A Pain in the Ass - Part I

Published: Dec 18th, 2016


(Woman to Donkey TF) Amy is a successful event coordinator at a metropolitan convention center. Sometimes her drive to do a great job leads to her interfering with other people's agendas which is exactly what happens when she finds herself fall victim to a larger nefarious plot by a farming tycoon during the annual livestock show that is being held at the convention center.


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A Pain in the Ass – Part I

by MysteryMan


            It had not been a good morning for Amy. In fact, the entire week had been pretty hectic, tiresome, and all-around frustrating. On Monday her alarm didn’t go off. Tuesday it was the spilled coffee all over her new blouse. Wednesday, she ran into her ex during lunchtime. Yesterday brought her a dropped phone and a cracked screen. Today was starting out just as shitty…with a pile of manure, that is. But none of that would really matter in 12 hours though. When she woke up that Friday morning, Amy had no idea that she was going to end her day being fucked in the ass by a donkey…and that it would be the highlight of her week.




Amy was a workaholic and it could be argued that a lot of the crap she dealt with at work was brought upon by her own perfectionist ways. As an event coordinator for the city’s largest convention center, it was a critical part of her job to remain organized and be able to multitask on numerous projects at once. Her headstrong confidence and way of tackling issues made her an asset to center operations, but also made her come across as a bit of a pain in the ass to some folks working there. Deep down, she never truly meant to seem like a bossy prima donna to her coworkers and some of them knew she always had good intentions at the end of the day, but there were times when Amy just rubbed people the wrong way – and this week had been one of those weeks.


The largest livestock show and rodeo in the state was held at the Municipal Convention Center every year and it was one of those events that Amy dreaded when February rolled around. Not only was the event a massive undertaking to prepare for, but it was also one of the filthiest events held at the center each year. As much as Amy loved animals, she never was fond of the lingering smell of hay and manure that took over the exhibit hall and permeated her office up on the third floor. Regardless, as much as Amy disliked the month-long event, it brought in a lot of revenue for the convention center and the city so she would never voice her contempt for it. As great as Amy was at her job and as much as her attractiveness helped close deals weekly, she knew she was still expendable.


“SHIT!!” Amy exclaimed as she realized that she had just stepped in a large pile of horse droppings right in the middle of one of the exhibit hall aisles. She had been preoccupied trying to see past the cracks on her phone screen as she made her way up to her office and didn’t notice the pile of manure right in her path.


“I hope those aren’t expensive shoes.”


Amy looked up from her filthy high heel to see one of the livestock owners standing near a stall with a rake, clearly trying to keep from laughing at her misstep. He was an attractive, sandy-haired twenty something with a rugged charm who was clearly born and raised to be a cowboy.

“Well, let’s just say this is par for the course for this week…” responded Amy.


“That rough of a week, huh?” the cowboy retorted.


“Uh yeah…”


“Here let me clean that off for you.” The cowboy took out an old rag from his back pocket and walked over to Amy. She lifted up her leg and took off the shit-covered shoe, handing it to him.


“Thanks, I guess these heels aren’t as practical as your boots are for an event like this.”


“Ha, yeah I don’t think you could stand out much more in that getup!” the cowboy remarked, gesturing to Amy’s professional-looking striped pants suit and silver blouse.


“Yeah well my job doesn’t involve shoveling shit so this “getup” works fine for me…haha!”


“You got a problem with shoveling shit, ma’am?” the cowboy zipped back, seeming a bit offended. “At least these good ol’ jeans and flannel are more comfortable!”


“Oh no, no, no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it that way! I mean I…”


“Haha, I know whatcha meant! No worries! I was just messin’ with ya!”


“Oh thank God…haha!”


“Trust me, I know this isn’t the most glamorous job on the planet, but it pays the bills!” Handing the cleaned up heel back to Amy, “The name’s Jim, by the way.”


“Thank you Jim. I’m Amy…Amy Porter. I’m the event coordinator here at the center.”


“Well that explains the suit! Nice to meet ya Amy! You run a fine expo here. I’ve been attending for years. Great venue for the show!”


“Thanks! We try our best to make everyone at home.”


“Yes, everyone has always been very hospitable. But I don’t get the vibe that you’re too wild about this particular event though.”


“What gives you that impression?”


“Eh, I don’t know…I’ve never really met any city girls who were overly fond of livestock shows. And, well, you did seem pretty disgusted by that manure.”

“Wouldn’t you be a bit disgusted if you stepped in horse shit?” Right as Amy said that, she glanced down and noticed Jim’s boots were covered in dried manure. “Oh…”


Jim looked at her in the eyes with a smirk on his face as she realized what she had just said.


“Haha, you really know how to make a first impression. You cut right to the bone!”


“Oh my, I’m sorry…again. Look, I’m running late so I better get up to my office.”


“It’s quite alright Amy! I think working in this stuff is pretty gross too! I’m just used to it by now. I don’t blame ya for not liking livestock.”


“It’s not that I don’t like them…I mean, I love animals. This…is all a little out of my element.”


“I understand. You oughta watch me try to use a copy machine.”


“Ha, I don’t think anyone really knows how to use those damn things!”


“Well, don’t let me keep ya any longer. I’ve got shit to pick up anyways, right?”


“Yes, and I’ve got a copy machine to kick upstairs. Thank you again for cleaning up my shoe!”


“Been a pleasure ma’am. Now don’t go getting yourself into anymore shit today!”


“I’ll keep both eyes open! Thanks Jim!”


Amy headed off towards her office, looking back at Jim with a slight grin. She was used to men flirting with her as she was quite an attractive 5’7” woman with long, silky-smooth dark brown hair, full breasts, beautiful curves, and a tight ass. She knew exactly how to be sexy yet professional at the same time. After all, the way she carried herself was an important aspect of her job and definitely helped bring in some large conferences to the center. But as many times as guys had hit on her, few had the charm she saw from Jim this morning. Perhaps it was his good ol’ boy act that he put on, but there was an earnestness to him that she didn’t see in a lot of the Wall Street wannabe execs she typically dealt with. Regardless, meeting him made stepping in horse manure a little more bearable.




“I don’t care who the hell he thinks he is! I told him that this venue would only be able to accommodate a maximum of 1,500 stalls for this show! Our crews are doing the best they can to clear out the stalls so tomorrow’s breeders can have their livestock in place for the auction as quickly as possible.” Amy heatedly retorted to her manager over the phone.


There had been an unexpected influx of livestock being brought to the show over the last couple of days and the center’s stall capacity was at its limits, making renowned farmer, rancher, and livestock show president, Mr. Earl Archer, quite unhappy. And of course whenever a client was unhappy, it was Amy’s problem to deal with.


“You know as well as I do that if more people and animals are brought in, it will not meet the center fire code. If the fire marshal gets wind of it then we’ll have a bigger problem on our hands…Yes, Bob, that would indeed stink. And so would the stench coming from the floor of the main hall! I mean, have you been down there today?!”


Amy took a sip of coffee and rubbed her forehead in frustration. At the very least, she could vent her frustrations in the privacy of her own office which overlooked downtown. It was quite a nice office with plenty of room for her large desk, two chairs in front, as well as another small round table and chairs in the corner. Near the door was a large glass window with blinds which she typically kept closed. On the backside of the wooden office door, was a full length mirror that always came in use before Amy would have to meet up with a client. It’s not that she was too vain – she just always liked being prepared.


“Okay fine, fine. Yes, I will get it taken care of, Bob. You know I always do. See you at the meeting this afternoon.”


Amy went about her business, taking care of some paperwork and making some phone calls. She took her glasses off and decided to take a break and walk down to the exhibit hall floor to see how things were going. Stepping outside of her office, she noticed that there was a beautiful care basket of fruits and candy from Archer Farms sitting on her assistant’s desk.


“Oh Amy! Look what arrived a little while ago!” exclaimed Karen, her assistant. “It’s a “Thank You” from Mr. Archer for helping make the show so successful.”


“Huh, really? He must have sent it before he got pissed off about the hall capacity issue this morning. I’ll be sure to thank him during our tag up this afternoon.”


“Well the guy who dropped it off seemed nice enough. Name was Jim I think. Kinda cute actually!” the attractive redhead laughed.


“Jim, huh…?” Amy paused for a moment, thinking about Jim’s boyish charm and beautiful blue eyes. “Hey Karen, go ahead and let everyone in the office have their pick from that basket. You and I will never eat all of that!”


Amy grabbed an apple from the basket and headed downstairs to the main hall. Getting in the elevator, she took a bite from the apple, a quite wonderful tasting one at that! Exiting the elevator, she began nonchalantly looking around the hall, curious if she might run into Jim. She took another bite of the apple, savoring its sweet taste. It was incredibly fresh.


Amy took a stroll up and down a few of the rows of stalls, cautiously keeping an eye open for piles of droppings on the ground as well as dodging handlers, cows, sheep, and other livestock. She saw some of the center operations guys trying to set up a few additional stalls but having space issues, as Amy knew they would have. She approached her foreman Carl and tapped him on the shoulder.


“So, how bad is it Carl?”


“Guess you could say it’s gonna be as crowded as a cattle car, Amy! Whose bright idea was this anyways?”


“You know as well as I do that “the client is always right” Carl, no matter how terrible of an idea they have.”


“No shit. Cramming all of these extra stalls in here ain’t gonna be comfortable for anyone, but we’ll make it work.


“Thanks, I can always count on you! Sorry I’m always such a pain in the ass!”


“Nah, you’re alright Amy. If I had to guess, I’d imagine it’s a Mr. Archer who’s being the pain in the ass this time, right?”


Amy chuckled at Carl’s bluntness and headed back down the aisle. Taking another bite of her apple, Amy overheard a familiar voice and looked over towards a row of donkeys but didn’t see anyone. She walked pass a few of the donkeys and heard what sounded like Jim’s voice again. Amy came across Jim hunched over between two donkeys as he raked some hay into the stall.


“You guys are like a buncha damn vacuum cleaners!” said Jim to himself.


Amy quietly laughed to herself. She took a loud bite of her apple, startling Jim who immediately turned around.


“Ah so you are a fruit-loving kinda woman!”


“Well it was actually pretty hard to resist such a nice looking apple. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had…”


“Archer Farms only makes the best.” Jim chuckled.


“That so?”


“Yes ma’am! Freshest you’ll find. Best fruit, vegetables, livestock, and assorted candies.”


“You sound like a grocery store commercial.”

“Haha well don’t be too hard on me…you know all about towing the company line too…”


“Touché. Why am I not surprised you work for Earl Archer?”


“Hey, cut me some slack. In the ag industry, who doesn’t?”


“Well I’ll be sure to thank Mr. Archer when I see him this afternoon. Unless that basket wasn’t really from him…”


Jim blushed and looked down at the ground a little embarrassed. “Ah, no no, it was from him…”


“Funny, considering he is currently not very happy with my office’s accommodations here.”


“I’m sure he had a change of heart. I just volunteered to bring it up to you.”


“I see” Amy said with a smirk on her face. She was surprised by how much she was enjoying the flirting with Jim. Usually it was annoying, but she felt…different. In fact, as she finished off the last bite of her apple, she was actually beginning to feel a tad warm.


“He’s not such a bad guy really. Most billionaires can be pushy sometimes. After all, they don’t make it to the top by being nice to everyone.


“Yeah well he’s got the pushiness down pat.” Amy retorted, tossing the apple core into a nearby trash bin.


One of the donkeys standing near Jim and Amy snorted and got a tad restless, drawing Amy’s attention. She hadn’t ever spent much time around farm animals nor did she ever really want to after a traumatic incident as a little girl when she was nearly trampled by a horse out at her uncle’s ranch. Ever since then, she kept her distance.


“He ain’t gonna hurt ya! They’re a good breed. Harmless.” said Jim, noticing Amy was a little uncomfortable near the jack donkey.


“I’m not overly fond…” Amy started to say.


“Here, give him a pet.” Jim interrupted as he grabbed Amy’s hand and placed it on the back of the jack.


Amy felt uneasy and stood back as she slowly ran her hand down the donkey’s back. She had to admit that the jack had surprisingly soft fur and she sort of liked petting him. The jack snorted again, taking in a large whiff of air. The warmth Amy was feeling increased, making her flustered. It was very odd and she had no idea what was coming over her.


“HA! Looks like you really have a way with animals…” Jim exclaimed looking down underneath the jack.


Amy also looked down to see what Jim was laughing about and her hand suddenly went to her mouth, agape, as she saw the donkey’s large, mottled black and white penis sliding out of it’s sheath, a bit of pre-cum dripping off its tip.


“Oh my God!” Amy’s cheeks turned red from embarrassment. “I…I have to go. I’ve got work to do.”


“Hey, hey it’s okay! Nothin’ to be embarrassed about! Doesn’t take much to turn these guys on…” Jim chuckled.


“I think I’ve had my fill of animal encounters for one day. Thank you again for dropping the basket off, Jim. Take care.” Amy quickly responded as she turned and bustled off to her office. As she hurried off across the hall floor, zigzagging around rows of stalls, she felt incredibly hot and waved a hand in her face, unsure of why she felt so flustered.




As Amy exited the elevator on the third floor and headed to her office, she passed by the vending machines and caught a glimpse of the pre-made salads lining the inside of one of the machines. She hadn’t given much thought to the fact that it was nearly lunchtime but for some reason, the typically mediocre salads looked quite appealing. She dropped in a few dollars, grabbed the plastic salad container from the slot, and moved along to her office. Walking past Karen’s desk, she noticed that Karen appeared to be a little flustered as well.


“Hey Amy, does it feel a little warm in here to you? A lot of people on this floor think the A/C handlers might have shut down.” questioned Karen as she fanned her face with a hand.


“Yes, I think you might be right. It felt warm down in the hall as well. Better let the facilities guys know. We don’t want to give Archer another reason to complain…”


Karen nodded her head. “Oh! Here, you’ve got to try one of these candy corns! They were in the basket. Best I’ve ever had!” Karen gestured.


“No thanks Karen. I’ve got lunch right here.”


“Mmm yeah, I don’t know why but those vending machine salads are pretty good today. The grilled chicken one was great!”


“Yeah, I seemed to be in the mood for one too.”


Amy stepped into her office and closed the door behind her. She set the salad down on her desk and closed the blinds beside her office door, hoping to have a little bit of peace and quiet until her 1:00 meeting.


She sat down at her desk and slipped her heels off; the carpet feeling good beneath her feet. As soon as she popped open the lid of the salad container, she was greeted with a tantalizing aroma of lettuce and carrots. Mouth watering, Amy grabbed a fork and dug in, savoring the flavors. It was strange that a pre-packaged box salad would taste so good. Amy had had them a few times before and they normally were quite bland. But today, it really hit the spot.


Unfortunately, even after finishing up the salad, the warmth that Amy was feeling still had not gone away. As much as she tried to focus on work, she kept thinking about Jim, yet what she really couldn’t get out of her head was that quick glimpse of that donkey’s penis. It was a disgusting thought and she had no idea why it was making her feel so hot. She felt filthy and embarrassed just thinking about it! Amy kept trying to look over her notes for the Archer meeting, but her attention was drawn more and more to that damn donkey! She looked at her hand that had been petting the animal and brought it up to her nose. Deep down, she knew she should have washed her hands after touching the beast, but for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She took a strong sniff of her hand, the odor of the jack wafting up into her nose. It smelled sweaty, musky, and dirty, yet strangely it didn’t disgust her. Amy closed her eyes as one hand slowly slid down to her skirt and her fingers slipped behind the waistband into her panties. She cringed a bit when she felt a small wet spot inside of her panties. Heat radiated from her crotch as her fingers brushed across the lips of her vagina. Her eyebrows furrowed and her lips clinched with concern as Amy thought something seemed wrong – like her vagina felt swollen…


Knock, Knock, Knock!


Amy’s eyes sprung open with surprise from the loud knock on her door. She quickly tore her hand from the throes of her panties, just as her office door opened. It was Bob.


“Amy, you ready for the meeting? Archer’s waiting!”


“Y..yes, be right there, Bob.” Amy quickly stood up from her chair and shuffled her papers together. As Bob turned and walked away, Amy tugged down on the bottom of her skirt to straighten it, buttoned her suit jacket, and grabbed her portfolio filled with papers.




“Mr. Archer, I assure you that we have had our crews working around the clock to insure that the exhibit hall can accommodate the increased numbers this year’s event is drawing.” Amy stated as she tried to be as diplomatic as possible. “We were just a little caught off guard that so many more animals are being brought in for the auction than the original totals we had discussed.” Amy was trying hard to get through this meeting. She still felt very hot and the discomfort didn’t seem to be subsiding. She wished she could get out of her tight business suit and cool off, but that wasn’t an option. Strangely it seemed as if her skirt was getting tighter around her ass.


“Now Ms. Porter, you know good and well that the numbers for this event fluxuate every year depending on how good of a season the ranchers have had. So don’t give me any bullshit about not expecting increases.” Earl Archer sharply retorted.


“Yes sir, that is true, we always pad the expectancy to accommodate an overage, but we’re looking at a nearly 40% increase from last year’s numbers!”


“What can I say? It’s been a good year…”


“No shit.” Amy shifted in her chair, feeling a bit uncomfortable.


“Amy!” Bob couldn’t believe what she had just said to their number one client. “Haha, umm I’m sorry Mr. Archer… Amy has clearly been a little stressed out lately…”


“Excuse me Bob?! If by stressed out you mean that I have been busting my ass to make sure we see to Mr. Archer’s every whim…” Amy shot back.


“Ahem, uh don’t worry Mr. Archer, we have everything under control. You can rest assured that we will have space for any quantity of livestock you need to bring into the hall.” Bob tried to ease the tension in the room.


“Right answer.” Archer bluntly stated. “Ms. Porter, you are a royal pain in the ass.”


Both Bob and Amy couldn’t believe what Archer had just called her. She shifted in her chair again, a sharp pain radiating from the base of her spine. It felt like something was pushing up against her panties, but that wasn’t possible. An awkward silence engulfed the room, neither Bob nor Amy knowing how to respond to Archer’s blunt insult.


“BUT, I like you Amy. You’re a hard worker and you get the job done. Can’t say that about everyone I deal with.”


Bob let out a sigh of relief, thinking Amy had done herself in. On the other hand, while Amy was relieved to hear Archer back down, her eyes went wide as she felt something slide down her butt crack and strain against her panties. Bob looked over at her unsure if she was alright.


“Umm, Amy…everything alright,” Bob questioned.


“Y…yes!” Amy’s attention snapped back to the conversation at hand. “Th…thank you Mr. Archer. We have always considered it an honor to host this event for you and will make sure everything you need is in order. I am sure that the auction will go off without a hitch.”


Archer stood up extending a hand to Bob, who also rose and reciprocated the handshake. Archer turned to Amy, hand extended. Amy was sweating and clearly felt a bit shaken, both from her confrontation with Archer, but also because she was having trouble wrapping her brain around something mysterious sliding into her butt crack. She stood up to shake Archer’s hand and as she did, she heard the sound of fabric tearing coming from her rear. Bob and Archer briefly exchanged a glance over hearing the ripping sound. Amy quickly tugged down on her skirt with one hand while quickly giving Archer a handshake.


“Are you sure you’re alright, Ms. Porter?” questioned Archer, noticing a bead of sweat drip down from her forehead to her temple.


“Yes sir, it’s just warm in here. Our facilities crew is looking into the A/C. I apologize if it was uncomfortably warm.”


“Hmm, hadn’t noticed.”


“Come to think of it, it does seem a bit warm in here.” Bob echoed. “We’ll have it looked into.”


Amy gathered her papers and began backing towards the door. She was sweating bullets that the seam of her skirt had split in the rear and couldn’t bare to think that the two men would notice.


“Oh, and Ms. Porter!” Archer harkened. Amy froze in place, afraid what he was going to say next. “Hope you enjoy the fruit basket.”


“Oh, yes! Thank you, sir. It was a very kind gesture.” Amy smiled politely.


“Indeed! Everyone in the office has enjoyed it!” Bob responded. “You’re products are wonderful!”


“Glad to hear it!” Archer smiled.




As Amy quickly scurried back to her office, afraid that her skirt had torn in the rear, she hadn’t noticed that there wasn’t the normal hustle and bustle around the office. It seemed as though a number of her coworkers had left. Upon getting to her office, she saw a Post-It note stuck to the door:





Not feeling well. Heading home for the day.



Amy didn’t really think anything of it as she wasn’t feeling well herself and was becoming increasingly concerned. She pulled the note from the door, crumpled it up, tossed it into the trash can next to Karen’s desk and went into her office. Finally within the privacy of her office, Amy locked the door behind her; made sure the blinds were closed and sighed with relief. She threw her portfolio and paperwork onto the desk and unbuttoned her jacket, fanning herself with one hand.


“What a meeting… Oh I hope this damn skirt didn’t tear!”


Amy placed her hands on her ass and began feeling around the fabric, looking for a hole. She walked over to the full-length mirror that lined the backside of the office door and turned to see the damage. But there wasn’t any to be found. Her skirt seemed to be fine.


“Oh thank God! I would have just killed myself if this thing had ripped open in front of them!”


Amy looked over her ass and although it did seem like her skirt was fitting a little tighter than normal, she didn’t think anything of it. She was just relieved that everything was intact. However, there was still a feeling that something was lodged between her butt cheeks. She pulled on the rear of her skirt, trying to loosen up her panties, thinking they had ridden in a little too deep. Feeling a bit of relief, Amy sat down at her desk and began working.


After working diligently for an hour and making a few more frustrating phone calls, she still did not feel well and was starting to think about going home early. Unfortunately, Amy knew that with her responsibilities, leaving early wasn’t really an option. Her skirt felt like it was getting tighter and a sharp pain struck her feet, making her discard her heels. And then there was that same annoying feeling that something was inside of her panties!


Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring!


Amy looked over to her desk phone and picked up the receiver.


“Yes…Yes…Uh huh. Well, that’s very strange Mike. It is definitely warmer than usual up here…No, I haven’t been down on the floor in a few hours…Hmm, so you’re sure the A/C handlers are working fine?...”


Hearing that the A/C was fine began to make Amy worry. How could it be so hot? She wasn’t the only one to notice…Bob, Karen…a number of people had complained. Amy shifted in her chair as her ass pushed against her skirt.


“Of course I trust your opinion, Mike! If you say it’s working, then I’m sure everything is fine. I’m just telling you that something doesn’t feel right up here!”


As Amy became tenser, she suddenly felt something push further in between her butt cheeks, followed by a tickling sensation across her vagina. She gasped from the feeling and put a hand to her mouth so hopefully Mike didn’t hear her on the other end of the line.


*Shudder…Moan* “No, no, I’m fine Mike! Thank you for checking the A/C. Bye!”


She slammed the phone receiver back into the cradle and turned her eyes downward to her crotch. As she began to stand up, Amy could tell that her skirt had definitely gotten tighter against her ass. Just as she stood fully upright, a loud tear came from underneath her skirt and whatever was wedged up her ass fell free.


*Sigh* “What on Earth?!...”


Amy reached back around to her rear and felt up and down; trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Then suddenly something brushed the back of her right leg. She froze, but didn’t feel anything. Moving her hand directly across the center of her skirt, that was when she noticed something underneath. It was some sort of elongated lump that she traced up to the small of her back.


“What the…?”


She reached her fingers over the rear waistband of her skirt and lifted up her tucked in blouse until she could feel her skin. Feeling around, Amy’s eyes went wide as she felt a hairy lump protruding from the base of her spine. As soon as she touched it, it moved again, pounding up against the seam of rear her skirt. Amy slowly wrapped her fingers around it and began to slide her hand down into her skirt until she couldn’t reach any further, not even coming close to the end of the growth. Running her hand back up along its length, it felt bony and hairy and small beads of sweat coated the coarse hairs. Amy was quickly beginning to get frantic and as she did, the growth began to move more frequently, brushing against her legs.


“Oh! Oh God! Wh…what the hell!”


Amy leaned against her desk, pushing her rear outwards, straining as the growth began pounding against her skirt.


“Gah! Aw! Oh fuck!” cried, trying to muffle her scream so no one heard her outside.


Suddenly, the growth caused the rear seam of her skirt to split open, each thrust popping thread after thread of the seam’s length. Finally, the mysterious growth found its way through the tear and Amy couldn’t feel it against her legs anymore. Looking over her shoulder, Amy’s mouth dropped open when she saw what was hanging through the split in her skirt.


It was about two feet long and was covered in thick gray fur. Hanging from the end of its snaking length was a tassel of silky smooth hair, much like Amy’s own hair on top of her head. It was the same dark brown color at its roots, but transitioned into a deep black shade at its tips. Amy had just grown a tail.


“What. The. FUCK?!!”


Amy ran to the mirror and turned her backside to it. Her tail swung back and forth like a pendulum as she inspected it. She tried pulling on it, but only let out a yelp – it was clearly attached to her.


“I…I grew a tail?! How?... People can’t grow tails!!”


Amy began pacing back and forth in here office, thinking what on earth she was going to do. She couldn’t be seen in public with a tail hanging out the back of her skirt! How could she even possibly leave her office? She had to do something to hide this monstrosity! She paused and looked at the tail in the mirror again. Looking at the hole in her skirt closer, it seemed like it wasn’t TOO big… perhaps she could just get her tail hidden back under the skirt and staple the hole shut long enough for her to get home. It had to work!


But as Amy tucked her fingers inside of her waistband in order to pull the skirt down, she found that it felt incredibly snug against her hips and ass. She gently began to slide the form-fitting skirt downward but didn’t get far – if she pushed down any further, it felt like it was going to tear apart even more.


“Why is this damn skirt so tight?! It was fine this morning!”


Amy was becoming increasingly concerned that she wouldn’t be able to get the damn skirt off in order to hide the tail. She could feel herself starting to sweat a little more as she became more worried. Her skirt was clearly getting tighter and tighter and she had no idea why! Suddenly, Amy heard a slow ripping sound as the hole her tail was poking out of began to split apart thread by thread.


“No, no, NO! Don’t tear, don’t tear!!”


Amy turned sideways as she watched her ass in the mirror. She winced as she watched her ass slowly push further outwards, straining her skirt even more. The stress it was causing her trembled down to her tail as it straightened out behind her and began whipping violently, tearing open the hole even further. Amy moaned in pain as the pressure increased.


“Uuuuhhhh! Oh NO!!”


Suddenly, the seams on either side of her skirt quickly began splitting open and her tail hole widened even further. Amy placed her hands on her ass, trying to stop the skirt from tearing even more, but her efforts were futile. She could feel her ass growing underneath the fabric. Finally, the seams of the waistband popped apart and the skirt gave way.




Amy’s mini skirt fell off of her lower body to the floor as she embarrassingly clenched her legs together. As soon as the fabric fell from her body, she could feel a cool draft blow across her privates, which was strange as she was still wearing her panties. But upon looking down, she realized why – her tail had split open her panties earlier during the meeting and now they were only hanging on by the stretched waistband strained across her widened hips.


“Ugh, not my panties too! What am I going to do?! I can’t leave like this!!”


Amy looked over her ass and was disgusted to see that it had indeed filled out more. While she still retained her nice figure, her butt cheeks and thighs had clearly thickened with a bit more muscle and her hips were wider. She didn’t know if her eyes were playing tricks on her or if it was just the lighting in the room, but it also appeared that the skin of her butt cheeks, leading down to the backs of her thighs seemed to have taken on a paler, almost gray hue.


The coloration of her ass was indeed odd, but she was more concerned about finding a way to cover her naked lower half. Maybe there was some sort of way she could staple her skirt back together enough to fit it around her ass long enough for her to get home. As she bent over to pick up the remains of her skirt though, the pressure around the thin waistband of her panties pulled tight and popped right off, leaving her privates exposed to the cool office air. Amy cursed as she grabbed the skirt and panties off the floor and went back over to her office chair.


“OW!” Amy yelped again as she sat down directly on her tail, clearly not used to the new appendage hanging off of her rear. She pulled the blasted thing out from between her legs and let it slide out underneath the arms of the chair. What was she going to do? She didn’t have an extra set of clothes in her office and it was still way to early in the day for her to leave without someone seeing her. She would just have to wait until the evening. It was her only chance for escaping unnoticed.




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@theregressed, Although that isn't going to fit in with this story arc, I do like that idea so perhaps I will include that in a future spinoff.
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Thank you kindly for the feedback, everyone! Much appreciated!
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