A Pain in the Ass - Part II

Published: Dec 27th, 2016
Last Edit: Dec 28th, 2016


(Woman to Donkey TF) Amy is a successful event coordinator at a metropolitan convention center. Sometimes her drive to do a great job leads to her interfering with other people's agendas which is exactly what happens when she finds herself fall victim to a larger nefarious plot by a farming tycoon during the annual livestock show that is being held at the convention center.


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Amy was having trouble wrapping her brain around the fact that she had a tail hanging down from her ass. How was it even possible? She logged onto her computer and began searching for any evidence that this could happen to people. As she searched, she occasionally scratched at her lower back and ass, an irritating itchiness spreading across her lower body. Her searches quickly pulled up stories about a few strange cases of people being born with short tails that were then surgically removed. It eased her mind a bit to read that it was possible for people to have a “tail” but her situation seemed much stranger…and worse. There was no evidence of grown adults suddenly growing hairy, 3-foot long tails. Just as she thought; it didn’t seem possible. But how did it happen to her? Amy thought back to the last few days through the events of this morning. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She had such a cyclical routine each day, it didn’t make sense that this could happen to her today. But then she was reminded of her encounter with the donkey this morning. Sure, she wasn’t a fan of farm animals, but there was no way petting that donkey could have anything to do with her growing a tail. Amy looked down at her hairy gray tail and realized that it did share a resemblance to that donkey’s tail.


A quick flash of the donkey crossed her mind and for some reason she couldn’t get him out of her head. She thought about the warmth of his fur, those brown docile eyes, and that big, thick cock…


“UGH! Gross! Why can’t I get him out of my head?!”


Amy turned her attention to some papers on her desk and tried to get her attention off of that damn donkey, but after only a few minutes, she couldn’t help but do a search for donkey images on her computer. At first, she just browsed a variety of images of donkeys out in serene pastures, thinking how peaceful they looked. But the longer she looked, she began to analyze every detail of the creatures. For someone who hated farm animals, Amy began to see them in a different light, finding the donkeys’ muscular build and coarse fur to be rather…sexy. Where some people found their large ears and sad faces to be pitiful, Amy was only beginning to see beauty in them.


Then she came across another photo that sent an overwhelming feeling through her. It was a male donkey, standing as proudly as a donkey could, with his large, mottled penis prominently sticking out erectly from between his hairy thighs. Amy’s gaze was drawn in like a tractor beam to the creature’s powerful member and she became flushed with a burning heat.


*Mooooooaann* “Mmm look at that!” I can’t believe I’m getting turned on by a FUCKING ANIMAL!!! What is wrong with me?!!”


But the feeling was too strong to resist and Amy’s left hand sank down to her crotch where she found that the hypnotic photo was making her wet. She rubbed herself a few times and then quickly began typing in a new set of keywords: “donkey mating.”


There weren’t many videos that popped up, but she clicked on the first one she came across. It was a shaky, handheld cell phone video from some Latin American country likely based on the muffled non-English language she could hear in the background. Some immature teenager was clearly getting their kicks off of filming a jack mounting a jenny, giggling the whole time. The video quality was terrible and even as Amy studied how the jack jumped up on the jenny’s back, it was doing little to satiate the horniness she was feeling.


She closed the video and scoured the net for a better one, not having much luck until she found some sort of agricultural info-video about farm animal mating. She quickly clicked on the clip and sped past the introductory material, hoping she would get a glimpse of something. In the back of her mind, Amy felt dirty trying so hard to find a couple of animals humping each other. Never in a million years would she do this, let alone at work of all places, but she didn’t care. The fixation she was feeling about donkeys was driving her mad and desperately needed to see them mating. The video went through sections on cows mating, sheep mating, and then finally on equine mating. They began showing the dynamics of two horses mating and the enormous penis the stallion was adorning began to make Amy feel hot all over. She began rubbing herself again, her wetness making the chair damp. Focusing on the large cock onscreen, she tried to ignore the fact that it was a horse rather than a donkey. Then finally, a pair of donkeys appeared onscreen. Amy’s eyes lit up.


“Oh YES! Show it…ngggh please show it!” she moaned under a deep breath.


The host approached the rear of the female donkey, lifting her tail and telling the cameraman to come closer. While the host briefly explained the jenny’s genitalia, Amy couldn’t help but be a little disgusted at the sight. She had never seen a female donkey’s genitalia before and found it quite unattractive. The jenny’s asshole which prominently sat right below her tail was black, wrinkly and puckered, looking like a swollen donut. Directly below was her vagina; a black, leathery mass of folds.


“Ugh, thank God my privates don’t look that nasty! But I guess when you’re a horny animal you’ll fuck anything…”


Amy was just about to skip ahead to the mating part when the host mentioned something rather interesting. He showed how the jenny was making her vagina “wink” in and out as a sign that she was ready to be mated. Amy was rather amazed at how large the vagina was as it pulsated open and closed, but then again it had to be to fit such a massive cock she figured.


Then the camera turned to the jack donkey being held back by a farmhand, restlessly waiting to mount the jenny.


“Although the jack clearly needs little motivation, it is customary for the jenny to signal her readiness to be mounted.” the narrator explained.


The camera turned back to the rear end of the jenny whose tail swung out of the way as she was clearly ready to be fucked. Suddenly, a thick yellow stream of urine poured out of her vagina, splashing onto the ground. She brayed in anticipation; the jack braying a response back to her to get ready. The farmhand released his grip on the jack who immediately dove nose deep into the jenny’s rear end as the stream of urine tapered off from her ass. The jack enthusiastically took in a deep sniff of her genitalia and then ran his thick tongue across her vagina, savoring her musk.


“Oh. My. God.” Amy stared in disgust. “Why I am I watching this?!” she cringed in disbelief at the fact she was hypnotized by something she should find disgusting. But she was only becoming turned on by it! Her crotch was burning as a she began to rub it feverishly.


The jack finally leapt up atop the jenny’s back and sloppily began probing her ass with his massively erect cock, trying to plunge it into her. It took a few futile attempts but finally the jack’s penis slid into her vagina and he began pumping away.


Amy’s tempo picked up even more furiously as she rammed her fingers into her crotch, a fire burning within her as she watched the animals mate. The longer she watched, the more she had a disgusting wish that she was the jenny being fucked.


*Mooooan* “It’s so hot in here.”

As Amy finger fucked herself, trying to be as quiet in her office as possible, sweat began to permeate from her skin. Sweat began to bead up along her hairline, running down her forehead. Her armpits were like dank caves. She took in a deep breath as she pleasured herself, eyes still locked onto the video. Her eyes shot open as she wrinkled her nose and cringed; a strong odor wafting across her nose.


“UGH! What is that smell?!” Amy exclaimed.


She didn’t realize that her sweat glands were subtly beginning to change into a donkey’s and her body was releasing a musk to match her horniness. She paused her masturbation session and with her free hand, she unbuttoned her sports coat. Her blouse was soaked around her armpits and the odor grew stronger as her coat opened up.


“Yuck! Is that coming from me?!”


The burning sensation in her loins began to draw her eyes back to the video on her computer and her fingers buried in her pussy, but suddenly there was a knock on her office door.


“Oh FUCK!” Amy whispered to herself.


Her hand shot out of her crotch and she looked down, snapping back to the reality that she was naked from the waist down and sitting in a slick puddle of her own juices that coated her chair and between her thighs. She looked around her office trying to think of what she was going to do but her panicked mind was blank. At least the door was locked.


“Uh, Amy…?” It was Bob again.


Amy just froze in her chair. “Uh…y…yes, Bob? I…I’m on the phone at the moment.”


There was a bray from one of the donkeys in the video and she quickly paused the player. Luckily the volume was low.


*Cough* “Um, I’m not feeling too well so I am heading home. Do you think you can manage?” Bob’s voice sounded a bit strange, but he was talking through the door.


“Oh…uh, YES! Yes, I’m fine, go right ahead!” Amy quickly retorted.


“Great. See you later.”


“Okay, you too!” Amy sighed as she heard Bob walk away from the door. Thank God.


She waited a few moments, relieved that she didn’t have to open the door and try to hide the fact that her panties and skirt were in tatters and that she had a fucking tail. Just to be safe that the coast was clear – at least for now – she got up, walked over to the blinds, and gently peeled one back to look out into the office space outside. It seemed unusually quiet and still. A few phones were ringing and one person walked by, but there was little activity. It was odd for early afternoon. But Amy couldn’t help but feel a little hope that maybe she wouldn’t have any more close calls until she snuck out of the building after dark later.


She made sure the blinds were closed tightly, that the door was still locked, and went back to her chair. She plopped down into the seat – narrowly missing her tail – and breathed another sigh of relief that she was spared such embarrassment. Amy cringed as she felt her slick juices coating the chair and she had just sat right down into the mess.


“What am I going to do?!” she groaned.


After a moment of silence while she contemplated what the hell could be happening to her, she caught another glimpse of the paused video on her monitor. Though she hesitated at first, she felt the urge to hit Play again and watched as the jack continued to pump in and out of the jenny. Amy couldn’t help but continue to stare as her loins heated up yet again. She grabbed the slider on the player, dragged it backwards a few minutes, and hit Play again. The female donkey peed all over the ground once more and Amy studied the male’s movements as he approached the jenny’s rear end, sniffed, and buried his muzzle into her. With each lick, Amy hypnotically ground her ass into her moist chair, imagining the male licking her own privates.


Her left hand drifted back down to her crotch and she began rubbing and then fingering herself as she watched the male mount the female. At first, Amy seemed to think that her vagina felt a little rougher, almost leathery, but she was too focused on the video to think much of it. As the jack picked up pace, Amy followed suit, jamming her fingers into her vagina. With each thrust, she felt her fingers slide a little further into crotch. At first, she had two fingers, then three, then four. She was too entranced to notice that she shouldn’t be able to fit so much of her hand inside of her. As her horniness grew, she felt like she wasn’t reaching the pinnacle of pleasuring herself with just four fingers. Not realizing that her vagina was elongating and taking on a more equine shape, she finally slid her entire fist into her slit, striving to satiate the burning she felt deep within her crotch. She pumped harder and harder, a groan escaping her mouth, as she buried her hand and wrist inside of her.


As Amy stared - mesmerized by the video - her vagina began to darken in coloration. Her labia and the skin around her pussy began deepen in hue from a whitish-tan to olive, to brown, and then into a deep, equine black. She felt like she wasn’t pleasuring herself to her fullest potential and ended up sliding her entire left fist into her vagina. The sloppy sucking sound of her hand pumping in and out of her vagina grew louder as did the noises in the video.


Amy continued to pound herself as the male donkey pounded the female in the video. But with every thrust she made, she felt like she wasn’t completely satisfying herself like she needed to be. She had half of her arm inside of her, but it just didn’t feel big enough. She groaned and lowered her eyes back down to her crotch which was now completely black, swollen, and leathery.


“Oh SHIT!!” Amy’s eyes went wide in shock. She pulled her arm out of her pussy, a wet schlopping sound and a few strings of vaginal fluid following her arm’s exit. Her breathing picked up pace as she began to panic again looking at her morphed genitalia.


“UGH! Oh GOD!! What have I done?!” She gently prodded at her vagina with a sticky, shaking hand to verify the changes were real. “What is happening to me?!”


Amy stared in confusion and disgust at what her vagina had turned into. It was meaty and swollen; her labia was much more wrinkled and rough as if it had been left out in the sun too long – a dramatic difference from her once smooth and youthful vagina. Her slit also seemed to have elongated quite a lot which explains why she could fit her arm inside. Did she really have half of her arm lodged up inside of her?! The top of her vagina had taken on more of a teardrop shape and when she nervously pulled back the outer lips, she saw that the inner folds were a soft, light pink; quite the contrast to the dark leathery skin on the outside.


Not only had her skin changed in texture, but her normally well-manicured crotch had also become more beastly. Amy rubbed her hand around her vagina and noticed that she now sported a light coating of white pubic hair. It was soft, but the hairs seemed to have a thickness to them – almost as if they weren’t human hairs. She felt itchy and began scratching at her crotch, the hair growing thicker with each scratch. The pubic hair began trailing upwards, tapering off just below her navel. As it thickened into a jungle between her thighs, it clearly felt different.


“Am…am I growing fur?!” she realized and immediately stopped scratching at her crotch.


Amy couldn’t stop staring at her beastly looking crotch and cringed. What on Earth was happening to her?! What was causing this? Her once smooth, clean crotch now looked completely foreign to her. It was dark, meaty, hairy, and there seemed to be a dank smell that lingered down between her legs. It was gross. Her eyes began to water.


“This doesn’t make any sense!” she tried to reason. “My vagina looks awful! It…it looks so…”


Her words trailed off and her eyes went wide as she had a sudden realization. She grabbed the computer mouse and immediately dragged the progress bar on the video backwards. She got to the part where the jack was about to mount the jenny and then slowly rewound it a bit further. She hit Play and watched as the camera closed in on the jenny’s genitalia as the host described the donkey’s anatomy. The camera zoomed in closely on the donkey’s vagina and asshole and Amy quickly paused the video.


Her immediate impression, once again, was how nasty it looked, thinking back on her comment only 15 minutes ago. She felt a shiver go down her spine and a deep feeling of panic as her eyes stared at the donkey’s vagina on the monitor, her eyes then drifting down to her own.


“NO! It can’t be!” Amy whispered in a panicked breath as her eyes darted back and forth between the monitor and her crotch. Her vagina was nearly a perfect match to the donkey’s dark, hairy one on the screen, albeit hers still rested between her legs and not between her ass cheeks. Amy clearly had a female donkey’s vagina now.


“No, no, NO!!” Amy felt like she was going to hyperventilate. “I have a donkey’s vagina?!! No, it can’t be! Am I turning into a DONKEY?!!”


Almost as a response to her comment, she suddenly felt another warm sensation in her crotch. It was as if her body was telling her, “No you don’t quite have a donkey’s vagina…not yet, at least…


The sensation was so strange. It felt like a force was grabbing onto her crotch and trying to shape it like putty. A wave of pleasure ran through her body and she moaned, pushing her chair back from the desk. She stood up and placed her hands on the desk while rubbing her thighs together, trying to make the feeling go away. Her tail swung back and forth as her has grew a little larger. Her butt felt thick, but muscular. The force caused her to push her ass out further, forcing her thighs apart.


“Gah! Uhhhh, what’s happening now?!” *Shudder* “Oh fuck!”


She lowered her head, catching a glimpse of her vagina. The warm surge that was taking control of her body radiated from her groin and worked its way around up between her butt cheeks and into her asshole. The tight, fit ass that Amy had always been proud of swelled into animal-like flanks and her butt cheeks began to spread apart. She felt the office air blow across her anus, sending goosebumps across her body as her crack was forced apart. Amy couldn’t help but shut her eyes in pleasure as she felt her vagina begin to be pulled down and around into the crevice between her ass cheeks.


“Nggggghhh! What…the…hell?!!” she groaned with clenched teeth.


The force that was slowly transforming her body took hold of her vagina and continued pulling it up her ass, leaving her with a hairy mess of wet fur between her legs where her once human pussy rested. She tossed her head back, her beautiful hair cascading over her arched shoulders and down her back as she gave in to the pleasure of her vagina being moved to her rear. She pushed her ass out more, straining her tail outwards as the pulling sensation began to fade and her vagina came to rest proudly between her ass cheeks.


*Sigh* “Is it over?” Looking down at her crotch, she saw that her vagina was no longer nestled between her legs and she now only had a patch of white fur there.


“Where’s my vagina?”


Amy looked back over her shoulder to see what had happened but realized that she couldn’t see much past her larger ass. She walked over to the mirror behind her office door, feeling a sensitive tingling coming from her ass. Turning her rear to the mirror, she looked back and couldn’t believe her eyes.


“Oh no! NO!!”


It was only when she saw her own ass in the mirror that she realized she did, in fact, now have a female donkey’s genitalia. Her ass cheeks had paled in coloration to a light gray that turned into a darker black within her ass crack and all around her vagina, which now proudly rested in the center of her ass. It was prominently displayed for the world to see now and Amy had every reason to feel embarrassed about it. Here she stood in her office, a professional businesswoman who any guy could be attracted to, and now she had the ass of an animal and a dark, hairy vagina to match. It looked just as she had thought the jenny’s in the video looked – nasty.


“What guy would possibly want to fuck me now?! Look at me!” Amy sighed as the realization sunk in.


“Of course no one would… Only a donkey would want to fuck this! My vagina is rear-facing…so I can be mounted like an animal!! To be fucked from behind…Oh gross!!” she sobbed.


As Amy wept over her new vagina, her asshole began to darken in coloration to match the rest of her privates. Just like with her vagina, her anus changed from a warm tan to olive, dark brown, and then to a deep matted black, matching her pussy lips. She was unaware of the change until she felt her tail instinctively move to the side as she felt a warmth in her asshole.


“Ugh, now what?!!”


Her eyes drifted back to her rear end and her anus began to pucker in and out uncontrollably as if she were about to go to the bathroom. With each push outwards, her anus began to swell up like an inner tube. It went from a tight, smooth human asshole to a bloated black ring that rested just below her tail. Amy felt the urge to prod it and she traced a finger back to her ass, running it around the puffy, donut shaped sphincter. The skin took on a dry, leathery appearance like her vagina had. She poked at the ring, feeling its thick meatiness and then pushed one of her fingers into the warm confines of her asshole.


“Aaaahhh,” Amy groaned in pleasure. She then slid her middle finger in alongside her index finger. Although it hadn’t crossed her mind, her anus was growing to accommodate pushing out larger chunks of manure.


Her anus swelled up more, tripling the size of her human asshole. She pulled her fingers out of her anus which closed up with a tight puckered appearance, finishing off its change into an equine anus.


“Oh yuck!! Why did I do that?!” Amy looked back at her now completely equine genitalia. “Ugh, now mine really are as gross as the ones in the video!! Everything is so…huge!”


Amy’s butt cheeks and thighs began to itch and she couldn’t help but scratch at her pale skin, trying to relieve the sensation. The fur that had grown in around her crotch began to spread outwards around her thighs to her ass. The fur transitioned from a soft white in her most sensitive area around her crotch to a medium shade of gray on top of her ass, matching the fur she had already grown along her tail.


As confused and enamored as Amy was with the changes overtaking her body, they clearly weren’t slowing down.


“It’s getting worse… I can at least hide my privates and tail! I…I don’t want to end up covered in fur too!!”


Amy snapped out of her cringeworthy inspection of her privates and realized that she had to be pro-active about this. If there was any hope of stopping the transformation, she had to try finding a way. She broke her focus from the mirror and went back to her chair, proceeding to sit down on her tail again.


“OW! Goddamnit!!” she cursed through gritted teeth as she swung her tail to the side, under the armrest of the chair as she had earlier.


She settled into the chair as best as she could, moaning as her exposed vagina and anus rubbed against the fabric. *Shudder* “Nnnnhhh, this feels so weird!!”


Amy closed the window the video was open in and went to the web browser. She tried to keep her mind off of her changes and began searching for anything related to people becoming animals. It was bizarre trying find any such information, Amy thought to herself – people don’t turn into animals – but that was clearly happening to her. Could there possibly be an explanation? She was doubtful, but she had to try. Page after page of search results and there wasn’t any sign of what was happening to her having ever occurred to anyone else.


On the eighth page of results, she stumbled across an article about Dayton, a small Midwestern town that had seen a strange number of disappearances over the past few years. Biting her lip, Amy clicked on the link and pulled up the full story. There weren’t many details and it was more of just an observational piece – no surprise. Amy doubted there was much, if any, investigative journalism that would come from such a tiny town. The gist of story was mostly just that a few different people had gone missing over the past few years and that it seemed the town’s bank manager was the most recent one.


Amy was about to close the page when another headline at the bottom of the article caught her eye – Barnyard Boom! Record Livestock Totals Boost Economy. She clicked on the article and began skimming the paragraphs. It was still a little hard to focus on what she was doing given the lingering horniness she was still feeling. Amy ground her vagina and ass into the chair a little harder in hopes of shaking the feeling. She took her jacket off and rolled up the sleeves of her blouse. Amy also kicked off her heels as her feet were feeling a little cramped. She thought nothing of it.


Trying to stay focused, she began reading the article from the beginning. It seemed that Dayton thrived on livestock sales by the local ranchers and farmers and about 5 years ago when the economy was hurting across the country and things were looking bad for the town, there was a surprising uptick in sales. It was small, but it was a good sign during a bad time. Over the past 4 years, apparently livestock sales increased and the previous year brought about the highest totals yet. The article went on to mention that a lot of the boost was attributed to Eden’s Grove Farms, the largest farm in the area.


“Eden’s Grove Farms? Eden’s Grove…Eden’s Grove… Where have I heard that before?” Amy pondered.


It was a name that was just on the tip of her tongue. She couldn’t quite place where she had heard of it before but it felt familiar. She opened Google and did a search. There were only a few results, none of which was a website of any sort – What did she expect? Eden’s Grove was in the middle of nowhere. Would they really have a website? Of course not. But one of the few results that popped up was a PDF file of a state record referencing the farm. She opened it up and began skimming the document which turned out to be a commercial property license renewal for the land the farm occupied. Everything seemed legit but Amy’s brow quickly furrowed. Her eyes fell to the bottom of the last page and went wide in surprise.


“Son of a bitch!”


Amy felt a rush of adrenaline course through her body. The sense of dread and confusion that she had upon reaching the end of the license renewal seemed to spur a warmth in her body. Her toes felt like they were cramping up. She felt a little bloated and her body itched. Amy feared more changes were coming and deep down she knew there was a very real possibility that nothing could be done to stop her from becoming an animal.


She read the last few lines of the document again as the puzzle pieces began to align in her mind. It was sick…twisted… “Why would they turn people into animals? Just for money?”


Amy heard the squeal and pop of some air brakes outside, startling her a little. She glanced out of her window and saw an 18-wheeler that had just pulled into the parking lot. On the back of the white tractor-trailer was a logo and a name that Amy could just barely make out. She suddenly remembered that she had seen one of these trucks parked outside the convention center few days ago. It said Eden’s Grove Farms.


Amy read the end of the document one more time.


The sole proprietor of Eden’s Grove Farms was none other than Earl Archer.


Haha, it's still in-work, but I'm making good progress! I'm not going to announce a release date in case something comes up, but it'll be sooner rather than later. Hang in there!
Me waiting for part 3: http://bit.ly/2bvGG9k
@BioRock85: I don't think you'll be disappointed with the direction I take it.
If you're gonna do a spin-off on Karen, I vote to turn her into a chicken!!
This has been a great series so far! I like the work setting concept and the depth of detail you have included (like her sweat smell changing).
Keep it coming geat work
Excellent. I am loving this story. Looking forward to the next part.
This has been quite wonderful thus far, keep up the great work.
I'll be focusing on Karen in the first spinoff story when I get to it. This one is all about Amy.
And what of poor Karen?!
Thanks! Looks like the story is shaping up to be 4 parts in total.
Promise kept... CanĀ“t wait for part III.