Old Goat

by Mute
Published: Dec 1st, 2003


Woman to Goat.


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Old Goat Old Goat


This is a work of SERIOUSLY disturbed fiction, containing elements of nudity, sexuality and even beastiality.  It is not intended for minors, it is not intended for those of a nervous disposition, in fact, it is not intended for almost anybody.  This will probably be posted on Doc's Transfur website if at all, and so visitors will know what to expect, but if you are under the legal age of consent, the least bit feint hearted, not a into the TF fetish or  - in fact - normal in any way, do not read any further.  WARNING!!

This one's for Doc


    'Goddam it, Brad, you told me that the clinics here in Japan were the best in the world.  So far
I've wasted almost three thousand dollars and what have I got?  Nothing!', Amanda Wilson shouted
into her mobile phone as she strutted through the streets of Tokyo.  'Now you listen to me, you idiot.
When I get back to the States, I want to see your desk cleared and your keys on my desk, do you

     Pushing her way impatiently through the crowded back streets, she was quiet for a brief
moment as her assistant begged for his job.  She cut him off.

     'I don't wanna hear it, you incompetent!', she roared.  'My time is precious, and you've wasted
enough of that over the past year and I've had it up to here!'.  She turned a corner blindly and found
herself suddenly in a narrow alleyway which was quieter, albeit darker.  The buildings were closer
together and seemed to overhang ominously.  'And now you've made me lose my way.  I'll put it in
simple words so you'll understand me.  You are fired!'.  She flipped the case closed, pocketed her
phone and looked around to get her bearings.

     Stepping distastefully across a dirty beggar boy huddled in a pile of rags, she made a sour face
at his disgusting form and realised that she was completely lost.  Barely holding back a scream of
impatience, she suddenly noticed the dark stairway leading down to a dusty door, and the sign outside.


     Standing for a brief moment as she considered her options, she decided that this would perhaps
be worth one last try before heading to the airport for the first flight back to the States.  The 'cutting
edge' medicine she had come to find had helped her not at all, and with such a simple problem, surely
some back street chemist could do no worse.

     Tentatively picking her way down the grime laden steps, she pondered her situation.

     Amanda's career had seemed to hit a lull.  A stockbroker with James & Co., one of Wall
Street's finest, she had hit some kind of glass ceiling, and she knew well what it was.  Family.  Walter
James, the firm's senior partner, placed great emphasis on family, and it was after a great amount of
thought and calculation that she had decided on the most drastic course of action.  She would have to
have a baby.

     The very thought made her wince.  After all, her beautiful, taut frame and fine, well defined
curves were her best feature, and the thought of having to go through the figure-stretching, inconvenient
ordeal of pregnancy was repulsive to her, but James had made his point clear often enough.  Anyone
who couldn't make time for their family was not the kind of person who could make partner at his firm.

     And so, she had tried.  A succession of one night stands - god knows, she needed some dumb
husband even less than she needed some squalling brat - had failed to produce the desired results.
Batteries of tests in the USA had failed to find any reason she should not have conceived, and so - in
desperation - she had made the long trip out to Tokyo, Brad's suggestion, and had found them to be
just as useless as the American doctors, only less intelligible.

     Short of adoption, which she would not even consider - why should she raise someone else's
little horror when at least she should have the decency to pass on her undeniable good looks and sharp
mind to the rugrat - this mystic herbalist may be her last chance.  Flicking her long red hair out of her
face and checking her face in the compact she permanently carried, she pocketed the phone, pushed
the door open and stepped through into the musty, spice tainted dimness of the shop.

     'Hello?', she said impatiently into the darkness, looking around in bewilderment at the
ramshackle store with it's bizarre collection of jars, bales of herbs, bowls of powder and other,
unidentifiable items.

     'Gaijin?', a crackled, wavering voice floated out from the darkness, so thick with a Japanese
accent that Amanda could hardly understand it.

     A shriveled, wizened old Asian woman appeared from the darkness at the back of the shop
and made her way to the counter.

     'Well about time!', said Amanda, sharply.  'I don't have all day, and I doubt that you can give
me what I want anyway, but what the hell?'

     'What you want?', came the reply.

     'Look, I've been to your doctors, and they were no help at all, so maybe you can give me

     After a pause, during which the old woman appeared to be scrutinising her, the question was

     'What you want, lady?'

     'Fine, don't bother with any pleasantries!', the American snorted, oblivious to her own dreadful
manner.  'I need something to help me conceive,', she shuddered as she said the word.  'And I don't
have all day.  Do you have anything here in this mumbo-jumbo centre which purports to help me?'

     Amanda's impatience began to boil over as the old woman sat in silence for a few moments,
weighing up her request.  Amanda felt that she was being examined, considered as a suitable candidate
for assistance.  Her temper flared over, and she stormed to the counter, looming over the old woman.

     'Look, you shriveled old goat.  I want kids, OK?  Do you hear me?  I wanna have kids!'

     If Amanda had ever learned any kind of empathy, she would have noticed a shift in the old
woman's demeanour, even in the darkness of the shop.  She simply felt a surge of triumph as the
shopkeeper said, carefully.

     'You want have kids?'

     'Yes!', Amanda replied in exasperation.

     'You come with me.', the old woman replied, and disappeared into the back of the shop.

     Slinging her Gucci bag over her shoulder and glancing warily around, she made her way behind
the counter and stepped through the small doorway into the back room.

     The light was a little better in here, spluttering candles covered most available surfaces, although
the smell they gave off was quite nauseating.  Amanda had already made up her mind to turn about and
leave when the old woman appeared behind her, bustling the ignorant American into the clear centre of
the room.

     'Just minute.', she said in her cracked whisper, rummaging through an ancient medicine cabinet
on the far wall.  Eventually, she selected a vial of a viscous, dark green liquid and held it out to
Amanda.  'You drink.'

     'What the hell is . . . Oh, give it to me.', she said, shortly, snatching the vial from the woman's
hand.  'This better hadn't be another waste of my time.'

     Pinching her nose and trying hard not to gag, she drained the small container of it's sticky
contents and dropped the empty vial carelessly onto the floor.  She stumbled momentarily as she felt the
liquid warm up, passing down into her stomach, and she was about to complain when a strange, dizzy
feeling shot through her entire body.

     She staggered again, grabbing hold of a dusty bookcase to right herself, but was unable to do
so, and she fell to the floor, her head spinning.  Pulsing waves of some strange feeling began to flow
through her, and she felt her flesh begin to squirm.

     'What . . Ugh! . . . What the hell have you done to me!?', she demanded, but the old woman
simply watched impassively, as Amanda writhed and grunted on the floor.

     All the strength in her body was gone, and she found herself on all fours as the potion began to
assert it's strange magic on her.

     She suddenly felt her feet squirm in her shoes, and she gasped as she felt her toes press tightly
together.  The Prada heels suddenly felt tight, and she realised with a gasp that her feet were swelling,
stretching outwards.  Her arrogance had melted away into fear, and she moaned loudly as she felt the
leather of her shoes give way, and her twisting feet burst through.
     Although she was already on all fours, her reshaping feet seemed pushed her up onto tiptoe, and
looking down at herself, she was appalled to see what was happening to her.

     Her big toe and second toe had grown almost completely together, as had the remaining three,
and as they began to splay, she watched in horrified fascination as her nails suddenly grew dark, gnarly,
and began to grow back up into her toes.  Scrabbling around trying to find purchase on the dank,
wooden floor, she realised that her feet were becoming hooves.

     Grunting and gasping as the change began to move up her legs, she felt her feet begin to
lengthen even further, and whimpered as she felt a strange, tickling sensation flash across the surface of
her thickening skin.  Looking back down at herself, she could see that her feet were now perfectly
formed, cloven hooves, and a coarse coat of hair had begun to sprout from her extending feet.  The
change was speeding up, and she felt her knees pushed downwards as her reshaping legs began to
twist and writhe in their stockings.  The hooves she now sported were pressed flat against the floor, and
the alteration in her feet meant that her shins and thighs were pushed further off the floor.

 The old Japanese woman moved towards her, and Amanda cowered in fear.  Reaching over to a bowl on the cluttered sideboar, the old woman grabbed a small handful of powder and sprinkled casually across Amanda's prone form.

 'You not need those.', she said simply.

 Amanda felt the dust settle on her, and with a sudden, cold chill, she found that she was naked, her breasts swinging free from her quivering body.

     'Oh my God!', she cried, as the old woman looked on with interest.  'This . . . This can't be
happening . . .Oooohhhhh!'

     Screwing up her eyes, she grimaced as the change shot up her shins, and she felt her lower legs
begin to thin out, the thick, rough hair sprouting rapidly from every surface.  Her knees suddenly
buckled, and she felt the change sink into her bones and cried out in surprise as her joints suddenly
turned in on themselves.  Powerless to prevent this, she staggered as she felt her thighs begin to twist
and squirm, sprouting more of the coarse, patchy hair.

     'Aaaaaahhhhhh!', she cried as she stared down at herself, and saw what was happening.

     Instead of her beautiful, long, tapering legs, she found herself staring at a pair of hoary, goat's
legs, shrunken and shriveled, and she moaned as the transformation began to speed up.

     It engulfed her pelvis, and she let out a totally animal cry as she felt her hips shrink, her pelvis
spread relatively, and her crotch began to turn upwards, backwards.  The bones in her backside
stretched achingly, and she cried out as the transformation flowed into her sex and she felt the soft,
delicate folds of her vagina stretch and thicken, the skin growing coarse and leathery.  Long, shaggy
hair began to sprout from her altered behind, and she felt a strange tingling at the base of her spine,
seconds before a sinewy length erupted from her back.  As her tail grew, spreading at it's end and
splitting into a small bunch of hair, she strained through gritted teeth as she felt the sensation move within
her stretching sex and along her shrinking abdomen.

     Sensory overload threatened to break her selfish mind as the magic shot upwards, inside her
and out, and she felt her sexual organs pulse and quiver.  The fine, delicate arrangement of her
reproductive system suddenly spasmed and contracted in on itself, growing immediately more basic within her writhing body.  Patchy dark and white hair rushed up her back and sides, and she
moaned as bizarre, indescribable alterations began to take place on her lower abdomen.  A brief,
sparkling feeling of connection arced between her belly and the slowly settling sexual organs within her
body, and she let out a long, low moan as her abdomen suddenly grew taut and then began to bulge.

     Looking back down at herself, she was unable to prevent one of her - still human - hands from
tentatively touching the rapidly expanding swell in-between her legs, and gasped, drawing her hand
back as if bitten.  The sensation was almost identical to the feeling when she touched her breasts, and
after a moment's panic, she realised what it was.

     The white skinned, leathery mass began to grow faster, and to hang pendulously between her
legs.  She made strange noises as two points on it's surface suddenly squirmed and began to grow
downwards.  Rapidly lengthening, the swollen teats dangled almost down to her knees before she
managed to find her voice.

     'Uh . . .', she gasped.  'Uh . . . UDDERS!'.

     Groaning as they finally stopped growing, she tried to turn about, tried to move, but was totally
unable to control her lower body.  Unfamiliarity meant that her hind legs scrabbled around skittishly on
the floor, and all she managed to do was bring herself round into full view of the old Japanese woman.

     'Please!', she whimpered as her upper body began to contract and sprout the tangled, two
coloured coat.  'Make it stop!'.

     The old woman smiled, and responded slowly.

     'Don't worry.  It almost over.'

     A strange, sucking feeling spiraled into her full, dangling breasts, and she moaned louder as she
felt them retract into her torso, her perky, sensitive nipples disappearing into the thick skin of her
transmuted body.

     She staggered again as her shoulders shrank downwards and inwards, and the force of the
change flooded down her arms.  She was totally unable to make a sound through the pain as the bones
of her shoulders, elbows and wrists turned backwards in their new sockets, and she stared down in
abject terror at her hands as her fingers began to merge, growing thick and shrinking back on her
stretching hands.  Her thumbs too began to harden, and they quickly moved to the back of her
extended palms, and the new configuration of her arms forced the tips of her hands to the floor.  A final
moment's stretching and writhing, and her slender arms had become the twisted forelegs of a goat, her
delicate hands fused into splayed hooves.

     Coherent words were beyond her panic-stricken mind now, and she was groaning and crying
as  the final sensations of the change raced up her neck, thickening it out and stretching it forwards as
she felt her head tipped to a new angle.  The cracking of the bones in her spine echoed loudly in her
ears, and she felt the change reach her face and head, and engulf it completely.

     At once, the goat hair began to burst from every pore of her squirming face and she felt her
tongue grow thick in her throat and mouth.  Her cries were quickly rising in pitch, and she realised that
she was bleating.  Her head was suddenly grabbed by invisible hands which squashed her forehead flat,
turned her widening nose upwards, and began to draw the lower half of her face forwards.

     Her teeth began to grow larger and more blunt as her mouth stretched forwards, and the
inverted triangle of her nose grew damp and leathery.  The bridge of her nose widened, and she bleated
in terror as the last few changes engulfed her.  The gap between her nose and mouth suddenly split, and
she felt the strange sensation as longer, whiskery hair suddenly burst from her lengthened chin.  Two
points either side of her forehead bulged and then raised, and then the skin split around two large,
curved horns which rooted themselves deep in her altered skull and nestled between her thinned ears,
which had moved to the side and top of her head.  The magic of the change slowly left her body, and a
real panic began to set in.

     Her whole body quivering, Amanda stood there perfectly still for a few moments, aware of
every inch of herself in a way she had never experienced before.  Every slightest movement brought a
draft of air through the woollen coat she now sported, any movement of her back legs made the rough,
hairy lips of her vagina twitch in an indescribable way, and any sway of her squared hips caused her
new udder to swing weightily beneath her.

     Bleating wildly, trying to form her tongue and teeth around words, she began to career madly
around the shop, kicking out with her powerful hind legs, stomping her splayed hooves onto the floor
and banging the horns against the various cupboards and cabinets around the room.

     The Japanese shopkeeper reached behind her back and produced a length of strong rope
fashioned into a noose, and with a careful, practiced motion, slung it around Amanda's neck.

     Something in the fabric of the rope flowed through the transformed American woman as her
thrashing tightened the noose around her, and she suddenly became quite calm and tired.  A strange,
unearthly weariness spread throughout her new body, and she suddenly felt quite relaxed.  She was
finding it difficult to remember how her human body had felt, and while this did not lessen the
strangeness of her new form, an unnatural docility flushed through her.

     'Now then, Gaijin.', the old woman said in surprisingly good English.  'You no talk to me like
that.  You no talk to people like that, so I give you what you ask for.'

     In her mind, Amanda reeled.  What was the crazy old woman talking about?  She had come
into the shop with the intention of finding something to help her have a baby.  She had most definitely
not said 'Please turn me into a goat.'

     However, it was undeniable.  Perhaps her quietened attitude was due to some realisation that
this had actually happened.  She was not dreaming.  She was not hallucinating.  This had really

     She had just been transformed into a goat.

     'Now, you get your wish.', the old woman said, laughing in a way which brought fear back into
Amanda's mind.  A quick tug on the rope, and Amanda was helpless to prevent herself being led
through a small door into the back street, and up onto a waiting lorry.

     The door slammed shut behind her, and panic set in as she wondered where she was being
taken.  She could hear the old woman talking rapidly to a man, both using a thick Japanese accent.
After a few moments, the man made satisfied noises and made his way up to the cabin.

     The old woman looked in through the wooden slats of the truck, and smiled.

     'Don't worry, he take good care of you, I see to that.  As long as you behave yourself.'

     Amanda began to bleat again, her mind whirling as she tried to figure out what this crazy
Japanese woman had in store for her now.  As if reading her mind, she leaned in closer and whispered.

     'Goat has duties, responsibilities on farm, yes?', she chuckled darkly.  'And I'm sure you get
used to being milked.  Eventually.'.

     Amanda stood there in silence, her brain turning in on itself in pure terror at the thought of
someone squeezing milk from the achingly sensitive teats of her new udder.  Her smile was the last thing she saw of Tokyo before her new owner pulled away and headed out for his farm, where Amanda Wilson's new life awaited her.

Epilogue - This bit's deifintely for Doc

 Her old life almost forgotten, Amanda paced nervously back and forth in the small pen she was being kept in these days, her mind almost totally engulfed by the instincts of her new body.  But the wait was almost over, and perhaps once this unthinkable event had happened, the old woman would appear, would buy her back, would make her a woman again.  However, a small part of her knew that the old lady would never reappear, probably only thought about the Gaijin lady she had transformed occasionally, and then only when she needed a laugh.

 And Amanda had little to laugh about these days.

 Her first week on Chun's farm, she had stumbled around in a daze, slowly getting used to moving this quadruped body around, and just as she had begun to get used to her new form, Chun had arrived and made an announcement in Japanese which she did not understand.  There was much she had not understood, and had simply gone for blind acceptance of the fact.  She was now inescapably a goat, and although she may not like it, there was nothing at all she could do.  At least her animal's sensorium was much less developed than her human one, and even grass tasted good.

 However, as he tethered her up and set a small stool down beside her, she connected this with the unusual, swollen feeling in the swinging udders she had grown, and bleated and kicked liked crazy as Chun had sat, grabbed one of her sensitive teats in his hands and begun to squeeze.  After a few moments, she was shocked into silence at the combined relief and disgust she felt as she felt her udders begin to empty their stored milk into Chun's pail.  Every week for the first month, he would come out, feel her swollen udder with satisfaction, and begin to milk.  The uncomfortableness of a full udder led her to look forward to his skilled, caring attention, and she even began to enjoy the feeling of release as he emptied her of the milk her instinctive grass chewing produced, and she began to think that maybe this life wouldn't be so bad.

 After the first month, however, she slowly began to grow aware of new instincts, undeniable urges which she could not control, which swamped her simple nervous system with a powerful flood of unchecked emotion which even the most disciplined of minds could not resist.  Her new body was ready, almost demanding, to be mated.  And one morning, she knew that she was not just to be milked here, as Chun led his powerful billy goat to her pen and set it free.

 Immediately, her body reacted to the powerful scents the ram was giving off, and to her horror, she was paralysed, almost willing as the male sniffed around her for a moment, scrabbled his forelegs onto her back and, pressing her frozen body down with his weight, thrust himself into her waiting body.  Straining against her unanswering body, she bleated wildly as she felt the Ram pump in and out of her altered sex.  Disgust flooded through her, and it was after a few minutes of the Ram's attentions that she realised a certain amount of satisfaction was beginning to pulse through her.  Unable to stop herself, her resistance began to falter, and before she could really get a grip on what she was doing, Amanda began to push back into his body, making low, whimpering noises as her simple, goat's sensorium suddenly burst into orgasm.

 Chun watched with concerned interest as ChowFu, his favourite prize ram mated with the new female.  She bleated and strained an awful lot for a goat in heat, almost as if she disliked the attention she was receiving.  However, as instinct finally overpowered her, she began to push back as she should, and Chun turned away, quite satisfied.

 And now, Amanda paced nervously in her pen, her mind straying back to how disgusted she had been, then how accepting, then finally how grateful that the raging urges this body threw at her were being satisfied.  For almost two weeks, the ram had been led to her pen every day, and then suddenly the visits had stopped.  With a gradually rising dread, she eventually realised why.

 At first, she had thought it was her imagination - after all, she knew nothing of being a goat, although she was learning fast - but eventually, after a few more weeks, she was sure.  Her simplified body began to feel tight, then stretched, and she had slowly become aware of the growing weight within her transformed body.  Each day brought a slight increase in weight, in the strange, expansive feeling of her body, and after another month, she realised that her abdomen had begun to swell.  The sheer disgust she felt, the revulsion which flowed through her as she contemplated what was happening to her threatened to destroy her utterly, but she had survived on the New York stock market for over three years before her ill-fated trip; she would damn well survive this.

 As the months progressed, however, she began to grow less sure of herself. Her swollen belly hung low and broad, the weight of her rapidly developing pregnancy the only thing she was aware of.  One afternoon, there came a gentle, almost unnoticeable flutter from her bulging innards.  The offspring within her moved.

 From then on, she knew no peace, either of body or of mind.  As her flesh began to grow still further, beyond any control of hers other than the biological commands which nature had instilled in this body, Amanda slowly, involuntarily gestated her first kid.  During the day, she chewed grass furiously, aware that this too was an undeniable instinct, and slowly her udder began to swell.  Without Chun's milking, the mammary bulged greatly between her splaying hind legs, and the combined weight of her growing kid and the heavy glands with which she would feed it were so awkward that some days she could hardly walk.  Bleating constantly, she grew ever more distressed as the kid within her developed further, until it reached a point where she could no longer sleep at night.  The kid moved almost all the time, and Amanda felt only slightly grateful that at least a goat's pregnancy lasted less than that of a human.  Even so, she was laden with a feeling of disgust which she could not escape, with a burden she could not avoid.

 And so now she paced, swollen and full, heavy and expectant as she waited, terrified of the moment when her body would expel the unwanted presence from within her.  Over the last few months, she had realised the folly of her ways, and swore to herself that she would change once she was restored to human form, but for now there was nothing for her to do but wait.  And she had little longer to wait.

 Chun came out the following morning to find his pregnant goat lying on her side, gasping painfully, her hind legs spread as she began to birth the kid he had waited so long for.  Smiling to himself, he patted her heavily swollen flanks, and thought of how this would just be the first of many.  Sure, the old woman from tokyo had offered to buy this goat back after her first birthing, but Chun was so happy with her , it would be difficult to let her go.  Unaware of her fate, Amanda let herself go with the urges she could not even explain, let alone deny, and after a few hours of unbearable pain, strain and humiliation, Amanda pushed with all her strength and her bleating body opened around a hefty, slickly covered kid.  The first of many . . .

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An excellent story with a fun twist that begins for Amanda her traversing a drastic travesty in her existence, if just from getting upset, she angry, and spouting off at the wrong person, when demanding that she wanting to become a mother, "Wished to have kids!"