Wishes Come True

by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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It's funny how wishes can turn out. Before it happened, I would never have wished it to happen. I wished for things like saving up enough money to start a business back home, or getting a green card. It's funny how life turns out - I also dreamed of fucking blond American girls, not that they paid much attention to me.
Lookswise, I looked like plenty of other Mexican teens - caramel-colored skin, black eyes and jet-black straight hair. I was smoother and slimmed than most, but apart from that I was a pretty ordinary Mexican guy.
John hired me to do chores around the house like gardening. He had a baby daughter and otherwise lived alone - his wife had died tragically due to complications in labor. I felt very sorry for them both. John seemed very much like a family man, but that was a gut feeling more than anything else.
It was a hot summer, and I worked shirtless a lot of the time. Even at night you didn't really need a shirt. One day shortly after sunset, I looked for John to tell him I was done for the day, and didn't put on my shirt first. That may have been the most important decision in my life, as it turns out.
He was in the baby's room, next to the crib, gazing out the window. I was about to say something, but I saw what John was looking at: a shooting star. I'd heard you could wish on them and, thinking of the baby girl next to us, I wished there was someone to love her like a real mother would.
I felt a strange tingling in my nipples. I felt them swell, I felt mounds rise on my chest and my areolas grow.
I saw the baby staring at my chest. I knew what she'd wished for, no doubt what every baby, if even a little hungry, wishes for. Instinctively I lifted her up in my arms and brought a nipple to her tiny mouth.
I can't really describe what it felt like - the incredibly loving, tender feelings as I felt my milk flow through my nipple to feed her - such a perfect expression of maternal love. I knew what to do, I'd seen the women in my family nurse enough times. When the baby was done and I placed her back in the crib, I turned and saw John staring at me - I'd totally forgotten about him.
I felt a tingling sensation spread through my body, everywhere save my breasts. I felt what clothes I wore fall of their own accord, revealing me naked to him. I knew, without having to look down, that I now had  a slit between my legs.
Without either one saying anything, he lifted me up and carried me into his bedroom next door. As he put me on the bed, I saw my reflection in the mirror - my smooth, caramel-colored body, with a little bit of hair above my pussy, my feminine curves, my long black hair in a braid.
I lay down on the bed, smiling nervously at John. I spread my legs, giving myself to him. He climbed on the bed and I soon felt the tip of his manhood entering me; I squirmed as my hymen broke. He pushed, gently but firmly, until he was all the way in. I knew somehow that he had wished for a woman, that Latinas were his type, and that he didn't want a lay, he wanted a wife and mother for his children.
Slowly, rhythmically he started pushing back and forth as he lovingly kissed me, caressing my feminine curves. As his rhythm became faster, I started moaning with pleasure, hearing my new high-pitched voice for the first time. As I had my first female orgasm, I thought that for that alone my transformation was a blessing.
All rational thought left us. He wasn't making love to me any more, and not even fucking me - he was mounting me like an animal, like a stallion mounting a mare, and I was squealing like a bitch in heat. I felt his manhood grow a little bigger, and felt him fill me with his seed.
This was a few months ago. I'm getting John's dinner ready for when he comes home. I'm very happy tonight; I can't wait to tell him the results from the pregnancy kit were positive. We've both been waiting for this since I weaned the baby. I hope he'll continue to make love to me during my pregnancy, and I'm looking forward to nursing again.


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