Ranma´s New Look

Published: Dec 1st, 2003


Women to Cow Creatures.


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Ranma's New Look - Toolman19 Ranma's New Look
by toolman19

        Just the usuall warning, no one under 17, not my caracters, please forgive me, ask
me first before posting this anywhere else, and give me credit.  And thanks to Ranzab for

        Ranma could not believe his luck this last week.  Since school had let out for
spring break, he hadn't have to deal with Kuno.  Ryoga was off lost somewhere, and the
old hag had to rush back to China for an emergency meeting with the Amazon elders,
taking Shampoo with her, and Mousse following her.  Even that old freak Happosai had
moved out of the house.  And best of all, he and Akane had not had a single fight all week.
        To celebrate the uncommon peace, Katsume had packed the two of them a lunch
and they headed off to the park.  It was a warm spring day, predicting the summer to
come, and Ranma and Akane sat and ate their lunch while a couple of kids chased each
other with water pistols.  "For some reason thou,' Ranma thought, "Katsume's cooking
was even better than ev...'  His train of thought was rudely interrupted when the two kids
hosed them both in the face with their water guns, and ran away laughing.
        Ranma whipped out a hand towel from her pocket and dried herself off and passed
it to Akane who did the same.  As they sat back and finished off their lunches, they
watched the kids mother gather them up, scolding them as they left.  "So Ran-chan,"
asked Akane, "how did you like it." "Man, Katsume really out did herself on this one."
"Actually Ranma, I made lunch."  Ranma bolted up "What, but how, why aren't I dead."
        "Ha ha Ranma. Actually before he left, Happosai gave me a new cookbook, asking
me to forgive him for all that he's done.  He even promised to be good from now on if
made a meal for all of us out of it.  Surprisingly enough, the recipes were so simple even a
child could do..."  a loud rumble emitted from her stomach.  "And you got this book from
WHO again Akane." asked Ranma.  Suddenly, Akane doubled over clutching at her gut.
        Ranma reached over to Akane but stopped when she saw her hand.  Her fingers
had darkened while what seemed to be fur began to sprout from the back of her hands and
move up her arms.  A sensation like something was pushing out of her head made Ranma
reach up, but only to meet her ears which had grown out from the side of her head.  She
continued up to find the two horns that had grown there.  "What did that old goat do to
me." screamed Ranma.
        Suddenly, her shirt began to pinch on her chest.  "What now." she cursed.  As
Ranma looked on, her already sizable breasts were getting bigger.  She watched as her
shirt began to strain under the pressure, buttons popping off one after another.  She tried
to stand up only to have a sudden weight on her chest pulled her forward.  Ranma landed
on her knees in the grass and watched as her landing popped her now volleyball sized
breasts out of her shirt.  Her nipples stood proudly out, at least four inches out and two
wide.  And to make matters worse, they were rising up as what could only be another set
grow right beneath them, destroying her shirt.  A ripping emitted from behind her as her
new cow's tail completed its growth and Ranma's change.
        Ranma sat in stunned silence as she tried to assess what had happened to her.  A
spring breeze blew across her exposed chest, sending waves of pleasure running through
her body, and for the first time ever, she felt her sex become instantly moist. A soft
moaning sound came from behind her, and Ranma remembering Akane, turned and was
stopped short.  Akane too had undergone her own changes as Ranma stared in shock.
        Most prominent of all was Akane's bare breasts.  While not as big as Ranma's they
still had grown large enough to burst from the front of her dress.  And to make matters
worse, Akane had grown a total of eight breasts to Ranma's four, with nipples just as
large and pronounced.  Akane had thrown her head back while she massaged her
numerous breasts.  Akane's nose had pushed itself up and had grown into a snout.  Her
ears hung out from her head and folded over themselves.  And her hands, her fingers had
fused into two large black digits, running over her breasts, pinching her nipples between
them.  And Ranma could only guess that Akane had sprouted a curly pigs tail under her
dress.  "Oh well' Ranma thought, "at least Ryoga won't have to keep his secret from her
any more.'
        "Ranma," Akane cried, "why did he do this to us?"
        "I'll tell you why."  shouted the form that leapt from the bushes and lached itself
between Ranma's four breasts.  "So I can have you two as my new love slaves."
Happosai gleefully cackled.  He grabbed one of Ranma's nipple and gave it a squeeze, and
a stream of milk shot Akane in the face.  Ranma nearly passed out from the pleasure that
was running through her.  Ranma tried to smack Happosai off of her, but before she could
connect, she stopped.  "That's right Ranma my boy, neither you nor Akane can hurt me
and both of you will do exactly as I say.  Now Akane, be a dear and rub your breasts
against Ranma's here."  "I will do no such thing,"  Akane moaned as her body moved over
to Ranma's and pressed their chests together, engulfing Happosai.  "Ranma, its time to go,
what I have planned for you two is not for the public eye.  Grab Akane and lets be off."
        Ranma wrapped her arms around Akane, pressing her breasts tighter into Akane's,
and leapt off for Happosai's secret love nest.

        TO BE CONTINUED.......


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