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How Now - By Hercule Hunt Author: By Hercule Hunt Species: Woman to Cow Date: Sep. 1, 2009 Rating: X How Now

Author's note: This story was written as a sequel to the story A Good Egg Layer, written by Seraphic Soul. That it follows the template established by the afore mentioned author is not meant as plagiarism, but as a tribute to a great work by a great writer.

Refreshed from a stint in Europe, Vicky returned to the place she would once have referred to as "home". She turned the key, opened the door, picked up her bags and went inside. The house was quiet. Vicky called out, but there was no answer, which was hardly surprising. Dad was overseas on a long assignment. Younger sister Nicole was living in the town where she was attending university. Youngest sister Jennifer was having a "gap year" holiday overseas before starting university. Her Mum, Sarah, was at who knows what meeting, or doing one of a thousand errands or having coffee with her myriad friends, so Vicky was unalarmed by her absence. Closing the door, she carried her bags upstairs to her room. She stowed things in her wardrobe and drawers, and took the unwashed things downstairs to the laundry and put them in the machine to wash. Vicky went into the lounge room and settled down into the couch. She sighed as she relaxed and cast her mind back over the events of the last few months.

The European trip had been wonderful, even if it had been over winter. It had originally been Vicky's intention to gain knowledge and inspiration from the trip that would count towards her career ambition of becoming a writer. Romance in the cafes of Paris, and intrigue in the back streets of Prague were the sorts of things she'd originally envisioned. But she found herself drawn to simpler and more rustic scenes. The peasant farms of Greece and Italy held more attraction to her than she once would have thought possible. She was particularly interested in the farm animals, and what they might be thinking as the cycles of the days and seasons ploughed relentlessly on. For a girl with a bohemian ambition like that of becoming a writer, this would probably seem strange. But Vicky was coming from a very unique perspective. She had spent a couple of months of the Summer just gone, as a chicken!

Vicky herself sometimes found it hard to believe, but nevertheless, it had happened - she had spent time as not only an egg-laying human sized chicken, but as a mother hen, having been mated with a rooster and bringing seven young chicks into the world. The chicks grow into large swan sized chickens and continued life at the farm as normal (if large) egg laying hens, while Vicky had returned to her human form.

It had all started innocently enough, when Vicky replied to a "Help Wanted" ad in a local paper. She responded to the ad, which asked for a young person to manage egg production on a farm over summer, and was hired for the job by the strange old lady who owned the farm, Gladys. "Managing the egg production" turned out to involve Vicky in a much more hands on way than she'd thought possible. By eating Gladys' pink grain formula, she'd take the form of a human sized chicken and not only lay eggs herself, but be mated with a rooster and raise her own brood of chicks, who would become the egg producers on the presently chickenless farm. Then Gladys would give her a blue grain that would restore her human form. This grain formula was rumoured to be able to restore youth, although the elderly Gladys had only used it for extending her life. All had happened as planned and Vicky spent a unique summer on the farm, the last month in her own form as a young female farmhand. Vicky had left, promising to return when she could. She had formed an idea that Gladys might know more than just about transformation into a chicken, and had more than half a mind that she might be experiencing life on the farm other than in human form in the not too distant future.

As Vicky spread out against the couch, she thought of the small farms she'd seen on her travels and the produce that they brought to market, or simply put on the farm table for the family's meals. She thought, rather practically, that she'd be more use to Gladys in the form of a productive farm animal, if animal she were to be. Remembering some of the farms that converted their excess milk to cheeses, she wondered if Gladys would be interested in doing the same with milk produced by Vicky the cow? Or Vicky the goat? Or even Vicky the ewe � not only could she produce milk for sheep's milk cheese, she could be shorn for her wool. If she became a milking animal, would she need to be mated in order to produce milk, as she'd needed to be mated to produce chicks? Or were there other ways milk production could be stimulated? She'd heard of women who could lactate who'd never had children � perhaps she could look into that as a possibility. What would life as Vicky the sow be like? Ordinarily a woman would be turned off being compared to a pig, but most women don't like being called hens, and Vicky had spent an entirely magical second life as one. So Vicky was reluctant to write that off as a possibility just yet. Although pigs only produce one thing, meat, either their own or by producing piglets. Vicky wasn't afraid, of course, after all, she hadn't ended up as a roasted chicken, so she didn't think she end up as bacon any time soon either. She'd probably deliver and suckle a litter of piglets that would then be the basis of a new venture on the old farm. Then as Vicky the farmhand, she'd be helping with the rest of their raising, as she had her own chicken "daughters".

Would Gladys appreciate the help of Vicky the mare to draw the various old conveyances that were still in some of the farm sheds? Or would she be happy, proudly riding her around the farm to do her chores, with the assistance of one of the many saddles still in the old farm stables. Although she was reasonably fit, Vicky the racehorse seemed a little unattainable. She giggled to herself at the thought, not least because the virile young jockey riding her would have no idea who or what he was really mounting! Of course there were other animals that found themselves on farms, but Vicky wasn't sure that dogs, who run around restlessly after every other animal, or cats, who just try to keep out of the way unless it's feeding time, were avenues she was interested in exploring just now, nor was the possibility of a more feral or wild animal like a fox, a deer or a rabbit. Vicky was sure from conversations with Gladys that the wily old lady had more tricks up her sleeve than just animal transformations and aging reversal, but Vicky the cucumber vine was not "coming to a farm near you" any time soon, she decided!

Vicky settled back and relaxed, thinking that it didn't matter anyway. She had a few days to spend with her Mum and recount her adventures and catch up with the home gossip, before she'd have time to think about going off again on escapades of a different kind. Or so she thought. On going to the kitchen to get a snack, she found a note from her Mum, saying that she was needed by her sister, Vicky's aunt, for a few days, and that she was sorry, but Vicky would be alone until she returned. Well, so much for all the catching up! Vicky also found, among the mail that had accumulated for her while she'd been away, an envelope, the return address of which she immediately recognized. It was from Gladys! Vicky tore open the letter with excitement and anticipation. Gladys wrote that she needed Vicky's help on the farm once more, if she was available. And could she come as soon as was possible? Well, that was that, then! Vicky's vague idea of spending some time on Gladys farm at an indistinct time in the future had just been fleshed out into something a lot firmer. She decided to leave early the next morning, to arrive at 6:00am on the farm, as she had on that fateful day, what seemed so long ago.

The next morning, showered and dressed, Vicky's VW Beetle, packed with all her gear, drove off on the adventure. Vicky didn't put on her traveling music for the trip, preferring to be alone with her thoughts, while the little VW engine buzzed away. She pulled into the farmyard about an hour later. Nothing had changed, of course. Vicky parked between the old hay truck and the Landrover as before and got her bags out. "Cooee!" came a familiar call from across the yard. Striding towards her, as before with muddy bare feet, was the kindly but enigmatic Gladys. As she came to Vicky she gave her a big hug. "Welcome back, Deary!" she cried. Vicky smiled at the warm welcome and returned the hug happily. Vicky noticed that there was a little more spryness in the old lady's step, and that she looked more "fifty-something", than "sixty-something". Perhaps she'd been using the blue grain since Vicky was there last?

They went into the house for a cup of tea, and for Gladys to explain why she'd asked Vicky to come with such urgency. Gladys explained that she would be catching up with some distant relatives for a while and, that she'd been asked by a local farmer's daughter, who'd been away at agricultural college if she could oversee the farm while it was unattended. "You see, Deary', Gladys looked meaningfully at Vicky, "she wants to practice cheesemaking in the old dairy on this farm…"

Vicky caught where this was taking her. "And she'll need a source of milk while she's here…" she said thoughtfully, as she stared off into the distance.

"Yes, Deary" the shrewd old lady winked. "When you were leaving last, you suggested you'd like to try something else like your last experience, but not necessarily the same. If you're willing, here's your chance."

"I guess that means you've got some trick up your sleeve that can grant me cow form?" Vicky asked.

"It does, Deary" Gladys confirmed, "a yellow grain formula this time".

"But my understanding of dairying is that the cows generally have to be mated and have to calve to produce milk. Not that I'm necessarily against the idea, having been through something similar before, but that cows have a much longer gestation period than chickens. It could be nearly forever before I'd be ready."

Gladys nodded "Normally that would be true. But things aren't always normal around here, as you know!" she laughed. "Just as the pink grain made things go a lot faster than nature's normal pace, so does this grain. Just as you were able to produce chicken eggs before fully taking chicken form, you should be producing milk long before the full transformation."

"You know, once upon a time I might find the thought revolting or just plain strange, but I've got to admit, I'm really looking forward to trying" Vicky conceded.

"That's the spirit!" Gladys beamed.

"One more thing", Vicky interjected "cows are a lot bigger than humans. Am I going to be a very small cow, or is there some weight gain involved in the process?"

"You're right, Deary", said Gladys. "Yes, the grain will help you attain full cow size. But the blue grain will return you to the way you were before, including weightwise. You needn't worry about being 300 kilos when this is all over!"

."How long should it take?" asked Vicky.

"Administered slowly as before", said Gladys "the grain will transform you over a period of a few days, perhaps a week. That gives us a week to get the farm, including the dairy, into shape, and then another week to allow you to transform and get settled into your new role."

Over the next week they busied themselves with the work of getting the dairy and the cattle enclosure ready. Gladys taught Vicky all about the new yellow grain and the blue grain, as well as the pink chicken transformation grain. The plan was that the new girl, Sally, would be milking Vicky for three weeks and using the milk to make cheese in the dairy. As Vicky had produced a lot more eggs than would have been normal for a chicken, so too would she produce much more milk than Sally was probably expecting. Gladys would just say that Vicky was an extraordinarily productive cow. She would also instruct Sally to feed Vicky the blue grain after three weeks. A supply of the blue grain was also concealed in a vermin proof container hidden in the cattle enclosure, in case of an emergency. It could be broken by a blow from something hard. "Like a hoof", Gladys said meaningfully. This was because Sally had not been let in on the secret of just what, or more accurately, just "whom" she would be milking over the coming weeks. That was meant to be a surprise for her. Vicky smiled to herself. It was just like the strange old lady's sense of humour to do things this way.

The night before she was to start the grain treatment, Vicky excused herself early and went upstairs to her room. She stripped down in front of the full-length mirror, so as to examine her familiar body as it would no longer be for some time. She admired the full but firm breasts and her perky pink nipples. She spent a lot of time over these � this was the part of the whole experience that promised to be the most interesting. Her long shapely legs would probably become even longer. Her feminine arms would become longer as well, to the same length as her legs. Her long, slender fingers and well kept nails would become hard, functional hooves. She looked at her wide hips and shapely round arse, and wondered how it was going to feel to have a tail, and a vagina that practically jutted out for easy access! Her pretty face would lengthen and she would have a nice set of horns to adore her new head, she thought, smiling to herself.

Getting ready for bed, Vicky ruefully picked up and looked at the slinky dress she had once more, overoptimistically, she thought, packed in case she should meet that handsome young farmhand she increasingly believed to be unobtainable. A more practical side of Vicky realized that the turn her life had recently taken was probably not a good one to include a man in just yet. To her it just didn't seem fair to be mating with other males while a significant other waited for her elsewhere. Sure, it wouldn't be Vicky the woman who was being mated, but it still didn't seem to her like a fair burden to place on a loving partner. For now she would have to put such plans and thoughts on hold. Not that the life she now saw unfolding before her was a bad one, just the opposite. If she wasn't enjoying it, she wouldn't be going down this new path that fate had opened up before her. She sighed as she realized how strange and disturbing and yet so eventful and fulfilling her once very ordinary life was becoming.

Rising early the next morning, Vicky went downstairs to breakfast. There she found laid out, along with the normal beans and bacon, a large portion of yellow grain. She devoured both, much to Gladys' approval and delight. Together they went out and worked in the yard all day, and that night Vicky had another large portion of the grain before retiring. Upstairs, Vicky eagerly stripped off her clothes to mark if any changes had begun. She noticed that her face had begun to elongate and so had her feet and hands. As the lower portion of a cow's leg would be the equivalent of a human hand or foot, with the hoof being the nail, this didn't surprise Vicky at all. She felt an itch and a slight hardness on either side of her head, above her ears, and the same sensation above and between her arse cheeks. She got into a warm bath and explored her breasts. To her satisfaction she noted that, not only had her nipples begun to lengthen and thicken, along with the expanding pink regions that were her aureolae, as she massaged her milk ducts there was a distinct spotting of white fluid at the tips of her nipples. She explored her genitals with her hands, and finding them not significantly changed yet, brought herself off to orgasm, realizing that this would probably not be possible in the same way for some time. She also noticed, with less pleasure, a lot of rumbling and disturbances from her stomach and intestinal regions, as she no doubt was being prepared for transformation into a ruminant with four stomachs.

Drying her self, Vicky dressed for bed and snuggled down into the soft sheets and the warm blankets. Before drifting off to sleep, she thought over the whole business of the transformations, the farm, Gladys and her "old Mum". Gladys had never mentioned what happened to this mysterious old lady who'd passed her secrets down to her daughter, presumably long ago. Unlike Gladys, her mother had spent time as a hen and had encouraged her daughter to try, but Gladys, for whatever reason had never taken the opportunity to try "chickenhood", beyond laying eggs after taking a little of the pink grain. Vicky wondered if the old lady was dead, or had somehow just "disappeared" for some other reason. Had she decided to take on an animal form and stay that way, on this or some other farm? Had she used the blue grain to restore full youthfulness, and had she left to start a new life somewhere else? What about the "distant relatives" Gladys was going to see? Were they family members who also had transformational secrets, and was that why Gladys was seeking them out, perhaps due to the desire Vicky herself had expressed before she left? The fact that there were mysteries still to unravel about this uncanny place was funnily enough, somewhat comforting to Vicky. Her writer's instincts would no doubt emerge much sharpened and honed by life on this farm. Her thoughts also turned to the young agricultural student, Sally, who would be caring for Vicky in her bovine form. When she cottoned on to what was really happening, would the young farmhand react with revulsion, or would she be scientist enough to be entirely curious about it all and want to explore all the possibilities that the secrets that this farm held offered? Would she become Vicky's friend, and her partner in exploring the animal world in such a unique and fully involved manner? As the whirling thoughts in her head slowed and diminished, Vicky's eyes closed and she succumbed to sleep.

When she arose the next morning, Vicky noticed her arms and hands had lengthened more and were hanging below her hips. The two small but distinct horns had begun to emerge from the sides of her head, and the beginnings of a tail had begun to sprout above her arse. She wore an old dress today, not wanting to cut a hole out of a pair of jeans! Her feet were over a foot long now, so she couldn't wear shoes either. Her ears had begun to get longer and triangular, and grow outward from her head. Her face was much longer, with her mouth below where her chin had been, and wider. Her nostrils were flattening over above her top lip and her tongue was beginning to thicken and lengthen, which she realized was going to make speech hard soon. Not only had her nipples again lengthened and thickened, there were two smaller ones beginning to emerge beneath them. Her aureolae had spread to encompass the entirety of her breasts in their pinkness, and her breasts were larger and moving closer together. Vicky smiled as she realised her life as a cow was soon to begin, and her human responsibilities would once more be handed on to someone else for a while.

Coming down the stairs with much longer feet had been awkward but manageable, and Vicky found her reshaped mouth and teeth much better for consuming the large bowl of yellow grain she found waiting for at her place at the table. Gladys looked over at her with approval and asked her it all felt. "Not bad at all", Vicky said, noticing that her voice had deepened a little. As she and Gladys completed their rounds of the farm that day, Vicky found herself constantly getting peckish, and needing to eat from the feed bins around the farm, and she felt her body getting bulkier. She expected this was part of the weight gain process she'd need to experience in order to achieve correct cow size. Dinner that evening was a larger portion of the yellow grain, but it hardly seemed sufficient for a "growing girl" Vicky thought to herself, with some amusement. Upstairs she stripped, she assumed for the last time for some weeks; she figured she wouldn't fit into any clothes by tomorrow morning. Her inspection by the mirror revealed the changes that had occurred during the day. Her lengthened toes and fingers had begun to merge, and her nails were also merging into large brown, hoof-like masses. No need to wear boots around the farm now anyway, Vicky thought practically. She was already beginning to feel the change to animal form the way she had before. It was less a loss of human thought and sensibilities as a gain of animal attitudes and instincts. She was going to be Vicky the cow, and she was very happy about it. She noticed that her breasts had finished their merging into one large udder and all four teats were approaching proper cow size, and small milk droplets glistened whitely at their ends. She was delighted to find one small concession to her retained humanness, that the teats were as sensitive in a sexual sense to stimulation as human nipples. She found herself having a massive, full-blown orgasm just from milking herself in the bath. At least milking time would be worth having, she smirked to herself, with no tinge of human guilt.

The next morning the changes were immediately apparent, and Vicky knew she'd be unable to come back up the stairs to sleep from now on. Her legs were now long and perfectly cow like, ending in two perfectly cloven hooves. Her arms were the same length and likewise cloven hoofed. Her legs refused to allow her to rise to human stance, staying stiffly and stubbornly perpendicular to her body, and so were her arms. Her much widened and lengthened pelvis parted her once round and shapely, now flat arse cheeks to leave a large flat space that contained her now cavernous vagina and ridiculously large arsehole. A long muscular tail, tufted at the end, hung down between her arse cheeks, affording her some modesty. Her udder, with its perfectly formed cow teats, had worked it way down to between her hind legs, and was getting uncomfortably full � she'd need milking after breakfast. Vicky's neck was now much longer with huge musculature, and wanted to go backwards over her back; silly for a human, who would be always looking at the ceiling, but perfect for a quadruped. Her head and face were now largely cow shaped and her horns and ears were properly sized and shaped. Her eyes had moved during the night, to the sides of her face, she was startled to be seeing two images at once at first, but Vicky soon took to it, and she'd already experienced this phenomenon as a chicken anyway. She thought her big round brown soft cow eyes and long lashes were actually kind of sexy. There was no question of dressing, cows didn't wear clothes, and now she was a cow, Vicky thought to herself contentedly. She found herself managing the stairs by backing slowly down. Gladys was not shocked this time by the emergence of a naked Vicky, albeit looking more like a hairless cow than the shapely woman she'd been only last week. Vicky stood on all her legs to eat the huge basin of yellow grain waiting for her and used her last abilities of speech to convey her wishes to Gladys.

Again, she wanted the full-length mirror moved to the stall she'd be living in from now on, and she would need to be milked. Gladys nodded. During the day Vicky ate copious amounts of ordinary grain and grass around the farm, and between times found herself regurgitating food to chew as cud. It was not at all as disgusting as she'd feared, as a cow the process was quite enjoyable. Gladys milked her most pleasurably several times during the day (although Vicky was careful not to let the old lady know how pleasurably), and that evening was fed the final amount of yellow grain. The next morning Vicky awoke to see a large, sleek brown Jersey cow looking back at her. She mooed appreciatively and Gladys was very pleased when she came out to see how former farmhand was progressing. From then on, the routine of Vicky being fed and milked for the next few days was set.

Sally arrived early on the morning that had been arranged. From the barn Vicky saw her arrive. She emerged from a small yellow 80s era hatch styled car and walked across the farmyard. Although dressed in jeans, boots and a work shirt, Sally was hardly what Vicky had expected a lass who'd grown up on a farm to look like. She was a tall willowy blond, her hair long and straight. Although not well endowed, neither was she flat chested and her hips were much slimmer than Vicky the human's. She had delicate features and long slender hands. Her skin was milk white, her eyes blue and her lips soft and pouty, but always ready to break out in an infectious smile. The human still deep within Vicky felt almost a little envy and perhaps even a smidgeon of attraction towards this new breath of fresh air who'd just blown onto the farm. The familiar cry of "Cooee!" filled the air, as the muddy-footed Gladys came from behind one of the farm buildings to greet her new helper. Vicky watched as the old lady greeted the new arrival and almost immediately led her over to the cattle enclosure to meet her new charge. Gladys "introduced" Sally to Vicky and told Vicky to say "Hello" to Sally. Vicky mooed in what she hoped was a friendly way to Sally. Sally seemed a little startled but Gladys assured her that Vicky was a very intelligent and cooperative cow, and would be able to understand pretty well whatever Sally asked of her. Gladys also stressed how important it was to keep Vicky company and to talk to her and also to let her know how things were going on Sally's side of the cheesemaking, Vicky having already done her part. She had Sally milk Vicky by way of further introduction, and then took her off to stow her gear upstairs and otherwise familiarize her with the workings of the farm.

Early the next morning Gladys came out of the house with her bags and stowed them in her old Landrover. As she chugged away in the old four-wheel drive, Sally waved her off. Vicky thought with some trepidation, that this might be where she finds out if Sally really was the kindly soul she'd seemed to be. She kept one eye on the hiding place for the blue grain, in case that "emergency" should arise sooner than anticipated. Vicky needn't have worried; Sally turned out to be the gentle soul she seemed and more. She always respectfully approached Vicky before milking her and always made sure that her slender white hands were warm before starting. Her gentle but firm milking with those dainty hands, as she caressed Vicky's four large teats and seduced them into yielding their milk was almost too much for Vicky. As a woman she'd have been climaxing loudly, from the feelings that coursed through her, but as Vicky the cow, it was all she could do to suppress her reactions to an occasional appreciative lowing. Sally also took Gladys' instructions to talk to Vicky and confide in her very seriously. Whenever the work slowed, she'd tell Vicky about the day's events, how she'd mixed her milk with the rennet, cut the curds and how she'd treated them to try making different kinds of cheeses. She was always polite to Vicky and told her what a good and patient little milker she was. She also would sit and chat with her like an old friend. From these "chats" Vicky learned that Sally for the most part was painfully shy, and not very comfortable around people, and especially the guys she felt she should be trying to establish liaisons with in the outside world. As a girl raised on a farm she much preferred the company of the gentle farm animals, like Vicky herself. On occasion, she'd even gently kiss Vicky on her nose, between the nostrils and above the top lip, a warm, moist fuzzy area to kiss. Vicky felt herself shudder and tingle a little when Sally did this, but she'd always try to give Sally an appreciative lick on the cheek with her long, black tongue. Sally would laugh and pat her affectionately.

Time passed quickly for Vicky the cow, as it had when she was a chicken. It seemed she'd just settled into the rhythm of life as the house cow, when Sally turned up one morning with a bucket of the blue grain for Vicky. Gladys had told her this needed to be done and that it would stop Vicky's milk production. She had also told Sally to watch what happens, in case anything went wrong. So Vicky wasn't about to have any privacy for her return to human form as she'd had last time. After she'd eaten all the grain from the feed trough, it didn't take long for the change to start. As before, it was violent and swift, due to the full dose being administered at once. Joints snapped into different position, bones lengthened and shortened, skin stretched and sagged and tightened again, while Vicky writhed on the ground as the changes overtook her. Her horns fell out and her skull reshaped itself to its old human shape. Hooves separated into fingers and toes, while her hips thinned, her buttocks rounded and her vagina and anus moved closer together. While her ribcage became much smaller, her udder raced up her body to her chest and separated into two breasts, as two of the teats sank back into them, the other two becoming nipples with pretty pink aureolae once more. Exhausted, a naked and sweaty Vicky lay panting on a bed of brown cow hair. At first Sally had watched in helpless horror as her milk cow began writhing and mooing in pain, and then as she realised she was watching something totally beyond her experience, she continued to look on in dread fascination. When the sudden and violent transformation had passed, Sally went over and extended her hand to the newly formed woman and helped her to her feet. "Vicky?" she asked, doubt tingeing her voice.

Vicky accepted the extended helping hand and stiffly, gingerly rose to her feet. She gave a faint, wry smile and said, "Yes, I'm Vicky. And until now I was your milk cow".

"But how…?" was all an astonished and overwhelmed Sally could say.

Vicky slowly started towards the house and said "Come on, I'll have a bath"; she looked down ruefully at her regrown dark body hair, "and a shave. After that we can talk all about everything in the kitchen." Once again she enjoyed the squelch of mud between her human toes as she crossed the yard, a silent and bemused Sally at her side, helping the slow moving Vicky along.

While Vicky relaxed in the bath, Sally fetched the full-length mirror from the barn and put it back in Vicky's room. She'd always wondered about that mirror, but Gladys had assured her it was because Vicky the cow liked to have it there because it felt like she had company. Sally returned downstairs and Vicky emerged from the bath, dried herself and examined herself in the mirror. Satisfied that she was once again all woman, Vicky thought that she might have even lost a couple of years, age wise. She wondered if the wily old lady had slipped her an extra dose of the blue grain with this in mind. As it was, she now looked like she was the same biological age as Sally. Her pelvis seemed shallower, like it was in her late teens, and her breasts were a little firmer, she thought. Dressing, she went downstairs to join Sally at the kitchen table.

Although shaken by what had just occurred, Sally had pragmatically made a pot of tea. Some strong refreshment seemed appropriate. Over tea, the two girls discussed the truth of what had happened, Sally mainly listening to Vicky's story. Far from seeming betrayed by having such a large secret withheld from her, the college girl seemed excited by what now seemed to be offered her, the same chance Vicky had had to experience farm life in a far more involved way than either girl would have once believed possible. Vicky gave her a small amount of the pink grain to chew, as Gladys had to her months earlier. Sally felt the same build up of pressure in her pelvis as Vicky had, and felt the large object pass down her birth canal, to emerge from her vagina. She gently undid her jeans and removed the object carefully from her panties. It was a large, smooth white chicken egg! Sally laughed with delight that she had "laid an egg", and she was over the moon that she too could try the world with which Vicky was now more than familiar.

The two girls decided to go out for dinner that night � they were both on too much of a high to have the normal stay at home farm supper. Vicky chose her slinky dress � at least it would get an outing, and Sally dolled herself up in something equally stunning. They drove to the nearest large town for a bite to eat and then found a club to while away the hours dancing.

When they arrived at the farm giddy from the dancing and a drink or two, they ascended the stairs to go straight to bed. Sally accompanied Vicky to her room to bid her good night. As she went to hug Vicky, they suddenly found theirs lips locked together in a passionate and sensual kiss. They helped each other out of their clothes and tumbled into Vicky's large and comfy bed. Sally began suckling on Vicky's perky nipples and was delighted to find that Vicky was still producing milk. She said, with a smile, that she'd make sure that that kept going. After a short but pleasurable drink of Vicky's sweet milk, Sally began to kiss her way down Vicky's body to the hot, moist slit crowned with a triangle of thick dark hair. What the younger girl lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm, and Vicky was soon brought to a shuddering climax. Vicky soon returned the favour, and the two girls fell asleep in each other's arms.

Such a relationship more than made a little sense to the two girls. Trying to fit men into their lives, given the direction they seemed destined to take, would be difficult, or impossible. As it was, they shared a secret that seemed bound to take them off to all sorts of unusual places, a shared secret that naturally produced a sense of closeness.

For several days, the girls settled into a routine revolving around farm duties, and then Gladys returned. The old lady seemed pleased at the relationship that had blossomed between the two girls. "I thought you two would get along", she winked. She had much news. In the back of the Landrover was an old trunk that she helped them carry inside. Inside it, she told them, were many old journals containing recipes, that she was sure they would find interesting (here she winked again) and some ingredients to help start them off in making those recipes. There were many seeds that they'd need to plant and grow, Gladys said, to ensure a continuous supply of all they'd need. Everything was in the trunk, she assured them. And one further thing, she told the girls, she was transferring title of the farm over to Vicky and Sally! She was happy to see the farm in young and capable hands, and she would go off on an adventure of her own. Before they could say very much by way of thanks or anything else, the old lady retreated to her Landrover, jumped in and drove out the farm gate.

After watching Gladys go, Vicky and Sally took each other tenderly by the hands and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. This was sure to be a memorable Summer!

The End


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