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Chapter 1 - Recruitment

“Hello young ladies.  I am Dr. Richard Taylor and I am the Chief Development Officer at the HumaFoods Co. at our food production and research facility in North Junction, Montana.  Next to me is my assistant Ms. Jane Gregory.”  Thus began the introduction to a group of eight young women between the ages of 18 and 21.  These women were among a group of about three dozen inmates that opted for working on a farm for eight weeks during the summer months rather than stay in a corrections facility in the city.  All had been in trouble with the law and were serving their sentences of several months to several years or longer.  Many of the girls actually liked working on the farm and enjoyed the experiences of taking care of the farm animals.  Of course, there were some that just wanted a change of scenery or even thought they could escape easily from the farm (but found out they were wrong).  The girls stayed in a bunker facility during their stay at Rejuvenation Farm and worked long days feeding, cleaning and caring for the livestock or in some cases growing and caring for the corn, hay, vegetables and other produce.  The summer term was nearly over when the specially selected girls were invited to hear the offer from Dr. Taylor.

“You have been specially selected by me to receive a unique offer for a long term employment opportunity in food production at HumaFoods.  Because of the confidential nature of our development programs, I cannot tell you many specific details of what you will be doing at this time.  I can tell you that your work will be on the cutting edge of new food production science and technology.  In addition, I can guarantee you that you will have lifetime employment with full healthcare benefits, all your needs taken care including financial, cultural, educational and social.  You will not have to go back to regular public schools ever again since we will take care of all the training you will need to be successful in your new jobs.”  Although the eight chosen girls did show appreciation for nature, working at the farm and caring for animals, that was not the main reason they were selected.  All of them had been homeless or orphaned, wards of the state, in and out of foster care and had juvenile records and detention time.  They were pretty much unwanted and had dim prospects for a good future.  Dr. Taylor knew that most if not all the girls would jump at the opportunity he was offering them.

“If you decide you would like to become a member of HumaFoods Inc. and participate in our development program, your remaining time at the Corrections Center will be waived and you will start working for us at the end of the week.  I will hand out application forms, employment contracts and questionnaires for you to complete, sign and return to me if you decide to join us.  I can tell you that in the seven years we have been running this program, not one participant has asked to leave our company.”  After distributing the packets of papers, he asked, “Are there any questions?”

A few arms went up in the air.  “If I sign up, how long do I have to stay with HumaFoods?”

“Good question.  The contract states that you must stay with us for a minimum of five years.  That may seem like a long time but like I said, no one so far has ever asked to leave yet.  Next.”

“Do we live right on the farm or what?”

“Yes, since the production facility is quite remote, almost everyone lives at the facility in their own living quarters and especially our newest members of the food production team which we hope you will be joining.  Next question.”

A girl in the back row asked “How much time do we have to decide whether we want to join HumaFoods or not?”

“Unfortunately, you only have until tomorrow morning.  If you decide to become a participant, Ms. Gregory and I will need a few days to review and then process your paperwork with the state so that they will release you to our custody.  If anyone is thinking they will join the program and then try to escape, forget that right now.  Because of the secrecy of our development work, we have very high security mainly to keep people out.  However, it is very effective in keeping people in as well.  If you should manage to escape, a warrant will be issued for you immediate arrest and return to incarceration.  Please think of this as a great opportunity for you to advance in life.”  There were at least a dozen more questions before everyone felt they knew what they needed about the employment program.

“Remember, I need all your completed paperwork by 9:00 am tomorrow if you want to join the HumaFoods Co.  I will be staying here for a little while longer so if you want to ask more questions, please come and talk with me.  Because of the secret nature of the program and our work, please do not talk about this opportunity with the other girls who were not invited to participate.”  

The girls talked excitedly amongst themselves and many asked more questions before they slowly headed out and returned to their dorm rooms for the evening.  They had a big lifetime decision to make and very little time to do it.

The next morning, Dr. Taylor and Jane were working in the visitor’s office when the first young girl showed up.  She handed the package of papers in and said she was really looking forward to a new life.  Before the hour was up, Dr. Taylor received seven more packages.  He had never done this well before and was elated.  The next big job was to go through the applications and make sure they wanted to accept everyone that had applied.  Sometimes it turned out that there were family ties or close important contacts that could raise questions if a girl were to appear to vanish mysteriously.  Two of the applicants did have to be eliminated due to ongoing relationships with aunts and uncles.

In the afternoon, the eight girls reconvened with Dr. Taylor and Jane Gregory.  The two girls with familial relationships were informed that they were not accepted for the program and were very disappointed and one even started crying before being dismissed.  The remaining six were as excited as could be at the prospect of starting a new life in Montana with a real job and future.  The girls were told to be ready to leave at the end of the week early on Saturday morning for a two day ride to the facility by van.  They could only bring one suitcase with their belongings since everything else they would need would be furnished by the company.

Early the next morning, Dr. Taylor headed for the airport so he could travel back to HumaFoods in Montana to get ready for his new recruits.  In the meantime, Jane cleared all the custody paperwork with the state so the girls could leave.  The state was all too happy to have HumaFoods to be responsible for the girls and offer them an opportunity with a future.  It didn’t hurt to know that the girls would be taken to another state saving the taxpayers some money as well.

Saturday morning arrived quickly and Jane and her six new recruits were ready to leave for the new frontier.  

Chapter 2 – Orientation

The drive was over 850 miles from the Rejuvenation Farm to the HumaFoods facility in North Junction, Montana and took two days.  The van drove the last thirty miles without seeing any apparent signs of habitation or civilization before finally arriving at the front entrance gate of HumaFoods.  After checking through security and getting all the new recruits photo ID badges to wear around their necks on lanyards, Jane drove the van to the administration building.

Dr. Taylor greeted the girls in a conference room and then put on a PowerPoint presentation for a brief introduction about the facility.  He then pointed out that it was required that they all go to the Health offices for a brief series of shots.  He said the company did not want the girls to get any illnesses from life on a farm and just as importantly did not want the livestock to get a disease from the outside city girls.  Each girl got three shots, two in the buttocks and one in the arm as well as couple of pills.  They were informed they would get two more shots in the morning to complete their initial series of inoculations.

After a small dinner, the girls were shown to their temporary living quarters with two girls sharing a room dormitory style.  Each girl was given several temporary work uniforms and a case of toiletries.  Everyone was tired from the long day of travel and the excitement of arriving at the final destination and had little trouble falling to sleep quickly.

The next morning at Jane collected the girls from their rooms and ushered them to the company cafeteria for breakfast.  Everyone wore the company uniform that was very similar to a surgeon’s scrubs in a light green color.  After breakfast was finished, each girl got two more shots and more pills before being led to the conference room again for the formal orientation session.  In addition to Dr. Taylor, there were several other people in the room whom the girls had not met before.  

Dr. Taylor started the meeting by introducing his assistants and stating that these would be the people mainly working with the new recruits.  “Drs. Jennifer Goodson and Alex Smith are biological research scientists, Dr. Josephine Hart is a veterinarian and Jane will continue to assist in your day to day needs.  I would like each of you to introduce yourselves and provide a bit of background information about your selves.  Let’s start with you Heather.”

“Hi!  My name is Heather, I am 18 years old and I grew up in Detroit.  I was abandoned by my mother shortly after birth and have been bounced around different foster care homes for most of my life.  I made the mistake of getting caught in a stolen car with my boyfriend at the time and was sentenced to one year at the CC.  I’ve served four months time before coming here.  I am really looking forward to having a chance to start over at such a neat place like this.”  And so it went around the table with each girl having a similar story to tell.

“Now that we know each other, let me tell you about what it means for you to be a food production worker at HumaFoods since you are now part of the team.  You will be working in the experimental egg production facility.  The average egg you buy in a grocery store weighs only about two ounces which means it takes about eight eggs to get a pound.  The average farm egg laying hen lays less than one egg per day throughout the year.  As poor as this is, this is actually much better than egg production 100 years ago.  Here at HumaFoods we have made a significant breakthrough in egg production.  Our specially bred chickens can lay 8 to 12 eggs per day instead of only one.  Even better, each egg weighs between 6 and 8 ounces each.”

“This is where you young ladies come into the picture.  When I offered you food production jobs, I meant it literally.  You will each become one of our specially bred egg laying hens producing large quantities of special HumaFoods eggs.”  Except for a few gasps, the room was silent as the girls tried to comprehend what Dr. Taylor had just stated.

“You may be thinking that you do not want to become special egg-laying chickens.  I hope this is not the case but I understand and we hope to convince you that this is the good life we promised you.  We told you that you would be employed for life, we would take care of all your health needs, take care of all your food and shelter needs and anything else you would require in your life as a chicken.  If you think about it, you will be leading simple, productive lives without any worries which most of the human population strives for and we are giving it to you.”

“If you still think you do not want to become hens, you have all signed employment contracts giving HumaFoods the right to use you as we see fit in your employment with us.  Actually, technically speaking you are not employees but will become part of the livestock owned by HumaFoods Corp.  You do not have any legal rights.  Legal matters aside, you have all received a series of shots and drugs when you arrived and again this morning.  You have already begun the process of being transformed into chickens and this process is irreversible.  You will soon be human chickens or as we call you, Huma-Chicks.  Rest assured we will take the very best care of each and every one of you since you are the food producers here.”  Two of the women began to cry and the others were in a state of shock at what they just heard.

“Let me tell you about the transformation process and then I will answer your questions.  The complete transformation takes place over three weeks’ time which for you started yesterday.  We categorize the process in three stages where you start out as chicklings, then you become chicks and finally you enter the hen maturation stage.  Each stage lasts about one week.  At the end you will be about 90 to 95% developed as chickens retaining just a few of your human features.  One important thing is that your brain retains all its human functions and memories.  Even though you will be mostly a chicken in body, you will still have your human thought processes although you will acquire some chicken intuition and instincts as well.”

“During the transformation, each day you will begin by getting more booster shots and drugs to helps the process along.  At times you will feel some aches and pains occasionally or nausea as your body changes internally but nothing too bad.  Because of the tremendous changes your body is now undergoing, you will often feel fatigued and so we encourage plenty of resting periods.  Over the next few weeks, you will receive a special diet to accommodate your changing body’s internal organs and needs.  In addition to the drugs, each day you will have a health exam where you will be checked, photographed extensively and have many body measurements taken and recorded daily so that we have a complete record of your transformation.  Our goal here at HumaFoods is to have you become the best, most productive chickens you can be.  Any questions?”  

Obviously, there were a lot of questions which lasted for more than an hour.  At the end of the session, although upset, most of the girls were resigned to their fates.  Two of the girls actually said they were looking forward to their new lives as hens knowing that they would never have to worry about anything in the future.  

The meeting concluded with Dr. Taylor saying, “We will meet every morning after your health exams for a short time and I will then explain what changes and developments you can expect over the next day or so.  Between now and tomorrow, you will not see much in the way of physical changes as your body is being set up internally with its new DNA structure during the first day.  After that, you will then begin to notice the changes daily.  You are now scheduled to go to lunch with Jane and then you will want to rest this afternoon.  See you tomorrow morning.”  With that, Dr. Taylor left the room with his assistants.

Chapter 3 – Chicklings

Day 1

After lunch, the girls returned to their dorm rooms anxious to look at their bodies to see if there were any noticeable changes that had taken place.  Although they couldn’t see anything, little did they know that a lot was happening inside.  Their hip bones, spines and shoulders were already preparing to align themselves for their new body configuration.  The muscles on the lower legs were getting ready to be dissolved for use as tissue elsewhere while fat tissue started to accumulate on the thighs.  The internal organs were also changing to conform to a new life as a chicken.  

As warned in the morning, the women were all very fatigued due to all the activity and changes in their bodies and so slept the afternoon away.  At dinner time, they received their fist special meal consisting of a bowl of grain paste like substance and water.  Even though the paste did not look very appetizing, the girls agreed that it didn’t taste all that bad.

Day 2

After breakfast, each girl was taken to the Health office for the daily exam.  After two more shots were administered and a couple of more pills were swallowed, each girl was told to disrobe and prepare for photos and measurements.  Obviously they were initially embarrassed but told that this would soon become a natural part of the day.  The exams were then followed by the daily briefing given by Dr. Taylor or one of his staff.  

“I am glad to see everyone made it through the night OK and is here.  As I told you yesterday, each day I or one of the other staff members will give you a briefing to explain what has happened and what will happen to you during the change.  I suspect most of you went back to your rooms yesterday and looked for an outgrowth of feathers.”  There was some light laughter in the room.  “The truth is you will grow feathers but not until the third week.  Over the next day or two, you will notice rapid growth in your chest area and buttocks as tissue mass shifts in your body from your lower legs and shoulders.  Your thighs will shift their position where they join your abdomen and the space between your thighs will increase as your pelvis widens to adapt to a more round body.”

“The reason for these changes is simple.  When a person stands they more or less form the letter “I” but when a chicken stands, they form a “T” shape.  What this means is the head and chest has to more or less balance with your behind to make to make standing for long periods easy and comfortable while eating for example.  By this time tomorrow, you will easily notice the changes in your posture and weight distribution.  You should notice that your lower legs are starting to become smaller as well.”

“In addition to the changes you can see, there is a lot going on inside you.  Your digestive system is developing a crop at the base of your neck where you will be able to store fairly large amounts of food until you are ready to digest it.  You will soon have a gizzard where much of the food digestion takes place.  The main reason you are here is to lay eggs and therefore your reproductive system is also undergoing major changes but we will talk about that another day.  Does anyone have a question?”

Everyone had questions.  “Will I shrink to the size of a regular chicken or how big will I be?

“The reason that you will be so productive is because you will be roughly a human size chicken.  This means you most likely will gain or lose only a few pounds from where you are now.  With your new body configuration that we just discussed, you will only stand about three and a half feet tall or so when done.”

“What will happen to my boobs?”

“Chickens do not have mammary glands and so they will be absorbed into your chest area quite soon.”  After the question period ended, the girls were dismissed to go back to their rooms and watch television, take a nap or whatever they cared to do.  The meals that day consisted of more bowls of grain paste which they were told was easy to digest for their developing digestive systems.

Day 3

The transformations were more observable now as they each examined themselves in the mirror before getting dressed and starting the day.  It was clear the uniforms did not quite fit right and that when they walked their gait was not quite normal.  When they sat down at breakfast, they could feel that their bottoms were quite a bit bigger than they were the day before.

After the usual health exam and shots, they met in the conference room for the daily briefing.  Dr. Jennifer Goodson told the group that Dr. Taylor was not available and so she would fill in.  “If it wasn’t clear to you yesterday, I am sure you can all see that changes are taking place in your bodies.  I’ve reviewed the preliminary results of your exams this morning and you are all developing normally which is great.  I have put on the wall the anatomy chart of a chicken.  I will explain to you some of what is going to happen to you as you change.”  She went on for close to an hour discussing chicken anatomy.  In a normal biology class, the students would have zoned out long ago but in this case, Dr. Goodson had the full attention of everyone for the whole time.

“What’s going to happen next you may ask?  Your boobs should be completely gone by this time tomorrow.  Just think, you will never need to put on a bra again.  The other major change you will see is that as your buttocks become your growing tail structure, your anus and your vagina will appear to merge.  Your vagina will now be located well behind your thighs rather than between them.  Finally, the space between your thighs should reach 10 or 12 inches.  In addition to these observable changes, your inside viscera are quickly becoming that of a chicken.”

“That’s all for today.  Enjoy the rest of the day and we will see tomorrow as usual.”  Dr. Goodson and the other administrators left the conference room followed by the chicken recruits.  In between meals, nap times and TV watching, the girls found themselves examining their bodies and each other for changes.  It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time to think what was happening to them.

Day 4

When they were sleeping is when the greatest changes took place since the body was at rest and so the body energy could be used for reconstruction.  Each girl was amazed at the changes that had occurred while sleeping.  The most obvious was the huge tail structure they each sported now.  Instead of two butt cheeks, there was now a large mound of pointy flesh in their behind.  The pointy part ended about two feet behind where the thighs were attached.  If the girls thought things were different yesterday, these changes brought on a whole new level of challenges.  Just getting out of bed was weird with the new body shape.  Walking was completely strange not to mention going to the toilet on a conventional toilet when you had two feet of tail sticking out.  As they were told the day before, they could see that their vagina and anal opening had also shifted towards the rear.  At least with that change they could manage to still use the toilet.  What came out was a surprise too.  They now defecated a white, almost solid urine or chicken shit.

With their new body shapes, regular pant/shirt uniforms were no longer practical or possible.  Instead, each girl was given a gown to wear for the day.  The group of girls waddled to the breakfast area and they quickly noticed that their usual table now had soft padded benches around the table instead of regular chairs.  Jane told them that the best thing to do is sit down with their legs straddling the bench which they found to be reasonably comfortable.

After breakfast and the daily health exam with more shots and pills, the chicken recruits convened again in the conference room for their daily briefing.  The chairs were also replaced with padded benches.  Today the briefing was given by Dr. Alex Smith.  He told them that now that their body cores were transforming nicely, more changes would take place in the extremities.  The arms and legs would transform into chicken wings and chicken legs over the next two days.  Their feet would become claws with spurs which would serve them well in their new life they would find.  

Dr. Smith also told them that since they now had most of the digestive system of a chicken, they also would have the bowel control of a chicken which means none.  For this reason and because of the body changes, it was time for the chicklings to move out of the dorm rooms and into new quarters more suitable for them.  

Because the girls had some difficulty walking longer distances, they were transported by small utility vehicles to their new temporary housing about a mile away from the administration building.  They did not know that they would never see the dorms or admin building ever again.  The new quarters were in a medium sized steel clad building that had a fenced in yard next to the building.  They were led through the office area in the building and then through a door to the shop area and finally to a fenced in area with a gate.  The air temperature was very warm at over 90 F.  The gate was unlocked and the group entered where the floor was covered with a thick layer of pine shavings that contained about a dozen stalls about five feet wide each.  

Dr. Smith informed the chicklings “This will be your new temporary quarters for the remainder of your transformation period.  Please pick out a stall that you would like to call home for the next few weeks.”  Each stall had a 4” diameter horizontal wood pole across the front of the stall about a foot off the ground.  In the back of the stall was an elevated platform covered with straw.  “Although it may not seem like it now, you will see that this will be ideal for your needs.”

“Finally, there is one last thing we must do today before you settle into your new housing,” Dr. Smith added.  “Over the next day you will start growing your chick down feathers which all baby chicks have.  By the end of the day tomorrow you will all be covered in yellow down feathers and frankly look very much like baby chicks.  Very cute!  So as not to impede this development, it is now necessary to shave off all the hair on your head.”  Despite all the changes that had taken place in the last few days with the girls, this was the event that probably caused the most distress.  Each girl was told to sit on the padded bench and then have her head shaved clean with an electric shaver.  They were told that their hair would be donated to a charity to make human hair wigs for children with cancer so that they would feel a little bit better.

Dinner was served in the chickling coop common area and then the girls retreated to their own stalls to try and sleep.  With their strange new bodies, it was a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position on the straw covered ledge.

Day 5

The chicklings woke up in their coop stalls to more strange new changes in their bodies.  Their lower legs were now becoming smaller in diameter and covered with a yellow-orange scaly skin.  The feet were clearly transforming into claws.  The most obvious thing was the light covering of yellow down feathers all over their bodies including their heads.  The girls were informed that they would no longer wear any clothes since they were already covered from head to toe in down feathers.

Breakfast was served to the girls in their stalls and then the daily health exams were conducted in an isolated section of the coop.  For the morning briefing the girls were told to squat down on the ground as best they could since chickens don’t use chairs and benches and they should get used to doing this.  Dr. Taylor was back and told the chicklings that their progress was remarkable and right on schedule.  He also said that their down would continue to thicken all during the day and so that by night time they would have a nice coat of down feathers to keep them warm.  Although they may not have been aware of it, their body temperatures have been increasing to about 105 degrees instead of the normal human temperature of 98.6 degrees.

Other changes they could expect over the next day are the lengthening of their necks, the initial beginning of forming a beak to replace their nose and mouth and their arms becoming smaller and changing into vestigial wings.

“At the start of beak formation, one of the first things that will happen is that your teeth will fall out and the lower part of your face will start to harden.  Inside your mouth you will notice your tongue changing shape from flat to round.  By this time tomorrow you should all have small beaks.  During these changes over the next 24 hours you will not want to eat because it will be uncomfortable for you.”

“Therefore, this is an ideal time to try out some of your new internal chicken equipment.”  Two assistants left the area and soon returned with six quart size pails filled to the top with chicken feed.  A pail was placed in front of each chickling.  “You all should start eating the chicken feed that was placed in front of you but do not chew it!  Instead just put it into your mouth, taste it with your tongues if you like and then just swallow it whole.  The feed will then end up in your newly developed crop which is like a pre-digestion storage organ.  This makes it possible for you to eat now and digest later when you need nourishment or are hungry.”  The girls were naturally somewhat repulsed at eating chicken feed but did as they were told.  When most of the girls were finished, Dr. Taylor told them “I want you to take your hand and place it at the base of your neck and upper chest.  You will now feel a bulge which is the chicken feed being stored in your crops.  While your beaks are forming, your body will use the food stored in your crop to easily sustain you for the next day.”  The girls were amazed that they could feel the bulge at the base of their neck.  

“You are free for the rest of the day to do as you want.  You can go out to the chicken yard outside this building if you want at any time.  As always, I suggest you get plenty of rest in your stalls.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Good day.”  As the chicklings explored their new coop area, they were occasionally embarrassed to find themselves defecating chicken shit without any control.  They now understood why the floor was covered in pine shavings.

The changes that were predicted at the meeting did not take long in occurring in each of the girls during the rest of the morning and in the afternoon.  By dinnertime, each chickling was covered in yellow down feathers and beak development was well along the way.

Day 6

After the overnight changes, all the girls truly looked like very large chicks.  They were completely covered in a heavy coat of down feathers, they had chicken feet with fully developed claws, their bodies were now more chicken shaped and they had small beaks instead of a mouth and nose.  “You all look wonderful,” exclaimed Dr. Goodson who was leading the day’s briefing.  “I am very pleased with your progress.  I am sure you have noticed that with the arrival of your beak and neck development, you no longer have the ability to speak any more.  If you really need to communicate with us, you can use your new beaks to peck on a computer keyboard to communicate with the staff.  The computer is located near the entry gate to your coop area.”

“Since your legs are now transformed to chicken legs, we will put a band around one of your legs with your new identity number.  You have all been registered with the state as livestock owned by HumaFoods.  Normally, this is not required for chickens but since you are special we wanted to make sure you are registered.  Perhaps congratulations are in order since in the eyes of state of Montana you are all now officially chickens.  Biologically, you are about 60 to 65% chickens at this stage.”

“I have one more main topic to discuss.  I am looking for two volunteers to participate in an experimental accelerated transformation program.  Basically this program is designed to reduce the next chick phase of the program from 7 days to 2 days.  This program has been completed successfully a couple of times before and we are looking to do further tests.  If you are willing to participate, raise your right wing.  Otherwise, I will select two chicklings.”

With some hesitation, Alice and Heather volunteered for the accelerated program.

Chapter 4 – Chicks

For the four chicklings who did not volunteer for the accelerated program, the next week was one of continued day to day developments as they continued down their path to a complete transformation to chicks.  

The next morning Alice and Heather were taken to a different building where advanced research is conducted.  The two chicklings were led into a laboratory room containing lots of medical equipment and monitors.  In the center of the room were what appeared to be two giant egg shells with openings at the top.  After a complete washing and sanitizing operation, each girl was helped to climb inside an eggshell which was already partially filled with milky albumen material (egg white) with some other chemical additives.  They were told to squat down as low as possible so only their heads were above the albumen liquid.  Each girl was then given a sedative shot so that they would spend most of the next two days in a state of sleep.  

A machine was positioned over the top of the eggshell and it started spinning in circles slowly adding eggshell material in layers to the top of the shell until the opening was sealed.  The eggshell was designed to ‘breathe’ allowing the chicks inside to breathe in the air cell inside as they developed into chicks as they slept.

After about 48 hours, both Alice and Heather awakened from their deep sleep completely disoriented and in the dark.  The monitors sensed the activity inside the eggshells and alerted the laboratory staff that it was time to break open the eggs.  The top of each shell was quickly removed and the newly transformed chicks were helped out of the eggs looking just like newly hatched chicks.  The staff assistants used towels and blow dryers to dry off their down feathers after washing off the remaining egg white liquid.  During the intense two days of transformation, the girls had now become more than 90% chicken with only a few remaining human attributes not counting the still human brain functions.

In addition to general continued chicken transformation both internally and externally, the girls now had complete beaks, wing-like arms and chicken legs with hocks instead of knees that allowed the bottom leg shank to move forward at the joint instead of backward like a human leg.  If real new born chicks could weigh over 100 lbs., they would look just like Alice and Heather do.

After a complete examination, Alice and Heather were returned to their stalls in the chicken coop with the other four chicklings.  The four chicklings that did not participate in the accelerated program were amazed at the changes in Alice and Heather.  In addition to their physical changes, the advanced chicks could easily eat off the ground, use the perch in their stalls, squat on the ground or in their stall and so on like regular chicks.  By the end of the week, the other four were had caught up in their transformation development.

Chapter 5 – Maturation to Hens

The beginning of the third week found the chicks starting to gradually replace their yellow down feathers with real white feathers.  The growth of the new feathers caused some discomfort and itching over the three days it took to grow a complete set over their whole bodies including a complete set of tail feathers.

On top of their heads, a bright red comb started to grow.  Along with the comb a waddle grew below their beaks on the bottom side of their necks and ear lobes appeared on either side of their head.  One thing that did not change was the eyes and facial area around the eyes which remained the same as it was before the process started.  A blue-eyed girl became a blue-eyed chicken.

On the fifth day of the third week, Michelle was just getting ready to wake up for the day when she felt something strange inside.  Her tail section felt differently than it ever had before and she became scared.  The feeling then began to actually feel very good as she felt pressure developing near her anus.  With a bit of instinctual pushing, before she even realized it, she had laid her first egg.  She stood up on her chicken legs and turned around on her straw covered platform shelf and looked at the egg in awe.  She could not believe that the egg had come from inside her.  Compared to the eggs she had seen all her life, this egg was huge.  In her mind, it looked like an ostrich egg.  In her excitement she started squawking loudly which was all she could do since she could no longer talk.

The other five hens who were also waking up quickly gathered around Michelle’s stall to look at the wondrously huge egg.  The implication was obvious.  It wouldn’t be long before they would all start laying eggs just like Michelle and in fact, it was not long.  Within the hour two other woman-hens felt the strange feelings in their tail section and deduced that they too would soon be laying an egg.

At the morning briefing, Dr. Jennifer Goodson explained to the young hens the whole process of egg laying and what to expect.  Their eggs would be infertile since they had not mated with a rooster.  To start, they might lay only one or two a day but this production should increase quickly to eight, ten, twelve or more a day.  “You could never tell who would become the best egg laying hen within a group.  As you can imagine, the more you lay, the more valuable you become and you do get some perks.  I hope I have answered most of your questions.  I know you can’t ask questions.  Enjoy your new life as we have been told that egg-laying is quite enjoyable.

Over the next couple of days the girls, now almost fully mature hens, laid dozens of eggs.  Each of the eggs was collected and examined to make sure there were no problems or abnormalities.  

At the end of the week, it was announced that the six new hens would be joining the regular flock of hens in the main chicken coop to start their new careers in the food production industry.  It was not what any of the girls envisioned when they first heard of the opportunity four weeks ago.  They were all about 95% egg-laying hens and 5% human.  Only their large size and their eyes were different than conventional chickens.  For all practical purposes, they were barnyard animals although valuable ones at that.

Chapter 6 – The Hen House

On Monday morning, the six new hens were given one last conference session with Dr. Taylor.  “Congratulations to all of you!  You have successfully made it through our transformation program and are now ready to begin your new lives in food production at HumaFoods.  As I promised you four weeks ago, you will not have to worry about another thing as long as you live since we will take care of all your needs.  Since you are now all mature egg laying hens, it is time for you to join our main brood of hens in the chicken coop.  The other hens are all like you that have been fully transformed from young women with little or no future to some of the top food producers in the industry.  In your own way you are now contributors to society instead of a drain and you should be proud.  Dr. Jennifer Goodson will take you to your new home and get you familiar with your new digs.”  

A short while later the new hens were collected by several company utility vehicles and transported to a large metal clad building just a few hundred yards from where they had been living.  The vehicles stopped by a yard gate and a ramp was positioned so that the girl hens could waddle down the ramp from the vehicles and into the chicken yard where they would be spending the rest of their lives.  The girl hens looked around their new home and couldn’t believe the number of huge hens they saw.  It was quickly apparent that they were not as unique as they might have thought.  

Inside the large chicken coop facility were hundreds of stalls each with a girl’s name printed on a sign above it.  Dr. Goodson herded the six chicken girls to a location near the far end of the line of stalls and showed them six stalls with their name placards already above them.  “This is your new home where you will be spending a large part of the day when you are not in the yard eating or socializing with the other hens.  You will be joining a chicken society where there is an established culture and pecking order.  I suggest you learn the society ‘rules’ and blend in or your life will be more difficult for you.”

“If you are productive and lay lots of eggs, you will be rewarded.  We keep meticulous records of each hen’s egg production for both quantity and weight.  Rewards can include special food treats, better stalls and more.”

”Welcome to the first day of your new life!”

The End


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