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by Brat
Published: Jan 23rd, 2009


Man to cow.


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Contribution to the community - By Brat Author: By Brat Species: Man to Cow Date: Jan. 22, 2009 Rating: R Contribution to the community


The black coaches, driven by young Amish men, rattled through the village in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as they did every Sunday afternoon.

My cousin David and I were on our way to the local supermarket where we would meet some of the other young people of our community and maybe some Mennonite girls. I was looking forward to seeing Rebecca and her friends again. With some luck I would be in her neighbourhood in a short while.

Like all the others, I was wearing dark clothes consisting of, straight-cut coat without lapels, broadcloth trousers, suspenders, solid-coloured shirts, black socks and shoes, and broad-brimmed straw hats. I had to place a hand on my hat to keep it on my head because of the speed of our coach.

“Take it easy, David. I don’t want to end up in a ditch. Especially not when ‘real life’ is in our future.”

I saw David looking up to me for a second and then he drew at the reins to slow the horse to a trot. “You're right Samuel; it would be stupid to end up in a hospital or worse yet, in the cemetery now that we have the chance of a lifetime to leave all this bullshit behind us.”

We had lived the last twelve months almost like any ‘normal’ American teenager. Meaning drinking a lot of alcohol, driving cars like fools, listening to music, going out to parties and having fun and sex with girls. For us it was a totally new experience!

At age sixteen, every youngster of the Amish community has the chance to live their life the same as any other average American teenager for a period of time. The Amish call this ‘rumspringa’ which means 'running around.' The intention of this period in the life of an Amish teenager is so that he or she can make a clear informed choice to join the Amish church after this experience, or remain in the 'English' world.

Both of us started rather late with our ‘rumspringa’; namely at the age of seventeen and this was very much to the surprise of our parents who were hoping that we would pass this period in our life of a growing up an Amish teenager.

David and I did our best during our ‘rumspringa.’ We dove into it like some kind of wild animals without any restraint at all on our behaviour. I must admit that we acted very selfish during the last year without taking into account our family or community. Of course our parents didn’t approve of our behaviour at all which was far beyond the limits that most kids would go during their ‘rumspringa’! They had reprimanded us several times but without any effect. It was totally in vain; each time after a reprimand, David and I reacted with more exorbitant behaviour.

The last few months we were both confronted with the impact of our behaviour regarding our community; the people began to shun us and we could clearly see the disapproval of our conduct in their eyes.

Another consequence of my behaviour was that I lost the love of my beloved Emma. Since we were little Emma and I were very close, and some three years ago we started a relationship. Both of our parents approved of our relationship and it was presumed we were going to be married at the end of this year.

None of that took place. Emma broke up with me two weeks ago and was married last week to Bart; a real jerk of a guy! I still missed her and didn’t want to be reminded of our broken relationship or of her marriage to that creep.

I knew for a long time that after we started with our ‘rumspringa,’ there was no way back to our former lives. This knowledge made me both happy, and at the same time, a little depressed. I loved my family and felt sorry that I probably hurt their feelings with my selfish attitude.

Anyway, for us, it was clear that we would quit the Amish community to build a life in the ‘real’ world. We had the intention to tell our parents of our decision that evening. My father and David’s mother are brother and sister, and both of our families are very conservative even for the Amish community!

We knew both for sure that it would be a difficult task to tell them about our decision, so we arranged that our parents would be together at my home this evening. In this scenario we could give each other some support. That would make it easier for us, or so we thought!

As a form of respect for them, and for the community, we both dressed ourselves according to the dress code of the community for the last two weeks. When we passed the post office I noticed our Aunt Rachel was standing near the building. She looked up at us and just gave us a cold smile. There was something in her look that gave me the creeps. Anyway, I know for sure she didn’t like me at all, and I had the same feeling towards her.

It wasn't always like that. Three years ago she was still my hero and the example that helped me mentally with my desire to quit the community. Rachel, the youngest sister of my mother, was one of the first girls to leave our community behind her for university studies in medicine. She became a genetic scientist and I heard some rumours that she was involved in the controversial mater of cell research. Her name was mentioned in the media four years ago as one of the genetic doctors who where involved with illegal research on embryos. Of course this news was very hard to accept among our family and our community.

And then suddenly, after the disaster of the ‘mad cow disease’ that destroyed nearly all of the cattle in our community two years ago, she came back and rejoined our family and the community.

What really surprised me was that directly after her return she became one of the most conservative members of our community. She was married two months after her return to a much older man, a farmer. Now she was the mother of a baby boy and already pregnant with her second child.

I tried to talk to her about the reasons she had quit her life as a famous scientist to become an ordinary Amish housewife, but she ignored my questions and gave me only this one response, "The most important goal in your life has to be, to become a worthy member of our community."

Living conditions where very hard at that time – and still are in our rural community because of the loss of most of our cattle. However, we began rebuilding our herd starting with five new heifers that were already pregnant when they arrived at our farms.

Those heifers were rather slightly built on their arrival and I couldn't understand where the money came from to buy them, even for such poor animals. When I asked my father about that he just answered that it was the good Lord who was helping us and that I should stop asking such stupid questions. I could see by the expression on his face that I, for my own good, had better respect his advice. And that was it!

Last year our community seems to have found enough financial reserve to again buy several new heifers; which were also pregnant at the time of their arrival on the farms.

On my parents farm we now had five Holstein milk cows, their calves and three new heifers. Like last year those three new heifers were rather slightly built for young heifers but they always gain a lot of fat and muscle very quickly despite their condition on arrival

The experience of last year taught us that there was no problem at all making them productive milk cows after they delivered their calves. It was still a significantly lower number of cattle than before the disaster struck our region, but it once again made our farm a little bit more liveable and it was nearly the same situation on all the other farms.

It seemed that more and more my Aunt Rachel came to fill the role of doctor for the cattle on the farms after the herds rebuilt. I noticed that she frequently came to our farm to inspect the cattle. She not only inspected them on a regular schedule but also brought food supplies and gave all of the heifers’ weekly injections. When I asked her what the injections were she told me that they would help them to become more resistant to the mad cow virus.

I also noticed that when Aunt Rachel was around the heifers that they acted nervous, like they were somehow afraid of her. That feeling was probably reciprocal because she always had firm hold on a cattle prod like she was expecting a sudden attack at any moment.

I found her behaviour strange, but thought of it as the overreaction of a too careful woman. To me she seemed to have somehow lost some of her once brilliant mind… now I know better!


David looked nervously at me. We were sitting at my parent’s large dinner table with all of our parents. David’s mother was crying with her hands over her face. My mother had a worried look on her face and without speaking, she was pleading with me to change my plans to leave the community. It made me feel bad to see the sad look into her eyes. My father just stared at me with no expression at all on his face; it was as if he was playing a game of poker.

We were alone in the house. All our brothers and sisters were staying at David’s parent's farm. "So, both of you want to leave our community tomorrow, is that right?" David’s father questioned us in a very severe tone. We both nodded our heads.

"I suppose your decision is a final one?"

"Yes, it is uncle. We are so sorry to disappoint all of you, but our future is not here in this community." I replied to him bravely.

"I think you are wrong about that Samuel,” he returned.

At that moment I heard the sound of the kitchen door being quickly opened behind me followed by the rush of footsteps. When I turned around I saw my Aunt Rachel with of her husband and his brother coming toward to us.

In no time, Aunt Rachel’s husband had his left arm firmly around my chest and arms, so that I was stuck in a sitting position between his arm and my body. Before I could react I felt a rag pressed against my nose and mouth. I struggled to get free, but it was no use. David's screaming was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.


The awaking

The first thing I noticed was the sound of a person breathing in a deep sleep. I felt terrible and had a huge headache and a dry mouth. On top of that there was an irritated feeling in the area of my groin.

When I opened my eyes I saw David in front of me. He was lying naked on his back on a bed; his body was bathed in the light of early morning.

I moved my eyes to his right arm and saw that it seemed to be connected with handcuffs to a metal chain some twenty inches long which was attached around the metal leg of his bed.

At that moment I felt a similar metal chain around my left wrist. When I turned on my back, I could see that I was also chained the same as David. 'What the hell is going on?' I wondered. The handcuff was cutting deep into my flesh. I tried to get my hand free from the cuffs but I had to give up after some twenty seconds because of the pain to my wrist.

My thoughts were racing like a wild river in my head and I had to fight the panic that was trying to take over my mind. I realised that I was hyperventilating and with some effort I started to gain back some control of my breathing. After a while I succeeded in reducing my panic attack. I knew for sure that I had to remain calm if I was to have any chance of getting out of this nightmare.

When I looked down, I noticed that I was also naked and, to my surprise, I noticed that there was a rather large bandage on my abdomen. Looking at David I could see that it was the same for him.

Using my free hand, I began to explore the accesses of the bandage that was firmly adhered to my skin. There were, strangely enough, no traces left of my belly hair, and when I felt further down there was no trace of my pubic hair either. When I pushed myself to a sitting position on the bed I was relieved to see that my ‘willy’ was still intact, despite my new baldness and the irritated feeling coming from my balls.

I carefully took my right testicle between my fingers and noticed that it felt sore and heated. When I started to palpate it I had to stop immediately because of a sudden increasing burning pain. Tears were running down my cheeks and I had to breathe deeply in order to endure the pain. That dreadful experience stopped any further examination of my body and I lay there wondering, 'What's going on? '

I started looking around the room for an answer. It had one solid wooden door that was located in the middle of the wall opposite our beds and it appeared that David and I were locked up in a rather large chamber that was constructed in the form of a rectangle. Our two hospital-type beds were placed near the two side walls of the room with space to walk around each bed, but they were placed a rather long distance from each other.

The only light came through two small windows on my left, which were located just below the ceiling of the room. Those dirty windows were closed and way too small to allow a person to pass through. Besides this restriction, the two windows were located too high to be reached, even if a person was to stand on their bed.

The white painted walls looked like concrete, and even the ceiling appeared solidly built. The room seemed to be part of a cellar with a very high ceiling.

Then I heard a noise coming from David's bed. When I turned my head in his direction, I saw him staring at me with some confusion in his eyes. I tried to speak to him, but my throat and mouth were far to dry to allow me to make any sound.

He asked, "Dude, what’s happening? Where are we?" Then at that moment he realized that his right arm was chained and before I could give him an answer, he started to pull on his chain with all his strength.

His action was, as I presumed it would be, in vain and cost him a lot of energy and pain. After he calmed down a little I managed to talk to him about our situation but despite my warnings, David just had to check his balls and endure the same dreadful pain that I had. I spent a lot of time trying to calm David down after that incident.

Then suddenly we both heard footsteps from the other side of the door to our room.


First I heard the sound of a key turning in the door lock, then the door opened slowly and I saw .my Aunt Rachel standing in the opening. She was wearing a white lab coat instead of her traditional Amish dress.

"Hello Samuel, David. Did you sleep well? I hope you enjoyed your last night as ‘free’ American citizens? "

I couldn't hold my anger and started to call her all the names in the book and David followed suit. She didn’t react at all to our insults but just stood there watching us with a smile on her face. After a while I got tired and began to have some difficulties with my voice. It started to sound hoarse after my short, minute-long tirade of yelling at her.

"Finished? If not, I will leave you both alone with all of your unanswered questions"

We looked first at each other and than we both nodded our heads at her to make it clear that we agreed to stop yelling at and insulting her.

"Fine. You probably have a lot of questions and I’m willing to answer them if you give me the chance. That means no more yelling or insults. Is that clear David, Samuel?

"Yes, Aunt Rachel. Just help me, help me out of here, please," David pleaded in a very submissive way.

"Pleading won’t help you David, or you either Samuel. Your situation is the result of your improper behaviour over the last twelve months. Both of you are fully responsible for your current situation and now it's time to pay for it. Let me put it this way, it's time for both of you to make your contribution to our community!"

"What do you mean by that?" I asked her while looking straight in her eyes. "You don't have the right to chain and lock us up in this room. Neither does the community."

"You're completely wrong about that Samuel. Both of your parents are aware of your current situation and moreover, they gave their permission to the leaders of our community."

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. My parents couldn’t be involved in this. It had to be the work of that mad woman alone.

She continued with a grin on her face, "Know this, David and Samuel. Know that you are here to help rebuild the cattle herds on our farms. Soon both of you are going to fulfil a very important role in that rebuilding. Can you guess which role? I suppose not".

She paused for a while looking both of us alternately in our eyes. A cold shiver ran down my back.

"Your role will be that of a pregnant heifer. What do you say about that statement Samuel? David?" Aunt Rachel couldn’t hide her amusement while saying these awful words.

I was thinking, 'What is she taking about? She must have totally lost her mind. We're in deep shit because we're obviously under her control and she's a crazy woman. I have to find a way out of here as soon as I can.'

"I can see on your faces that you don’t believe me, but let me assure you both that next spring you will be walking around in a pasture as proud mother cows in the company of your newborn calves. Were do you think those heifers came from for our farms over the last two years?"

'Oh, no!' I thought, 'I knew it there was something seriously wrong with those heifers on our farm.' Hearing her, I began to fear for my future and for David's too. Maybe it was true what she was saying. 'Oh my god. I don’t want to become a cow! Don’t let this happen to me…Please, don’t let it be true.'

"We certainly didn’t have the money to buy all new cattle," she continued. But, with my knowledge as a genetic scientist, I was able to help the community rebuild their herds. The heifers that arrived on the farms over the last few years where not born as such. All of them were teenagers like yourselves when we took them. We did this when they returned home after spending their time in rumspringa to say they were rejecting our society. The elders agreed that because of their promiscuous behaviour and desires they didn’t deserve to live any longer as human beings. As heifers and milk cows they are now productive members for the society. This is also the case for the ‘English’ teenagers that we 'recruited' in order to help rebuild our herd. So, I don’t have any moral problem with changing some selfish individuals into farm animals. They don’t deserve better!"

At this point in her discourse Aunt Rachel raised her voice and looked angrily at us. "Also, as far as the two of you are concerned, I don’t have any problem changing you into heifers. True, it will be the first time that I will use members of my own family to gain new animals…"

Rachel took a pause at that moment. She looked first into the eyes of David before looking at me. I felt very uncomfortably under her cold stare.

"Although, you are members of my family, both of you declared yourselves lost to our community just as the others had. And your behaviour over the last year more than proved that. Plus we came up short on 'volunteers’ this year to produce the necessary number of new heifers. The disappearance of some 'English' teenagers in this state over the last two years has made it more difficult for us to operate than before."

Did you know Samuel, David, that to produce a yearling heifer we must use teenagers between the ages of sixteen and twenty tears old? I will explain why to you later. One other handicap is that the process of transformation must be started by the month of September and not earlier than June. It is too dangerous to keep the ‘volunteers’ captive for a long period before we start the process to slowly change them into heifers."

"No. No, Aunt Rachel! I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to become a cow! Please, please help me… I will stay here and do anything you want me to do for the community. I assure you that I will not cause any anymore trouble. Please Aunt Rachel don’t make me a cow …don’t do it! Please?" a sobbing David plead.

"Well, well David. Where has all your guy stuff gone to?" she asked while she moved closer to our beds. She put her left hand on the metal foot end of David's hospital bed and began to slowly to caress it with her fingers.

"Dear, dear, David. It's too late for that," she said emphatically. "You're both already on your way to becoming a Holstein heifer. Even if I tried to stop the process now it would be in vain. The injections I gave you last night, and the little operation you underwent, make your request impossible. I’m sorry for that David, but I promise to place you as a cow on a nice farm with kind owners. Maybe you could even go back to your parents’ farm? I'll talk to them about that idea if you want, David. Realise that I’m giving you the chance to go back home were you can spend the rest of your natural life. True, you wouldn't be a member of the family, exactly, but you would be a part of their dairy herd. This is a privilege, David don’t miss out on this chance."

David's body shuddered and he started rocking back and forth. "You bloody bitch!" I shouted at her. "Leave him alone and stop torturing him with your awful talk. Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to be so cruel to him?"

"I see are local hero is still working on his reputation." She replied with a grin on her face. "I'll answer your questions, dear nephew. I’m standing here in the position of the genetic specialist doctor who is carrying out what the community has requested of me. And that is to make sure that we have enough new heifers this year to reinforce the herds on the farms. The survival of the community depends on that. You and David will be two of those new heifers. And like it or not, that’s the way it is my dear nephew. I hope you're satisfied with that answer because it's all you're getting. Now, you better save your energy because the transformation that you are about to endure will take a lot of your strength."

"Go to hell Aunt Rachel! Why should I believe your crap talk? It's only the crazy talk of a once brilliant woman who's totally lost her mind. Just tell me, what you've done to David and me? I hope for you own sake that it is not dangerous to our health. So, again, what did you do to us, you crazy bitch. What kind of operation did we go through and why are my balls hurting? Tell me, is all this shit you did to us harmless for our bodies, or not?"

For some time there was a silence as heavy as lead in the room which was suddenly interrupted by a loud weeping sound from David. When I looked at him he was sitting up on his bed with his head hanging down between his knees.

"You'll find out for yourselves over the next few days that I’m not mad, Samuel. I can guarantee that!"

While saying that she moved to stand in front of my bed. "I’m afraid that the answer to your last question is, 'no.' The good news is however, that that the transformation from human to animal will have no ill effects on your health. You will remain in a very healthy condition once you have settled into your new body and life as a dairy cow."

Rachel paused again, then shrugged her shoulders and continued, "Anyway, since last night, there is no going back. Years ago I developed a method that made it possible to change the genetic structure of any mammal with the use of genetically manipulated cells. These cells re-code the DNA in whatever sequence is desired, and they multiply extremely fast in the host body. Because they are small, they are able to penetrate any of the host body's structures. You were both given injections that are rewriting your DNA-code from human to that of a Holstein heifer at this very moment. Even now you are probably experiencing a slight tingling sensation all over your body. This is one of the signs of the first stage of your transformation. As a matter of fact, there are, even now, thousands of these genetically manipulated cells rewriting your DNA. They are changing the structure of every cell in your body. These changes happen rather slowly in the first stages as the cells of your body are reformed according to their new codes. I suspect that later, the bone transformations may be a bit painful, but I can’t verify that because all of my 'volunteers' to date have lost of their ability to speak by that time." She paused again as if to organize her thoughts. The entire time she spoke, Aunt Rachel had been looking straight into my eyes.

Then she took a deep breath and continued again, "There are two types of cells: the first ones will search your body until they find the specific organ they are designed to transform. Once found, they will penetrate the cells of that organ and completely change its structure until it has become the organ of a heifer. The second, and far more numerous cells, are designed to rewrite the DNA code of the rest of the host's body. These cells also block the natural defences that are responsible for destroying the body’s invaders. I've never told anyone about my discovery until now. I kept it a secret for years, but when the ‘mad cow’ disease destroyed almost all of our cattle I decided to use my discovery to benefit our community."

My heart was pumping wildly in my chest. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 'What did she mean by genetically manipulated cells?' I wondered. I began to panic and tried to stand up on my bed but the chain on my arm wouldn't allow me do to so. Frantically I looked up and down my body. 'Cells are rewriting my DNA?' I silently questioned. I couldn’t see any changes but I was suddenly aware of a kind of tingling feeling all over my body as she had described. 'This cant be happening!' my mind screamed, but somehow I knew she was right. I was beginning to become a believer.

"I can see by the expression on your face, Samuel that you are beginning to understand that what I'm telling you is the truth. One of the reasons I prefer to work with teenagers is because you can’t make a body younger than its real biological age. An adult can be changed into a mature cow but never into a young heifer. The older the subject is the longer the time that is necessary to achieve a complete transformation. This is probably the result of the ageing process of the body's cells. However to gain a complete transformation from a human teenager to bovine heifer it requires more than a year and an half. This is far too long to meet our needs so I found a solution to this problem. I discovered that when a target species' egg is in the womb of the host body and is impregnated with the sperm of the new species, it speeds up the transformation process enormously. So, in order to create this desirable situation of speeding up the transformation process, we have to make the host body pregnant as soon as possible. Understand so far, Samuel?" she asked.

I nodded numbly and she carried on with her monologue, "Changing a girl into a heifer and making her pregnant during the beginning period of her transformation is a rather an easy task. You just have to change of all her productive organs and then make her pregnant with the help of a little bull sperm. Once done she will change very quickly into a pregnant heifer. It takes only two months for her to completely transform. Boys, on other hand, are a different matter; it's a little more complicated. Do you have any idea what we have to do to speed up the process of transformation with male subjects?" she asked.

With that evil smile on her face, I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing fear in my eyes so I looked back with a face full of anger and disgust and shouted, "Fuck you!" right at her.

"No, Samuel. You're totally wrong. It's going to be you who will be fucked, and very soon," laughed Rachel. "I think it's time I gave you an explanation for the little operation you had last night. However, you'll have to wait a bit. I'll give both of you the information separately, in my lab, so have some patience." She giggled slightly as she spoke the last sentence.

"I don’t want to hear about it, Aunt Rachel. Stop with all this talk and let us go home, please? Please Aunt Rachel. Help us! We just want to go home. Let us go, please?" David pleaded.

He was crying heavily as his head was swaying back and forth. His face clearly showed his abject fear. I knew from my trembling lower lip that I must have looked the same. I felt compassion for him despite of my own fear. How could they even think of doing this to us? They had no right!


Aunt Rachel totally ignored David and went back to the door. There she called out for her husband Abraham and asked him to come down. Twenty seconds later he stood there in the room with his brother William.

They both went over to David and unlocked the wheels of his hospital bed. Before he could react a handcuff was placed on his left ankle through the bars at the foot of the bed and fastened to his right ankle. Then they pushed David’s bed out of the room with him locked to it. He was screaming and swinging with his free arm while he was rolled out of our room on his bed. "Help me! Help me Dude! Help…"

His screaming cut deep as a knife into my head, but I was helpless and not in any position to help him. The door closed and I could hear him still screaming for some time. Then there was only silence. The only sound came from my own deep breathing. I was very afraid and I knew for sure that David and I were in big trouble!

Then David came back. I'll never forget the moment they pushed David back into the room. He didn’t react at all when I called his name. His eyes were filled with tears while he was staring at the ceiling. Then I noticed the new bandage on his throat. 'What have those bastards done do him?' I worried.

When I saw Abraham coming closer to my bed with the handcuffs from David’s feet in his hand, I managed to give him a kick right in his crotch. Satisfied, I saw him collapsing down on the ground from the pain. My victory was short lived though. Before I could react my legs were crushed on the bed by William who pushed them down with his knees and the help of his body weight. A few seconds later the cuffs were locked on my ankles. I saw the anger on his face; I knew that Abraham clearly had the intention to kick me down on my face. I was trying to protect myself as much as possible with my arms when Aunt Rachel came to my rescue. "Stop that Abraham! Don’t you dare touch him! It’s your own fault that happened. You have to pay closer attention. Is that clear my dear husband? Just bring him to my lab before something else happens."

Shackled to my bed, I was rolled out of the room into a small corridor. Aunt Rachel walked towards a door located just down from us. The corridor was empty except for a steep set of stairs located on our left. She opened the door and walked in and with me lying on the bed and my uncle pushing, we followed her. The room was bathed in light from an electric bulb on the ceiling which was very unusual in our community because of the prohibition on using electricity.

This room was obviously a medical examination room. I saw a work surface, a fridge and some cabinets on my left. There was also, much to my surprise, a gynaecological exam chair on my right side and in the middle of the room stood another large table. The room also gave access to another room that clearly served as her lab.

My bed was rolled just besides the table that stood in the middle of the room. This table had several straps that were obviously meant to restrain whoever was placed on the table. Despite my furious struggles William an Abraham easily managed to place me on the table and fasten the straps. They tightened them until I was completely immobile. "You can both go and close the door on your way out. Stay out until I let you know he's ready."


Rachel waited until they had closed the door of the lab behind them before she spoke. "So, we're finally alone dear nephew," she said with a smile. "It's time to continue with your transformation process, Samuel."

I saw her move to my left to a table where a lot of medical equipment was laid out.
I closed my eyes and concentrated on blocking out my rising panic. When she turned back to me I could see that she was holding a ball gag in her left hand. "It is time to close that big mouth of yours, Samuel. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment." In no time at all she placed the ball gag into my mouth and tightly strapped around my head.

"Before continuing with your transformation, I'll give you the honour of performing sexually as a human male one last time in your life"

Aunt Rachel slowly unbuttoned her lab coat and, to my surprise, she was completely naked under it. With a graceful and seductive movement, she let her coat fall slowly from her shoulders to the floor. I followed it down until it passed her large, firm breasts that almost looked to be filled with milk. Each was tipped with an oversized dark nipple surrounded by large dark aureoles.

My Aunt Rachel was not exactly what you would call a beautiful woman. Beneath her slightly swollen pregnant belly, I could see her dark bush at the top of her short, fat legs. She bent over me and placed her face so that her lips came very close to mine. "Just relax my dear nephew and try to enjoy this. The next time you have a sexual encounter; it will be a totally different experience, Samuel. I guarantee it."

I didn’t know what she was planning to do to me but I didn't like what I'd heard so far. She was an evil fucking bitch. I knew that my actions to break my bonds were futile, but I couldn’t give up without a fight. While I was jerking and thrashing against the straps, I felt something that made me shudder uncontrollably with fear. I could feel her warm hand brush lightly against my naked inner legs a brief half second before her fingers grasped my exposed cock. I tried to resist as her hand began to fondle my cock but I couldn’t escape from her touch.

To my embarrassment I started to get aroused. I tried to ignore her warm hands as they were stroking me, trying to bring me to an erection. I closed my eyes as I tried to think of something else… anything else, but I soon had to accept the fact that my aunt was, for all intents, going to rape me. She soon looked up at me with a cold smile as she slid a condom over my now erect cock.

I gasped as she climbed up on the table and straddled me with her knees around my lower waist and then slowly lowered herself down on top of me. She adjusted herself, positioning her inner thighs so that she barely touched my stiff erection. Her large swollen breasts were hanging down just in front of my face and I could feel the hairs from her calves rubbing against my upper legs.

Opening my eyes, I stared at the wicked grin on her face as she started to rub the head of my stiff cock against her vaginal lips with one hand while her other hand was squeezing her left breast. She held my cock firmly in her hand as she lowered herself down on it.

As soon as she had my entire shaft nestled tightly in her wet pussy, she started to squeeze my cock with the inner muscles of her vaginal canal. She brought her head down towards me as she started to move rhythmically on my cock. Her large ass was rubbing against my thighs as her movements stroked my erection.

"I wish that I could free your hands so that you could play with my tits, Samuel. It's really too bad because I'm going to be the best fuck that you've ever had. I also know that this going to be the last fuck you'll ever have so you better enjoy it, Samuel."


Ten minutes later I could hear her cleaning her self up in the other room. The sound of running water drowned out the sound of my deep breathing. My heart was still beating quite fast after our intercourse. I tried not to think about what had happened. Despite of my disgust I had to admit that I enjoyed the sexual experience with my aunt.

She came back from the other room dressed in her lab coat again. "So Samuel, back to business," she said to me as she pulled the condom off my shrunken penis.

I saw her working for awhile at the work surface on my left. I wondered what the hell she was doing. I was only able to see her back when I lifted my head up a bit from the table.

When she returned to me I panicked. She was holding two very large old style syringes lying in a stainless steel medical pan. She held it with both hands and it terrified me as she moved closer to me.

"Did you think about the answer to my question as to how I managed to solve my problem with male subjects? I doubt you did," she said in a sarcastic manner. "Because of the lack of any female reproductive organs in the males, I had to help Mother Nature out a bit. Last night, I implanted the uterus and vagina of a mature heifer in your abdomen. No, that's not totally correct. The uterus and vagina are not from a heifer. They were cloned to match the specific cells that I genetically modified and injected into your body earlier. The uterus is in oestrus as we speak with an egg ready for fertilization. I implanted both organs inside of your abdomen and for the moment they are still very small. They will grow quite fast over the few next days. Soon your new female productive organs will be completely developed."

I refused to believe her, but a voice inside was telling me that she was telling the terrible truth. My destiny was set. I was to become a dairy cow and would be one for the rest of my life!

"Of course there is still some reproductive plumbing missing like the ovaries. Luckily I can create them easily enough by simple modification of your testicles. Yesterday I prepared them by giving you an injection in each one. That is why they are hurting today and why I had to use a condom when we had sex. I just can’t take the risk of being infected by some of the manipulated cells along with your seed .The cells in your testes are now ready to change into the ovaries of a heifer. I just have to give you this second shot. I’m sorry for the discomfort Samuel."

Because of the gag in my mouth, my screams sounded more like a muffled groan. Raising my head from the table as far as possible I saw her standing near my crotch. The view of my groin was suddenly blocked by her body. Then I felt her taking my left testicle in her latex gloved hand. I tensed up as she pushed the needle in. It hurt like crazy and tears started running down on my cheeks from the pain when she injected the fluid. I gasped again from the intense pain when the same thing was done with the other one.

"Congratulations Samuel. You are well on your way to a total gender change. In a few hours your new ovaries will be absorbed into your body and be moving to their proper place in your forming cow abdomen."

"Since you penis and scrotum no longer serve any purpose, I'll be using them to create an udder. This next injection to your penis will speed up that process and in less than tree days you will to be the proud new owner of a swinging little udder hanging between your legs. Without using the catalyst it would take much more time to develop and that would be a waist of time, don’t you think Samuel? Oh, and Samuel, don’t worry about not being able to pee once your penis has transformed because you’ll also be developing a new urethra along with your new vagina and all the rest."

Wide eyed and in shock, I had to endure another painful injection. This time it was given into the shaft of my penis. "So, I’m nearly finished Samuel. There is just one more thing to do before you can go back to be with David," she said as I saw her go back to the work table and prepare another syringe.

"Normally this is one of the first injections that my ‘volunteers’ get when they arrive at the farm. In your and David's case, I decided to wait a bit longer just for the fun of it. There was no way in the world I wanted to miss out on your curses at me this morning. But now it's time to make sure that you will keep that big mouth closed once and for all. That situation also suits me well because you won't be able to tell Abraham about our little adventure. The only sound you will produce from now on will be that of a cow, my dear nephew."

She moved very close and put her right arm around my head. Then she pulled me against her body and I was locked between her arm and her body. I gritted my teeth in anticipation of the pain to come. I felt the needle entering my throat just beside my Adam's apple. The pain was terrible and I felt like I was being suffocated. Ten seconds later she withdrew the needle and let my head fall free again.

"So, that’s done. This injection will change your vocal chords into those of a typical cow. You will be able to use your new ‘voice’ from, lets see… probably about Friday. I’m looking forward to hearing your first lowing sounds, Samuel."

Rachel pushed on a red button and then left through the door to the lab. I was still fighting against the burning pain in my groin and in my throat when Abraham and William came back in the lab. William took the ball gag out and it felt good to be able to breathe through my mouth again.

A few minutes later I was back in the cell. David was still staring at the ceiling. I could see by his swollen eyes that he had been crying during my absence. I noticed that a small wooden table had been placed between our two beds with a plastic carafe full of water, two plastic glasses and some biscuits on it. On the floor between our beds there was a plastic bucket with a roll of toilet paper next to it. The door of the cell was pushed closed with a loud bang that echoed through our room.


By Tuesday morning when I woke up my whole body was hurting. I had the feeling that my head was spitting in two and that my balls and penis were crushed between two rocks. Besides that, I felt as if there was a frog locked into my throat. I tried unsuccessfully to swallow him down or cough him up.

With some difficulty I managed to rise up on my bed. David was sleeping on his back. My hand was trembling when I filled a glass with water from the carafe. I had to drink the water in short mouthfuls but it felt good and relieved a little bit the irritated feeling in my throat.

I felt nearly every fibre of my body. The most disturbing feelings where the numerous and painful abdominal cramps I had to endure and my groin felt as if it was on fire. When I looked at it, I noticed that my penis had nearly doubled, not in length but in its breadth! That was when I felt for my scrotum and, to my horror; I found there was no trace left of my balls. It was empty! Only two empty wrinkled sacks of flesh remained to remind me of the former existence of my family jewels. 'My balls!' I cried out in my mind.

After a long pause I cautiously brought my hand to my deformed penis. But as soon as I touched it I had to stop because the burning pain that was caused by my slightest touch. Normally a loud shout would have left my mouth, but now I could produce no more than a kind of constricted cough but there were tears were running down my cheeks as I tried to fight off the pain by breathing deeply.

Desperately I went in search of some trace of my balls, but the effort was in vain. I moved my hand under the loose flesh that used to be my scrotum. Then I felt two lengthwise ridges with a crevice in the middle! Going further down my finger suddenly slipped it inside a crevice. This could not be possible! I had to be hallucinating!

I tried to assure myself that everything was all right and that this dreadful experience had to be the result of being drugged by a crazy woman. 'It’s the drugs. It has to be the drugs,' a quiet voice in my head was screaming. 'Sure. Keep thinking that and everything will be right when they wear off,' I thought but deep inside me I knew that I was changing; changing into a fucking cow!

I continued to look with bewilderment at my deformed masculinity, until the moment that I became aware of an urgent need to pee. Reluctantly I took the bucket in hand and tried to bend over it as much as possible with my body in a sitting position at the edge of my bed.

I tried to carefully guide my swollen member with my other hand in the direction of the bucket. It was difficult because of the limitations in movement of my left arm that was locked in the handcuff. At last I felt the relief as the flow of urine started; it seemed to go on forever. Afterwards I became conscious of the penetrating odour of my urine. I can define it best as a strong animal smell. I tried not to think about the reason for that strange smell.

My attention moved to the bandage on my abdomen and I immediately started removing it. When I finally succeeded I was greeted by my swollen abdomen that had a sutured up vertical wound on it some two inches long. It was located just under my belly button. Five black wires were clearly visible against my white skin and between each, two red wires were visible.

My breath was caught inside my painful throat. At this very moment a uterus and a vagina were forming in my abdomen, with all the parts and plumbing of a female animal, a farm animal, a dairy cow! I could no longer hold myself together. My destiny, and that of David, was so terrible that I started to weep, lying back on my bed. I could feel my fear growing as an unwanted mental image of me turning into a cow came to mind! 'Oh shit! This can't be happening to us!' my mind screamed silently, but again, rationally I knew that Aunt Rachel was bloody serious when she told us that we would become cows! I squeezed my eyes and forced the image away. I had to be calm! I couldn't let myself panic!

A bit later I heard that David wakes up. When I looked over, I saw him with swollen eyes looking anxiously at me. My attempt to try to talk with David failed. The only thing that came out was some grunted sound. The pain in my throat stopped me after a few attempts. David was also making the same ugly sounds in his attempts to talk to me.

Then I noticed that David was staring at my deformed penis with fear in his eyes. It wasn't long before he also discovered the changes to his own body. I felt powerless as I looked at how totally panicked David was when confronted with his own deformed groin. After a time, he folded his body into a foetal position on his bed with his back to me. He shook heavily from his weeping.

Because his legs were drawn up to his chest, I had a clear view of his forming slit. In spite of my horror, I couldn’t stop staring at it. The fleshy lips were pink in colour and they had a rather leathery look, completely unlike the appearance of normal human skin. To be honest it strongly reminded me of what I had seen for so many years on the rear end of our cows, namely the lips of their vaginas!


The day had passed slowly. My body continued to give me constant painful indicators that something was completely wrong. I knew well enough what was going on with my body, but tried not to think about it. I felt exhausted and, despite of the pain in my body, I finally succeeded in getting some sleep.

The sound of the door to our cell opening woke me up. I saw Aunt Rachel coming in followed by William and Abraham. She was holding two medical basins in her hands and to my horror; I saw two syringes lying in each of them.

Abraham went on one side of bed David's of while Rachel took a position between the two beds. William stood between my bed and the wall and was firmly holding a cattle prod in his hands.

With a smile on his face I heard him saying: "Don’t even think about doing something to help your friend, you stupid cow. Otherwise you are going to understand what these cattle prods can do. Understood Bessie?" I knew by the look on his face that he was ready to use it on me. But I was too sick and exhausted to put up a fight.

Resigned, I looked over at David. I saw how Abraham held David‘s feet to the bed with the handcuffs and then went to the far side of the bed. A second later he was pushing David down on the bed and held him there with his hands on David's shoulders. Aunt Rachel blocked most of my view with her white lab coat. She placed the two medical basins on the table between our beds.

"Calm down David. There is nothing you can do, so save your energy," I heard her saying. "It seems that you’re gender change is well on its way. Unfortunately for you, your change of gender will not be as a human being, but then you can't have everything, can you? "

Twenty seconds later the bandage was removed from David's abdomen. Aunt Rachel continued with her work without saying a word to David. First she took a scalpel from one of the basins. I will never forget the look of fear on David's face when, a minute later, she picked up the syringes one by one. They were empty when she returned them to the pans.

"Don’t cry David. That's it for today. In less than two days you will be the owner of a very nice cow vagina. Now, don’t you think it would be selfish not to give one to your good friend too? I am certain that you would also want him to have a beautiful vagina. After all, you both spent the last year in pursuit of a nice wet pussy, didn’t you? Don’t worry David. I have arranged for your friend Samuel to have the same as you." Saying this, Aunt Rachel turned back to me. She was starring at me with that cold look in her eyes.

At the same moment, Abraham took my feet while William pushed my legs down on the mattress using his cattle prod. The handcuff was quickly placed on my ankles securing me to the bed. Then William moved away in the direction of David’s bed.

"Well, well Samuel. Were you so curious that you couldn’t wait to see what was behind your bandage?" Aunt Rachel asked with a grin. "Make sure that he can’t move Abraham."

Before I could react, my shoulders were held firmly by his strong hands. I tried to move but quickly found out that there was absolutely no way. With anger in my eyes I stared back at her.

Rachel cut through one of the red coloured wires with one movement of her scalpel. The same thing happened three seconds later with the second red wire. While looking at my abdomen I noticed that my penis was clearly larger. It was now nearly two inches broad, instead of the one inch this morning.

With fear in my eyes I saw Rachel taking one of the syringes out of the basin. She took my painful penis in one hand, and then she injected the fluid slowly into it. I do not have to tell you that this caused me a lot of pain.

With a smile on her face she took the second syringe in her hand. "This injection is a catalyst for the cells that are already creating that lovely new udder between your legs. You will see the results very soon, my dear nephew. I can assure you of that! And this one will speed up the process to give you a nice new cow vagina.’

While saying this, Rachel placed her free hand behind my penis between my legs. I supposed on one of the new forming lips of my vagina. "This one will hurt Samuel." My eyesight was temporally blocked because of my tears when she injected a part of the fluid between my legs. Ten seconds later she made another injection.

Fighting against the pain, I could feel when they removed the handcuffs from my legs. "See you tomorrow. Have pleasant dreams my lovely heifers," she said as the door closed behind them.

For a long time I could hear sobbing noises coming from David’s bed.


It was a long day for me, and, I suppose, for both of us. David laid on his bed with his back to me most of the time. I tried several times to make some eye contact with him, but failed. The few times that I had the chance to see his face it was without any expression. He was just looking right through me.

My body felt terrible and my abdomen was swollen like a man with a huge beer belly. My penis had tripled in size and the flesh had taken on a pinkish colour. Taking a pee was a real nightmare.

Further exploration showed me that my new slit was forming and I could slide a few fingers into it more than two inches. I experienced that my growing udder was very sensitive, especially in the area of my penis. This was not the case with the swollen lips of my new genitals. They felt rough, and the texture of the flesh was more like touching leather. Looking in David's direction I could see what was going on between my own legs. The enlarged genitals greeted my glance and, visible between them, there was now a large slit. It clearly looked like the vagina of a cow and I knew that mine looked the same.

We didn’t’ see Aunt Rachel that day. At noon we received some soup. Abraham brought it in two bowls. David didn’t eat it, but I did. The hot soup felt like a balm in my painful throat. When I noticed that David didn’t touch his bowl at all I took the liberty of eating his too. A few hours later, Abraham brought us some fresh water and sports wafers. He never said a word to us.


When I woke up Thursday morning I knew that something was terribly wrong with my body. There was the familiar sensation of a full bladder that needed to be taken care of, but it was now located in an area between my legs instead in my penis.

After great effort I managed to get in a sitting position on my bed and found that under my now even larger belly I had a bulge of pink flesh with four little bumps clearly visible on it.

'What do I do now?' I wondered. I placed my free hand on this bulge of flesh which I refused to acknowledge as a forming udder. 'Oh – My - God! It's real! No, No, No, No, No. This just can't be happening to me,' I mentally cried. 'I have to be dreaming,' I thought trying hard to convince myself.

My hands were poised to touch it as I my curiosity fought with my disgust. In the end, curiosity won. When I started to gently touch my budding udder, I could feel that the skin and the flesh beneath the skin were quite firm and warm. Then I moved my hand up and felt one of the four bumps. I pinched one of them and it hurt like crazy!
I noticed very quickly that my forming teats were very sensitive and needed to be touch rather carefully.

To my relief the pain of the past days coming from the area of my groin was now entirely gone. However the pressing from my bladder continued coming from between my legs. I knew what I had to do! Escaping from my dreadful fate was not possible!

I placed the plastic bucket in the middle of my bed, and then I squatted just above the bucket. This was not easy because my left arm was still locked in the handcuff.

Because this was a totally new situation for me, I was unable to do my thing at first. I tried desperately to use the correct muscles to be able to pee but it was some time before I finally succeeded. The splashing sound of my urine in the plastic bucket sounded very loud in our cell and I was afraid that this noise would wake up David. Fortunately for me he remained sleeping.

When the flow of urine stopped at last, I was obligated to dry my new equipment with some toilet paper. This experience made me realise that, from now on, I could no longer consider myself a male. I was not at all pleased with this change to my gender. As if this was not bad enough to have to endure, I was also changing into a fucking animal! I tried to remain calm despite of my thoughts of dread and about my fear for my future.

I lay on my back in bed and tried not to lose my mind. I was most aware of the irritating feeling in my throat. It was painful and I had a feeling like there was something stuck in it. Drinking several glasses of water brought no solace.

What freighted me the most was that I felt so exhausted and had almost no strength left in my body. Even breathing was demanding a large effort from my body.

The morning went past slowly. I had absolutely no concept of time and could only depend on the position of the sun coming through the two small windows of our cell.

David had mentally locked himself away entirely and his dirty sheets were a testament to how far he had let himself go.


I assumed it was Thursday afternoon when William and Abraham came into our cell to take David away. He no longer reacted when they pushed him away lying on his bed. They found it was not necessary to restrain him with the handcuffs on his ankles.

Waiting for David's return seemed interminably long but I also knew that my turn would come far too quickly. I had no idea what torment and pain was waiting for me behind the door of the lab and I didn't want to find out.

When I heard the sound of footsteps my breath was caught in my throat. To my relief and surprise, I heard the sound of the footsteps die away. A short time later I could clearly see the shoes and trouser legs of Abraham and William through the small dirty windows of our cell. Between them I caught a glimpse of David's naked legs. They were immediately followed by the legs and shoes of Aunt Rachel.

I was preparing my self mentally when I heard them coming for me. Before I realised it, my bed was being rolled out of out of the cell and in no time, I was back in the lab. They pushed the bed over near the gynaecologic chair and William unlocked the handcuffs. I had to allow them to lift me from the bed and put me in the chair; I had no strength to fight them. My legs were placed in the stirrups and immediately attached to them with two leather straps. My arms were also tied in a similar way to the armrests of the chair.

Standing right next to me I saw David's empty bed, but not for long. While my bed was rolled away by Abraham out of the lab, William did the same thing with David’s. Once again I was left alone in the lab in the company of my sick and malicious aunt. "Hello Samuel." Her voice came from behind me but I was unable to see her.

Suddenly I could feel her hand on my left arm. Turning my head to my left I was confronted with that cynical smile on her face. She was again wearing her white lab coat.

She walked around in front of me and then moved the stirrups into an open position. For some time she continued looking attentively at my genitals, which were totally exposed to her. I felt completely vulnerable and totally humiliated.

In this position, I now had a clear view on my budding udder. To my surprise the little bumps weren’t little any longer but more and more they resembled the teats of a young heifer.

"Everything seems to be in order with your new equipment, Samuel, Congratulations. I’m sure that our bull, George, will share my enthusiasm and will appreciate your lovely new vagina. You will soon find out for yourself."

Then I saw her putting on some latex gloves while she continued to look at me with a broad smile on her face. I tried not to think about her vicious words. The thought of being bred by a bull was too much to bear.

Aunt Rachel sat down on a low stool and pulled it close so that her face was about the same height as my vagina. She bent between my thighs and I felt her touching the outer area of my new vagina. Then she pushed one knuckle of her finger into me. As she worked her knuckle a bit deeper, I experienced the feeling of being penetrated in a way that I would never have imagined before. It was perhaps the most profound confirmation possible of my new sex. And, much to my shame, I felt how I got extremely wet between my legs, and how my lips were swelling up. A strong animal odour was clearly noticeable.

"You’re body is reacting well Samuel, just like a cow that is in oestrus. Very soon. I will give you an injection to speed up this process. But before doing that, let’s see if your uterus is developing well."

Two seconds later I could feel the cold metal of a speculum against my swollen sex. I mentally refused to believe what was happening to me as Aunt Rachel opened up the speculum and inserted her fingers deep inside me, followed by her hand! She then pulled a bit. And suddenly she was hurting me.

"I see you can you feel it when I’m touching your uterus. Was that uncomfortable? Oh, I’m so sorry Samuel. I forgot that you can’t talk anymore. Anyway, I know you can feel my manipulation inside you and that this examination has given you many awful thoughts besides some small amount of pain. The good news is, however, that you are now able to create new life in your body. Welcome to the world of womanhood, my boy. Or should I say the world of cowhood, my girl? What do you think of that, Samuel?" Aunt Rachel couldn’t stop laughing for a while after her cruel joke. But when she recovered she said, "Samuel is not a fit name for a heifer. I think Samantha is a better name for you. I'll call you Sammie from now on."

"I can assure you Sammie that your new organ is nearly ready to function as it was designed to. This is also the case for your ovaries. When your plumbing is complete, we will have you impregnated as soon as possible. This can probably be done in a couple of days. Of course, for that, we will need some help from our bull George. But don’t worry Sammie, it will not be exactly what you could call a rape because you’re body, and even you’re mind, will be longing to have intercourse with a bull when the time, and you, are ripe. Your desires will be so strong that even though you want to stop, you will be powerless. Your mind will scream to stop, but your new body will not allow you to. You will eventually have to give in - It is inevitable"

Again her words shocked me like a bomb. 'Oh my God!' my mind screamed.

"During the transformation process you will gradually take on the instincts of a cow. You will never forget who you are but the cow will be strong and will lead your behaviour, even against your will. The instinct to reproduce is dominant and there is no way to resist it, believe me. I have seen the strong desire to have intercourse in all of your predecessors once they were in heat."

Panic gradually started to take an upper hand with my emotions. The idea that soon I would become pregnant from the seed of a bull was hard to believe .I, that a few days ago was a healthy male, was now in possession of the reproductive organs of cow and would soon be bred with a bull. My mind screamed, 'I am a man, not a cow! In gods’ name, let me wake up from this nightmare! Please, let it stop!'

I felt it as she removed the speculum from my vagina. Then she got up from the stool and started to manipulate my sensitive teats with her hand, working them one by one with the same movements as when milking a cow. The wetness this caused between my legs was increasing quickly because of her manipulations.

"Everything looks good to me, Sammie. Just one final injection and you’re on your way to becoming the owner of a nice new udder. In ten months your first calf will be suckling on those teats. Believe me Sammie, it is one of the best feelings for a mother to be able to breastfeed her young. Suckling or stroking your teats can have an arousing affect, especially when your body is in heat, as you have already experienced"

Then Rachel stared to stroke me with her hand between my legs, while she continued to caress one of my teats. I was fighting with all my might against the pleasant sensations that this caused but it was a loosing battle and soon my breathing was going faster as the orgasm was building up in my body. I had to close my eyes in an attempt to remain in control. Then suddenly she stopped and when I looked up I saw her looking at me with a smile on her face.

"I‘m sorry for not finishing you off, Sammie, but I will leave the honour of giving you your first orgasm as a cow, to George. After all he will be the father of all your future calves and your only lover from now on." Then she went back to her worktable leaving my teats hard as rockets poking into the air.

I had a short rest but I knew that Rachel wasn't finished with me. Soon she cut away the remaining black wires on my belly and then came back a moment later with two syringes. She gave me an injection into the flesh of my udder and another in my buttocks. She didn’t talk to me further while doing those medical procedures.


When I was released from the gynaecological chair I had no strength to walk independently. I had to allow Abraham and William to support me under my arms as I was helplessly taken out of the lab and up the staircase to the outside. Struggling to even breathe, I could hear ‘her’ following us.

The sunlight at the top of the staircase blinded me. Before my eyes could adapt to the bright light they carried me away to the left. I tried to offer some resistance by not stepping and letting my feet drag but I had to stop this useless defiance because of the painful scraping of my feet on the rough ground.

A short time later we went through an open door into what was clearly a stable. I could smell the penetrating odour of animals and manure. Our entry into the stable was greeted by the loud lowing sounds of cows.

In front of me I could see the hind ends of several heifers standing in a line in the open stable area. They were being held in place by chains attached to the wall in front of them.

We walked behind them towards a wooden door leading to a corridor. As we passed the heifers I could easily see that they were all pregnant. There were enough empty places in the stable for another ten animals.

Then we entered the open wood door led by William and it opened into a second stable. This space was quite dark and I had to let my eyes adapt to the reduced light coming from some small dirty windows on my right. They were located high on the wall, just below the ceiling.

I could see several stalls on my left that were constructed some five feet high of strong planks and on top of them I saw iron reinforcing bars like those used in building construction. These bars had been welded to each other and had iron rings attached. They were fastened to the planks by metal plates.

When I looked up I could see that those bars reached to the ceiling, and that each stall was separated from the next stall with similar construction. Each stall was accessible from our corridor by a wide solid wooden door. The door of the first stall, which was just in front of me, was secured with a heavy padlock.
I stopped my observations of the room when I suddenly heard the sound of something that was abruptly moving in the straw.

Aunt Rachel said, "Let him look at her, William. So he can see what he will look like in a few weeks." Then they both pushed my face against the bars of the first stall and in front of me I could see some furry female creature that tried in vain to hide herself in the most distant corner of the stall.

When I looked closer, I saw the bald face of a beast creature. The face of this creature still held enough of her human characteristics that I could tell it was that of a young woman. Her head had small horns and the ears of a cow. I couldn’t look at her body further down. It was like I was too hypnotised by seeing the overwhelming fear in her eyes.

Aunt Rachel approached me from behind and I could feel her breath against my naked back; it was giving me the creeps. "This one arrived three weeks ago and she has been in gestation now for some eighteen days. As you can see for yourself, Sammie, I didn’t lie to you about your and David's future. In about two weeks she will be ready to join her new species in the other stable and you will both follow her path very soon afterwards."

When I was able to look further, I noticed that her body more resembled that of a tiny cow than of a woman. It was totally covered in white fur with black patches. There was no sign left of breasts on her broad chest. The bottom part of her body was almost entirely that of a cow, missing only the muscles and fatty tissue of a normal cow. Her human legs were almost completely changed into the hind legs, hocks, and cloven hooves of the bovine animal she would soon become.

My attention was then focused on the udder; which was hanging between her hind legs. It was clearly the udder of a heifer just in the last stages before becoming a milk cow. Behind her udder a tail was visible; a cows tail which was softly swinging back and forth along with the movements of her body. She was standing on her hind legs with great difficulty as she was trying to maintain her balance by leaning against a side wall of her stable with hooves that were once her hands.

A second later I saw her fall to the ground with a loud smack as hooves hit the concrete floor. When the cloud of straw particles cleared and I could again see into the stall, I had a clear view of her rear end; it was the giant flattened backside of a cow!

She must have hurt herself but instead of crying sounds, I could only hear the lowing sound of a cow in pain and I felt pity for the girl. But this was not the same for her ‘owners’ as they were laughing loudly at the unfortunate girl, especially William and Abraham.

"That'll teach her a lesson for persisting in trying to stand up on two legs." Rachel said after a while. "She should already know that cows have to stand on all fours to keep their balance."

At that moment I felt her hand gripping one of my teats. Then she started to draw softly on it while she whispered in my ear, "I hope you learn from her experience, Sammie. It will save you a painful lesson if you accept standing on all fours as soon as your arms and legs become fore and hind legs. But I know you are a smart one Sammie, so I have no doubt that you will stand properly on all fours very quickly, right Sammie?"

I felt so humiliated by her chattering talk, her casual handling of my new body parts and all the cruel things she had done to me, David and many other victims. My anger was building quickly in my mind.

With all the strength I had in my arms I pushed away from the stable door suddenly. My action caused Aunt Rachel to fall backwards very hard against the wall behind her. At the same time, William and Abraham lost their balance and grip on me and a moment later, I was free.

I didn’t hesitate for a second. I jumped over William who was lying down on the ground, and ran in the direction of the door that separated the two parts of the barn. Pulling on it with all the strength that I could summon, I was able to open it with a lot of help from the adrenaline that was coursing through my body. In one movement I was through and able to close the door behind me. Luck was with me and the door had a strong bolt that I was able to throw.

My escape had cost me a lot of energy from my already exhausted body. I was out of breath and strength and needed a rest, but I knew there was no time to lose and I stumbled on to the entrance of the barn. From behind me I could hear smashing sounds on the wood of the latched door and Aunt Rachel screaming at William and Abraham that they had to catch me


Once outside the stables, I moved as fast as my body would allow in the direction of the farmhouse. In front of the house there was some laundry hanging to dry on a line, namely some sheets and two dresses.

I quickly grabbed one dress and one sheet from the line and moved on in the direction of a cottage located near the house. I knew that Abraham and Aunt Rachel kept an old bicycle in that cottage. To my relief, I found the bicycle standing in front of some stacks of cord wood.

Five minutes later I was a considerable distance away from the farm. I knew that I could not hold this pace with the bicycle for very long considering my condition and other discomforts that obliged me to slow down. My new udder became more and more painful from it rubbing against the seat while I was pushing on the pedals. It felt as if my two nascent bottom teats were on fire!

I was also well aware of my vagina that was sliding back and forth on the seat, because of the force that I had to put to the pedals. This action gave me some waves of pleasure which were difficult for me to accept. To make the situation worse, after a while the seat became quite slippery from the juices that I started to produce.

Damn Aunt Rachel! Damned community! Damned fucking cow equipment!

I couldn’t go back home or to the community; all of the adults were probably involved in the plot. So I saw only one solution for myself at the moment; hiding for a time at a camp where David and I stayed. The camp location was unknown to the people of the community and fortunately was not too far away from Aunt Rachel's farm. In the past it also provided David and I with some primary resources.

Ten minutes later I stood in front of the camp wearing Aunt Rachel's old-fashioned dress. It had been more than a year ago that I stood on this spot. The camp lay well hidden in the cleft of a small hillock deep in the woods, and was only accessible by a hidden path. The entrance was tucked away behind some dense thicket which, with some effort, I managed to clear away from the entrance of the path of the camp.

David and I had put a lot of time into the construction of the camp and we had used only solid, durable material. The camp had been built entirely with planks, had a roof, and could accommodate two people. During our youth we had spent a lot of time in this shelter. To have a bit of comfort we had even made two wooden stools and a small table.

We often fantasised that we had to hide ourselves here after America was conquered by foreign troops, and that we would organise the resistance from our hidden camp. To this end, over the course of the years we had collected a small stock of cans of food, a can opener, plates, some cutlery, two glasses, ropes and a jerry can for collecting water. With two old tarps we made ourselves hammocks which were attached to the planks with rings.

I carefully hid the bicycle behind the shrubs and entered the hut relieved but totally exhausted. The place was still in exactly the same state as then I was last there except for some dust and small branches which lay everywhere on the floor and the ‘furniture’.

Some mice were ran quickly past my feet and away through the entrance. Despite my extreme fatigue, I took the empty jerry can and went outside to collect water from the nearby spring. When I got back, I cleaned one of the glasses and satisfied my thirst with the delicious water. Then, after I had emptied one of the hammocks of the dust and dirt I dropped into it totally exhausted with only the sheet covering my body. I needed to get some rest.


I spent most of the day in my hammock sleeping. My exertions of Wednesday and my changing body had taken their toll. With a great deal of difficulty I had succeeded in eating a can of baked beans in tomato sauce on Friday. I frequently had the feeling that I would throw up everything that I had eaten but I knew I had to eat to keep up some strength.

Saturday morning my body had pain in every fibre and I could clearly feel that there was something going on in my abdomen. I was now the proud owner of a beer belly like someone who had built it up after many years of excessive drinking. My new organs were rapidly transforming themselves into those of a cow and this was certainly the case for my reproductive organs.

My udder had grown considerably over the past two days. It became more and more cumbersome to walk around with this new addition hanging between my legs. If I went to sit down on one of the stools I had I to pay attention not to flatten one of my teats under my bottom, my bottom which was now twice its normal size, and that was slowly flattening out like the ass of a dairy cow. I could feel the changes to of my butt with my hands, when I was giving myself a massage in order to decrease the pain coming from a little bump at the base of my spine. Growing my own damned tail was the last thing I wanted to think about at that moment!

Peeing had become a nightmare for me, because it indicated clearly that I was now a member of the opposite sex. I wondered how long I would still have the control over my bladder. This thought worried me when I had to squat down, near the camp, to do my business.

My throat didn’t hurt any more, but I got a huge mental slap when I tried to get that ‘frog’ out that had been lodged there for several days. That morning when I tried to talk aloud I was presented with the loud lowing of a cow coming out of my mouth! Immediately after I had produced that awful animal sound, I could hear the responses of cows that were grazing in a pasture near by. It was hard to accept that I had lost the ability to speak and that the only sound I could produce from now on would be that of a farm animal, namely that of a bloody cow!

How much longer could I continue to call myself human after this? How much time did I have before I'd have to change my food to accommodate the digestion of a cow, including being the owner of four stomachs? Was there still a possibility to stop this terrible transformation of my body and to reverse the process? All these questions and many others constantly haunted me during my stay at the camp. I tried to avoid thinking about David.

I had to come up with an action plan, otherwise the destiny for David and I was clear; becoming dairy cows for the rest of our lives. Not much choice was given me; get into action or acquiesce to my forced destiny!

The key for a finding a possible solution for my situation could only be found by asking Aunt Rachel. I knew for sure that I would have to force her to help me but maybe I could take some advantage of her love for her child. I decided to go on that path that evening, although this meant returning to that terrible farm and her and Abraham.


Thanks to my knowledge of the countryside and with a little help from a full moon, I succeeded in cycling very near to the farm. I used a piece of rope as a belt for some old trousers I found at the camp but I still wore Aunt Rachel's dress over them; mainly to cover my upper body. In addition, I carried a stout stick and a sharp knife that I had slipped under the rope.

Very carefully I stole closer and closer to the farm. Fortunately Aunt Rachel had a huge aversion to dogs, which meant that I had no need to fear meeting up with a watchdog.

Light was shining through a window of the farmhouse that I knew belonged to the dinning room. A big problem for me was that there were a lot of coaches in front of the farmhouse. There was even a police car parked there.

Cautiously I looked through the window and saw besides Aunt Rachel and Abraham, there were William and at least ten farmers sitting around the table. To my surprise, the local sheriff was also present. Then I recognized, to my inner pain, that my own father and David's father were among the farmers present. There was a violent discussion taking place; that much was clear. I could hear several angry voices talking.

"Stop it!!" I heard Aunt Rachel shouting. "It makes no sense to fight with each other. The fact that Samuel hasn't been found yet after his escape two days ago means that he must be hiding himself somewhere in the neighbourhood. Don't panic people! There is nothing lost for the moment. Samuel hasn't had any contact with outsiders of the community or we would have already heard about it. We have no worries that he was able to go very far because of his physical condition. I suggested a thorough search for him tomorrow in all of the fields and woods around this farm. I’m absolutely certain that he is very close."

At that moment Aunt Rachel was looking right at the window and I squatted down quickly with my heart beating wildly in my chest. Had she seen me?

"Can we use our dogs?" I heard the sheriff ask.

"No. It would be no use. The dogs wouldn't recognise his smell from all the cows grazing in the pastures. You must not forget that to the dogs, Samuel smells the same as any ordinary cow. No, we must make sure that we have enough people tomorrow morning to be able to search the entire area completely. We will all meet here at the farm tomorrow morning at six o’clock. Have a good night gentleman."

I had to wait hidden under the window until everyone had left for their own farms. What to do now was the question. Tonight I certainly could no longer hope to get Aunt Rachel alone. Plus I couldn't trust or even hope that they would not find my camp after a thorough search of the woods. Perhaps it was possible to hide myself in the den of the lion? There was no time to lose!

As fast as I possibly could, I returned I to my camp and collected as many things as I could carry in the sheet. The bicycle I left behind in the camp and with all my remaining supplies, I trudged slowly back to Aunt Rachel's farm.

Passing the pastures with cows in them a terrible thought invaded my head; namely that I would possibly join them in a very short time. Apart from my huge belly my udder must have increased in volume too during the last few hours. I now felt it constantly banging against my thighs with every step I took. Between my legs it was no better. My new sex felt very wet and was considerably swollen. When I carefully touched my new equipment I could feel how sensitive it was now. My fingers were immediately covered with juices. When I took them to my nose the fragrance of my juices was very strong and had a heavy musky animal odour. This was not a good sign!

It meant that I would probably be in oestrus very soon. I had to avoid coming close to a bull; that was for sure! I was probably already spreading a delightful perfume around for every bull in the neighbourhood. For a bull, that was an indicator that there was a cow in heat ready to be bred by him.

After a long walk I finally reached the farm and was ready to seek shelter in the den of the lion. I was exhausted from carrying all of my supplies in the sheet. It had been a torment for my weak arms and tired body.

First I thought of returning to the cellar but rejected this idea quickly. It was probably not a safe place because of its proximity to Aunt Rachel's dangerous lab. The barn seemed a better place to me. I could make a comfortable shelter hiding between the bales of straw in the loft.

Being Careful to make no sound at all, I stole in the direction of the barn. Had I been caught then, I certainly didn't have enough strength left in me to be able to run away. The large sliding barn door stood open a bit and I quickly sneaked in through the dark entrance of the barn.

The barn was divided by a large corridor, wide enough to be able to drive through with a hay wagon. There was a second large sliding door on the other end of the barn. Hay was stacked in the corridor and, stored in the loft above was the stock of straw. This stock of straw could only be reached with the help of a ladder.

When my eyes had adapted to the darkness of the barn my attention was drawn to a strange wooden construction that stood in the middle of the corridor. In front there was a wall made with some bars. The whole thing looked to me, with a lot of imagination, like the bars we used to jump over in gym classes at school.

This solid wooden object was about three foot high, two foot and a half feet wide and measured some four foot in the length. The upper part of it was covered with many piled up burlap sacks. There were at least some twenty sacks lying on top of the construction making a sort of cushion. Strong ropes were holding the sacks in their place.

Halfway up was laid a firm plank over the entire length. When I came closer I saw that on one side of the plank some more sacks were also attached and on the other side there were two straps attached which looked to me like straps meant to hold the wrists of a person! This plank could be placed on several different levels in the wooden frame. I was wondering what this thing was built for.

Looking at it, I noticed that with the aid of solid heavy metal bars, a rectangle of some three foot high was been made. It was placed just before the construction. And those fences had solid concrete footings. It seemed to me that this section could used to contain a large animal. Straw was lying on the floor and I could see some manure in it.

All of a sudden I realised the purpose of this construction. I could feel my pulse racing along with my discovery. This thing was meant for their breeding sessions! In this containment, all of Aunt Rachel's victims were bred by a bull in order to make them pregnant and so increase the speed of their transformation into cows!

Frightened I continued to stare for some time to at this thing. I couldn’t think about being tied up helpless on that plank, while in the bull was preparing himself behind my back to force his bull prick inside of me.

But what about my friend David? I had to ensure that David would never have to find himself in this place. He had to be liberated as soon as possible, before Aunt Rachel would be able to breed him with their bull. Otherwise his transformation into a cow would be irreversible.

Carefully I climbed with the aid of the ladder to the loft of the barn, and ten minutes later I had made a hidden shelter between the bales of straw. My shelter was located right under the roof, and because of the little gap between the roof and the wall of the barn I had a view on the area in front of the farmhouse.


On Sunday morning I saw ‘them’ from my shelter as they left in three groups to search for me. Nearly all the men were present from throughout the neighbouring villages, including my and David’s father. The search for on me was headed by the sheriff, his deputy and William. Abraham and Aunt Rachel stayed at the farm.

"Just look out for him Abraham. It wouldn't surprise me if he hangs out around here somewhere." I heard her saying.

Damn it! I should have known in advance that Aunt Rachel would make it very difficult for me to succeed in my effort to escape from my fate of becoming a farm animal. She was certainly a pain in the ass for me in every possible way!

"Make sure that the stable doors are always locked with the padlocks. I wouldn't appreciate it if he were to liberate some of our cows while we are searching for him. It's just a matter of time before we get him Abraham. His body, or I should say 'her' body, is changing so much that she must be exhausted and camping to gain some energy. Anyway from now on she also has to deal with a body that's in a state of 'need.' I am curious how Sammie will solve that problem. Speaking about solving the problem of a body in heat I think I will need your help. Everyone will be away for several hours anyway, so are you ready to help me with my other little problem my dear husband?"

I saw them entering the farmhouse together while Abraham slapped his hand on her bottom. A second later the door was closed behind them.

I tried not thinking too much about what she had said concerning my body. My very sensitive teats and now my constantly wet sex were giving me enough signs that my body was preparing itself, day by day, to come into a state of a cow in heat. Anyway, to avoid being confronted with my cow body parts, I kept them hidden under Aunt Rachel's borrowed dress.

Fifteen minutes later I stood back in front of the stable. The stable from which I escaped just three days earlier. Fortunately for me the cows didn’t make any sound when I quietly passed behind them in the direction of the door that gave access to the second part of the stable. This door had not been closed with a lock but mentally it took me a lot of effort to open it. I was really afraid of what I would I find behind the door and in what condition I would find David.

My eyes had to adapt to the low light in this part of the stable. The unfortunate girl in the first stall no longer stood up straight but now walked around with her four hooves on the straw covered floor. Her face was now partially transformed into a muzzle of a cow. You could still see the large lines of her human face on her forming muzzle, but the shape of the animal’s skull was defiantly on its way to winning the battle.

White fur that was interrupted in several places by huge black spots covered her body, a body that now totally resembled that of a calf of about six months old. Except for the human skin which was still visible under her furry coat that is.

All of a sudden I saw the padlock on the door of her stall. This padlock hadn’t been there three days ago! It looked to me to be very solid and difficult to break open. The following three stables were occupied by other victims who were already further along in their transformation than their neighbour. Their bodies more resembled those of tinny cows than of calves. By looking closely at their forming muzzles I could see with some difficulty that two of them used to be boys and the other one a girl. Of course their stalls were also locked with padlocks.

And then I stood in front of the stall where my poor friend David had been locked up. He sat squatted down in a corner of his stall with an absent look in his eyes. His forming udder was clearly visible between his thighs, especially his lower teats. Just the same as it was with my body the place between his thighs was now much bigger than one week ago in order to make room for his growing udder. I sincerely hoped that David hadn't given up in his battle against Aunt Rachel's attempts to make him a bloody cow!

First I tried to attract his attention by knocking very hard with my fist on the door of his stall, but it was in vain. The only reaction my knocking got was some loud lowing responses coming from the other victims. Then I saw a small piece of wood lying in front of my feet. I passed the piece of wood into the opening of the iron bars and swung it forward in a movement that hit David's body.

He reacted immediately and stood up suddenly while looking at the door of his stall with fear in his eyes. I will never forget the expression of delight on his face when he saw me standing behind the locked door of his stall. Two seconds later his fingers were touching mine through the iron bars.

Tears were running down our cheeks while our finger tips were entwined in each other. This intense feeling of solidarity was suddenly broken when a terrible mooing sound came out from David’s throat. It was definitely a plea for help but it reminded me of our dreadful future, and the state of transformation our bodies were already in. I lost my grip on his hand and focused my attention on the padlock of his stall.

My attempts to get the door open with the help of my knife all failed. I had to search for some strong tools to be able to break open this damned lock. After I managed with some difficulty to give David the message that I would come back to rescue him, I left the stable.


I had absolutely no idea where Abraham and William stored their tools. I hoped that it wasn't in the farmhouse but somewhere in one of the smaller outbuildings near the stable. I carefully moved myself along the wall of the stable in the direction of the closest building. If someone saw me running now, I would be lost and captured. I was fully aware of the risk that I took by walking around on the farm during the day, but I was obligated to do so in order to save David.

Five minutes later I was still searching. Much to my anger I didn’t find anything useful to break open the padlock on David’s stall. The only places were I didn’t search yet lay just in front of me; it was the main stable. I didn’t have much desire to go searching in the dark stable but I had no choice. The part were the cows were normally placed had been abandoned and I made my way quickly through the straw in the direction of a small closed wooden door. When I opened this door I was suddenly overwhelmed by a strong animal fragrance.

Then I saw him standing there. His powerful body stood in front of me and I couldn’t stop following the swaying of his tail in front of my eyes. The bull stood in front of a solid cattle feed trough. He was held with a metal chain preventing him from leaving his place.

In spite of the fact that I didn’t make any sound, the bull immediately noticed my presence in his stable. While turning his muzzle as far as he could in my direction, I noticed with fear how slowly his huge member expanded out from its furry sheath. At that moment I became aware of a musky smell that was filling the air of the stable and all of sudden my body began to react to his arousal. To my horror I felt how my teats were stiffing up and poking through the fabric of the dress. If that wasn't enough, my crotch was getting very, very wet. Fluids were dripping between my thighs. Along with these reactions my body was also releasing arousing chemicals into the air.

The bull could smell that I was also getting aroused and this increased his own arousal. With all his strength he started to draw on his chain. At the same time he started to produce a series of loud lowing moos. Scrap pieces of mortar and small pieces stone fell down from the place where the chain was held to the wall. I had to get out of this place and very fast!

The moment I turned towards the door I could see out of the corner of my eye as the bull managed to break the attachment of his chain to the wall.

Because he had to turn completely around in his stable it gave me the time to get out through the open door. I quickly closed the door but there was no key or bolt on it to keep the dammed door safely closed.

My breath was coming in painful strokes from my throat while I tried to run in the direction of the outside door of the stable. Because of my poor physical condition, my swaying udder, my huge bottom, and changed pelvis, it was difficult to describe my attempt as a run!

As I finally reached my goal I could hear the door of the bull’s stable being thrown open with force. There was no time to waste. With all that was left of my strength I succeeded in quickly sliding the door to a closed position. The next second the iron bar of the stable door was placed between the metal plates, which were strongly fixed to the wall. Just in time! A second later the solid wooden stable door was moving a lot while the bull was trying to break it open. He let his frustration out by loudly lowing several times.

One minute later I was back in my shelter. Just in time because I could hear Aunt Rachel and Abraham’s voices as they came out of the farmhouse. I could also hear that the bull was still lowing and battering on the closed door. Five minutes later his attempts to get to me suddenly stopped. I figured that he was probably brought back to his stall by Abraham and Rachel.

Sweat was dripping from my body and the dress was pasted to my body. With some effort, I succeeded in getting my breathing back under control and to drink some water. It was useless to try another attempt to free David today. I was in a total state of exhaustion and moreover Rachel and Abraham were walking around on the farm. For the time being, I sank into a deep sleep.


The sound of several voices woke me up. Still very sleepily I sat up and looked out from under the roof to the place beneath the barn. The men were back after their search for me. I could see the bicycle that I had used standing near the door of the farmhouse.

"He can’t be far away. Tomorrow morning we will concentrate our search in a three mile circle around his camp with special attention to the farms and buildings in that area," I heard the sheriff saying to the group of men. "Tonight, like the other nights, three of my men will patrol the main roads of the neighbourhood. Then tomorrow we will meet here again in the morning and start our search where we found his camp."

"Sheriff. Can I borrow one of your dogs for tonight?" I heard Rachel ask.

"Why Rachel? I thought you were afraid of them."

"I still am but I want to prevent Samuel from being able to sneak around the farm during the night. The last thing I need now is a situation in which he can liberate our new cattle. One dog can easily protect the stable. Like you just said it is just a matter of time before we get him."

‘All right. I'll bring you one of my meanest dogs. Just keep out of his way, Rachel. He likes to sink his teeth into nice tender flesh. And as I can see, you have quite a bit of that on you."

The laughing of the men sounded loudly in my ears for a while. Minute by minute my situation was becoming more and more desperate!

An hour later I heard the sound of the sheriff's car engine. The barking noise of the dog sent cold shivers down my back. The chances of getting David free over the next few hours had just been reduced to practically zero.

As the time passed, my body was in more and more pain and I had the feeling that my bones, especially in the area of my pelvis, were on fire. When I stood with the dress pulled up, I could clearly see that my hips had become broader and that the space between my legs had increased when compared with the day before. My udder took, much to my annoyance, all too gladly to the new space provided between my legs.

But there were other concerns. The painful jutting out of the bony structure under the flesh of my buttocks made me realise that my pelvis had also been making drastic changes. Without a doubt, my skeleton was gradually adopting the form of a cow. In addition, the growing size of my tailbone was also further proof of that transformation.

Damn it! I didn’t want to end my life as a dairy cow, but how could I avoid that fate? I had to at least get through this night in order to find a remedy for my and David's condition. We needed an antidote for our chemical intoxication before it was too late. Maybe I could find it in Rachel’s lab.


My heart was beating violently in my chest when once again I stood back in front of the door of Rachel’s lab. To my relief the door was not locked and twenty seconds later I was carefully searching through her lab with the help of light coming from a candle. I could not hide my disgust when I was once again faced with the table and the gynaecological chair in the first room. But there was no to time to give in to my emotions; I had to think straight now without any emotional ballast.

Very soon I went further into the second room where Aunt Rachel actually did her research work. On her desk laid a huge open book. When I went closer I noticed, on the open pages, an old fashioned style of handwriting. When I began to read the pages I soon found out that, the entire process of her work was described in this book. More than half of the written text I didn’t understand at all but I gradually started to sort it out. Bit by bit, the contents of the book provided information.

Some of the last written pages in the book got my attention. In these pages she explained the possibility of temporally slowing down the transformation process from a human to bovine by using a certain drug. This option was to be used in situations where the transformation of a teenager had to be stopped temporally to make sure that the breeding would take place at the right time of the year.

However, if the host body didn’t get pregnant in the first month of the transformation, then it had to go through all of the stages from a calf into a complete heifer. If that happened, the owner of the new animal had to wait at least one and an half years before it could be bred. However, when they were bred in the first month of their transformation, the pregnant body would be a complete heifer in two months time. This drug made it possible to gain a great deal of time, in which it was still possible to change the teenager’s body in the fast way.

After some study I was able to find a designation in the text that she had given to this drug. To my regret, I found nothing written down about the existence of an antidote.

I went immediately to a large refrigerator. When I opened it I was confronted with a large number of ampoules. They were all classified by serial numbers. A few seconds later I was in possession of an ampoule with the same designation as was mentioned in Aunt Rachel’s book. Because these ampoules had to be stocked in a refrigerator, I didn’t take one with me for David. With some luck I could get him one later. Anyway, the presence of the dog blocked all possibility of getting to him that night.

It was not an easy task to give myself a shot in the muscles of my arm but I succeed in getting it done. I carefully covered up all trace of my ever being in the lab before I left.


My sleep was very restless that night and I had to deal with a nightmare during my short sleep. My dream was invaded by the image of a huge bull penis and how they were going to breed me to him like a fucking cow. At the moment the bull penetrated me in my dream I woke up from the nightmare with a loud grunt. It took me some time before I could reorient myself back in the correct time and space.

Like the previous morning I saw the men leaving the farm to pursue their search for me. To my joy and relief, the sheriff took his dog with him but instead of the dog, Abraham stayed back on the farm.

My body painfully sensed every fibre and my limbs seemed be made of lead. Every movement of them caused me pain and took a lot of effort. When I squatted down in the straw to do my morning pee I perceived that my vagina was very swollen. My udder prevented me from getting a good look at it, but the outer area was very sensitive when I touched it and was totally disgusting. I could feel how sticky my opening was from the juices that my body produced in apparent abundance.

From the moment that I started to explore my vagina, my four teats began to stiffen up. Of course I stopped any further investigation of my in heat crotch immediately after this experience. It seemed to me that my body was in a complete state of oestrus despite the blocking drug I had given to myself the previous night. I figured that I had to be more patient and give the drug time to produce results.

At the moment that I began to prepare myself to go back to the lab I heard people coming into the barn. The barn door slid into an open position and panic rose up in me when I heard footsteps walking around in the barn. I was fearful that they had discovered my safe place. Every moment I expected that I would see some movement of the ladder end because someone was climbing up it. My body stood taut and ready to run if necessary but I knew that I really had no chance to keep my freedom for long if they were to come after me in the loft of the barn.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the lowing sound of a frightened cow. Several kinds of sounds surrounded me then and it seemed that there were at least two persons present in the barn besides the cow which continued its panicked lowing. Cautiously, I stole closer to the edge of the loft. When I looked down I saw William and Abraham standing on both sides near the wooden construction I had seen earlier.

Between them they had David! They forced him to bend over on the wooden plank; that would support his stomach and chest in position. His wrists were locked into the straps on the other end of the plank which forced David to remain in a fixed position; a position where in his feet on the ground totally supported his body while his rear was pushed up. David mooed loudly in obvious distress. His swollen outer vagina was clearly visible to me despite the distance between us. Abraham and William then left the barn, leaving my poor friend behind.

I wanted to go down and liberate my friend but to where could we escape? I thought for some time to figure an action plan but before I realised it, they were back. This time in the company of the bull and Aunt Rachel.

The bull was lead by William, with the help of a strong rope that was attached to a nose ring, into the confined area between the fences behind David. The bull was clearly aroused and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his huge pink member dangling out of his furry sheath. Only the strong gate in front of him prevented his advance on David.
Just like yesterday I could smell his arousal which caused an immediate chemical reaction in my own body. My juices began to run and my stiffened teats felt very uncomfortable against the harsh straw under my body.

Rachel took a handful of cream out of a pot with her fingers and spread it out on David's crotch. "Don’t worry David. This cream will make it much more comfortable for you while your body welcomes George’s penis as he penetrates you. Besides that you're very aroused which will take care of the necessary juices once the mating begins to take place. So, enjoy you first intercourse as a cow. And know that you will have to wait at least one year before getting laid again. By the way, your parents agreed with my proposal that they take you back home as a pet for your sister and as part of their herd. Isn’t that wonderful news David? ’

David could only respond with a loud mooing sound; which sounded full of fear to me.

Aunt Rachel stepped away from poor David and gave the sign to Abraham to open the gate. Two seconds later my view of David’s body was obscured by George's huge body. In one quick movement he placed his fore hooves on the wooden planks by David’s body, and with a loud grunt forced his huge member into David's waiting opening.

David produced several loud lowing sounds while George's hips humped and stroked his penis forcefully in and out of David's body. The mating session went by very quickly and some fifteen or twenty seconds after the first penetration, George made a few well driven thrusts and I could see how his balls wiggled when his semen was being ejaculated into David's womb.

Then he withdrew himself from David and Abraham pushed him back and off of David. William then pulled George into the small area and the gate was closed again. I could see the seminal fluids as they flowed out of David's stretched open vagina and down his thighs and legs.

The scene that I had seen filled me with horror but, to my surprise, it also produced quite a bit of sexual excitement.

Abraham and William removed both straps and took David out of the area while supporting him under both arms. Aunt Rachel went out after them and closed the barn door behind her. I was left alone in the barn with the bull!


I had to stay away from this animal or my fate would be sealed and all my efforts to avoid the destiny that Rachel had chosen for me would all be in vain! First of all, I crawled back to my shelter, far away from George. My breathing was much too fast and my heartbeat seemed to have risen up into my throat. I have to get my body calmed back down; then get my breathing back under control!

Five minutes later I succeeded in becoming calm again. This mental calmness didn’t stop my body from being aroused just because I had placed some physical distance between me and the bull. There was the simple fact that I could smell his presence in the barn and that he could most likely smell my arousal.

What I should do to now was my next question. I couldn’t get down. Even with the bull locked up in the strong containment the experience of yesterday had taught me that my body in oestrus aroused him so much that he would probably break through to get me. Anyway I was forced to wait before any further action. Maybe after they came and took the bull away. My body felt so weak and I felt so tired that I decided to sleep for a while to pass the time.

When I woke up the sun was higher in the sky. It was probably around midday. The first thing I noticed was that the strong odour of George was still hanging in the air in the loft. He was still below. I strained my ears to catch the slightest sound, and was soon painfully aware of the sound of my own pounding heart. At that moment his hooves scraped on the concrete floor. Then there was his first loud mooing; a mooing meant to be heard by me, a mooing to make it clear to me that he was ready for me; ready to breed me, to make me a cow!

I could feel how my body temperature started to increase along with my pulse. How hard I tried to not think about that bull, I couldn’t get his huge member out of my mind. My sex was now completely moistened because of the juices it produced, and my teats were so sensitive that even contact with the smooth fabric of the thin dress was unbearably irritating. Some seconds later I had undressed myself. I had to do something about my crotch. My teats and my crotch were no longer just tingling. It felt as if my teats were hugely swollen and there was a four-alarm fire blazing between my legs.

Careful not to touch my rigid teats, I started to rub my vagina with my fingers. It felt really good and helped for a while, but the thought of his penis filling my vagina haunted me constantly. I simply could not understand why I had no self-control any longer. I had to be strong and not give in to this temptation! If I failed now, then all I had gone through would have been for naught.

The scraping noises and his constant lowing clearly indicated to me that he was getting very impatient. And then my will was suddenly broken. I had to be bred by the bull. My body was asking for it… Begging for it! I knew that I could no longer resist the irresistible, the seduction of the bull. It was humiliating for me to know that I had no other choice than to go down and to be bred by this animal.

As if in a daze, I stood up and walked to the ladder, taking my rope with me. His lowing was increasing in volume as I climbed down on the ladder. Once down I looked closely at him for some time, and especially at his unsheathed penis. I became totally aroused by the sight of his beautiful member and by his strong musky odour.

George began to push hard against the gate in order to get to me. I tied one end of the rope on the latch of the gate and then turned my back to the bull while holding the other end of the rope in my hand. The plank was placed in the correct position for me and I bent my torso over it. My body was now well supported by the plank and I placed my legs further apart from each other in order to be accessible and catch the thrusts of the bull as fully as possible. There was still a voice yelling in my head to stop my actions, but my in heat, heifer instinct was, for the moment, too strong and had definitely won the mental battle. There was no going back for me now!

In one quick movement I pulled on the rope and the latch on the gate lifted. In less than two seconds, George’s fore legs were brutally placed on the wooden planks of the strong construction on top of me. The tip of his cock pressed for a moment against my swollen lips. Then there was a popping sensation as the head of his member suddenly slid inside of me.

George let out a load grunt as the entire length of his member penetrated me in one quick aggressive stroke while his hot flesh slid up my wet tunnel. I felt skewered by the bull's enormous shaft and lowed out from the burning pain. I could feel how the walls of my vagina had to stretch out in order to give enough space for his huge member. The bull felt so enormous inside me, opening me fully. It was a terrible feeling of being totally dominated as the bull penetrated me, thrusting his shaft deep inside my helpless body.

George began to thrust into me forcefully and with each powerful thrust he seemed to penetrate me deeper than before. The movement of his penis in my vagina started to move more freely and less painfully because of the influx of my natural lubrication. Like huge ocean waves crashing on the beach, the waves of sexual pleasure began to build in intensity, until a gigantic series of tidal waves devoured my consciousness.

After some thirty thrusts I could feel him preparing to release his massive load inside of me. With a large growled sound of domination he spilled what seemed like gallons of his seed deep into me. At that moment I drowned in a cloud of orgasmic pleasure as I felt how the hot flow of his thick milky fluid was splashing against my uterus.


The sounds of my own lowing from orgasmic pleasure were still reverberating in my ears when I heard some hand clapping coming from near my head. When I looked up I saw Aunt Rachel standing in front of me. I was utterly drained by the physical and emotional stress and just lay motionless as I felt the bull withdraw from my body. His seed and my juices were dripping from my stretched and painful vagina.

"Bravo Sammie! You gave us quite a show. I must say that none of the other volunteers can top this performance of yours. Getting an orgasm from mating with a bull is a first. That will be something for you to look forward to for your next mating with George in a year or so. I do hope you realise, Sammie, that you are now pregnant with his calf and that there is no way back for you. In two months time you will have completed your transformation to a heifer. And once that is done, you will never again regain your former body."

I felt tears running down my cheeks - tears of shame at being used like this, tears of humiliation at realizing that I actually enjoyed this mating, and tears of frustration that I was so utterly powerless. I had bred with a bull voluntary. It was the ultimate defeat. Something that could only happen to somebody who had already accepted that he was a cow!! I had no strength anymore. I couldn't get myself up, and away from her.

Rachel bent her body down a bit so that her face was on an equal level with mine. "I think it's time we have a last little chat just between us, dear nephew. Abraham, William, why don’t you both take George back to his stall while we will have our little girl talk? And don’t forget to send a message to the others that Sammie is back where she belongs. When you’re done, just wait outside the barn for me to call.”

When they had left the barn Rachel began to gently run her fingers through my hair and stroke my cheek and forehead with her hand. Somehow it gave me some comfort after those lonely days.

‘Samantha, this will be the last time that I will talk to you as a human being. After this chat I will treat you as I would any ordinary farm animal. First of all, you need to know that I have a lot of respect for you. It is actually a pity that you will become an animal instead of growing up as a responsible man in our community. However it was your own behaviour that made you’re situation as it is now. The only person you have to blame later when you’re grazing in a pasture will be yourself. You’re a fighter. Your escape proved that. But you could never win this fight. From the moment that the drugs were injected in your body you were doomed to loose your humanity and to complete the transformation to a cow, either in a slow way or in a fast way. By your voluntary mating with George you choose the fast way. So now accept your fate, namely that of becoming a dairy cow in the next few weeks. Stop crying Sammie, and try to see your situation in a more positive way. You're helping to rebuild the dairy herds. By becoming a cow, you will be making you’re own very personal contribution to our community. Our community that gave you love and support all these years and that guided you with many offers through you’re youth. A community that was ready to take you in their loving arms and only asked you to respect for their rules and values. But you rejected this offer with your behaviour. To me, it's only fair that the community now gets something back from you when they are fighting for their survival; even if that will cost you you’re humanity. Don’t you agree with that?"

I couldn’t stop crying while she continued to give me some physical comfort with her hands. My spirit had been broken to such a degree that I had almost come to accept my dreadful situation.

"After your escape I always had the suspicion that you were hiding not far away from here. The incident with George yesterday and the discovery of your camp, made it clear to me that you were hanging around in the neighbourhood of this farm. I knew for sure that you would try to get aces to my lab in your quest to find an antidote for your transformation. I had no intention of making it impossible for you to enter my lab, quite the contrary. The book that you found in my lab was lying there for a reason. I wanted to be sure that you would give yourself the injection that was necessary for my plan. The shot that you gave yourself yesterday was not a blocking agent, but instead a strong catalyst to increase the state of your body's arousal. That is the main reason why you choose to voluntarily breed with George today. The mating had nothing to do with you having a strong free will or not, but was only the result of the drug you gave yourself yesterday. The rest of the story was very easy; the only thing I had to do to trap you was leave George in the barn after he was done with David. So, now I’m finished with my little chat Sammie. I think it's time for you to start with your new life as a part of the herd."

She gave me one last gentle stroke on my cheek and a second later I received a kiss on my forehead. I was so surprised by this act that I spontaneously brought my head up from the plank to look up at Aunt Rachel.

"Farwell. Despite the fact that you hate me, I wish you all the best in your future life as a cow.” After saying those last words she turned away from me, but before she did, I caught a glimpse of sadness on her face. A little bit later she called out to Abraham.

I realised that everything she had done to me was designed to break my will. I could see no way out of the trap into which I had unwittingly fallen by organizing my own breeding session. My fate had been sealed! Without giving any resistance I let Abraham and William carry my humiliated and exhausted body away from the barn to an empty stall beside David's.


The wooden wall between our two stalls prevented me from having any visual contact with David but I knew for sure that he had seen me passing his stall on that dreadful day. I didn’t like it that my only form of communication with David was by producing the lowing and mooing sounds of an animal so that made it that we had no contact with each other despite the fact that we were neighbours. I could often hear him moving on the straw of his stall.

I had nothing to do in my stall other than watch as my body changed into a heifer. Besides that there wasn’t much activity in the corridor in front of my stall, so I spent most of my time sleeping.

Twice each day William or Abraham brought me a day some food. The food that I got the first few weeks was often a vegetable soup or a bucket filled with raw vegetables. Water I could get from the metal drink tank that was closed with a flap, which was automatically filled with water when you pushed against the flap. Every three or four days my stall was mucked out by William or Abraham and I was given some fresh straw to sleep on.

Apart from those visits, Aunt Rachel came daily inspecting the progress I was making. She always stayed behind the door of my stall without saying a word and looked at me for awhile through the iron bars.

At that point I didn’t care if she was there or not. I was thoroughly depressed and didn’t pay much attention to any of my surroundings. I found it very hard to accept that I was going to be a cow in less than two months. Life made no sense to me anymore but I found out that my natural instinct to survive was strong when I thought about not eating and drinking. Probably the cow instincts were growing stronger each day and were gradually taking over my own human instincts. After awhile I lost my concept of time. Of course I could see when it was day or night, but somehow I wasn’t interested anymore in knowing which day it actually was.

Everyday I could feel and I could see how my body was changing. My torso started to gradually enlarge and at the same time I could clearly feel how my organs underwent some drastic changes. The first noticeable impact of those changing was that I lost all control of my bladder and bowels. The smell of my manure was now constantly present in my stall. Another result was that after a few days I started to regurgitate my food back up into my mouth. As if this was not bad enough, I began to belch heartily and I had to deal with letting out and uncontrollable number of farts which escaped loudly from out of my increasingly fattening backside. I thought with a grin that my body had now become responsible for producing a considerable amount of the methane gases being expelling into the atmosphere.

I was fully aware all the time of the reconstruction of my skeleton into that of a small cow. And yes, Rachel, it hurts, a lot! The most disturbing fact for me, aside from the loss of my hands, was that my skull slowly changed into a cow’s with a muzzle. My jaw hurt a lot when it grew out to the form of a cow’s, and after some time I found myself spitting out my human teeth as they were forced out by the huge molars and premolars that were taking their place and then there was that irritating large empty gap in my jaw between the molars and my new incisors.

My tongue felt huge in my mouth and I discovered that I could easily use it for picking up the vegetables out of the bucket, or use it for drinking from the drink tank or to lick my snout and nose that always seemed to be oozing mucus. It was actually quicker than using my hands; my hands that were, just like my feet, losing their form and functionality. It seemed to me that the bones and flesh were melting together to become the hard split hooves of a cow

My ears had moved higher up on my head while each day they become larger. On top of my forehead there were now two small horns visible and growing. I would never receive a kiss again from a girl because my upper lip and nose gradually became one part, while my nostrils broadened themselves to a size of more than an inch across. As if that wasn't enough, my eyes shifted to both sides of my forming cow’s skull. So, in the beginning, I had to get used to constantly seeing my muzzle in the middle of my field of vision.

All of my hair had fallen out by that time and I was covered with patches of little white hairs, growing all over my body. They were interrupted in several places by large patches of black hairs.

Of course I was now the proud owner of an udder, which was growing each day to be capable of providing enough milk for my calf when it was born. It was hanging in the widened space between my legs while I walked around with a lot of difficulty on my deformed feet.

A tail, sporting some long hairs on its end, definitely gave my backside a final touch on its way to becoming completely bovine. My huge backside had flattened out and my vagina and enlarged asshole were now nestled very high on my back, just under my swaying tail.

It had become more and more uncomfortable to sit down, not only because of my tail, but also because my pelvic bones were changing radically. It was mainly the two hip bones which were poking way out under the skin of each of my hips and caused me a lot of pain when I tried to sit down normally. At first I tried to fight against the discomfort and the pain any sitting position gave me in order to keep my dignity as a person by sitting down as usual, but then I began to avoid sitting altogether. At the same time my legs underwent dramatic changes. And after a while they more and more resembled a cow's hind legs.

After a while - I guess about some three weeks after my mating session with George - they changed my food into what is normally fed to dairy cows. From that time on it was given to me in the trough in my stall like it would be given to any of the rest of the cattle. Because by then I had grown hooves in the place of my hands, I was obliged to eat my food like any ordinary farm animal by picking up the grains, maize or the cutting beets with my tongue out of the trough.

Despite my first resistance against the animal food, I very quickly gave up on this and, after a day or two, I began to eat it with great ravenousness, followed by the normal functions and needs of my cow’s body.

Not long after they started me on normal cattle feed, I lost my ability to stand on my two feet. I was now forced to stand on all fours because my hips and pelvis had changed into a different conformation and had shifted to an angle fit only for a bovine skeleton. That made it impossible for me to pretend that I still had a body that could walk on two legs any longer. I had to accept that instead, I now had the body of a quadruped animal!

When they moved me, with the help of a strong rope and a cattle prod, to the other part of the stable, my body was totally that of a pregnant heifer. A heifer that was still missing a lot of muscles and fat.

I was placed between two other heifers in the open stable. I had no idea which of them was my former friend David but did it matter anyway? Our friendship was a part of my past now and we were both pregnant female farm animals and the future property of some farmer.

Each day seemed the same for me and I could do nothing other than to stand, or eat and chew on my food. I was now being given food three times a day. I suppose they gave us some special high-strength fodder because of the speed with which our bodies were gaining fat mass and muscles after each meal. The weekly injections I received from Rachel, the strong manipulated cells, plus being in gestation all combined as a catalyst for the process of gaining a lot of body mass in a short time.

Gradually my mind found it more difficult to concentrate or think for any length of time. Slowly I let the mind and instincts of the cow’s body take over most of the time because I was forced to live that life; the life of a cow. It was the most comfortable way for me to continue to exist within my changed body. It also helped me to begin the process of acceptance that my future was the natural life of a farm animal.


Almost weekly a few of the others had been taken away in distress from the stable. I supposed they were taken to the farms where they were assigned. Then they were replaced in the stable by newcomers.

One day William put a large rope around my neck after he had unchained me. He pulled on it in a brutal way and I was obliged to follow him outside of the stable. There in the farmyard stood two coaches. One belonged to David’s father and the other to my father. I recognized them both immediately. My rope was tightly attached to the back end of my father's coach. He was standing just off to the side of the coach and looked at me like I was just any ordinary cow and not his former son.

A minute later another heifer was attached, in the same way to the other coach. I knew that it had to be David. I gave him loud mooing sound, and he gave me a loud response. We looked at each other and then his father drove away with him to their farm were he would join their dairy herd. Farwell my friend. If cows were capable of crying I would have had tears running all over down my muzzle.

With a heavy pull on my rope I was brought back to reality when my father put his coach in motion. It was rather difficult for me to keep up with the speed of the coach. My hooves raised large dirt clouds in my attempt to follow the tempo set by the horse.

I arrived on our destination exhausted. I was surprised to find it was the farm of Emma’s parents. This was a big surprise for me because Emma was their only child and the farm would be taken over by their new son-in-law, Bart. I realised that I would have been their son-in-law if I hadn’t acted so selfish during the last year and instead became a part of the community. Now I would be a part of their cattle herd.

Emma and Bart came out the door of their farmhouse after our arrival in the yard. "I am bringing you the heifer you have asked for, Emma." I heard my father saying.

"Thank you John for bringing her out our farm. Will you please put our new cow into the stable, Bart? Why don’t you come in for a drink before getting back home, John? You must be thirsty with this weather."

I was taken to the stable by Bart the jerk! I was chained there in front of a large trough. On my right there was a water tank from which I drank the cold water greedily by pushing my muzzle against the flap of the metal tank.

I stood all alone in the huge stable of my new owners and wondered why I wasn’t put to pasture with the other cows. The answer to this question came from my beloved Emma a little bit later.

She suddenly stood in front of me near the trough wearing a traditional dress. "So Samuel, how are you doing?" she asked with a sad smile on her cute face.

How I wanted to kiss her again but this was completely impossible now considering my current circumstances. What a pity I couldn’t kiss her anymore.

"I’m wondering how it must be for you now when two months ago you were such a proud young man and now you've become a lowly female farm animal. Probably you never had in mind that life would end this way for you. You know it could have been a totally different situation for both of us, but you're fully aware of that now, aren't you Samuel? Why did you act so selfish? Wasn't our love enough for you? Why,? Why Samuel, why?"

She came closer and began to stroke me gently on my muzzle. I could see the tears in her eyes and I reacted by giving her some wet licks on her hand with my tongue.

"You could have been the next farmer on this farm instead of Bart. Why did you break up with the community? Was it so difficult for you to follow their rules? I had largely rewarded you for that by giving you my complete love and my body."

She draped her arms around my head and pushed my muzzle against her sumptuous bosom. "Just look at you! You are now a part of our cattle herd and in gestation with your first calf in addition. You have no idea how much I have missed your company Samuel. You also had no idea that I too am in gestation with your child. That is why I married Bart so quickly. Your calf and our child will be born at almost the same time. You will watch your son or daughter grow," she said as she began to give me tender kisses in the area between my eyes while holding my huge cow’s head between her hands,

"That's the reason why I arranged it with Rachel that you were to be assigned to this farm. Bart doesn’t know that you are the former Samuel and the father of the child I carry. He thinks it is his. Only you and I will know the truth. That way we can still be together without any inference from him. I wanted you to be very close to me and our child, even if you are trapped in the body of a cow. At least we can still try to be close together. True, maybe not in the way I had wished for, but now I can take care of you as much as possible given your special circumstances. We can try to make the best of our love for each other over the next years before the butcher makes an end of it. Of course, my dear Samuel, you can count on me that I will try to move that day as far out in time as is possible. I have some influence being the wife of my husband, your owner. Plus I want you to see as much of your baby's childhood as possible."

She stepped back a bit and then began to undress herself. This wasn't the first time that I saw my beloved Emma nude. It was always a gorgeous sight in spite of the fact that I could no longer see colours.

Then she climbed on the trough and placed herself down on it, spreading her legs wide open and grabbing my horns with her hands. "What are you waiting for Samuel? Bart is such a loser as a lover and not capable of satisfying me. I know from the past that you always had a great mouth so why don’t you prove it to me again that your tongue is still the quickest and largest in the neighbourhood," she said as she gently pulled me towards her.



Hmph, he still gets the girl in the end.