Back to Normal

by TheW4
Published: May 4th, 2005


Woman to Cow & Various Animals to Women.


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Back to Normal

Back to Normal

By TheW4

This is my first transformation piece, though I've
been reading them for a long time. I enjoyed writing
it and hope to produce more. I took a bit of a
different direction with this than the usual
transformation piece. Take a look. Feedback is

Oh, it does indeed contain sex and all that stuff.

     Time had no meaning where I was. All I knew was that
night followed day and I had given birth twice now.
My body stood in the barn, on all fours; hoofs
touching the ground tail swinging behind by gigantic
bovine ass. It was now, in those rare moments between
sunset and sunrise, I thought about the past and what
brought me here to this place.

     To this body.

     I'm a cow. Big, fat, and covered in white and black
fur. An udder on my belly is squeezed every morning,
and milk comes out of me. My face is long, my tongue
is thick, my teeth are flat and I have a pair of horns
coming out of my head.

     To look at me, you'd think I was normal. That I was
born this was. An animal. A thing that stands out in
a field and eats grass. That gets fucked by bulls.
That gives my milk everyday. That gives birth to
calves. That gives manure from my ass, milk from my
belly, and eventually meat from my bones. But I
wasn't always this way. No, no. Not always.

     Once upon a time, I was a woman named Kathryn Rogers.
Three years ago, I was not an animal. I was born a
human. A thing that goes to work, makes money, lives
in an apartment, and eats pizza. That has safe sex
with men. That uses its brains to figure out complex
problems. That eventually gives birth to normal human
babies. That gives advice from my mouth, work from my
hands, and ideas from my brain.

     And then things changed completely.

     I was once 5'6", weighed 130 lbs., long blond hair,
and green eyes. Thin waist, C-cup breasts, bubble
butt of sorts, with long legs. I was sexy, though I
never flaunted it. Everything was going good. At 22,
I was on the fast track. Graduated college with a
degree in Media Production, and all set for a job at a
local TV station. Two weeks after graduation, I was
at a bar with this man I had just met earlier in the
evening. His name was Doctor Douglas McKane.

     I was a little drunk, but I knew one thing about this
guy. He was hot. And though I never flaunted my
sexiness, I was a little on the easy side. So, we
went back to his place and made love all over his
apartment. After hours of some of the best sex I've
ever had, I feel asleep on his bed.

     When I woke up, I was shocked to learn it was three
days later and I was far from his apartment. I was
laying a large room, with sterile walls. The only
feature was a locked door on the left wall. I felt
confused and disoriented. He assured me that
everything was all right.

     And then he told me the truth.

     "I've found way to rewrite ones genetic structure.
It could be one of the greatest discovers of our time.
But it's not fully tested yet."

     "What do you mean?" I asked, realizing suddenly that
I was completely naked.

     "I've been bringing women here for four years,
Katie," he replied, calling me by my nick-name. "The
first tests were easy. Changing arms and legs and
what not. Re-programming the DNA in their appendages
to that of animals. Eventually, I've been able to do
it the entire body."

     It started to sink. As if on cue, my naked body
began to tingle. It started to feel itchy. I looked
down and saw a thin layer of hair on my skin.
"Wha-what did you do to me?"

     "Take it easy," he chided. "The transformation is
beginning. You'll be fine."

     My jaw started to ache, along with all of my joints.
My tongue began to feel thick and numb. I could feel
my teeth flattening out. As much as I wanted to cry
out, my mouth refused to work that way. My throat
felt hoarse, and my mouth was changing, lips growing
thicker and flabbier.

     It was at that time that my fingers cramped up. I
made a noise, and then fell onto my side. My arms
hurt badly, but I still managed to get a good look at
my fingers. They were clenched together like fists,
and were turning black. My feet were doing the same
thing. The entire time, my legs couldn't move. They
were stuck sitting out in front me. The same with my
arms, which were now much longer than they were.

     I tired to stand up, but ended up just rolling onto
my back. I looked down at my breasts, which were
feeling rather strange. They were tingling. In fact,
right in front of my eyes, they were moving. They
were shifting down towards my abdomen. When they got
there, they sort of lumped together. A new set of
nipples appeared. I felt odd as this gigantic, four
nippled breast got larger; the nipples grew long and
veins appeared all over the breast. That's when it
hit me. I was turning into a cow.

     My arms and legs - well, they were both now legs -
thrashed wildly. I could feel the transformation
taking place within my body. It rumbled, and muscles
twitched wildly. I hated it, I hated it, I wanted it
to end!

     McKane walked over and heaved me up and I was
suddenly on all fours. "Best to do it now, honey.
Tipped cows are very hard to push. Especially
considering how fat you're getting."

     He was right. My entire body was feeling heavy and
weighed down. My neck felt sore, but I still tried to
look back. My eyes hurt, but before I closed them, I
saw that my skin was covered in black and white fur.
Not only that, but I was huge. I watched as my skin
swelled up with fat.

     I felt a pull right above my now gigantic ass. I
knew for a fact what had happened. I had a tail, with
a small tuft at the bottom. I moved it with my mind;
felt it flop around behind me. My very bones hurt as
they changed position. I closed my hurting eyes as my
face seemed to push out. Snot ran freely from my
nose. I felt something pulling hard my skin on my
forehead and realized that I had horns. And then my
ears felt like they were being pulled outwards.

     All evidence of my hair was gone. And as I opened my
eyes (which had changed positions), it was all over.

     I was a cow. My legs worked in unison and stepped
away from McKane. My mind was reacting somehow and I
couldn't get anything straight. I was an animal.
Fat, furry, and ugly. An animal. But no. I was a
human. Thin, smooth, and beautiful. What was I?
What was happening to me?

     I needed to say something. Something needed to told.
Something to confirm what I was. And so, I opened my
mouth, grunted, and talked.


     And that's when I realized. I wasn't quite all
animal. I wasn't quite all human. I was both. I was
worse. I was a human trapped in the body of an

     I had to make the transition into my new life quickly
or I wouldn't survive. I could remember everything,
but I felt dumber all the time. I couldn't remember
how to say words or how to run away. No matter what
though, I just knew I needed to live on and get
through this.

     The animal part of me demanded a lot from my human
mind. It was hard to realize that and come to terms
with it. But I did. Some things came instinctively
to me. For example, eating grass and barley. Taking
a shit in the middle of a field. Swatting flies away
with my tail.

     And, as much as I had to admit it, having sex with
bulls. It was something I had to deal with, but it
felt so good to have that gigantic cock in me. Forced
into my bovine pussy. Impregnating me.

     Now that was something hard to deal with. Giving
birth hurt like hell, and not having the emotional
bond I should have with my children was hard. You
see, a human female takes care of their child and
raises them. But a cow female doesn't. A cow takes
care of them, feeds them, but I didn't feel the
concern nor the bond I should with my calves.

     Being milked was something else. Dr. McKane had
other farmhands and some other scientists working here
too. Every morning, one of would come out, grab hold
of my teats and give "em a good yank. I was milked
from my udder. Once upon a time, that thing got my
sexual attention. And now, it just gets me
"nutritional' attention.

     But like I said, this has been going on for three
years. I've given birth as a cow twice now. Fucked
as a cow twice now. Been milked as a cow every
morning now. Even been tipped by some local teenage

     I'm an animal. A human trapped within an animals
body, forced to accept what has happened. With that
comes the realization that my fate is not getting
married, having human children, watching them grow,
having grandchildren, retiring, and then dying
happily. It's to stand in a field until I'm sold to a
meat farm, killed, and being fed to children in their
Happy Meals.

     It's taken a long time for me to accept this. And
maybe I don't fully do. But I don't have much of a
choice, do I? No.

     It's now been three years later, and like every
night, I fall asleep standing up. It's storming
outside, meaning I get to be in the barn with all of
my friends. That's right. I said friends. You see,
this entire farm is composed of people transformed
like me. Males and females. I haven't seen any of
the appendaged people, but I'm assuming they were
either killed or they are kept in the house.

     As dawn comes, I'm surprised to see Dr. McKane
walking through the barn. All eyes fall on him, but
he doesn't pay it much mind. I've come to assume (and
it took me a long to time to do that, because of my
slow working brain) that he does this when he's
stressed or just needs some thinking time.

     Something must be bothering him, because he's been
doing it a lot more lately.

     But my mind leaves it alone as I spot one of the
farmhands - I don't remember his name, I never can -
heading in. He leads us out to pasture and suddenly,
my only concern is whether or not I'll be fucked
today. I keep seeing the bull that fucked me twice
before. He's been eyeing me. Somewhere in my mind, I
wonder what he looks like as a human.

     That thought gets shot down when one of my calves
moos. I moo back, still not quite understanding what
it said. But like the animal that I now am, I rub my
head against its and then walk off. There's some good
grass over at the other end of the field.

     The rest of the day passes without incident. With no
rain nor dark clouds, I fall asleep in the field with
the rest of the herd. I close my eyes, knowing that
I'll be milked in the morning and maybe I'll be lucky
enough to be fucked too. Part of me then tells the
other to just succumb. Drop the human hopes and ideas
and just be a cow.

     I fall asleep before a decision is made.

     There was hand on me and it woke me up. My black
eyes opened and my lumbering head looked over to see a
man dressed in all black. He pulled out a needle and
poked my ass with it. After taking a - what was that
stuff called? It's been so long - oh! Blood sample.
After taking a blood sample, he pushed me towards the
back of the field.

     I got a good look at the farmhouse. Men in the same
black suits, carrying guns are moving towards it,
forcing Dr. McKane and his staff out. Another human
touches my neck.

     "It'll be okay. You're going to come with us."


     The human looked confused, but just pushed me towards
a huge truck at the edge of the property. The rest of
the herd is going along with me, including the calves.
Once in the truck, I take one last look at the
farmhouse. Dr. McKane is running, then there's a
bang, and then he's dead.

     It doesn't take long for me to realize that something
is going on. Everyone is making noise, assumedly
about what just happened. Moos and oinks and clucks
and neighs and barks. We're all curious.

     Time passes, and for the first time in a long time, I
wonder how much time. After the dawn comes, my udder
feels heavy with milk, my teats strained. I try and
ignore it, but I can't help but moo because of it.
Eventually, we arrive at strange place.
There are buildings all over this land, with a big
fenced-in fields. We're all lead into fields by
animal, but I'm shocked to find that my calves are
taken elsewhere. As myself and the other cows and
bulls stand in our field, humans walk in.

     "There are even more of them than I realized," says
the one.

     "These poor souls. Some of them have been like this
for seven years."

     "We need to change them back."


     We were then all lead in a building with many doors.
Each one of us had our own, small, sterile room.
I waited there for a long time. Teats filled with
milk, tail twitching, and occasionally mooing loudly
for no reason at all. After a while, a doctor enters,
holding a small metal case. He looks at me with
sorrow and sadness.

     "We just ran a blood test," he tells me. "You are
Kathryn Rogers. Do you understand me?"

     A wave flows through me. I haven't been called that in
years. I moo loudly and nod my head best I can.

     "I'll take that as a "yes.' Kathryn, we're going to
change you back to human. Do you want that?"

     I moo loudly again, then nod. I do! I do I do I do!
My tail flip-flops behind me, and I stomp my hoof. I
wanna be human! I wanna be normal!

     "Alright. Listen to me, because I'm not sure if
you're going to understand this. But I still need to
tell you. We're not using the same method that Dr.
McKane used. We're going to be using small robots
called nanites. It'll be a slower process, but it
won't be painful and you'll be exactly how you were

     How I was before? With blonde hair? And a thin
waist? Oh, I didn't care how it would happen, I just
wanted it to. The doctor walked over and poked with a
long, thin needle. I could feel the liquid flowing
through my body. Warm, tingling within me. My body
went limp. This felt good.


     My face started to sweat, then, getting hotter and
hotter. My mouth opens wide, and my lips are suddenly
numb. That's when I realized - they were getting
smaller! Even my tongue felt like it was numb; it was
shrinking! My teeth felt odd, like they were
rearranging. My nose seemed drier and looking down at
my muzzle, it appeared to be flatter.

     I try to communicate my joy with a noise, as I have
these past three years. "Moooooooaaaaaaaaah!"

     The once guttural and animalistic sound that was my
voice was gone, cracking and getting lighter. My body
was turning back to normal! But not quite all the
way. My teats were swollen, full of milk and they
ached to pumped!

     "Moah!" I tired to grunt.

     "Try not speak. Your vocal cords are still changing,
Miss. Rogers."

     He was right. I could feel my throat tightening, and
tinkling. And he called me Miss. Rogers! I haven't
been called that in such a long time! Oh, my teats!
They were still full of milk! I needed to talk, to
confirm that I was going to be human once more. And
tell him that my teats were aching, my udder full of

     But I couldn't remember how to say the words. Stupid
brain! Work! Damn the animal that made me so dumb.
My mouth moaned and I finally said.

     "Mmmmmmooooahhhh . . . Mooooooooyyyyyy . . .
moooooiiiiiiilllllllkkkkkk . . ."

     "What? What's that?"

     "Mmmmmmmiiiiiiiillllllllkkkkkk . . . mmmmmmmmyyyyyy
ttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiitttttttsssssssss . . ."



     Milk me? The first human words I speak in years and
they're "milk me?' Okay, okay. I'll deal with it. I
need to be milked and he obviously understands. He
fetches someone, they come in, not really all that
surprised (apparently, I wasn't the only one) and
milked me empty. Oh, did it feel good!

     And so did the idea that I was going to normal again!

     Apparently, it would take longer for us to change
back to normal that it did for us to change into
animals. We were all placed into a gigantic building
that would help ease our transition back into
humanity. After two days in our stalls, our arms had
basically changed back to normal, and my neck was
thinner and shorter. It was still hard to form words,
but every morning, I could remember more and more!

     I entered into my room with some assistance. Inside
was all simple things. A bed! I hadn't slept on a
bed in such a long time! AND A BATHROOM! No more
shitting in fields for me! It's funny how those
simple things matter so much now!

     We were allowed free range around the complex. I
often times saw friends on the farm that were now
partially human. One of the girls, Jenny, was covered
in feathers, had wings, but talked and acted human.
But the transition wasn't completely easy.

     Some of the pig-girls were still getting used to not
eating so much or slip-slopping in the mud. A guy
that was still partially horse kept crapping on the
floor. One of the dog-girls couldn't stop barking.
But I think it was hard on all of use. We had been
trapped as animals for so long that we were now having
trouble getting used to being humans and adapting to
their - I mean, our - ways.

     Even I had some trouble. I'd find myself staying up
late at night, having trouble sleeping on the bed and
not standing up. And sometimes I'd "moo' instead of
speak. And sometimes, even, I would look out at the
field outside the complex and wish that I was out
there again, living the simple life.

     Stepping out of the shower now, ten days after my
rescue, I'm quite a site. My face is nearly
completely, back to normal, if not bald (a side
effect, but my hair is growing in quickly). The horns
are still there, but they'll be gone soon. My
shoulders are slender, as are my arms. My fingers are
now only three, but I can see the beginnings of a
split there. Nipples are back, but my breasts are
only A-cup. Below that, it's a light layer of fur
getting thicker. My udder still hangs there, but at
least I can milk myself by now. My ass is huge. So
big, I'm afraid I'll break the toilet. My tail often
times falls in and I'm forced to retrieve it.

     As I head down to the cafeteria for some food, I spot
a man there who has been eyeing ever since I got here.
He's tall, and part bull. Still covered in light fur
and pretty large, with horns. I recognize him as the
lover I took out in the fields and he recognizes me
the same way. But I have yet to talk to him. Instead
I join some of the other cows.

     All of us were changing differently. My one friend,
Diane, had her udder migrate up to her chest, making
it hard for her to walk. But her massive ass balanced
her out. My other friend, Jackie, still had the
bovine upper body, but the rest of her was human, with
the exception of her udders and tail.

     "You're tits sure are MOOOOO coming in good," said
Jackie, pointing to my breasts.

     I smile and inwardly feel sorry for her. She has so
much trouble with her "moos.' After I eat, I head up
to my room for the night. As soon as I enter, I here
a rap at the door. I open it up and it's my lover.
He smiles and I smile back, and we both catch wind of
each other.

     "My name's John."


     "I wanted to talk to you. I - "

     "Shhhh. I feel the same way."

     I pull him close and kiss him. KISS HIM! I haven't
kissed a man in so long, it feels so good! I pull him
tight, and we made love all night. Kinky love.
Sometimes he would suck on my teats (which felt so
good), other times he would grind me from behind like
we did we where cow and bull, and still others it was
a human could be.

     We feel asleep holding each other.

     Six weeks following my arrival, I woke up and got one
long, last look at myself. My hair has fully grown
back, my breasts are back to normal. I'm skinny; my
ass is as round as it was three years ago. Not a
trance of bovine in me! No tail, no fur, no giant
ass, no udders, no nothing!

     I'm now wearing clothes. A bra to support my
breasts. Panties to cover my vagina and ass. Jeans
to wear over my flesh. My brain works just as well as
it did before. I can drive a car again, I can think
normally again, move everything correctly again.

     John and I moved out on the same day. We both got
our things back (turned out the good doctor was kind
enough to put everyone's belongings in storage) and
moved into the city. He proposed to me after a year
of actually getting ourselves back to normal. Making
contact with friends, giving them our story (the
agents that rescued us were kind enough to give us a
cover story) and finding new jobs.

     We lived together for a while, but decided that part
of us really did miss being out in the country.
Together, we moved out there and I started making
farming movies. It's odd, but also refreshing. Of
course, you'd thing this whole experience would make
me a vegetarian. But, the first thing I ate after I
got back into the city after this ordeal was a Big
Mac. I suppose I lived with being a cow for so long I
just accepted the fact that someday we HAD to become
this thing.

     Besides, they're good and tasty.

     It's strange to be human now, after all those years
being an animal. And as much I'm happy being a human
once more, there will always be part of me that will
enjoy my time spent that way.

     So, now, we're married. John and I live on farm,
along with our two calves. And on top of that, I'm
pregnant. My breasts have even begun to lactate - a
blast from the past if I ever knew one! So, now,
standing on the porch of my house, looking out on the
fields, I realize something.

     Time has no meaning where I am.

     And I'm happy about that.


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