John Doe

by Majjin
Published: Dec 1st, 2003


Woman to Hen & Man to Doe.


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John Doe - Gokmajjin

John Doe  � by
Gokmajjin aka majjin buu

Includes mature themes under 18 don't read to all others
I know this is the oldest storyline but what do ya do its cool


John was a senior in collage and the star quarterback for his team. The
good looking brown haired teen was known was known as a bit of an ass around
women but only women who dated him knew others such as Tiffany Walker were
oblivious or wanted his macho personality as she jumped in his brand new Porsche
and drove her to a hidden building in the middle of no where " hey Tiffany in
school your were looking for a bad boy who knew how to cause trouble well
here's your proof state of the art technology alarms and so forth well were
gonna tp and egg this place" she looked at him unimpressed "tp and egg what
are you six ? Listen we'll break in I hear that _________ Laboratories makes a
bunch of expensive drugs if we get them and sell them we'll be rich " she
seemed to savor the thought "and them we'll tp and egg the place just for
fun" she laughed quietly, after she stopped they headed over the fence unaware
that a small camera had heard and saw they head said and did. Inside doc watched
the screen that showed the outside camera's "idiots hmmm I haven't had any
fun since Michelle so lets greet our little friends " he laughed as he pushed
some buttons on the console before him. As Tiffany and John crept forward the
lights came on "shit "Tiffany shouted grabbing the carton of eggs and
throwing the eggs at the two guards coming out of the building, they both ran
toward the fence, John climbed up and over while Tiffany climbed up "awww fuck
I'm stuck John get me off now!!!" John looked at the approaching guards and
ran "john you bastard "Tiffany screamed as the guards grabbed her and
briskly took her inside. Inside a man in a white lab coat walked toward Tiffany
" I see you like egging our guards and trying to steal things which you
don't understand you see Mrs. Tiff-" she screamed out " I didn't do
anything it was John's idea to steal from here and egg it his name is John Doe
he lives at-" she was interrupted by his laughing " Mrs. Tiffany I know for
a fact it was you with the idea of stealing the recording is right here" he
said pushing a button showing their conversation " and second you egg my
guards then try to lead me on a wild goose chase about who's to blame stop
being chicken and tell the truth on second thought that gives me an idea you
want our chemicals have one" he smirks as he pulls a syringe with a purple
liquid in it and tells the guards "strip her and hold her after I'm done
throw her in cell 31" the men quickly strip her leaving only her waist long
brown hair covering her firm round 44d cup breasts. "Bend her over " he
tells the guards as Tiffany screams out in pain as the syringe goes up in her
ass. Tiffany feels the needle pull out and she is thrown in a small cell with
white walls" no let me out oh my god what did you fuckers do to me." A voice
rings out from the speakers "don't worry about John he'll get his own
I've already had his car towed and I have several guards waiting for him."
In all his life John had never been this scared as he ran out to the main road
" what the hell where is my car" four guards rush tackle him and drag him
back in the building "Being ever so naughty Mr. Doe" he laughed " now see
what your friend suffers" he said nonchalantly as John was strapped to a metal
table with a TV screen overhead. The TV clicked on and it showed Tiffany in a
room beating the door. Tiffany was pissed "you can't do this fuckers " she
shouted at the top of her lungs banging on the door. "I'm afraid we can and
have Mrs. Tiffany" came the speaker again "you look lonely here's some
company" she turned expecting John but was angry when a small door opened
letting out a rooster "is this a joke you're si-" she dropped to the
ground clutching her stomach " what did you do to me" she groaned her
stomach felt like it was churning and her skin felt itchy "AHHHH!!!" she
screamed as white feathers popped up her body leaving only her legs uncovered.
She tried to scream but it came out as a loud screech as her lips fused together
forming a beak and her vocal cords changed. Her vagina burst out with slimy
liquids and she let out another screech. She began to shrink in size as her
vagina moved toward her ass as tail feathers popped out. The rooster had been
watching with interest and quickly moved toward his new hen as his cock poked
out and penetrated her waiting vagina after a few minutes of trying to detach
herself, she resigned herself and let nature take its course after he released
his cum he exited and sat down nearby. She screamed with her chicken voice as
the final changes took place as her legs grew hard and scaly her arms bent into
wings. She sat down with her head down looking at the ground clucking softly.
The TV clicked off and John laid there in stunned silence, Doc looked at him and
broke the silence by saying "you will be given a different treatment the first
will be this injection" holding up a large syringe with a clear liquid in it.
" What is that gonna do " he said with sweat edging his brow. Doc smiled a
evil grin, "we'll lets find out shall we" John screamed as Doc pushed the
injection right in his penis " what the hell you're a sick fool" he
screamed as it was pulled out Doc laughed again and said "I don't appreciate
mischief around here and that injection you took will begin to work right about
now enjoy" John felt a warmth in his stomach that seemed to grow and expand
throughout his body " what did you do to me " he said softly groaning. John
watched as his penis seemed to shrink and go into his body with a loud pop,
inside he could feel it stretching, expanding inside of him, when suddenly his
attention was brought to his chest which quickly expanded into two firm bouncy
44d cup breasts, he screamed out in ecstasy as they grew in a high soprano
voice. He could feel his waist shrink and hips expand into the perfect hourglass
shape every man dreamed about, his cheekbones came in his lips expanded into
perfect kissing lips soft smooth, and ruby red, and his brown hair fell out and
was replaced by golden blond hair that went to his feet. "Well Joan" said
Doc smirking " I think you developed nicely now get this shirt on and clean up
where your friend's eggs hit." Joan looked down and screamed then put on the
shirt that failed to cover her much because her breasts got in the way leaving
her chest down unexposed before Joan could leave he told her "don't try to
escape a little part of this injection makes dependent on a substance you only
get here without it you will die" Joan nodded scared and defeated and walked
out. When Joan had walked out Doc watched her through the cameras when she was
done with the job he pushed a button on the control panel and snickered "this
is where the real fun begins" he said. Outside Joan had just finished when she
heard a loud snap of a twig "who's there?" she said out in alarm. Out of
the dark stepped a man totally naked Joan gasped the man had an aroma that made
her soaking wet. The man approached her, grunted and grabbed her "let me go"
she screamed "some one help" the man roughly ripped off her shirt leaving
her new pendulous breasts swinging in the breeze. She tried to run but her brain
was working against her drawn toward the animalistic aroma of the man who
grabbed her and held her down on all fours and plunged his penis into her, past
her virgin cunt into her very being. She gasped realizing what was going on but
was nearly washed away by the waves of pleasure she began to push against his
thrusts bringing both of them to new heights of ecstasy. She screamed aloud
"fuck me harder harder NOW!!!" her voice was taken away as she experienced
her first orgasm then second then third in a row, the man grunted again as he
shot his seed in her. Joan was appalled at what she had done, but as his cock
pulled out she found herself longing for more. She had no time to think on this
as five guards came up and grabbed both, dragging them inside. Doc sat in front
of Joan rapping his fingers lightly then leaned in close and said, "So Joan
how did it feel? Did you scream out for more as he pounded into you?" He
laughed and looked at her deadly serious " Joan I know you enjoyed it but you
don't understand what fully happened to you, besides his incredible hormones
he his a trigger for those who have the right stuff you " he said bringing up
the empty syringe he had injected her with " have that right stuff and don't
worry about your good friend Buck" he chuckled "he'll be in here with you
in his well true form "he sneered as he walked "have fun." Joan sat in the
room all alone when a door opened and a buck walked in snorting and sniffing the
air. "What the he-"she was cut off as her stomach bulged showing obvious
pregnancy she fell on all fours screaming as she noticed brown and white fur
creeping up her body, while red spots bulged out showing her new teats. Joan
tried to scream again as her hands fused into shiny black hooves as her arms
lengthened but all that came out was grunting. Joan stood all fours horrified as
the final changes took place, her breasts being absorbed into her body, her
vagina moving towards her rear and finally the tail sticking out. Over the
intercom the voice of Doc cackled "don't worry my dear your not alone
another one who thought it was to cross me is going to be in there and buck's
quite a gentle lover." He laughed as Joan joined another doe by Buck.

"Times New Roman";mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:EN-US;
mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">PROLOUGE Joan had many young fawn as did the other doe
and through time her brain became less repulsed against bucks mating desires.
Meanwhile Tiffany was the mother of a good many clutches but hated mating with
her roosters.


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