Fulfilling an Order

Published: Jan 1st, 2012


A new hire working at a pet store needs to fulfill an order in a most unusual way.


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Fulfilling an Order

by Jack Mack

     The day started like any normal day.
     As Dean started cleaning up around the pet shop he noticed that all but one of the cages were empty.  The only animal left was a male Rhodesian Ridgeback.
     This didn't really disturb Dean any.  Mr. Sartin's pet shop was used mostly as a pick up point.  A customer would come in and order a pet.  Like a six foot Boa Constristor.  Mr. Sartin would then have a Boa shipped to his pet shop, where the customer would then pick it up.  The reason why the Ridgeback was still here, The new owner had been called away by a family problem and he couldn't pick the dog for two more weeks.
     Dean had just started working for Mr. Sartin a week before.  He had heard about this job from his friend Billy, and when Billy quit all of sudden.  Dean applied for and got the job.  Dean had no problem taking his friends job.  Cause it is awful hard for a eighteen year-old boy to find a job after he dropout of high school and then ran away from home.  Dean just figured Billy had found something better and forgot to tell him about it.
     As Dean was cleaning up.  He could hear Mr. Sartin taking order over the phone, with wasn't unusual.
     "Did I hear you right?  You want 8 Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies."
     "Yes, I need a litter of Ridgebacks.  I need them to be as close to six weeks old as possible."  Replied the customer.
     Mr. Sartin replied.  "I might be able to help you, if you don't mind on waiting for fifteen weeks.  I can get a litter of Ridgeback right at six weeks."
     "Why fifteen weeks?"
     "I have Ridgeback bitch in heat as we speak.  I also have a male Ridgeback who waiting to be picked up by another customer.  So I will breed my bitch with the male and in nine weeks she should deliver and six weeks later.  You can have the puppies."
      "I need at least eight puppies.  If you can make sure I get then in fifteen weeks it is a deal."
      "I can't promise you eight puppies, that will be up to mother nature.  I will try to get you as many as I can.  Let me have your phone number and when I am sure the bitch is expecting I will give you a call.  When I do call will expect at least half of the payment then."
      "Do you take VISA?"
      "Yes I do, I take all major credit cards."

    "Dean, could you please come back here in the backroom?" asked Mr. Sartin.
    He should have known something wasn't right and gotten out of there as quickly as he could, but Dean did as he was told.
    As he entered he noticed it was empty. I mean there was nothing in room except four blank walls, a floor and a ceiling.  As Dean shut the door he heard a lock slide into to place, locking Dean inside the room.
     Then he heard Mr. Sartin voice asking.  "Dean did you ever wonder how I am able to fill all orders to exact request of the customer?"
     "I sure did, I just figured you knew a lot of pet shop owners who had quite few different animals available," replied Dean.
      "Actually I don't know one other pet shop owner.  I have no need to get to know them as well as them knowing me.
       "How I get the animals I need is.  I turn human beings into animals.  With all the boys and girls on the streets today I have a steady supply for my customer."
       "What do you mean?  I don't understand."
       "It is very simple.  Did you overhear the phone conversation I just had?"
       "Yes, I did.  The customer wanted eight Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies.  You didn't have them right now, but you had a Ridgeback bitch in heat.  And you'd mate her with that male Ridgeback in the other room."
      "That's right.  I don't have that bitch right now, but I will in a few minutes.  After you are done changing."
      "I still don't understand."
      "It is very simple, I am going to turn you into that Ridgeback bitch, a few minutes later your friend in the other room will come in and knock you up,"
      "You can't get away with this."
      "I can get away with this.  I have done over 50 transformation already, and no one has noticed.  You didn't care very much when your friend Billy disappeared.  All you care about was getting his old job.  Now before Billy moves on, he will do one more job for me."
      "What do you mean about Billy?"
      "I turned Billy into that Rhodesian male in the other room.  In a few minutes I will bring in here and he will mate with you.  Then in nine weeks you will produce that litter of puppies the customer wants."
      "I won't let him do that to me.  I'll fight him tooth and nail."
      "All my bitches want to fight the first time.  That is why I arranged it so there won't be a problem.   The second time you'd give yourself to your mate, you do this as many as you want.  You won't be able to help yourself.  A bitch in heat wants to be fucked, they can't help themselves.
       "I don't think Billy has long to wait."
       "Your transformation has started."  Dean then noticed a mirror suddenly appeared in the wall.  "Just in case you want to watch your transformation."
       Dean's ears felt a little different.  When he looked in the mirror, he found his had moved further up his head.  There were now shaped more like of a dog, very thin, and folded over.
      As Dean comprended this.
      He a felt a sudden urge to start running around in circles, for some weird reason.  After running around on two feet for a minute or two.  Dean suddenly fell to the floor, but he continued to run.  At first it was uncomfortable, but it got better.  As he came to a stop, Dean tried to stand up, he couldn't his legs wouldn't take his weight.  When he looked down Dean realized why.  He no longer had any arms.  He now had four legs.
     As he watched Dean's fingers curled up and became paws.  When he walked over to the mirror.  Dean felt like he had walking all fours all his life.
     When Dean arrived at the mirror he sat down.  Not like a human but as dog would when he told to sit.  Dean then noticed the next change.  His penis started shrinking, within a minutes it had disappeared.  What soon appear were four sets of two nipples running down his chest.  Dean realized then that he was now a bitch.
     All of sudden Dean had to fight an urge to scratch.  He knew if he did, he would cut himself pretty bad if he did.  As suddenly as the urge began it stopped.  Dean found out why by looking in the mirror. His whole body was now covered with light brown hair, including the darker ridge of hair that ran the opposite direction on his back..
     The next thing to change was the face.  It started out with feeling of his face stretching out.  As this was going on Dean could feel his teeth change to teeth of a dog.  All of sudden everything went black.  When Dean was able to see again,  there was no color.  Dean had lost his color vision.   As this was going on.  The rest of Dean's body become more like that of a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
     The only thing left was the tail.  Which soon made its appearance.
     All of sudden Dean started barking.  Dean tried to stop himself but couldn't.
     "I see my bitch is ready for her wedding night."
     As if on cue.  Dean stood up on all fours.  He tried to sit back down but his body wouldn't respond.  When he tried to move, he couldn't.  The door in front of Dean soon opened.  Dean then heard the click, click sound of dogs claws hitting the floor.  Dean knew it wasn't Mr. Sartin but his friend Billy the male Ridgeback.  Coming to make Dean his bitch.
    As Billy entered the room Dean noticed his cock was ready for some action.  Dean then started trying to communicate with Billy.  'Please don't do this to me.  If you don't fuck me.  Mr. Sartin might turn me back into a human.  Please! Please!'
    Mr. Sartin then said.  "Don't try to make Billy stop.  A bitch in heat makes a male dog so crazy so that him he has only thing on his mind.  To fuck the bitches brains out.  From where I stand you won't have long to wait Deanna."
    Dean watch Billy walking around him.  As the male dog walked his dog dick started to extend.   Dean could see Billy standing behind him through the mirror.  As Billy started licking Dean's vagina.  As Dean was enjoying the pleasure this was causing.  Billy suddenly stopped.  With a quick hop. Billy mounted Dean.  Dean could feel Billy dick poking at his his butt   All of sudden Billy found what he was seeking.  Dean then felt Billy's dick sliding into him.  As Billy started pushing his dick more and more into Dean.  Dean was getting and more excited.  All of a sudden Dean felt a sharp pain.  As Billy' knot made it's connection.
     Then the fun started.  Up till this time,  Dean had been frozen in place, and now he was suddenly released.   Dean was loving being fucked so much.  As Billy thrusting his dick into Dean.  Dean was pushing backwards trying to make the dick so in deeper.  All of sudden Billy started squirting his puppy seed.   Billy kept pumping and squirting and Dean enjoyed every minute of it.  A few minutes later Billy had finished his job.
     The dogs were still coupled together by the knot when Mr. Sartin entered the room.
     "With as much puppy seed Billy pumped into you Deanna.  I might as well call the customer and tell him to expect his puppies in fifteen weeks."  While Mr. Sartin was saying this.  He was putting a mussle around Dean's mouth, the a collar around his neck with a leash attached.
      Dean just stood and growled in contentment.  That knot in his butt was making him feel so good.

       After the first fuck, Dean couldn't help himself.  Dean and Billy coupled at least six times a day until Billy's owner showed up.
       When the owner learn of the female Ridgeback.  He offered to buy Dean too.
       "I can't do that right now.  Maybe after the pups are weaned."
       Over the next nine weeks, Dean could feel the pup inside, growing and moving around.  He could also see and feel his tits as they enlarged.
        Then one night when everything was quiet.  Dean felt a painful cramp. Then another, another.  Finally he felt like he needed to shit.  You know the feeling when you sitting on the throne, and the shit just won't come out.  You push and push, and when it does, you feel your hole extend so far it hurts to sit down for two hours.   As the first slides out.  The second slide alot easier, the third, fourth and so forth until Dean delivered 7 puppies.  Dean finally looked to see his puppies.  Then for unknown reason he started licking the birth fluid off each puppy.  As he finished each pup he pushed it towards one of his milk fill nipples.  Within minutes all seven puppies were having their first meal.
     When Mr. Sartin entered the kennel the next morning he asked.  "How is my little mother-to-be doing this morning?"  Upon hearing Dean growled.  He then said.   "I guess it should be.  How is my little mother doing."
      After picking up each pup and examing them.  Mr.  Sartin told  Dean.  "Deanna you did a very fine job.  I think I give you a reward when these pups are weaned."
       Dean was hoping his reward would be to become human again.
      I am sorry to say Dean was sadly mistaken.
      When Dean awoke the morning of day his puppies were to be picked up.  Dean something was out of place.  Everything look different.  Dean didn't put it together until he realized he had shrank over the night, and he was the same size as his puppies.
       Mr. Satin then explained.  "Remember when the customer placed the order.  He wanted eight puppies.  You only delivered seven.  So I decided to have you make it eight."

Another Order Fulfilled


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