All Hollow`s Goat

Published: Nov 27th, 2006


Man and Woman into Female Satyrs.


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By Umgestalten
� 31 October 2006

Bob, or more properly put, Dr, Robert L. Capra was a research scientist at a prestigious mid-western university. He taught a few classes just to keep the higher ups happy but his main goal in life was his research, medical research to be exact. Over the years, he had made a few discoveries that kept the university in the news and in the money and satisfied the "Publish or Perish" axiom. However, his real research he did at home, on his farm. He had no intentions of sharing his private research with anyone. He was very careful to make sure that his contract with the university stipulated that what he discovered at work belonged to them and what he discovered at home belonged to him.

Bob was meticulous to the point of being obsessive about his bookkeeping and documentation of the work he did at home. He knew that the school would have him in court in a heartbeat when he published his findings. They would want all of the millions he was going to make but they weren't going to get it. Not one penny of it!

His lab in the barn was as good as or better than the one at the university. He had spent years and a small fortune creating it. All of the equipment and supplies were paid for with his paychecks and the small bonuses that the university paid him for his discoveries that they took credit for.

Now, Bob was on the threshold of being able to completely override rejection. Specifically the rejection of skin from a donor in the case of major burns or accident. With his formulations and treatments, doctors will be able to replace burned or missing skin, and to some extent flesh and the donor wouldn't even have to be human let alone a tissue match. All he needed now was a subject to test and prove his formulas on to make sure his assumptions were correct before applying for official approval to test on humans. To that end, Bob had a plan.

All Hallows Eve, Halloween, was just a two weeks away and his wife, Nancy, was a nut for Halloween. She always wanted to buy or make costumes and go to parties that were hosted every year by the Dean. She was always dreaming of winning first place. "She's such an idiot. That's what I get for marrying an air-headed blonde,' Bob was thinking. "She's easy on the eyes and hard on the brain…' He thought as he chuckled to himself. "But she is great in the bedroom, or any room. Oh well, I can always find a great screw with a functioning brain.'

Bob hated all of the nonsense she went through for Halloween. It was dumb enough for the kids but for adults to dress up as something they're not and act like idiots all night at some stupid party was ludicrous. He went along with her and the parties because it was one of those things you just have to do, like it or not. Politics of the job and all that crap.

What his wife never seemed to realize was that the winners of the all the prizes were decided long before the party started. Before the costumes were even made for that matter. She didn't have a chance. He wasn't a member of the right crowd at the school. Regardless, she was frantically trying to come up with some great costumes to wear to the Dean's party and wasn't having any luck.

Bob laughed again as he thought, "If ignorance is bliss she has to be the most blissful person I've ever met. Her brain rattles around in her head like a pea in a boxcar.'

Then more seriously, "But, with this plan I solve several problems. One, I prove my theories are correct. Two, I prove my formula works. Three, my wife will never again interfere with my work or the life I plan to live after I go public. It's perfect!' He thought as a crooked, maniacal smile slowly spread across his face.

"When I met you, you were a Nanny for Mom's neighbor and you've told me ever since how you enjoyed being a Nanny and wished you could be one again for your own kids,' He thought. "Well, you're gonna get your wish!"

Bob had her costume, or would have in a few days, and it would be her best ever. One she would remember for the rest of her life. All he had to do was convince her that he had it covered and get her to let him help her put her "costume" on.


Two days later, the phone in the his private lab rang. Bob answered with his usual, "Hello, Dr. Robert Capra here."

"Hey there. Is this Doc Capra?" the caller asked.

"Yes," Bob answered while thinking, "What did I just say, moron?'

"Hey there Doc. This is Jimmie down at "William's Farm Butchering Service." You said you wanted we should notify you when your doe arrived. Well she's here and a really fine looking animal she is too."

"Yes, yes," Bob responded. "I'll be there in about fifteen minutes to explain exactly what I want done."

"Ok, Doc. We're all ready to go as soon as you get here. You want we should put her down now or wait till you get here?"

"No. Don't do a thing until I arrive," Bob answered anxiously.

"You got it, Doc. See ya in fifteen."

Ok. I'll be right there."

"Later. Bye," Jimmie said as he hung up the phone.

As the line went dead and Bob hung up his phone his mind was in a whirl. "This is it. Now I get to prove to myself that my formulation works.'

He looked at the date on his watch. "Fifteen days to Halloween. Let's see… Three days in solution and two days to dry makes five days. That leaves ten days left. Yes. That will have her "trying on her new costume' well before All Hallows Eve, how perfect,' Bob was thinking as he picked up his briefcase and walked to his truck.

On the short drive to the butcher's, Bob continued to go over his plans. "During the next five days I'll give the "costume' a big build-up to Nancy so she will be anxious to see it and try it on. Once it's ready, I'll announce its "arrival' and take her out to the lab where I'll assist her into her costume. That will be the hard part but she's such a trusting fool that she'll never catch on that there is anything wrong. Yes. Yes. It's perfect. Heh, heh, heh. I'm so good.

When Bob arrived at the butcher's he grabbed his briefcase and went inside. There he met Jimmie and William standing behind the counter in what looked like long blood-stained lab coats. "I'm Dr. Capra. You're expecting me," He stated.

"Yeah, we are, Doc. I'm William, the owner. Jimmie here says you got some special instructions or somthin' you want done to that doe that was shipped in here today," the large man, William, said.

"Yes. Yes I do," Bob, answered. "I have very specific instructions that you must follow to the letter. I will stand by and supervise each step as you perform it."

"Well that's kinda unusual, Doc. We don't usually work with an audience but if that's what you want, I guess we can do it that way. Just so long as you don't want us to do no weird pervert type stuff, if'in you know what I mean," William said with a serious look.

"I fully understand," Bob answered. "I'm a medical researcher and I need this animal butchered in a very specific manner in order for it to be used as part of a research project I'm engaged in. I assure you that my unusual requirements are purely for scientific purposes to meet the needs of my research."

"Well then, that's ok, Doc. It was just that when Jimmie here told me about your order I got kinda worried that you was some weirdo wantin' to do devil worship or somthin'. What with you wantin' a goat butchered out with you watchin' an' all. So, let's go out back and get started then," William said as he turned and indicated that Bob should follow.

Bob followed the two into the back room where he saw a beautiful Nanny goat in a pen off in one corner. She was a large white American Cashmere goat and had obviously been well fed and cared for. Her hair was long and silky and her frame was well filled out. Bob smiled when he saw her. She was just what he wanted.

William looked at the Bob and said, "You wanna wait outside while we put "er down, Doc?"

"No. I don't want you to do it. The animal must be put to sleep in a specific way in order to be satisfactory for my research. I have what is needed right here in my briefcase. If you will hold her still, I will give her an injection," Bob answered as he set his case on a nearby table and opened it.

As Bob uncapped a hypodermic needle and got out a cotton swab alcohol rub, William spoke up, "Now wait just a minute, Doc. You said we could have the meat from this here goat when you was done and I can't have no drugs in "er. I plan to sell the meat for eatin'."

"That won't be a problem," Bob returned. "This is just an overdose of a sleep agent and will dissipate in the system. There will be nothing left in the animal's meat when you butcher it out."

"Ok. If you're sure, Doc. But I just don't want none of my customer's gettin' sick from eatin' what I sell em," William said with a concerned and serious tone to his voice.

"Quite sure," answered Bob. "Now, if you two will please hold the animal still while I inject this into a vein in its foreleg."

Bob selected the spot, swabbed it with alcohol, and made the injection. "It will just be a few moments. Then you may proceed while I direct you," Bob said as he pulled the needle from the doe's leg and recapped it before returning it to his briefcase.

William and Jimmie held the goat as she started to doze off and her knees slowly buckled as she slipped to the floor. A few minutes later, she was dead.

"Very good. Please weigh her and then you may place her on the table and I will instruct you what to do," Bob said matter-of-factly.

William and Jimmie tied the doe's legs together at the heels and hoisted it with the scale hook. "One hundred and thirty-eight pounds, Doc. Want "er on the table now?" William asked.

"Yes, please," He answered.

Once the deceased doe was lowered in place on the table and the legs untied, Bob told them what he wanted done. "I want you to carefully cut through the skin right here, just below the ribcage. Carefully continue the incision completely around the body at the same level. The cut must be even with no ragged edges.

William made the cut as Jimmie turned the body of the doe and Bob directed. "Very good. Very good. Now just come around to meet the start of the incision. Don't cut too deep, just through the skin," He guided as they cut and turned.

"There you go, Doc. That what you wanted? Now what?" William asked.

"Yes, that's it. Perfect," Bob answered. "Now, I need you to start skinning it and pealing the hide back very carefully. I don't want a single nick or cut in the hide. Now peal it back like it was a pair of pants. Yes, that's it. Keep going."

Bob continued to watch until they reached the udder. Bob carefully explained how to separate it from the body. After that they came to the tail. "Now, I want you to carefully cut through the joint between the last vertebrae and the beginning of the Sacrum. It's that joint right there. Yes, that one. Be careful not to nick or cut the bone. Use this scalpel to sever the spinal cord. Yes, perfect. Now, Sever the urethra, colon and the vaginal canal clean and straight through and continue pulling the skin off down the legs until you get to the area of the Phalanx bones."

William and Jimmie continued pulling the hide from the carcass until they reached the Joint where Bob had them cut through between the Phalanx and the Metatarsus and freeing the hide. He told them, "That's great. Just what I wanted. Now leave it turned inside out, put it in this plastic bag and then start doing the same thing to the hide on the other half," Bob explained.

William and Jimmie continued with the upper half much the same as they did the lower. When they got to the legs they pealed the skin back and cut through the joint between the Phalanx and the Metacarpal leaving the dewclaw and hooves intact attached to the hide the same as they did on the hind legs.

"Ok, now the neck and head. I want you to be very careful here when you reach the skull, ears and horns. Attachment of the hide is very tight in the area of the Poll forward to the nose. I want you to carefully remove the hide from the base of the horns and then cut the horns lose below the poll. Then carefully remove the rest of the hide leaving the nose, lips and everything intact and attached to the hide.

The upper half was bagged the same as the lower and Bob had them load the bags in the bed of his truck. As he pulled out of the parking lot, William turned to Jimmie and said, "I'm here to tell ya, Jimmie, that is one queer duck. Yessir, one damn queer duck. Well, let's butcher out that there goat now that the nonsense is done with."

Back at the lab, Bob spent several hours carefully cleaning both halves of the hide. He removed all of the subcutaneous tissue leaving only the dermal layers and removed the Phalanx bones from the hooves. He then placed everything into solution number one to soak for the required three days. He was pleased with the days work. Both pieces were in perfect condition and the hair had remained tightly affixed during the process.


Later, Bob told his wife about the surprise costume that he had for her but he wouldn't let her know what it was. "No. There's no way I'm going to tell you what it is. It's a surprise but I will tell you that no one at the party that will be able to compete with you."

The days went by slowly for Bob as he carefully turned the goat hide in the solution twice a day for the three days and then toggled them out to dry. Nancy was relentless in her pursuit to find out what Bob had for her costume but he maintained the suspense. He wanted her to be so anxious that she would jump at it without taking the time to think about what she was doing.

The two days for drying finally passed and Bob was just about ready. He put on his protective gloves and rubbed the inside of the lower half with the part two of the solution. This would make the DNA of the skin dominant and the transformation would follow the goat's configurations.

When he finished his preparations, he called to the house and told his wife that her costume had arrived and it was time to try it on. She was at the door to the lab moments later. Bob noted that she was her usual bubbly air headed self as she bounced over to stand next to him at the exam table.

"Lemme see it, lemme see it! I've waited all week for it to get here. I have to see it. I have to," she said as she bounced on her toes. Her long blonde hair and several other parts bounced with her. Her eyes had a sparkle in them.

"No, Dear. I don't want you to see it right out of the box. I want you to be wearing it the first time you see it. So, you need to get completely undressed first and then I'll put it on you. You're going to be so surprised when you see it."

Nancy was completely undressed quickly. She'd always been good at that. Bob had her stand next to the exam table and wondered, "'Damn what a body! Wish her mind were half as good. Hmm, maybe just one last time? No, there's no time for that,' He shook his head to clear his thoughts and started to spread the solution part three on her body from the waist down.

Bob continued rubbing. "This will take a few minutes to spread all over your lower body. The costume is very tight fitting and this will provide a form of lubrication to help get it on," he lied. "There may be a slight burning sensation for a few moments but it will soon pass."

He continued to rub part three of the solution on to her body with his latex gloved hands. He could see it being absorbed into her skin and the beginning effects taking place. Her skin was turning a reddish color similar to a rash and in a few places he noticed the epidermis starting to degrade. Nancy began to fidget a bit and then complained, "It's starting to burn. I don't like this. It's like that stuff I use to take off the hair on my legs. How much longer, Bob?"

Bob moved the table into a vertical position and said, "Just move back onto this table, Dear. Stand on that foot plate there. That's it," Bob said as he removed his gloves and assisted her onto the table being careful that he only touched her upper body. When she was in place, he lowered the table to the horizontal position and uncovered the lower half of the goat hide.

"Now you just lay there and let me do all the work," Bob said to her. There was a bit of a mad look in his eyes and a crook to his smile as he looked at the flesh on her legs as it continued to degrade, becoming soft and pliable. The sedative that was in the formula that he rubbed on her had taken effect and she was almost completely out of it. Bob gave her an injection that would put her to sleep through the complete process.

He started to work her feet into the legs of the doe. As he massaged the flesh on her legs he could feel it begin to conform to the shape of the empty goat skin. Bob tugged hard and worked her feet down to the hooves and poked and twisted until the bones of her toes had joined up with two of them in the hooves and two pushed up into the dewclaws. The small toe just seemed to disappear.

He continued to push and maneuver her legs into place as the bones of her feet changed to become the metatarsus and her ankle took on the configuration of a goat's tarsus.

Nancy lay on the table and only moaned or grunted a little every now and then.

Bob watched as her tibia and femur compressed to fit within the configuration of the doe's hindquarters and at the same time moved some of the mass further up her legs to take its place in her forming rump. He took perverse pleasure in forcing the tailbones of the doe to attach to the end of Nancy's spine and carefully manipulate the anal and vaginal openings into place.

"It's almost done!" he said aloud. "Soon, my Dear, phase one will be complete. Ha ha," Bob's laughter echoed from the walls of his lab as he continued to pull the skin of the goat up over his wife's thighs and hips to end at her waist.

As he finished he watched as the skin of the doe melded with the red and raw skin of his wife's torso. It was doing just what it was supposed to do. There was no rejection and it was becoming her skin. The long white hairs were her hairs now and her muscles, tendons, blood vessels and even her very bones were reshaping to conform to those of a goat.

Already he could see that she was flexing the muscles that controlled her hooves as her new solid toes moved apart and then together again. Her lower legs were the smaller diameter of a goat and he could hear the slight crackling sounds coming from the area of her pelvis as it to shifted and reshaped. He watched as the udder filled out and took on its normal configuration again. Her new teats enlarged and soon stood out from the udder.

Bob took great pleasure when he first noticed her tail twitch and then start to wag. Then a darkness moved across his face as he became serious again. "Time to stand and stare when the work is done. I need to finish with phase one first so you may eventually become a nanny again," Bob said to the sedated Nancy and then laughed at his own joke.

He swabbed two areas just above her hairline with the formula and then rolled her head to one side. He removed the stud from her ear before running a small swab carefully over all exterior ear surfaces. Bob then repeated the process with her other ear.

The blonde hair on the top of her head had dissolved and the skin was raw and pliable by the time he finished with her ears. He picked up the left horn and pushed it through her skin where it melded with her skull. He did the same with the right horn and held them both in place until the human bone of her skull fused to the bone in the base of the horns and formed the poll on the top of her head to support her new horns.

From there he moved to the ears. The exterior ear had almost completely dissolved. It was just a small mass of bubbling tissue and cartilage. Bob carefully positioned the ears into place and held them until the flesh and muscle had joined. He was done with phase one.

He stood back and took a seat on a stool at the side of the table. From his perch atop the stool, Bob watched as the transformation moved on to near its conclusion. Nancy's modified limbs took on the proper conformation and then started to slowly move and stretch. Bob giggled as he remembered a line from an old movie, "It's alive! It's alive!" he yelled as he threw his arms in the air and continued with his laughter. Nancy moaned and her legs twitched again.

Bob knew that there was considerable pain involved with this process. After all, every nerve for her skin and muscle had been dissolved and was now reforming. All of the muscles and tissue were reshaping and her bones were as pliable as Play Doh.


Nancy remained, for the most part, completely oblivious to everything until the next day at about noon. She started to stir and Bob moved to the side of the bed he had moved her to. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"What happened? I feel really strange," she answered.

"You had a very unusual reaction to the solution used to get the costume on. Something has happened and I don't know exactly how to explain it," Bob started.

"What's wrong with my legs? They feel strange and I can't feel my feet. What happened to me!" Nancy yelled.

"Calm down. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Let me explain. The costume that I bought was advertised as being so close to real that you could hardly tell the difference. They suggested that you wear the costume for several days to a week before any event, like the Halloween party, to get used to it but now it seems to have attached itself and I don't know how you take it off," Bob explained. He had worked out his story well in advance to keep her reasonably calm initially.

"What do you mean you don't know how to get it off? What kind of costume is it anyway?" Nancy said as she started to push down the sheet that was covering her.

As she removed the sheet, she kicked her legs and suddenly the hair at her waist came into view. Then her udder and her thighs. "Holly Shit! What the hell kind of costume is this?"

"You're a female Satyr. It's a Greek mythological creature that has a partly human body but from the waist down is a goat and has the ears and horns of a goat," Bob calmly explained.

Nancy threw the sheet the rest of the way off and just sat there staring at her deformed legs and lower torso. Her mouth opened and closed but nothing came out. She moved her legs and found she could spread the toes of her cloven feet apart. "This is so kewl. You got me the best costume ever. I'll win a prize at this year's Halloween party for sure. But… How did my feet and legs get in there? They look so small now," she said with a quizzical look on her face.

"That's the problem. I don't know how it works. I can't find the edge of the costume. I don't know how to get it off but I'll call the manufacturer on Monday.. However, you could just wear it for now. You need to get used to walking on those hooves anyway. Here, let me help you get up and give it a try," Bob said as he took her hand and assisted her from the bed.

"Oh don't be silly, Bob. It's a Halloween costume. You got it on me and you'll be able to get it off. A person can't get stuck in a Halloween costume," Nancy said with laughter in her voice.

Nancy placed her cloven hooves cautiously on the floor and slowly put her weight on them as she steadied herself by holding onto Bob. She took several careful steps and found that hooves and a tile floor don't go together well. Her feet skittered all over and only by holding onto Bob was she able to keep on her feet. Bob smiled and said, "Let's get you outside. The grass will give you better purchase for those hooves of yours than this tile floor."

Once out in the grass, Nancy straightened up and started to walk much better. She still needed Bob for support to steady her but found walking across the pasture easy and fun. She seemed to forget completely what he said about being stuck in this form.

"This is definitely the best costume ever. It feels so real. It's like everything below my waist is really me and not just a costume for Halloween," she said enthusiastically. "And how did you ever get these horns and ears to stick so good to my head? I can't budge them and I think I can almost feel it when I touch my ears."

After a little over an hour, she was walking on her own. A short time later she was running and frolicking across the fields as if she had been born a Satyr. She gave no notice that she was totally naked. It didn't seem to bother her in the least.

Bob, on the other hand, was bothered. He had always found the sight of Nancy naked very exciting but now… Now he could hardly contain his lust. There was something about this female Satyr that just… Wow!

The only problems she had were with balance when she stood completely still but those too were overcome with practice. Nancy was even able to return to the lab and walk on the tile floors with no difficulty.

Later, as the sun was setting, they decided it was time to return to the house. "Can I keep the costume on? I want to wear it to bed tonight," Nancy said to Bob with a smile on her face that he knew well.

"No problem, Dear. No problem at all. I still don't know how to get it off of you but right now I'm not sure I want to."


As Bob followed Nancy into the house, he watched her tail as it waved and twitched behind her. He noticed that after almost four hours of walking and running on her new hooves, she now moved with the grace she had before the change. No longer the awkward staggering she had when she first walked on her new cloven hooves. Even the sway of her hips was back. But, there was something different about her that he just couldn't put a finger on.

Bob followed her into the bedroom where she walked over to the bed and leaned forward to put her hands on the bed. Nancy looked back over her shoulder, smiled a most seductive smile, wiggled her ass and flagged her tail at Bob. "Do you think we can do "it' when I'm wearing my costume?"

"I'm absolutely sure we can," Bob answered as he was hurriedly stripping off his clothes.

As Bob moved up behind her she said, "I like this costume. It's so much easier than removing all those clothes," and then she giggled.

Bob was more than ready and plunged into the task of satisfying his wife's needs, and his. The night was the wildest night either of them had ever experienced and Bob found out exactly what an antler dance was all about. In this case, a horn dance. They made great handles.

It was late morning when Bob stirred from his sleep. He found that Nancy was already gone from the bed and up to something in the kitchen downstairs.

He got out of bed, showered and dressed, and went down to the kitchen. Nancy was eating a bowl whole grain cereal, dry. "I never knew this stuff tasted so good without milk. A little harder to chew it at first but I think I got the knack of it now."

That's great Nancy. I think I still prefer mine with milk though," Bob returned with a smile.

Nancy stood up and walked over to him. "Bob? I think we need to talk. Specifically, you need to talk to me. I completely remember yesterday afternoon but I now realize that I was in some sort of drug-induced sense of well being and did not have the ability to add up all of what was happening to me. This morning, however, that has worn off and I know that this is no costume. I can feel every part when I touch it. My udder, and I say "my udder' because it is mine, is very sensitive to touch. The skin under all this hair in my skin and the muscles under my skin are my muscles. When I pull on the hair, it hurts. When I flex my toes, the cloven hooves move apart and together. I think you need to explain and it better be good!"

"Nancy, I can explain but first you really need to take this tablet. It will help to calm you down." Bob said as he held out a small white tablet.

Before Bob knew what happened, Nancy's right arm came up and she backhanded him on his right cheekbone with a closed fist. He fell back and landed on the floor on his ass.

"No more pills and no more bullshit, asshole! I've played the dumb blonde bimbo because that was what you liked and what you wanted. It was fun at first but I want to tell you something. It gets real hard, real fast. My mom told me not to do it but I really liked you and that was what you wanted. You never ask what I was doing with your neighbor's children, Bob. You just assumed that I was a nanny. Well I wasn't. I was a teacher for gifted children. I have a Masters in teaching and child psychology and was working on my doctorate. Now, asshole, tell me what you've done or I swear I will stomp the shit out of you with these new hooves you've somehow given me. I want to know it all. Just what did you plan to do? Start talking," she said as she stood over him.

Bob looked up at his beautiful wife but with the horns on top of her head and the large goats ears together with the lightening flashes in her eyes he not only knew he was in trouble, he was in real deep shit. Nancy Honey, Dear… Oooffff!"

Bob doubled up into a fetal position after Nancy stomped him in the gut with her hoof. "Don't even try that crap. Talk!"

"Ok, ok. Just let me get up," he said as he pulled himself up and into a kitchen chair. "I never talked to you about my work. I didn't think you would understand. I'm sorry. I'll tell you everything."

Bob explained every aspect of his research and experiments. He told her exactly what he had done up to and including the day before after she recovered. "And that's all of it," he finished.

"That's damn well enough but I don't think it's all. Just what did you plan to do with the rest of the goat's skin that you have out in the lab? Did you plan to finish the job after you were tired of having a dumb blonde Satyr around the house to screw?"

"Yes," Bob answered staring down at the table.

"I thought so. Well that's not going to happen. Maybe I should use it on you. How would you like to spend the rest of your life as the front end of a goat? We'd be the perfect couple." A look of fear spread across Bob's face. "Oh don't get worried about it. I already have a horse's ass for a husband. I don't need to compound my problems."

Nancy paced the kitchen, her hooves clicking on the hardwood floor as she paced. Bob sat at the table watching her in fear of what she would do next. He though to himself, "I can't believe the changes that happened overnight. Her body has continued to change. Not just the lower half which has completely changed to a female goat but her upper half has become much stronger. Her upper body is well toned and her muscles are larger, stronger. She's stronger and faster than I am. This is well beyond what I expected.'

"I can see by the look on your face that things aren't going as you expected, are they? No, I think not. Well for now, you just get your ass out to that lab and figure out how to fix this. And you damn well better come up with something or I will," Nancy said as she grabbed his shirt at the shoulder and literally lifted him from the chair and tossed him towards the door.


Once Bob was out of the house, Nancy got on the phone and called the butcher's that he said he used. "William's Farm Butchering Service, William here," came the voice on the other end.

"Yes, William. This is Nancy Capra, Doctor Capra's wife. You butchered out a doe goat for him last week and he was wondering if you could get another one and do the same thing."

"Sure could. Now that we know where to get em we could have one for ya tomorrow. Does the Doc want to give this one a shot to put it down too?" William answered.

"No. That won't be necessary. He only requires the lower half, the horns and the ears this time. Can you process it the exact same way without him present this time? And can you completely clean the skin of all tissue other than the skin?"

"Sure can," William answered. "That won't be no problem at all. I seen how he done the parts he done an' I can do that and I process and clean hides all the time. Does he want I should call him when we's done?"

"No. Call me at the house number. Do you still have it?"

"Sure do mam. I'll call ya tomorrow soon as we get's er done," William answered.

"Thank you. I'll wait for your call. Goodbye," Nancy said.

She hung up the phone after William said goodbye. "Now. I need to get Bob to unknowingly explain the entire process to me,' and, to that end she left the house for the lab in the barn. As Nancy walked across the yard she was thinking, "He really is a bit of a genius. A mad genius to be sure but definitely a genius.'

She looked down at her misshapen, hair-covered legs and cloven hooves as she walked. "I should be far more upset with this than I am but outside of him lying and deceiving me, I'm not. I'm not that upset with what he's done to me. Why am I fascinated with what he's turned me into? I always loved my body and thought it was sexy but I feel sexier and more erotic that I ever did before. I don't want to look like this but I love it at the same time.'

She reached the door to the lab and as soon as she saw Bob she had a burning need. Nancy did her best to control her carnal desires as she walked over to him. She asked him to show her all of his notes. She wanted to know exactly what he had done to her.

Bob spent the rest of the day explaining his discoveries and procedures. He found that Nancy was truly a very intelligent being and she grasped things quicker that he thought should be possible. She not only understood what he was telling her but she asked intelligent questions and made good suggestions. He began to wonder how much was her knowledge and how much of it was enhanced by her transformation. He was beginning to believe that his discovery had effects more far reaching than he had ever envisioned.

As the sun began to set and the distractions of the work diminished there was a growing desire in both of them. It was something uncontrollable and it seemed to affect them both. Bob's arousal was evident by the unusual configuration of the front of his trousers. Nancy's became apparent to him as he followed her to the house and couldn't help but notice her flagging her tail and the damp, matted hair beneath it.

They made it to the house but the bedroom was out of the question. He took her at the kitchen table, the dinning room table, the living room couch and on the stairs. When they finally made the bedroom they both dropped onto the bed he passed out.

Nancy thought for a short time before succumbing to sleep. "Never before have I felt so driven by sexual desire. I seem to be like the mythological Satyr. I'm much more sexually driven and I know that I am more intelligent that I was. Bob's work was almost child's play to understand and I could see beyond what he has done to far more possibilities than he has even imagined. Not only that but I feel that I will be discovering more, much more, about my new self.'

The next morning after Bob managed to pry himself away from Nancy he went to work at the University. Shortly after he left a call came in from William. "Yeah. This is William at the butchers. I got your goat here and have it done. You want that I should deliver it to ya or will ya want to pick it up?"

"Please deliver it as soon as you can," Nancy replied. "And put it on the rear porch. How much do I owe you? I'll leave a check for you."

"Don't worry "bout it. I'll just put it on the bill along with the other one. I'll have it there in about thirty minutes,"

Nancy thanked him and hung up the phone. She went immediately to the barn and cleared a place in the old tack room to set up the soaking tank for the hide. Then she went to the lab and using Bob's notes, mixed the formula for solution one. She finished just as Jimmie delivered the package to the back porch of the house.

After he left she walked across the yard to the back porch. As she walked she thought, "I've been moving around all morning without giving a thought to what I've become,' as she sat on the porch steps and looked down at her lower body. "I'm half goat and half human. Technically, I'm a female Satyr. I remember them from the mythology that I studied in college. They liked wine and drinking and were very sexual creatures. They were very intelligent and were great artists and musicians. They hung around with Dionysus, the Greek god of mystery, wine and getting drunk.'

Nancy ran her hands over her legs and felt the Cashmere hair that covered them. It was soft, luxurious and she liked the feel of it. She reached down and took one of her hooves in her hands. It was so small compared to the size of her foot and was hard with small tufts of hair between the toes. It tickled when she touched the area between the two toes and she smiled. She marveled that she was able to walk with such ease on them at the small diameter of her legs from the knees down and the apparent new joint that used to be her ankle. "At first glance my legs look deformed but then they begin to look completely normal. I like the way they look. I like the way I look,' Nancy thought, as a large smile spread across her face.

Nancy put her hooves back on the ground and stood up. "I may never have to worry about wearing shoes again. I wonder how the world is going to take having a Satyr around." She said as she looked down at herself. As she looked at her human half she thought, "In time they may accept the fact that I'm half goat but there's one thing for sure, the prudes are going to want the human half properly covered up. Well, time for that later.'

She picked up the bundle that Jimmie left and took it to the tack room where she unpacked it. After the final preparations and removing the bones from the hooves she put it in the solution. When she left the room, she closed the door and put a pad lock on it. "Three days in solution and then I dry it but I'm going to use my hairdryer in a small tent to dry it faster than Bob did. It should dry in less than a day. That will give me four days left to the party. Boy is Bob going to be surprised.'


Back in the house, Nancy went through her closet and dresser to see just what she could wear up top to maintain some sense of modesty. Not for herself but for others around her when she went out in public, and she did plan to go out in public. She found a peasant type halter blouse that when she looked in her mirror seemed to fit in with her new image. She decided that with the increased firmness of her new muscles and breasts that a bra was not necessary.

After that she went down to the kitchen and started dinner for when Bob came home. She decided on a nice salad for their dinner. She just wasn't in the mood for anything with meat in it that night.

When Bob arrived home, he entered the house with a degree of trepidation. He had no idea what would greet him. Would Nancy be friendly like that morning or would she be angry again and toss him around like a rag doll?

What he found was a beautiful Satyr in the kitchen just finished making dinner. She was wearing the peasant blouse and her hair was combed and brushed, all of it, head and legs. She was wearing her usual makeup and looked beautiful. When she carried the bowl of salad to the dining room he could see her breasts move and bounce in the blouse.

Bob quickly sat at the table and tried to remain calm during dinner but his mind was not on eating, not dinner anyway. "You look fantastic, Nancy."

"Thanks," she responded. "But I decided that you should call me Nannie now. As in Nanny goat. Get it?" she said with a smile.

"I get it," Bob answered with a half smile of his own.

Dinner conversation was strained on Bob's part. He was afraid to say anything that might set her off. He spent the time responding to her and bringing up very little of his own but what she did say relaxed him somewhat. She told him that she had spent the day getting used to herself and that she was liking it so far. "But that's no excuse for what you did to me. You have no idea how violated I feel. I trusted you and you betrayed that trust. Someday you may know how I feel but for now, I've almost forgiven you," Nannie said. She wanted to let him know something was coming but at the same time, not give herself away just yet.

After dinner they talked some more but only for a short while. Both of them soon lost interest in conversation and they spent the evening doing things together that didn't require conversation. Not of the spoken variety anyway.

The days passed one after another pretty much the same way. Nannie followed the procedures with the second goat hide the same as Bob had with hers. After the third day she removed it from solution one and dried it using her hair dryer. It was dried by the early afternoon and she prepared the skin with the second solution. She was surprised how soft and supple the skin was after drying. Not at all like a normal hide.

When Bob arrived home she had dinner ready and sitting on the table for him. They ate and had a pleasant conversation. Bob had relaxed over the past four days and felt safe from Nannie's anger. His only problem was that he was that he was completely drained. He couldn't keep up with her sexual energy. As a matter of fact he was starting to feel very tired right at dinner.

As soon as dinner was over, Nannie asked him to come with her to the lab. She told him that she had a few questions for him. Bob rose from the table and followed her out. Once in the lab she started to ask him some questions about his formulations and procedures. She noticed that he was having trouble maintaining his concentration and his eyelids began to flicker.

She moved around behind Bob and caught him just before he passed out completely. Nannie easily moved him over to the table and removed his clothes by cutting them from his body. "You won't be needing as many clothes when I get done with you," she said as she finished up.

Nannie gave him an injection to keep him sedated and then spread solution three over Bob's lower body the same as he had done to her only a little over a week earlier. She watched as his skin reddened and then began to degrade. It looked like an old horror flick where a corpse was dissolving. She waited until the conditions were as described in Bob's notes and then brought out the prepared goat's hide.

The same as Bob had done to her, she carefully moved his feet into the legs and down to the hooves. She inserted two of his toes and then worked carefully up his legs turning the hide right side out as she went and massaging his pliable flesh into place. She moved up past his knees and noticed how the hide was attaching itself to his flesh.

Nannie was just reaching the groin when she saw something she hadn't planned on. "Uh oh. What's that? Oh shit! This is not good," she said aloud as she continued to turn the skin of the goat right side out. "Oh Bob, you're not going to like this at all. I forgot to tell the butcher I wanted a ram, not a doe like the last one. Shit! Too late now. Surprise Bob. Welcome to the Nanny's Club, sort of," Nannie said as she continued up to his waist.

From there she put the two horns in place atop his head and carefully placed his ears and held them until they were firmly attached.

When she finished, Nannie moved Bob over to the bed and let him rest and recover. She was deep in thought as she waited by his side, "I wonder what effect this will have on him. I know that it affected not only my lower body but the upper too."


The next morning Nannie called the University and told them that Bob had a family emergency and needed a leave of absence for an indefinite period. They granted him two months until the beginning oof the next term. She also told the Dean that they would be able to make the Halloween party and he seemed pleased by that.

When Bob began to stir, Nannie was by his side. When his eyes flickered open, still dazed, he looked at her, "Wha happen to meeee?" he asked.

"I did to you exactly as you did to me." She answered as she gave him another injection. "This should help to clear your mind and bring you out from under the sedative."

Moments later, Bob's mind cleared and he felt wide-awake. He felt the strangeness of his lower limbs and knew that what she told him was the truth. He grabbed at the sheet that was covering him and tossed it aside. The sight that greeted him was not what either of them expected, although Nannie was better prepared for it than he was.

The smooth hairless skin of his upper body was only the beginning. He was looking at his narrow waist and wide hips over the top of a pair of small breasts. What have you done to me? Look at me! I'm, I'm a, a female. You changed me into a female. Why? Why would you do that?"

Nannie marveled at the young female Satyr laying in front of her. "That was a mistake. I didn't specify that I wanted a ram so they gave me the same as you ordered the first time. I never checked and didn't find out until it was too late and I was already putting the skin on you. I couldn't stop then," she said almost apologetically. "But you know something? I'm not in the least bit sorry. Matter of fact, I'm glad it worked out this way. I wonder if it was some kind of Freudian thing."

"Freudian thing! Freudian thing! You fucking change your husband into a female Satyr and call it a Freudian thing? I, I, I…" He gave up. He was left speechless and babbling.

"Come on, Bob. Let me help you up like you did for me. You need to walk around outside and get used to those cute little hooves of yours," she said with a lilt of mirth in her voice.

Nannie helped Bob out the door of the lab and they walked the pasture that she had walked a few days earlier under similar conditions. He too soon became used to his new legs and feet and within an hour was walking on his own. Not gracefully like Nannie, but walking.

She noticed that his breast had grown larger as the day passed and that the hair on his head seemed to be growing longer. There were other changes too, but minor ones. An increase in grace and a familiarity with his new form. His tail was more active and became expressive of his moods and his face seemed smoother, rounder and less angular.

By the time they returned to the house he had started to develop a sway to his hips and was moving in a definite feminine manner. This time she followed Bob into the house and was quickly aroused by what she saw. There was a repeat of a few night earlier but with a twist. She had never had any desire for sex with a woman but this was different. It was her husband and he was a Satyr. The fact that he was female was moot. They both wanted sex. They didn't care about the flavor.

The next morning, Nannie was back at acclimating Bob to his new form. During the night, his hair had become more full and lengthened until it fell in soft waves to the middle of his back the same as hers and his breasts had grown to match Nannie's also. His face was completely feminine and beautiful

Bob seemed to have accepted the idea that he was a Satyr and female. They had established the fact that he was female through and through the night before. It was much like Nannie's transformation from human to Satyr. Something in the process, the form, or Bob's formula made the subject accepting of the change.

Like Nannie, Bob found that he had no problem with walking on his new cloven hooves, even on the hardwood and tile floors. He and Nannie ran in the pastures, played in the woods and sat and talked next to the small stream that ran through their property.

As they ran, played and talked, Bob's name slowly became Bobbie. Neither of them noticed the change until late as the sun was setting and Nannie said, "It's about time us girls got back to the house, Bobbie. The sun will be down soon."

Bob looked up at her and asked, "When did I become Bobbie instead of Bob?"

Nannie smiled and answered, "Physically, sometime last night. As far as when your name changed, I don't know. I just started using it sometime this afternoon. It seems more appropriate. Don't you agree?" she asked.

"Hmm. I guess I do. At least as long as I'm in this form it is. I have to start researching a way to change us back. I guess I'll start tomorrow seeing as I have all this time off that you've arranged," Bobbie answered.

"Speak for yourself, Bobbie," Nannie returned. "A week ago, all I wanted was for you to find a way to change me back. Now, you would have to drag me kicking and screaming into that lab if you intended to change me back to what I was. I'm sure it will be the same for you in a few more days. I don't know why. Maybe it's your formula but I don't think so. Maybe when I face the rest of the world, I will change my mind but again, I don't think so. I enjoyed my life before but I never had this sense of well being and euphoria. I feel that there are things that I can do now that I haven't yet discovered. I want to try my hand at art and music. I want to read and study. I could go on and on about the things I want to do in the future but right now there is only one thing I want to do," Nannie said with a seductive sidelong glance at Bobbie.


Nannie and Bobbie continued, over the next three days, to learn about themselves and discover new interests and abilities. They tried their hands at new things like art and music and found that they had talents that did not exist before.

Nannie also expressed a desire to have sex with a man. "I love you more than I can ever tell you or explain but there's something missing. I want to… Well you know what I want to do," She told Bobbie.

Bobbie's first reaction was absolutely negative but as the days passed, so did her reluctance. The more Nannie mentioned it the better the idea sounded until she finally agreed.

Over those three days, Nannie was also excited about going to the Halloween costume party at the Dean's house but Bobbie was a bit apprehensive. Nannie finally talked her into it and they left the house for the first time to be seen in public. "Look at the good side of this," Nannie said. "We don't have to find costumes. We get to see the reaction in a controlled environment. We find out if you still have a job. And, you never know what else we will find at the party with all those unmarried colleagues of yours just to name a few.

When they arrived at the party, the initial reaction was amazement at the fantastic costumes but soon afterwards, Nannie and Bobbie explained that they were not costumes. After they gave everyone a chance at a close-up examination and the realization of what they were seeing settled on them there was mixed reaction. They did get their answers though.

Bobbie did still have a job. After a long talk with the Dean and members of the board it was decided that her "condition' did not affect her ability to teach or do research. She had tenure and nothing in the contract covered this situation. As a member of what was probably the smallest minority in the world, she would be protected under anti-discrimination laws.

Some of the people at the party denounced what they had done categorically with no chance for exception. At one point Bobbie felt like some there thought of her as a mutated animal that should be put to sleep. But there were those that openly accepted them both and those that tolerated them as some tolerate a minority that they dislike in order to be PC.

As far as finding someone among the bachelors at the party went, the next morning Bobbie was in the kitchen eating breakfast with a collegue when Nannie came downstairs with a new friend. "Good morning Bobbie Dear. How are you this morning?" she asked.

"Finer than frog's hair, as the locals say. And how about you?" Bobbie answered with a laugh.

"Ummmmmm. We'll talk about it later," she answered. "A lady never talks in mixed company about things like that but this won't be the last night like this for me. How about you?"

"Me either," Bobbie answered.

The End

By Umgestalten
� 31 October 2006


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