Ann`s New Life

by Opossum
Published: Jul 16th, 2006


Women to Panther.


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Ann's New Life
By: The Opossum

It was Friday night and my boyfriend Tom and I were about to head to a party at his friend's house. I didn't want to go because I didn't care much for most of his so called buddies. In my opinion, they were just a bunch of losers. However, after a lot of convincing from Tom I had agreed to go with him.

However, because I didn't want to go in the first place I decided to make him suffer for dragging me along to this party. Knowing how easily jealous he gets I went to my closet to pick out the most revealing outfit I had. After trying on a few outfits, I had decided on a skintight white top, short pink skirt and 6-inch high heels. As I looked at my self in the mirror and did a few poses, I knew this would work great. I could make out my bra holding my C cup breasts easily and the skirt barely covered my panties on my long legs.

When I came out of the room, I could tell Tom like the outfit by the bulge in his jeans. However, as soon as I told him lets get going the bulge quickly deflated. As he started his protest of me going dressed like this. However, in no time I had won this argument and we were on are way.

The party was way out in the country and it took quite a while to get too. However, as soon as we arrived at the party I could already see Tom's friend start to drool. It kind of turned me on to see Tom ward off all the drooling men. I pretended to mingled with some of the people for awhile. As Tom continued his losing battle and in no time, he had decided, we should head home.

On the ride home, I could see he was upset at me for doing this to him. However, I didn't care that's what he gets for dragging me along. After a couple minutes of driving it looked like Tom was about to say something when out of the blue. There was a loud bang under the hood and the dummy lights lit up on the dash. Tom erupted into cursing and hitting the steering wheel as the car sputtered to a stop. After we had got out and Tom had looked under the hood for awhile. He decided we'd needed to find a phone and get it towed.

The only problem was from where we broke down we could only see farm fields and woods in the faint moon light. As we walked down the road awhile, we could see a mailbox up not far ahead. I wished I had worn something a little warmer because the cold night air really started to get to me as we turned up the driveway. When we got a ways down the driveway, the woods opened into a large clearing with a nice size house in the middle. The outside was a little worn down but there was a light on inside. We figured it was as good of a place as any other to find a phone.

As we got to the door, Tom said, "I'll handle the talking, just stand there and be quiet." After he knocked, a few times the door opened and an old woman greeted us with "can I help you?"

Tom told her our problem. However, she said "I'm sorry sunny, I don't have a phone, but if you want you can stay here for the night, I have plenty of room and I can give you a ride to town in the morning." Tom was about to say something when I blurted out "that would be great," and he gave me a strange look.

She welcomed us in. Inside the place was beautiful. It was completely decked out in early Victorian furnishings. As I looked around the old woman said "Oh where are my manners? It's been a long time since I've had visitors out here, my name is Morgana," and Tom replied, "nice to meet you, I'm Tom and this is Ann."

After our little introduction, she told us "You two go have a seat and I'll be right back with some tea." While we waited for her to return, I felt something rubbing my leg and it straddled me at first. However, when I look down I saw a black cat rubbing my leg. When it saw me looking, it let out a few purrs and then jumped into my lap. I had always loved cats and started petting as it sat on my lap. It purred loudly in approval.

As Morgana returned with the tea she said, "Oh, I see you've met Salem, and from the sounds of his purring he likes you," I agreed with her as she filled the cups and told her he was a beautiful cat. As she hand us a cup she said, "he usually doesn't like other people much, but you must have a little cat in you, because I can tell he likes you a lot."

We drank tea and chit chatted for about an hour until the clock on the wall started to chime. Morgana looked up at it and said "It's getting late; I'll show you to the guest room." After she showed us to the guest room she said, "You two sleep tight, I'll see you in the morning," and she closed the door.

After she left, I tried to apologize to Tom for wearing this outfit and making him have to fight off all the men drooling over me. However, all he responded with was "Don't worry about it right now, let's just get some sleep; we can talk about it in the morning." With out saying another word we striped down to our underwear and got in bed. As we lay next to one another, I wanted to say something. However, in no time Tom was asleep and joined him shortly afterwards.

As I slept, I started having this strange dream. It was of this tall black haired woman walking over to me totally naked. Her large breasts bounced slightly as she walked. I watched unmoving as she pulled the covers back and removed my bra. As she sucked on my breast, I could feel her pull down my panties and raised my ass to help her. After they were off, she slowly kissed my body as she moved towards my burning pussy. When she reached it, I spread my leg to give her access and she licked away driving me right to the edge of orgasm. However, just before I was about to reach my orgasm she stopped and picked up a strange jar off the floor. She poured the white milky substance all over my body. I couldn't help my self and rubbed it into my skin as it flowed. In no time, I was drenched in it and I was playing with myself vigorously. As I played, the woman walked away out of my sight. However, I was to busy with myself to care. Just as I was about to achieve the orgasm she'd stopped at before I awoke.

The lights were on in the room and when I looked over for Tom, he wasn't there. I could fell a chill I looked down, I was naked, and my body was sticky. I tried to wipe the stickiness off but as I wiped it just evaporated. After it was gone, I sat up and looked around the room. There was no one in here with me and the door was open.

I soon found my panties and bra lying on the floor next to the bed. As I was about to pick them up and put them on to go find Tom my head got foggy. When it cleared, I looked at the clothes confused. Those don't belong to me I don't wear clothes popped in my head. Therefore, I stood in all my nakedness and walked out of the room.

As I got to the end of the hall, I could see the back of Toms head. He was sitting in a chair with his back turned to me. When I came around the corner I saw Morgana sitting across from Tom petting Salem as she spoke "ah my pet you're ready, and right on time," I froze in place as she set Salem down and stood.

She turned her back to me as she removed her clothes. As she removed them, I could see her body change. From the looks of it, she was getting younger. Her body grew firm and trim and her grey hair became long and black. After she removed the last of her clothes, she turned around. She was the women from my dream.

She spoke "ah, I see you recognizes me, as you should my pet," My mind told me this was wrong. That I should run but as soon as that had popped in my head, it was changed to loving devotion to my owner. As my owner sat, my mind was reeling with new thoughts. Like pets don't stand upright and I dropped to my hands and knees.

As I looked to my owner, she waved for me to come to her. I crawled to her shaking my ass the whole way. When I got right, in front of her, she petted my head and I started purring in approval. I was about to stop when it came to me that I always purr for my owners love. She petted my head for a short while before she stopped.

I looked up at her as she said, "Look my pet, Toms here to see you start your new life," When I looked over to Tom I could see the fear in his eyes. He was tied to the chair with his mouth gagged and was trying to say something but I couldn't make it out. My mind told me to go untie him and I was just about, to when my owner spoke again "forget about him, its time to please your owner,"

When I turn back to her, she had her legs spread wide. My mind yearned for the pleasure I would get from making my owner happy. With out hesitation I moved my head in and started licking at her moist pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as I work and in no time her body shock with a huge orgasm. As she came down from it, I pulled away and licked every drop of her off my lips. She looked lovingly at me as she said, "That was great my dear, but your mate is in some need of attention right now," as she pointed next to me.

When I looked, I saw Salem sitting there and my mind screamed to me No… No… No… TOM IS YOUR LOVER!!! However, as I looked at Salem new animal instincts raced into my mind erasing Tom and my humanity with it. Yes, my mate needs me my mind told me now as I looked seductively at Salem.

My owner stood and waved her hand over my mate. He started to grow and in no time, he was a huge black panther. I crawled to him and nuzzled cheek to cheek with him as my owner walk over by that human in the other chair.

After I nuzzled with my mate, he started to inspect my pitiful human body as he lick in different places as he made his way to my ass. When I felt him sniffing my pussy I spread my legs apart for him to get a good whiff. As he stuck his tongue out to lick, I forced my pussy right into his face and he started licking feverishly. I dug my claws into the floor, as those nasty hands became paws, as they should. I ran my growing tongue over the fangs that quickly filled my mouth with joy. I could feel the pulling sensation as my tailbone elongated to a long skin covered tube and I wagged it back and forth.

As I, really started enjoying myself a loud voice broke me out of it by saying "ANN… ANN STOP THIS, RUN FOR IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN."

I looked to where it was coming from and growled loudly as I show my fangs in anger at the human in the chair. I could see the look of fear in his eyes as my mate stopped and growled too. As I looked at him, I could feel the wetness from me soak the new fur around my pussy. I was about to go pounce on him for interrupting me when my owner spoke "You two go back to what you were doing, while I talk to Tom here."

I could hear them talk as my mate moved to sit in front of me. My owner told the human she was a witch as I stared at my mate's huge erection glistening from pre cum as it stood strait up from his sheath. As I started to lick my mate's penis, I could feel the tingle of my fur spreading down my legs and tail.

I could hear the human start to yell again as my ears grew pointy and moved higher on my head. However, I saw out of the corner of my eye my owner putting the gage back on so I continued what I was doing.

Soon I could feel those ugly human breasts shrink as my rows of teats formed sending shivers down my spine. My back legs started to feel uncomfortable as they finish reshaping and I repositioned them the way they should go strait down from my hips. As I moved my licking to my mate's nut sack, I felt a hand on my ass and looked to see my owner back there. She started to poke a finger around my pussy as I went back to licking. When she pushed it in I felt my pussy move closer to my ass for easier mating and I purred in approval. The fur spread fast up my torso as it reshaped and lengthened out. I also felt more comfortable as those dam human arms finished there reshaping and my black fur covered them.

My mate backed away from my licking as fur grew up the top of my head and that nasty blond hair fell out. As he walked behind me, my owner removed her finger and moved out of the way so my mate had total access to me. He gave me a good lick over my pussy before I felt his weight on my back. When he plunged his penis into me my pussy deepened to except the length and my neck popped into place so I was looking strait forward. As I pushed back to get every inch inside me I watched my nose and mouth push out into my beautiful muzzle. He started to nip me neck as the rest of my head finished its changes and fur covered it.

The mating was the best I'd ever had as my internal organs changed to match my true form. Over the time that passed, I had multiple orgasms as my mate claimed me. As he tensed and pump his seed deep into my hungry sex, I knew more than likely I'd get pregnant from the fucking I just received. The thought of that drove me wild and I couldn't wait to have babies.

After he dismounted me I licked his penis clean as it retracted slowly back into his sheath. Once I finished cleaning him and started to lick myself clean.

My owner moved over to that human again and removed his gage. I could see he was crying as my owner kneeled down by me. I sat there looking at the human as she petted me. She ask the human "So what do you think of the new Ann?"

Thru sobs, he replied, "This is just wrong; you can do this to people."

I started purring as she told him "I think she likes her new self, she's going to live a long time with me and Salem, isn't that right Ann?" and I nuzzled against her in approval.

Than the human asked, "Are you going to change me to?"

The thought of that made me sick. That this pitiful human thought he could become a beautiful beast like me and my mate. So I was glad when my owner responded with "Oh no my dear, I have other plans for you, you see me and Salem have lived a long time, but to sustain our youth we need to drain the life force from people every now and then."

His eyes were wide as he asked slowly "So you and your beast over there are going to drain my life force?"

His jaw dropped from her response "Oh no not me or Salem, we'll be good for awhile, we got a couple hitchhikers a few years ago, but Ann here needs it," as she waved me to get him.

I licked my lips at the thought of finishing that annoying human as I slowly stalked towards him. He tried his hardest to break his bonds as I got to his feet and was screaming loudly to me. However, I just ignored his screams as started I claw my way up his body. I was soon face to face with him. As I opened my mouth, his tears were flowing like a waterfall as he continued to struggle. I could already taste the fear emanating from him as I clamped my jaws around his mouth. His struggle quickly ended as I felt his life drain into me. When I had gotten every bit of it, I released his face and roared in triumph from the strength that it gave me. All that was left of that human was a shriveled up pile of skin and bones as I jumped down and walked back to my owner.


Week's later two humans in blue came around. My owner petted my mate and me as we snuggled up to her on her lap. They asked her a bunch of questions about a young couple that had gone missing around here. After they talked for awhile she told them "That she didn't know anything about it," and they thanked her for taking the time to talk to them and stood to leave. However, just before they were about to leave one of them commented, "What beautiful cats you have." Then he reached over to pet me I hissed loudly at him and he quickly pulled his hand away saying "Wow isn't that a feisty one." The other human laughed at him and they left.


A little over two months later, I gave birth to my first litter of babies. I ended up having four and I loved the feeling of them draining my swollen teats as they suckled from me. My owner was also very pleased too and when they were old, enough she found a pet shop in town that would buy them. I would have loved to keep them all here with me. However, I new it just wouldn't work keeping them here so I let them go. Because I knew, it wouldn't be my last litter. Therefore, a little while after they were gone, my mate and I were already starting on making another and I loved every minute of it.


The End


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