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Camp Goodtime - Jack Mack

Camp Goodtime
by Jack Mack

     I was like most teenage boys.
     I had hormone problems. I wanted to get into my girlfriend's pants so bad I would do almost anything to accomplish this and take any chance.
     Finally one night Betsy, my girlfriend, agreed to go all the way with me. She had a couple of conditions: the dirty deed had to be done in my own bed. No back seats. No blanket on the beach. No motels.
    It took two months but finally my parents were going out for the evening and my brother and sister had sleep over at a friends house.
    I was within seconds of entering Betsy's love canal when my parents walked into my room.
    I shot my load of cum right there in front of my parents.  I never made it to my final goal.
    Turning towards my parents.  "Mom, dad I can explain."
    "No you can't. There is nothing you can say or do to explain what we found here. You know how we feel about sex before marriage. So what happens the first night we comfortable about leaving you alone by yourself? You disgrace yourself and us by taking your girlfriend to bed."
     Turning towards Betsy: "Get dressed and get your ass home. Don't think you are getting away with anything. I will be talking to your parents before you reach the front door.
     "As for you Dean. I want you to stay in your room. I want you to think over what you have done. In the morning I will tell you what your punishment will be."
    Anybody who has spent the night waiting to find out what punishment was going to be handed out in the morning, knows what I had to go through that night.
    Tossing and turning. My parents didn't help in any way. They cut the power to my room, so no computer or a light to read by. All I could do was lay there staring at the ceiling.

    My punishment was not what I expected.
    "Dean we have decided to send you to Camp Goodtime."
    "Camp Goodtime?"
    "Camp Goodtime is a place that helps teenagers that can't control their hormonal urges. Betsy and you are both are being sent to camp."
     "What is so good about this camp?" I asked.
     "It's a place that will help control your urge for sex.  It helped me when I was your age. You see, I know what I am talking about.  There are some children that need more help with their sexual problem than others. Camp Goodtime was set up for that purpose."
     "How long is this camp?"
     "Six days. You leave here this coming Monday and return Saturday night.  Until you are picked up, you are grounded. You won't be allowed out of your room unless you need to use the bathroom. No TV or computer. Your brother and sister have extended their sleepover until after you have left. There will be no communication between you and your mom or I. Your meals will be set in front of your door at 8am, 1pm and 6pm."
     "So I get punishment and then a reward."
     "Camp Goodtime is not a reward. I still have nightmares from my time at camp. It is a place of last resort. What goes on there is not nice and you'll wish you had never been born.  But don't feel alone.  There will be ten other teenagers going with you and Betsy."
     "How does this Camp Goodtime take away the problem?"
     "The threat of having to go back there was enough for me. Now off to your room. Your mom and I will see you when you get back."

    For the rest of the weekend it was just like my dad said. They even took away all of  my reading material. I did hear my parents tell someone who called that I wasn't home and wouldn't be back until Saturday next week. It was so bad. One time, on one of my trips to the bathroom, my mom ducked into another room so that she couldn't see me.
    Finally Monday morning arrived. My breakfast was delivered at 7. I found a note on the tray, the first communication I had with my folks since Saturday morning
    It read:
    "Camp Goodtime bus will here at 8. All you will need is the clothes on your back."
    Nothing else.
    Exactly at 8, a bus showed up at my front door  There was no mistaking who it was for. In big black letters on its side it read.

                                            CAMP GOODTIME.

   There were seven other teenagers on the bus including Betsy. I knew most of the others in passing.  None of them I would considered as a friend. It was the same with the next two campers to be picked up. The eleventh camper came to me as a complete shock.  It was Jackie, my best friend E. F.'s girlfriend. My friend would rather use his initials than his given name., Ebenezer, or Fagan.  His parents at the time read a lot Charles Dickens.
     "Hey EF, do you know anything about this Camp Goodtime?" I asked him after he got on the bus.
     "No,"  he replied.  "All I know I was caught in bed with Jackie Saturday night. The next morning my dad told me I was coming to Goodtime.  Then made my life miserable for the 24 hours."
     "Lucky you.  It was Friday night for me and Betsy, so I had 48 hours of the I-wasn't-there treatment."
      None of the other kids knew nothing of the camp. They all had been caught in the act as I had.
      We couldn't see out of the windows of the bus, so we didn't know where we were going. We didn't know how the ride was, 'cause we all fell asleep during the trip. What woke us up was the driver announcing that we had arrived at Camp Goodtime.
     As we got off the bus we all noticed four dogs, two males and two females. They were the act of fucking each other.  Most dogs enjoy this activity, but these four certainly did not.
     The twelve of us entered a room with no windows, just another door. This door didn't look big enough for anybody to walk through.  It was big for someone to walk through on all fours.
     "I want to welcome you all to Camp Goodtime."  A voice said over a load speaker.  "the twelve of you have sent here for breaking the law of no sex between people that are not married. This law was passed when the population had gotten so out control. The government had to step in and do something about it. This camp was set up to help those who can not control their hormonal urges."
     "So what are you going to do stop us?" I asked scracastily.
     "We are going to let you have all the sex you want."
     "All the sex we want!" said EF.  "There has to be a catch to it."
     "There is. You have to do it the way we want you to do it."
     "What way is that?  Roman way, orgies with the twelve of us all together."  Jackie asked with a wide grin on her face.
     "No!" said the voice.  "Did all of you notice the four dogs as you got off the bus?"
     "Yes we did.  They were the act of making puppies."
     "That is the way you are going to do it."
     "What do you mean?"
     "That four were part of last week group of campers.  They were held over for breaking some of the camp rules."
      "WHAT!!! "  The twelve of us screamed, when it finally dawned on us what had just been said.
      "That is right. In a few minutes all of you will be transformed into a dog.  Then for the next six days you can have all the sex you want."
      We tried to rush to the door we had entered.  It was locked.
      "There is nothing you can do to stop the transformation. I would suggest all of you strip naked."
       None of us moved to remove our clothing.
       "If you don't start removing your clothes in one minute, we will add another day to stay at camp."
       Fearing another day at camp, within two minutes there were twelve naked teenagers in the room.  We could see that the transformation had already started.  The six girls had hair between their breast.  I had more hair on my chest than normal. This hair didn't look like you would find on a chest of a normal man. It looked more like you would find on a poodle.
      When we tried to object. All that came out of our mouths was, "WOOF!"
      "Let tell you more about the fun and games for the next six days. All bitches are in heat all week.  This is so there won't be a problem when one of males need to fuck you. Don't you males think you will be having all the fun. Each of you will be spending half of your time at as a male and the other half as a bitch. Don't worry about puppies. There won't be any."
     As this speech was going on the hair was spreading.  It now ran down from the throat to our privates. I had also noticed a pain coming from my tailbone. When I found we all had tail with a pom-pom at the end of it, like you would find, again, on a poodle.
     "Just for your information: the twelve of you are going to be Teri-poos."
     By now the hair covered our whole bodies. They were brown. black and gray in color. Unable to stand anymore I fell to the floor. As I fell my arms turned into legs and hand and feet turned to paws.  My sense of smell increased as I smelled a bitch in heat.  It caused my love pole to hang out like a foot in length.
     "One more thing before I let your transformation be completed. During the week, you will be able communicate with each other, but no one else."
     By now I had a face of a dog. The last final step then took place. Our bodies had to shrink down to about twenty pounds and about 15 inches in height. As they did so our bones change from that of a human to that of a dog.
    Within a minute there were twelve Teri-poos in the room.

    The smell of a bitch in heat was driving me crazy, but my common sense prevail. I figured I had better wait until I was told I was allowed to fuck one of those bitches.
    "At least the twelve of you aren't as stupid as you look. This is the only time you will have to be told to start the fun and games.
    "You may begin."
    I had tried to remember what Betsy looked like so I could get her first, but my need was to great and I climb onto the back the first bitch I could reach.  As I entered the love canal, she let out a scream and I realized I had gotten Jackie instead.
    I could hear in my mind Jackie screaming.  "Put that doggie dick in me. I want that dick."
    "Your wish is my command," I said. Jackie let out another scream as my knot made connection.
     For a solid hour we twelve dogs fucked. The bitches were all begging for more. At the hour mark my knot shrunk down enough for it to slip out of Jackie's love canal. Within a minute the other couples had uncoupled.
    A door of which we had found locked opened.  "As I call your names please enter.  #1 Barbara, #2 Richard, #3 Betsy, #4 Dean," and so forth we were called.  Jackie was #11 and EF was #12..
       As we entered the room a dog collar with a dog tag with our assigned number was placed around our necks.
     For the first time we all got a look at the board.  It had our names and numbers.  On one side on the top it had a M and the other  side a F.  All the males were marked under M. "The board is to help each of you know what the others are for that day."
     Exactly fifteen minutes after uncoupling, I had the urgent need to fuck again.  This time I didn't care which bitch I fuck I just needed one and I needed it right then.  I did get Betsy this time.   All she said during the whole hour was:  "More, More."
    That is how the rest of the day went. One hour of fucking. Then fifteen minutes of rest then fucking again. There was nothing we could do. I tried one time not climb on the back of a bitch. It hurt so much,  it took only a minute before I was on top.
    Finally at 9pm were allowed to stop.  The twelve of us collapsed where we stood.

    The alarm went off at 6 the next morning.
    Right away I noticed or should I say felt some changes had been made.
    What I felt was someone climbing on my back and putting their love pole into my love canal.
    "You got me first yesterday.  So I am claiming your cherry as mine today,"  Jackie said.
    I didn't care who was doing it to me.  I just wanted them to do it.
    At the first rest period I looked at the board. All the males had the letter F marked by their names. So I knew it was payback time for the bitches.
    The bitches from yesterday told great pleasure having the roles reversed. The need to have sex didn't play favorites. Just like yesterday, we fucked for an hour then a fifteen minute and then the need for sex took over all over again.
    By the time 9 o'clock rolled around I had had enough sex to last me for ten years. Unfortunately I still had three and half more days left.
    The next morning, again I was a bitch. EF was my first lover of the day. All during our session he kept repeating. "How do you like it, Dean? How do you like it?"

    By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, the twelve of us were so sick of sex there was no way we would ever want to return to Camp Goodtime.
    After the love session after that ended after noon the twelve of us dogs fell asleep. When we awoke two hours later, we were back in our human form.
    "You may get dressed.  The bus will leave in fifteen minutes."
    Not wanting to miss the bus, it took only two minutes for all us to get completely dressed.
    "Two thing before you leave. For you boys: you will have a problem getting a hard on for the next month. This is a carryover side effect to your stay.  After a month everything should be back to normal.  Second, do we need to reserve another spot at Camp Goodtime for any of you?"
    "NO!" we all screamed.
    When I got home...
    "I don't want to talk about it. I will say only one thing. If you are again sent to Camp Goodtime.  It will be for a solid month." That was that my dad said in the matter.
     You should seen or heard all the fights I had with my younger brother, everytime I frustrated his attempts to take his girlfriend to bed.


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