by DrBob
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Sharon awoke with a start, as she slowly regained her senses she realized
that she could not move her arms or legs. She appeared to be tied onto
some sort of table spread eagle. "How the hell did I get here", she
thought. She suddenly realized that she was nude. Sharon was a tall girl,
5'9" with long blood hair 21 years of age. She looked down at her medium
sized breasts and shapely body. She tugged at her restraints and found
she could not move at all.

Memories started to come back, she was in vacation in Belize, partying in
some club and that was the last she can remember before winding up here.
But where was here? She then noticed some sort of I.V. running into her
arm, filled with a milky substance. "Maybe I am in some sort of hospital"
she thought. She began to look around, there was equipment like she had
never seen before, bubbling test tubes, all kind of gadgets clicking and
humming. "What the hell is all this stuff??" she wondering. She began to
get scared, her instincts telling her something was wrong.

About an hour went by, and two men came in. Sharon was relieved and began
to ask them why she was here. But they ignored her.  One said something
about she was ready for transformation. She began to feel like she was
being treated like a lab animal.  "Why am I here? Hey! Why won't you
answer me??" She began to tear up as fear began to build within her. A
tube was inserted in her vagina and they began to pump some kind of
liquid into her. They injected her with a few shots and then she faded
out again.

She awoke again on the table her legs were free. The tube from her vagina
had been removed and only her hands were restrained. She suddenly felt
churning in her stomach like it was rippling. "What is happening to me?"
she queried. All ignored her as she felt her legs go limp. Now she was
scared, she lost all movement in her legs and she felt like her pelvis
was dissolving.

Her waist began in increase in size as Sharon felt all of the bones from
her waist down seem to liquefy and dissolve. Her legs and feet lost shape
urine was forced out of her bladder as these changes progressed. Sharon
began to hyperventilate in terror as she felt her vagina and anus merge
between her legs and then be pushed outward as the fleshy masses of her
legs began to merge together. She felt her spine began to grow within her
new ribs forming slowly downward.  "Oh god, oh god" she was saying to
herself as she could actually feel inter organs reforming inside her. Her
once beautiful legs were now a mass of flesh merging together and
growing. She leaned up her head and no longer could make out her legs at
all. But as her spine and ribs began to develop down her body the fleshy
mass below her waist began to fill out into a new form, a more rounded
tapered form. "What is happening to me??" she cried out as the
transformation continued now into it's second hour.

She felt new growth throughout her, especially from the waist down. The
men in then room were watching at a distance but Sharon hardly noticed
she was paying attention to what was happening to her. She found that she
could move her new appendage around even lifting the tapered end that was
about 4 feet long into the air. As she did this she found that her skin
color and texture was changing. It was looking like dolphin skin. She
also noticed that her breasts had also increased size and also her hand
now were developing webbing between the fingers she could feel the
webbing as she moved her fingers around but could not see them. Her
vagina and anus were now in one slit in the front just below her waist.
Her genitals were non-longer human anymore.

As she lifted her tail again she found a tail fluke developing and
spreading out as what remained of her feet become her new tail. She was
now a mermaid of sorts her human form changed to be part dolphin. She
continued to cry out, demanding to be changed back, but she was ignored.
It was then when everything stopped.

The men probed her vagina, took blood samples and photos. Then one of
them spoke. "Your transformation is now complete, you are now a Dolphin
Mermaid as ordered" "Ordered?? By who!" said Sharon angrily. Sharon's
fear had turned to anger and rage as she learned that this was done on
purpose to her and that was being sent to an unusual zoo for display.
"Display? No fucking way, you bastards, I will never!" But she was cut
off, "Accept your new life now, you can't be changed back there is no
reversal." The man continued, "We make our business of making freaks.
People call us up and we find the suitable subjects and make them to
order. Mermaids are popular; we made two last week for some rich person's
private pool. You see, humans are easily transformed into mermaids by
using the Dolphin genetic make-ups. Dolphins are mammals, makes it easy
for us".  All of this just continued to fill Sharon with shock, anger,
terror and rage. "How dare these people violate me like this, I can't
believe this is happening" she thought.  An electronic tracker was
imbedded in her neck and she was branded on her size. The branding
produced a quick shot of pain but was over quickly.

Sharon began to cry as she was wheeled away into the back a waiting
truck. As the truck traveled she her someone crying, a woman beside her.
She leaned up from her small wet box and saw a stall next to her. In the
stall was a woman from the waist up and a complete body of a cow from the
waist down. "Hello?" she asked. She did not know how to approach this
situation. The woman looked down at her and said "Hello, they got you
too" Sharon responded "yes why would anyone do this, why?" . The cow
woman told her story she was a reported she tried to sneak into a farm in
Montana that experiments were supposed to be happening. "They caught me
and turned me into this disgusting cowfreak and then sold me" she said.
"At least you are a mermaid". "But I can't even walk now" came Sharon's
reply. The two women tried to comfort each other as they were driven to
an unknown fate.   After a short ride Sharon was released into a large
manmade tank. The tank resembled a lagoon with an island in the middle.
She was in a zoo. The cow woman was taken somewhere else. This was now
her home her life and her horror, now part of the freak show. Over and
over Sharon wakes up and prays that it was a dream, but instead finds
herself living the nightmare.


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