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Sentence to Life Without Parole Sentence to Life Without Parole
by Jack Mack

    The headlines for the local paper read:

'The Dover St. Gang -
Will Get Their Just Desserts Today'
     "Today will bring the end to one of the most inexcusable murder in the history of our community.
     "Judge Roy Bean will sentence the six member of gang of teenage thugs known to one and all as the Dover Street gang, who just last month were convicted of the murder of Micah Weiss, who was murdered for just trying to date the sister of Phillip Bates, the leader of the Dover St. Gang.
     "After listening to both parties yesterday, Judge Bean will decide the boys punishment. The feeling around town are that these boys should be sentence to life without parole. Some people even  want them put to death.
     "The main problem with all of this is: not one of the members of the gang is older than fifteen.
     "But this reporter has found out that a deal has been worked out between the judge, the DA, the Weiss family and families of the Dover Street thugs".

      The rest of the article just went over the details of the murder: how the Dover Gang whipped Weiss into a brick wall like a professional wrestler would throw his opponent into the ropes and have them bounce back. You don't bounce off a brick wall. The Dover boys did this to Micah Weiss until he passed out. Weiss had died later in the hospital of his injuries, but not before he came to long enough to identify his attackers.
        The last sentence in the article read:
      "I just hope the Dover gang get what they deserve.  I just hate the thought of my taxes paying their room and board for the rest of their lives."

      It had been a madhouse at the courthouse since the trail had begun.  Protesters everyday: people against death penalty, those who want the judge to throw the book at the boys, and those who just the boys treated as juvenile delinquents.
      Judge Bean was one of the best judges in the state.  The judge on Picket Fences TV show must have been patterned after him.
     Jack was sitting there with his friends behind their lawyers at the defense table. Jack hadn't done any of bodily harm to Micah: all he did was borrowing his dad's car and picking Micah up and driving him over to meet the others. So Jack was guilty along with the rest of them.
     The gang's members, families, and lawyers decided it was best that all six members would stand trial together.  So if the jury decided on the death penalty, it would be death for all six not just one.
       Shortly after the judge entered the courtroom, he made announcement.
     "A deal has been worked between all parties concerned. I now need to ask all of those parties, for the record, if they agree to this deal before I pronounce the sentences.  I would like to ask only one member of each family to answer for all, please.
     "Weiss family?"
     Mr. Weiss stood and said: "My family agrees to the deal."
     One by one the defendants families were asked. "Yes I agree," were all the replies.
     "Mr.  Boles do you agree to this deal?"
     The DA stood and said: "I agree to this deal."
     "I will now ask each defendant if they agree to the deal."
     "Defendants please stand."
     As the six defendants stood. The judge looked them all over.
     Then pronounced their sentences.
     "Joe, I hereby sentence you to the juvenile facility at Woofen Florida until such time as the people at Woofen feel you may return to society. After your release you will required to meet the following conditions: you may not return to the state of California; you may not come any closer than Colorado; you'll have no contact with any member of your family... I do mean any members of your family: uncles, cousins or even in-laws of relatives. As far as your family is concerned you died at the same time as Micah Weiss."
       Judge Bean read the sentence to all the defendants.
       At the end the judge added this to the sentence:
       "If any of you attempt to contact a family member or break the three state rule, you will be picked up and transported to China Lake Facility for the rest of your life.

Note* China Lake is a prison in California where a prisoner is allowed out his cell but for 1 out of 24 hours a day.  There is no communication between prisoners.  Rules are strictly enforced.

       "If a member of any of the defendants families fails to report any contact with any of these six, the person who doesn't report will be held in contempt and will be sent to jail for thirty days and fined $10,000.  The fine and jail time will be double with each incident."
        After letting the yelling and screaming calm down in the courtroom, Judge Beam turned again to the boys.
        "Don't you let this go to your head.  You didn't get away with murder.  I know all about Woofen.  After a day or two, all of you will wish I had sent you to death row instead.
        "Bailiffs, take the prisoners away."
        A look came over the parents of the Dover Boys faces.
        "NO! You cannot say goodbye. As of five minutes ago they no longer exist."
        "Court adjourned!"
        The Dover Street boys were all smiling, except for Jack.
        The words of the judge had him worried.
        "What did he mean I would wish I was on death row, instead of being sent to Woofen?"
        Within an hour, the six members of Dover Street Gang were place into the custody of six Deputy Marshals who all looked the same: six foot four and 250 pounds of all muscle.
         The senior Deputy explained the rules.
         "If one of you try to escape, the five who don't will be sent to China Lake. The one who tries escape will be sent to death row. There will no talking among the prisoners, or between the prisoners and the guards. You will be handcuffed to a deputy at all times unless you are in your seat on the airplane: in that case, you will be handcuffed to the seat. If you need to use the bathroom, your deputy will handcuff you to any rail that is available.
        "Just a helpful warning: there are two other deputies on the plane. I am the only one who knows who they are.
        "Deputies, please show the prisoners the way we deal with simple rules infractions, five seconds should do it."
        Each prisoner felt a jolt from his handcuffs that made his body feel like it had been hit by a truck.
        "That was just an example.  Next time it will be a minute, and for each infraction the time will be doubled from the last time.  Just nod your heads if you understand this."
        Each prisoner nodded.
        "We should land at the airport in time for our flight to LA. Within an hour from landing we should be on our way to Florida. Once in Florida you will be transferred to a Lear jet and flown to your new home at Woofen."

      The Prisoners didn't arrive at Woofen until midnight.
      Not since their arrival in the courthouse had a word passed among them.
      At the gate, the deputies turned them over to the guards.
      Then the prisoners were placed in separate cells.
      "Don't worry about processing. That will be tomorrow, when the regular staff comes in." they were informed.
      At seven the next morning, a loud alarm went off.
      "Time to get up. It is the first day of your new lives. We don't want any of you miss any of it.  In a few minutes two guards will come into your cell and escort you to the clinic where you'll be processed into Woofen.  To save on time, all new prisoners will strip down to bare skin."
      Jack could hear as the others were lead out of their cells, still wondering what they had in store for him and his friends.  If he had known, Jack would have most likely have had killed himself.
       Finally it was Jack's turn.
       No words were passed between Jack and the guards.
       Jack did notice something very strange as he entered the room.
       He found three of his friends bent over at the waist with their hands and feet strapped down to the floor, arranged in a circle, except for Joe, who was positioned in the middle of the circle.
       "You see what position we want you in," one of the guards said.
       As Jack bent over, one of the guards strapped him into place.

       As the last of the Dover gang was strapped into place, a voice came over the loudspeaker.
          "I want to welcome the six of you to Woofen. Your stay here will not be very long, only about three weeks. Then you'll be transferred to your permanent home
        "What we are doing now, is taking your next step to returning to society.  But I am sorry to say the next step is the most difficult.  Most of our guest try to fight it.  But it is a no win situation for you.
        "I bet you have a lot questions.  No, you are not allowed to ask any question.  Those straps on your hand and feet have the same capabilities as those handcuffs you wore yesterday.
        "Let me explain.  Woofen is not a prison or a reformatory: it is a place that was set up to handle convicted teenage killers that the court system feels that there is no way to fit back into society.  So Woofen was set to help teenage killers return to society, with a few changes.
           "In a few moments your roommates will enter and an introduce themselves..  Then the twelve of you will be allowed to go to breakfast."
         A minute later Jack could hear a door opening. Then a dog appeared, a French Poodle.
        "That's right, your roommate is a dog.  I should say, your mate is a dog.  In a few moments the Poodle will take Joe as his mate. We have new mates for all of you."
        As the poodle started to move around to Joe's back.  Joe was screaming.   "Please don't do this! Please!"
        "The dog can't help himself.  With help from us and Mother nature, very shortly he will claim you as his.  In a few minutes,  Joe, it won't matter to you if he is a dog or not."
        Jack stared and watched as the dog penetrated Joe.
        Then an utter look of shock came over the faces of the five. As they watch their friend being fucked by a dog., they could see hair start to sprout from Joe body from places where it shouldn't.  What was more surprising was that the hair was trim just a poodle's.  As they watched, Joe's nose extended out so it matched the nose of his mate.  As they watched, they didn't notice that Joe no longer had two arm and two legs: he had four legs. A minute later, in place of Joe and a dog., there stood two dogs going at it hot and heavy.  What made it worse, was that the five boys could now tell that Joe was a bitch.
       While they were watching the action in front of them, they didn't notice the entry of another dog.  The first one to notice was Phillip.  The reason he noticed was that the dog started licking Phillip's butt.
       Jack turned to look over at his friend when he heard: "Please don't do this to me!  I don't want to be a dog bitch!"
       The German Shepherd wasn't listening.  Before Phillip could say another word, the Shepherd mounted and penetrated him.
      As it happened with Joe, Phillip's body started transforming to match his mate's.
      As Jack watched this transformation, three more male dogs entered and started taking care of the other members of the Dover Street gang.
      Jack started thinking to himself: "They finally realized I just drove the car."  That was until Jack felt a sandpapery tongue licking his butt.  Jack was able to turn just a hair to see what breed of dog his mate was: a Golden Retriever.
      Jack tried to clamp his buns shut as the Retriever mounted him.  It didn't help.  The dog's penis found it mark.
      As the dog's wet slick penis slid into Jack butt, Jack accepted the inevitable: there was nothing he could do, so he might as well accept it.  So Jack pushed his butt backwards so the dog's penis could all the way in.
      Jack could feel his body start to itch as it sprouted his dog hair. Jack was feeling more comfortable on all fours as his arms turned into legs. He almost bit his tongue with his new teeth, as his face extended out. After a bit the only discomfort Jack felt, was because of his tai, that was being crushed by the male dog every time he shoved his penis into Jack the Golden Retriever bitch.
      Then the male made his final push.  He started pumping his puppy seed into Jack.
      The voice came on.
      "Don't worry ladies. You and your mate will be together for the next couple of days. So, whenever you want it, he'll give you a good fucking. Don't say you won't: when a bitch is in heat, she wants to be fucked as many times as the male can do it.
       "Then, in a couple weeks we will find out if they did their jobs by making you expecting mothers."
      A couple of weeks later...
      "I have good news for all of you. You're all expecting,  and tomorrow we will be transferring you to your new homes.
      "I know you will enjoy your new homes.  They are in California.  And you will know your new owners. They used to be your parents."
      The six dogs let out a howl.
      "Don't worry, they won't know it is you. You will not be able to tell them, either. You will see and know what is going on around you, but you won't be able to do anything about. All your actions will be those of a dog.
      "Remember what the judge said at your sentencing? You'll be released from Woofen when we decide you are ready.  We at Woofen feel that, when a teenager takes another life like the six of you have done, there is no way we can safely return you to society.
   "So you are all sentence to live the rest of your lives as dog bitches."

      The Dover Street Gang thought they had away with murder.
     They didn't.
     One way or the other system will catch up with you.


A fitting revenge story.