Consequences of the Talking Board, Part III: Ashley's Transformation

by ilovebe
Published: Dec 21st, 2016
Last Edit: Dec 21st, 2016


Alright, here is the third installment of the Consequences of the Talking Board series. Finally, the last girl gets her comeuppance for insulting a powerful and ancient virility spirit. This story takes a nod from the infamous transformation scene in Faust: Love of the Damned, albeit, without quite the body horror element found in its inspiration material.


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Consequences of the Talking Board: Part III

Ashley’s Transformation

The almost omnipotent Southern moon snuck lunar rays through the blinds of the small apartment living room. In the next room, Ashley pushed around the piles of junk mail littered across her kitchen table as she searched for car keys. Having returned from a visit to her parent’s house that afternoon, she had thoughtlessly tossed her key chain on the table earlier that day. She had plans that evening to meet Mabel, Savannah, and a few other friends at the VFW for another small town Saturday night that would entail cheap beer, snobbish remarks about the more unscrupulous Rennisville women, and dances with the local guys.

“Damn it!” the young women curtly said to herself, frustrated that she had once against failed for another week to bother cleaning the table, which acted as a temporary filing station. The keys had obviously slipped underneath the unneeded parcels. All she needed were those keys to get going. She was already dressed for a night on the town. Wearing the standard young country girl uniform, Ashley, along with a medium wash jean skirt had put on a red flannel shirt with a white tank top underneath. But no country girl outfit was complete without a pair of cowboy boots, which Ashley wore dutifully. Not that her feet had ever been on a horse or tractor, much less did any backbreaking work indicative of the uniform, but she also never actually knew anything about Waylon Jennings or George Jones beyond the shameless name-dropping written by the latest Nashville bro-country songwriters, either. Regardless of any country poseur pretensions, Ashley convincingly pulled it off with short, sandy blonde hair and faint freckles.

The sound of shuffling papers was broken by the electronic buzz of a cell phone. Placing her purse on the table, Ashley pulled out her phone and saw Mabel’s name and number appear on the screen. Last minute phone calls before a night out were not unusual. “Hey girl, I’m just about to leave once I find my keys.”

“Ashley…” Her friend’s voice shook.

“Mabel, is everything okay?” Ashley was not the smartest girl around, but she had a keen sense of emotional intelligence.

“Ashley…you’re not going to believe this.” Mabel was attempting to hold back some sort of anxiety on the phone.

“Okay…” Concern filled Ashley voice.

“You know Uume? He’s…he’s real.”

”Uume?” Ashely had no idea what Mabel was talking about.

“Yeah, from the Ouija board…”

”Oh…” Ashley found the previous night’s events disturbing, but she had all but forgotten them. It was just a fun little game that people play. She had read some stories about séances and Ouija sessions going horribly wrong, but she had always figured those were just made up stories.

“Uume is real and he followed me home last night.” By now, it was apparent that Mabel was almost unsuccessfully attempting to hold back tears.

“Mabel, calm down!” It was a sincere attempt to assuage the panicked girl on the other end of the phone.

Mabel continued, growing somewhat hysterical. “Uume is real and he followed me. He caught me in the field up by Savannah’s. He stripped me! Ashley, he stripped me naked.” The emphasis was on he as if Mabel were afraid to utter the demon’s name any more than needed to convey a point.

“Mabel!” It was all Ashley could conjure up, trying to get her friend to slow down.

“He then used some sort of magic on me…and he turned me into a…” Despite not being able to see the other person on the phone, Ashley knew tears were rolling down Mabel’s face at this point. What ever Mabel was getting at, actually saying it was difficult. “He turned me into a giant pe…” – and then radio silence on the other end.

Ashley pulled the phone away, looking down at the screen to see the call had been dropped. She pushed the screen to redial Mabel. “User Unavailable” came up in bold, white letters. A sinking dread fell over the Ashley. She flipped to the text messaging option and began typing. “MABEL I THINK WE GOT DISCONNECTED PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU ARE ALRIGHT. I AM COMING OVER RI…”

Before she could finish her message, the phone slipped from her hands like a bar of soap, shooting across the room and landing on the kitchen counter. Ashley yelped. Things were starting to become weird. Mabel just called, hysterically claiming that the demon they had supposedly spoken to the night before was in fact real, and now Ashley’s phone just leapt from her hands. Ashely rationalized to herself that she was not in fact gripping the phone very tightly. Perhaps the stars just lined up in that moment and she accidentally sent the device flying in her mad typing rush to Mabel. The frightened young woman stared at the counter. Still, a part of her remained afraid to grab the phone on the other side.

Placing her palms down in the air, Ashley explained to herself, “I’ll find my keys, grab my phone, and get over to Mabel’s.”

Before she leaned over to start rooting again for her keys, a guttural and hellish voice rumbled through the doorway. It penetrated Ashley’s entire body, sending chills down her core and causing her to jump, almost knocking into the refrigerator that stood behind.

“matiti yako, kitako yako, uke wako ni wangu!” The demon needed no further introduction. The horrid truth was clear to Ashley: Uume was real. Worst of all: He was inside her home.

“lakini kwanza i itachukua punda wako kwa ajili ya mgodi” Ashley did not know what the virility spirit had just said, but his demonic words were foreboding in tone. With the power of an invisible unruly beast, the white wooden chair flung itself from under the table in front of Ashley, landing upturned on the other side of the room.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Ashley roared. Reacting to the very deliberate thrashing of the chair, she leaned back against the refrigerator, bending slightly at her stomach. In that moment, she was a damsel in distress – feminine prey for an over-androgenized virility demon, whose only immediate interest was to sexually corrupt her in anyway he saw fit. In the context of that situation, her physical attributes would seem all the more amplified to the poised eye of an audience. In appearance, she was the final girl in every horror film who you wanted to see succumb to the perversions of the monster but by whom you are always let down. But Ashley’s situation was not that of a typical late night viewing, and Uume had no use for cliché tropes.

An unseen force latched around Ashley’s wrists and dragged her forward. She fell halfway across the kitchen table, knocking envelopes and papers all over. The palms of her hands and meaty chest slapped against the wooden surface. The wind was briefly knocked from Ashley’s lungs when her stomach slammed into the edge of the table. Ashely tried to stand up, but an unflinching invisible weight kept her head and torso pinned down, bending her over the edge of the board in a state of submission.

A swooshing sound seemed to envelope the air all around the hot little quarry. It started off subtle and then grew louder, like a baby sonic boom. The sound came to a cresendo, ending in a loud, physical ‘whap’ on Ashley’s rear end. She let out a scream that was partially due to pain and partially due to humiliation. Uume had just spanked her like an insolent child. The cutting of air filled the room again, landing another firm smack upon her ass. She found no relief from the tight denim that stretched over her toned butt that barely shook from the spirit’s discipline. A third slap came, and then a fourth and a fifth.

“No, please stop, “Ashley cried out, trying to spit pieces of hair that had become unkempt and lodged in her mouth. But this plea only seemed to further enrage the lustful demon. He spanked her unprotected ass so hard that the entire table slid forward. Before she could recover, a seventh crack caused Ashley to lunge forward, pushing the makeshift spank bench up against the counter. His victim now jammed with no place to go, Uume laid a barrage of floggings upon Ashley’s ass. As the spankings continued, chilling sensations ran across Ashley’s crotch. The chill became warmer, as if some type of soothing cream were being applied to her twat. The sensation started across her vaginal lips before boring itself further inside. Her face flushed red with shame and heat. Some of the weight coming down upon her back subsided, causing her to lean upwards. Each subsequent spank made her hips pitch forward, making it look as though Ashley were humping the table.

But any relief was really just Uume toying with Ashley’s defenseless ass. He wanted to give her the sense that there was an escape, that she was able to avoid the fates of Mabel and Savannah. Ashley would get hers, make no mistake about it. The demon let go and Ashely was able to break free. She leapt away from the table, trying to not trip over herself. She gave the table and floor one last look, hoping to see her car keys – no luck. She sprinted from the kitchen into the darkened living room, out the door and onto the sidewalk of her small apartment complex.

Frantically, Ashley ran down the row of units, banging on doors. “Please, please someone be home,” she whimpered. With every knock, she kept moving, looking back to hope that someone would open a door. All of the lights were turned off in the units, but she couldn’t think of anything else at the moment. Unfortunately, the five or so apartments were all rented by young twenty-somethings much like Ashley herself. Most – if not all – were probably out on the town, which is what she would be doing if it weren’t for the monstrous assailant in her apartment.

Ashley banged on the last apartment door. No one answered. She turned around, looking left and right. Her complex was out of the way and situated down a gravel road. It was quintessential country living – at least as far as apartment living went. The nearest house was at least a half a mile away. Making a split decision, she wasn’t going back to the apartment to grab her keys. She would have to hoof it out of there.

Before giving the damsel a chance to run away, the misty form of Uume clouded behind Ashley, ensnaring her in its grasp and yanking her back against the door of the vacant apartment. The girl screamed until her throat was raw, but her cries only fell upon the uncaring deafness of the summer breeze. A hazy form, somewhat resembling a clawed hand, pushed up against her stomach, partially untucking Ashley’s flannel shirt. She felt the icy touch shoot through her, goose pimples rising. Uume grabbed one of his prey’s boobs and began to squeeze, forcefully massaging it. A second translucent hand reached up and began giving similar attention to the other tit. Ashley looked down, seeing each side of her bust moving up and down while twisting under the demon’s unholy mauling.  

Uume spoke into Ashley’s ear, “ni uhalifu kwamba wewe kujificha matiti hizi.” She didn’t understand the demon’s ancient Swahili language, but the now more serpentine voice that contrasted to the booming voice he spoke with earlier while inside her apartment caused the hair to stand up on the back of her neck.

The demon’s pawing momentarily stopped and the mist began tugging on either side of her flannel shirt. A plastic button popped from its thread just below the neckline, dropping to the sidewalk. The steamy force worked its way down Ashley’s top, pulling the buttons free, until there was nothing left to keep the shirt open. The force ceremoniously pulled her shirt open and yanked it down off of her shoulders. The tank top underneath revealed just how much of a banging body Ashley really had. She was clearly the living embodiment of country girl spank-material.

At first stunned for a moment after losing her shirt, Ashley saw an opportunity to break away from Uume’s hold. She still feeling some weighty pressure against her body, with all of the power she could muster, she was able to pull from his otherworldly grip. Ashley ran through the tiny parking lot that was empty, save for her own car that she could not even get into. Tripping along at first due to boot heels, she found a specific useful stride by stomping down with the whole of her sole that allowed her to maintain a steady gait while not losing balance. Ashley knew that she would probably run quicker in bare feet, but getting as far away from the grabby unseen hands of the demon took precedent. She didn’t know how far he would take his molestations nor did she wish to find out.

The clop, clop of boot on pavement changed to the soft thud of hastened steps on grass. Ashley tore through the rolling meadow outside of her complex. She figured it was the quickest route to the main road. Daring never to look back, she ran into the forestry area that separated her small community from the back roads of Rennisville. Jumping and leaping through brier patches and across impeding stones like a nascent acrobat performing an improvised parkour routine, Ashley made sure that no move was wasted, no decision would let Uume catch up with her. Only one foot barely touched Leeman’s ditch; she sprinted up over the path leading to Mackey’s old farm. The old, rickety fence stood in her way. Ashley slowed down enough to grab onto the rotting wood and lift herself up. A queasy feeling took over the young woman’s stomach as she felt herself losing balance. Her feet slipped and she felt herself fall forward from the tallest beam. Intuitively, Ashley bent her arms up to avoid spraining her wrists, and she embraced for the hard impact of the cold ground.

There was no time to assess the pain. Her backside still stung from the humiliating spanking she had earlier incurred anyway. “Did I lose him?” she thought. It was no matter; Ashley still pushed forward, trying to reach a semblance of civilization. The Southern moon lit the way across the field. Ashley felt herself lose balance a few times. Two or three times, she sensed her foot sinking into a gopher hole, but she quickly recovered and kept moving.

In the frantic attempt to put as much distance as possible between herself and the uncleansed spirit, worry began to consume Ashley as she realized she had run so far that she no longer knew where she was. “Oh shit!…Oh shit!…Oh shit!” she said to herself with every deep breath of air. Coming to a stop with a hand upon a tree, Ashley bent over panting. Mustering up enough courage, she looked towards the absent path from which she had just come – no sign of him. Again, it was him. Ashley dare not think of Uume’s name, let alone speak it.

At least fifteen minutes had passed since she ran from the parking lot. She thought surely she had lost the demon by now. But he…he just became present in her kitchen. Was the demon able to materialize at will? If that were the case, Ashley realized that she might not be particularly safe, though she seemed to be for now. “I can’t be alone tonight,” she reasoned. Her breathing became steady and shallower. Looking up at the moon, she thought, “As soon as I catch my breath, I’ll set out of here. I’ll find Mabel and Savannah and get this figured out.”

The trees rustled in the Alabama breeze. It would have been a serene night if it weren’t for the disturbing haunting that the three women had apparently invited upon themselves the night before. The whole scenario seemed to give the evening air an eerie feeling. Ashley’s initial comfort that she had gotten away from Uume’s perverse touch was short-lived. She jilted her head around, feeling as though she were not alone.

An unpleasant and chilly breeze shot across the foolish girl’s chest. She knew it was him. “Go away!” she screamed. The same breeze danced across her butt, almost mocking her with its demonically playful grope. “Leave! Me! Alone!” Her protests were completely ineffectual. In fact, they only helped to whet Uume’s twisted appetite.

Orange smoke rose from the ground before the tremulous young lady. It flickered and spit like flames from a bonfire. Sulfuric smells filled the senses, and the entire area lit up in a glowing hue. The swirling vapors took on a vaguely humanoid shape with two burning eyes. Uume appeared, towering like Chernabog over Ashley.

Ashley shook her head in fear and disbelief. There was nowhere to run. He would find her, wherever she went, and he would not stop until she suffered for her childish games from the night before. There was a penalty for such trespasses, and Uume took payment in a woman’s sexual being. He decided her kinky, mortifying fate in seconds. His laugh thundered. The smoke dissipated into long spires that whisked all around the stacked little babe. Up, down, and through they shot. Inhuman shrieks emanated from them, swelling and falling in volume. Ashley could hear what sounded like voices, shouting what she assumed were filthy insults at her:

“hebu uke wako kukua”

“uume itakuwa kutomba mwili wako”

“kuja kwa ajili yangu”

“matiti yako jazwa”

“unahitaji kuwa juu ya mikono yako na magoti msichana”

And then in a flash, the onslaught stopped. The spires disappeared, and Ashley was left standing alone next to the old tree. Uume’s voice roared one last time: “angalia chuchu yako kukua kwa muda mrefu na ngumu.”

The sensations came on slowly, two of them, starting each as a prickle no larger than a pinpoint. They escalated, energized with tense chill, centering at the end of each of Ashley’s teardrop shaped boobs. She moaned, her syrupy Southern accent unmistakable in the disinclined coo from her parting lips. “You bastard!” she yelled to the wind. The provocation stirred ever so stronger in her bosom. First, a small nub at the front of each breast sprung up, causing the smooth surface of her non-ribbed tank top to become convex at the points of her tits. She stomped about, trying to pull her mind from the oven that was stoking in her chest. The telltale sign of female arousal only intensified. She reached up and rolled one of the swollen nipples between her thumb and index finger. The sensitivity was unbearable; as soon as Ashley pulled her hand away as if she had touched a hot stove, a stretching sound could be heard. Her mammalian ducts expanded and the soft, pink, suckable part of her began to harden and elongate. Two narrow, rounded marks grew over an inch long underneath her top. Ashley unmistakably felt tightness under her arms from the shifting of her clothes as a result of the pointy development. Her nipples stuck out like two fondle-ready headlights. The change had made her a something of a freak show. Ashley imagined herself chained with her hands behind her back in some carnival tent, while passersby pulled and twisted her new oversized tit-sausages. The thought was utterly repugnant.

Sensitivity from each erect nipple shot down, forming a Y of sexualized energy between her legs. Ashley leaned against the tree, Uume’s unwelcome aphrodisiac magick taking hold, griping her precious pearl of a pussy in its bestial, clenching claw. Under the control of a virility spirit, her womanhood was not a flower to worship with boyish awe. Instead, it was a tool of pure domination, attached to her own body to cruelly use against her. Ashley didn’t close her eyes in ecstasy. They were wide open in disbelief and immoral shame. Wetness would be an understatement of description. Ashley felt like she had a swamp under her skirt. The smell of the woman’s own juices waifed upwards towards her nose; she had never actually ever smelled herself before, but now, she could almost taste the pungent fragrance of her meat purse. Two smokey rings materialized and hooked onto her obscenely large nipples, pulling her forward off of the tree by her tits. Her nipples were pulled and abused in every way possible by Uume’s touch. Each motion was intended to reduce her to a cumming cowgirl slut.

And like that, her dam broke.

Ashley’s discharge was steamy and heavy. It poured from under her skirt in big creamy dabs that greasily slid down her legs. Each serving of girl juice splashed into an ever-growing puddle on the earthen ground. Unreality set in. Ashley realized that she had never came in such a way before. Actually, she had never seen or heard of a woman coming in such a way. But there she was, churning out spunky blasts of splooge down her trembling legs like the subject of some strange medical study on sexual paraphilia.  

The molestation of her nipples subsided. Ashley grunted, swearing that her chest was stuck in an unrelenting vice that only ramped up her sexual agitation. The sensitivity contained in her suckables seemed to augment and then disperse throughout her entire chest. It was not a tactile tingle of arousal. The entire sensation had a drenched, naughty feel to it – a feeling that she had never really before experienced.

Throwing her hands up, Ashley yelped. Her chest barreled out. Each boob grew in tandem with the other, pushing out against the inside of her shirt. It pulled up, showing more of her stomach, that now had a sticky looking glisten to it – as though her sweat had some creamy property to it. Her tits expanded in every physically possible direction – forward, up, and out – tearing the seams under her arms and ripping the shirt down its front. The unintentional v-slit widened, exposing her ivory-colored balcony bra. She reached up and began unintentionally massaging one of the meaty sacks. It’s not that she wanted to feel herself up; it’s that her mind almost commanded her to woman-handle her tits. She actually felt her chest pulling apart her brassiere from its expanding force. Ashley cried out, “I can’t help myself!” The tits tore her bra where it held strong or just simply pushed away at the locations at which it easily slid under he ginomorous mass. The growth stopping, Ashley’s tits had become two giant woman-udders hanging off of her. Their mass had expanded past the frame of her shoulders.

The throb in Ashley’s pussy offered no relief. It wanted the girl on her hands and knees to drive home the point that she was no longer under control of her own sexual release. No, instead agency subjugated itself to the warm heat and hard clit between Ashlely’s two slippery inner-thighs. The weight of her overgrown tits, coupled with the overpowering orgasms, caused the young lady to fall forward. Her palms and knees fell into the soft ground. She could feel the facsimile of quicksand underneath her body – the mix of dirt with her own procreative secretions. The fall almost seemed calculated, done in such a way to put her in the most perfect objectifying position to unleash the remaining touch of Uume’s ancient magicks. Her tits flopped; her back cracked. For the first time ever, she felt like a slut – a feeling she despised.

Heat stoked inside Ashley’s anus, spilling out in waves of animalistic arousal that blanketed the circumference of her ass cheeks. While letting out a moan that she would even be ashamed to utter alone in bed at night, Ashley’s wide but firm ass lifted up and pushed out. The immediately recognizable sound of growth accompanied the stretching of flesh. Her rear expanded ever larger, pushing from out of the bottom of her skirt, showing the crotch of her stained, ivory panties to any eyes that would be cast from behind the two ripe pieces of ham. The massive buttocks shook with fatty oomph; Ashley looked almost laughable with two massive jugs on one end and a whale of an ass on the other, connected by the otherwise hot body of a young babe. Ashley had been warped into an exaggerated personification of sex.

A series of throat spasms rocked Ashley. Need seeped up along her esophagus like thick, warm milk. Ashley sputtered before a translucent white glop oozed from her lips. In any other situation at any other time, she would have reached up and panicked, but the vibration of a full body orgasm was beginning to take hold. “Something terrible is happening,” she shouted in her mind; yet she could not get herself to move. Droplets of cloudy ooze gathered at the tips of her sausage-y nipples, accumulating into teardrops before splashing upon the ground. Excitement consumed her massive breasts, but the sensations went beyond the mere jolts that came with fondling or sucking; it felt like her tits were actually being fucked. “But how was that possible,” she thought to herself. She writhed and moaned, while shots of girly jizz began erupting even faster and harder from her overworked pussy. Ashley’s hand reached down between her legs. Her skirt now wrapped around her waist like a belt gave her easy access, and she began to abuse her twat most furiously. She felt her rectum load up and then release eject from itself a sticky torrent. In that instant, she began cumming from her asshole, two streams flowing from out underneath either side of knotted panties. 

Ashley tried to pull herself forward with the other hand and stand. She couldn’t let Uume degrade her in such a way. But she found getting to her feet almost impossible. The moment she began to put her own weight down, she toppled forward, her left foot slipping from inside of its boot. Ashley, still seemingly cumming from almost every orifice, looked back at her foot. The sock didn’t appear to be gripping the appendage tight. Instead, it looked to be almost drooping over the bottom of her leg. The pit of Ashley’s stomach felt empty. What was happening now? Something was certainly not right. She grabbed the end of the white sock and clamped on her foot. It felt mushy! Pulling the sock off, Ashley was met with the ghastly image of her foot…melting. It looked like the fetishistic centerpiece of a Dali painting. The toes were soft and had a semi-liquid appearance, while teardrop shaped droplets hung from the sole. Despite the horrible transfiguration taking place before her eyes, Ashley felt no pain in her foot. Instead she felt nothing in it but intense, burning need. If there were a such thing as a foot orgasm, she was indeed experiencing it.

Her mind now erratic and twisted with both horror and horniness, Ashley attempted to crawl forward, trying to escape the sinister curse that had befallen her. Slapping her hand down, Ashley’s palm simply sunk into the ground, a pool of creamy substance collecting around the disappearing appendage. Beads of sensual fluids ran down her arm like drops of preseminal perspiration. Rows of ropey lines reached between her legs and the ground, like pieces of glue stuck between two separating sheets of paper. The non-ripped part of her shirt darkened before turning slimey with the cum-ifying transmutation of her tummy that was transpiring just beneath the fabric.

The rest of Ashley’s arm submerged into the growing lake where her hand originally had been. A buttery pool leached from underneath her body, gathering in a vaguely human shape on the forestry floor. Ashley felt her insides liquefying only to be ejaculated from her spasming pussy. With her other quickly melting arm, she twisted onto her back. While turning, her skirt and panties easily slid from her slippery hips and piled at the bottom of egs that were fast sinking into a velvety cum pond.

Torrents of periurethral discharge flowed like little avalanches down the highest parts of Ashley’s giant boobs. However, her rack seemed to sink down quicker than the rest of her into the giant wad of cum that was once her ventral side – two massive flesh mountains falling into the sea. Cum that was once Ashley’s body was strewn throughout her hair. She looked like a sex doll bathed in milk. Her swollen ass sank down next. While parts of her legs and arms remained, they simply stood as independent and unattached lengths in a borderless mass of orgasmic fluids.

The look of uninhibited release was practically frozen on Ashley’s face as it succumbed to the pool. Cum poured back down into her mouth and hair melted into a semen-like substance. Visions of shapes and distinct colors gave way to the filtered moonlight as her eyes became covered with a cum blanket. Ashley’s face disappeared under the setting cream.

Hips and a still squirting vagina was the only distinct body construct that remained. Ashley’s pussy continued to pump, while the hips lowered into the rest of her. She felt every unrelenting orgasm, every contraction in her loins. With one final spurt, her twat erupted in a fountain of jizz that then consumed it.

Ashley had been both literally and figuratively turned into a giant puddle of cum. Every fiber of her being was morphed and changed into the physical manifestation of a wanton orgasm. Uume had used her own pussy against her. Being the most clever virility demon, he even circumvented the most basic tenet of psychology and made dualism a reality: Even though Ashley did not necessary have a brain, her mind was perfectly intact. She felt nothing but a nightlong orgasm. She could contemplate her existence – the truth that she was not a young woman in that moment, she was a puddle of sticky jizz, and Uume had made her into that sad form. The pool of cum that was Ashley lied there for the rest of that hot, Alabama night – just a big goopy puddle with a bunch of ruined clothes strewn within it.


Ashley snapped up, as if she had awoken from the dead. Blood instantly rushing to her head, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. The rays of the Southern sun were beating down upon her naked chest.

“Di…did that really happen last night,” she thought to herself. Ashley inspected herself. Relief came over her. Ashley’s breasts and butt were normal size. Feeling slightly silly, she pinched herself, making sure that the flesh on her arm was indeed still real and not gooey discharge.

She found her skirt and slid it back on. The rear seam had torn slightly, as though it were distended over something that was a size for which it was not made. She pulled on her ripped shirt and held it closed over her breasts with one hand. This was going to be one humiliating walk of shame back home.

Upon arriving at the apartment complex, she was relieved that all of her neighbors were apparently still sleeping. Pushing the ajar apartment door the rest of the way open, she saw the evidence from the previous night – the overturned chair, the table up against the counter. The truth stared back at her. She had been spanked, molested, swollen in the most sexual of ways, and then reduced to a puddle of cum. Ashley reached down, finding her car keys on the floor. She looked over and saw the cell phone that was ripped from her hands the night before. Picking it up, she pressed “Return Call.” The phone rang twice.

“Ashley! Oh thank heavens! You’re alright.”

Ashley tried her damnedest not to break down. “Mabel, Uume…he’s real, and he was here last night.”

There was a slight hesitation in Mabel’s voice. “We really need to talk…”


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