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Snake Oil
By Damnd One
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What drives us to choose our lives? For some the question isn't as much the normal desires of humanity, but the most bizarre. The needs, the wants we seek, are as much a labyrinth as the philosopher's dream of understanding truth. Wealth, prominence, status, the thoughts of an easy street dominates so much of humanity, but there is a small percentage whose desire is not the material but the return to the bestial. The primitive of the animal world is not just a distant dark corner in our lives; it's a prominent need.

Karen and Jen acted and projected the idea of the stereotypical ideology of what a woman is to be. During high school, they were cheerleaders, prominent swim team members, scholarly, and of course boy crazy. They shared a love of nature and love of the reptile world. However, deep down, they both held several deep secrets, which at the time, to them, was only a desire to themselves.

So, they went through their lives with this need to be something else, and love they held for each other. They went to college; met boy's, dated, had the typical young person's fling, and then married. But the secret began to gnaw at their souls, at times burning so hot they cried in torment for release from the human form alone.

Married life settled into a monotonous and scheduled life. Their husbands would go to work, as well as they, come home, eat and then vegetate in front of the television. Weekends and vacations would come and go, husbands would travel on those male bonding excursions and trips, leaving them home alone, in a painful soul tearing life, a life that took a great change when the boredom and pain took their toll and they went on line and typed in the keywords, human to animal transformation.

They sat spellbound at the hits, the world of transformation both mythic and possibly real. As they read the boards, viewed the pictures and read the stories of transformations, they grew wet and would sign off after rolling on the floor from some of the most intense orgasms they ever had. But still, Karen and Jen kept the "secret' to themselves. Until one Saturday when their husbands were supposedly out on another weekend hunting trip. It was almost kismet that they both found a web page, and a forum. After lurking about for a time, both joined in, and eventually found each other, but not knowing it at first.

Karen chose the screen name Python_wannabe and Jen, Reptilelez. For weeks they chatted and told their most intimate desires, presumably in anonymity. Until the day when they were both on line and a bolt of lightning struck a tree behind their homes. Both gave the usual "brb" to view any damage, and when they emerged on their decks and saw each other in a hastily thrown on robes, they knew.

A joyful conversation began in Karen's home as the years of pent up secrecy flowed. They cried, laughed, and cuddled, the entire weekend in each other's arms, sucking, kissing, licking and fingering each other to climax's they never knew existed.

For weeks after that they would meet on line and, when the husbands were gone, they met in each other's arms. The trysts began taking on more and more of their desire to be cold-blooded pythons and thus the quest began.

They searched the net for months, seeking the means for their transformation. They began to experiment with role playing. They found latex snake costumes and would slither around their homes, playing, writhing with each other to orgasm and then they took the play into the woods. Eventually they found others and a little group formed, their play going beyond any expectations they ever had. When both purchased a Burmese python, their husbands grew somewhat concerned, but they never found out of the sex their wives had with these huge creatures. Their love grew and grew to where it wasn't possible to hide it from their husbands.

The men confronted their wives and, as the truth flowed, their anger grew. Their perceived masculinity appeared challenged. For months, they sought counseling. Their lesbian tendencies and erotic role-play were challenged by the Christian councilor, but inside, Karen and Jen knew that they had to succumb to their human wrongness. So the illusion of recovering sex addicts was created. Both women going to group therapy with many others that were afraid of their natural feelings. And as their search grew more intense, their souls were ripped apart. Watching the woods around them erupted into a sexual need to be part of it.

After weeks of almost continual twenty-four hour searching, Karen found a site about the mythic lore of transformations. As she read on, she found the formula they were seeking but it was a secret, a secret held close to the vest. Karen forwarded the site to Jen and they searched and watched the still photos of a successful supplicant transforming into a crocodile. Both grew to a sexual height as they viewed each picture of the man's skin growing thick.

A close up of a tail bud pushing out from between his ass cheeks. Another picture showed his hands growing thick and with claws jutting out from his fingers. Both women grew wet as their hands quaked and their hearts beat heavy and slow. Another frame showed were the man doubled over, falling to the ground writhing as his body stretched. Another frame and the man appeared heaving as the still picture showed his face reform and slide out, thick ridge scales grew on his back and the longer tail was whipping between his human legs.

Frame after frame, the women grew hot and musky. The finale frame showed a complete ten-foot crocodile but Karen and Jen were on the floor, writhing as they licked each other's vagina's.

The next morning they sat at the kitchen table naked and sipped coffee discussing, not just what they found, but, the effect it had on each of them. The discussion turned to "what ifs' but their "needs' outweighed them and the conscious decision was made, and contact initiated to the owner of the site.

At first, the conversations were ones of denial by the owner, but somehow Karen and Jen showed sincerity in their pleadings and the owner agreed to their desires.

The man told them that they had to send him some items that he would need for the transformation, oil; menstrual blood, spit, urine, and some hair from their pubic region. The women looked at each other in amazement, but found it very pleasing to gather these items from each other, and the samples were in the mail the next day, to an address in India.

The day's turned into weeks, and during each moment their desires grew into shaking hands at the mere thought of what was to come. Finally, one package arrived, addressed to Karen. The return address was from India.

Karen's heart thumped in her chest and her legs buckled under her. The blessing had arrived. She called Jen, and together they met on the back deck. They stared at the package for hours before they found the nerve to open it. Slowly, hands shaking, Jen tore off the paper wrapping to find a wood box with an engraving in the wood of two snakes entwined.

Opening the box, Jen found an earthen vase with a bees wax sealed cork, and a letter. Karen unfolded the parchment, and slowly read the writing.

"In hopes this writing finds you, Karen and Jen, happy and fulfilled knowing that
soon you will enjoin the animal world, healing the pain of years of life that found
you both hurting. May peace find you as you truly are."

Karen read the letter, and then exchanged the letter with Jen for the vase. It was heavy and the thick liquid sloshed inside. Jen read on the instructions again, each word burning into her soul with a heavy longing.

But it would be another five day's before they could change, so they lived the week as best as they could. They attended their therapy with the councilor commenting on their progress back to normality. They attended to their wifely duties, caring for their homes and husbands. Then came the announcement of a last minute man's only weekend that their husbands had to attend.

That Friday, the men said their good byes and loaded into Jen's husband's van, bags packed, and the rubbers supposedly well hid. As Karen and Jen waved farewell to them, the feeling of a heavy weight fell from their souls, for this was truly the last good bye. Both women decided, the whole thing would happen in Jen's house since the instructions were for them to bathe in a warm pool, together.

The two walked through Karen's house closing it up. Karen took her camcorder as the instructions requested that the whole process be filmed and simultaneously sent to the web page.

They locked the door and the two women walked to Jen's house holding hands and sputtering like first time lovers. As they entered the basement were the hot tub was, Jen began to close up her home, except for the door to the basement. After all, they had to have someway to get out of the house.

Karen and Jen stripped and sipped some wine while talking about their lives and new hopes. So many memories came up; they laughed and giggled, then gave one finale toast to each other. Together they walked into the hot tub room, set up Karen's and her camcorders, and tied into the address given to them in the letter. They modeled their human bodies for the camera, posing in some very seductive ways. Finally, the time came; they lit candles and stood by the hot tub. Jen opened the instructions and Karen held the vase. Both said the prayer enclosed. Then Karen held out the vase as Jen opened the sealed cork and then they returned to the prayer as Karen slowly poured the oil into the bubbling water.

"Gods of nature, " both women said in unison. "Gods of our snakeish realm, hear our pleas. We come to you now, humble and sincere, seeking release of our human flesh and form. We seek entrance to your blessings and holy form. Change our flesh, and bone to the true form of our soul. A soul trapped in this, our human body. Transform us to your image, so we may be returned to your grace as your children, pythons of Burma, return us to our natural form, the form that you have chosen for us since the beginning of our time."

The dark oil, beaded and boiled in the swirling hot tub, reverently Karen went to the outside stone bar-b-q and started a roaring fire. Then she smashed the vase, tossing each shard into the flame.

Karen returned to the basement, embraced Jen and, kissing deeply; their tongue's probing each other deeply. Together they entered the hot tub, sinking deeply for minutes at a time, swallowing the oil-laced water, and then shared the water as they kissed. Each held the other tightly as they rubbed each other's bodies, kneading the oil into their skin. Warmth permeated them as a heavy drowsiness engulfed their minds.

Slowly, wobbly, they left the hot tub, the dark oil disappearing from the water. They held hands as they padded to the open floor, and lay against the chairs between the two cameras. A heavy weariness fell upon them as they semi lay on the thick carpet. Soft moans and groans came from their mouths as they slowly slid their hands over their bodies, fingers finding the open orifices of their vaginas. Dreamily they massaged their breasts lost in the ecstasy they were feeling.

Time stopped as their feelings began to shift to the bestial they remembered having so long ago. Karen felt her body melt and shift, her flesh and bones melting. Sensations she never knew flooded her mind as her heart thumped in her chest. The room slowly went silent, the bubbling of the hot tub fading in a background of sexual pleasure. Karen squirmed and writhed herself into the carpet when the room exploded into view. The oncoming orgasm was welling in her vagina, a wet agonizing throb now between her knees. Karen looked down on herself, her arms were gone, and the soft flesh, shifting and melting into segmented scales, as a snakeish form slowly moved down her legs.

Her shifting form on the ceiling mirror tiles caught her attention. Her heart thumbed harder as she longingly looked at herself. Her hair was gone, replaced by brown scales, her face was longer, her eyes serpentine. The bee stung lips were now thick scales and her head looked as if it melted a little, reforming in a more elongated manner. The heavy wet throb that was now mid calf grew in need of release. A release she could longer give herself.

A writhing form in front of her drew her attention again. Jen lay on her stomach, her legs gone, replaced by a snakeish writhing tail. An ornate and elegant pattern wove its way over her brown-scaled back. Like Karen, her hair was gone, only a shifting putty like substance was there. Jen thrashed deeply onto the floor, her arms only stubby appendages poking out of a melting body. Karen rolled onto the floor, her desire for Jen deep in her shifting snakeish heart, she slithered over to her lover, nuzzling her scaled back. Jen responded, rolling over onto her back. Jen's breasts were almost gone, only a set of large bumps under a transparent scaling body. Karen nuzzled down to Jen's split scale, her new vagina, and licked deeply with her now long slender forked tongue. Jen shuddered in response, as the transformation then kicked into high gear.

Karen licked, tasting her lover's new form, as she slowly moved up Jen's scaling belly, finally finding her shifting mouth. Karen rubbed her partially reshaped face into the thin forming segmented scales of Jen, their bodies entwining, both pushing and rubbing their split vagina scales. Slowly the orgasm grew, and so did the final phase of the transformation. As the throb of release grew, their bodies shifted, melted, reformed finally into the forms of two fifteen-foot Burmese pythons.

The two snakeish lovers climaxed in a way they never felt before and then lay entwined in each other's coils. As night grew so did the need for food. They looked longingly into their new world, uncoiled and together slithered into the woods beyond their homes. A series of beeps and whines came from the computer, as well as the cameras, then the system crashed, the grating jarring of the hard drive being torn apart, and the cameras memory being burnt out.

The husbands returned home late Monday morning, minus their rubbers. They snickered and snorted thinking they were the luckiest men on earth. When they found their wives gone, their cameras and computer crashed and burnt, they panicked. A police report was issued for the two missing women, but the rumors of the two jilted wives running off spurned more of an interest than any other excuse. The investigation proved foul play, even though there was the question of the damaged electronics. This event filled the newspapers for several weeks, even outshining the small story about the capture of two healthy female Burmese pythons in the locale woods.

The End


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