Wrapped In Each Others` Coils

Published: Sep 26th, 2010


Woman to Snake. Contains hypnotism, anal, vore, scat and egglaying.


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Wrapped In Each Others' Coils - By Hewylewis & Hamsterville10970 Author: Hewylewis &
Species: Woman to Snake Date: Sep. 26, 2010 Rating: X Wrapped In Each Others' Coils

A quick warning: This story contains sexual elements including: hypnotism, anal, vore, scat and egglaying.

Karen was at the park, the moon was shining, the crickets were chirping, it was by all accounts a perfect evening. Thought it was rather warm due to it being summer and she spotted a cluster of trees which would give her much needed shade. She down near one and opened a book she had taken with her. "Ahhh this is the life." she sighed to herself. She found herself remembering a news cast about a python escaping from the zoo but she figured it wouldn't be near her, with all these people around.

Just then, she felt something move underneath her legs and up her hips. She then noticed that she was being lifted into the air. She looked at her legs to see what looked like the large coils of a python.

Karen wanted to scream. The python wasn't far away it was mere inches from her. She felt a violent tug as she was pulled into the trees. Her heart beat rapidly. "Ok Karen calm down." she told herself. Though that was easier said then done.

"Ssssalutations, my dear," said the python. "Am I disssturbing your relaxxxation?"

"And it talks?" she almost was about ready to piss herself with fear. "Err hello...no you just caught me by surprise." she said nervously.

"Oh, I am ssso sssorry, my dear. Allow me to introduce myssself. I am Seravos, the great. And what isss your name?"

"Karen," she gulped as she started at the snake. His coils were huge and they were quite smooth and shiny but what she noticed were his eyes. It was as if they were glowing almost hypnotically.

"Oh, hold on a minute." Seravos then unwrapped his coils from around Karen's legs and had her sitting on a large tree branch.

"Thank you." Karen flexed her leg. The snake certainly had a strong grip. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sure you're aware that I am the python that essscaped from the zoo." Seravos' expression then went from casual to very sad. "Well, to be honest, I essscaped because...I'm...I'm ssso lonely."

"Lonely? Couldn't they have moved you in with the other snakes...or given you a girl python?" Karen had never seen a snake be sad before, it was intriguing now that she knew the snake wasn't a mindless killing machine.

"I am the lassst of my kind."

"Oh...I see....so why did you come after me then. I'm not a girl phython, as you've noticed"

"I know, it's just that you're ssso...beautiful. And it looks like you are alone asss well. I have the ability to make you like me, but I'd never do that to an unwilling perssson. It's heartlesss and cruel."

"You mean you'd make me into a snake? Well...." she looked back over her life since this might be a one time deal. She didn't have a boyfriend and he was friendly, and it was her choice. He did say she was beautiful. Not many men had told her that. "Alright, let's do it. Ummm, what I do need to do?"

"What about your friends and family? What would they think?"

"Well, I don't think they would understand but....you need someone and I need someone." Still her parents would be scared that their daughter was a snake now, such is life.

Seravos slowly smiled. "Alright...Jussst look into my eyes and then kiss me."

His eyes seemed to be glowing intensely now. She found herself being pulled towards Seravos as if by some invisible hand. Carefully moving on the branches, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his lips. His forked tongue tickled her. "Your tongue tickles." she said as her eyes were now spiraling rainbows of color.

"Now we must have our tongues caress each other, passionately...are you alright with that? Be honest."

"Yes." she said again feeling compelled to by the same invisible hand. Seravos seemed to be getting more handsome before her eyes. Now the idea of becoming like him felt natural as if it was as normal as breathing.

Soon enough, both the python and the beautiful girl's tongues were locked together and they passionately kissed under the moonlight. As this was happening, Karen's skin slowly began to turn green as scales were formed out of her once smooth and silky skin. Also, a large bulge was forming from within her pants, pushing against the seat.

"How are you feeling, Karen?

"It feels...umph...umph..." she said as her tongue kept passionately wrapping around the python's. "It feels a little tight in the back- Omph!!" And with that, a long thick scaly tail ripped through the seat of her pants and began to stretch away from her body. "Oh, Seravos...I have a tail now."

"Yesss," said Seravos, lovingly. "And it is beautiful. Why not wrap it around the branch?"

Taking her lover's advice, she did coil it around the branch. "Oh, that feelssss wonderful." she said teasing him with a hiss of her own.

"Yesss, a tail is a snake's pride. And yours has such lovely stripes and under scales."

Seravos then noticed that Karen's face structure was beginning to reshape itself, pushing itself forward to match his own, but more smooth and feminine. He then caressed Karen's rear with the tip of his tail. Even though it was still inside her pants, he couldn't help but caress the supple round rump. "Will you be sad to lose such a nice round rump?"

"No, I won't miss it. Sssome guys may have liked it, but I prefer my long tail instead."

"Hmm, as do I." He then had a perverted thought run through his head. "Karen…may I ask you something?"

"Yes? What is it?" she asked

"Would it be alright if I...stuck my tail tip into your anus. If you don't want me to, I won't."

"Very well." Slowly and carefully, Seravos sneaked his tail behind Karen's rear, tickled the underside of her tail, causing her to giggle and lift it slightly, due to it still being coiled around the tree. He then slowly circled his tail tip around Karen's now scale covered anus and slowly inserted it inward, ticking the inside of her intestines.

Karen giggled a bit as she felt his tail wriggling around her innards. No one would ever take her there...and besides, Seravos seemed like he knew what he was doing. She opened her mouth to reveal a mostly forked tongue that was her insides were changing to that of a snake as well. Her giggles slowly morphed into sexual moans as Seravos slid his tail deeper and deeper into her anus.

As the two continued their kissing and transformation, Seravos could hear a cartoonish pop from a distance. He then realized that it was his tail slipping out from Karen's anus. He wondered for a bit why it had happened until his eyes widened in realization. Karen's neck had lengthened to the length of two feet and her back was slowly lengthening as well, pushing her chest away from her rear. "Karen, Karen, please, you're stretching!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry…Mmph…" she wasn't sure if it was something she could control yet. But she continued to passionately kiss the snake hoping it might take the edge off of her changing body.

Seravos, still tongue kissing his future mate, looked over the side to see that Karen's hands were disappearing into her sleeves and that her feet were vanishing up her pant legs. Soon, she was without her arms or legs as her sleeves and pant legs dangled off the sides of the tree branch. Her transformation was complete…Or was it?

Suddenly, Seravos' body began to feel a huge pressure pressing against his body. Karen was too distracted from kissing to see that she was now growing in body mass. In a matter of minutes, her new girth would crush the medium sized python. Seravos began to panic, fearing he would be killed. "That's enough!" he shouted, and snapped the tip of his tail, breaking Karen out of her trance.

Karen shut her eyes and shook her head in dizziness. When she reopened her eyes, they were no longer a swirling rainbow of colors, but were now a light shade of green with beautiful oval shaped pupils. "Huh, wha?" she said in confusion. She then looked down to see that Seravos lay beneath her, with an expression of fear on his face. "What are...what are you..." she almost finished her sentence when she turned her head and looked behind to see that her body was now a large extension of green snake coils with dark blue stripes wrapped around not only the branch, but around part of the trunk as well. She saw that her shirt and pants clung onto her body, due to her new girth, and the sleeves and pant legs lifelessly dangled from her body.

"Wait…you changed me. But…Wow! I thought I'd be the same size as you." She could guess that she was somehow longer than Seravos as she let some of her excess coils hang down from the tree. She looked around nervously.

Seravos then began to weep as tears ran down from his eyes. "I knew I shouldn't have done it!" he said. "I shouldn't have lingered on the transformation. You're not a python...you're an anaconda! I made you a monster! Oh, what have I done!"

"An anaconda? It's all right, dear. This is very strange but…I'm sure it will be okay." She tried her best to stay calm even though part of her wasn't sure now what to do to settle her nerves or that of her new mate. "Hey, at least you have a girlfriend now." she tried to make light of situation.

Seravos sniffled. "A-Alright...if you're okay with this. At least I kept in your hair…your beautiful silky black hair." He smiled, lovingly.

She shook her head. "And I have my hair? Thanks...I think it's lovely too. I'll be the only anaconda with black hair…or for that matter, hair at all."

"Mmm..." was all Seravos said as he caressed his head underneath Karen's. "So...do you remember anything from the transformation?"

"Well, it all happened so fast. But I remember my tongue changing and us kissing…and then I was like I am now."

"Do you remember me playing with your butt hole?"

Karen slunk back a bit. "Yeah…and I liked it." she giggled. It felt different to admit to liking something like that, almost perverted but she wasn't human so she didn't have to worry about what others thought.

Seravos then seductively took the sleeve of Karen's shirt in his mouth, and slowly pulled the shirt off over her head. "There. Now, think you can dispose of your pants?"

"Oh sure. She then wiggled her way free of her pants, and watched as they dropped limply to the ground, seeing the large hole that her tail had made in them. "Ahhh, there we go. That feels much better." she sighed as she wriggled free of her human clothes. Now that she could see all of herself she had to admit she was one sexy snake.

"My, aren't you something to look at. You're so...big."

Karen purred and nuzzled under Seravos' chin. "Mmm…Thanksss, my love."

Seravos chuckled under his breath. "You know, I know something that would feel a lot better than my tail tip."

"What would that be-" Suddenly, before she could finish her sentence, Seravos forced his way into Karen's mouth and slowly slid down her throat and into her stomach. Karen couldn't do anything but forcefully gulp down Seravos as he kept on moving downwards into her body. As the tip of his tail disappeared after her last gulp. Karen sat there, shocked and frightened at what just happened.

Karen froze. Seravos had just forced himself down her belly. "Oh no! Seravos? Seravos, are you okay?!" At this point she was more worried than angry. She had no way of knowing if he was okay or why he would even want to do what he did. "Oh no…what have I done? I ate him!! Oh god, no!!" she then wept tears at the loss of her new mate.

"Karen…" said a familiar face out of nowhere.

"Seravos…is that you?" Tears continued to stream down her face but they slowed now. "Are you alright in there? Tell me you're okay." Her mate was now in her belly and she had no idea why he did that. "I am a monster!" she resumed crying.

"It's alright, I'm fine. I'm speaking to you through telepathy...I'm about to show you a truly stimulating sexual pleasure."

"Um, ok…I still don't understand what you're going to do though." Karen hissed as she stayed still, hoping that she wouldn't crush her mate without knowing it. "I didn't know snakes could do this."

Seravos chuckled from inside Karen's body. "Lift your tail...you're about to make a poop."

Karen lifted her new tail. "Okay." She strained as she felt something but knew it was Seravos doing something. "Still he hasn't told me what he's got planned," she thought as her tail was in the air.

Suddenly, she felt a tight straining inside of her intestines, which was building up within her anus. Karen immediately thought it was going to be diarrhea, but then the intense straining went away and was followed by a sexual pleasure, feeling something sleek and smooth exit her body. She looked around to see Seravos' head and neck sticking out from her anus!

"Hello!" said Seravos, smiling as he slithered another inch out of Karen's butt hole.

"Uhhhh!" Karen felt a pleasurable feeling hit her. The wriggling body of Seravos only seemed to be increasing it. She strained again as if trying to force the other snake out but more to try and increase this wonderful feeling inside her. "Hi." she said weakly, enjoying the smooth sleek feeling of Sevaros inside her.

"Handsome little turd, aren't I?" Seravos chuckled.

"Certainly didn't expect this." Karen panted.

Seravos then wrapped his neck around Karen's tail and began to slither around her, pulling his long body further and further out of her anus.

Karen felt like she was going to explode from this pleasure. Her anus tried to constrict around Sevaros, but he was forcing his way out. "Sevaros...yes."

Soon enough, Seravos' tail tip was the last thing to come out, and he was now completely wrapped around Karen's body, nuzzling his nose under her chin. "Most unusual poop you ever took?"

"Yeah, never expected it to talk to me," she giggled, nuzzling him.

Seravos then looked deeply into Karen's eyes, smiling devilishly. "Want to do it again, or shall we now go on with the reason I changed you in the first place?"

"Hmmm, we can do it again later. How about we go with the whole reason you changed me" She let her tongue flick out to tickle him.

Seravos smiled as he unsheathed his snake penis in front of Karen. "Alright then. But first, let's make things interesting." He then attacked Karen's mouth, blowing air rapidly into her body.

Karen felt as though her whole body was going to inflate like a balloon. What was this crazy snake doing to her now? Soon enough, Seravos snapped away from Karen's mouth, allowing her to look down and see that she had grown a pair of small plump human female breasts, her old ones for that matter, only now covered with scales and had no nipples.

"Wow...never knew you could do that," she looked over her scaly curves. "Just as nice as I remember them. I'm sure you find them enticing too, love." She wiggled a bit giving them a slight jiggle.

Seravos smiled as he slithered in between his mate's scaly breasts, looking deep into her eyes. "Open wide, my dear." He then tightened his coils around Karen and then slipped his long penis into the confines of her vagina, slowly rocking back and forth to pleasure her.

Karen obliged and let him slip inside her. "Heh, this still feels the same," she said to herself. She moved slowly back and forth trying to wrap herself around Sevaros. "Mmm… this feels great."

"No use trying," said Seravos, still pumping into Karen. "My coils are firmly wrapped around your long beautiful body. So, sorry, but you can't move...well, almost can't." He then began to slide his forked tongue all around Karen's nipple-less breasts.

"Sevaros..." Karen moaned, shoving her breasts towards him, loving how his tongue twined around her chest. None of her previous boyfriends had this kind of passion to them.

Seravos bumped his mate harder and harder until a pressuring urge was felt in his nether regions. "Um...Karen...I think I'm going to come!"

"Then do it!" she hissed. "Give yourself to me. Fill me with every drop." She was almost pleading in her tone as her mate bumped against her roughly.

"Whoa!" Seravos thought to himself. "What have I done to this girl? I've turned her into a sexual predator!" He then smiled. "Well...its too late to hold it in now, might as well do it." With that, he released the pressure in his penis, filling Karen's insides with endless amounts of semen. He sighed in relief as he slumped down in between his mate's breasts again.

Karen tightened a bit and then felt the mighty orgasm that had been building inside her finally burst as she came in a wet almost spray. Then she felt Sevaros fire himself off in round after round of his scalding hot load. She couldn't say anything but lay there as the afterglow of the orgasm faded.

Just then, a low creaking sound was heard. Karen and Seravos eyed around, wondering where it was coming from. Suddenly, they felt the branch they were on snap, break, and fall out from underneath them. Soon, both the male python and the female anaconda with hair and breasts screamed in terror as they fell out of the tree and hit the ground.

Seravos slowly craned his neck up to see if Karen was all right. "Karen!" he said, in a frightened tone. "Karen, are you all right?"

"I'm okay...a little dizzy but I'll be alright," she said her head a bit woozy

"You're not hurt, are you, my sweet?"

"No, I'll be fine."

Just then, Karen's snake-ish breasts began to shrink smaller and smaller until they vanished away into her body. Luckily, she still had her long black hair, so she didn't mind losing her breasts again. But then, she felt another tight urge in her nether regions. She tightened up her vagina, trying to hold the feeling in, but she couldn't hold on forever. Slowly and pleasurably, an egg slid between her vagina lips and exited her body, landing gently on the grassy knoll.

Seravos chuckled at what had just happened and picked up the egg with his tail. "Don't worry, it's a dud. The first time anyone in my species has had sex, they lay an unfertilized egg. Don't worry, the others will be fertilized. And pretty soon, there'll be dozens of little babies, calling you mama."

Karen was surprised at the thought of being a mother to hundreds of little baby snakes. But how else would she and Seravos repopulate his species? For now, she was with the one she would spend the rest of her life with. Snake or not…she was very happy. She leaned in closer to Seravos' eyes and said, "One thing before we break the news to my folks."

"Yes?" asked Seravos.

Quickly, and without warning, Karen wrapped her coils all around Seravos' body and tightened her grip around him, pinning herself on top of him. Still seeing that his penis was out, Karen smiled, flickered her tongue and said, "My turn." She then slipped her vagina over Seravos' penis and began to rock herself back and forth against his body, moaning in sensational pleasure.

Seravos smiled and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the pleasure Karen was giving to him. The future of his species was safe and secure…and he had a very special lady to thank for that.


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