Born Again

Published: Dec 28th, 2008


Woman to Cow.


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Born Again - By Umgestalten Author: By Umgestalten Species: Woman to Cow Date: Nov. 4, 2008 Rating: X Born Again

Chapter One

Mary Elizabeth Stuart, Beth to her friends, wanted to be a veterinarian some day but her goal for the time being was to get an Associates degree as a veterinary assistant. To that end, she needed money for school and for that, she needed a job, preferably one around animals.

She tried all of the local vet offices but they didn't need anyone. She tried the county animal shelter and some of the animal rescue groups but the animal shelters didn't need any more help either and the rescue people were just volunteers which didn't pay real well… actually, they didn't pay at all.

She was about to give up and just take any job that came along when she spotted an advert in the classified ads of her local paper. The ad read: "Wanted, Person to assist at a research farm. Must be familiar with large domestic animal care. Familiarity with breeding dairy cattle a plus. Room and board included with employment. Wages dependent on experience. Interested persons call…"

Beth called the number and spoke to a Dr. Morgan. She told him about her future plans and that she was an orphan and lived with her widowed aunt. She explained that her aunt had taken her in out of a sense of duty and would be more than happy if she left and was no longer a burden. He told her that she was the only interested party he had in the week that the ad ran in the paper and that he no longer had the option to be fussy about qualifications. She was hired on the spot over the phone.

Actually, Dr. Morgan was thrilled. The truth was, he had many people call about the position but none of them had the qualifications that Beth had, namely that no one would come looking for her if she disappeared. From the sound of things, she was exactly what he was looking for. From their conversation he found out that she was young, in very good health but a bit on the small size at five foot, one inch. Plus she was an orphan with no siblings or anyone that would miss her.

Beth told her Aunt Martha that she had a job and was leaving. She explained that she would be staying at accommodations at her new job and would not be returning except for possible visits. She thanked her aunt for all she had done for her since her parent's untimely death and then went to her room to start packing.

Over the next two days, she boxed everything she owned and packed it all into her old car. On the morning of the third day she said goodbye to her aunt and said she would try to visit when she could. That was when her aunt told her that now that she no longer had any obligations, she was retiring to Florida and was going to live with a friend down there. There wouldn't be any returning or visits unless she wanted to drive to Florida.

Chapter Two

Beth showed up at Morgan's farm research facility two hours later and parked in the driveway near the old farm house. She was just getting out of her car when Dr. Morgan came out to meet her. "You must be Mary Stuart," he said as he approached. "I'm Doctor Paul Morgan but if we're going to be working together you can just call me Paul," he finished as he held out his hand to Beth.

"Hi," she answered. "Everyone calls me Beth. I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to helping you with your work."

Morgan looked her up and down in an appraising manner. 'Hmm, she's really cute,' he thought as he looked her over. Beth was a touch over five foot one inch tall and rail thin. She had medium length, blonde hair, a nice face with big brown eyes. 'She can't weigh more than about ninety pounds but she has a nice figure for as skinny as she is. I think she'll do perfectly for what I have in mind,' he thought. "Well welcome to my farm, Beth. I know you are going to be a great asset to my research."

"I hope so doctor… ah, Paul, but to be truthful, I've never worked in a research lab or a farm and I have no idea what you are doing here," Beth said smiling.

"That's no problem at all. What you will be doing requires no prior training or specialized experience. Whatever you need t know I can show you or you will just pick it up as you go along. Natural instincts will guide you through most of what I expect from you," The doctor said smiling inwardly. "As far as what I'm doing here, I'm doing some research to create a genetically superior dairy cow. One that will live longer, be healthier and produce larger quantities of high quality milk. I also want them to produce genetically superior offspring that are primarily heifers."

"Why mostly heifers?" Beth asked.

"Bulls don't produce milk," Morgan said smiling. "And the problems associated with disposing of unwanted male non-beef cattle is becoming a real burden on the dairy industry. But enough of business for now. Let's get you settled into your quarters."

"Sounds good to me," Beth answered.

"Great! Let's grab a few of your things and I'll show you your new home. You'll be staying in the barn. I've fixed up a small apartment for you there."

As Dr. Morgan showed Beth to the back of the dairy barn he explained what they were passing, "This is the area where the cows are milked. They're out in the pasture right now. You'll be learning how to use all of the equipment. We don't have a very large operation. Only twenty cows. We do research here now, not dairy farming. That area is where we process the milk and down there is the calving area. You'll become very familiar with that section."

"I will?" Beth questioned.

"Yes. I plan on you spending a lot of time in there. Ah, There's Carl. Let me introduce you two."

"Carl. Do you have a minute?" the doctor called out.

"Yeah sure, Doc. She ain't gonna calve for some time yet," he called back as he started to walk towards them. "Whatcha need Doc?" he asked as he came up to them.

"Carl, I'd like to introduce a new employee, Mary Elizabeth Stuart, or Beth as she prefers to be called. Beth, this is Carl James. He's my right hand man around here, or maybe I'm his. He's the actual owner of this farm and I am doing research to see if we can produce a superior dairy herd. You'll be working for him when I'm occupied in the lab or elsewhere and don't need your assistance."

Carl wiped his hand on his overalls and offered it to Beth. "Glad to have you here. Doc told me you was coming. We really need you to complete the experiments Doc is working on."

Beth shook his hand and said, "I'm glad to be here too, Carl. I look forward to working with you."

The doctor placed his hand on Beth's back and said, "Well we better get you to your apartment. It's right down that way," as he pointed towards a door at the far end of the barn.

Beth looked around the small apartment. There was basically a single room that had a small living room area, an efficiency kitchen, a bathroom and a Murphy bed that folded down from the wall. The furniture was used but in good condition and looked comfortable and the d�cor was nice. "I think I'll be very comfortable here," she said.

"Good. Good. I'm glad you like it. It's not much but then I don't think you will be spending that much time in here anyway. The TV is even hooked to satellite and there's food in the fridge and the cabinets. You can make a list of anything you need and Carl will get it from town for you when he goes in. I'll leave you to get settled in now and see you at five o-clock tomorrow when we start work," Dr. Morgan said as he was leaving the apartment.

"Five o-clock? Like, in the morning?" Beth squeaked out.

The doctor chuckled and said, "This is not only a research facility, Beth, it's also a small working farm and, 'we work from see to can't see,' as Carl always says. Don't worry though. Living out here in the barn, the cows will wake you up in plenty of time so you can start the morning milking."

"Oh, ok doc… er, Paul," she answered but was thinking, 'This is going to take some getting used to.'

The doctor could read her concerns as they passed across her face. "Don't worry about it Beth. In no time at all you will slip right into the routine around here."

Chapter Three

After the doctor left, Beth went about unloading the rest of her things from her car and getting them put away in her new living quarters. When she finished, she made herself something to eat and watched a few shows on the satellite TV. 'This is great!' she thought to herself. 'Aunt Martha was always too cheap to pay for Dish TV.'

Beth went to bed early that night and set her alarm for four thirty in the morning. "Normally I would get up earlier so I could do my hair and makeup but I don't guess it's really that important out here. Who am I going to impress? Carl? The cows?" she mumbled aloud as she turned off the light on the night stand, fluffed her pillow, and got comfortable.

When her alarm went off it seemed as though she had just fallen asleep. She dragged herself out of bed and staggered over to the chair where she had laid out her clothes for the day. She dressed in a pair jeans and a t-shirt and then quickly ran a brush through her hair before pulling it back into a ponytail. After a quick check in the mirror and a slight shudder, she headed for the kitchenette to get something to eat for breakfast.

By the time Beth had finished off her bowl of cereal and a glass of milk, a quick glance at the clock showed that it was almost five o-clock. "Arg! I don't think I will ever be able to get used to getting up and going to work at this ridiculous hour," she groaned aloud as she opened to door to the barn.

She saw Carl starting the milking and walked down the center aisle towards him. "Good morning," he said in a cheerful voice that made Beth want to do him great bodily harm.

"Mmm. Yeah," Beth groaned.

"Ha," Carl said smiling. "Not a morning person I see. Don't worry, you will be."

"Arg. I don't think that's possible," Beth answered. She tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace.

Carl just laughed some more and said, "Come on over and I'll show you how we do the milkin'.

The day went well for Beth. She learned how to do the milking and how to process it. She also learned how to feed and care for the dairy cows and, much to her dismay, how to muck out the barn and clean the floors. The only highlight for her that first day was the time she spent learning from Carl about the pregnant cows. He told her "You'll be assistin' with the births and learnin' first hand about the genetics, insemination, care of pregnant cows and calves, calving, feeding and all other parts of breedin' dairy cattle."

That gave her some small hope but not much. "So much for my fantasies of working in a lab and contributing to the advances of veterinary medicine. It looks like the best I can look forward to is being a midwife to a bunch of cows," Beth said to Carl.

"Ah but you will," Carl returned. "The doctor has some great ideas and you will be the main person in them. That's why he hired you. He needed you cause he couldn't do it without you and I'm no good for what he needs. If all works out like he plans, you'll see first hand, and be there for the beginnin' of a new breed of dairy cow."

"Then why am I milking, feeding, cleaning and all that if he needs me for an assistant?" Beth asked.

"So you'll understand all about the business," Carl answered. "Besides, he's not ready for you yet. Just be patient. Your time'll come. But now, it's quittin' time so go get cleaned up and have some dinner. You earned a rest."

So it was, that at the end of a very long workday, an extremely tired and sore Beth returned to her small apartment in the back of the barn. Just as she reached the door, Carl called out to her, "You did a good days work. You learn fast. See you tomorrow mornin' at the same time." Beth groaned as she opened the door and walked through.

The next day was a repeat of the previous for Beth and so it went for the next two weeks. Beth became accustomed to the work and got used to being around the cows. One day was much the same as any other until the day a delivery van pulled up to the house and blew its horn at about ten-thirty. The doctor met the man on the side porch and received a small cardboard box from him after signing a clipboard receipt.

As the delivery van pulled away from the house, the doctor walked towards the barn, box in hand. "Beth. I need you to herd the cows in the large pasture back into the barn. I'll meet you there."

"Ok. Doc, all of the cows?" she asked.

Carl answered for him, "Yep. We need all twelve of them. He don't want none of the pregnant ones in the small pasture though."

"Gotcha. Be right back with them," Beth answered as she jogged out into the pasture and started herding the cows the way Carl had taught her.

As she approached the barn, she could see the doctor and Carl at the far end waiting for her. The cows moved slowly down the aisle and turned into their stalls from long ingrained habit and, once in place, Carl threw the locking lever that locked their heads in place.

Doctor Morgan wheeled a stainless steel table that resembled a tea cart down the aisle. On top of the table were several stainless steel trays with covers and a box of disposable latex surgical gloves. There were also some glass vials containing a yellowish fluid and a couple with clear fluid.

"Ok, Beth, now you get to start doing what I hired you for. These vials contain some vaccines that I ordered for the cows and for you," the doctor said.

"Me!" Beth exclaimed. "What do I need a vaccine for?"

"You're working on a farm, Beth. Any number accidents could happen to you that could expose you to infections such as Tetanus. Then there are the conditions that you work in cleaning up after the cows and spending time around them all day. It's just better to protect yourself beforehand than trying to cure something afterwards. Don't you think?"

"I guess so," Beth answered tentatively. It's just that I have never liked getting shots. Don't they come in pills?"

Dr. Morgan smiled. "A lot of people share that feeling, Beth. Let's just do it and get it today's over with," he said as he slipped on a pair of latex gloves.


"Yes. Most of these vaccinations are a series of injections and some of them can't be administered at the same time without adverse reactions. You will be receiving at least one shot every day for the next week and a half or so plus I'm also starting you on some dietary supplements to boost your natural immunity. You're going to be a very healthy specimen when we're finished," the doctor explained as he glanced knowingly at Carl. "So, pull up you shirt sleeve. Ok?"

While the doctor removed a syringe from one of the metal trays, Beth unbuttoned her left shirt cuff and pulled up the sleeve to expose her upper arm and then looked away. She felt him swab the area with an alcohol wipe, then there was a small pinprick, and it was over.

"That's it for today, Beth," he said as he handed her a medicine bottle. "Take one of these tablets three times a day with meals starting at lunch time, ok?"

"Ok, Doctor Morgan."

"What happened to Paul? I thought we were friends," he asked.

"You're no friend of mine when you have a needle in your hand," Beth answered with a wry smile as she stuffed the pill bottle into the side pocket of her coveralls.

After Beth had received her injection, they all set about giving the cows their vaccinations. Doctor Morgan explained that the first were standard vaccinations but the rest were formulations that he had put together to hopefully increase product quality and quantity without the use of hormones. The delivery van had delivered them from the lab that he had make up his formulas for the cows and put them in the vials. They also sent the vaccines for her.

When they finished, the cows were turned back out to pasture to graze until the evening milking. Beth went back to work mucking out the stalls and cleaning the barn.

After the evening milking and the cows were bedded for the night, Beth went to her small but comfortable apartment. She was more tired than usual so she just had some dinner, took her vitamin supplement and went to bed.

Up in the house, Carl and the doctor were meeting over a few beers. "So that shot you gave the girl today was the start of it?" Carl asked the doctor.

"Yes. Number Thirty-one should deliver in eleven days. By that time Beth will have had the entire series of injections and be ready."

"What if Thirty-one doesn't cooperate and she's early or late?"

Doctor Morgan furrowed his brows and pursed his lips before answering. "Well, you keep a careful eye on her and if it looks like she'll be early I can step up the injections a bit. If she's late by a day or two it won't hurt anything," he mussed almost to himself. "Yes. We should be ok by a day or two either way but no more than that," he said looking straight at Carl.

The two drank a few more beers and they both carefully staggered their way to their bedrooms for the night.

Chapter 4

The next morning Beth awoke with a sore arm near the site of the injection. 'I knew it. I knew there would be a problem. There always is when I get a shot. Now I have a sore muscle to contend with,' she thought.

When she removed her nightshirt she noticed a red welt and a little swelling on her arm but nothing too bad. She dressed and after a small breakfast, went to work.

At noon the doctor called out to the barn and asked her to come to the lab. When she arrived he said, "Ok Beth. Time for your next injection."

"Awww Paul," she whined. "Do I have to? That one yesterday left my arm sore and there's a big red spot."

"I'm glad that I'm back to being Paul again but I'm afraid we must continue the injections. Once we start the series, it has to be completed. I suppose I'll be relegated back to Doctor Morgan now," he said with a smile as he tapped the hypodermic needle to remove the air bubbles.

"Damn straight!" Beth answered as she rolled up her right sleeve. Guess you better use this arm. Spread the pain around a bit." The doctor smiled and gave her the injection and she went back out to the barn to continue her established routine.

Chapter 5

The days that followed were much the same; work, eat, shots and sleep until ten days later when Carl yelled out, "Beth! Go tell the Doc that Thirty-one is startin' labor. She's gonna calve real soon."

Beth ran to the house and told the doctor. He told her to get the special gurney out of the storage room in the barn and take it to Thirty-one's stall and wait there with Carl.

Doctor Morgan was arriving in the calving area of the barn at about the same time that she arrived pushing the strange gurney. It was polished stainless steel with large wheels and what looked like large hydraulic shocks.

The doc told her to push it over near the cow. As Beth was situating the gurney near where the cow was laying, she felt a pinch in her shoulder as a hypodermic needle penetrated her skin and discharged its contents into her shoulder muscle.

In mere seconds, Beth felt a loss of muscle control and started to fall to the floor of the barn. Carl caught her and with the doctor's help, laid her out on the gurney.

Beth, whose mind was unaffected by the injection was near panic as they laid her on the gurney. 'What happened to me? What did they do to me?' her mind screamed.

She heard them talking, "Did you give Thirty-one the injection like I told you?" the doctor asked Paul.

"Sure did. Just like you tole me. Right in the rump."

"Good. Good. Now we just need to wait for the calf to come. You watch Thirty-one and I'll prepare Beth."

'Prepare me? Prepare me for what?' Beth's mind questioned.

Carl turned towards the cow and said, "The fore hooves are out doc. Better hurry with her."

"Don't worry. I'll be ready," the doctor answered as he withdrew a pair of blunt tip scissors from a pocket on the side of the gurney and started to cut Beth's clothes from her body. As he cut her clothes away, he discarded them on the floor until she lay naked on the gurney. Then he pulled a pair of clippers from under the table and shaved off all of the hair from her head and let it fall to the floor.

'Ohmygod! He's cutting off my clothes and hair! Why can't I move? Why can't I scream?' Beth concentrated as hard as she could but couldn't get a single muscle to respond.

"Head's almost out doc. Better hurry." Carl yelled.

"Don't worry about me. Just do your part and I'll do mine!" Doctor Morgan returned as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves and started spreading the thick greasy contents of a jar all over the front of Beth's body.

'Damn it! Why can't I move? I can feel everything he's doing. What is that stuff? It smells awful and feels worse. It's stinging my skin and it itches.'

"Carl! Put on the gloves and help me turn her over so I can do her back."

Carl pulled on a pair of gloves and helped turn Beth over. It was a bit difficult. It was like trying to grip a greased pig with all the stuff coating her. "What is this stuff, Doc? It's like Vaseline. I can barely get a grip on her."

"It's about the same consistency Paul, but this 'stuff' as you call it is the final catalyst for all the injections I've been giving her the last week and a half. Once we've placed her, it will convert and allow her to acclimate."

They finished turning Beth over just in time for Carl to turn and assist in the final delivery of the calf. After she delivered, number Thirty-one got to her feet and started cleaning her calf. "A fine lookin' heifer calf, Doc," Carl announced.

As Thirty-one was attending her new calf, Carl gave her another injection. "Just gave her the second shot, Doc."

"Good. I'm finished here too," Doctor Morgan said as he removed the latex gloves. "It's just about time. Her skin is taking on a reddish tinge. The formula is starting to react. As soon as Thirty-one settles down a bit and her muscles relax from the delivery exertions we can proceed."

Beth was near a complete panic. 'Time for what? What's happening to my skin? Oh please. Something make them stop!'

They waited for another fifteen minutes until Thirty-one finished cleaning her calf and turned to get a drink of water. "Ok Carl, it's time," the doctor said as he examined the cow's vaginal entry. "The last injection worked. She isn't discharging the afterbirth. It's still intact. Wheel the gurney over here."

Beth felt the gurney being moved but couldn't see anything that was happening because she was laying face down. She heard the sound of latex gloves being snapped into place and then a pair of hands on her shoulders.

"Alright Carl. As soon as I have her lined up I'll tell you to start pushing."

The doctor started to pump a lever on the side of the gurney and Beth could hear the hiss of the hydraulic cylinders as she was slowly raised higher. "That's perfect, doc. Stop there," Carl said.

"Good. You slowly push while I guide her feet."


Beth felt herself slowly slip down the polished surface of the gurney and then felt something warm and wet envelop her feet. 'What the hell are they doing to me?' raced through her mind but she was still incapable of voicing her questions aloud.

She heard the voice of Doctor Morgan mumble something and then say, "It's her hips. The legs went in with no trouble but her hips are wider. Just keep the pressure on and the canal will widen to accept her."

"I am Doc but she don't seem to be moving at all. Whatcha doin' now?" Carl asked.

"The umbilical cord. If I can get it attached externally, her body should adapt to it with no problems. Remember her complaints of abdominal cramps a few days ago? Well that was her system making the adjustments to receive the connection to the umbilical. Ahh, there it goes. Yes! Soon she will be receiving all her nourishment and oxygen through this connection."

Beth could feel something in the region of her naval. First it was a burning or stinging sensation, and then it became a sickly nauseating feeling. Her mind was in turmoil as the realization of what she was feeling hit her. 'Umbilical cord! He's attaching the cow's umbilical cord to me? That's what I feel on my legs! They're shoving me into the cow! Why? This is sick! What are these sick bastards trying to do to me?'

Beth's breathing was becoming shallower. As her breathing slowed, her body relaxed even more. Carl's efforts were rewarded as number Thirty-one's muscles also relaxed and Beth's hips slowly passed into the cow's birth canal. "She's movin' again Doc."

"Yes. I see that. There! The umbilical is back inside. When she gets up to her shoulders we'll need to stop and check her vitals. I need to be sure that she is completely under the control of the cow. Can't have her drowning in amniotic fluids and causing a miscarriage after we came this far."

'Drowning? These assholes are going to try to shove me all the way into that cow? Are they nuts? I'll die in there.' Beth's mind was in a panic but her but her body remained completely relaxed and her breathing had almost ceased.

Doctor Morgan turned Beth's head to the side and she could see him. He was standing there slightly bent over and looking directly at her. "Beth. I know you can hear me and comprehend what I am saying. You are about to be reborn. If you remember, I told you that you would be an integral part of my experiments and that I wouldn't be able to do them without you. You are about to experience exactly what it is like to be confined in the womb, to develop and grow and to be born. We all go through it but none of us remember it. You will."

Beth could barely comprehend what he was saying. 'That's crazy! You can't just shove a person back into the womb. It would never work. It would kill the cow and me too!'

While they waited, Doctor Morgan moved closer to Beth's head and continued to talk to her. "Beth. You need to know what is happening so you will remember all of it later. You will live in the womb of this cow for the next six months or so. It won't be a full term pregnancy because you won't start as an egg. For the next six months, you will feel and experience exactly what it is like in the womb. You will feel the movement as Thirty-one walks, grazes and eats and hear all of the sounds both internally and externally."

The doctor stood up and moved back a bit. He had her attention; there was no need to be that close. "I suppose you want to know why now. Right? Well for one, you will be an invaluable source of information as to exactly what a baby is feeling. You will be able to tell us everything you felt and heard. You will be the first to remember this experience as an adult. Secondly, and more important, this may be a way to correct birth defects. What if a person was born mentally or physically abnormal and we could just put them back in a womb and let them finish cooking until they were done right, so to speak."

Beth was now certain of two things; that he was stark raving mad and that she was going to die. Her mind flashed to all the movies she had seen. This was the time for the hero to come in and save her while the mad doctor gave his speech to the helpless victim. She almost laughed mentally at the thought except she knew there was no hero waiting in the wings to save her. This wasn't a movie. It was real.

Carl interrupted her rambling thoughts, "I think it's time Doc."

With that the doctor raised her arms over her head and Carl continued to push. For Beth it was a time of horror. She was being pushed into the cow's womb and would be there until she was 'rebornl,' or dead. She felt her body slide slowly down the birth canal until her feet hit something. She had bottomed out.

"She won't go no further, Doc."

"Her feet have hit the uterus wall. Keep pushing Carl. Her knees will bend."

Carl started pushing again but this time it was in hard, intermittent pushes, rather than the smooth sliding motion. Beth felt her knees start to buckle and then give away and she slid further in until only her head and outstretched arms remained visible.

Doctor Morgan made one more check with his stethoscope at her neck. "Heart beat is strong, respiration has ceased. She belongs to the cow now; her new mother," he said.

With that, he removed a cap from another hypodermic and carefully slipped it into the artery in Beth's neck. "Continue pushing now, Carl," he said as he gently closed her eyes with his fingers. "That will help her sleep through the first few hours."

Beth felt Carl push on the top of her head and she continued to move further into the cow's reproductive organs. Carl's hand continued to push as her arms and then finally her hands were enveloped. She felt the uterus close around her and she felt warm, calm, relaxed and comfortable. The last injection was taking full effect and soon she was asleep. Her mind no longer in turmoil. Just blissful drug induced sleep.

Carl and Doctor Morgan watched as Beth's hands slipped into number Thirty-one's vagina and its muscles slowly contracted and closed. "If my calculations are right, she will spend about the next six months in there before she is reborn," the doctor said.

Chapter 6

Beth had no idea how long she was asleep but when she woke, she had feeling and movement back again. She was able to open her eyes but doing so wasn't worth the effort; there was nothing to see. It was pitch black. She could have been blind for all she knew.

It scared her at first that she wasn't breathing but the fact that she was still alive gave her comfort. She moved her hands and felt the smooth slick walls of the uterus; her prison for the next six months.

Beth moved to find a more comfortable position and then listened. She heard faint noises and tried to place them. Tried to figure out what was happening on the outside based on the sounds she heard. It was difficult until much later. She heard the faint sound of Carl's voice but couldn't make out all of the words. The walking movement was faster than before and she swayed in the cow's womb. A gentle rocking motion.

A new but also familiar sound. 'What is that sound?' Beth thought. 'I know it. I've heard it before. Hooves! Hooves on concrete. We're in the barn. Then came the sound of eating, mastication as Doc called it.'

All the sounds were transmitted through the cows frame and off the outer skin like listening through a wall. As the days went by, Beth was able to help maintain a bit of her sanity by tracking their movements and actions. From the barn to the pasture, grazing, drinking, swallowing, the occasional 'moo' sound. She could hear chewing and Thirty-one's four stomachs digesting and regurgitating.

As the weeks went by and became months, Beth was able to determine exactly what was happening outside of her confined environment. She also noticed other things that were much closer to her. She felt like she was changing or at least losing or undergoing a change in her ability to feel things. Most noticeable was her hands; she completely lost the ability to feel the walls of her prison. Her hands felt like useless stumps at the end of her arms and her feet were much the same way. She tried feeling one hand with the other but there was just a dull thud as they touched, no feeling in her fingers at all.

For a few days she was unable to contain her tongue in her mouth. No matter how hard she tried, it always seemed to be hanging out but then, gradually, she reached a point where it would remain in her mouth again. This however gave rise to other strange feelings. Her nose felt larger like it had grown and pushed further out from her face, and she could touch it with her tongue.

Beth tried to dismiss most of the strange thoughts she had as being the product of an over-active imagination creating things that didn't exist but they persisted until one day her world was shocked by something completely new. She knew it was early in the morning because they were still in the barn. She heard several loud bellows unlike any before. These sounded like Thirty-one was in pain. Then came the muscle spasms.

'Ohmygod! She's in labor. I'm going to be born and get out of here at last! I made it!'

Beth heard Carl saying something but couldn't make out what it was. She felt the contractions and then coolness on her wrists and then her lower arms. She felt her head move through the birth canal face first and between her arms. Then she felt something grab her arms about her wrists and pull.

'It's Carl. He's pulling me out just like he did with the calves. I can hear him better now.'

"I don't understand Doc. What happened?"

"I don't know Carl. This isn't supposed to be possible and I never foresaw this possibility."

'What are they talking about?' Beth wondered. 'Is something wrong? I feel fine.'

Beth wriggled and tried to push with her feet but she couldn't straighten them out behind her. Carl pulled hard as another contraction helped push her further out. Then came another and her head was out. Beth could feel the cool air on her face. She tried to speak but only a mournful bleating wail came out as she took her first breath in six months.

The contractions continued and she felt her body move slowly out. Then, once her shoulders cleared it all seemed to happen very quickly. She felt the rest of her body slide down the birth canal and out of the cow and soon she was lying naked on the straw floor of the barn.

"Well I don't know what went wrong Doc, but she certainly looks healthy enough considering," Carl said as he stuck a finger up each of Beth's nostrils to clear them. "Want I should let number Thirty-one do her thing as usual to clean her up?"

"Might as well, Carl. Take care of her like you usually do. I have to go to the lab and go over my notes."

Beth opened her eyes when she felt the rough tongue of the cow start to lick her body clean. She could only see out of one eye and everything was out of focus and seemed to be in a monochrome. The colors weren't right. There was hardly any color at all. Mostly different shades of black, gray and white.

Beth just laid there and let the cow clean her up. It actually felt good and she was feeling a sort of continuance of the bond she had with her. She tried several times to talk to Carl but could only get a strange bleating 'maaaaa' sound to come out. Her tongue and lips weren't working right.

When the cleaning was finished, Carl told her, "You just lay there girl. You been through a lot today. Take is easy for a bit," and he got up and walked away.

Beth did just that. She laid there on her right side and slowly felt stronger and her vision began to clear a bit but she could still only see out of one eye. The other seemed to be buried in the straw. Color seemed to be creeping back in too but it just wasn't quite right yet. They were somewhat muted and something was still missing but she didn't know what.

She laid her head down and soon fell asleep. When Carl returned she could see that the lights were on and looking out the large barn door she saw it was night. She had slept through the entire day. "You're lookin' better there girl. Sleep did you good. You got fine markin's. You're gonna be a looker when your growed up. I just got to do one little thing here. It won't hurt much. Just a little pinch."

With that said, he took hold of her left ear and there was a sharp pain and then he stood up. "There you go number X1. Now you're official. I recorded your birth in the book. Doc said the 'X' was for experimental just like the military planes. You should be able to get up now. You'll be needin' the get something to eat in you," and he picked her up with his arms around her chest and then set her down on her hands and knees.

'Wait. Something's not right here,' Beth thought. 'This doesn't feel right.'

Carl grabbed her by the right ear and gently pulled her towards Thirty-one. "Slow and easy there, girl. You'll get the hang of movin' on those legs right quick."

Before Beth had time to think about what Carl was saying, they were along side Thirty-one, Carl reached down and grabbed one of the cow's teats and sprayed a stream of milk right in Beth's face. Without thinking, she stuck out her tongue and licked it off.. 'Damn. That tastes good,' she thought.

Carl did it again and pulled her closer. Then he did it again until she found herself right up against Thirty-one's udder. Instinct took over and Beth sucked the long teat into her mouth and started to suckle. Her mind was oblivious to anything but the great taste of the fresh milk. As she sucked, she felt herself being nuzzled by Thirty-one just as she had seen cows do with their newborn calves.

'This is just too weird. I'm drinking milk right from her udder, plus, I actually feel like I'm standing on four legs. And, I'm really, really tired.'

For some reason, it never occurred to Beth to try to look at herself. Not to look back behind her or even down at her feet. She just accepted things as they were and kept drinking, even if she recognized that something felt 'weird.'

She finally let go of the teat and slowly and carefully made her way over to a large pile of straw in the corner and awkwardly laid down and fell into a contented 'full belly' sleep.

Chapter 7

That was where she was when Doctor Morgan and Carl came back to her stall. In a soft voice, just above a whisper, the doctor said, "You tagged her? I can't believe you tagged her! I suppose you entered her in the registry book too."

"Yeah. You said to take care of her like I usually do so I registered her birth and tagged her. I shouldn'a done that?"

"No. That's ok. Guess it's best we do that. If the inspectors come by, we wouldn't want any unregistered animals here. It just doesn't seem right somehow. Go set up the mirror over there against the stall wall while I wake her."

"Ok Doc."

"Beth. Beth? Time to wake up," the doctor said as he gently shook her and patted her on the head.

Beth raised her head and looked up at the doctor. "Moowah maaaaaa," was the sounds she made as she tried to talk. She was frustrated that she couldn't get her mouth to work right. 'What's the matter with me? I can't talk, I can't walk right, and I'm laying here sleeping naked in a pile of straw in the barn. What have they done to me?'

She tried to stand up but she just couldn't get her arms and legs working right. The doctor sat beside her and tried to calm her down. "Beth! Stop trying to move, Beth. I need to talk to you. If you understand me, nod your head."

She stopped flailing and nodded. Doctor Morgan looked down at her and thought, 'So she did retain at least some of her mental faculties. Might have been better if they had gone too.'

He cleared those thoughts and said, "Ok, Beth. I'm sure you already have a feeling that something is wrong." She nodded. "But do you know what?" She shook her head.

The doctor's shoulders dropped and he looked down at the floor. "There's no easy way to say this, Beth. Something did go wrong. You should have been reborn basically the same as you were but far healthier, genetically prone to a very long life, disease resistant, and with blue eyes to go with your blonde hair instead of the brown that you were born with. Remember when I asked you if you could change anything about yourself, you said you would have blue eyes." Beth nodded.

She looked questioningly up at the doctor, "Beth. Genetics are supposed to be decided by the egg and the sperm, not the blood supply. That's how they can have in vitro fertilization with surrogate mothers. Do you understand so far?" he asked.

Beth nodded. The doctor smiled and continued, "Ok Beth, enough beating around the bush. Somehow, the genetic code for the cow was mixed with yours. She was just supposed to carry you in her womb like a surrogate mother, not be your actual mother. In some way, the formula I injected into you allowed or caused the override of your genetic codes. I won't know the extent until I run tests on you but the bottom line right now is, you have, for all intents and purposes, been transformed into the physical shape of a Bos Taurus heifer. A domestic cow heifer"

The shock hit Beth hard. 'What? There's no way! How can that be?' Beth questioned in her mind. But as she thought about it, all of the unusual and strange things she had recently experienced came together and she knew deep down, it was the truth. She tried again to move.

The doctor stood up and grabbed her around her chest and lifted until she was standing. "There you go Beth. Over the next few days you will learn and adapt and getting up on all fours will become easier for you, just as walking on four legs will eventually become completely natural. Now step over here and look in this mirror. You need to see so you can begin to accept what you are now."

Beth planted her feet, or rather her hooves, and balked at moving. She didn't want to see what had happened to her but Doctor Morgan was having none of that. He grabbed her by her ear and she had no choice but to follow. He led her over to the mirror and stood her there. "Look Beth. You need to see and accept what you see. You have to accept that, at least for the present, this is what you are and what you look like."

Beth looked up and all she saw in the mirror was a black and white calf standing next to the Doc. 'That can't be me. It just can't be. It's worse than I thought. I'm completely changed. I'm completely a cow… an animal. There's nothing left of me.'

She slowly moved what to her was her right arm and the calf's right hoof raised off the floor. After a few more matching movements she realized, 'It is me,' and she fainted.

When Beth came to some time later, her head was in Carl's lap and the doctor was sitting next to her. He talked to her for some time and explained everything he knew and some things he suspected. He said that he would do his best to reverse what had happened but that it could take a long time before he was able to change her back… if ever. Beth wanted to cry but was only able to make the bawling sounds of a young calf.

Chapter 8

Over the weeks that came, Beth grew stronger and she did adapt to living as a calf. Her and Thirty one were kept separated from the rest of the herd and suckling from her mother's teats no longer seemed weird or unusual; it was just how she ate. She quickly mastered walking on four legs but mentally cursed having hooves instead of hands; she couldn't do anything but walk on them.

Thirty-one was a very attentive mother and kept Beth close. She also kept her clean and always seemed to be watching her. Carl was like a second mother and kept her washed and groomed. He was always checking up on her.

The Doc had their stall walled off from the rest of the barn to keep them away from the other animals and the mirror was replaced with a larger four by eight foot one fastened horizontally to the new wall. Beth watched her features slowly change over time as she moved from being a calf to being a young heifer.

The changes both horrified and thrilled her as she watched her body become larger and more well defined. She was growing up quickly. The day she noticed horns starting to grow from her head, she realized there was no stopping what was happening. She was going to grow to be a full grown heifer and maybe even a complete cow someday.

Carl told her she was gaining about sixty pounds a month, which appeared to please him but seemed like an awful lot of weight to her. However, it wasn't until many months later while she was staring in the mirror and Carl walked up and stood beside her that the full impact of her growth hit her.

She was huge! The first time she had looked in the mirror, she was barely taller than Carl's knees. Now, she was well above his waist. 'I'm just a big fat cow! I'm huge! How could I have grown that fast? How long has it been? When is the doctor going to change me back?' and she let out a long distressed, "Mooooooooooooooooo," and dropped her head.

"What's the matter, girl?" Carl asked.

Beth looked at the mirror and made more sounds but Carl just stood with a questioning look on his face. Then she knelt down and slowly got up. Then she poked her nose at Carl's knee and then poked him repeatedly as she moved up his leg and side. Then he got it.

"I get it girl. Yeah, you're gettin' bigger. You're actually ahead of the average growth curve and lookin' real good."

Beth shook her head violently. Carl looked at her and said, "What's wrong? You're the most healthy animal I've ever seen. You're at almost five hundred pounds an that's way ahead of the normal growth for your breed and that's good. You have nothin' to worry about. When you're growed you're probably goin' to be the finest dairy cow on the farm."

Beth let out another mournful bellow. 'I don't want to be a fat, dumpy dairy cow! I don't want to be an animal for the rest of my life; I want to be human again.'

"Carl! What are you trying to do? Beth. Calm down. Carl is a bit myopic and can only see you as you are. To him you are a future dairy cow." Doctor Morgan came to stand by her side and put his arm around her neck.

The doctor continued, "I'm working on the formulas and I've discovered what went wrong. However, I haven't been able to use that information to reverse it, yet. I hope to but I have no idea when that will be. It took me almost ten years to create the process and could take another five, eight or ten to reverse it. I may never find the answer," he said looking directly into her eyes. "But it is the most important thing that I am doing and I feel confidant that I will find an answer to help you."

Beth nuzzled against him. It wasn't what she wanted to hear but it was better than what she was getting from Carl. She didn't want to just give up and accept life as a cow.

After Carl and the doctor got Beth settled in for the night, they went back to the house. There the doctor spoke first, "I don't want you getting her all upset again, Carl. I need to keep her calm."

"But what you tole her wasn't the same as what you tole me. You said it would most likely be years before you were able to change her back… if ever."

"Yes Carl. I know what I told you but I don't need Beth to hear that."

"But Doc, you tell me to treat her like any other cow out there and then you tell me not to. What do you want?"

"I want you to treat her as exactly what she is; a human cow. All of the tests I've made show her to have a combination of both. She has the intelligence of a human and the body of a cow so treat her body like a cow's and her mind like a human's. That's as clear as I can make it. Understand?"

"I guess so Doc. I'll do my best."

Chapter 9

Things continued to move along from day to day. To an outside observer, Beth was just a very fine looking heifer. She continued to gain weight and her conformation was completely that of a maturing heifer.

At fifteen months, when she started her estrus cycle, she weighed a little over eight hundred pounds. Carl never told her what her weight was. He reasoned that no woman would want to hear that she weighed almost half a ton.

Carl and Doc had talked about what was going to happen when she reached optimum weight and entered estrus. Doctor Morgan had decided to complete Beth's transition to a complete cow by having her bred when the time came. It came early one morning when she was out grazing in her private pasture; she was surprised to see a pickup truck with a trailer pull up to the gate.

She watched as the two strangers unloaded a magnificent looking animal and let it loose in the pasture. The newcomer snorted and wandered off into the field for awhile and then started sniffing the air.

Beth watched as the gate was closed and the truck left carrying the two men with it. The trailer stayed behind just outside the gate. 'This is great. I've been trying to figure how to tell the doctor that I need company even if it's only another cow. Another cow? Damn, I did it again. I keep thinking I'm a cow, or heifer, oh what-ever!'

In the usual lumbering gait of the bovine, Beth slowly wandered towards the new arrival. As she closed on it, she it turn its side to her, raised and shake its head. As it snorted she noticed great billows of moisture coming from the nostrils and was somewhat amazed. Then she saw 'it' as it hung below him.

'Ohmygod! It's a bull! What's the Doc doing with a bull? And in my pasture. He would only need a bull for… Oh shit! He wouldn't, would he? Oh shit!'

Beth turned to head in the other direction but the bull was fast on her trail and caught up with her near the far fence line. No matter which way she turned, he seemed to be able to get his nose up to her… and give it a few licks.

'I wish he would stop doing that and just leave me alone,' Beth thought.

That was not to be though. She glanced sideways after one of her moves to avoid him and easily saw that he was extending from his sheath and more than ready for some action. Action that Beth was realizing she could not avoid forever.

It came sooner than she expected. The bull maneuvered behind her, sniffed, made a short hop and was on her. Moments later she felt him penetrate her. He nipped at her neck and as she tried to move from under him. He followed with a humping motion that accomplished his goal as with each hump he slid further into her. Then it was over. He had spent his load and he just unceremoniously removed himself, dropped back to the ground and wandered off across the pasture leaving Beth with his juices dribbling down her leg. Beth wished she could cry.

She tried to stay on the far side of the pasture from wherever 'he' was but her efforts were futile. The bull was bigger, faster and far more cunning than Beth, plus he had the natural instincts of a bull and was not encumbered with human thought. They mated three more times that day.

She lost track of how many times over the next few days but she had gotten used to it by then and when he approached, she just presented her rear to him and her tail shifted to the side. Beth was letting her Bovine instincts handle things for her.

Then one day he seemed to have just lost interest in her. Beth knew what that meant. She was pregnant. She knew for sure when the bull was loaded back on the trailer and taken away. Strange thing was, Beth missed him when he was gone. She missed the company, but she also missed the action.

That night the doctor paid her a visit as she stood before her mirror. She was noticing that her horns were almost completely grown now and had a nice curve to them. "Beth." The doctor started. "I know that you know what's happened to you. It was my decision to bring the bull to inseminate you. Of course I could have done it artificially but I wanted you to experience it the natural way." Beth snorted, Doctor Morgan let out a small laugh.

"I'm sorry Beth, but I decided that if I hadn't found a solution by the time you reached the proper weight and entered your estrus, that I would have you bred. Your physiology is a combination of Bovine and human and I am extremely interested in what the results of breeding will be, what your milk production will be, and what the physical properties and quality of your milk. Not to mention what traits you will pass to your offspring."

Beth looked up at him with the soulful look that only a cow can muster and then glanced at the mirror. All she saw was the doctor standing next to a cow. She look at herself and then turned back to the doctor with a quizzical look and a tilt to her head. "Do you want to know about the pregnancy?" the doctor asked.

Beth shook her head and looked in the mirror again and then back at the doctor. "You want to know how long you will be like this? A cow?" he asked. She nodded.

"You'll be pregnant for nine to nine and a half months. During that time you will gain almost four hundred pounds. After you deliver, you will nurse and care for the calf for about six months. After that time you will be considered a dairy cow and will be milked twice a day just as you did for the other cows. I'd say it will be almost two years."

Beth let out a mournful bellow. 'I've been like this for almost a year and a half already and now he tells me another two years? No! I won't do it!' and she stomped her hoof on the concrete floor and shook her head.

"You have no choice, Beth. You are what you are until I find a way to reverse the process and, to be completely honest, I don't think I will have found anything by the end of the next two years, or five years, or for that matter, the next ten years. That's why I decided to go ahead with breeding you."

Beth turned from the doctor in frustration, stomped her hooves, snorted and then turned back and bellowed again. "Your anger and frustration are understandable, Beth. I have tried many things and failed with all of them. Every indication at this time is that the process is irreversible. To be completely honest and blunt, I think you will spend many years as a dairy cow if not the rest of your life and I think you need to start getting used to that idea. You will always have the best of care and I will never treat you completely like the rest of the herd, but you are a cow, not a human any more."

With that, Doctor Morgan walked away and left Beth alone in her large stall. He met Carl sitting on the front porch of the house. "Did you tell her, Doc?" Carl asked as the doctor took a seat.

"Yeah, more or less."

"You told her that you can't ever change her back? That the change is permanent?"

"No. But I did tell her that it might be and that she would be a dairy cow for many years to come. I think that she will eventually just give up and accept that she is what she is, a cow, and that there is no other life for her."

"I hope so Doc, I hope so."

Chapter 10

Beth spent her time grazing and getting bigger. She was very aware of her condition but grudgingly accepted it. She found that at the end of most days she had no idea what had happened during the day. She only knew that she went out to pasture, she grazed, she went back to her stall for the night and ate the special feed that Carl gave her. That was it. That was all there was.

When she tried to think during the day and keep track of what happened, she was quickly bored. 'What is there to think about?' she thought. 'This grass is better here than that grass over there. Or maybe, I think I'll stand under that tree where it's cooler. Of course there's always the exciting times when I walk over to the water trough for a drink or the real highlights of my day when suddenly I realize that, without even thinking about it, I've just shit down my hind leg or pissed a gusher. Wow! What an exciting life. Better I don't think.'

As time went by, her mind was a blank most of the time. She lived by her instincts, the instincts of a cow. Even the times that Carl talked to her became an incomprehensible blur of sounds. She just looked up at Carl with her blank cow stare with the recognition that the one that gave her the good food was making sounds. It was a rare occasion that those sounds penetrated deep enough to be understood.

It wasn't until her time came and she was laying on the floor of her stall in labor that she reached deep enough to recall an understanding of human language and when she did, that was exactly how she thought of it, 'human language.' She did not view herself as being any part human any longer.

Her calf was delivered without incident and Beth was soon looking back and nuzzling her as she fed from her teat. Carl had tagged and registered her new calf with the designation 'X-2.' She was a fine looking heifer calf and Beth felt an attachment to her as she fed but when she was weaned six months later, Beth only felt a momentary loss and then just forgot about her.

Beth's milk proved to be quite unique. It had all the characteristics of human milk and was in high demand for mothers that couldn't breast feed. and for people that were allergic to cow's milk. Far more demand than there was supply. She soon found herself pregnant again but this time she was grazing in the pasture with a pregnant heifer. She looked familiar but Beth couldn't be bothered trying to place her.

By the time Beth had her second calf, 'X-3,' Carl and the doctor had quit referring to her as Beth and she just became 'X-1.' The years passed and there were many more calves for X-1 and all of her offspring. The farm became quite profitable and the doctor quit trying to find a cure.

Occasionally Carl and the Doc talked about increasing the herd more quickly by hiring some more farm hands but just weren't able to bring themselves to do that until sometime later, Doc discovered via the internet, that there were numerous people that would voluntarily submit to transformation if it were actually possible.

He set up a web site called "Doc's Lab." A forum and archive dedicated to transformation talk, stories, and artwork where he could screen potential subjects. The people on the forums noticed that new screen names would show up and be around for awhile and then suddenly drop out but they just assumed they went elsewhere or got involved in real life. They were only missed for a short time and then forgotten.

Beware if you receive a PM from the Doc. The last entry into the registry book at Doc's farm was for 'X-532.'

The End

By Umgestalten
� 4 November 2008


Good different type of story........enjoyable read.