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Grandmother Dearest - Jack Mack Grandmother Dearest
by Jack Mack

      Matilda, the unknown witch of Wilson, was happy as a lark. That very afternoon she had received an invitation to her favorite niece's wedding.  This had made Matilda very happy.
      Jennifer, her niece, hadn't lived a pleasant life: she had been raped, when she was fifteen, by an unknown person.  Even Matilda with all her of magic could not find who committed the rape. Jennifer had spent a year in a mental hospital; even after that, Jennifer occasionally woke up screaming.  Finally, over the last year, everything started to come back together.
     Now this.  Nobody could be happier than Matilda.
     Everything was proceeding perfectly: Jennifer's bridal gown and the bridesmaids outfits were ready to be picked up, the church was open on the requested date, the local motel and hotels had enough room available for the out-of-town guests, as long as a nonrefundable deposit had been placed on them.

    Then came that fateful Saturday, a week before the wedding.
    The day started with Jennifer receiving two letters in the mail.  One from her fiancé and the other from her future grandmother-in-law.
    Jennifer opened her future grandmother's letter first.

Dear Jennifer:
        I am sorry  to tell you this.  But I cannot let you marry into my family.  I will do everything possible to stop this marriage.

      The old bat wouldn't even sign her name.
      "That's okay.  John will tell that old bat to stuff her money up her ass,"  Jennifer thought.
      Jennifer the opened John's letter.

Dear Jen:
        I am sorry but I can't go through with our marriage.  My grandmother has decided that you are unacceptable for family.  She had told me if I were to marry you I would disinherited.  I can't give up my lifestyle.
       I hope for your forgiveness.  I hope that you eventually fine someone who will love you.
                                                                                                             I am sorry

       Jennifer's roommate found her dead body three hours later.  In the bathroom tub.  With her arms slit lengthwise.  Jennifer had killed herself.
       No suicide note was ever found, though they did find the two letters covered with Jennifer's blood.
       At Jennifer's graveside, Matilda swore she would make John and his family pay for what they did.
       John didn't even have the decency to show up for the funeral.

      The opportunity for revenge didn't take place for a couple of years, not until another wedding was announced between John and another rich spoiled socialite.  Unfortunately for them, Matilda was mad at the bride's family as well as at the groom's.
     The bride's family had just closed a plant that laid off 500 people.  Just because they weren't making enough money from it, and for tax purposes.

     Matilda didn't show up until the wedding reception was in full swing.
     Nobody remembered inviting her, but no one made her leave.
     Within an hour the party was over.  The only guests left were the two immediate family members.  Even the band left, leaving their instruments.  The kitchen staff was told to come back later and clean up.

     "Now let the fun begin," shouted Matilda.
     "Hey! Where is everybody?" asked grandmother Charlotte.  "And who the heck are you?"
      "My name is Matilda, and I am your worst nightmare."
      "Matilda who?  I don't know any Matilda?"
      "I am Jennifer's aunt.  The girl that you thought wasn't good enough for your family."
      "She proved my point by killing herself."
      "She only killed herself after you and your grandson wrote those letters to her."
      "There is nothing you can do about it."
      "OH, YES, THERE IS!!!!"
      Matilda started twirling in circle for for thirteen times.
      As Matilda finished her twirling.  Charlotte fell to the floor ripping her dress lengthwise in the process.  Also ripped were Charlotte bra and slip.  As Charlotte rolled onto her side, both families could not help but  notice the rows of nipples running down her chest to her waist.  As they watched, the nipples enlarged to size of those of a sow that had just given birth.
     "I have checked and found both parties in this marriage are snobbish pig.  So I have decided to have your bodies should match your life styles."
      "NO!!! Please don't do this!"
      "I won't do it, but you will.."
      "What do you mean?"
      "It is simple.  I only had to change you.  When the other drink of your milk they will be transformed into the swine they are."
      "I won't do it!"
      "Oh yes you will.  You forget:  what Grandma Charlotte wants Grandma Charlotte gets.
      "With the help of hypnosis, you will call each of the people in this room over to have a chance to suck on you.  You can't help yourself from calling and they cannot stop themselves from coming over.
       "John will come here and bring your bride over, please."
       "Please not them.  Let the bride and groom go, please."
       "John chose his life style over Jennifer.  So I hope he likes his choice now."
       When John and his bride reach his grandmother they fell to floor and put their months on a teat and started sucking.
        After four minutes everyone heard a ripping sound as John's pants ripped to reveal his curly tail.  Looking at the butt of the bride everyone could see her dress was now hiding her curly tail as well.
         After five minutes, John and his bride got up from the floor.
         Charlotte then said, "now, thank your grandmother."
         They replied in unison.  "Oink, Oink."
         This wasn't the only change to be noticed.  Both of them had pig's snouts instead of noses,  their middle and rings fingers were fused together and the their ears were now pointed and folded over.  No other changes were made. Not quite yet.
        Next came John's parents, followed by the bride's.  The process repeated itself.  Matilda had made sure everyone realized what was going on but they couldn't do anything to stop it.
        At six minutes a couple, the process took almost two hours to complete.

        When Matilda reentered the room, she was greeted by a chorus of oinks, grunts and squeals.
        "I see Grandma finished her job.  Now it's time for the rest of your transformation.  Some of you will not like the final step: my friend the farmer only needs two boars, so I have decided that the youngest males in the room will be the boars.  The rest of you will become sows."
        Then there was a ripping sound as the clothes of the wedding party were ripped from their bodies.
        The transformations then started in earnest.  One by one the guests started falling to the floor as their two legs wouldn't support their new weight.  As they tried to stand, their arms became legs and shortened in length.  Without much notice each member of the party put on at least 200 pounds, mostly on their hips and stomach area.  Within five minutes there were no traces left of a human feature in the wedding party, except for one: they each still had their human heads.
      Matilda came back into the room.  After looking over the wedding party.  "Your final step in your transformation will take place now, when each one of you sows are bred.  I think that the bride and groom should have the pleasure of going first again, don't you agree?"
      So the two boars mounted the bride and groom.  After a few minutes the boars shot their load and John's and the bride's transformation was complete.  Then the boars started to take care of the rest of the sows in the room, leaving Charlotte for the last.
        As the swine were being loaded onto trucks that would ship them to their new homes, Matilda informed them: "For those of you thinking that they will be pork chops.  Don't worry.  My friend wants to start his pig farm and doesn't plan to slaughter any pig for at least two years."


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