transfer each happy couple to their kennel.  The males will spend the rest of the day and all night, so the they can fulfill your need to be fucked."
       Thirty minutes after the last transformation all the male's knot shrunk down enough so they be remove from me and my classmates.  Or should I say kennel mates.  As I was being led away my mind was on one thing.: how many times will my mate be up to it?   We just finished and I wanted to be fucked again.
       Over the next twenty-four hours we must have done it at least ten times.  Everytime he was up to it.  My mate was filling me up with his puppy seed.
      As I awoke from my morning nap.  I felt something odd.  I knew immediately what it was I was alone in my kennel.  But outside staring in was a teenage girl with long blonde hair.  As I looked down the aisle I could see many kids standing in front of the other kennels.
      "I just wanted to say good bye before we left.  I hope you have a wonderful time.  One word of advice.  Be kind to our puppies."
      I finally realized who this girl was.  She was my mate.  With a scratch between my ears she left.
      Years later at college I would run across her again.  In the back of my mind I knew her from place but I never could figure out from where.
      For the next three week the twenty of us just played and frolic around just having a good old time.  We meet the other dog campers.   There were over hundred and fifty dogs at the camp.  The number might vary but most of the time it stayed around 150.
     At the end of out third week at camp.  An announcement was made.  There was going to be no do overs.   Every bitch in my group was expecting.  The French Poodle (quarterback) and the German Shepard (debutante)  let out their displeasure with a long howl.
      At six weeks, I was feeling my puppies inside me.
      At eight weeks.  Walking, standing, sitting laying down were now very uncomfortable.  My tits were so full of milk.  They made doing everything uncomfortable.
     Finally the big day arrived.  I was feeling uncomfortable as always.  But today I felt different.
     When I awoke I noticed a couple of the kennels were empty.  And there were at least one handler for each dog.  The reason behind this was.  As soon as a bitch went to labor she immediately taken into the delivery room.  This was to make sure there weren't complications.
     I did notice that Barbara the Ridgeback was gone already.  As I watched Randy the  Rottweiler was moved into the delivery room.  I knew my time was coming closer.  My discomfort was growing more intense.  All of sudden my the door to my kennel opened and my handler bent down and picked me up.  I was then carried into the delivery room.
      As I was carried by the other, I noticed that Barbara had already delivered her pups, 'cause she already nursing them.  As I passed the Rottweiler I could see a  puppy coming out of Randy's birth canal.
     As was laid down the pain grew very intense.  I felt like I needed to shit but nothing I could do force the shit out.  Finally I could feel my first puppy slide out of my birth canal.  I felt like I just shitted a solid brick and my asshole was stretch out so that I would feel it for three hours.  As the first made its appearance, number two started making its way out in to the world, followed by his brother and sister.  An hour after entering the delivery room I was finished with the birthing and now I am laying here with my four pups having their first meal.  Two males and two females.  This was same as the others 2 of each.
      For the next six weeks I was a mother to my four pups.  I looked on very proudly as they developed from a new born to a weaned pup.
      It was a very sad day when they were taken away from me.
      One day they were there, the next they were gone.
     The next nine weeks went like a blur.
     Then one morning I awoke and I wasn't alone.
     With out really thinking about it.  I arose.
     Within seconds I was mounted and penetrated.
     As the lovemaking grew more intense.  I found myself enjoying it more and more.  As the male squirted his puppy seed into me.  I felt cheated.  I wanted more.
     This time wasn't like the first.  We only did the coupling three more times before my new mate left my kennel.  This time I didn't meet my new mate.  Neither did the others in my class.
      Even doing it less.  The males had done their job.  Three weeks later we were informed there would be no do overs.  All twenty of us were expecting another litter of puppies
      The next six week were a repeat of the other six week before the births.
      The only that helped this time.  Is that we knew what to expect and the deliveries were a whole lot easier.
       The only thing that didn't get easier the second time was the part of removing my puppies and sending them to their new lives.
      I think this why I think the Center has a nine week waiting periods after the removal of the puppies.  This way it gives us the mothers a time to adjust.  To having another litter or going home.

     When I awoke one morning.  I felt different in some way.  I couldn't place it, but there was something different.  When I looked over to Randy the Rotweiler next to me.  I found out what it was.
     Instead of female Rotweiler who had been neighbor with me for the last year, there stood a male Rotweiler.
     So I knew what was wrong.  During the night our sex had been changed.
     Also today was our last day at camp.
     We weren't allowed out of our kennels.
     One of handler came in and informed us.
     "You'll be allowed out right before your services are needed.  A new batch of mothers to be arrived last night.  The boss is breaking the news to them as I speak."
     A buzzer rang and the kennel doors were released.
     As we were being lead into the waiting room.  I could see a TV monitor.
     The view screen on this monitor was showing picture of new batch of mothers.
     "Attention please, Attention.  It now time for the other part of your helping repopulate the Earth.  After you done with job you'll be sent home to resume your normal lives.
      "As I call your breed please step forward and look at the monitor.  The screen will then show you the person who will become your mate.  As with the twenty of you.  They are divided equally ten males and ten females.   So we are going to do the same as we did you.  A dog who is normally a human male will assigned to a female and so forth.  Don't worry there is no one in this group that you'll should know."
     When they called Golden Retriever I stepped forward to find out who they had chosen for me.  What I found was a tall slim girl with short brown hair.  What made her stand out was. She looked scared.  I knew as her mate I would have to make care that problem.
      A minute after the last breed was called.  The door opened and were allowed to join our mates.
     As we entered the room, the new group tried to bunch together in a corner of the room.   This didn't work to well, 'cause as the first girl fell to all fours she took four steps forward.  Within second Randy the Rotweiler was on top of her.  As each of the new mother  fell to the  floor, they stepped forward to give their new mate room for the mating process.
     Finally my mate fell forward onto her hands.  I rushed forward and mounted her.   It took several tries to penetrate.  I kept jabbing and jabbing, finally I found the mark.  I could feel the tenseness of the girl as my penis slide into to her.  As I started pumping I feel the her tenseness change.  I could feel her trying to make me go deeper and deeper.
    As I shot my load of puppy seed I knew her transformation was complete.

     For the next twenty-four hours it seemed like my mate had irresistible urge to mate.  Everytime I turned around  she wanted me to fucked her.
     The next morning I was awoken by a handler, and left the kennel without disturbing my mate.
      As I entered the meeting hall.  I was transformed back to my normal human self, as were the others. We each found a wrapped package with our names on it.  We found the clothes that we had worn the year before inside the package.
      "I have very good news for all of you.  All of your puppies are doing great.
      "You may return to the kennels to say goodbye to your mates.  Don't take all day your bus leaves in fifteen minutes."
       As stood looking down at what had been my mate for the last 24 hours.  She finally woke up.  A questionable looked came over her faced as she found me standing there.
      "I just bet you are wondering who I am.  And why I am standing here.  It is simple.  We spent the last 24 hours together.  I know you did expect this and you are scared.  But don't be afraid.  There will be things you will and those thing that you won't. but the year will go by very quickly.  Soon you'll be standing here like me telling someone else not to worry
       "Take good care of our puppies."  With a scratch behind her ears I left the kennels for the last time.
       Mr. Parson meet us at the bus.
       "It is the same as before.  One stop for gas.  A lunch is provided and all the pop and snack you can eat."
      For first six hours we all talked about what we just went through.
      I kept repeating to myself.  I won't forgot.  How can I forget what I had gone through.
      Finally we fell asleep and didn't awake until the bus was pulling into our hometown.
      As I awoke I asked myself.
      Why are we returning home?
      Was there a problem?
      We were meet by our parents.
      I asked.  "What is all the excitement about?  We didn't go anywhere."
      "What are you talking about, Dean.  You have been gone for a year."
      I then tried to remember what had happen over the last year.


Its sad that they have to forget the wonderful feelings of being mounted and mated.