Tell me what to do

Published: Feb 24th, 2009


Woman to dog.


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Tell Me What To Do - By Theminiarkana Author: By Theminiarkana Species: Dog Date: Feb. 24, 2009 Rating: X Tell Me What To Do

I could start this story with the phrase ‘It was an experience unlike that of any other’ but even then I fear it would not even begin to come close to how surreal the past few weeks have been. If I am going to insist on putting it blankly things have been, without a doubt, the most fucked up series of events that have ever happened to me in my entire life, and from this moment on, I have a strange feeling that things are about to go overboard.
I suppose I could run, there is always that option, but right now I find myself unable to. It is as if my body is working against me even though my mind is screaming to - get the fuck out of there because he’s going to fucking - and I cannot even begin to move myself from the floor right now; even if I was in control.

However I feel that me sitting here like this and not even beginning to explain anything is leading you all on somewhat, so I will skip the suspense and tell you exactly what has happened to me and why I am currently lay on the floor, breathing hard, unable to stop the feelings coursing through my body, and - more importantly unable to fucking move from the spot. It’s not like I don’t have time to sit and recall a tale. I am stuck here for however long it takes for Bryant to get here and it’s not like - help me please fucking help me for the love of god I don’t want to be a - he’ll be here any time soon either. I have just finished talking with him on the phone after all and he does live quite a way away.

I’ll have plenty of time to worry - -as if I’m not fucking worried already because my mind if fucking slipping and I feel so tired all of a sudden - as soon as he gets here and reveals what he intends to do with me now.

So I should really take you back a month or two, back to when this whole thing began, and back to when I first laid eyes on a man known as Bryant Irving.

It started with the usual premise for something life changing and threatening to happen. A new city, a new job, a new life, and new people to go with it. The worst part was, I think Bryant was charming the moment I ever started to speak with him, and it was probably that first meeting with him that caused me to get into the mess I am in now.

It also started with me being tripped over by a rather large excitable Labrador…

“Woah! Down, Harvey, down!!!”

I heard his voice long before I saw his face and the face I saw after I heard the voice was obviously not his; nor was it human for that matter. Within seconds I was knocked off my feet and on the floor, landing painfully on my side, being licked to death by what I can assume was the afore mentioned ‘Harvey’. A beautiful dog I have to say, a beautiful breed, but not so appealing when it is on top of you and not letting you up because it finds something attractive about your face; something so attractive that it has to assault you with its tongue because of it.

“Harvey! Harvey get off! Why did you have to…I said SIT!”

At least ‘Harvey’ was an obedient dog. The series of licks and the weight soon shifted after the command was barked - no pun intended. It did not help me to regain my thoughts quickly though. I was still pretty dazed and confused by the ‘attack’.

Luckily there was a helping hand in front of me after the dog had shifted, “Are you alright?”

“I’m…I’m fine…more worried about…the documents…” Damn. Trust this to happen. Not even three full days into my new job and already attacked by an animal. Of course being attacked by an animal is expected when you take up a job as a vet, but during the hour when you’re not treating any animals? Not only that but when one happens to be carrying a large amount of paperwork to the office as well.

“Here.” A strong hand pulling me to my feet, my paper work being picked up for me, and a bashful smile as the file is handed to me. My first impressions of the one who would introduce himself as Bryant Irving were sweet indeed. He was so adorable with that smile and so carefree.

“Thanks.” I managed to regain some dignity by brushing myself down a little but even I could not help to restrain a smile from crossing my face as I took the offered file from him with my cheeks flushing red. “Huh. Ten years on the job and it’s the first time that’s ever happened to me. Would you believe that?”

“Ten years? No kidding? Yeah I’d say it was quite a record. Especially in this line of work. I mean I’ve been here damn near going on fifteen years and I’ve been knocked over more times than I can count.” He was laughing as he spoke whilst the dog showed no signs of moving from his side. It was amazing to see it so well behaved even after jumping up at me. More so amazing the fact that this man worked here too!

“Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t realise you worked here! Sorry!” My cheeks flushed red and I clutched the documents close to myself, feeling slightly embarrassed for not noticing the small badge swinging from his shirt pocket sooner. Then again, it is hard to notice things like that when you are on the floor with everything scattered about you and a dog licking you to death.

His laugh was soft and almost musical in tone, very eerie and yet somehow soothing, it was all I could think of as he extended his hand again, this time for a handshake, “No it’s fine. I haven’t been in the past few days. I was looking after Harvey here at the breeding centre a few blocks away. You must be our new surgeon. Allow me to introduce myself. Harvey Irving. It is indeed a pleasure. Sorry it couldn’t have been under calmer and less painful circumstances.”

I took his hand and smiled softly, nodding slightly, “Yeah. I’m the new girl. My name’s Sidney Carter. Feel free to call me Sid. And this charming young one here must be Harvey?”

The dog wagged its tail as I petted its wonderfully soft fur and Bryant laughed heartily, also giving the dog an affectionate pat, “Yup. This here is Harvey. The most important of our breeding males over at the Centre. He’s already had five bitches give a healthy litter this year. A stud of a dog if I ever met one, aren’t you boy?”

Harvey’s tongue hanged out as if that were his reply and I could not help but laugh softly. Bryant flashed me another award-winning smile and it was then that things really changed.

There is no point in me digressing and telling you the whole story, but the most important detail was that within the space of about a month and a half Bryant and I were fast friends. We saw each other almost every day at the clinic, except for three days every fortnight when he was at the other Centre with the breeding dogs. Of course I also saw Harvey too. He was always around Bryant and seemed to always jump at the chance to…well…jump at me I guess; only to be subdued with the barked command of “SIT!” every time he went too far.

I felt I could open up to Bryant too, even telling him how I lived alone and moved here to live in an old house that had belonged to my mother and father before they died a while back. I had no other family. My parents had both been single children and I had followed that tradition. He was just so easy to talk to. Always laughing, always smiling, never worried about anything. He was a man who seemed to enjoy his work and took his position as a head surgeon in the Clinic with a pinch of salt. He claimed it was because he enjoyed helping the animals of the world to live on.

Especially dogs. He loved dogs with a passion. Most of all the ones at the Breeding Centre.

I even went to the clinic once. That was halfway through the sixth week I guess and it was also where things started to get strange. Very strange.


As far as first reactions went, that was all I could say about the Centre. At least Bryant allowed me a few seconds to think up a more imaginative review of the place. My eyes crawled over the immensely large area where there were several kennels and different wings of the main building each with their own purpose. Here and there were people walking various breeds of dog and my favourite dog, Harvey of course, was sat by Bryant’s side at all times. The one thing that caught my attention was the name of the place.

“The Bryant Harvey Breeding Centre?” I turned to him and was rewarded with a smug smirk of satisfaction at my reaction. The information digested and I found myself even more lost for words than ever. “You….I mean…this….this is…”

Then, after a few more stammered words, “You own this?”

“Yup. Main breeder at the Centre and head surgeon over at the Surgery.” Another peal of laughter, “I honestly thought you knew! Surely you’re not that surprised?”

“Head surgeon I can manage…but the owner of a breeding centre this big?? Wow. Seriously, Bry…I mean…wow!!”

“Well, I’d better show you around then hadn’t I? Come on Harvey, come on Sid!” He was still laughing as we entered the doors, showing me the different sections of the place dedicated to certain breeds, certain wings dedicated to breeding, to maternity, to males, to females, to puppies, and the main areas at the front and back of the centre dedicated to exercising the dogs they kept here.

“Each section has a rota for when we feed and take out the dogs and how many dogs we take out at a time, that way we know our dogs are getting good exercise every day. All of them.” He was explaining the rotas as we reached the area he mainly worked in, “Ah! Here we are! Look! Those are Harvey’s bitches.”

It was a large area with five kennels each containing a beautiful golden Labrador bitch. All five were nursing beautiful litters of puppies, all looking up with the same tired but rewarding expression as though to show off their pride for their beautiful puppies. I found myself letting out a soft gasp as Bryant’s miracle job slowly sank in.

“I get the feeling of satisfaction every day walking in and out of here knowing that I have helped these dogs to breed wonderful pups.” He was speaking as we continued walking, pointing at several rooms and quickly explaining them, “And here is the mating room. It’s where Harvey…well…I think you can guess by the name what goes on.”

I looked around this area and nodded with each explanation of the tour, occasionally stopping to ask a question or two, “So…why aren’t there any other researchers here? The only one I saw was the one who left as soon as we came in here.”

“Ah…well this is my personal work place. No one comes in here unless I am not in here myself. I allocated myself to Harvey, you see. He’s my dog.” He opened the door to the mating room and let Harvey run inside, smiling softly, “I just got word that a new female is in for him to mate with, so you can imagine how excited I am at this chance!”

He certainly seemed to take pride in his work and I admired him for it. Harvey was wagging his tail even as Bryant spoke, like he could tell what the human was talking about, even giving a soft bark in reply. It was all like a wonderful dream. An ideal situation where someone who genuinely cares about animals can share his love with the world.

A low beep rang out in the room as Bryant’s pocket lit up dimly from his mobile phone located there. He laughed softly and shrugged slightly, “Oh. A message. Should…probably get that.”

It was worth it to see his eyes light up when he read it, “Oh yes! The new bitch is here! Please, do you mind watching Harvey whilst I go and see the bitch and her owners? I would take you and him, but he gets excitable around his new females you see. You don’t mind, do you? Just play with him a while. I need to fill out paper work too for handing the girl over to us. Don’t worry, I’ll try and rush back okay?”

I nodded and smiled, “It’s fine. You go on ahead. Harvey and I will be fine, right boy?”

As if in reply the dog jumped up at me again only to be barked at with a sharp “SIT!” before Bryant turned to me and offered me a chair in the room, “Please. Sit.”

I took a seat and watched him leave, hearing the door lock behind me, looking around through the glass at the now deserted workspace, just me and Harvey. It was eerie being alone in here, I still don’t know how Bryant could ever manage working there alone, but at least I had some company.

Harvey whined and padded over, panting and licking at my hand, and placing his head upon my lap. Smiling, I petted him softly, leaning over and whispering softly to him, “Oh you are such a good boy aren’t you? Are you looking forward to your new mate? I bet you are aren’t you?”

The dog’s tail wagged eagerly, as though he understood, and then he licked over my hand and wrist as I lowered it to him, before moving past that and burying his head up my skirt. I let out a startled cry and tried to pull him back by his fur, but I felt his thick tongue lap between my legs eagerly; soaking my panties with his saliva.

“! Bad dog! Bad dog!! Stop that!!” I tried to stand, but the minute I stood he was there again, licking and lapping at me, knocking into me so hard that my legs buckled and I fell over him, onto my hands and knees, allowing him to get a good view of my panties under my skirt. Even as I tried to crawl away, cursing my bruised kneecaps, he was upon me again, his tongue lapping at my nether regions.

I could feel the panties occasionally tugging to the sides as the dog continued giving him a lengthy lap at my actual sex. It was so embarrassing. So humiliating! Even when I managed to crawl to my feet again, I found myself looking up through the glass…and straight into the eyes of Bryant.

As ashamed as I was I could not help but call out to him, “Bry! Help! Please!”

Bryant nodded and I heard the command “SIT!” ring out in the air and it was then that the attack stopped and I slid to the floor, panting and gasping. The door unlocked and opened and I could hear Bryant murmuring, “Good. Now stay.”

Thank god. As awkward as it was I was glad that Bryant had come back soon otherwise I could have been attacked by that damn horny beast.

Only, it was then that Bryant knelt and started to unbutton my shirt, making me gasp out loud and raise my hands to bat him away. Yet…I couldn’t. Try as I might, I just couldn’t move, and to make it worse Bryant had succeeded in removing my clothing, allowing my breasts to bounce in the cold air of the mating room, his fingers unclipping my bra as soon as he had discarded my shirt. “What are you…?”

As soon as my mouth opened and started to speak, he stared me in the eye and sharply muttered, “Quiet.”

Much to my horror, I ceased and he seemed to calm, smiling softly, “Good girl.”

Then he unhooked my skirt and revealed my already wet panties, smiling all the while whilst my shoes were discarded and finally my panties slid down my thin hips. I could only stare in mute horror whilst he parted my legs and revealed my sex to him. “Kneel.”

I felt my body moving on automatic, crawling to my knees and allowing him to position me, my legs spread, upon the floor. It was like a nightmare, so unreal, and yet why could I not fight back? Why could I only kneel there as he applied cold slick lubricant to my labia and stretched me a little, invading me with his fingers and slicking my sex in preparation, whilst I knelt there like an obedient…dog?


His commands! It had to be! Whenever he spoke to me he always gave commands that made it impossible to move or think or feel…but why had they only affected me now?

I had only seconds to consider this as Bryant moved to kneel in front of me, still smiling that suddenly frightening smile, “Certain chemicals implanted in his saliva allow certain key words to react with certain commands within your brain. I’m sorry, but this is how we get all our breeder bitches. Harvey is genetically modified in the manner of that. Your mentality, as soon as I give certain sharp commands, is that of a wonderfully obedient dog.”

As if to reinforce his explanation, he petted my hair and smiled as though stroking a dog. This seemed too dreamlike to be real. It couldn’t be real!

But it was real…

I was reminded of this as he petted and stroked me before I felt the now-familiar lapping of Harvey upon my slicked sex. Not a cry escaped my throat throughout the ordeal and not an inch did my body move as I felt the dog clumsily mount me, his great paws either side of me, his throbbing tip sliding from its sheath and delving deep between my open lips, thrusting and penetrating until I felt the knot of his canine member slide into me with surprising ease.

Bryant smiled and whispered gently into my ear as the dog continued to violate me, yet none of his words were reassuring, “The reason I commanded you to stay and be silent like a good little girl is because a dog will not commit this act to a human female unless the conditions have been met. A human must not move or cry out whilst the dog enters them…of course we went through a few clumsy experiments before we came to this conclusion and engineered Harvey to implant canine hormones into a human body.
“Then there is the ‘lubricant’ I used on you. It may disgust or excite you to know that your scent has been changed so that it smells like a bitch in heat to Harvey there. That is because the lubricant used is actually extracted from that of a bitch in heat. Open and wide for her mate. That is how you appear to him. I will of course be expecting you to tell me how things feel afterwards. It is hard to get a genuine response these days.”

Trying to drown out his words with my own thoughts was useless as I felt the dog’s knot swell inside of me, locking us together, as he panted and growled his release. I cannot and will not describe the sensation of being filled with a dog’s semen. All I will say on the matter is that it was an unpleasant experience. Extremely unpleasant.


Well it was as Bryant had said. I was asked a few questions, given a set of new clothes with my own clothes wrapped in a bag, and then sent home with a promise that what had happened to me would eventually be the best thing in my life. I don’t even know why he sent me home either. It confused me just as much as it may be confusing you, but that’s what happened. Taken there, fucked, given a smile and a wave and then told to leave. I was sent home with a promise that he would call later on the house phone to check up on me.

He was also sure to tell me that I would be a ‘very bad girl’ if I even tried to tell anyone about my ordeal, and that he ‘would know about it’ if I had done so. I was his ‘prized little bitch’ now apparently. Insulting and degrading, but I was in no mood to talk to him. I just wanted to get away from him. Away from that place. Away from that damn dog!

Home was my only destination after that nightmare and this is where the story truly starts in my eyes. Not the new job or the new boss or even the sex with a dog, but here. At home where I should have been safe. I could not even phone the police or anyone. Who do you tell about things like this anyway? Who would honestly believe that it had been against my will?

Sat alone in the shower, these were my only thoughts. No one to turn to, no where to run, feeling dirty and filthy and whorish whilst allowing the water to run over my body as though pitifully trying to cleanse myself, and closing my eyes only to snap them open at the memory of that thick cock squeezing into my entrance and…


I couldn’t think of that. I refused to think of that. Even as I stretched to turn off the shower I was trying to push the thought that there may be some traces of Harvey left in me, inside me, away from the centre of attention. Then a curious thing caught my eye. The sight of the shower water unable to filter properly through the plug hole. Although it was soapy and the plug wasn’t visible the water should still have been draining, but there was just nothing happening.

Sighing, I reached down into the thick bubbles and felt around for the filter over the plug and felt my hand touch something. Hair? When I pulled my hand up I almost retched.

Hair. Thick long yellow hair. Dog hair.

Goddamn it! That damn dog must have left hair all around my…oh god. The thought was disgusting. So disgusting that I decided to reach up and turn the shower back on. Fine. If I was going to be forced to clean myself out because of that creature then so be it. No use beating about the bush. Might as well ensure that there was no more of the animal’s filthy legacy left in me.

The soap was poured onto my hand and then massaged gently into my own sex…only…something was not right. Not at all. Maybe the fact that something seemed to be wrong with the…well…position of my sex. I had to wash all soap away from me and inspect myself the minute I felt it.

I know it sounds crazy but believe me when I say my vagina had actually shifted back a little. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the distance from it to my anus had decreased so much that it was almost connecting…no…starting to connect with my other entrance. Becoming one.

Not only that, but there were thick patches of long yellow hair growing all around my sex and anus, reaching upwards between my buttocks and spreading between my legs and up my thighs. Thick and yellow and spreading like a disease. I let out a low cry and practically fell out of the shower after seeing that. Stumbling and falling and crying, feeling that dreadful itch as though it was chasing after me as I fell upon the bathroom floor and cried my heart out.

It had to be a dream. It just had to be! Some kind of side effect from all the modification they had done to Harvey in their experiments? A hallucination surely?

Still terrifying though. Even as I felt my buttocks seem to flatten slightly, and oh god…I truly did feel them. It was like suddenly being grabbed from behind and being pushed and pushed and pushed until my flesh and bone was forced to part and shrink. The embarrassing morph of both my lower entrances was now revealed to the world, my cheeks parted and flattened so that my thighs awkwardly adjusted themselves to either side to bend me forward slightly with my rear in the air.

This was no dream. With the snapping and stretching and pressing and pulling and shifting came the realisation that this couldn’t possibly be a dream at all. Not even a hallucination. Hallucinations didn’t hurt like this. When one knew animal anatomy as well as I did too, there was no time to panic about this, only a sick knowledge inside my subconscious that what was happening was that I was changing and shifting somehow to a more animal-like form.

Still, only my thighs, my anus, and my reproductive organs had been affected thus far, so I was still able to awkwardly stand and grab a towel from the rack, feeling an ache in my legs as I staggered out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. The door was slammed shut tightly and I fell forwards again upon awkward legs as I felt a pain in my ankles that crippled me at first.

Such pain! I had never felt anything like it. It forced me to look down to see if I had broken anything when I had fell out of the bath and was rewarded with a high scream of shock. My eyes watered and a low sob escaped my throat when I saw that not only had the hair spread so that it covered the upper half of my thighs, as though I was wearing a pair of furry shorts, but my feet were beginning to pull and stretch themselves!

To me it looked like my legs were beginning to rearrange themselves into different sections than the ones I was used to. My toes seemed to now be joining with the front of my feet, so it looked like I was half standing on tiptoes, and then the entire back half of the foot elongated until it was roughly a few inches longer than it had been before. It was sickening to see such a sight! Even more so to see my knees bending and stretching the flesh of my thighs as it adjusted to my new leg shape.

Two sickening flesh coloured parodies of dogs legs. That was all they could have been! My yellow fur slowly sensing the transformation and beginning to spread over my lower half and my bones and flesh stretching and then settling like a mould setting to shape. I was half fascinated and half traumatised by the two smallest toes fusing together like they had not even been separate to begin with, and my nails became hooked over slightly and thick and black; like they were rotting and falling off, but not doing so fully. I managed to painfully shift my legs a little to watch the skin on the bottom of my feet and beneath my toes grow hard to form the small pads that gave a dog its significantly shaped paw print.

Cry and sobbing would not help my situation, but it sure as hell made it feel less frightening and more border line traumatic and sickening! I sobbed and choked into my open palm and yet the whole experience was like watching a violent train wreck. I did not want to watch, but I could not look away!

The fur had yet to travel that far down and so the flesh coloured deformities stood out even more against the dark carpeting of my bedroom floor. Then, as though on cue, the phone began to ring.

My first thought was that it was someone who could help me and the whole horror of the situation made me struggle to pull my entire body weight towards the phone - crawling pathetically across the floor with my alien limbs flailing - tugging the cord and pulling it down off the table. It fell with a clatter but I was able to grab the receiver in hand and scream out loud into it, “HELP! FUCKING HELL…HELP ME!! HELP!!!”

The voice of Bryant drifted calmly across to me as smooth and as slick as oil dripping from the phone line, “You must be close now mustn’t you?”

My mouth opened in mute shock and I was unable to speak as my legs kicked subconsciously as though they knew he was talking about them. He continued whether he knew I was listening or not, or whether he even cared, “You know now, don’t you? You’re beginning to transform aren’t you? Good girl. I knew you were compatible with Harvey. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you. You’ll make a fine mother to a beautiful litter of puppies and a fine bitch to satiate the lust of my dear prize dog, won’t you? I can almost imagine you starting to feel arousal from hearing that…”

My newly formed canine sex gave an involuntary twitch at the mention of its mate and I left out a low moan that was almost hidden behind a sob as I felt my hips and stomach begin to make violent spasms as the flesh and bone was tugged and pulled to accommodate the shape of my legs.

Bryant was still talking, but I had long stopped listening to him, instead pulling away my towel to watch my breasts shrink into my chest, slowly and deliberately, like balloons deflating, to leave my nipples sticking out of the flat surface. I almost choked more so when I saw the other six nipples that were beginning to line up along my stomach; sagging down somewhat as though they were already anticipating the puppy milk that would soon fill them.

“Oh god…help…fuck…no…please…” I curled up the best I could against the dresser drawers, crying into my legs even though it hurt to pull them up and even though my tail bone was being pulled out away from my spine to form a steadily growing pink worm of a tail that would soon be consumed by fur also. There was no more pain now, just a wave of nausea and discomfort that seemed to wash over my entire body with each new tug and pull at my flesh and bone.

A low laugh alerted me to the phone once more and I picked it up to place it to my head as I shifted into a more comfortable position as I managed to make my legs lie down on my stomach like I wanted them to. It helped that I could feel my spine already accommodating the entire lower half of my body. My fleshy worm of a tail was already wagging at the new found comfort.

“What stage are you at? Please, Sid. Tell me. Come on girl! Speak!” I was almost tempted to snap at Bryant to make him stop treating me like a dog, but instead I found my mouth moving automatically to respond to him.

“M…my entire lower half is canine. I…it started…with my…private parts first…t…then it’s just spread through me like a disease. I…I’ve just grown more nipples and a nail and…oh god…” A new wave of nausea swept over me, “My right arm…it…it’s shifting…oh my god…it’s a paw…my fingers are becoming small and fat and my nails are turning black and thick and arched…it’s…”

I couldn’t help it.

At the sight of my fleshy bald dogs paw I just retched and coughed and choked. It was happening too fast! Too fast for me to keep up. At least I still had one hand…which was slowly starting to lose its grip on the phone even as I thought that.

“No! No…please…not…nn…nnnoo….nntssstthhh….” My mouth was losing the correct shape to form words. I could see it pushing out from my face, my tongue hanging out whilst saliva dripped from my jaws, still trying to form words. From the way my spine had shifted, my neck had moved my head so that I was staring straight down at the phone now dropping from my shrinking hand and arm and landing between two paws.

I tried to shout into it but then I realised that nothing much would come of it. I could no longer speak or even begin to form words. I suppose my hands were the last thing I was really aware of transforming. There was the dreadful experience of having my hair fall out at one point I suppose, leaving me looking like a fleshy bald shaven dog person, but I did not see it happen, only felt it. Just like I felt my skull adjusting itself to its new body, and my ears moving to the top of my head, and my eyes spacing themselves out.

Then of course there was the new senses that assaulted me as soon as my nerves and internals had transformed. The heightened sound, the heightened smell, as well as being able to feel that blissful coat of fur covering my naked body.

Bryant was chuckling as I was reduced to a panting and trembling mess upon my floor. I did not need to hold the phone to hear his soothing voice, “It seems like you really are fully done now. I can’t wait to see what your size and weight is. I can imagine you’ll be of good stock though. Wonderful girl. Beautiful mother. Desirable mate.”

He sighed and there was the sound of shifting from over the phone before he said his parting words to me, “Oh well…I should be there soon enough. I’ll bring Harvey to come and play with you though. You two can have a happier reunion I feel. Especially when you surrender your last human thoughts to him as he impregnates you. Don’t worry my little girl…I’ll be there for you soon. Don’t worry about me getting in either…I’ll find a way…oh…and Sid?”

There was a pause and then, “…….sit and stay like a good dog.”

Then nothing.

That brings us to where I am now, lay upon the floor, panting, and unable to disobey his commands. I can feel my humanity slipping away the more I obey his commands and yet I cannot refuse him. Not Bryant. Not the one who will be here soon. Soon. Soon to look after me…his good little girl.

All I can do is wait for him. Be a good little girl. Wait for Master and wait for Harvey. Strong powerful Harvey who will soon claim me as his own forever and ever until I happily bear his puppies and accept his swollen cock inside me whenever he wishes me to. I can feel arousal spreading through me with the thought of it. I’m whining in need yet I have to wait. Wait until Bryant gets here…

I’m sure he will be able to tell me what to do...


I really liked this story. I just would love the final few sections when she is mated with Harvey, at the command of Bryan and then her last human elements are eliminated; would be great to see her with puppies too.