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The Government Program - Jack Mack

The Government Program
by Jack Mack

    Shortly after my thirteenth birthday I found out I was part of a very secret government program.

    It all started when I noticed some unusual changes in my lifestyle.  At first I thought it was just my biological clock kicking in and telling my body it was time for me to start on the path from a child to a man.

    The first thing I noticed was the way I like my meat cooked.  As far back as I could remember I liked my meat well done.  But lately I wanted my meat rare, and the rarer the better, almost raw.

    Then I noticed instead of drinking my water out of a glass like a normal person I would take it in a bowl and lap it up like a dog.

    The next thing was the most confusing thing of all.   At times I preferred to walk on all fours, for no reason at all.  Just because I wanted to, and for some reason it felt natural.

    When I asked my parents about all this they said,  "Dean, it is just a phase you are going through."

    That night I eavesdropped on a phone conversation between my dad and someone else.

    "Ralph.  Dean has started to show the signs you told us to watch out for."

    "I know Bob.  Five of the other parents have called and reported the same thing."

    "So what are we going to do about it?" asked my dad.

    "It looks like the experiment has started to fail.  I think we need to bring Dean and the others back to the compound and see how far it has failed.  Maybe it just a phase or maybe it is just a sign they are growing up."


    "I will contact the other parents.  We should be able to picked the kids sometime tomorrow morning."

    A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door.

    "Dean, may I come in.  I know you were listening to the phone conversation I just had."

    "Come in, dad."

    He came and sat down next to me on my bed.

    "Dad, what is going on?  Who were you talking to on the phone?  Why am I being sent to this compound?"

    "I was talking to Ralph.  He works for the government."

    "Why is the government interested about me?"

    "Your mom and I have always told you you were adopted.  We were never told how we came to adopt you.  It was the government that arranged for us to become your parents.  All they asked of us was to have you examined by one of their doctors once a year."

     "Those were my once a year visits to Doctor Wallace's, right."

     "Yes!  The other thing was to report any strange behaviors."

     "The strange things that are happening to me, right."

     "Yes,  tomorrow morning the government will come and pick you up and the others."

     "The Others?"

     "Yes, the others.  There are eight of you that the government gave us to raise."

     "Will I know any of them?"

     "Most likely.  Everybody lives here in town.  Dean, you are taking this quite well."

     "I am a little shell shocked.  But I want to find out why these things are happening to me."

     "All I want you to remember is your mom and I will still love you regardless of what happens."

     "I know that."

     The next morning I walked into the kitchen on all fours.  When I ate my breakfast cereal I didn't use a spoon.  I just stuck my face into the bowl and lapped it up like a dog.  My parents acted like nothing happened.

     About an hour after breakfast a mini bus stopped in the driveway.  I knew without asking.  The bus was for me.

     "Dean your ride is here," my mom said as she knocked on my bedroom door.  "Dean, please try to walk to the bus on two feet.  It would look kind of strange to our neighbors if you don't."

     I walked into the living room on all fours; I didn't worry about doing it in front of the driver, he already knew that something strange had happened to me.

     "I would like you to meet Ralph, Dean.  I told you about him last night."

     "Nice to meet you Dean."

     "Same here.  I hope you can tell me what is going on with me.  Why do I like walking on all fours for instance."

     "Later, all I want you to do now is get on the bus."

     As I climbed onto the bus I noticed two other boys already present.  My best friend Bob, and Ben, who I only knew in passing.

     Ben had been the superstar of the town little league baseball team.  Ben acted like he was god's gift to baseball.  His ego only matched his parents ego.  I have heard they have already had made reservation in Cooperstown for Ben's induction into the Baseball's Hall of Fame, five years after Ben's retirement from Major League baseball.

    Both Bob and I had played little league.  But the only reason we got into a game was the league rule of every player on a team must play in each game.

     There were no seats on the mini bus except for the drivers.  That bothered me.  But what  bothered me more was the way Ben and Bob were sitting on the floor.  They were sitting like a dog does when he is told to sit.  Around each of their necks was a dog collar with a leash which was tied to a ring attached to the side of the bus.  What's more they were both panting like a dog would.

     Before I could say a word I felt something being put around my neck.  It was a dog collar with a leash attached to the wall of the bus.  "Have a seat Dean, by the time we pick up the next person.  You'll be acting just like Bob and Ben."

    True to his word.  By the time we stopped at the next house the three boys were sitting there acting like dogs.  I tried to stop myself but there was nothing I could do.

    Vanessa was the next person on the bus.  Vanessa was the most popular girl in school, for she had started her womanly development quite early in life.  By the time she was thirteen her body could pass for that a twenty year old woman who could be rated a ten on a 1 to 10 scale.

    To my amazement she joined us on the floor.  By the next stop, there were four teenagers acting like dogs on the bus.

    There were eight of us leashed to the side of the bus when Ralph finally headed to the Government compound.  I  knew everybody, a couple I had gone to school with; the others I knew from other activities.  The only thing we had in common was that we were all sitting there on a bus acting like dogs.

    At the compound, the eight of us were left tied as Ralph got off the bus.  I tried to communicate with the others but nothing came out of my mouth.  When the others tried to talk, nothing came out of their mouths.

    A few minutes later Ralph was back.  With some other people who put a ramp up so we wouldn't have to use the stairs getting off the bus.

    Then Ralph's helpers climbed onto the bus and started to release us one at a time.  Not from the collar but my from the wall of the bus.  As each of the handlers released a leashes.  Then they would say, "heel."

    When it came my turn.   I walked off the bus just like a dog would do with his master.

     I was lead to a room where I found the others had already been placed.  The leash was removed from my collar as I was left in the room.

     I decided to lay down.  But before I did.  I turned around in circles three times like a dog chasing his tail.

    A few minutes later, a voice I recognized as that of Dr. Wallace came over a loud speaker.

    "I am sorry to see all of you here and acting the way you are.  It means the experiment from thirteen years-ago didn't work.  It also means those conducted the following years didn't work either.

    "I bet you all are wondering what I am talking about?"  He waited a minute or so before saying anymore.

    "Thirteen years ago the eight of you were part of a secret government experiment.  The signs  you are now showing are part of that experiment."  Pausing he dropped another bomb shell.

    "The eight of you are brothers and sisters.  That is right the eight of you have the same mother and father."

     Pausing to let this news set in the eight of us had stood up and were all trying to say something there was only silence.

    "Your father is dead, but your mother is still alive.  Would you like to meet her?"  Unable to speak we did the next best thing, we shook our heads up and down.

    "Don't be surprised by her appearance.  She is starting to show her age."

    A German Shepard was let into the room.

    "This is Molly, your mother."

    We must have still had the ability to faint, all I knew was that I passed out.

    I was awoken by someone licking my face.  When I opened my eyes I found Molly licking my face.  Without hesitation I started licking back.

    "I see that all of you are over the shock of finding out that your mom is a dog.  Let me explain.

    "Thirteen years ago the eight of you were born to Molly.  Yes, originally you were all puppies. You were part of a government experiment.  Turning puppies into babies.  The eight of you were the first batch of puppies.

    "For the last thirteen years everything went along normally.  Until you started showing signs of  your birthright.

    "We do not know how far each of you will regress.  It is all new to us.  So until the changes stop.  The eight of you will live here in the compound.

    "I am also sorry to say, we will be doing nothing to help you return to your old life.  The program that you were part of  has been discontinued.  This happened right after the President found out what we were doing.  We have setup a program for those children that were part of the experiment, like you.

     "Also don't be mad at your parents.  They knew you were all special but they were never told the whole truth.

    "Now each of you will be taken to your kennel."

    As Dr. Wallace finished.  I did something perfectly natural for my birthright; I lifted my hind leg and peed.  It didn't matter if I was still fully dressed, by now the only  thing human about me was my body.  Everything else was canine.  I couldn't stand on two legs if I had wanted to.

    The first thing the handler did upon entering the kennel area  was remove all of our clothing.

    As I stood there wondering what was going to happen next I heard a sniffing sound.  When I turned around I found Vanessa had been trying to sniff my butt.  She then offered her butt for me to sniff.  I did so with pleasure.

    I did  notice something different about Vanessa as I sniffed.  She still had her breasts, but instead of a single pair of nipples Vanessa now had eight running down her belly in lines of four.  I hadn't noticed but my penis didn't hang down anymore, it was now encased like a dog's.

    With all the excitement I needed a nap.  So I made three circle, laid down and fell asleep.

    When I awoke I felt a new sensation.  I had a tail.  It was perfect in size for an adult German Shepard.  Looking in the kennels next to me I could see my brothers and sisters also had their tails.

    When the handlers put out my food bowl and refreshed my water I stood there watching, waging my tail in appreciation.  As he left he scratched my head; boy did it feel good.

    An hour later the handlers were back.  The first thing they did was put gloves on our hands and feet.   They were still human in form.  We were then taken out for some exercise.  What a sight we made.  I wonder what the headline would have read if someone had taken a picture of eight kids running around like dogs.

   When the gloves were removed we was found we would no longer need to wear them; my hands and feet were now paws.  Along with the paws, my arms had turned to legs and my hind legs turned into something more appropriate for a dog.

    The only parts of me left that were anything human like were my face and body.  As I lapped up some water I could feel my teeth changing into canine teeth.  I knew without looking at the others.  My face was now that of a German Shepard.

    My body was then racked in pain.  It felt like my insides were turning inside out.  The pain lasted for five minutes.  When the pain was over, there were eight hairless German Shepards in the kennels.

    The hairlessness didn't last very long.  The itching started and wouldn't stop.  I knew better than to scratch.  If I did, I knew I would have really cut myself with my claws.  Finally the itching stopped.

     For three days the eight of us lived in the kennels waiting for the decision to be made about us.  We were told later that the decision had gone all the way to President for the final decision.

    On our fourth day at the Compound we heard  Dr. Wallace's voice for the first time since our arrival.  "I would like to announce some good news for the eight of you.  You've all been adopted into good families.  These families know the truth and I mean the whole truth.  In three days they will be here to pick you up and take you home."

    I was wondering why so long of wait when Dr. Wallace said, "I am sorry."

    The next thing I remember is waking up with a sharp pain between my hind legs.

    "I am sorry," Doc Wallace said again.  "By presidential order the eight of you were neutered and spade.  His decision was based on the fact we couldn't take a chance of any of you having offspring."

    We let our feeling known about this decision.  Our handlers wouldn't even open the kennel doors they were so worried we would try to bite them.  They had very good reason to worry, that was exactly what I had in mind.

    When the day of our departure arrived.  We were still very upset.

    What really upset us more were thr adopting families.

     For each of us, they were our human parents.

     When I tried to bark my displeasure my dad cut me off.

     "Dean, remember the last night.  I told you that your mom and I would love you regardless of what happened.  This isn't what we had planned, but when we were asked to adopt you back as a dog, they didn't have to ask twice.  None the other parents had to be asked twice."

     "We promise to raise you very specially, Dean.  No outdoor doghouses, exercise every day, and all the chew toys you can handle," my mom said.

     I lifted my hind leg to show them what had happened to me.

     "Yes we know about that.  After we were asked to adopt you, the President called us, not an aide, but the President himself.  He informed us of his decision and the reason behind it.   There was no way of predicting how any of your offspring would turn out.  So he decided not to take any chances."

   I soon left with my parents. All the way home I had my head out the window taking in all the new smells.

    I was a very happy dog the rest of my life.  My parents didn't spoil me like Mrs. Drysdale's Claude on the Beverly Hillbillies; they just made sure I was one happy dog.


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