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Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Before you start I want to thank Ming for letting me write about her and thank her and Jennifer for thier assistance with the proofread


Ming was living in LA and was looking for something to escape the city life for a while. Ming was always busy, everything from work in Hollywood to the boarding home she managed. "I need a break" she would frequently say to herself, a get-away from freeways, subways and smog. But her wishes would be answered when one day she saw an advertisement for help on a distant farm located in Montana.

She called the number and found that that they were looking for people to help on this farm. The farm helped make baby formula and supposedly had a unique process that was kept secret. It was truly out in the middle of nowhere. She jumped at the chance. All transportation would be provided and she would have food and board.

Ming was a lady of Asian descent, standing 5'1" and looking younger than her 29 years. She often played on that with men, and would make the most of her assets by wearing flattering and flirty dresses and skirts. She headed to Union Station in LA to begin the 3-day journey to her destination. The trip was uneventful and she enjoyed flirting with her fellow passengers and train crew, especially the Porter who helped make her bed at night. The conductor commented that not many people get off at the stop where she was to disembark. "Matter of fact it is a Flag Stop" commented the conductor. He explained they only stop if there is someone to get off or on. On the morning of the 3rd day the train came to a stop and Ming was the only one to get off the train. Ming turned to watch the Amtrak train speed away racing across the plains and out of sight.

It was a cooler day overcast about 50 degrees out. Ming stood in her dress and overcoat watching as a white van approached. Two men got out and said that a Doctor Johnson had sent them to pick her up. She was told it would be about an hour trip to the farm.

Ming watched the countryside as they drove. After about an hour of driving they approached a security fence. The guard waved them through. Ming thought "Maybe this was a little too much security but in this day and age it is everywhere." The van came to a stop outside a large build in a complex. As Ming got out she saw a number of featureless large buildings. She also saw numerous cows. They stared at her. One mooed at her loudly almost as if in distress. She was spooked by the experience, as just then a large bull pushed the cow away, almost chasing her into the field.

She was escorted into a large building in the front of the complex. One of the men told her that her bags would be forwarded to her room, she would go meet Doctor Johnson right away. Ming was a little nervous as she wanted to freshen up first, but was told this would be quick and she could go to her room in a few minutes. They also took her jacket and she walked forward in a casual skirt and blouse.

Ming was escorted into waiting room. A man with a white lab coat was waiting within. Two burly men were with him. Ming looked at him hesitantly and then smiled, being a little bit flirtacious. The room was large and there was a cabinet and a large door along the far wall. Ming stepped in, the heel of her pumps clicking on the stark floor as she carefully walked in.

Suddenly the two men grabbed her. "Hey!, what is going on!" she yelled. "I am Doctor Johnson", said the man. "It is time to prepare you for our farm!" he said with an evil chuckle. Ming tried to resist but was no match for these men. "Hey let me go, PLEASE!" She was spun around and bent over forcibly. "Yeouch!" cried Ming when she felt a jab on her rear end through her dress and panties. She was spun around again and then thrown down to the floor. Her head was spinning as she got back up only to hear the door close and find the room empty.

Ming's eyes darted around. "What the hell did you do to me!!" she yelled at the closed door. Ming paced around the room trying to find a way out. She found only the two doors, the one she came in through, and the other door on the opposite side, which was quite a bit larger than the first door. Her mind reeled thinking about what did she get herself into.

About 30 minutes later she began to feel weird. She pounded on the doors demanding that she be let out. But her pleas fell on deaf ears or no one could hear her. Ming's panties and dress began to feel tight. "What is going on here?" she thought. She stood against the wall and sobbed, a little bit afraid of what was happening and not knowing what was done to her.

About 15 minutes later she noticed that her panties were really tight on her. She pulled up her dress and looked at her waist and hips and she let out a gasp at what she saw.

Her hips had expanded out a bit and she noticed that right above her vagina the skin was fleshy and puffed out. "What the hell is happening to me??" she cried to herself. Her hips and ass had expanded now so much her panties painfully bit into her skin now so tight she could not get her hand between her panties and skin.

Ming then felt a churn in her stomach. This caused her to lose her balance and fall forward. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ming cried as she hit the floor. She scrambled back up, and as she bent she heard a "snap" and felt her panties fall off her body. Now her dress was getting tight as was her bra. She found that she filled a D cup easily, but she also felt her body swelling up, causing the bra to dig into her skin.

Ming got up again and kicked off her pumps as her feet also appeared to be swelling. "Who the hell knows what is HAPPENING to me?" she sobbed to herself. The seams in her dress ripped at her hips as she bent over to examine her feet. "Oh god what is happening?" She was now sobbing quietly, her mind spinning while trying to sort out what was happening to her.

Ming quickly pulled her dress and what remained of her bra off her body as it was becoming very constrictive to her. She then let out a startled scream.

Ming looked down. The fleshy spot just above her crotch had turned pink and puffed out a bit. She saw 4 small bumps on it. She grabbed it finding it very sensitive like her breast. "Oh my god what IS that?" she thought in terror. She then noticed that her feet appeared to be slightly deformed, almost if her bones had adjusted to force her feet to stand up on tiptoe.

She again lost balance, falling forward landing on hands and knees with what the remnants of her bra falling onto the floor. She felt a strong pressure in her feet. She looked down past her freely hanging and enlarged breasts, and watched in stunned silence as two black hoofs pushed out of where her toes were. It did not hurt, but she could feel the pressure of the growth at the ends of her feet as if she could not feel her toes anymore. "Oh god.." she sobbed.

She suddenly realized that something was horribly and dreadfully wrong. She was being changed, her body was changing before her eyes. She looked down her body now beginning to gain bulk and saw the pink skin puffing out above her crotch had grown. "That looks like a cow's udder!" she thought. She let out a despairing wail, realizing what was happening to her. "Nooooooooooooooooo!" cried Ming.

Her beautiful body was changing. No longer would she catch the eyes of a man. She was mortified, realizing what a hideous freak she was becoming. She hung her head down again and saw her cow's udder was now filling out. Her torso had grown in bulk and size. She felt strange changes in her arms and elbows. She reached up to brush a stray lock of hair and felt an unfamiliar lump at her temple. She realized there were lumps on both sides of her temples, feeling even more upset now knowing what they may be.

She felt the skin tear and she reached up again and felt the sharp end of a cow's horn. "Oh god HELP MEEEEEEE!" she cried. She felt internal shifts in her legs. Looking down at her body again, she realized she was still on her hands and knees. She saw her legs looked different. She felt her knees begin to snap, forcing her to straighten out her legs. This action caused her ass to rise in the air as she balanced herself.

She let out another cry when she felt her vagina twitch and change, and felt a growing pressure just above her rear. She could not see what it was, so Ming tried to stand on her legs again so she could get a better view of the changes. But she screamed once more when she made the discovery that her hips and pelvis had locked in place as she had been on all fours. No longer could she stand upright.

Ming was now crying uncontrollably and did not know what to do. Her mind raced with numerous thoughts and sensations. She felt her arms twist and noticed that they had become a bit longer. It was now hard to mover her fingers. She watched in terror as her four fingers merged into two and her thumbs retreated up the side of her swelling hand.

She felt the familiar pressure in her hands building up. Crying out "NOOOOOOOOOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL BODY!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" as she watched two black hooves push out of the end of each appendage that were what remained of her once well-manicured fingers. She felt them with a dull alien sensation as she tapped them against the floor, making loud clopping noises.

"No..this can't be happening to me…please god make it stop!" Ming was crying and sobbing to herself. She felt her body begin to really swell up, noticing that her breasts were slowly being swallowed up by her massing body. She continued to cry and noticed that her voice was changing and was getting deeper. She felt the pressure on her temples as her horns pushed out further.

"Noooooo" she cried noticing that her face was beginning to press out. She felt pressure all over her face as her features slowly began to shift. She looked over herself and saw her breasts were now gone into her massing body. She also noticed that her skin had begun to change as it was a tan color and the texture was growing rougher. Her arms were now longer now, just as long as her legs. She caught a glimpse of her udder, now grown huge. She could feel it swaying gently between her legs. She felt her swishing tail on her ass, now fully resembling that of a cow. She felt her anus change, and she felt swollen and puffy all over her body, with more churning sensations growing in her stomach.

Suddenly she felt a tooth push out of her gums, then another and another. She split each tooth out as they came loose in her mouth. "Mpppoooof!" she cried as she reacted to this.

Her jaw and whole head felt funny like pressure was building up. She let out a wail and cried "Noooooooooooooooouuuuuu!!!" With that lowing sound she realized her voice was defiantly changing. Her neck was growing longer, thicker and stretched out. She shook her head from side to side catching sight of her changing body. It was looking fatter and more cow-like. Her arms shifted again as she felt a snap in each elbow, making her look down.

Her hands were now fully the heavy hooves of a cow. She also realized that her face had pushed out a little more. "Noouuuuuu Pllluuuusssee Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!" was all she could get out as she tried to beg for mercy. "Oh my god, I can't talk anymore!" she thought as her mind raged in terror. Her ability to speak was going away, and she could not form words anymore. Ming's tongue was swollen and saliva ran from her enlarging mouth.

Ming's breathing deepened as internal changes were making her lungs be able to handle more air capacity. "Oh god please" she thought. "Huuuuuuuuuuooooooooooophhhhhhh!"

Her eyesight began to change and she noticed that she could now see more around either side of her body. "I am turning into a cow!" she thought. "This can't be happening it is impossible, this is a bad dream!"

Ming hoped and prayed that she would wake up from this nightmare but with no luck. She was very much awake. "Moooooo!" she cried. Her head had swollen up to resemble that of a small cow and was still filling out as her bones grew and forced her to fill out more. A short coat of hair began to cover her body.

Ming felt the changes start to wane in her body now. She was now fully a fat tan-colored Brown-Swiss dairy cow. Her mind raced trying to keep up with her brain being reprogrammed to work her new body. "Mooooooooooo!" she cried as she made an attempted to speak. Ming looked around the room. She saw her old human teeth on the floor and saw her old human hair laying there where it had fallen out. Her tattered clothing was still scattered on the floor, reminding her how fast things had changed. Her life was now altered forever.

"Well hello there my bovine beauty." Ming swung her cow head around to see Doctor Johnson and several men gathering around her. "You turned out nicely" he said. Ming tried to yell at him but all that came out was an indignant "Moooo". "No you can't talk anymore. You are a Cow… MY COW." he said. Suddenly she felt a searing pain on her backside. The smell of her burning hide wafted through her nostrils. She was now branded.

Ming watched as they opened the large door to the outside. She then felt a zap from a cattle prod making her step forward. This was her first time walking in this manner, on all four hooves. But her brain seemed to handle it, though it took a few minutes to adjust. She was zapped once again and was briskly sent outside into the field into the bright daylight.

Ming looked around at the other cows. "My god these were all other women!" she thought. "Why did they do this to me?!" Her mind was in a fog as she thought to herself. She progressed into the field and stopped. The men had left her alone she was now on her own.

Ming caught sight of a large bull approaching her direction. She just watched at first, unaware of the bull's motive. Another cow mooed at her loudly but she just stood there. As the bull drew nearer she saw its huge penis was erect. She had a sudden dark fear of the intentions of the bull.

Ming tried to walk away from the bull but he was faster. She felt him sniff her rear. She tried to swing around then the bull snorted and followed her. She tried to swing around again. "No I am not going to be raped by him!" she thought. "No, no, no, no!" She let out a loud "Mooo!" as she tried to yell at him. The next thing she knew, he was on top of her back.

"Get off me!" came out as "MOOOOOO!" as she attempted to shake the bull off of her. But he was too heavy and had her pinned underneath his bulk. The bull's legs were around her sides as he was on top of her. His snorts were right in her ears, she felt the bull's saliva on her neck. Ming looked around in a terrified pace trying to find a way out. She felt the bull mount her and the bull's huge penis pressing into her cow's vagina. In Ming's mind she let out a scream, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" which translated into a load fearful moo. Ming felt him drive into her and begin to thrust. Her body rocked with each driving thrust. Ming could not move away and was forced to endure the mating. With each thrust her cow body responded further, her udder swaying below her as she swayed in pace with the bull's driving motions. She finally felt the bull ejaculate inside her, his seed slowly running down her backside. The bull dismounted and then began to herd her toward the rest of the cows.

Ming's mind was in shock. Violated in so many ways, transformed, and then mated; she was afraid of being pregnant. Ming slowly walked into the heard. Other cows came up to her as if trying to give comfort. She stayed amongst them for hours.

Ming suddenly snapped back into reality the cows were being herded to a building. The bulls were actually guiding them. As Ming walked with the crowd she could see traces of human in most of the cows around her; a tuft of blond hair on one, and a clump of human hair on the tail of another.

The entered a huge building where Ming realized they were to be milked. Men in white coats were everywhere. She was guided into a stall and she felt them hook tubes to her udder. She could not believe that she was going to be milked as a cow. She felt the pressure on the tubes and milk began to pour out of her 4 teats. Ming cried in her mind knowing that her human life was now over and she was now a fat cow on this twisted and warped farm. She was working on it alright, but not in the way she intended.

Time passed and Ming endured mating and milking over and over again. She was allowed to walk around anywhere in the pasture but when she neared the fence she knew she could never cross that barrier.

One day Ming was near the front of the compound and saw a woman arrive similar to the way she did. She was a young lady, thinly built with long hair. Ming was determined to warn her. She tried to cry out but all that escaped her mouth was "Mooooo!" Ming decided to walk up to her as she waited. Ming walked right up to her and the woman was reaching out to pet her saying something like "Oh what a nice cow". Ming tried to draw in the dirt with her hoof, but her legs did not work the way they used to. She could not get it to go where she wanted it to go. The woman laughed at her and then was approached by some men and asked to go inside. Ming tried to get in their way but was suddenly zapped by a cattle prod as the woman walked into the main building. Ming swung around and found two other men behind her there.

"Try that again COW and you will soon be hamburger!" This frightened Ming severely. She decided to back off and return to the pasture. She thought to herself about how when she was human she would cook a mean steak dinner, and now she could actually become THE steak dinner. She cried ceaselessly in her mind as she walked back to the heard.

Quite a few months later Ming felt something moving inside her. "I can't be pregnant" she thought. "Nooooo! It can't be!" But the sensations continued over time and a number of weeks later, she suddenly felt a huge urge to push from between her hind-legs. The pain was bad but she kept pushing. With every push she realized how far from being human she was and how much of an animal she now was. One more push and the calf came out. Motherly instincts of her cow body took over and she nudged the calf up.

Ming cried in her mind as the calf began to suck on her cow teats, knowing now and accepting the fact that she was a cow and would live out the rest of her life as a cow. She wondered about reincarnation and would that mean she would be reborn a cow in another life? She tried to remember her human life and she found that she could when she concentrated. It seemed that Ming's mind remained human and she could still think and respond like a human. But to her that made it worse, having to live a cow's life with a human mind.

In a book Doctor Johns closes a file Test subject 203…


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