by Kurst
Published: Dec 1st, 2003


Man to Dog.


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A gift story for changes of
By Kurst ( (Gift Art by James Thrashwolf

Justin thought it would be one of those days as he entered the office. Rumors of the business closing had been running rampant between the remaining employees. And today was an all staff meeting. The beginning of the meeting started the way every employee expected, the talk of a difficult year, of a challenging today, and how in the future we will need to take tough decisions. As the speech continued it became apparent that it wasn't a talk of down sizing. Justin felt confident in ignoring the rest of the speech until his name was called from his co-workers. Embarrassed he went up to stand by his fellow boss and he told everyone how wonderful an employee he has been. And to kick it off, in front of the group he was told he was going to be given a two week all expense paid vacation at an exclusive resort starting next week. Stunned and shocked for the whole day Justin went through his routines at the glaring envious eyes of his co-worker.

It wasn't until he was leaving that he realized it wasn't exactly work free. The boss had a pure bred golden retriever waiting to be picked up and would be dropped off at the resort. Justin was responsible for picking it up and shipping it through customs.

The trip started off slow, once he arrived in Mexico he could not find any information about the dog, what was worse was he was required to have a "free breakfast" and sit through a time-share sale. A bad way to start a vacation, free or not.

But that was a start. As the sun set and he explored the city his stay started to be a vacation. And in the next few days he spent time on the beach, listening to the ocean, seeing the stray dogs beg for food and just sitting and watching the ladies walking across the beach. Justin just felt that this vacation was finally going right, That this vacation was the perfect way to get over the lay offs, the office struggles, and his own job security are all just a faded memory as he spent his days sunning on the beach.

And it was as Justin was relaxing on the beach when a young lady walked up to him. Petit in size she smiles and asks, "Is your name Justin?"

He looks at her. Dressed in white with a patch for 'Pleasure Hands' he tries to remember where he has seen that name, "Yes, that's me."

"You can schedule a free full body deep massage." she smiles at him.

He cocks his head, "free" echos in his thoughts. Nothing is free even on this vacation. "A free massage?" He asked the young lady.

"Part of package - all paid." She smiles at him.

"Not part of trying to sell anything?" he sits up quizzing her.

"No, it's all free, no sale. Part of hotel package." she smiles back at him.

He sighed with relief, he didn't have to duck a time-share or ride some hey ingesting creature. "How about tomorrow afternoon?"

She writes on a piece of paper with the time and the location and hands it to him and walks away. Justin smiles and puts the paper next to his drink and relaxes for the rest of the day in the warm tropical sun.

The next day Justin arrived at the location on time to a group of smiling ladies. He smiled at the group of ladies and announced his arrival. They talked amongst each other, in another language, laughing and giggling until one stands forward. Her stature is small and dainty. Someone Justin didn't expect to be giving him his massage. She ushers him forward, "My name is Margarita. I will be giving you your massage."

Justin blinked, she couldn't possible give him her the massage he expect, "Will you be able to give me my deep massage?" He knew the answer, no matter what they always answer yes.

She stops and smiles at him, "I am fully trained and licensed in America in the art of masseuse." She looks him over, "I don't think I will have problems with you."

She ushers him into a little room. On the sides of the wall beautiful Greek woman pouring water are drawn. The back of the room opens up to a beautiful outdoor scene of trees, running water, and the flowing water of the ocean hitting the beach. In the middle of the room was a white clothed table, a long pillow to place his feet, a bottle of water, a towel and a round padded half circle at the end of the table.

Justin opens the bottle of water and continues to look around the room looking behind him. An ornate sign lists the rules and instructions for what he needs to do. Reading and drinking most of the rules and instructions are common sense but one he thought was a little strange, "Massage will be cancelled if inappropriate contact is made." He wondered for a bit, thinking how strange it would be to state it. He finishes his cleansing drink and removes all his clothing, placing them into a neat folded pile in the corner. He lay face down with his face resting in the padded ring that is extended off the table.

Justin thinks for a minute in silence. "Should I call her?" He thinks about doing it for a minute when the gentle relaxing music surrounds his ears and he doesn't hear the door open and close behind him. Justin can feel the towel being quietly reshuffled on his ass. She places her hand on his ass and presses hard against his shoulder. Pressing hard and helping him start to relax, Justin starts to feel comfortable with her by his side.

Her gentle motion moved Justin into a relaxed state, a wonderful state where he would let her control his body. Justin could hear her squirt some exotic scented oils onto her hand. They smelled so relaxing, so good he shivered in thoughts of her putting it on him. Almost in time with the next song she starts rubbing the oils down his back and moving her hand on his shoulder blades. Justin felt her pressing and shaping his shoulder blades, cracking and bending to her hands, he feels his shoulder pleasantly move. He groans and lets her continue moving her nimble hands down his back. Rubbing it up and down. Spinning her hands around his body feeling his spine pleasantly move she pushes in his sides. She continues to pound and push his side and sprays some warm liquid that gives his skin a fuzzy feeling.

In the same way, she did his other side. Slowly pushing and shoving his body. Pleasantly sculpturing his body with her hands. Making his body feel all so warm, all so fuzzy. He can feel her hands pouring hot oils over his arm. Feeling the oils melt into his skin as she pulls and tugs his arm causing his whole arm to tingle and feel good. She reaches down to his hand and she pulls each fingernail, one by one, it almost feels like she is painting them with her oils making them curve and turn. She pushes in his fingers and rubbs his hands. Justin could feel his hand melt in her hands like butter; feeling like it was stretching and changing. Justin felt her take his thumb and pull it back. He could swear she was moving and shrinking his thumb. But that was impossible. Justin started to move so he could see his arm. A hand pleasantly pushed his head down, "Keep calm." Justin stops his upward struggle and sighs. She returns to massaging his arm covering it with a thin line of oils. Giving him a warm furry relaxing feeling over his arm.

He sighs and relaxes as she repeats her movements over his other arm, rubbing and pushing his arm and hand to points and feelings he never expected to ever feel. She sets Justin's arm to the side of him and he can hear her walk to his side. The pressure of half the towel was lifted away allowing her gentle fingers to caresses and kneed his soft buttocks.

His muscle turned and swayed and he could just feel his fat and muscle move around his bones in new ways. The twists and turns of her hands kneeded his bones and he could feel them reset into the proper place.

All the while Justin is moaning in absolute pleasure. The feelings were incredible, Justin just couldn't believe what he was feeling. It was just too good to be true; he never felt anything like this. He closed his eyes and let her continue her controlled rampage across his body. Pouring more oils, beating his body and pulling his skin making it feel like he had an extended spine.

Justin felt a gentle furry warm object moving and tickling his balls and ass. Justin realizes that it must be her towel she is using, he thought for a minute to say something. But it felt too good. He didn't want her to stop.
She returned to her work rubbing and massaging his leg, moving her gentle hands up and down rubbing and pulling his muscles and bones into their proper place. Taking each digit of his foot, she rubbed and pushed them, making them feel so new and fresh. They tingled up to Justin's pleasure center, which now knew what heaven felt like. 

Justin didn't get to think very long about how good it felt. He could feel her hands pull and vibrate across his neck. Her finger massage pulsed across his neck until she started to massage his scalp. Her swirling fingers gently massage his scalp, bringing a new clean tingling feeling to his head. He just smiled and looked down. Justin's eyes widened as he could swear he could see his sandy hair on the ground. Justin starts to move his arm, Margarita holds his arm down, "Please enjoy massage."

Justin tensed up "Just think of the cool refreshing ocean." her soothing voice went over the music. Justin let go and relaxed letting his muscles just go. "That's a good boy" Justin took a deep breath and could feel Margarita continue his massage. Her slender fingers move all over his ears. The music became louder and even more detailed to him. He thought to himself 'this is a good effect of being relaxed.' Margarita flowed over him going inside and out, moving them, pulling them, to a point of thinning them until his ears felt they were newly born.

"Roll over" her voice breaks the soothing rhythms of the music. Justin tried to move his muscles and body but he felt SOOOO relaxed he didn't feel he had the power in him to move. After a bit he felt her soft hands push his limp body over and drape a towel over his privates. Justin felt all his limbs fall in wrong, uncomfortable positions. Justin opens his eye to see the white ceiling and hears Margarita soothing heavenly voice, "Just relax. Will fix." She closes Justin's eyelids for him so he can go back into his black heavenly world. Justin could feel her fingers move and position his arms and legs. In positions he never though would be comfortable, but with the fine guiding of Margarita they were.

His smile returned as she poured oil over his face. Her hands pound his forehead, massage his cheeks and pull on his lips and nose. Margarita takes a much more stronger smelling peppermint oil and rubs it into his nose. Intense pleasant smells flooded his nose and Justin's whole face tingles with ABSOLUTE pleasure. Justin groaned and she places her mint flavor fingers in his cheek. She scrubbed and pushed her way around his mouth. Justin started to bawk at the intrusion but Margarita petted and played with the hair on his head. Justin just loved that feeling and let her go scratch his tongue and play with his teeth.

Her hand gently closed Justin's maw and her hands pressed and pounded his stomach knocking his breath from him for a minute and the next returning a pleasant euphoric feeling across his body. Her hands traveled up to his chest where she tweaked his sides and pulled on his rib cage.

The whole experience was nothing like he has EVER experienced. He felt his whole body relax in ways that he never thought possible. It was as if he was just a slab of blubber ready to be molded for the world. He thought it was over, and then he felt her hands tweak his nipples. Almost feeling like they are moving downward lower into his body. Another pinches in unison follow, then another, and finally one uncomfortably close.

Her hands move the towel away and he could feel the wind blowing on his naked privates. He feels Margarita start to grope and feel his fertile sack.
Justin opened his eyes and tried to sit up. All he could do was move his long canine neck to point his snout at his body. His black nose blocked part of his view as he looked upon his golden furred canine body. "UH!" he looked at his forelegs, a perfect canine specimen. His canine chest, which extended to his legs, where Margarita was playing with his out of place human scrotum and penis. She squirts some oil on her hand and rubs his contracting balls, sending an erotic signal to his shocked body. She finishes with his now canine balls and looks up into the blue fearful eyes of her subject. 

Justin just screamed. He screamed as loud as he could. His snout let out the loudest human scream his canine body could scream. Margarita bent down and calmly placed a towel into his mouth. Muffled he tried to communicate; he tried to ask his thoughts, what is happening! But she ignored him and poured some red and gold oils on his human circumcised cock. She smiles and rubs happily to the music. Lengthening and changing, the cock formed fur around the outside providing a fur toy. Justin's muffled voice tried to say stop, tried to beg and plead for her not to do it but she ignored. In frustration he swished back and forth trying to throw out the towel. With pressure she pushes down his cock hard. He tried to scream with all his voice. His cock melted and burned joining his penis to his body. She placed her fingers at the edge of his foreskin and pushed down, separating his beat red cock from his now formed sheath. Uncontrollably he moans and she pushes down further loosening and escaping his cock from the sheath. With long motions she pushed up and down on his cock base. She pops out a knot from his sheath and smiles. His human cockhead stands in contrast to his doggy body. He watches with horror as she washes away his cockhead in a bath of red oils. She rubs his tummy, slaps his ass, pulls out the towel, and silently leaves the room.

Alone, Justin could only stare as his glistening red tip slipped back into his sheath.

And then silence. His sheath finally engulfed his cock and he just screamed. For minutes he screamed and cried tears out of his blue human eyes. His numb pleasant feeling canine body quivered as it ignored all his attempts to move. Margarita silently returned to the room Justin didn't notice until she was already stroking his legs.

"What the fuck did you did to me?" Justin's human voice strangely comes out of his golden body. Margarita didn't answer but smiled, hiding something from his view.

"Why are you doing this to me!?" Justin screams showing his canine teeth.

She moves her hand under the snapping muzzle and slowly pet him, moving her hand up his jaw. "Downsizing" is all she says as he locks his jaw open.

Justin struggles and tries to speak, "Stoop Pleause stooooopppppp" the rest of his words were stopped by the hot oils poured into his throat. He tried to spit the foul liquid out but she quickly closed and clenched his muzzle. He struggled but Margarita pinches his nose, "Swallow" He swishes his head, refusing to comply. She grips harder, "Rather be a bitch, neutered, or dead?" Justin gulps hard, feeling the burning liquid rip away his human voice. She lets go and his head falls against the table. He yelps and whines moving his head side to side. Justin tries to tell her to stop, to come back, to change him back. But it all comes out as barks and whines.

Alone, he didn't move. He still lay on his back in disbelief, watching his chest breathe up and down. Stopping his breath, he watches his canine chest stop moving. Justin wished that chest would just sit there dead. He breathes in deep, his golden fur moves up in time with his breath. He relentlessly tries to fake out, hoping that this canine trick was some illusion brought by the oils that were poured on him.

Justin gave up; he just couldn't believe that this was happening. "There must be some..." His thoughts were stopped as he saw his paw move, Justin became excited he could move his paw. He wondered and he rolled over onto his nice soft belly. He looked around the room, it looked the same but there was no way for him to get out. Justin noticed Margarita slowly walk towards him. Her rubber gloved hand held a small plastic baggie. She stops moving towards the puzzled dog, "Please be a good boy and let me get a sample."

That sounded so wrong to Justin, not what he wanted to hear. His hair bristled and his teeth bared. "Bad dog, bad dog!" Margarita scolded and tries to move close to him. Justin repositions his snarling snout blocking her moves closer to him. "You know what happens to bad dogs? Neutering or putting down. Now be a good doggie and let me get a sample." She kneels down and Justin thought a minute about her threat and barked at her. Noticeably surprised she takes a step back and looks at him. Matching her stare with Justin's human blue eyes. Her stern look turns to a smile and she leaves the room.

Justin lunges to try and escape but the door slams shut and he bounces off the door. Nothing escapes his eye; he looks for ways to escape, to be free. But nothing, nothing in the room would help. He wanders around the room, pawing any spot, any item in the room looking for a way to escape.

His sensitive ears pick up the doors muffled noise. A girl wearing a simple dress and bright big smile looks into the room. She sees Justin and starts to walk cautiously to him. He looked at her and she seemed not to be a masseuse or someone who would work for the company. She might even help. How to communicate with her was the puzzle he was working on. He first tried to say help, he pressed his lips and worked his vocal chords, and let out a whine. She looked confused, "Are you hurt?" He looked around the room, looking for something to write and communicate with. Nothing. In frustration he barked S.O.S. She got down on her knees, and looked into his deep blue eyes, "Are you trying to speak to me?" Justin must have made some sense to her. She taps the ground, "Come over here boy." With renewed optimizm he walked over to her. She stroked his fur, "What's wrong doggie?"

With renewed hope Justin tried to say, "I'm human" which came out as a whine and a solid bark to the untrained human ear. She strokes his fur moving her hands up to his face and held his head fast. Justin knew something was just not right. He couldn't place it but he felt something cold and wet get pressed against his ass. He moved his head but she held tight. His ass opened up to the invading plastic tube shoved up his ass. The girl held his head tight and all he can do is open his eyes wider as the invading tube spread its load up into his ass.

For minutes he tried to escape her tight grasp. Finally the tube was withdrawn and a sharp pain from being slapped on his ass gave him enough energy to break her grip and slam to the other side of the room. He turned his back to the wall and looked at the scene. The girl was joined by Margarita when he wasn't looking. Margarita said something, in English; at least he thought it was English. Justin realizes it was English he just didn't understand it, "The bastards took my ability to understand English", he thought to himself. They continued to talk, Justin tried to understand what they were plotting but not even one word was understandable, his mind couldn't comprehend what they were saying.

He didn't notice what was he doing, until he started licking and cleaning his own asshole. Justin was repulsed, disgusted, and not in control. He tried to stop himself licking the gooey liquid but his brain kept doing it. It was the natural thing to do. Unable to stop he kept licking and cleaning his ass of all the traces of oils and chemicals that were plunged in his ass.

Margarita smiles and watches Justin clean himself. When she was satisfied that he was done she speaks, "Stand." Justin refused the command, but his body disobeys. He stands erect and proud. Showing off his canine body. "Stay" she walks around to his side and pet his soft fur. He feels calm, but deep in his mind he knows he should be attacking her. But those thoughts were trapped, not allowed to come out. He whines to her, hoping she will take pity or at least tell him why. She slides a cloth under his nose, an erotic scent flows into his mind.

Justin saw flashes of another golden retriever. Smelling all so good. She lifts her tail up, winking in hot heat to him.

Margarita waited a few seconds. Waiting for the pheromones to take hold. Once she noticed he was panting heavy she leans down and pull back his sheath exposing his pre-cumming tip. In anticipation of his release she puts a collecting bag around his cock.

Justin could just imagine licking her vagina, lubricating the bitch's ass to get ready for his deep entry. Justin knew it wasn't real but his brain…. It's not working right…. Justin thought hard. Trying to fight the… Feelings… the smells… the instincts. Justin's eyes widened he was giving into instincts. He could feel the plastic bag and rubber glove press against his cock head. His mind knew it wasn't real but the instincts said differently, he just felt like he was pressing his meat into the tight oven of a bitch. He humps the air furiously, imagining the whole while that he was mounting a bitch.

Margarita let Justin do all the work rubbing his cock off the glove and plastic bag. His cock jitters, he howls, and his precious sperm sample comes spurting out of his cock. Wave after wave of pleasure hits Justin. His thoughts move from his predicament to mating.

Margarita was satisfied by the quantity of the sample and she let go of his still pulsing penis. Justin was confused and didn't know where his bitch went. He sniffed his cock; it didn't smell like he was in a bitch. But it was dirty so he licked his cock. His bright red tongue rubbed against his knot to his tip. A shiver of pleasure gave him some reaffirmation that what he was doing was right. He spent time cleaning his sheathing cock, not noticing Margarita has left. Justin thoughts stayed a hazy version of his human intelligence, still clouded by sex and other canine needs.

Some time later his human thoughts bubble up and he panicked. He didn't want to look like a dog but even worse he didn't want to think like a dog. His howls and yips of panics weren't answered. He paced, he thought - he didn't know what to do. It looked like he was stuck as a dog, at least for now. His thirst welled up pushing his instincts up to the forefront of his mind. His thoughts of his tragedy became just a bubble as his dry parched mouth becomes the main focus. He sniffs, he shuffles, he scratches the door.

Margarita enters the room with a bowl of water and some simple dry dog food. He wags and salivates in anticipation of getting his primal needs fed. His excitement even pushed his tip out of his sheath, exposing how anxious he was to eat. She put down the bowls and he hungrily ate while she slowly caressed his sleek body. Petting and probing, Margarita moves her hands across his body, checking him out for imperfections while he drank and ete his fill from the bowls.

Justin felt her soft hands caress his body. Probing his hocks and groin. But Justin's only worry was that she would take the food away. Justin hungrily ate sloppy from the food bowl dripping and dropping what he would of found nauseous food from his mouth. All finished Justin licked his chops, with his hunger satisfied he started to come to his senses. The disgusting taste stood in contrast to anything else he has ever eaten. A part of him wanted to get rid of the taste but the other part was satisfied. Justin lapped up more water in hopes to take away the pungent flavor out of his mouth as her hands reached his neck. Justin realized that she was back. With a snap and bark, he backed away hoping to get out of her reach.

"Sit!" Margarita points down to the ground. And Justin followed. His mind filled with happy thoughts as he was obeying. She puts her hands around his panting happy muzzle. Lifting his lips, feeling his nose, patting down his face. She looked into Justin fear filled blue human eyes.

"Do you want to get rid of these eyes?" Margarita said in a happy voice.

Justin only heard gibberish but she sounded happy, in the effect it made Justin less panicky and happier. He thumped his tail on the ground and started to rustle.

"Yes you do!" Justin just moves his paw in anticipation and barked.

"Lets get rid of those eyes, boy!" She pried open one of his eye and poured a nasty brown liquid into his eyes.

Justin's eye burned and tear ducks broke apart by the acidic mixture poured into his eye. He jerked back, howling, trying to scratch the foul substance out of his eye. He huddled back, snarling and shivering. His vision blurred and lost its vivid look. Justin closes his good eye and looked out of his new eye. His vision was noticeably less detailed, coloring looked strange.

Margarita takes a step forward, "Sit" Justin sits down but his still burning eye killed his other instincts and if he could have yell at her, he would have screamed profanities at the witch.

Margarita stopped at the snarling bristling barking dog. She stoped and turned around. Justin relaxes his guard and whimpers. His one last human eye teared and he wined alone as the day grew longer. He continued to cry as he laid his head down in-between his paws. Justin couldn't handle it. It was just too weird for his mind to handle. It was… His nose picked up a scent that he knew all too well. Justin's mind screamed out "NO!" as his blood rush to his cock. His tip sliding out.

Margarita pulled a female bitch into the room. Confused she looks around the room, as Justin against his will stands up and starts following his nose. He tried to think of something, something to help him fight his instincts. But doing math was becoming hard as he intruded his nose under her snatch. His instincts told him what to do and he started to lick and lubricate her as she licks his own cock. Justin realizes the battle is futile but he didn't stop trying to fight. He tried to think concepts and thoughts. All the while his mind kept on coming back to how he could better pleasure himself.

Her bucks prove to him that she is ready for him. He backs up and jump on her back. Thrusting back and forth he jabs her ass trying to guide it in. He started to get frustrated and for a moment he regained his independent thoughts. He slid off her back and look at Margarita snarling at her. Margarita lowers down and he couldn't avoid her hands reaching underneath his ass. Gently massaging his scrotum and sliding back his sheath. Justin's eyes widen and he whines in pleasure and humps the air. His mind slid back into sexual bliss and he did his best to mount the bitch. He jumped and pushed trying to find the blessed hole again. Margarita slid his dick into the bitch and Justin's mind exploded. He pumped and she squeezed out his human thoughts. It was like nothing like he ever experienced. The pressure builds up and they both snarl. With a thrust he releases his load into the howling bitch. Justin smiled and a trickle of liquid flowed into his human eye. The burning and ripping inside his socket was no way comparable to the pleasure he was spurting out. He smiles and pants as he continued to pump into her.

Margarita pats his head, "Good boy." He felt good; he was doing what his master told him to do. After 30 minutes of blissful good sex his knot goes down enough to pull out. Justin sat and cleaned himself as his own cock return to its home his human thoughts slowly coming back. He just felt so disgusted and so violated. He felt like he had been raped. His ears droop and Margarita rub his head, "You've been a good boy." She slid a treat underneath his muzzle and he instinctively chewed on the canine treat. He smiled the canine treat was loved by his canine side but the human side hated the foul tasting treat. She took out another of the treats and held it forward. Justin wanted the treat and just followed its sweat scent forward, he didn't notice himself going out the door. She throws it forward and he lunges and gulps the treat. The grid of the door press hard against his ass, and Justin noticed he was in a pet carrier. Scences regain he barks and growls at her. His eyes became droopy, his thoughts hard to think, and the last thing he saw is her smiling face saying warm words to him.

He awakens to a flood of scents, movement, and noises. Justin stretches and looks down. He barked in horror as he still had paws. He whines, and he the motion outside stops and he could feel himself lower. A fuzzy face with a strong poignant scent started to talk. Justin blinked and tried to clean up his vision, his eyes. Things got a little better in focus but nothing compared to the vivid reality he was used to when he was human. He just realized it was his boss, he barked, he made motions. But he realized he wasn't communicating. Thoughts of escape leapt in his mind as the door swing. But he realized where would he go and what would happen if he was captured? Would he be put down?

His old president stood in front of the open cage. His pure bred papered stud golden retriever was finally in front of him. Though it was sad to hear that Justin drown on his vacation put a damper on getting his new dog. He kneels down and looks at his dog. He was a model of perfectness. He was exactly what he thought. He placed his hand into the cage and he had to think of a name. Maybe a name to honor his former employee.

"Justin" Justin's ears pick up and he was excited. It was his name and his boss said it. Maybe he knows who he is. He wagged his tail excitedly and his instincts kicked in.

"You like Justin don't you?" Justin just heard his name again! He was so happy he just had to follow his instincts and lick his new master's face. His old president laughed and smile "We have to get home so you can start breeding. You have a lot of bitches that are waiting to see you, Justin."

Justin kept on hearing his name. He was so hopeful, but his hopes were dashed as he was forced in his cage. And covered as he moved to his new home, his new life in his downsized position.

© 2002 Kurst


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