Being A Pussycat

Published: Jul 9th, 2011


Man to Catgirl


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Being A Pussycat - By LostHopeOfDusk

Author: LostHopeOfDusk Species: Man to Catgirl Date: Feb. 24, 2011 Rating: X

Being A Pussycat


My name used to be Mark White. That was literally a life ago. Ok, let's move on. I remember that I went to sleep one day, having nightmares and a lot of pain, and when I finally was able to wake up, I did it naked in an immense white room, inside a giant pool of... black goo, my head hurting like someone had used a hammer on it. But the strangest thing was that when I looked at my hands, they weren't there. In fact, it was like I was invisible, only I could not even touch my body with my invisible hands. I touched my face and my hands went through it. Of course, I screamed like crazy for what seemed like hours. Time passed, I felt hungry and thirsty and I kind of wanted to use the bathroom, but that made no sense as I realized I had not a body. The place was well illuminated, despite the fact I could not see lamps or where the light came from. It was like the light came from all the room at once, but was not strong enough to bug me, and, at that time, where the light came from was the least of my worries.

Even more time passed. It was so silent that I counted over ten thousand of my heartbeats. After I got tired of counting, I tried to stop my non-existent heart, and it worked! I then tried the same with my pain, hunger, thirst, and my need to use the facilities, if there were any there. It was not easy but I made it; it took what seemed like weeks. All that time, the weirdness of the situation did not bug me much, while I would have normally freaked out at the idea of my heart stopping, even if it was for only a brief moment.

Then I tried to get out of the goo. I swam around with my non-existent arms and legs until I got tired; not physically tired, mentally tired of doing the same stuff for so long as I was not moving anywhere. I tried to think the goo was not there, but it did not work. I tried to think myself out of the goo, and I slowly, very slowly, moved out of it, until not even my non-existent tiptoes could feel the goo touching them anymore.

"Now what?" I asked myself. Since I was not in the goo anymore, I really did not feel anything. It was scary, but I did not want to go back there, so I started to think. Was I dead? If I was, how come I still existed? "Yeah, I exist, with only thoughts and feelings. Is this the afterlife? Nah, there is no afterlife. I must still be alive and dreaming this." I tried to wake up, but it did not work. I waited to see if I would wake up, as I knew time meant nothing in dreams, but that got boring pretty fast.

"OK, anyone there? I got out the goo. Any more to do? Any clues?" I said out loud. Nothing. I started to laugh. This was kind of funny, but I did not know why. I just thought it was funny compared to what I had heard about the after life. Then I noticed I was still breathing. "Maybe I should stop doing it?" With a heart that no longer beat, it was kind of pointless, so I stopped breathing. I did not feel the need for air, just the urge to breath, but I just ignored it. Compared to suppressing my bodily needs and pain, it was nothing. Still, there was just the bodiless me and the goo, so I tried to think up a door to get out of the room, but nothing happened. I tried creating a window, a cave, a hole; nothing again.

"OK, guys, the joke is over. I know I am dead. What's next?" No response. Maybe this was some kind of light version of hell, being alone for all eternity. Sure it did not seem like a big punishment at first, but if people stuck on deserted islands had gone crazy, what would happen to me if I was alone for all eternity? Still, that sounded more like a version of purgatory than Hell...

No, it could not be forever. If souls existed, it would be easier to recycle them instead of constantly creating new ones. So, I presumed that after some time in hell, limbo or whatever, the souls where designated to new bodies.

"Maybe I don't need to think of an exit, but just about moving someplace else." I thought, trying to think of a place where I would like to be, but I was not in the mood to be home, as I didn't want to see if my dead body was still there. I started to think about the sea, about a lonely beach in summer, with no one there but me. I closed my non-existent eyes and pictured the place, and when I opened them again, I was there.

So, I went to the sea and touched the water. Unlike the goo, I could not feel it. It looked like I needed feet to sense the water, but what feet? If they wanted me to keep my old feet, they would have left me with at least a copy of my old body.

I felt tired... I did not know why. Maybe it was the new place where I was since I had not felt tired in the room with goo. I sat over the sand, spreading my phantom body and decided to try to take a nap. It did not work.

"Looks like I need a corporeal body to sleep." I started to think what body would be best. I pictured my old self: a Caucasian man of thirty-three years, six feet tall with shoulder-length greasy, black hair, black eyes, 176 lbs, already starting to go bald. Did I really want to go back to that?

I could do better. Just then I remembered my cat fetish. I could be a cat and have a lazy life. No worries about work, school, paying taxes, just living in a comfy house with a friendly family that took care of me. No! That did not make sense. Why be a cat on a beach? I did not want to be a dumb animal and maybe I would get stuck like that! Even if I retained my mind, what would be the use? Plus felines did not live as long as humans.

"Too bad all those alternate universes with magic and beast-men do not exist," I thought. Still, I needed a body to sleep, and my old one would have to do. I suddenly started to breathe, my heart beating, lungs and heart hurting for the effort, like they had never had to work before. I looked myself all over and found I was back in my human body, only naked. I could not help but to despise it. I still kind of liked my deep black eyes, but that was about the only thing I liked about it.

I did not care, it was good to feel again, even if it hurt. I lay lazily on the beach and closed my eyes. For the moment, that was as good as paradise to me... Sadly, it would not last.

* * * * *

After a few minutes, someone poked my stomach with a stick. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful cat-creature I had ever seen. A white-furred cat-woman goddess with beautiful emerald cat-lights for eyes. She had a fine, sleek figure, and two firm, but small, B-cup breasts. She was naked, save for the fur, and seemed to be just slightly shorter than myself.

She said something in a strange language I could not understand, mostly mews and moving her tail. She extended her right front paw to me, as if she wanted to help me stand up. I grabbed it and stood in front of her before I noticed the erection sprouting from my groin and covered it with my free hand, ashamed of myself.

The white cat-woman smiled and seemed to act curious, trying to peek at what I was hiding under my hand. The way she stretched her body, moving her head down to see at my groin, kind of scared me. I guess that since she looked human, I did not think she could do that. She poked her head to my groin after gently moving my hand away. I kind of panicked and tried to run away, but she tackled me, knocking me down to the sand.

She then bit my neck. I screamed, but a numbness seemed to start taking over my body. My cries stopped and I became paralyzed. She spoke to me again... and I found that I could understand what she was saying.

"Here, pinks do not exist. I will make you one of the Kon, like me."

I guessed Kon was what the race of cat-creatures called themselves. I wanted to protest, to scream, to ask what was going on, but the paralysis prevented all that. She then scratched me with her long and sharp claws, leaving deep and bloody wounds in my arms, chest and cheeks, and, yeah, the cheeks on my butt too. Maybe it was because of the paralysis, but I barely felt any pain. She then licked the same wounds she had just caused. After a few minutes of her licking, the wounds sealed and I felt strangely relaxed.

She started to look all over by body, as if searching for something I could not see. She even turned me over, making me lay on my chest and searching my raised butt in front of her. I felt the paralysis fade away from my neck, and I was able to turn my head to see what she was doing. She seemed confused at first, but then I noticed a change of attitude in her, as if she had remembered something.

She scratched my back with her claws. The cuts weren't very deep this time, but they still hurt. My tongue seemed to recover from the paralysis, and I screamed in pain.

"If I do not do this, you die." There was an odd spark in her eyes and I stopped screaming. She started to lick the wounds on my back. In spite of the pain and the oddness of having a sandpaper-like tongue licking my back that I had not felt before because of the numbness, I started to relax again and a gentle purr left my lips. The wounds healed faster than before. She rolled me over to lay on my back once more. She looked at my still-erect shaft with interest, and for a moment I feared she would bite it, but she started to lick it. She was gentle at first, but soon her licks became faster. She started to lick my erect cock tip like it was a lollipop, then sucked it fast and hard. I started to moan, but also noticed some mews escaping my mouth. She put it in her mouth and kept taking more and more of my rod until she had taken it whole, getting her head so close that her cold nose was touching my groin area. I moaned and mewed in ecstasy as she started to play with my balls using her left paw, while the right one softy rubbed my butt.

"Oh mew....god!" is all I could say, while drops of my pre-cum were already leaving my shaft. I could see her tail wildly swishing around and tried to move my hand to catch it, but my arm barely moved. I felt the release coming and cat sounds erupted out my mouth while my hot white liquid went down her throat. Her eyes went wide and she clawed hard at my ass while she tried her best to swallow it whole, managing to suppress the gag reflex and take most of it. I let out crying mews of pain and pleasure as I finished cumming in her mouth. Exhausted, I started panting while she cleaned my groin area and her muzzle with her sandpaper tongue.

After she was done, she whispered in my ear something that made me really afraid. I would have run away had not most of my body still been paralyzed. "Dear sister, soon you will know what it's like to be taken by a male."

* * * * *

"No! Please, I do not want that!" I protested, but she grinned and gave me a long tongue kiss. Our tongues danced together, and when I realized my arms could move again, I hugged her tightly to my body.

She broke the hug and sat over my chest, spreading her legs so that I got a good view of her moist pussy. The feline moved her delicate flower closer to my face and ordered, "Lick me!" I had never done that before but I started to lick her slowly and in a timid way. She seemed angry by this and forced my head into her vagina. "Faster!" she shouted, and I obeyed her. She moaned in delight. Without her having to order me again, I stuck my tongue deeper inside her, finding and teasing her clitoris. She mewed, arching her back, clawing the sand with her claws. I went in as deep as I could, noticing my tongue felt somewhat rough and dry, like sandpaper, in spite of her juices wetting it.

"Meow, sooo good!" The feline moaned as I went even faster. After a minute or so, I was greeted with her juices wetting my face as she reached her climax with a loud mix of moans and mews. Then she stood up and cleaned my face, licking her own juices away.

The feline decided to rub and suck my nipples, making them feel hard and swollen. As she kept up the treatment, I noticed my chest getting heavier as two small, pink mounds developed under my nipples. For some reason, I did not complain, not even when they started to get round, blossoming into twin B-cup breasts that felt odd, yet pleasant, from being licked, rubbed and sucked.

"NoooOh... Please stop... I do not want to be female," I finally managed to say.

She stopped playing with my tits and poked my shaft. That was still fully erect. "Your body seems to say otherwise, sister."

"No, this is not what I want!" I screamed in protest. I could finally feel my legs again, so I stood up and ran away as fast as I could, giving one quick look back while still running and noticed that she did not chase me. I kept running, strangely going faster than ever before, until I looked back for the fourth time and realized that I had lost sight of her. I stared at my breasts in shame, not even daring to touch them. While it was true this world was a fantasy come true, I wanted to be a Tom, not a Queen.

I sat on the beach holding back my tears. I should have remained in the white room, at least I was safe there. I closed my eyes and tried to go back there, but I couldn't, maybe because I now had a body. I tried to focus on making my body disappear, but it did not work. That made me cry. I was destined to be a cat-girl; it was just a matter of time.

Time passed by. I kept on crying until fatigue got me and I fell asleep. I did not remember what my dreams were about, but I woke up screaming hours later when the night had fallen and the moon was full. I looked myself all over; my breasts were still there and my tongue was still dry and rough. I felt great relief that no other changes had happened. That feeling lasted until I stared at my groin area and noticed my pack had shrunken to baby size.

"Did you sleep well... sister?" asked the cat-girl, standing next to me. I had been so focused on looking myself all over that I had not noticed her until she talked to me. I did not like how she paused before saying the word, "Sister".

"No, I did not," I said, glaring at her. "Why? Why do I have to be turned into a girl?" I was enraged, struggling to hold back my tears. I had never been so emotional before I started to change.

"Because you were male in your other life, that is why."

Maybe this really was some kind of after-life? "So, I'm dead?" I stared into her emerald eyes, her calmness making me nervous.

"You almost died, but the Ri saved you."

"The Ri?"

"They are a race of sentient energy beings who use full-body armor. My people used to worship them as gods. Some still do."

"So, why did they save me? And please explain why I now have to be female just because I was male before."

"The Ri do all kinds of experiments and trades with other races. In your case, they wanted to know what you would you do if given the choice to be any creature you wanted. Since you picked feline, they sent you to this planet. You will be female because they want to know how a former male pink would act being a female Kon. The reason they picked a dying pink was because the favor of saving your life would compensate any setbacks."

"And how do you fit into all this?" I felt fascinated by the idea that creatures so advanced that they could turn a person from one species into another existed.

"They asked me to accept you into my family. What I said before is true. If you do not change, you will die," she said and hugged me. For some reason, I hugged back. "I will take care of you, sister. I promise on my tail."

As she embraced me, my whole body got warmer. My bones ached, my head hurting. Everything went blurry for a moment, and when my vision finally cleared again, I noticed I was almost a head shorter than she was and that all the hair on my body had fallen around me. I felt humiliated at being bald and hairless.

"I am NOT your sister, ok?" I said, suddenly pushing her away and now having to raise my head to look into her eyes.

"What is wrong with wanting to adopt you as my sister?"

My pride hurt as I had to admit to myself that it was not a bad idea. After all, I was on an alien planet and soon I was going to be in an alien body, of a different gender, and without help I would be doomed.

My butt started to hurt. I looked at it and noticed a small nub growing over my tailbone that slowly elongated and thickened, forming a long skin-covered tube. I was so fascinated with it that I could not stop staring at it while the tube filled with blood and flesh, my tailbone growing and filling it. I unconsciously wagged the new appendage back and forth, watching as it covered with gray fur, becoming a tail.

"You won't force me to have sex with a male, will you?" I asked. She crossed her arms and said nothing, just staring at me.

"Won't you answer?" Her silence somewhat scared me.

Suddenly, my head hurt as if it were being hammered on. Just seconds later, my nose turned pink while it flattened, shrank a bit and turned up. My ears hurt, causing a groan escaped my mouth. My upper lip swelled, my canine teeth lengthening in my mouth and cat whiskers sprouted from my cheeks. My ears curled over and became pointed, wandering towards the top of my head, becomming triangular in shape, the outsides covering in black fur while the insides turned pinkish.

I was still getting used to the better hearing I suddenly gained, when I felt an even greater pain as a feline muzzle formed. My eyes closed for a second and when I opened them again, I knew they were now rounder and bigger with narrow black pupils. Yet the head pain did not stop until my muzzle was finished forming, my jaws now extending out a few inches.

"You are getting beautiful, sister." The tone she used made me growl, as it seemed that she was mocking me. Then I noticed it was my hands' turn to change as they started to itch. I looked at them as they became hard and padded, having grown soft pink mounds on my palms, while my fingers shortened a bit, getting stubby as my fingernails grew an inch longer and retracted inside the fingers themselves.

Then she jumped at me and, without much resistance on my part, licked and sucked my baby-like penis, giving me a small bit of pleasure until she stopped. I mewled as I felt some pain before my pack then sucked inside, turning around, a delicate vagina forming. I felt really weird as some inner changes happened, and I sadly guessed that I had won a fully-functional female reproductive system. She ignored my cries for my lost manhood and teased my new clitoris with her paw, making me blush and moan.

My neck felt warmer as my Adam's apple shrank away until it vanished; I touched my neck and felt the flat skin there. "Stop this now!" I screamed, suddenly noticing my new female voice, but she just stuck a finger inside my vagina, making me let out a deep mew of surprise. My feet hurt as they got a bit smaller and more delicate, with smooth slender ankles. They also became hard and padded, pink paws grew under my soles, while retractable claws replaced my fingernails. Gray fur appeared, covering my feet and hands, expanding across my skin to the rest of my body, while my chest also started to grow fur that covered my breasts, leaving only the nipples untouched, before starting to spread down my stomach.

"Force me, sister!" She pushed her finger deeper inside me and once more I remembered I just had no choice in this. I noticed my hips getting wider while my ass became bigger, nice and firm. By then my whole body was hurting, my legs had grown long and shapely, while my waist subtly shrank in, the excess body fat starting to burn away, the skin quickly accommodating the changes, giving my body the hourglass shape most guys would find attractive.

The gray fur finally decided to finish covering my, by then, exhausted body. The changes had taken much out of me, and I had not eaten in a long time, so I just fainted. But not before being humiliated further by climaxing due to all the attention my so called "sister" had given me.

* * * * *

I woke up, still naked, inside a small hut that was illuminated by the dim lights of nine candles set in the center of the place. I looked at myself sadly, noticing that I was still a damn gray-furred cat girl!

I sat up and started to cry, then a feline creature entered the hut. I could not help but to smile; she was so cute and adorable!

"Did she hurt you?" the small cat-girl asked. She had white fur with small brown spots, the same emerald eyes of the cat-girl who had changed me, and I guessed that she was about eight or maybe nine years of age in human years. Her frame was small and undeveloped, but that was okay for her age, I guess. She was also naked and seemed to have not shame for it, but maybe the fact I was not male anymore helped with that.

"Yes," I said, instantly assuming she was talking about the cat-girl that changed me.

"My big sister Blanca can be mean sometimes... Hi, my name is Casta�a. What's yours?" she asked, moving her tail.

"Mark White... " I whispered and rubbed my tears away. It was nice to see a friendly face.

"Really? Are you sure it's not Grisa or Niebla?" she asked, confused.

"Sorry, but that's my name," I said.

"Can't I give you a better name? Your name is confusing!" She looked at me, begging with those cute green eyes of hers.

"It's not going to be Grisa or Niebla, right?"

"Eh... Sure! I'm smart. I can think of something better... What about..." She started to think, looking around the hut as if trying to get ideas. "Um-mm, how about... Vela?"

"That's just Spanish for candle!"

"I do not know who that Spanish person is, but Vela does mean candle. Is it such a bad name?"

She looked like she was about to cry, so I got closer and started to rub her feline ears. "I think Vela is a beautiful name."

"Hmm, thank you, Vela," Casta�a said, hugging me. We stayed like that for a moment. Then Blanca, the one who had changed me, entered the hut.

"It's nice to see you being nice with your new sister, Grisa."

"Her name is Vela," Casta�a protested.

"Oh... fine. At least you did not name her Gatita or something," Blanca said, approaching. "So Vela, ready to meet your new family?"

"No, I am not."

"Perfect, lets go." She took hold of my right arm, dragging me away from Casta�a and outside the hut.

There was a group of nearly two dozen cat-women and cat-girls sitting in a big circle in the center of the town. She dragged me to the center of the circle and finally let my arm free, but it was almost impossible for me to run away with so many of them there. I was scared since they were all staring at me, some with curiosity, others with the same lust I had seen in Blanca when I was still a guy. A few had a look of disapproval.

"This is Vela, a gift from the Ri. Will you accept her into the family?" she asked, almost screaming. I was a gift? I kind of felt insulted hearing that. I decided that the best thing to do would be to stay still. I was at their mercy and did not want to make them angry.

The oldest cat-woman looked about thirty-five in human years, and her fur was not unlike that of a tiger. She stood up and came close to me, looking my body all over while she slowly walked in circles around me. Then she pulled my tail gently. I yelped. She smiled and rubbed my breasts for a moment. A gentle mew of satisfaction escaped my lips. Then she lowered her head and gave a single long lick to my female labia, making me let out a soft moan.

"Impressive. So you say she was a male pink before?" the tigress woman asked. Blanca gave her a nod of agreement.

"I say she can stay. What do you think, sisters?" the tigress screamed. Almost every cat-women and cat-girl stood up and mewed. For some reason, I knew I had been accepted. I was still scared but it was nice to know they wanted me with them.

Blanca tapped my shoulder. She was happy. She whispered in my ear, "I just risked my tail for you, so be a good sister and hug me!"

I did not really want to give her a hug, but let's just say I got caught up in the moment and... I kind of needed it too, okay?


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