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Fursuited - Horse Maestro Fursuited - by Horse Maestro.   11-01
WARNING this story involves very adult situations , including non-consentual sex.
This story is fiction - any connection with any person / furson living or not is purely in your mind!!!

It was getting on for 8pm , and James was busily preparing to go out for the night. He had been invited to a fancy dress party , and wanted to impress the girls. He knew that all his friends would be going as pirates , gangsters , cowboys or the other usual stuff. He also knew that all girls had an inbred affection for horses , and that was why when he found the perfect suit for hire in the costume shop he'd decided to go as a pony.
His friends were to pick him up at 8.15 , just enough time to gather his wallet , his keys , and his ....erm.... 'something for the weak-end' in case he got lucky.
He climbed into the suit and did up the zip at the back. There was also a velcro fastening which went over the zip to hide the seam. He then slipped his hands into the gloved hoofs to ensure they were a good fit , before finally slipping the latex pony-head into place. Then came the beep of the horn.... time to go. James put his gloved hoof between his (hind) legs and pulled to remove it. At least that was his intention. The horn sounded again , but the glove wouldn't move. He took hold of the door handle with his mouth and opened the door. One of his friends , Mary ,  was waiting outside for him and when he explained that he couldn't get the glove off , Mary gave it a try. It still wouldn't budge , and as time was getting short she ushered James into the waiting car. "I'll lock up..." Mary said "we'll get those off you when we get there."
They all arrived at the party in good time , said their hello's to old friends and relatives , and then one by one each of them tried to remove the gloved hooves. They still wouldnt budge , and it became something of a party game - with a prize of five free drinks to the first person to remove the gloves. After an hour nobody had managed to remove the hooves , and the party goers were all getting merry on the various alchoholic cocktails on offer - except James who couldnt hold a glass. James was getting all the attention from the girls , however , who were all queing up to have their photo taken whilst kissing the pony.
A group of people ( nobody seemed to have invited them - or even knew them ) were gathering around James. As the music slowed and all the guests took to the dance floor for a smooch , nobody noticed the group take hold of James and edge him through the door. "Come along , little horsie" they said "we'll put you where you belong". They led James out to the barn , and pushed him into an empty stall. One of the group , a girl , pushed James onto his side and rolled him over onto his back. She straddled his belly , and pinning him down , started to caress him all over. "Now , little horsie , what shall we do with you ??". Before waiting for a reply , the girl began to caress every part of James' body and then forced her mouth against the face of the suit , forcing her tongue into his mouth.
Then one of the group handed the girl a riding crop. She took the whip in her right hand and holding his muzzle with her left hand , began to smack his backside with the whip. "Bad horsie , BAAAAD horsie ...." the girl was getting more excited and only stopped whipping James to take her clothes off. She was down to her bra and knickers now , red satin - James' favourite normally and was pushing her face between James' hind legs. "Nice little horsie , wanna have some fun , eh boy ???" , the girl was getting lustier by the minute , "Awwww , there's nothing here " she exclaimed and then followed , "must be a lesbo , hey little horsie girl , unless one of you boys wants to show her the error of her ways ???" - she asked the group. The boys in the group content to watch - thankfully for James - didn't appreciate the offer and the girl continued to force herself on James the pony. Another member of the group then produced a large syringe. "Maybe the little horsie needs worming". The girl grabbed the syringe and went to James' rear end. "Not there !!!! , squirt it into the back of her mouth , then hold her mouth shut until she swallows it". The girl followed the advice , and after forcing James' mouth open squirted the whole syringe of worming paste in and held his mouth firmly closed until he swallowed it all.
James coughed and tried to scream out , but his throat had dried up with wearing the suit and not having anything to drink. The girl said "Looks like little horsie's thirsty..." and pointing to a water bucket told her friends "go fill that with beer". Her hand then grabbed him around the neck and , holding him tight to stop him getting away , fastened a pony sized halter around his head and tied him to the wall next to where the bucket of beer had now been placed. "Now drink" came a voice , as James' head was plunged into the beer and held in place until he started to drink. After finishing half the bucket , James realised he was now alone. The group had gone and he was alone in the stable , tied to the wall. The door was closed , and he was too tired to try to escape.
James fell asleep , the rope being just long enough to allow him to lay in the straw and woke up the next morning nursing a hangover and still unable to speak. He tried to shout , but all that came out was a grumble which hurt his throat. He also needed to pee. He knew the suit had no opening for that sort of thing so he'd just have to hold it in.
Next thing he heard a voice and turned to see who it was. His blurred vision made out the shape of an old lady. He tried to speak again , the grumble becoming softer and easier though still no words. "And hello to you as well" the old lady said , " you must be the little filly that Jean promised she would send over. Pretty little thing aren't you ? , now let me have a good look at you." The old lady entered the box , and James - in a state of near panic - tried to assure himself that she would realise he was a man in a costume and help him out of his predicament. The lady took hold of his headcollar , and ran her hands over his furry body. "My, my you are in nice condition - Jake would love you" she muttered to herself. The lady made her way to James' rear end and lifted the tail. James stepped out of the way instinctively. "My , you are eager " the lady's voice crackled with excitement "we may as well see what Jake thinks of you now." She undid the rope that secured James to the stable wall , and dragged him by it into the courtyard where she secured him to another wall , this time with plenty of space around him. She took a pair of strong leather hobbles bridged by a wooden bar from a hook on the wall and securely fastened James' (hind) legs into them. Then she disappeared and James was on his own for some time.
'Clip-clop-clip....' James turned his head to see the lady again , this time leading a small dapple grey pony across the yard. As they neared , the pony started to become agitated and was whinnying and nickering. "Steady Jake , " the woman said " just take things slowly."
The lady led Jake right up to James' front side and it was easy to see that Jake was a stallion. Jake sniffed and licked and nibbled at James' fur , all the time making low whickering noises. His now erect penis slapping up against his belly in anticipation of the prize to come.
James tried again to scream out. A shrill whinny left his lips , he shook in realisation of what was about to happen , then pissed himself. In the panic he was unable to hold it in. Jake had already circled to James' rear , and as the smell of urine hit his nose he was no longer able to control his desire.
Jake leapt onto James' back , biting firmly into his left shoulder - even the padding of the fur suit not really helping to stop the pain. 'Rrrrip , squelch'. James hadn't even thought about the other consequence of being mounted by the stallion. As Jake's penis penetrated the fabric of the suit , it made direct contact with James' rear end - squelching it's way in as the pre-cum helped to lubricate the little pony's generously proportioned tool. As the suit had been such a close fit , James wasn't able to wear any clothing underneath it and although he would be embarassed to be seen naked by the old woman if the suit fell apart around him - at least then she would realise he was a man and not a mare.
The suit stopped ripping though , and James felt a heat and itching sensation around the area of the rip. It felt as though his own skin had welded onto that of the suit. He tried to flex his fingers within the hooves - they had fused into a single digit on each leg. He was aware now of the sensation of the bit in his mouth. He could feel his lips , he could feel the headcollar fastened firmly around his face. He could feel his weight - and that of the stallion - spread over his four hooves , and most of all he could feel the stallion deep in his insides , now causing pleasure and not pain. It now dawned on James that he had somehow become a pony mare and whether this was just his mind playing tricks to compensate his humiliation or whether he was really a mare.... he might as well enjoy it.
As James started to rock his weight back onto the shaft of the gorgeous pony stallion who now dominated him he was vaguely aware of the old lady's mutterings.  "Jasmine , that's what we'll call you , Jasmine."
The stallion dismounted , the lady removed the hobbles and Jasmine was led back to her box. "There's a good girl , but that's enough for today , once you've settled in we'll put you both in the back paddock , and you can spend all the time you want getting to know each other." The lady smiled as she retired for the evening.
Mary and Jean called at their auntie's house on the way home from work the next day.
"Do you think he'd thank us for it if he realised what had happened ???" Mary said.
"I think so , " Jean replied "he'd always said how he envied ponies.... you know , huge dicks , and they always have young girls hanging around them."
"Young Marie and her friends can look after Jake and Jasmine in the holidays , and the rest of the time Jasmine can learn some more about those huge pony penises." added Mary.
The girls giggled as they made their way into their auntie's house...
"What are you two upto now , " she said.
"Oh , nothing " they replied , "just wondering how Jame.... err , that new filly's doing ??".
"Jasmine's settling in well , seemed a bit panicky at first , but since she met Jake she's settled in wonderfully". The old lady went back to embroidering the name 'Jasmine' on her new filly's fleecy stable rug.

Jasmine and Jake formed a permanent bond , and lived happy , healthy lives along with their many offspring. When the old woman passed away , Jean and Mary continued to look after them , never telling how she acquired such a beautiful pony mare.

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