A Bitch In Heat (part 2)

by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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They took a few measurements of my belly, marked four spots and then injected something into each spot. They didn't tell me anything, but it wasn't difficult to guess what was happening: given the locations of the spots, I had to assume I'd been injected with something to make me grow teats. This proved correct: within hours, I was growing what looked like tiny nipples.

I spent the next couple of days, apart from eating and sleeping, mating and recovering from the last mating. I didn't wear clothes at all the whole time, they would only have gotten in the way. They now realized there was no need to restrain me - I had no intention of resisiting or trying to run away. I was, after all, in heat; I desperately wanted to mate.

Then one day my horniness just died down - I knew, as the doctors soon confirmed that I was no longer ovulating, and I was no longer ovulating because I was going to have puppies. A week before this would've been a scenario from a horror movie; now I was excited, even if a little scared.

Shortly afterwards they sedated me. I woke up in a cage, in the back of a truck. I have no idea how long we'd been moving by then.

When we stopped and I was helped out, we were at some sort of farm. I was still naked, and nobody was surprised by my new teats.

I was taken to the farmhouse to be shown my new place and meet my roommate. We arrived at the right door and as I stepped into the room, I saw a woman lying on the floor - and she was being mounted by a Golder Retriever. She was moaning, gasping, whimpering like the bitch in heat. Like the bitch in heat she now doubt was in a sense, just as I was. She squirmed, almost convulsed with animal pleasure, oblivious to our pressence, as indifferent to mating in our presence as the dog she was mating with.

She started screaming with pleasure, from my own recent memories, no doubt because the Golden Retriever's knot had gone into her. Soon enough, they changed tempo and I knew the male was ejaculating inside her.

Not too long ago, I would've found this scene disgusting. Right now, I found it erotic.

The male finished, and lay next to the woman, the two joined by his knot. She smiled at me, utterly unashamed at what had happened.

We were introduced as roommates, and were then left alone.

I could see that she had teats like me, but unlike mine hers were obviously more developed; she had probably had at least one litter already.



"I take it you're going to have puppies?"

I nodded.

"Have you... "

"Yes, this will be my second litter."

"So... was it really painful?"

"Well, it hurt, but because of their size, a lot less than a baby would've done. Trust me, you'll love having puppies. The only sad part is when you wean them and they're taken away, but then you go into heat again."

I hesitated a little, thinking of how I'd been brought here.

"So... are we prisoners here?"

"Look, there's a fence and everything, but you could run away if you really wanted to. Nobody does. We all kind of signed away all our rights in exchange for mating..."

I remembered: the papers I had to sign so they'd bring a dog to mate with me.

"...but that's really just a precaution. Nobody wants to leave."

"Is that because... well, with teats and everything, we'd be freaks if we returned to society?"

She sighed.

"When you mated with your first dog, did you like it?"

It wasn't really a question.

"And you know you're going to have those puppies, and feed them."


"So would you want to be completely human?"

I thought about it.

"Let me put it another way: after you wean your puppies, if you went back to living in the city and so on, how long before you mated with a dog again? And wouldn't you want another litter, not just the mating?"


"So why not embrace it? Here, we all know about it and we're all in the same boat. You won't find a more supportive place."

She was right, of course. There was no real reason to go back. There were no inhibitions here. Especially none about having sex with dogs.

"When you say 'we' you mean... how many of us are there?"

"Including you, there's eight of us."

"And they're all... well, bitches?"

She giggled.

"Now that's not very nice... No, seriously, you and I are the only ones who mate with dogs. You see, they've been trying different species for these experiments, maybe to make sure everything would be compatible - first, with chimps, so there are a couple of ladies here who have delivered baby chimps several times. Then they tried gorillas, again there are two girls who mate with them. Then they must've decided they had learned enough about primates, so they went for pigs - two of us mate with boars."

I wondered if they mated in the mud.

"Then there was, well, me. And now you. Do you mate with Golden Retrievers?"

"German Shepherds. So... will there be more of us or what?"

She shrugged.

"No idea. We'll just have to wait and see."


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