Alien - Part 2

by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I fell asleep after mating, and my last thoughts before falling asleep were wondering what my young would look like.

Over the next few days, my belly grew noticeably. My belly button popped out, and I looked several months pregnant already. I could feel movement inside my womb, and I probably had several young inside me. My breasts were beginning to swell, no doubt with milk. A couple of days later, after waking up I noticed some spots on my abdomen. There were four of them, and over the course of that day they grew and became obvious nipples. By the time I woke up the next morning, they'd become not breasts, but teats, like a dog's. My belly too had become bigger.

I noticed something else. Obviously, as there was no one to talk to, I didn't talk much, only occasionally muttering something to myself. But now I realized I couldn't talk any more - I could make guttural noises, but I couldn't speak actual words. Upon checking, I realized my tongue had changed - it had become leathery and longer.

My belly continued to swell. One morning I woke up feeling movement inside, showing my young were developing. That wasn't the only change, though. Naturally, having no razors, I didn't shave anything, and while my facial hair had stopped growing, I noticed the hair on my legs had become thicker and coarser than normal human body hair. I shrugged it off, since after all women may shave their legs, but mares and cows don't. The bigger change, however, was that my toes had fused together - I could walk upright with no problem, but my feet had become something resembling hooves. From the waist down, save for my ability to stand upright, I was all animal.

A few days later, only about a couple of weeks after I'd been mounted, I went into labor. It was extremely painful but was relatively quick, and I gave birth to four pups - a litter. They were very much like puppies. After I'd birthed the last pup, I noticed my hands had changed - my fingers had become shorter, and my nails resembled claws more than regular fingernails. I ignored these changes, and I pushed something else out - the placenta. I got on all fours and ate it without hesitation. Having done this, I sat and took my pups and, one by one, licked them clean. I wasn't imitating animals in particular, I was simply doing what I instinctively knew I should do.

Having cleaned my pups, I lay on my side, took each pup and gave it a teat. The immediately began to suckle. I felt a tremendous relief as my teats did their job, and I felt a deep maternal bliss as I nursed my young.

My life then consisted mainly of eating, and nursing my young, which always felt wonderful. My pups grew rapidly, until one day I simply didn't feel like offering them my teats, and that was basically how I weaned them - I stopped offering them my teats and they lost interest in me altogether, and just walked away.

Before even a whole day had passed since weaning my pups, I realized I was going into heat again. Soon enough I discovered I'd become a lot more flexible than I was as a proper human, and could lick my vagina - for some reason I didn't even consider using what was left of my hands.

It didn't really bring me any relief - what I needed was mating. What I felt wasn't desire, it was a need to be bred. I got on all fours, and began making mating calls. I don't know if the male was drawn by those braying-like noises, or they could smell a female in heat from afar, but soon enough I heard a male approach. I positioned myself to take his thrusting. Even if I'd been physically capable of resisting, there was no question of it happening - I was in heat, and I couldn't resist the urge to mate any more than a falling rock can resist gravity.

The animal mounting me poured his semen into me, pulled out, and left. Again, I knew I'd been bred. Then I realized I couldn't get up - I couldn't stand upright any more. It didn't really bother me. If I'd known, before mating, that this would happen, it wouldn't have made any difference. I only wondered what changes my next mating would bring.

I've never figured out how I came here. That is, I assume I was brought here by some sort of alien civilization I've never seen, but I wonder why. Was I brought as some kind of experiment about mammalian reproduction? Or was this planet some kind of zoo, and I'd been acquired for their breeding program? Maybe I'll never know. But it doesn't matter. I wouldn't trade this cycle of mating and taking care of my young for anything in the world.


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