by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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My name at the time was Juan. I was a young new immigrant, and I don't
think I stood out from other Hispanics. I've got brown skin, dark brown
eyes, straight jet black hair. The only thing in which I stood out a
little was being smoother than most but I really don't think I looked very
different from any other young Mexican.

My two employers were somewhat older than me, muscular. One of them, John,
was blond and the other, Jerome, was black. I knew my new employers were a
gay couple, it's not as if they tried to hide it, but I just pretended not
to notice. They kissed a couple of times in my presence, and I just looked
away, though it was hard not to stare out of the corner of my eye. I did
wonder which one was top and which bottom - in my mind, the bottom was
roleplaying a woman, but as they were both manly, I couldn't really
picture either one as bottom. In any case, I worked outside the house so
there was little opportunity to find out, and they never talked to me
about anything personal - we only talked about the job, and it was obvious
that they had alittle contempt for my accent. Things seemed to have
settled into a routine until one fateful summer day.

Maybe if it hadn't been so hot that day, I'd be back in my country with a
wife and kids after having saved enough dollars, maybe I'd be cumming
inside a wife's pussy every day. But it was hot, and I was sweaty, even
though I was wearing shorts. My shirt felt drenched in sweat so, without
thinking about it, I took it off. I didn't think anything of it until,
some time later, I noticed my employers looking out the window, whispering
to one another. They were looking at me; I froze, remembering suddenly
that they were a gay couple and I was bare-chested and wearing shorts. I'd
left my shirt and my things in the backyard, and felt self-conscious going
around the house just to put it back on - my employers might feel
insulted, and I really needed the job.

From the window, they motioned me to come in. Maybe I should have just run
away, but I went to the door and stepped into the house.

-So, Juan, have you got papers? Immigration papers?

I froze.

-Of course he doesn't, if he had, he wouldn't be so cheap, you know.
-Well, Juan, did you know we've got the Border Patrol on speed dial?

I was speechless. I didn't want to get deported.

-Look, Juan, why shouldn't we deport you? Sure, you're cheap, but you're a
lousy gardener. So you tell us why we shouldn't deport you.
-I... I have some money saved up...
-It can't be much. You'd better come up with something better.
-I... I'll work harder...
-Juan, have you ever been fucked by a man?
-No! I'm a man and...
-Good. We want your virginity, Juan. We've been checking you out, and we
both agree we want some brown ass to fuck, and yours will do nicely. Don't
worry, we'll deflower you gently. Look, Juan, if you get deported, I'm
guessing it's like prison while you wait for deportation, so either way
you're getting cock up your ass. Difference is, we'll use lube.

I thought about it for a moment. Nobody would have to know... I still
tried to bargain, to talk my way out of it, but in reality I'd already
taken the decision to do this rather than get deported.

A few minutes later, I was standing in their bedroom, naked. They were
examining me, and I tried telling myself it wasn't really that different
from them checking me out while I was outside working, but of course now I
was naked, and they were checking out my ass, discussing who would do it
first. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that, probably
due to the feeling of the cool inside air on my bare skin, I was slightly
hard. Just a little, but probably noticeable.

In the end, they flipped a coin and John won - he would take my virginity.

-How do I do this? I've never done anything with a man.
-Just lie down on the bed and relax, dear. On your back.

I did. John brought his cock close to my face.

-Come on. Take a good look at the cock that's going to break in your
wetback ass.

I did. It was ramrod straight, almost ivory white with a touch of gold. If
a cock could be beautiful, his would be, I thought. John kept his word and
applied plenty of lube. Then he grabbed my ankles, and lifted them onto
his shoulders. I remembered a girlfriend years earlier, she had been a
virgin, and I remembered how I had taken her ankles and spread her legs.
But now it was my legs, and I was the one who was going to receive cock,
not the one doing the fucking.

I closed my eyes, trying to pretend it wasn't happening, that I wasn't
really in that bed, about to have my ass fucked. It backfired, as it meant
I had nothing to distract me from the sensations in my ass. First I felt
his cockhead pressing against my anus, then how it slowly, painfully went
in. I could feel how it very, very slowly slid in until I could feel his
blond pubic hair against my brown ass. He waited for a few seconds, as my
ass stretched to accommodate his entire manhood, then he began thrusting
back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster. The worst part
wasn't the pain, or the humiliation, not even the hmuliation when I felt
him fill my ass with his seed. No, the worst part was that, when he filled
me with his seed, I felt a slight tingling, a hint of pleasure. It was
only after he pulled out that I noticed my own brown cock was erect.

It was now Jerome's turn. He too brought his cock close to my face; it was
longer and thicker than John's, and I worried about how I was going to
accommodate it, even though my ass was no longer virgin. But beneath the
anxiety, there was also a bit of curiousity - I wondered what it would
taste like, what it would feel like to lick its shaft, to wrap my lips
around it. It must've shown on my face, because he pushed his cock against
my lips. I only put up some token resistance, and when his manhood grazed
against my lips, I took his cock in my mouth. I serviced it hungrily,
swallowing his cum without hesitation when he orgasmed.

They took turns fucking me. I didn't even bother to pretend I didn't want
it any more, I squirmed and moaned as I repeatedly got cock in my ass. In
this way, a new phase in my life began. I was still their gardener and
handyman, but my main duties now were serving them in bed. I wasn't their
lover, I was a hired fuck, a cheap piece of Third World meat to stick
their cocks in.

One day, they told me they wanted to talk to me.

-So, Juan, we think instead of gardening and looking after the car you
should be in charge of the cooking, maybe some dusting.
-I don't want to do it.
-Why not? Because you think it's women's work?
-We think so, too.
-We got you this- said Jerome.

He handed me a gym bag. Inside there was a peach-colored skirt and blouse,
a white apron, bra and panties, and black Mary Jane shoes and stockings.

-Come on, Juan. You know the deal, you either do this or get deported.
Your call.

I didn't want to get deported.

-Good. Take a shower and change. Don't forget to shave.

I obeyed. I'd never shaved my legs or armpits before, and it was a funny
feeling to cover them in shaving cream and actually shave them. I then put
everything on. Something clicked inside me. I wanted to wear those
clothes. I whimpered with delight as I put them on. I was trembling a
little when I walked out of the bathroom.


I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.

-I'm gay, I....
-No, Juan, you're not gay. You're a bitch, our bitch now.

I was speechless. I knew he was right.

-Man, she's hot- said Jerome as he patted my ass.
-Yeah. We can't call her Juan any more.
-Yeah. She needs a girl's name.
-I think it's only fair to let her choose. So, girl, what's your name now?

I thought for a moment. I thought of my cousin Rosa who worked as a maid
until her boss got her pregnant.

-Rosa. My name is Rosa.

That's when it happened. I don't know how or why, but I felt a strange
tingling all over my body. I felt the flesh on my chest expand until it
filled the bra I was wearing. I felt my hips widen. I felt my balls being
pulled into my body, my cock shwinking into a clit, and vaginal lips opening
on my crotch. I felt my entire body become female.

Since then I'm Rosa, their maid and whore. Sometimes I wish I had been a
bride, and I daydream about getting married in white and being taken by my
husband on our wedding night. But that's OK, I'm fine with being a live-in
maid and whore, I really love being fucked whenever John or Jerome want
pussy. I did have to get a new uniform - the maternity version. I have no
idea who the father is - we'll just have to see what the baby looks like.


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