Bad Idea

Published: Mar 30th, 2005


Woman to Cow & Infant to Calf.


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Bad Idea

By Umgestalten

Jake and Bessie lived on a small dairy farm at the end of a long dead end road a long ways out of town. The town was barely a small blip on the roadmap but it had most of the necessities that they required. Sometimes though, it was necessary for Jake to make a trip to pick up supplies that they needed and that meant he would leave Bessie and their now three-month-old daughter to fend for themselves for awhile.

This was just such an occasion. Some new equipment was due to arrive at the warehouse and Jake needed to be there to pick it up when it arrived in order to avoid a large storage and holding charge. He was going to stay with a friend in the big city and might be gone for as long as two weeks.

He packed his bag, carried it outside and tossed it into the deuce and a half truck. Then he gave his wife and daughter a kiss and a hug. "I'll try calling you every night at six. I sure hope the phone company gets the lines repaired soon but I'm not going to hold my breath. Being out here at the end of the line we are dead last on their priority list. That storm would have to knock out the lines just when we really need them." Jake said.

Bessie looked up at him and smiled. "Don't worry, Honey. We've managed before without any problems."

Jake nodded and said, "I know but I can still worry if it's all the same to you. Alright? I plan to stop off at the Baker place on the way out and get his son, Lyle to take care of our cows while I'm gone. I don't want you to have all that work to do along with your other problems."

Bessie knew what Jake was alluding to. She was having trouble producing enough milk for their daughter. They had joked about it saying, "It's a fine thing. A dairy farmer's wife that can't produce enough milk to feed their baby." But it wasn't a joke to Bessie and she was upset which didn't help matters at all. The doctor had tried to explain to her that some women just can't produce enough and that whatever she did produce would be better than nothing but it didn't help. She hated having to supplement with formula and little Amber didn't like it as much as the real thing.

"I know." Bessie said. "Thanks. I can use the help."

"I'm going to have Lyle give the milkers that new hormone supplement that the Department of Agriculture sent out to us. Its gone through all the testing with the FDA and now they want to try it out in the field. Being a test farm at least we have a secure income for the next year." Jake said as he smiled at Bessie.

With that, he gave them both another kiss and got into the truck and drove off down the dusty dirt road. Bessie went back into the house and laid Amber down for her nap and went to take one herself.

While she was lying there her thoughts remained on her problem. She wanted desperately to be able to nurse their daughter. She felt there just had to be a way.

As she was thinking over the problem she thought how ridiculous it was that there were shots to make cows produce more milk but nothing for humans. "Why not?' She thought. "What difference is there? Were all mammals. If it works on cows then why not people too. Just use a smaller dose.' These thoughts occupied her mind until she finally drifted off to sleep.


By the time Bessie woke up she had decided that she was going to give it a try. Jake had just received that new batch of supplements from the Department of Agriculture he said was sure fire to make the cows produce more milk. She had no idea what it was but she did know where it was.

Amber was still sleeping soundly so Bessie went out to the barn office. She found what she was looking for in the refrigerator. It was a container of vials with the rubber tops for inserting a hypodermic needle.

She read the label and the instructions through and then read the warnings, one of which was that it was not for human use. "Oh well, that's probably just because of liability or the FDA hasn't tested it on humans yet.' She thought as she reread the part about dosage. It was based on approximate weight so she calculated the correct dose for her weight. It was such a small amount compared with the average dose for a mature milk cow that she had to get out the really small hypodermic needles.

After filling one with the correct amount she reread the injection instructions. Bessie had helped Jake with the cows many times so giving an injection was no problem. She just needed to know where. The direction said to, "inject into the muscle of the rear flank.' "Sounds like a shot in the ass to me." Bessie said aloud with a smile.

She undid her belt, snap and zipper and dropped her jeans and panties baring her buttocks. She bent over a bit, swiped a spot with an alcohol swipe and picked up the hypo. A last thought about what she was doing passed briefly through her mind just before she jabbed the needle through her flesh and into the muscle. The plunger was pushed and the needle withdrawn with a practiced skill and then the area was swiped with alcohol again.

"Well, too late now for second thoughts.' Bessie was thinking as she pulled up her panties and jeans and refastened them. "Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this works.'


Bessie went back to the house to check on Amber and found her still sleeping so she watched some TV. Awhile later her stomach started to grumble so she decided to get herself something for lunch.. She started to make herself a pastrami sandwich but the thought of eating the meat didn't appeal to her. Matter of fact it almost nauseated her. She decided on a salad instead.

She started with a salad bowl but it looked too small so she got out a larger bowl and started to shred up a head of lettuce. While she was shredding she was snacking and by the time she was done she had consumed two heads of lettuce, a dozen tomatoes, four cucumbers, half a dozen onions, a bunch of carrots and was thinking about heading out to the garden for more when she heard Amber wake up.

After changing her she started to breast-feed but as usual she ran short before Amber was satisfied and had to change to formula. "God, I hope that stuff works, Sweetie. Then you won't have to put up with this nasty formula anymore." She said to Amber.

Things went pretty much the same for Amber's afternoon, evening, and night feedings. When the morning meal the next day was a repeat, Bessie was getting impatient and went out to the barn. She could see that Lyle had been there and gone already and there was a note on the office desk for Jake detailing yields, the injections he gave and such. She entered the records and then went to the fridge and got out the box again.

She reread the instructions for something she remembered about interval for the next dose. The instructions said, "If negative or only minimal increase in production is achieved after the first injection then another dose may be administered after one…' and then there was the corner of the production date label over the next word, It continued on the next line down with, "This may be repeated at the same interval for up to six more doses. After that contact the Department of Agriculture… etc., etc. and blah, blah, blah.'

"One what?" Bessie said aloud. She tried to carefully peel the label back but the printing below was destroyed in the process. "How long between shots? One hour, one day, one week? What? Damn, this is irritating!"

"Well, it can't be very long. You milk cows twice a day so something should happen pretty quickly. Right? It must be one day.' She reasoned. Then deciding that it had been almost a day and she had given milk over twice as many times as a cow that she might as well do it again.

While preparing the hypo she decided to increase the dose as well. She had used the minimum in the allowable range the first time. This time she filled the hypodermic with the maximum allowed for her weight and then repeated the process of the day before.

Again there was no change that day and so she injected another dose the following day. Her third dose. "Only three more shots possible then I have to get hold of the vet. At the Department of Agriculture. That would be an interesting conversation." She said to herself as she laughed.

Later that day it seemed that maybe there was a small increase in her volume but because it all went directly into Amber she could only judge by the length of the feeding time. The one thing that did seem to increase was her appetite. She had put a hell of a dent in the vegetable garden and still felt hungry most of the time

She never seemed to see Lyle. He came, did his work and left. Twice a day every day and she always seemed to miss him. She did get a note from him on the fourth day when she went out to the barn for another injection. The note said that Jake had called and said the shipment wasn't there yet and that it might take the whole two weeks but hoped it would be shorter. He sent his love to her and Amber

That next day she gave herself another dose. Her production was up a little more but her main problem now seemed to be her hunger. She only craved vegetables though. When she cooked up a hamburger for lunch she actually became sick from the smell of the cooking meat. Her stomach also seemed to be becoming distended but at the same time she was always hungry. Her lower back was also beginning to hurt worse than when she was carrying Amber but she reasoned that it couldn't be related to the injections.

It was the evening of the sixth day when her breasts suddenly filled with milk and continued until she was actually in pain. They hurt like hell and after Amber had her fill she pumped herself dry with the breast pump. She had to empty it seven times before she was done. Bessie was elated. It had finally worked. Now if she could just get rid of the pain in her back and stop eating all the time.

When she woke up the following morning her breasts were swollen again and the space between them had swelled out too. By the time she got Amber up and changed she was seriously hurting both in her breasts and her back. Her back was so bad she could only walk stooped over and her breasts almost looked like she had one large breast with two one inch long nipples. Amber seemed to like it though. Bessie couldn't believe how much she drank. She didn't need the breast pump as much after her feeding that morning.

By the time Amber was ready for her noon feeding Bessie had to use crutches to get around. She couldn't walk without them. They had them from when Jake broke his leg a year earlier. She had to adjust them so she was walking almost totally bent over. That seemed to be the only position she was actually comfortable in.

Bessie was shocked when she went in to get Amber from her crib. She found her crawling around. She was crawling and she was just three months old. How could that be? She managed to get her over to their bed and changed her with great difficulty. She seemed bigger and much heavier but Bessie figured that it was just because of using the crutches and her back.

She couldn't sit comfortably to feed her so she left Amber laying on the bed and hung her breasts over her. Amber knew what to do and had no problem getting her fill. When she was done her stomach was almost bloated and she fell asleep on the bed. Bessie found that even with the amount that Amber consumed she still needed to use the breast pump. Problem was that her nipples were getting huge. They were over two inches long and she couldn't get suction on the pump. She wound up over the kitchen sink literally "milking herself. Her nipples were like teats!

When she finished she took up her crutches and went to check on Amber. She was still laying on the bed deep in slumber. Bessie smiled and turned to leave when she felt a sharp pain in her left ankle. Thinking she had twisted it or something she cursed her habit of almost always going barefoot. She found that if she walked on the ball of her foot her ankle hurt less.

As she hobbled on the crutches towards the living room and the couch to sit and see what was wrong her other ankle began to hurt.

She tried to look at her feet but the tears in her eyes clouded her vision and she could barely see well enough to make it to the couch and sit down. She dropped the crutches and wiped her eyes with her sleeves and then looked at her feet. What she saw as she picked up one foot to her knee shocked and scared her so bad she pushed her foot off her knee like it was some foreign creature about to bite her.

Then, leaning forward she looked down again at her feet. They were longer and misshapen. Her big toe had merged with the one next to it and the other three had also merged together making it look like she had only two toes. She again picked up her left foot and touched her two toes. She found that toenails had almost covered her toes and they were turning black. As she sat there looking at her foot she could see it continuing to change in front of her eyes. "My God! It looks like a hoof!" She almost screamed just before she passed out and fell back on the couch.

Bessie awoke to a strange sound coming from the bedroom. Her maternal instincts took over and she completely forgot all about her problems and grabbed the crutches and headed to her daughter. What she found when she got there almost made her pass out again.

Amber was still in the bedroom but she was standing next to the bed. Not standing up on her feet though. She was standing on all four of her tiny little hooves. Her legs had slimmed and straightened out and her arms had elongated to match the length of her legs. She turned her head when Bessie appeared in the doorway and she made a sound somewhere between a human baby's cry and the bleating of a small calf.

"Noooooooooooooo. What have I done?" Bessie screamed as she went to her daughter and held her to her chest. Her tears ran down her face as Amber nuzzled her face to Bessie's chest trying to get at her breasts. Bessie lifted her sweatshirt and Amber quickly nuzzled past the waistband of her sweats and latched on to a teat and started suckling. Bessie let her go to it but at the same time was shocked at what she saw.

Amber wasn't suckling from one of her breasts. Her breasts were gone. In their place was an udder and it was almost down between her legs. It wasn't as large as what their cows had but in appearance it was the same.

Bessie didn't know what to do. She knew that if she let Amber continue to feed it would probably make the changes continue but at the same time there was her mother's instincts to feed her child. As she looked at her daughter she realized that there was also the fact that Amber had already changed to a point that she barely had any human left.

Amber's four long spindly legs that ended in four small hooves were covered with brown and white hair. Her hips were completely changed and there was a long tail twitching as she fed. Her shoulders had almost completely changed and her neck was longer that it should have been.

Bessie watched as Amber continued to feed. She noticed that she seemed to have a slightly longer jaw line and her mouth was larger. Bessie stood there watching her daughter and as she watched she saw the marking and hair of a calf move across her small body and saw her stomach and chest change shape. She knew it was too late to stop what was happening. Even if she stopped feeding her Bessie somehow knew the changes would continue just as she knew where her own changes were going to end up.


When Amber was finished there was hardly a human aspect left to be seen. She looked up at Bessie with her large brown eyes and opened her mouth and let out a satisfied bleating moo of a calf.

Bessie had looked herself over as Amber was feeding and knew she no longer had feet. She had two fully developed hooves at the end of two almost completely bovine hind legs. Her hips had made some major alterations and her back no longer hurt but Bessie doubted that she could stand upright if she tried. The crutches were now taking the place of forelegs.

Knowing full well now what was happening to her, Bessie went to the kitchen and took out a pad of paper and a pen from a drawer. Leaning over the kitchen table on her crutches she started to write, "Dearest Jake, I'm afraid I've done a really dumb thing. I used the stuff you got from the DOA on myself. I was so frustrated that I couldn't feed our daughter and I thought it would help. It worked but the side effects are turning me into a cow. Amber is already almost completely changed into a calf. I don't know if it can be reversed but I fear that before you get home the changes will be complete. I'll know I'll have to move outside with Amber but I don't want Lyle to see us so we'll be out in the back pasture. We can stay in the old shelter out there. I'll put that old cowbell around my neck so you'll know its us when you get home. I'm so sorry, Jake. It was a bad idea and I've ruined our lives. I love you, Bessie.'

She put the pad with her note on it in the middle of the table where they always left each other notes. As she was putting it there she noticed that her arms were getting longer and her fingers were starting to grow together. She moved as best as she could to their bedroom. It was almost impossible for her to use the crutches now with her hands turning into hooves. When she got there Amber was gone. There was no Amber left now, just a calf. She was small for a three-month-old calf but she was growing fast.

Bessie had shed her clothes before she left the kitchen so when she appeared in the doorway, Amber trotted over to her and quickly attached herself to Bessie's ever-growing udder. Bessie stood there and let her get her fill while she looked at her own changes. Her ribcage had changed and she was more barrel-chested now and her shoulders had finished their changes. She could feel the vertebrae in her neck altering and getting longer as her head moved further from her body.

By the time Amber released her teat and moved across the room, Bessie's arms had become forelegs and her hands had fused into hooves. She backed up a bit and the crutches fell to the floor. She now stood as her daughter did, on all fours. Her first steps were awkward but by the time she rounded up Amber and herded her out the door and into the yard she found her four footed stance quite stable.

They both walked over to the barn and Bessie managed to get the door open and got them both inside. She pulled the door shut with her teeth and latched it. She then walked over to the post where the collar with the cowbell hung. With some difficulty she managed to get it over her head and around her neck. She looked at the quizzical look on Amber's face as she walked across the barn and the bell clanged. Bessie smiled and laughed and said, "Come on Amber. Come on girl. We need to get outside into the pasture.

They both walked across the pasture to the gate to the back pasture on the other side of the small rise. Bessie just barely managed to get the gate open and then closed again before her head started to make its changes.

As they walked to the far side and the shelter Bessie noticed her vision shift and saw her face push out. She felt her nose getting larger and her jaw lengthen. She ran her now enlarged tongue around her large mouth and felt her small human teeth fall from her jaws. She managed to work them out of her mouth and saw them fall to the ground.

By the time they reached the shelter Bessie could feel her new teeth pushing through her gums. She ran her tongue across her new teeth and it brought about thoughts of eating. She moved into the pasture and lowered her head to the grass. Grabbing a bunch in her mouth she bit and pulled it from the ground and proceeded to chew. Her jaw moved up and down and from side to side in a typical cow manner. As she chewed she noticed the flavor and it tasted good.

Bessie spent the rest of the afternoon eating. She ate considerably more than a normal cow would have eaten but it was being converted to bulk. Her size increased and her muscles grew. Horns slowly pushed out from a ridge that had developed on the top of her head Her large ears twitched and moved with the sounds around them and her tail subconsciously twitched and shooed the flies away that landed on her back.

Amber made full use of Bessie's now greatly enlarged udder whenever the mood struck her and the rest of the time she just had fun playing calf games in the pasture. She too was increasing in size and bulk and by sunset any casual observer would only have seen a cow and her calf grazing in the otherwise empty pasture. True, they were a bit on the small side but that was becoming less and less noticeable.

As the sun rose the next morning Bessie let out a long mournful, "Mooooooooooo." She looked at Amber as she came over for her breakfast and could see that she was almost fully developed now. As best she could she looked herself over and noted the same thing. She knew that if she ate today as she had the day before she would be a full sized healthy cow by sunset.

Shortly after Amber had her fill, Bessie noticed that she lifted her tail and let fly with a stream of very typical calf waste. It was done. Bessie knew that Amber's body no longer needed everything she consumed and was now producing waste. Her daughter was now a fully developed three-month-old calf.

Bessie heard Lyle's truck pull into the barnyard and later heard him leave. She breathed a sigh of relief that her plan had worked. He had no idea she and Amber were there. She grazed all day trying to feed the seemingly endless need to eat. And she grew larger with each passing hour. Her mind began to wander and when she would suddenly come back to herself she would realize that she had been thinking of nothing. Nothing at all. Just moving and eating, eating and moving and occasionally standing and feeding Amber. "Oh God, I hope I'm not losing my mind too. I want to know Jake when he comes home. Please.' She thought. Then she let out another long and mournful, "Moooooooooooooo." And continued to eat and grow.

It was in the mid afternoon that Bessie felt her tail stiffen and her bowels contract as a load left her asshole and she knew she was finished. "Its over now. I'm a cow and my daughter is a calf. Someday she'll be a cow and never know that life could have been different for her. She'll have calves of her own and produce milk. Our only hope is that there is a way to reverse this. That somehow Jake will know what to do. Please let there be a way.'

It was later that afternoon, just before sunset, when she heard Lyle's truck come and go and then shortly afterwards she heard another truck. "It has to be Jake! He's back home again.' She called to Amber, "Moooo, mooo, moooooooo.' And she came sunning over to her. The both moved quickly to the top of the rise, Bessie's cowbell clanging all the way. She could see that is was Jake's truck in the yard.

Bessie and Amber were moving over to the fence at the boarder of the back pasture when she saw Jake come out of the house with the pad still in his hand. He looked up towards her and she called out to him, "Mooooooooo. Mooooooooooooooooo." "Oh God, I wish I could yell out his name' She thought.

Jake dropped the pad on the ground and ran towards them. He easily cleared the fence and ran across the pasture. He cleared the fence to the back pasture and ran up to Bessie and Amber. Short of breath he looked at her and said, "Bessie? Is that you? Is that Amber?"

"Moo. Moooooo." Bessie answered as she moved her large head up and down.

"Oh, Bessie. What have you done?" Jake said as he moved around her checking her out as if he was looking at a cow prior to purchase. "You're completely changed. How the hell did you get so big? How did Amber get so big? Shit! You can't answer me. Did the shots make you this big? How could they add weight and bulk? That's impossible. Shit this whole thing is impossible.

Bessie just shook her head and then nudged Jake with her nose and shook her head again. He looked at her and she put her head down and grabbed a mouthful of grass but rather than eating it she pushed it into his hand. He took it from her and she went, "Moo."

"Grass? You ate that much grass? You ate so much grass that you grew to a full sized cow?"

"Moooooo." She answered as she nodded her head.

"You're still ok in there aren't you? I mean you're a cow on the outside but your mind is still there, right?" She answered him with another "Moo." And nodded her head again.

"Well, you and Amber can't stay out here and you sure can't stay in the house so come on down to the barn and I'll put you both in a stall for tonight."

They walked to the barn and Jake prepared a stall for them and then locked them in for then night. Bessie didn't like being locked in but she knew Jake was just doing what he would normally do. He cared about them.

Jake was in to see them first thing in the morning. He told her that he was calling the Department of Agriculture first thing after the milking was done and the cows were out to pasture.

He came back later and said that they were sending out a doctor and a veterinarian later that day. When they arrived they asked her questions to which she answered in what had become her typical method of communication. They were able to determine how much she had used and how often. When the changes had started and how they progressed. It was a long afternoon.

The next day Bessie and Amber were subjected to complete physicals and had all sorts of samples taken. The vet gave her an internal exam and had his arm up to the elbow into her. She didn't know if a cow could blush but she felt like she did.

When they were done they told Jake that it would take weeks at least to run the tests and it would be months before they knew what had happened. The doctor said, "We're really glad you called as soon as you did. We're pulling the experimental drugs right away. Considering what it did to your calf there we can't have this getting into the country's milk supply."

Jake said, "I don't give a shit about your tests! What about my wife and daughter? When will you change them back?"

"Change them back?" The doctor questioned. "I don't think that would be possible. Even if we did, even if it were possible, you would have a wife that weighed close to a thousand pounds. No. No, it would never work. It would kill her if we even tried. And the calf would at least be a grown heifer before we could formulate a serum and the results would be the same for her."

Through all this, Bessie just stood there in shock. "I'm going to be a cow for the rest of my life! My daughter is going to grow up to be a cow too and there's nothing they can do about it.' She raised her head and let out a long, "Moooooooooooooooooooooooooo." That sounded almost like a wail.

Jim came over and wrapped his arms around her neck and tried to comfort her as the two doctors left. The last thing she heard from them was the vet saying to the other doctor, "Well, he may have lost a wife and daughter but he gained two fine animals in the trade." And they both laughed.

Jake took good care of them both. They grazed in the pasture all day and Amber continued to grow. She truly was a calf in mind and body. She had never known any different and when she reached maturity Jake and Bessie decided to let her loose with the bull. Jake reasoned that she would be healthier as an adult if she were bred and Bessie knew he was right.

About a week after the doctors had left Jake stood beside Bessie and held her ear. He told her to hold still for a minute and there was a bit of a pinch and she knew that he had just pierced her ear for an ear tag. He did the same to Amber and then used the electric branding iron to brand them both. Bessie looked back at her haunch and could see the smoke still rising where the iron had burned her hair and flesh.

With tears in his eyes, Jake looked Bessie in the eye and showed her a large gold ring. "I had this made for you at the jewelry store. Its solid gold. You can't wear a wedding band anymore but you will still wear my ring. I love you and always will." With that he inserted the large gold ring in her nose after which he removed the cowbell from her neck. "I'll always be able to recognize you now." Bessie wished she could still cry as she rubbed Jake's leg with her head.

When Amber was weaned Bessie's milk was cleared for consumption by the Department of Agriculture and she was milked with the rest of the herd. She turned out to be his best milker. When she came into season he turned her out with the bull and she bore him another calf. Amber was bred soon after.

Bessie moved into the life of a cow slowly. She got used to the routine of milking and grazing and as time passed her mind did slowly fade away. She always recognized Jake as someone special to her but after awhile she really didn't understand him when he talked to her. It was just the sounds that her favorite human made. Amber became just another cow in the pasture to Bessie, as did all of their calves.

Jake never married again because he considered Bessie his wife even though he knew in his heart she was now just another cow in the herd.

By Umgestalten
© 09/04/2004
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