Alien - Part 1

by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I've no idea how I got there. I was in another planet and must've been taken there by aliens of some sort, or at least that seemed the only reasonable explanation, but I had no idea why or how. I just woke up in some kind of forest. There were trees and plants and so on, just none that I'd ever seen before. I was naked, but I did not feel cold.


I became hungry, and discovered most leaves were edible. The basic necessities of life at least were no a problem.


I'd spent a day in this place when I ran into what seemed a strange kind of tree, with gnarled branches but no leaves. It was too late when I realized that it wasn't a tree, or at any rate the branches weren't branches. They were tentacles, and they quickly seized my wrists and ankles, lifting me up in the air. They held me away from the "tree," so I couldn't see what it wanted to do with me. Then I felt something warm and slimy, some kind of tentacle, touch my behind. It soon found the entrance to my anus and began pushing its way in. I tried to bend away from it, but there was little I could do as I was firmly held by the tentacles. I tried closing my sphincter, hoping that this tentacle wasn't as strong as the others and wouldn't be able to force its way in. But -maybe there was something in the slime covering the tentacle- my muscles relaxed against my will, allowing it easy access into my anus. Something slimy entered it, sliding in slowly. It wasn't painful, or even uncomfortable. I felt a slight twitching, and soon realized it was doing something to my prostate. Waves of pleasure came over me, even as I felt something was being injected into my prostate, but without pain. It wasn't a liquid, like cum, it felt more like an implant of some sort being put in place, but of course I couldn't even see what was happening. I felt waves of pleasure coming from my prostate as whatever had been put there seemed to wiggle, and I orgasmed and passed out.


I woke up lying on the ground, and the "tree" that had done whatever it had done to me seemed to have forgotten about me. I felt very strange when I tried to move, but it took me a few seconds to pinpoint that there was something really wrong with my body. There seemed to be flesh in all the wrong places. Then I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw I a pair of breasts on my chest. I'd guess they were a C-cup. I looked further down and saw I had a slit between my legs. My legs themselves had changed, taking on a more feminine shape, and I also had wider hips and a rounder butt. I got to my feet, a little unsteadily, which wasn't surprising given I wasn't used to the fat distribution my body now had, nor to my now wider hips.


Somehow I managed not to panic, despite having changed sex and been raped by an alien creature - actually I wasn't even sure it had been sex. Obviously, whatever it was must've caused my transformation into a female, but I didn't why or how. In any case, I continued for a couple of days living essentially as before - I now went naked, as my clothes had been torn to shreds and they didn't fit my now curvy body anyway. This wasn't a problem as the nights were mild. I didn't even touch my new genitalia, not knowing what to think about it, but on the first two nights I dreamed of having sex with men in my new body - very hairy, muscular men that pounded me brutally. This was a little disturbing to me when I woke up, but in any case there were no men around so I didn't think those dreams would make any difference to my new life.


On the third night after my transformation, something changed. I had disturbing dreams - I dreamed I was a cow, grazing on a field, and there was a bull as well, and I moved my tail aside to give him easier access, and then he mounted me. Then I dreamed I was a horse, more specifically a mare. Again I was out on a field, and a stallion stepped into the field, approached me from behind, and after some cursory sniffing, he mounted me. Then I dreamed I was a bitch, and I was led on a leash which was then tied to a railing. A male dog was brought over, and he too mounted me. I kept having similar dreams about these species and even a dream of being a sow mating with a boar.

When I woke up, I knew, by instinct, what was happening. I was in heat. I'd been turned into a female, and I was going into heat. And I didn't care. I kept having these visions of me on all fours, being mounted by farm animals - horses, bulls, dogs. I should've been horrified, but I wanted to mate so badly that nothing else mattered.

Soon I started making some sort of braying noise - making it as loud as I could have me some sort of relief. Again by instinct I knew it was a mating call. I had no idea what reply to expect, but when I heard it I recognized it at once - I knew the animal that made that sound was the mate I wanted, no, the mate I needed, badly.


I got an all fours. I knew just what position to get into to give him easier access. I tried to get a glimpse of the animal that was going to mount me, and I saw he was something in between a horse and a dog in appearance. As his musky smell reached my nostrils, I becamen even more desperate to be mounted and I urinated, remembering having read somewhere that cows did that before mating, and made a mating call again.


I could feel him sniffing my behind. The dumb brute seemed not to be able to immediately tell which hole it should use. Then it seemed to make up its mind and I felt his paws on my shoulders as it got into position.


His obvious strength made it clear that I had absolutely no choice in this mating. There had been, from the start, no question of resisting, no question of even hesitating in the mating I needed so badly, but even if I were to resist it would make no difference, and perhaps the creature about to mount me wouldn't even notice.


I screamed with both pain and pleasure as he penetrated me. There was, of course, no point in asking him to be gentle as I was a virgin, as it would neither care nor be able to understand. As my vagina stretched to accommodate him, the pain became less, and the pleasure greater. He was thrusting back and forth into me, while I clenched down on his rod. Soon I felt his sperm being pumped into me, and I made a long, braying-like sound as I orgasmed.


Once he finished pumping his sperm into me, he pulled out and walked away without a backwards glance. I was no longer in heat, and I knew I'd not just been mounted, I'd been bred.


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