A Wolf For A Year

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Part I


I had never been this far into Fairy before. When magic had returned to the world, and technology had become chancy at best, it had been considered a death sentence to walk into the more magical areas.

But I knew the outdoors well, and I had my trusty compound bow, and I wasn't afraid of the fey, tricky though they might be to deal with – I kept a pouch full of glass beads to trade with them, should I ever encounter any.

I was mostly looking for four-leaf clovers, and perhaps magic mushrooms or a magical stream whose water I could bottle and sell. So it was a surprise when I found the tower.

I watched it for awhile: old stones covered with moss, about thirty feet high, with a single wooden door at the base and a few shuttered windows. It seemed empty.

Intrigued, I walked up to the door and opened it. Inside, the tower was lined with book shelves, and had a reading table and chair off to one side. On the far side was a staircase winding up.

I walked across the room towards the stairs, only to find my path blocked by some kind of invisible force as I almost reached them. What the hell?, I thought.

I looked around me, and realized I was standing in some kind of magic circle drawn with salt.

I tried to break out of it, but the arcane force it produced repelled me each time.

I tried calling for help. “Hello, is anyone here?”

After a few minutes an old man in a robe came down the stairs, looking at me.

“Ah, an intruder!”, he said.

“Hey, I'm not an intruder. I was just looking around....”

“I am the wizard Amnon, and you have intruded onto my domain”, he said.

A wizard? Really? “I didn't mean to”, I replied.

“Hmmm...”, muttered the wizard, “How shall I punish you?”

“Punish me?”, I sputtered.

“I know”, said the wizard, “I'll let the Ritual of Wonder decide.”

Then the wizard began walking around the magic circle, chanting in a guttural tone.

Suddenly, I felt my flesh tingling, and hairs began to grow on me – white and dark hairs. They ran up my legs, onto my belly, and down my arms. My face became hairy.

My nose turned black, and my face started to push forward. My ears felt funny.

“What's happening to me!”, I cried.

But the wizard only continued to chant and pace the circle.

And the hair continued to grow, becoming almost fur-like. Then I felt a tiny tail start to protrude from my backside. My ears grew pointed and furry, my mouth still pushing out into a muzzle. And now my teeth where growing.

I dropped my pack and took my shirt off, starring down at myself. Beneath my fur, eight nipples had sprouted on my chest and belly, in double columns of four, like a dogs nipples.

The wizard, he was transforming me! But into what?!

My hands where becoming paw-like, my nails turned into claws, and I realized if I was becoming anything, it was probably a wolf!

“Rooo!”, I managed through my changing mouth/muzzle. “Ri don't rant to re a rolf!”

Then I started to shrink, and my pants and underwear dropped to my feet.

I stared down at myself again, and noticed another change that was even more distressing: my penis was shrinking, and it felt like my balls where being pulled into my underbelly.

I grabbed my penis in my paw-hands, and it shrank between my fingers, up into my groin.

I stared at my groin, my penis almost gone. Then I felt my balls pulling up into me and my ball-sack split apart into a pair of pussy lips, as a labia formed around the remains of my penis, and my now tiny penis became a clitoris.

“Roh my Rod!”, I managed, my voice cracking like a teenagers. “Ri'm rurning into a rirl!”

Then I felt a hole open between the lips of my new pussy, and it started to stretch up into me as my balls pulled deeper into my underbelly: I was growing a vagina! And it kept growing up into me until it blossomed into a womb at its top, and my balls became ovaries!

“Rrrooooo!”, I howled.

Then my legs and hips began changing shape, and I fell to all fours as my tail and muzzle finished growing out.

Then suddenly I could smell everything – the wizards scent, his male sweat, the salt that made up the magic circle, strange chemicals and smoke, and a dog-smell mixed with girl. My ears twitched.

I craned my head around and stared at myself: I was a white-and-dark furred wolf, with nothing between her legs – a female wolf.

“Awroooo!”, I howled, horrified.

Finally the chanting ended, and the wizard turned to look at me.

“So the Ritual of Wonder has given me a female wolf”, said the wizard. Then he stared at me. “Do you want to be turned back?”, he asked.

I nodded my head and whined.

“Then you must guard my tower for a year”, he stated. “Do you agree?”

That decision didn't take much thought: be a wolf for a year, and then get turned back... compared to what? I nodded my head and whined again.

He broke the magic circle with his foot, smearing a hole in the salt.

The arcane pressure from the magic circle vanished, and he walked up to the door of the tower and opened it.

“You're free to go”, he said. “I'll see you in a year”.


Part II


Tail down, ears flat, I walked out of the tower into the sunlight. I had a fleeting urge to turn and attack the wizard, maybe tear his throat out with my new wolf teeth, but I had no idea what arcane powers he had, and he was the only one who could turn me back....

Once outside, my new wolf senses overwhelmed me for an instant. I could hear a creek burbling nearby, and the chatter of the birds was loud and constant. My ears pivoted to track their chirping, and I realized I could smell the earth I was standing on, the green plants, even the wetness of the creek.

And there where other scents, male and female, from animals. I wondered what animals they where.

Then I heard the creaking of the tower door behind me, and it closed.

I whined. My adventurism had gotten me turned into a wolf – and a female wolf at that – and bound into the service of a wizard for a year. And I was very angry at myself.

I'm a wolf bitch, I thought, what am I going to do now?

I started walking into the woods aimlessly, letting the sounds and scents fill my head with wonder. That's when I realized how normal walking on four paws now seemed. I sighed.

This was going to take some getting used to.

I shook my head. Well, if I was a wolf, I was going to have to learn to hunt if I was going to survive for a year, I thought.

I let the sound of the babbling brook lead me to water. As I saw the stream, I could smell an unusual scent, and as I got closer, frogs jumped into the stream, sensing me. I was smelling the frogs, I thought in wonder.

I walked up to the stream and drank, my tongue splashing the water down my throat.

Then I crossed the stream into a wide meadow beyond the tree-line, and I could smell mouse trails in the earth. Then it occurred to me that I should circle around the field and approach from downwind if I was going to catch anything.

So I did, and then I began to creep into the field slowly. I saw rabbit pellets in the earth, and I hoped to catch one.

But my first days hunting was unsuccessful.

As night fell, I finally gave up, and tried to find a place to sleep, my belly rumbling. I needed to pee, too. So I found a tree, lifted my tail, and let go, feeling the warm urine sluice out my insides. It was definitely different then peeing as a man.

I collapsed at the trunk of the tree and slept. I dreamed of chasing rabbits through the meadow.

I was awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of a wolf howling. It sounded forlorn and lonely, miles in the distance.

But the strangest thing about the night was that I could see everything. Colors where muted, and the background was black, but the forest stood out in sharp contrast under a glittering diamond-scattered sky, with a silver and hugely luminous half moon overhead.

I listened to the lone wolf howl, and I wondered if I should howl too, and decided against it: I didn't want to advertise my presence to other wolves, and start a fight.

The next morning, still hungry, I tried my hand at hunting again. I crept up on the meadow from downwind, and this time, I caught a rabbit. I crushed it's throat in my jaws until it's struggles became feeble, and I ate the whole thing, cracking open the bones to suck the marrow.

Then I decided to look for a lair. I found a draw between two boulders beside the stream that looked like it would offer some shelter from the rain, and decided to make it my home.

Days passed, and I got better at hunting and being a wolf. I learned to identify the scents I was picking up, and even chased a deer, though I lost it in the underbrush after a few hours.

At night I listened to the lone wolf howl in the distance.

Days turned into weeks, and my steady diet of rabbit was joined by mouse, shrew and frog. But still no deer, as they remained elusive.

When I did bring down my first deer, about a month after I had been first transformed, I fed off his carcass for days.

Another month passed, and I was starting to get pretty comfortable with being a wolf.

Occasionally, I ran across wolf scent. It was the same wolf I smelled every time: a kind of male sweat scent mixed with a strong dose of dog.


Part III


One night, as I listened to the howling, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I decided to find out more about the other wolf, such as where his lair was. So I started tracking him.

Smelling his scent made me sort of curious, but I decided that meeting another wolf might be unhealthy, and so I'd better keep my distance.

Then we crossed paths. I was in a meadow when he emerged from the forest, following my trail. He must have circled back behind me, I thought.

And he was huge, a big gray male wolf, trim and muscular. And that reminded me of how small, and female, and naked I was, and my tail went between my legs and a strange warmth flooded my body, making my nipples start to come erect.

I couldn't believe I was having a female sexual reaction to seeing him. I had never had one before, but I figured it was normal when a female meets an alpha male. After all, we where naked, and he was definitely an alpha male.

He started walking towards me.

I stood there as he walked towards me. Was he going to bite me? Was there going to be a wolf fight? I didn't think so, because he wasn't growling and charging.

Maybe he was just curious about the new wolf....

Sure enough, he walked up to me and sniffed my muzzle. I blinked. Then he licked me on the muzzle.

OK, this is how wolves greet, I thought, and I sniffed him back.

His male scent filled my nostrils, like walking into a men's locker room, but with the added strong smell of dog.

Warm butterfly-tingles settled in my underbelly, and spread between my legs....

As I gazed at him, his cock became the center of my vision for a moment. The tip of his penis was poking out of it's sheath. I had a sudden urge to touch it, to put it in my mouth and taste it. The male voice in my head asked “What are you doing?!” as I moved to sniff it, tail waging.

The warm butterfly-tingles only intensified as I smelled his sex, and all eight of my nipples grew hard, poking out like stiff little fingertips. I felt my pussy grow wet, my vagina even warmer. I closed my eyes and whined, and he moved around behind me and sniffed my pussy.

So this is what female arousal feels like...”, I thought.

Then he hopped up on my back, and grabbed me around the chest with his forelegs. I yelped in surprise, and he started licking me on the back of my head. My heart raced for a moment before I realized that he was just mounting me to show who was boss; dogs did that all the time, I had seen it.

Then I felt something hard poke me in the backside. I craned my head around, lifting my right leg to see what it was, and I saw he had an erection! And he was poking it into my pussy! Before I could react, he parted my pussy lips with the tip of his dick, found the opening of my vagina, and pushed, walking his hips into mine. I whined long and loudly as his erection slid through my wet flesh, creating a wave of pleasure that rolled through me from my vagina, watching in shock as he sank his erect penis all the way up into me, up to his balls.

Then I just stood there, eyes wide, just staring at his penis as it filled me. It felt long and warm and hard, and it felt like it completed me.

No! His penis is in me!, my male mind shrieked, but it felt so good in me....

Then he started to thrust, humping me like a dog, and suddenly I was panting and whining as a wave of pleasure rolled through me with each thrust, each one more intense than the last. He's fucking me like a dog, I thought, and the pleasure was more intense than anything I had ever felt as a man during sex, and I started curling my claws in the earth and howling.

I can't let him fuck me!, the male part of my mind thought. But it felt so good....

I could feel everything – his warm weight on my back, his breath beside my muzzle, my erect nipples, his cock deep inside me, his balls banging against my cunt with each thrust.... I was getting fucked, and it was amazing....

I just stood there, whining and panting as he rode me, the pleasure spreading from my vagina growing with each thrust as my male mind told me to get him off me, to run....

But oh, it felt so good to be fucked....

The pleasure built in my vagina until it became irresistible, and I had my first female orgasm. I started to howl as my vagina spasmed around his cock and warm pleasure flooded through my body, making me see stars and white light, and making me feel like I was floating.

When I eventually came back down to earth, he was still fucking me, only the pleasure wasn't as intense now – it just felt like he was inside me, sliding back and forth. You just came, I thought – and it was wonderful.

That's when I realized I could feel his knot growing inside me, and the pleasure started to come back as I thought about what I was doing....

Then he growled, stopped thrusting, and pushed his penis as deep into me as he could. I felt it grow warmer and more engorged inside me for a second, and then I felt his warm sperm fill the top of my vagina as he came.

You just let a male wolf fuck you, I thought. And it was incredible.

He rested atop me for about five minutes as his knot subsided, licking me on the ears and the back of the head.

Finally, he dismounted me, leaving an empty feeling in my vagina.

God, it had been good. Getting fucked as a female wolf was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I wanted more....

We licked each others muzzles for awhile.

He walked a short distance from me, looked back, and waved his tail. He wanted me to follow him.

Not having anything else to do, I followed. Maybe I could get him to mount me again....

I followed him through the forest along game trails for a few minutes, until we came to a cave. He walked in, so I followed.

Judging by the bones and a half-eaten rabbit carcass, this was his lair, I thought. It was sure full of his scent.

He picked up the half-eaten rabbit in his jaws, dropped it in front of me, and licked me on the muzzle.

For me?, I thought, looking at him. He looked down at the rabbit and whined, then looked back at me. So I started to eat. That was nice of him.

When I was done he started rubbing against me, and licking my muzzle. His scent surrounded me. The warm butterfly-tingles returned to my warm underbelly and between my legs, and I slowly grew wet again.

I had been a female wolf for less than two months but I was under no confusion anymore as to what this body was attracted to. From the first time I had smelled his scent, and now seeing his huge, muscular body, I had felt an unfamiliar warmth in my new vagina. This body wanted him. Badly.

The realization had only helped to quieten the voice in my head that screamed that I was still a man on the inside and I was aching for him. It was a totally alien feeling from how desire had felt when I was still male. It was hard to explain, except to say I had a need for something. A itch that I had no idea how to scratch. But as he got closer and as he rubbed against me and I felt his body against mine, the stronger the feelings became. I wanted to give myself to him. To submit to him.

So I lowered my head beneath his belly and started licking his sheath, sniffing his sex. My heart started to race, and the warm butterfly-tingles grew more intense. My nipples came erect. Then his penis started to poke out of his sheath, and I started licking it. He whined and grew fully erect.

I stomped my paws in expectation; I am so going to get it again!, I thought.

I turned my back to him, spread my legs a little, and swished my tail aside, looking back. He got behind me, and jumped up over my back, putting his paws on my rump. Then I felt his erection press between the lips of my pussy, and I closed my eyes and yelped as he found the opening of my vagina and entered me.

He walked his hips up to mine, sinking his penis deep into me, and I whined as he electrically parted my flesh. He was in me up to his balls, and his cock felt so good inside me, warm and hard and long....

Then he was thrusting, humping me like a dog, and soon I was panting and whining to the waves of pleasure spreading from my vagina with each thrust. The pleasure grew and grew until I couldn't take it any more, and I came with a long drawn out howl.

When I came back down to earth, he was still fucking me, and I just stood there, feeling his breath against my muzzle, his balls bouncing into my cunt with each thrust as he slid his penis rapidly back and forth inside me. The part of me that was still a man protested at being fucked by a male wolf, but I ignored it, lost in the sensation.

Then the pleasure of the act started to build again, and soon I was whimpering, whining, and panting in pleasure, stomping my paws into the earth and shuddering. And then I came again.

This climax lasted longer, all white light and stars as my pussy spasmed around his cock and pleasure filled my weightless body. Oh God, it was good....

I could feel his knot growing in me, and shortly afterward, I felt him come in me. Then we just stood there, his weight on my back, and he licked my ears and the back of my head as we waited for his knot to subside. The male part of me was disgusted at being ravished by a male wolf, but I didn't care.

Finally, he dismounted me, pulling his now flaccid penis out with a wet sound. He yawned, and laid down on the cave floor on his side. So I walked up next to him, and curled up by his side. We slept.

I awoke the next morning curled into him. His scent was everywhere in the den, and his warm breath against my head only it made it more intense. I yawned and stretched and got up, looking down at him.

He was an impressive gray wolf. A very handsome animal, and I felt a twinge of something like compassion for him. I wanted to stay with him, to not be alone anymore. And I wanted him in me, I realized, as I grew hornier and hornier staring at him.

Then my stomach rumbled, and I wondered if we could go hunting together.

So I licked him on the muzzle until he woke up, and then he got up and I watched as he stretched. What a magnificent beast, I thought.

He licked me on the muzzle a few times, then walked out of the cave, and peed on a rock. Then he came back in, and started licking me. I licked him back, and soon we where play fighting with licks.

As we play-fought, his penis started to come erect, and the sight sent a thrill through me, settling in my vagina and between my legs. My nipples started to come erect, and I grew wet.

Suddenly, he was on me as we wrestled, and he penetrated me and began fucking me again. No fair, I thought, but soon I was carried away by the pleasure of sex again. He fucked me for about five minutes, bringing me to a howling climax before he came himself. God, the pleasure he brought me was incredible. Then we rested for awhile.

It felt so good, so completing, to have his cock in me.

Finally, he dismounted me and walked to the cave entrance. He looked back at me, and waged his tail.

He wants me to follow him, I thought. Curious, I did.

We came to the stream, which we drank from, and then to the edge of a field. I could smell rabbit, so I crouched low, and so did he.

We began crawling through the field from downwind.

Then suddenly he lunged. A rabbit screamed, and was caught in his jaws. He bit through its neck, killing it, and dropped it at my feet.

I think he really likes me, I thought, and started to eat. Well, I was starting to like him, too. He was a nice wolf.

Together, we pulled the rabbit apart and ate it.

Then, while I was still eating, he got behind me and mounted me again. I yelped in surprise and shock, and then he penetrated me. He fucked me for about ten minutes in the middle of the field, making me come twice.

Standing there, linked, I wondered what I was going to do about this horny wolf. If I keep getting fucked by him, I could end up pregnant, I thought, and the last thing I wanted to do was have wolf puppies.

But I also wanted him in me, to submit to him, to be fucked by him.

Finally, he dismounted me, and we loped back to the den in the afternoon sunlight.

Once in the den, we play-fought for awhile, and he once more mounted me and fucked me again. Then we rested for awhile, and then went back to wrestling and fucking.

He fucked me about a dozen times that day. I couldn't believe his stamina.

Finally, we curled up and slept together.

He awoke a few hours later, rousing me from my slumber with a few licks to the head, ears, and muzzle, then went outside to howl at the moon.

I got up and joined him, and we howled together for awhile, rubbing against each other. Then we made love in the moonlight, and went back to howling. This went on for a few hours until he started yawning, making me yawn, and we went back into the cave and curled up together again, and went back to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to him standing over me, his handsome frame caught in the sunlight streaming through the cave entrance. He looked almost magical. The warm butterfly-tingles came back, settling in my underbelly and between my hind legs. I felt my nipples start to come erect, and my vagina was warm and tingly; I was also wet....

I wanted him. I walked up to him, licked his muzzle, and offered myself to him. He mounted me and we fucked.

All day we fucked, as we paced the boundary of his territory, looking for new scents and hunting in tandem. I would wait in ambush while he drove game in my direction. It felt good to have a partner in the woods, someone who could help me hunt. And the sex was awesome. I pushed away the male part of my mind that warned me about getting pregnant, and concentrated on the joy and fun we had as we played together and made love together.

We had sex the next day, and the next, until finally we grew tired of sex. But our relationship stayed intact: he acted very affectionate towards me; I think he loved me.


Part IV


About a week later, we where curled up together in his lair, and I was watching him sleep, his handsome chest rising and falling. I was wondering why I wasn't getting horny at all anymore. When he would walk into the den, tail-waging, and lick my muzzle, I used to get warm-butterfly tingles in my underbelly, and now nothing. Even when I sniffed his sex and licked it a few times, nothing happened. And it occurred to me then that I must have been in heat.

Oh no, I thought. If I was in heat while we where fucking then... I'm pregnant. With his wolf puppies....

I shook my head. It couldn't be, but there it was. The logic was inescapable: I had mated with him, and now I was going to have his puppies.

God I felt stupid.

I was very angry at myself at that: without realizing it, I had been in heat and let a male wolf fuck me. Hell, I had even sought him out. And we had become mates. And he certainly did seem to love me. Hell, I felt a certain degree of affection towards him, too: he was a good boy, but he was still a wolf.

At this point, I thought, there was nothing I could do about it. I stood up over him, licked his muzzle a few times, and thought: I'm going to have your pups....

Days past, and my womb started to bulge. I developed a baby bump, and then I knew for sure. I licked my new mate on the muzzle and thought: Your going to be a daddy. And I'm going to be a mommy.

It was a depressing situation to be in, but I was also kind of curious as to what it would be like. And I knew I could count on my new mate to help me.

Time passed as summer waned, and my pregnancy grew. In another month I was fat with puppies. I actually felt fat, too. And I could feel four little lumps in my womb.

Two weeks later I felt them start to move. They would sometimes kick or shift in my womb. And now I could feel their little bodies inside me, their heads and arms and legs and tails pressed against the sides of my womb.

I still couldn't believe I was going to have puppies, but it was happening.

Two weeks later I started to grow teats. The flesh around my nipples got hard, and it itched and felt warm sometimes. And then they started to bulge a little. I had to give up laying on my stomach, because my nipples and new teats felt so sensitive....

Three months after we had mated, the forest was turning autumn colors, and the summer heat had died away. And I was massively pregnant. My four pups moved inside me constantly. And I knew it wouldn't be long.


Part V


I was hunting with my mate when my water broke. Right away, I made a bee-line for the den and laid down on my side. It's happening, I thought, slightly panicked.

My mate followed me into the den, sniffing my muzzle and licking me, trying to get me to follow him outside. He didn't understand what was happening.

Shortly afterward, the contractions started to come as I dilated.

Hours passed, and the contractions started coming closer together. I started timing the contractions. In a few hours, they where only two minutes apart, and I knew it would be any minute now. My mate would lick me when I whined in pain, to at least give me some comfort. He didn't know what was going on, but at least I was wasn't alone, panting, waiting for mother nature to work her miracle.

Then I felt the first pup drop down from my womb into my birth canal. I pushed with my vagina as hard as I could, and he was born.

I looked down on a glistening wet naked puppy: I had just given birth – to my first pup....

Three more to go.

I licked him until I was sure he was breathing, and then came the second, just like the first.

In five minutes, I gave birth to all four puppies. My mate came up to them and sniffed them, then looked at me and wagged his tail.

I rested my head on the cave floor: it was over. I had just given birth to my litter of pups.

That was easier than I expected, I thought.

I picked them up in my jaws and put each one to a teat. They burrowed into my chest and belly fur, found a nipple, and began sucking – sending small electric shocks of pleasure through me to each draw as I felt my warm milk flow through my nipples.

Nursing was kind of fun.

I just laid there, resting, letting them nurse from me. I sniffed their scents, each one unique, but like a mix of me and my mate. And I could smell their genders: I had given birth to two boys and two girls.

Three hours later I was recovered enough to hunt again.


Part VI


After three days, our pups eyes started to open. In a week, they're eyes where fully open, and they where starting to walk around a bit.

And they where growing at an alarming rate. And their appetite was growing with them. So too where my teats.

I fell into the habit of nursing once in the morning, then going out to hunt with my mate, then nursing once in the evening when we got back to the den.

After a few weeks, the puppies started to play with each other, and with us. My mate was absolutely charmed at our litter, grinning wolfishly and licking while he played with them. It brought out the fondness I felt for him in my heart.

And I was really starting to enjoy being a mommy wolf. I had a wonderful, supportive mate whom I was sure loved me, four healthy children we enjoyed playing with, enough food, and a place to stay. I was starting to think that it beat the hell out of my old life as a scavenger.

However, having teats took a while to get used to. A month after the birth, they had grown to the size of small apples, and hung pendulously from my chest and belly, bouncing and swaying as I ran. And they where only growing bigger as our pups grew.

Another month passed, and autumn had definitely set in. My pups had started to teethe, but they where careful not to bite my nipples when they nursed, thankfully. My teats by now felt so swollen with milk that they ached, and my nipples itched. Nursing had become a huge twice daily relief.

As autumn passed, and it grew colder, I weaned my pups and we started bringing them on hunts. They followed us carefully, hiding in the tall grass and watching us. Soon, they would be big enough to join us.

Finally, my teats stopped aching and began to shrink back into my chest and belly. Nursing had been fun, but I was glad it was over – no more painfully milk-swollen teats to deal with bouncing around as I ran.

Our pups caught frogs and shews and mice, while my mate and I hunted rabbits and deer. But soon, winter came, and the small game vanished into their burrows with the first snow. After that, we relied on deer and the occasional unwary rabbit.


Part VII


It was the middle of winter and we where all curled up together in the cave, when it I awoke to my mate licking me. I yawned and got up.

I stared at his huge, gray-furred muscular frame in the shadow of the moonlight, and he looked at me, tail waging, our pups at his feet. And fondness for them filled my heart. I rubbed my head against his, licking at him, and he caressed my neck with his tongue.

If only he could talk, I thought. He would tell me he loves me.

And I realized, in that moment, that I loved him too. He was my mate, and the father of my puppies....

Then he walked beside me, and started sniffing under my tail. I sniffed him back, below his belly between his legs, filling my nose with his male-wolf scent. Warmth flooded my body, settling in my vagina, and my nipples started to come erect as I watched his penis grow out of it's sheath.

Am I feeling arousal again?, I wondered.

Then he licked my pussy, and I yelped in surprise. I closed my eyes to the sensation of his long wolf tongue caressing the folds of my flesh, and my tail instinctively swished to the side. The butterfly-tingles of horniness flooded my womb and pussy, and I started to pant in pleasure.

Am I in heat again?, I wondered.

Then he stopped licking, and I felt his paws on my lower back. I craned my head and looked back: he was mounting me! I gasped in shock, and then I whined as I felt him enter me.

Then he was thrusting, sending waves of pleasure crashing through me. He started licking me on the ears and the back of my head as he... as he fucked me!

I have to get him off me, my male mind complained, I AM in heat, and he's going to get me pregnant again!

But I didn't care. Having his long cock pounding away inside me, the sensation of having sex with him, was all I really cared about. God it felt good....

Finally, he brought me to a whining, growling climax. Then his knot started to grow in me, and he came himself, filling the top of my vagina with his sperm.

He relaxed atop me, his muzzle beside mine, as we both caught our breathes.

After a few minutes, he climbed off me and sat down, looking at me, head cocked. I stared back at him. A feeling of love for him and my puppies filled my heart, and I whined.

Do I really want to have another litter of puppies with him?, I thought. The male part of me said: you are not a female wolf, you are a man! Act like one!, while another part thought: He's your mate, and you love him and your puppies...

I turned away from him and walked out of the den, into the cold winter night air, and stared up at the shining moon. What was I going to do? I started to howl at the moon, my thoughts in turmoil. Then I felt him join me at my side, and start howling too.

This woke up our puppies, and they came out of the den and also started to howl.

I started to get aroused again as he howled beside me, our scents mingling in the clear still air. Dammit, I wanted him in me. I wanted to be mounted by him again, to get pregnant again, to have another litter of pups with him.

I started licking him again....




We mated for three days. It was the most pleasurable experience of my life: we where in love, and I was in heat. We did it in the den, in the fields, under moonlight, and on the game trails.

And so he impregnated me for the second time.

My male mind kept telling me I was an idiot to want to get pregnant again, especially with only a few months to go until I could get turned back, but I didn't care if I did have another litter. My womb felt empty, and I needed something to fill it, and only puppies would do. Besides, I loved my mate.

When I came out of heat, we where still affectionate towards each other, licking each other and rubbing against each other, crossing our tails as we slept beside each other.

But as the hormones wore off, I began to question what I had done: why was I having puppies with a male wolf, when I could be turned back soon?

You should have run from him, you stupid bitch, said my male mind. Now you're pregnant again.

But I doubt I could have run from him while I was in heat. I probably would have come crawling back to him in a matter of hours.

Time passed, and after two weeks, I developed a baby bump in my belly, and I started to get angry with myself: You're not a wolf bitch, you're a man! And you let him knock you up again!

But another part of me loved my mate, and we loved our puppies, and I wanted to have more.

So time passed, and my pregnancy grew as winter ended. Spring arrived when I was about two months pregnant, and the small game came back.

The pups where big enough now to chase rabbits, which they did with abandon, while my mate and I stalked the deer trails.

One night, when my unborn puppies where squirming in my womb, I laid really still and tried to count them. I could tell by the small bodies pressed up against the sides of my womb that I was going to have three this time.

Two more weeks passed, and my teats started to grow again.

In another two weeks, I was three months pregnant and ready to give birth.

When the birth came, my mate paced the den endlessly while I whimpered in pain at the contractions and had my three puppies. Like last time, they where all healthy and I cleaned them and put them to my teats to nurse.

Soon, their eyes where open, and in a few more weeks they where leaving the den.

My teats swelled up with milk again, becoming the size of apples once more. But my now I was used to laying on my side, and their bounce and sway while I ran wasn't as distracting as it had been the first time I had grown teats.

Spring days passed as I nursed my pups and hunted with my mate, and I thought about how blessed I was. No more wandering, no more scavenging in the post-technological ruins. I had a family and a mate who loved me, and a home.

And one night, as we howled at the moon, I realized that I didn't want to be turned back.



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