Katie´s Curse

by Whos
Published: Dec 1st, 2003


Men to Women & People to Horses.


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Katies's Curse - Whos Katie's Curse
by Whos

Katie had wanted to be the best player on her team, but unfortunately, she was only second best.  But then Katie got a hold of a bottle of pills that would help her out a great deal, and the pills worked.  She was now the best player.  The only problem is, she's in pain, during the middle of a game, and didn't want to throw up in front of the really cute guy she liked.  So now she's in the bathroom, feeling very ill.  Katie leaned over the sink in the bathroom in the girls' locker room, and splashed cool water on to her face.  She felt better, until she looked up into the mirror.

When a person looks into a mirror, they can expect to see their reflection back. There is no reason to assume that you would see someone else's reflection. Katie did see her own reflection, but it wasn't hers, it was different some how, and in fact her reflection was actually changing!
Her brown hair was still brown, but it wasn't as short as it used to be. Before, her hair only went down to her shoulders, but now it was flowing out and around her neck. Looking closer though, it wasn't her hair that was getting longer really, but that she was growing more hair out of the back of her neck. And then these long strands of hair started growing part way down her back.
Katie couldn't think of why this would happen to her, and then she remembered the pills she had taken.
Looking in the mirror, Katie saw her lips begin to bloat, and become almost rubbery, the red lipstick fading to brown. She looked closer in the mirror, and saw her blue eyes change to brown. By now, Katie had figure out what it was that would make her a faster runner for the track team.
The pains of the change spread throughout her body, down to her rear end. There, she looked down and saw a bulge starting in her lower back, right between her two cheeks. She tried to remove her windpants, but the growing bulge beat her. The tail ripped through the seat of her pants, and by turning around, she could see the hole it had left in her boxer undershorts.
Katie dropped to her hands and knees now, as the changes kept right on going. Her ass began to swell, first to the size where it just looked extremely plump, as it might on a young woman who was much more interested in appearance rather than other things, but then it began to grow past that point. Her thighs also began to swell, quickly filling up the excess space in the baggy windpants and boxers. The pants finally tore, starting in the back where her tail had erupted, and tearing down the sides of her thighs.
It looked as if her legs and butt had become swollen with massive folds of fat, but it was in fact muscle. Her feet began to extend, tearing a hole through the front of her sandals (she was wearing sandals because it had not been her turn to run yet), her toes sitting at the end of each massive foot.
The rest of Katie's body was beginning to swell now, her neck and back extending, her chest changing. At first, as her back lengthened, her breasts had begun to swell, stretching the confines of her sports bra, and then tearing it. Now, her torso was going to barrel out, and as her lungs and ribs grew, her breasts receded into her expanding body. Her ears grew upward into points, and slid up the side of her head, looking exactly like the ears of a horse.
Fur now began to grow, starting from the back of her neck, by her enlarged vagina, and from the base of her tail. The fur swept out from her lower back, growing to cover her extremely large equine ass, and around her waist, to meet with her growing pubic fur. This fur then spread around her thighs, and down her equine legs, and covered her still elongated feet. Now, Katie's toes changed, as did the rest of her feet. The feet became more pole like, as her toes expanded, almost like a liquid, turning black, and melding back into hooves.
To Katie, it felt as if she had her human body, stuck inside a horse costume, but it wasn't really that simple, which was unfortunate for her.
The fur from around her neck grew to cover her throat, and all of her back, then down around her underbelly. She could feel more than see, 6 more nipples growing in rows under her former breasts. The fur grew under her arms, which were just now becoming forelegs. The fur creeped over her hands now.
Katie's fingers began to elongate and merge as well, just as the toes had. First becoming almost a liquid like state, and then the color of the liquid turned black. The thumbs receded into her hands, and the semi-fingers solidified into heavy hooves, that almost seemed to hold her to the floor. By now, she stood up off of her haunches, and stood on all four hooves.
She turned her still human head, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, seeing her head on a horse's body. The teeth in Katie's mouth began to expand, as did her tongue. As pressure built up behind her face, she could feel the fur begin to grow over her cheeks and chin, around her forehead, under her eyes, and down to the tip of her flaring nostrils. The pressure in her face was relieved as her mouth and nose pushed forward into a long, brown muzzle.
Katie could not believe that she was a horse, she didn't know what to do now. She ran out the door of the bathroom, and into the changing room, startling many of the young women who had just gotten out of the showers from the previous basketball game.
Katie then ran out of the gymnasium doors, and through the crowd of spectators and athletes....
Now it may have been Katie that had taken the pills, but what followed was absolutely bizarre to say the least....

When you see a horse running through the girls' locker room, when you're naked except for the towel around your waist, you tend to be just a little bit startled. But the fate that would follow these young women would be even more startling than a horse running through the room.
Now this is officially where I come in. Katie's new curse effected more people than just Katie.
My friends, teammates, and I had just finished up a basketball game, which we had won (oh yeah!), and had just gotten out of the showers when the new Katie came charging through.
"What the hell is a damn horse doing in here," screamed Jenny, one of my best friends.
I looked around as the other girls were talking, and looked inside of the bathroom. There I found a pair of tattered green wind pants, a pair of torn up boxers, and a black, ripped, sports bra. Immediately I knew it was Katie's, because I had seen her earlier in the day wearing these clothes (except she had a sweater on over the sports bra, seeing as how indecent exposure is somewhat illegal). I showed these to my friends, and we looked in her locker, finding a bottle of pills.
"Oh my God, she was taking drugs. I really can't see Katie doing that though, she was always telling us about how seriously messed up some people get with steroids and all that," said Jenny.
Miranda, another one of my friends, piped in, "I know."
One of our teammates from across the locker room came over after she had recovered from the sight of the horse, and asked what the hell was going on.
"That damn horse was so close, that it actually hit me and Gina with it's tail."
Then from across the room, we heard a scream, Gina's scream. I didn't really care for Gina a whole lot, seeing as how the bitch stole Miranda's boyfriend some time ago, but given the circumstances we all rushed over to help her.
Gina's body had started changing, also into a horse. Instead of growing brown fur though, hers was white. As suddenly as her transformation, so did the other girl's, who had walked over earlier. Suddenly, everyone was changing, including me.
I can't speak for Katie, but I suspect that she did not want to become a horse, and neither did I. Good God did I not want to be a horse, but I do have to admit, that the transformation, and being in a horse's body is somewhat sexually arousing. But when your entire body is being morphed from human to animal, you're thoughts aren't exactly on sex right at that moment (that happened later, and if I could smile, I would :) ).
First, I fell back onto my bottom, mostly from the shock of changing. My hands and feet started first, and so did a little spot on my chest. Whereever I had touched Katie's clothes, is where the changes started.
I and the other girls were screaming, but my screams were the first to turn into whinnies and brays. My hands, feet, and chest quickly started to grow and become covered in fur. My hands almost instantly turned into hooves, as my feet elongated. I looked over to Jenny, and saw that her faced had completely pushed, and her head was almost a complete equine head.
My changes seemed like they were traveling through my veins. The next thing I knew, my butt (which I was kind of proud of, since it looked pretty sexy) started to swell immensely, and so did my legs. My towel had fallen off, and so had most of the other girls' towels. If a guy had been in here, this probably would have been a wet dream to him, even if we were part equine by now.
My legs started to spread apart as my butt swelled up, of course with my legs also swelling up and changing, it was almost as if they weren't spreading apart, but that's beside the point. The nostrils on my nose began to swell now, and nose stuck out a little bit, I could see a small part of it. Then I turned my head around as soon as I felt a very weird sensation in my lower back. First of all, my swelling butt was getting farther away, and I realized my spine was growing. Second, I was also growing a bushy, hairy, tail that was a few feet long within only a few seconds.
My entire lower half was now equine, except for one thing - my genitals. And now I have to admit here, that as scared and as freaked out as I was, that when my femininity grew and became equine, it was very... well, I'll just say arousing for now. That sensation alone was probably worth being turned into a mare. Well, that sensation, and the one I got when new nipples appeared on my chest and belly. That change immediately followed the change in my womanhood. I didn't realize it then, but I remember it now, that I had given a pretty loud moan or bray of pleasure....
I'm just going to give a quick wrap-up to this part of the story, as there is something much more important about to happen in the gymnasium. My toes then changed into hooves, and my chest barreled out as fur completely covered my body. My face also pushed out into a muzzle, and to wrap up my transformation, a mane grew down my back as a few last changes took place. I too, just like Katie, was a brown haired horse, but with a dark brown mane.
As for the rest of my friends and teammates, they too changed into horses. I got to see Jenny's feet elongate and turn into hooves. If I could have laughed at Miranda, I would have I guess. Her entire body was a horse's body except for her butt. Mira's bottom quickly swelled and covered itself with a scraggly black and brown fur. Gina and her friend had finished before I did, but the rest of my friends and teammates followed Jenny, Mira, and I.
Believe it or not, we could still communicate (although it was through body language, brays, and whinnies) and I found out later that Mira and Jenny also had the experience of that sexual pleasure when they had changed.
But again, that is beside the point. In the gymnasium, Katie had run out, and some weird stuff was also happening to the people in there.

After we had finished transforming in the locker room, we also had stumbled out into the main gym, and saw what would have been considered weird, but after what we had gone through, it was old news. But there is more to the story. Since this was mostly a Girls Sports Meet, it would seem to you that there would be more girls than guys this evening. But then again, guys are more likely to show up for girls' sports than the other way around. And as a little side note, nature always tries to maintain an equilibrium (a balance).
So I guess I'll let this next story be told by Dan, one of the guys who was just a victim of the maintenance of equilibrium, and Katie's curse.
(Note: At first it was really me telling the second part of the story, in the girls locker room, but now this is from Dan's Point of View and memories of it all).
I saw that horse run out into the middle of the gym, and for the first few minutes, everyone was in an uproar, just laughing at it. But I realized that all that laughter eventually turned to screaming and other odd noises, which I now know was just braying.
Everyone in the gym started to change. It was just students in there at the time, along with the student athletes down on the floor, which was sort of strange. But any ways, the wave of changing quickly swept around the gym, and around the bleachers. First I saw Bob and Dan (a different Dan obviously - it is kind of a popular name you know) start to change. Both had a huge bulge in their pants, and so did most of the guys there. Both of their penises just sort of straightened out, and poked out of the tops of their pairs of pants, as it attached to their stomachs. I bet you can guess the rest of their changes.
But my dick didn't do that, instead it seemed to shrink, and I looked around to see that this was happening to a few others at the gym. Some of the guys only changed part way - the guy next to me that everyone called Jegro (pronounced Hagro) because he always claimed he was part Hispanic, even though it was clearly evident that he wasn't, started to change. I watched his hair grow to just below shoulder length, and his lips became pouty. He started screaming as he grabbed his crotch, and his voice became high pitched after a few seconds. He became somewhat shorter, and his hips just flared outwards as his waist sunk inwards, and his chest just exploded two breasts. Not very big, and not non-existent, but large enough. Before I knew it, one of the smartest, but craziest guys in our school was a guy no more, but a nice looking brown haired girl. I just wish I could have stayed human to enjoy that, or even male for that matter.
But instead, my changes followed his almost exactly, and for about 5 minutes, I was a nice looking young woman. But then the other changes came along. First, I grew 6 more nipples (as you have heard from my newfound friend Nikki, the person who told the last story) and these kind of stuck out under my shirt. Then the next thing I knew, I looked down and fur had completely over grown my new chest and stomach, and was creeping around my back, and then up my neck.
Down in my new genitals, the new pubic hair grew longer and much more densely, and the fur grew down my legs, around my waist, and covered my feet. Before I knew it, I was completely covered in horse fur, even the backs of my hands and the top and bottom of my feet! Wearing clothing with all of that fur is a very weird feeling, and somewhat uncomfortable, since it was already really hot in the gym. But that problem was soon fixed.
My hips, my thighs, and my butt swelled quickly, and my pants, which were already a little tight from unexpectedly being turned into a woman, were easily ripped away. I looked around and saw that Bob and Dan were almost complete horses by now, and that a lot of others in the gym were entirely equine. Hell, some of them had even started having sex. I'm assuming that these former people had mostly been boy friend and girl friend who were waiting for a chance to go at it.
A tail grew out of my spine as it began to elongate, forcing my neck in turn to elongate and swell. My eyes changed color at that point I guess, or so I'm told. My tongue seemed to swell up, making it impossible to talk, along with my teeth, which also changed shape. The new tongue and teeth helped to force my head to change into a horse's head.
My hands and feet began to reshape, becoming more pole like, the fingers elongating and changing to hooves, and the toes just changing to hooves. I fell to all fours as my arms changed, and my chest barreled out. Then my ears slid up the sides of my head, stretching to points along the way. By now, the rest of my body had finished changing, and the next thing I knew, a male horse was behind me, sniffing my ass.
He raised up to mount me, but just as he came forward, I gave him a light but convincing kick with my hind leg. The male horse's head landed on my back, and quickly ran away, getting a clear message.
That was basically the end of it. I looked around, and found horses everywhere, along with about 3 dozen new young woman. Apparently, since there were more guys than girls there, the changes effected everyone differently so that there would be an even number of female horses to male horses. But why those other 40 or so young women stayed women is beyond me.
But now that I'm a horse, life is pretty much OK for me, some others are very pissed off though.... I heard from some of the new young women, who didn't become horses, that after the investigation and after they got home, they found that they had much, much more clothing than before, and their old clothes had changed slightly, to suit their new shapes.
I don't really mind the transformation anymore; I get a pretty easy life now. Plus I also got to experience sex a little early, though it's a bit different than I had expected, and a lot more fun..... I'm going to hand this story back to Nikki now.

(Nikki = Whos = me is telling the story again)

I got a chance to talk to some of those whom we have come to call the New Women at our school.  And I do mean talk, sort of.  I can only use whinnies and brays, but for some reason, those people who were turned into women seem to understand them.
According to most of them, being a girl is much better than being a guy, there seems to be more freedom.  Although the parents weren't too thrilled, many of the people were ecstatic after they got over the initial shock of transforming.
My new friend, Sarah, tells me that when she got home, all of her clothing had been changed.  In fact, she actually had more clothing than before.  I'm only adding this for closure, by the way, and to explain why those 40 or so people stayed human, so you could probably stop reading if you wanted to.  Anyway, Sarah told me that when she found her older pairs of pants that she had bought when she was a male, she found that the waist had been expanded to fit around her hips and butt, and that her other clothing had followed a similar fate.  The newer clothes was stuff that she would have bought as a girl apparently though.  After some talking, we finally got down to the truth.
Those 43 new women stayed women so that the high school would have an even ratio of boys to girls.   Sort of screwy how pills, nature, and curse can work sometimes…..  To think, this all started with Katie wanting to be a track star, and ending up with 800 horses and 43 new young women…..