A Bitch In Heat (part 1)

by hembra
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I didn't hesitate when it was time to sign the papers. I was immediately told to change into a surgical gown for the operation.

The operation. Yes, I'd signed up for sex change surgery. The offer sounded too good to be true: an experimental procedure that would render me a true biological female, capable even of getting pregnant and, because it was experimental, it would cost me nothing.

Of course there were risks. But these guys seemed to know what they were doing. I had, of course, to sign various waivers, non-disclosure agreements and so forth. I was no lawyer, but as far as I could tell everything was legit.

In any, case, I wasn't thinking about that anymore. I was thinking that I'd wake up from surgery as a full physical woman. As I changed into the surgical gown, I said goodbye without regret to my penis and scrotum. I was looking forward to the whole thing. Even the periods. After all, I should've gotten one at twelve or so, not a decade late. There was more to it than that - I wanted to have babies one day. Maybe I'd find a nice man who wouldn't be put off by my not having been born a woman and would marry me.

I smiled. There would be no good reason for a man to mind. I'd been promised womanly legs, a vagina a gynecologist couldn't distinguish from a natural one, womanly hips, functional ovaries, breasts and uterus, a higher-pitched voice, the works.

I chuckled at the thought I'd even get a hymen. I'd had sex with men, but obviously not vaginally. I wondered how long my new hymen would remain unbroken.

As you'd expect, I remember nothing about the surgery itself. When I became conscious, I was assured everything had gone according to plan. As I recovered from surgery and bandages were gradually removed, everything seemed to confirm it: there was no way anyone would look at my body and not think I'd been born female. I did not look like a model, but I wasn't bad-looking at all. I think I cried with delight when I was finally able to see myself in the mirror naked from head to toe.

I knew they would keep me for observation until my first ovulation was over. I had a private room in an isolated part of the hospital, which I assumed was for my own safety. They monitored me closely, and assured me I'd start ovulating any day now.

That same night I had erotic dreams - I couldn't remember a thing about them the next morning except that they'd been very pleasurable. I masturbated, but despite my new multi-orgasmic genitalia, it didn't feel like enough. It really was like an itch I couldn't scratch. Oddly, although in men I'd always had a type, I wasn't thinking of men, I simply had no clear thoughts about what kind of sex I wanted, apart from wanting vaginal sex badly. Maybe it was the masturbation, but my vaginal lips seemed to be swollen. I made sure to tell the nurse, in case it was something else.

One of the doctors came to see me soon after. He said he had good news and bad news for me.

"The good news is, you're ovulating. The bad news is, well, there was one cost-cutting measure we didn't tell you about. You have, yes, a functioning womb and ovaries. But they're those of a German Shepherd. Nowhere in the contract did it say they's be human."

I waited for him to laugh, to tell me it was a bad joke. But he didn't.

"Technically you're ovulating. However, a better description would be that you're in heat."

He left before I could really react. I tried to tell myself it was some sick joke, but I didn't believe it. The horror of what was happening didn't stop me from being aroused, either. Then I pictured a German Shepherd. I was instantly twice as horny; I wanted to be mounted by one, badly. I tried thinking of men and men's cocks, of the wedding I had dreamed of having, but it was useless. They turned me on as little as, well, dogs had in my previous life. I tried to think of anything other than being humped, but nothing worked, and I was just feeling hornier and hornier.

I bit my lip. There was no real question about it; I would call the nurse and tell them I wanted to mate with a dog. No, that I needed to mate. There wasn't any real question of resisisting anymore.

I pushed the button for calling someone. The doctor and several nurses walked in.


"I... well... I... Hell, just bring me a dog to mate with."

None of them were in the least surprised.

"You need to sign some papers first."

I didn't even read them. There was no question of not signing them anyway.

As soon as I'd signed the various documents, they grabbed my wrists and handcuffed me to the bedposts, and did likewise with my ankles. There was no need, really; I wasn't going to resist mating. There really was no chance of me changing my mind, as I could barely even think outside of my overwhelming lust. With scissors, they cut away my clothes.

Soon enough, I heard the patter of a dog being brought in. I thought I could not possiby get hornier, but at the sight of this German Shepherd, I did, I was desperate for him to breed me, a burning desire that I'd never felt even at my horniest as a teenager, I wanted him desperately not just mate with me, but breed me, I wanted his puppies and the thought of bearing his litter made me hornier.

He hesitated a little, probably because he realized my anatomy was not what he was used to mounting. But he was overpowered by the smell of a bitch in heat, and he climbled on top of me, struggled for a few moments to position himself for penetrating my unfamiliar body, and then without further ado his penis went into me, the massive pain of my hymen being torn apart doing nothing to detract from my pleasure, and knowing he neither knew nor cared I was a virgin just adding to my desire. He started to jackhammer into me, and then he slowed down but stroked her more forcefully and each time it seemed he was going to tear me apart. Then suddenly felt something very large entering me - his knot, sending me into a continuous, overpowering orgasm.

Soon after, he pumped his puppy batter into me. We were locked together by his canine knot. He licked my face a few times, but otherwise ignored me.

Eventually he slipped out of me, and was led away.

As I was released from my handcuffs, I asked, with my virginal blood and dog cum dripping form my cunt, "What now?"


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