Elusive Justice

Published: May 13th, 2005


Boys to Male & Female Dogs.


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Elusive Justice by Ghost386

Andrew knew he was in trouble. The gang of bullies at his school had been giving him menacing looks all day. He didn't want to fight them since he knew he couldn't take them. Not all of them at once. But he had no choice. They would always beat him out of school and they knew there was only one way he could go to get home. Yes, he would get caught today and beaten to a pulp, just like every other day. There would be no escaping it.

Once he got home that afternoon and had washed off the blood, he turned straight to his computer. As he surfed the net looking for new forums to chat in, he would talk out loud to himself to work over the stress of the day.

"I can't believe out of all 5,000 other kids at that school, they had to pick on me. What did I ever do to them? If Ron didn't choose me as a target, the others would just leave me alone. That's all I want. Isn't there any justice in the world anymore?"

Just then, an instant message showed up on his screen. He didn't recognize the screen name, but the message caught his eye.

"Yes, justice does exist if you want it."

Andrew stared at his screen and checked his postings to see if he had been writing down what he had been saying out loud. But he hadn't. It was as though the other person had heard what he was saying. He didn't know what to do for a moment but he decided to write back.

"Yes, I want justice against those that have cruelly tortured me for no reason. Tell me what I must do for justice."

"You need do nothing. Just tell me who has wronged you and justice will be served."

Andrew thought about that for a moment and decided to try it. He told everything about how he had been a victim of the bullies for almost two months, and how they were spurred on by Ron. After he had told the entire story, the person, known to Andrew only as Shifter147 sent back his reply. "Justice will be served."

The next day was Friday and the gang always skipped school on that day. Andrew waited until next Monday and was surprised when the gang again did not show up for school. In fact the whole next week, Andrew never saw them. He headed home and when he got there he logged on and found he had a new e-mail waiting for him. When he opened it up it had a short message and a large attachment.

"To a friend of justice. Justice is served."

The attachment appeared to be a movie file and Andrew hurriedly opened it to see what was inside. It appeared to be a home movie, taken in an alley somewhere. He could see the gang walking down the alley, but they didn't seem to notice the person taking the pictures. One of the guys was holding his stomach like he had a bad case of gas. Then all the others except for Ron started holding their stomachs too. They were all moaning and where in obvious pain. Ron was just standing there, looking at his friends trying to find out what was going on. Then, from the edges of the screen, Andrew could see a pack of street dogs slowly surrounding the gang. He was worried the dogs where going to attack them but the pack stopped about 10 feet away except for four dogs that walked up toward the gang. One dog apiece walked up to the four members of the gang that were holding there stomachs. They turned around and held there tails up to the guys. Then Andrew saw something he didn't expect. The guys stopped holding there stomachs and started taking off there clothes. They stripped down to the skin and Andrew could see immediately that there was something wrong. He couldn't see their dicks. Instead they had furry sheaths like dogs and from each one of the boys sheaths, Andrew could see a dog dick start to emerge, coming to full erect. The boys got down on there hands and knees and stuck there noses under the dogs upraised tails. Andrew could see their dicks get even more swollen and he could see that each one had a knot at the base.

All four of the boys got up over the bitches, as Andrew knew now that they were, and started to fuck them. The bitches began to pant and yip and the boys started to moan. They all pushed until their knots were in and they couldn't get out. Then, whatever spell had been clouding there minds was lifted and they suddenly began to realize what they were doing. They yelled, but it came out more like a bark than a yell. They tried to pull out of the bitches and get away but their new dicks were designed to keep them in no matter what. They couldn't get away and the bitches had started bucking which only excited their dicks more. They were moaning and yelling and begging Ron to help them, but there was nothing he could do. Suddenly their faces began to change, becoming longer and more triangular. Tails sprouted from there butts and fur began to cover there entire body. Their legs changed to dog legs and they no longer needed to be on their hands and knees. Finally their voices changed and their moans and cries were replaced by yips and barks. Their instincts started to overwhelm there human minds and they started rocking back and forth on the bitch beneath them until, with a long howl, they orgasmed into the bitch and finally stopped changing. They were exhausted and panting, but they still struggled to free themselves from the bitches beneath them. Their cocks were still rock hard though and they couldn't get free. They looked around with helplessness in their eyes while they laid across their bitches backs.

Ron tried to run, but was cut off by a large German Shepard that knocked him over. Ron rolled over and tried to crawl away but soon every dog that wasn't occupied attacked and started tearing the clothes off of him. They didn't hurt him, but when they were done, Ron was naked on his hands and knees, scared almost out of his mind. The German then walked over and started licking Rons butt. Ron knew what would happen next and tried to crawl away but the large dog jumped on top of him and wrapped his front paws around him. The dog started poking his cock around Rons butt hole and after a few thrusts managed to find it. Ron screamed as the dogs tool entered him and tried to get away but just as he started to crawl forward, the dogs knot made its connection and Ron was stuck. Ron cried, swore and moaned as the huge dog started pounding his butt hole. Then Ron looked down suddenly between his legs and screamed. The camera angle changed to show what Ron saw. His dick was gone and he was growing extra nipples up and down his chest and belly. He started to buck trying to get away, but that only caused the transformation to speed up. His skin started to break out in fur as his face stretched out. His legs changed and his hands changed into paws. His tail was being crushed by the dog on top of him. Ron's transformation got the other members of the gang going again and in a few minutes there were five pairs of dogs going hot and heavy.

At this point the video clip ended and Andrew was left shocked at what he had seen. He got out of his chair and headed toward the door. He needed to find Ron and his friends before something happened to them. As he opened the door he heard growling. Outside his door, there were five dogs, four males and one bitch. Andrew recognized them from the tape and knew that no matter what form they were in, they were always going to bully him.


Powerful line, "Four dogs and one bitch". He was always the bitch.