From Fantasy to Reality

Published: Mar 17th, 2007


Man and Woman into Donkeys of the opposite sex.


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From Fantasy to Reality
By Umgestalten
� 10 February 2007

Madeline, or Maddy to everyone that knew her, considered herself a reasonable and sensible person with a fairly broad mind when it came to her judgment of others. However, when she accidentally stumbled on her husband, Robert's 'hobby' in their computer she found that she had broached the limits of her understanding.

Maddy had been doing a search for a file she knew she had saved but she just couldn't find. It was Saturday and she wanted to use a recipe from her friend Jenny for beef potpies to make Robert's dinner. He was off fishing and was always tired and hungry when he got home from a day on the river.

Maddy had run searches for "pot pie" in her recipe files and then with "beef" but didn't come up with the one she wanted. She finally expanded her search to the entire C drive and it was when she searched for any document containing the word "Jenny" that she got hits on a number of files. It was those files that mystified Maddy.

She opened several of the files, at first just trying to find her missing recipe, but then she read beyond the title at the top of the documents and found that they were stories. Very strange and disturbing stories. Maddy soon became upset with what she was finding.

She could tell that some of the documents had been saved from the Internet but her husband Robert had written others. Some were complete and some were 'works in progress.' They were all the strangest stories she had ever read.

The little that she did read upset her so much that she shut down the computer and forgot about her missing recipe. Maddy went off to the kitchen to make something else for Robert's dinner and to think about what she had just seen. To her, it was an aspect of Robert that she had never seen or even suspected and she needed to think about it more than she had time for at that moment.

As Maddy made dinner, she thought about the stories and the parts she read. Robert's stories were about people, specifically himself most of the time, transforming into a donkey. What little she had read was written with such passion that she felt it was more than a fantasy. They were written as if it was a deep-seated desire, a passionate wish on his part to be able to live out his life as a donkey.

Maddy couldn't even begin to comprehend the concept that a human being, any human being, let alone her Robert, could actually want such a thing. It really bothered her and she determined that after Robert had dinner and went to bed, as he always did after a day of fishing, that she was going to read his story files.

Dinner was ready when Robert arrived home and she had it set out on the table for him. They ate and had a pleasant conversation about many different topics, but the stories that were ever present in Maddy's mind were not one of them. She held that back, determined to read them before approaching Robert for an explanation.

After dinner, Robert, as Maddy predicted, began to yawn and said he was tired and going to go to bed. She kissed him goodnight and then waited until she heard his slow and steady snoring before turning on the computer again.

This time she knew where she was going and went directly to his story files. She read the ones that he had completed and then read the ones that were partially written. All of them had several things in common. They all had a central figure named 'Robert' whose physical description, life, relationships, and interests all came from her husband's life.

Every story also had him transformed into a donkey and the breed was always a grey-dun Standard donkey . The transformation process varied from witches and their magic spells to mad scientists with secret formulas that were injected into him or fed to him. The end of all the stories was basically the same, he transformed and went to live on a farm where he was happy and content with no obligations other than to follow nature's natural plan for a donkey, to graze contentedly in the pasture and breed.

Robert's description of the breeding part was very explicit and erotic. So much so that Maddy was filled with disgust and almost became physically ill just reading the stories.

'This is the most perverted and disgusting porn that I have ever seen or heard of. I can't believe that he actually wrote this filth!' she thought to herself.

Her thoughts ran the gamut of all the perversion that she had ever heard of, 'This is sicker than the porn that I normally hear about. It's like bestiality but he turns himself into an animal to, in some way, justify his sick desires to have sex with an animal. He needs help. This has to stop. I won't have it in the same house I live in."

Maddy grew angrier the more she read until she had to quit. However, before she quit, Maddy printed out the contents of all his files and then permanently deleted the folders from the computer and emptied the "Recycle Bin."

Her plan was set and she played it through her mind, 'There. That trash is gone and as soon as I'm done talking to him about these stories, I'll shred the copies too. Tomorrow I lay down the law.'

Maddy hid the printed copies away and went to bed. She needed her sleep for the next day's confrontation and it was quite late.


Maddy's sleep was restless and filled with dream's of Robert having sex with various animals and sometimes transforming into an animal. The animals were never clear in her dreams but she knew they were animals and that Robert was having an affair with them. He was cheating on her with an animal. It truly was a nightmare for Maddy.

She awoke at her usual time still tired from a restless night but with a plan firmly in her mind. Maddy made Sunday breakfast as usual, then woke up Robert. He sat at the table and had his usual cup of black coffee, eggs over easy, two strips of crisp bacon, and a side of baked beans.

As Maddy was clearing the table she poured him another cup of coffee and said, "Robert, there's something that I need to talk to you about."

She sat down at the table with a manila folder filled with sheets of bond paper and started out, "I was looking in the computer for a recipe that I lost and I came across these in my search," she said as she slid the folder across to him. "I want you to explain this to me, Robert. I just don't understand it. I don't know that I will even after you explain."

At that point, Robert knew he was in trouble for something but was unsure exactly what until he opened the folder and saw the title line of one of his stories at the head of the top sheet. Maddy saw him visibly blanch as the blood drained from his face.

'Oh shit!' he thought. 'I'm in it deep now. How do I explain this to her?'

"Ah, Maddy… Honey. I can explain this."

Before he could get any further she cut him off, "I certainly hope so because nothing could be worse than what I've been thinking since I found your disgusting porn files last night."

"Now Maddy. It's not as bad as all that. They're not really porn at all. Sure they have some sex in them but its sex between animals and…"

"And, you're one of the animals, Robert! Can you explain that? How can that be 'not as bad as all that.'? Tell me that, will you!"

"Maddy. Calm down. It's just a harmless fantasy. Nothing more than a fetish at most. None of it is real. Just some fantasies that I wrote down in story form and posted on the Internet. I do it for fun. A lot of people do it. It's no worse than what Walt Disney does in cartoons or the Greeks did in their mythology. The fantasy of people changing into animals has probably been around as long as man has been able to think," Robert tried to explain.

Maddy was not satisfied. "Why are you transformed into the animal, Robert? Do you want to be a donkey? Do you really think you would be happier as a mindless beast out in a pasture having sex with whatever female donkey happens past? Is that what you want Robert?" she asked with sarcasm dripping from her words.

"No, Maddy. Not really. Like I said, it's a fantasy. Just a fantasy. Sure there are times when I think it would be really great to have the carefree life of a donkey. To not have to worry about anything but I do know the difference between reality and fantasy."

That's good, Robert, because I'm going to explain your new reality to you. Here it is. No more Internet transformation stories. No more writing transformation stories. No more transformation stories of any kind in your life from this moment on. And, if I find out that you are not following these rules you will regret it…A lot! Now that's as plain as I can make it. I won't go into how sick, perverted and disgusting I find these stories because I think you know how I feel or you would have told me about your 'fantasies' years ago. Do you understand everything and are there any questions?" Maddy said with the sternest look on her face that Robert had ever seen.

Robert knew Maddy well enough to know he had no choices other than to agree or leave and the latter was not an option. "I agree, Maddy," was all he felt he could say.

Maddy's disposition changed immediately and she got up from her chair and said, "Good. I'm glad that's over. No more needs to be said," and she bent over and kissed him on the cheek before scooping up the files going to the office to shred them.


From that point on things seemed to be much as they were before Maddy's discovery and subsequent dictates. She went to work on Monday in her position as the director of Information Technology and Security for a multi-national pharmaceutical and chemical research company. Robert worked at odd jobs a few days or weeks at a time as he came upon them.

After his layoff six months earlier, he worked part time jobs mainly to keep from going insane from boredom. They didn't need his earnings after Maddy's promotion to the directorship because she earned many times what he would ever be able to make as an accountant.

That was what led to his reading and writing the transformation stories on the Internet in the first place. He had the time and nothing in particular to do with it after keeping up with things around the house so he began to pursue an old fantasy.

He knew that even with her discovery of his fetish and her demands to stop that it would happen again. He knew he would continue to read and write the stories but he was determined to be more careful. And so, a little less than two weeks later he was back at it. This time he planned to keep his stories on a read/write CD, not on the hard drive, and to erase all of his tracks when he was on the internet. He should have known better.

You don't hide things like that from your wife when she is the Director of IT and Security. Robert had no idea that their home computer was linked to Maddy's computer at work and that every keystroke he made was recorded on her computer. He had no idea that she could sit at her desk and watch everything that was on his screen.

So, on that faithful Friday, Maddy watched Robert search their home computer for his old files and come up empty and then she watched him go on the Internet to his favorite story site and download all of his old stories. She watched him save it all to a CD in the "D" drive and then erase his tracks. It was disappointing but not unexpected and Maddy knew then that she would have to take her plans to the next level.

Maddy arranged to 'accidentally' bump into an acquaintance of hers from the pharmaceutical R&D division in the cafeteria at lunchtime. "Susan. How are you? It's been a long time. You're looking fantastic. Hey, want to sit together for lunch?"

Dr. Susan Farrow looked up from the tray she was pushing down the cafeteria line and saw Maddy standing beside her. "Maddy. It's good to see you again. You're looking good. It's been a long time. Not since the corporate conference two years ago, right? Sure, I'd love to sit with you and catch up on things."

So they took their trays to a table and started to eat lunch and have a casual conversation. Casual for Dr. Farrow, at least, but carefully guided by Maddy to get to the topic she was interested in.

It took about twenty minutes of careful manipulation but she eventually said, "Yes, you definitely are doing some interesting research, Susan, but I'll never forget that project you were telling me about at the conference where you transformed a common housecat into a Lop Eared bunny rabbit. That story was so funny. How's that project going? Any more interesting transformations?" Maddy said with a slight giggle to her voice.

The doctor's voice suddenly dropped and she almost whispered, "Oh my. We don't ever talk about that project anymore. We were ordered to discontinue all work on it and never talk about it under threat of dismissal. All of the files were locked up under the highest security. We haven't done anything with that project for a little over eighteen months. You better never mention that again, Maddy. Please don't tell anyone that I ever told you anything about it. Ok?" she said with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Sure, Susan. Sorry I brought it up," Maddy said and then guided the conversation elsewhere. She had the information she needed from Dr. Farrow. She now knew when the project was discontinued and the security level it was under. That was why she had been unable to easily locate the information when she looked for it.

Back at her desk, Maddy accessed the secure files in the archives and started her search. Knowing when they were locked up made it easy to find the files she wanted and Maddy soon had all of the files copied to a CD and her access to them erased. It was great being the head of IT and Security. Not even the CEO or Chairman of the Board could access those files without leaving tracks, but she could.

The next day, Saturday, Robert was on his weekly fishing trip again and Maddy was busy reading the files she had copied from the archived files of the R&D department. There was a lot of the early research that she was able to skip over, as it had no bearing on what she needed.

The material was so dry and boring that she finally just did a search to find the word 'rabbit' in the text. It first appeared two and a half years into the project and was exactly what she wanted.

Maddy backed up to the beginning of that phase of the research and read it page by page. It started with the exact ingredients and procedures for creating the formula that caused the transformation. From there it went into the amount used based on the weight and method of injection. Then came the effects on the subject and a step-by-step description of the transformation.

There was a follow-up after the transformation that lasted for eleven months and showed no side effects other than mental disorientation and ended with the subject being fed to the R&D Lab's Burmese Python. The Python suffered no ill effects from consumption of the transformed cat.


For the next two weeks, Robert continued with the pursuit of his interests and Maddy continued to track his activities. She also contacted a chemist friend that wouldn't ask questions about preparing the formula for her. She also called her twin sister to acquire some blood from a donkey .

Maddy's twin sister, Alice, lived on the family farm and ran stables for people to board their horses and other livestock. The last time she visited with her, she remembered seeing a couple of donkeys in the pasture. Alice said that she was boarding them but hadn't been paid in six months and would probably end up owning them.

Alice thought her twin's request was, at the least, strange but Maddy went into great detail about Robert's 'problem' and what she had found in the research department files. She told Alice what she planned to do and together they came up with a workable plan.

Alice still thought the entire idea was something out of science fiction and wasn't sure she believed it would really work but on the other hand, Maddy was the smart one in the family and was rarely wrong. The next day she drew several vials of blood and sent it to Maddy by courier the same day.

Maddy refrigerated the blood and waited on her chemist friend. A week later, Maddy had two vials of the formula locked in the small safe at the back of her bedroom closet and was anxiously waiting for Saturday night to arrive when she would initiate her plan via a confrontation with Robert.

Saturday was a repeat of their previous encounter except for the end. Maddy told Robert that she needed time to think and that her sister Alice's farmhand had quit and she needed a new man to help around the farm. Maddy suggested that Robert go to stay at the farm, "Alice's hand just quit. The busy season is just starting and she needs help around the farm. You like animals so much it would be perfect for you," she said with sarcasm dripping from her words.

"But Maddy…"

"No buts. This is for the best. You need to have time to think about your priorities. Which is more important to you, your marriage or your fantasies? You go to the farm for the summer and I think it will do us both a lot of good."

"Aww Maddy. Can't we talk some more about this? I don't want to lose you," Robert pleaded.

Maddy took his hand and said, "Robert, you're not losing me. I firmly believe that by the end of the summer you will no longer be the man that you are now and that you and I will be able to establish a totally new and different relationship. A relationship that I feel will be far superior to the one we have now."

Robert reluctantly agreed to her plan, "Ok, Maddy. I'll give it a try. I promise you that I will do my best to make you happy and I am sorry I went behind your back and lied to you."

"I know, Honey. Now you go to bed and get some sleep. It looks like that hot cocoa has had its usual affect on you. Your eyes are drooping," she said as she let go of his hand and gave him a gentle push towards the bedroom.

An hour later the drug-laced cocoa had done its work and Robert was out cold. Maddy walked in with the three hypodermic needles in her hand. She carefully calculated how much formula Robert's two hundred and forty pounds would require, had mixed the donkey blood and the formula, and filled the syringes with the exact amount indicated.

Three injections later Maddy carefully pulled up the covers over Robert's unconscious body and tucked them under his chin. She turned out the lights as she left the room to dispose of the syringes and the remaining formula. She knew that it would be at least twenty-four hours before anything happened and by that time Robert would be on the farm.

The next morning, Robert and Maddy packed his clothes and other things that he would need and she waved goodbye from the end of the driveway as he drove off down the street.

Maddy returned to the house and started clearing out all of Robert's things and packing them in boxes. She planned to store everything in the garage while he was gone. She would decide what was to happen to them some time in the future if her plans changed. Maybe after she visited with Robert in a week or so.

Many things went through Robert's mind as he made the two hour trip to the farm but none of his thoughts or plans for the summer came any where close to the future that Maddy had planned for him.


When he arrived at the farm, Alice was standing in front of the barn and greeted him with a handshake, a hug, and a peck on the cheek. "I know you two will work this all out Bobby," she said using her nickname for him. She always said that 'Robert' sounded way too formal for her.

Alice continued, "I talked to Maddy and I know she loves you but just wants you to change. She assures me that by the end of the summer you won't know yourself anymore. Those were her exact words."

"I guess so, Alice. I'll do my best," Robert said resignedly. "I'm not happy about this and I'll do whatever it takes to get back together with Maddy."

"Ok then. You'll be staying in the barn. There's a room that the last man used and it should meet your needs just fine for now. I cleaned it all up for you and put clean sheets on the bed. Let's go look at it and then you can get settled it. Tomorrow morning is the beginning of the new you, Bobby."

He unpacked the car and his luggage and settled in. He had everything put away in the closet, the dresser, and on the shelves by the time dinner was ready. Alice prepared a large Chef's Salad for them and he ate it hungrily. He realized that he missed lunch on the drive out to the farm and was quite hungry. He had three servings of salad before he felt the pangs subside.

Soon afterwards he felt tired and told Alice that he was going to hit the sack so he was ready for work in the morning. She told him to have a good night's sleep and closed the back door behind him.

On the walk to the barn, he felt a crawling sensation in his legs but dismissed it as tired muscles from the long drive earlier in the day. It was like his calf muscles were on the verge of cramping but just couldn't quite make the full effort.

By the time Robert was in bed, the sensation in his legs had grown more intense. He laid there trying to ignore the creepy crawly feeling that started in his calf muscles but soon spread to his thighs. It didn't concern him because he had almost the exact same feeling in his legs for several days after he ran a marathon back in college. The doctor back then told him it was just tired stressed muscles.

Robert eventually drifted off to sleep but it was a restless sleep. Things were happening while he lay there unaware. The creepy crawly feeling manifested itself as grey-dun hairs slowly replacing his leg hair. Sometime around midnight he developed a severe cramp in his left foot. The pain woke him immediately and had Robert walking the floor on the tip of the toes of his left foot. Then it hit his right foot and forced him to pace the floor on the toes of both feet.

It helped and the pain subsided a bit. Robert crawled back into bed but kept his toes pointed down because it was the most comfortable position and he didn't want the cramps to return. He never turned on the lights so he never saw the thickening coat of coarse grey hairs around his ankles and covering his legs under his pajamas.

As Robert slept, he didn't feel the bones of his toes become semi-liquid and flow together to form Coffin bones and short and long Pastern bones. He didn't feel the flesh of his foot recede as his toenails grew, thickened, and darkened to encase the new Coffin bones and become the outer wall of his new hooves. He never knew that while he slept his soft fleshy feet were slowly becoming hard, unfeeling hooves.

The skeletal and muscular changes moved up his legs as his heel changed to a new function, never again to feel the ground as he walked. The joint between Robert's shinbones and thighbones became soft so they could reform and the bones changed length and size as they became shorter but larger in diameter. The muscle and cartilage sought their new locations and functions and the muscle strands started to tighten.

By early morning, Robert's legs were almost indistinguishable from those of the donkey that Alice had drawn the blood samples from and almost all of it had been accomplished without his conscious knowledge.

That lack of knowledge was not to be long lived though because as his pelvis started to reform it caused the muscles of his buttocks, soon to be his rump, to contract and pull his legs upwards towards his abdomen in a sharp contracting action.

The contractions came in the form of cramps and brought Robert back from the realm of Hypnos with a start. He leapt from the bed and tried to stand on his feet only to fall to the floor on his side.

As he lay on the floor trying to straighten his legs to align with his body, he heard the soft sound of a giggle from across the room. Turning his head, he saw Alice sitting in the chair against the wall. ""You seem to have a bit of a problem getting to your feet, Robert."

Robert groaned as his muscles contracted again and drew his legs further up but as he looked down, Robert almost became nauseas when he saw that his legs appeared to be broken. They were bent backwards. "Arrrgggh! My legs. What's wrong with my legs?" he said as he started to reach down to them.

Alice got up from the chair and walked over to stand next to him. As he looked up at her she said, "More like hindquarters than legs from what I can see but just try to relax, Bobby. The pain and discomfort should pass soon."

A confused look passed over Robert's face and he looked down at his legs again. His eyes followed the misshapen form under his pajama legs until they reached where his feet should have been. All he saw were two black lumps poking out from the bottom ends of his pajamas. As he moved his legs the two lumps protruded further and he saw the coarse grey hairs above what he now recognized as hooves.

Robert's screams were not from the bodily pain that he suffered but from mental anguish. His mind could not comprehend what his eyes were seeing. He reached down and felt for his feet but all his hands touched were the hard black hooves at the ends of his legs. As he gripped the right hoof and pulled on it he felt his leg move and then he knew, then his mind slipped into agreement with his eyes, his feet had changed into the hooves of a donkey. His body was changing.

He looked up at Alice, the confused look still present on his face, and said, "Why? How?"

"Maddy will explain the details when she comes to see you at the end of the week, Bobby, but I'll tell you what I know. She said that you had a fantasy life that was, well, strange. Maddy told me that you wanted to be a donkey. Lord knows why you would want that. Anyway, she said she found a way to make your dreams come true and was going to help you. And, here you are." Alice concluded by placing her hands on her hips and smiling.

"She can't. It's impossible. One species can't change into another, not really. It was only a fantasy, not something I really wanted. Aaahhhhgg! Oh, oh damn, it's cramping me up again. My hips. Oh shit! Please help me. Please make it stop!" he screamed as he twisted and writhed on the floor.

"There's nothing I can do, Bobby. As a matter of fact, there's nothing Maddy could do either, even if she were here. She told me that once started, the change has to be completed. But, maybe I can help ease some of your pain," Alice said as she got down on her knees and massaged his hips and pulled on his leg trying to work out the cramps.

As she was pulling, Robert's upper thighs finished expanding and his pajamas were stretched to the limit. Alice suggested that he remove them but Robert objected, "I'm not going to run around naked with you here!"

"Well, from what Maddy told me, you're going to be running around naked for quite some time and not inside your room either but out in the pasture so you might as well get used to it," Alice said with a small giggle. "But if your that shy, I'll leave while you change," and she laughed at her own joke as she walked out and closed the door.

After Alice was gone, Robert lay on the floor with his head on his arms and sobbed, "This isn't what I wanted. I can't live like this."

He lay there until his hands started to have the same queasy feeling that he had in his legs the night before. Robert tried to push himself up into a sitting position and almost made it when he had a stabbing pain at the base of his spine.

He reached back to rub the painful spot and discovered that a short tail had grown out and was trapped inside his pajamas. He twisted around and looked behind himself as he pulled it up and over the waistband. Close to his butt, the tail was covered with the grey-dun colored hairs but a few inches further down, long black hairs were growing.

As he held his new tail, his hand cramped up and began to twitch uncontrollably. The cramping quickly moved up his arm along with the same crawling sensation he had in his legs the night before. He watched in horror as grey hairs sprouted at his wrists and his hands cramped to the point that he could barely move his fingers.

Robert pulled his pajama top off over his head with difficulty, his fingers barely worked at that point. He was shocked to see that the coarse grey hairs not only covered his arms but lighter colored whitish hairs were also moving across his chest and down towards his groin.

It was while he was trying to get a grip on himself after seeing all the new hair that the bones of his fingers softened and fused together to form the coffin bones of his soon to be new fore hooves. Then the bones in his palm followed soon after to form the Pastern bones.

He watched in shock as the flesh of his fingers and hands crawled and wrapped around the new bone formations. His fingernails enlarged and grew darker and thicker until his hands were completely gone, replaced by a black hoof at the end of each arm.

As soon as Robert's attention was no longer concentrated on the transformation of his hands, he noticed that other changes had been occurring elsewhere simultaneously. Further up his arms and across his shoulders the grey hairs had completed their growth. His shoulder blades were reforming and moving to his sides as his ribcage began to expand and round outward.

As he looked at the rest of his body he soon realized that no human skin remained. Only the coarse hair growing from the thick hide of a donkey .

He twisted away from his half sitting position up against the bed and tried to get to a standing position. A futile effort. He fell to the floor and flopped around in his efforts until he was on his belly with his legs bent and pointed back behind him and his hooves flat on the floor in a typical equine position.

He looked over his shoulder and saw that from the waist down there was nothing of his former self left. All sign of his human shape had been obliterated by his new donkey form.

Robert laid there staring. His mind was in a turmoil. Fear had almost completely consumed him and he was trying to calm himself down but no amount of reasoning helped in his unreasonable situation. Once again, he dropped his head to the floor fighting back tears of fear and frustration. His head lay between his arms that were now more fore legs than arms.

His breathing was labored and came in short rasping gasps; he found it difficult to breathe. He felt his head being pushed along the floor and his airway stretched and constricted as his neck became longer. Robert's vision blurred and he passed out.

He wasn't out long but it was long enough for his neck to thicken with new and stronger muscles to support a larger head and to lengthen to allow him to graze on the pasture grass. A mane of short black hairs grew down its length but he couldn't see that.

His lower jaw and tongue changed first. The bone at the hinges grew larger causing his cheeks to swell outward and down and then the bone began to lengthen. As it pushed forward muscle and flesh was stretched tight until it adjusted and modified. His front teeth separated from his molars as his jaw lengthened, leaving a gap between them.

As his lower jaw reached its new proportions the human teeth were rejected as the new teeth grew in leaving Robert with typical but not overly attractive functional equine teeth.

Without the upper jaw to help contain it, his now long tongue was left to loll off to the side and lay partially on the floor. Gurgling and slurping sounds came from deep in his throat with each breath he drew and saliva dripped to form a small pool on the floor at the tip of his tongue.

Robert's ears changed their shape and soon became long hairy donkey ears that stuck straight out from either side of his head and twitched as he fought to regain consciousness. As the top of his skull flattened and slowly moved down the long ears were slowly rotated upwards until they stood straight up on top of his reshaped skull.

As Robert's skull was reshaping and the upper cranium was flattening his upper muzzle was forming and pushing out to match the length and characteristics of his lower jaw. Robert's eyes grew larger and moved further apart. His nose broadened and the nostrils turned upwards. The hair on his muzzle lightened until it was an off white to match that on his underside.

As Robert's head completed the most painful part of his transformation he was coming out from under the cloud of unconsciousness. His eyes opened and he strained to focus as he raised his head from the floor. He looked down and saw his front legs and hooves, then turned his head to look back over the body of a grey-dun donkey .

He threw back his head and tried to scream but as he opened his mouth, the only sounds that came out were the bleating brays, "Hee haw. Hee hee haw," of a donkey .

He twisted his body and flailed his four legs trying to stand up. It took him some time to work out the mechanics of the operation but after a bit of effort he was standing in his room on four legs and four new hooves.

He stood there and twisted his long neck in every direction taking in the full impact of his transformation. Nothing of Robert remained. The formula had done its work well. He still couldn't comprehend that he was now relegated to standing on all fours as he looked down at what used to be his arms and legs, hands and feet.

Looking over his back, Robert saw his tail swish back and forth seemingly of its own volition and he noticed a black stripe that extended the length of his spine and another that ran crosswise from shoulder to shoulder.

Slowly, Robert tried to work out the operation of walking on all fours. In his mind, it registered as walking on his hands and feet but the messages sent to his brain through his central nervous system overwhelmed him with new sensations. Frustration built and he tried to scream but all he got was the same, "Heeeeeee haw! Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw," that he had gotten earlier.

He was stomping his hoof on the floor when Alice walked in through the door. When he saw her he let loose with a long string of frustrated hee haws and snorts as he tried to yell at her and curse her and Maddy's very existence.

Alice laughed at his obvious anger and frustration and said, "Well, Bobbie, when Maddy married you she said you were a fine stud," as she circled around behind him checking his conformation.

"Yes you certainly are a fine… Uh oh. Oh, this is not good. Not good at all," she said and started to giggle almost uncontrollably. "Oh, Maddy may not be happy about this."

Robert stopped voicing his discontent and looked at Alice, head twisted to one side in the typical quizzical look that most animals use and thinking, 'What the hell is she talking about now? I thought Maddy was the one doing this to me."

She laughed, longer and harder when she saw his look saying, "O Bobby, you look so precious. You have no idea what I'm laughing at do you? Well, let me put it this way, you're not the stud you used to be. I drew the blood sample for Maddy from one of the two Jennys. She never specified the sex. I don't think she knew it would make any difference but I guess it did."

The impact of her statement suddenly hit Robert like a bat to the side of his head and he dropped his head between his front legs trying to look at his groin. It didn't work. He couldn't see what he was looking for and Alice began to laugh again. "Don't strain yourself Bobby. What you're looking for isn't there anymore but now you know what I was laughing about."

After a long series of hee haws and Robert turning in circles chasing his tail, Alice grabbed hold of one of his ears and stopped him. "Nothing's to be done about it now Bobbie. I need to get you out of here to the barn and into a stall. Come on," she said pulling him out through the door into the barn. She guided him to a nearby stall, shoved him in, and closed the gate behind him.


Robert, now obviously better suited to the name Bobbie, stood dazed in the large stall that Alice put her in. As she looked around the approximately ten by ten foot area she saw that the floor was straw covered, that there was a trough with some feed in it, and an auto-feed watering bowl. She paced the area for a long time; the straw muffled sound of her hooves on the concrete floor of the stall and an occasional snort or bray the only indicator of her restlessness from outside the barn.

Bobbie was so confused that her thoughts were a complete jumble, 'This can't be real. Somehow, Maddy has me hypnotized or gave me some hallucinogenic drugs and I'm on a trip. They were just stories. Not real. Not real! Things like this can't really happen. It's impossible. I'm not in a stable and I'm not walking around on all fours. I am not a donkey, I am a human being!'

Bobbie paced until one of the times she turned and was facing the water dispenser. Without a conscious thought, she just stepped up to it and drank from the bowl then turned and ate feed from the trough.

It wasn't until she had finished, that Bobbie realized what she had done. 'I just drank from a bowl and ate grain from a trough like an animal! That's ok though, none of this is real. I'm just living some of the stories. I'll come out of this and Maddy will be laughing her ass off. Wish I could pinch myself. I know I'll laugh about this someday.'

Bobbie decided, or maybe convinced herself, that she would wake up, or come to, some time soon and, until then, she would just live the experience.

Near evening, Alice and a man carrying a bag came into Bobbie's stall. "There she is Doc. My latest addition. Pretty thing isn't she?"

Bobbie turned to look at them thinking, 'What the hell's going on now? Oh well, doesn't matter. They're not real.'

"Sure is, Alice. I'll check her over and give her the usual immunizations and such. You can stay here or I'll come up to the house when I'm done."

"I'll stick around for this one. Doc, this is Bobbie. Bobbie, this is Doc Byron. He checks out all of the new animals around here and has the final word as to who stays and who is rejected. Ok, Doc, now that you're formally introduced, you can do your thing," Alice said with a snicker.

For the next half hour, Bobbie was subjected to numerous pokings and proddings. Her mouth was opened and her teeth checked, her ears were checked and all four legs and hooves carefully inspected.

'This is just too damn real! Maddy didn't need to include this in my experience. When I wake up from this we are going to have a serious damn talk.'

It was all quite upsetting to Bobbie but the last and final indignity was when the Doc did a thorough internal exam of her new private parts. She was sure that she felt the blood rise to her hair covered cheeks and as if in answer to her multiple brays of protest, she received only chuckles from the doctor and outright laughter from Alice.

When the doctor moved around to Bobbie's rear end it initially caused no major concern. She braced herself when she felt him lift her tail and thought, 'Ok, finger up the butt time. I really hate this part.'

That was when the gloved hand, not finger, was slowly inserted and Bobbie almost lost it. 'Oh shit! What the hell is he doing? Where is he poking? That's not my butt hole, it's… No. No no no, not that! This isn't real. There's nothing there.' Fortunately the exam was over quickly and Bobbie was able to start breathing again. The rest of the checkup was anticlimactic compared to that.

After several injections in her rump the doc said, "Well that's about it, Alice. I think I'm done here unless you have something else."

"No, Doc. Everyone else is doing just fine. So, what do you think of her?" Alice asked.

The Doc looked thoughtful and then said, "Well, she's a fine looking animal. Very good conformation. May be a little light. I'd suggest fattening her up a bit but she's very healthy. Very good teeth, perfect condition. Look like they've never been used. She's about four years old so you can breed her without worry if you want. And, that's about it."

"Thanks Doc. I think I'll see to some of the stock. You know the way out," Alice said smiling.

After he left Alice turned back and said, "So, Bobbie, are you still in there? Maddy wasn't very specific about how much of you would still be around after all this was done. Can you like, you know, nod your head if you understand?

Bobbie thought, 'What the hell. I'll play along,' and nodded her head in an up and down motion.

"So you are still in there. That is so cool. Maddy said this is your fantasy and that you write stories about turning into a donkey. So I guess you're pretty happy now, right?"

Bobbie snorted and shook her head with a great deal of vigor, indicating that she definitely was not happy.

Alice laughed and then, in a serious tone said, "Well, Bobbie, from what Maddy tells me, it's not something that's going to change in the near future so you better get used to it and learn to like it, or at least live with it, because if you don't, you're going to be one damn miserable donkey."

Bobbie let out with some snorts and a few brays in an attempt to speak but soon realized that ability was beyond her now.

"I can see the frustration in your manner, Bobbie. There's nothing that I can do about it. That decision was made and unalterable before you ever left your house. Maddy will be here on Saturday and you can have it out with her. Until that time, you are just another donkey jennet as far as I'm concerned. Tomorrow morning you join all the rest of the livestock in the pasture. So for now, goodnight," and she turned, closed the stall door, turned off the lights, and left the barn.


The next morning, Alice was as good as her word. She came into the stables early in the morning, guided Bobbie out to the pasture, and turned her loose.

Bobbie wandered around slowly and with a great deal of caution. Pacing in the stall was one thing, the pasture was quite another. The stall was a nice level floor but the ground of the pasture was anything but level. She had to contend with holes, small humps, up hills and down hills.

'You would think four legs would be really stable but this is a pain in the ass,' she was thinking. Then it occurred to her that she was an ass and she let loose with a couple of brays, "Hee haw, hee haw."

Bobbie decided, 'I guess if I'm going on this trip that Maddy has put me on I might as well get the most out of it. I can't believe how detailed everything is. I would have thought that a hallucination would be cloudy and spotted sort of surreal like. Whatever she used on me could make a fortune on the drug scene,' and she continued to wander as she thought about everything she was experiencing.

Somewhere along the way, Bobbie let go of making conscious decisions for every move she made and just went with the flow. She wandered a bit and then lowered her head and ripped some of the field grass out and ate it. When she found herself next to the water trough, she stopped and had a drink. When the sun reached its zenith, she wandered over to stand in the shade of a large Maple tree. And the day passed.

As the sun was about to touch the horizon, Alice came out and guided her back to the stable and into her stall where she spent another night. The next day was the same, and the next, and the next, and the next.

Bobbie thought consciously less and less and spent more time just doing. What time of the day it was, what day it was, became immaterial. There was only the occasional thought that Maddy should be showing up soon, or about her situation, but they were slowly reduced in content to single thoughts like, 'Maddy', 'Interesting', 'Why', and such.

The only time Bobbie had strings of thought was when Alice brought her in from pasture at night and talked to her. Then she would revert back to near normal and was able to answer questions and comprehend what was said. Then the stall door was closed and the lights went out, literally and mentally. Bobbie was coping by just, 'not being there.'

Maddy didn't show up on Saturday. She didn't show up on the next Saturday or the one after that. Maddy didn't show up at the farm for five months and then, only after a phone call from Alice that nearly demanded she drive out to the farm.

Bobbie's existence as a donkey was pretty much a way of life by that time. She hadn't given up the belief that it was all a drug induced bad dream, she just didn't think about it anymore.

When Maddy did finally visit, Bobbie was unaware of it because she was out grazing in the pasture and Maddy parked in front of the house out of sight.

Alice greeted Maddy at the front door, "Well, Maddy. About time you showed up. I expected you to check on your pet before this. You've never seen Bobbie except for the pictures that I email you now and then."

"Hey Sis, good to see you too," Maddy said with a smile as she walked in and gave Alice a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Other than demanding that I get here this weekend, your emails have been somewhat vague. So, how is Bobbie? What's the big mystery?"

"I wanted you to get out here and see what's become of your Robert," Alice answered. "He's become a very sweet little girl. Well, not so little anymore. I think Bobbie has put on over fifty pounds since her arrival. She's really filled out. But that's not what's important right now."

"Oh? And what is it that's so important I have to be here this particular weekend?" Maddy asked.

Alice smiled and said, "Something that I thought you needed make a decision on and to see with your own eyes. Come on out to the stables."

Maddy shrugged her shoulders and said, "Ok. Lead the way to this mystery of yours," and they left the house for the stables.

On the way, Alice pointed out towards the pasture, "There's Bobbie now. Out there under the old Maple tree. That's one of her favorite spots."

Maddy looked and then said, "We better hurry before she sees us."

"Don't worry, Maddy. Your ex husband is a donkey most of the time. I don't think she has a single human thought all day long now. The only time I see any sign that Robert is in there is when I talk to Bobbie in the evenings."

"Really? You mean he's… I mean she's losing her human side? That's interesting because the rabbit I told you about eventually forgot that it was ever a cat and just became a rabbit. You think that's happening to Robert? I didn't figure on that. I thought the human mind would be stronger."

"Oh Robert is still there when you call on him but other than that she's Bobbie the donkey jennet. I do think it's taking longer to get through though. Not a lot but it's like she has to sort of shake off a dense fog before she realizes you are talking to her."

They went into the stables and Alice walked up to one of the stalls. She turned and said to Maddy, "Well, here's what I wanted to show you. What do you think of him? Fine looking stud, isn't he?"

"I guess. I don't know that much about donkeys. You know I don't really care for animals. That was always your thing. That's why I left the farm. So what about him? New boarder?"

"Not a boarder. This is Jake the jack. I borrowed him from my next door neighbor. He loans him out for stud. Says it keeps Jake from getting bored," Alice laughed. "I thought he might be interested in striking up a relationship with Bobbie now that she is in season. It's up to you, of course."

"You want to breed him… I mean her. Breed Bobbie? Get her pregnant? Damn, I never thought about that. Of course I never thought Robert would turn out to be a jennet either. I was just going to let him have his stupid fantasy for six months or maybe a year to burn the fantasy out of his system. Let him see what life is really like on the other side of the fence."

"Well, Maddy, breeding Bobbie would show Robert what it's like on the other side of several fences. Sort of give the full experience of being a donkey," Alice said. "But it's up to you. That's why I called and told you to come out this weekend."

"I guess you're right about that, Sis, but getting pregnant? I just don't know. How long is a donkey pregnant?" Maddy asked.

Alice explained, "About twelve months but that's not all there is to it. She would have to nurse the young foal until it was weaned and that's about another six months, nine at the most."

"But that would mean that Robert would be a donkey for almost two years. I wasn't thinking about having him stay a donkey for that long. More like six months to a year is all. I just don't know, Alice," was Maddy's uncertain answer.

"Well you had better think about it quick. She won't be in season forever you know."

Maddy paced the stable talking pro and con with Alice for awhile and then, throwing up her ands and shrugging, said, "Oh, ok. Go ahead and do it. Robert will probably kill me or divorce me when I change him back anyway so what's the difference if its in another month, six months or eighteen months,"

Alice opened the gate to the stall and guided Jake out of the stables to the pasture and let him go. "So what do we do no?" asked Maddy.

"We do nothing, Sis. It's all up to Mother Nature from here on out," Alice said as she gave Jake a swat on the rump and he trotted off into the pasture.


Bobby, in her usual state of mind, was just grazing and enjoying the shade of the Maple tree when she sensed something different. She raised her head, snorted, and breathed in deeply. Her nose was catching a strange scent in the air. Her ears twisted from one direction to another and then she turned her head towards the pasture gate.

The sight of strange donkey was unusual enough but this one smelled different, a lot different. It was unusual enough to coax Robert's thoughts to the fore, 'Huh, a new donkey. Guess Alice took in a new boarder. Well this is my pasture. Better let this new donkey know that I'm here and that this is my place.

Bobbie stood on all fours facing the interloper with her hooves firmly planted. She stretched her neck out as far as she could and let loose, "HEE HAW, hee haw hee haw hee haw!"

'There! That should do it.' She thought. Bobbie didn't even realize that her actions and basic thoughts were more those of a donkey than a human. As a human, Robert would have cared less about the presence of the other donkey in the pasture but Bobbie, the donkey, viewed it differently. She was being territorial.

On the other side of the pasture, Jake looked over at the donkey that had just warned him and brayed back. Then he started to trot over in Bobbie's direction. As he trotted, the slight breeze shifted direction a bit and Jake caught his first whiff of Bobbie. Jake was, to say the least, pleased with what he smelled and immediately adopted a non-threatening manner in his approach.

Jake's approach and manner was a donkey version of, "Hey Babe, what's a nice ass like you doing in a pasture like this," as he slowly circled and gave Bobbie's rear end a good sniff.

Bobbie was impressed with Jakes apparent friendliness. She could have done without the sniffing of her rear until he gave it a couple of licks. That got Bobbie's attention and her tail stiffened and twitched off to the side.

That was like waving a red flag in front of a bull to Jake and he circled around behind Bobbie again, sniffed again, and mounted. It happened so fast that Bobbie had no idea what was going on until she felt Jake's hard shaft probing and then penetrate her.

By that time it was too late. Her body and its instincts took control. At first she braced her legs to stabilize herself. Then, as he began to pump in and out of her, she responded by meeting his strokes with her own. She pushed back as he pushed in.

Bobbie felt Jakes fore hooves stroking her sides like a rodeo rider spurring his horse and she felt his teeth nipping at the back of her neck. Combined with his member stroking in and out of her it served to push her into another world and she loved every minute of it.

It didn't last all that long but stroke for stroke, it was the best sex Bobbie ever had and when Jake spent his load and pulled out, she missed him and wanted more.

"Wow! That was fast," Maddy said.

"About average, Maddy, but he'll be back later when he's recovered and judging by her reactions this time, she'll be ready," Alice explained.

"They'll do it again?"

"Oh yeah, several more times today and then again all day tomorrow. Mother Nature likes to make sure," Alice said with a slight chuckle. "Well, the show's over for now. Let's go to the house. You are staying the night, right?"

"Yeah. I don't feel like driving back today." Maddy answered.

While Maddy and Alice spent the rest of the day visiting, Bobbie and Jake continued with their activities. Bobbie thought about what she was doing afterwards and realized the most likely results but every time Jake approached, her body gave in and even her conscious mind enjoyed the ride.

As Maddy prepared to leave the next day, she spoke to Alice, "I'm still not sure this was the right thing to do, Sis. What effect will this have on Robert after I reverse the process? I was prepared to deal with him being a donkey and getting over that but getting pregnant? Having a foal? I just don't know what affect this will have on him long term."

"It's probably too late now. The way they were going at it yesterday and this morning, Bobbie is most likely pregnant right now so we might as well let them have their fun for the next couple of days until Jake has to go home."

"I guess. Well, I better go now. Keep me up to date, ok?" Maddy said as she gave her sister a hug and got into her car.


Bobbie missed having Jake around but soon slipped back into donkey mode. It wasn't until a month later when Alice told her she was pregnant and would foal in about eleven months that she had a reality check.

Alice noticed that for the next couple of weeks Bobbie was visibly upset. When she tried to talk to her, she was ignored. Bobbie would just turn her back on Alice and walk away.

Bobbie was pissed. Her mind was a mess of thoughts, 'I can't believe this is happening. This is real. I'm really a donkey. I don't know how Maddy did it but I'm really a donkey jennet. This is no drug trip. I'm a fucking donkey! And now I've been literally fucked and I'm a pregnant donkey.' She paced the pasture deep in thought. Every now and then, she would let loose with a loud bray of frustration.

Alice finally had it with her sullen attitude and demanded a long talk, "Look, Bobbie. You're pregnant and there's nothing you can do about it. You will foal in about ten and a half months. That's a given. So why don't you start talking with me? I can help you get through this and hopefully enjoy the experience."

Bobbie turned and stared at Alice for a long time and Alice knew she was thinking it over. Then she walked up to her and nodded her head. She was willing to talk.

Alice spent a long time explaining all of the details of what was going to happen and what she would be experiencing, and Bobbie listened, "And that's about it, Bobbie. After the birth you will nurse the colt until it's weaned and that will be the end of it."

It didn't make things any easier on Bobbie over the next ten months but at least she knew what was coming. She spent her days grazing in the pasture and her nights in her comfortable stall. Alice took very good care of her and she came to feel that it wasn't so bad really.

She felt her belly expand week after week and she felt the foal when it first moved inside of her womb. For some reason Bobbie couldn't fathom, she felt good about what was happening. 'I don't understand why but I'm not pissed anymore. Maybe it's the hormones. Maybe Maddy did do me a favor. The doc said I was only about four years old and Alice said donkeys live for thirty five to forty years. That's not so bad if you add in my human years that would be almost seventy years.'

Bobbie continued with her schedule of grazing, sleeping and talking with Alice. Doc Byron gave her several checkups and said she was in fine shape and her foal was developing right on schedule and appeared healthy.

Then one evening Bobbie realized it was time when her first contraction hit her as Alice was leading her to the stable. An hour and a lot of braying and contractions later, she stood in her stall with the cutest little foal standing next to her on its four little legs and wobbling as it walked on its four hooves for the first time.

Alice introduced the foal to Bobbies teats and she found the feeling of her new foal nursing exhilarating. She turned her head and looked down on the foal, and at that moment wanted nothing more in life than what she had.

The next day, Alice and her talked about a name for the new foal and Bobbie scratched an "M A D D Y" in the dirt of the yard. Alice laughed and said, "Well, it's your right as the mother to name you child so Maddy it is. I don't know how your wife will take to the idea of being godmother to a donkey but that's her problem," and Bobbie brayed her agreement.

When Maddy visited and heard the name they had given the colt, she understood Bobbie's sense of humor and went along with it.

For the next seven months, Bobbie nursed, cleaned and cared for little Maddy and she grew into a fine young donkey. They were both out in the pasture when Alice called to her and she trotted over to the fence. Both Alice and Maddy were standing there and Alice said, "Maddy came to visit. She has something to tell you Bobbie."

Bobbie looked at Maddy with a questioning look in her eyes and made a friendly snort. Maddy began, "Robert. I know you're in there because Alice told me all about her conversations with you. I'm out here because I think this whole thing has gone on way too long. I miss you and want you back home again with me. I brought another vial of the formula with me and I have some of your blood that I took before you changed."

Bobbie was shocked. She hadn't known that Maddy could reverse what had happened. She had resigned herself to being a donkey for the rest of her life and now this twist. 'Is that what I want?' she thought. 'I'm happier than I have ever been in my life. I don't need to find a job. I don't worry about food or shelter. Do I really want to go back to all that?'

Bobbie backed away from the fence and Maddy while shaking her head and then turned and trotted out into the pasture. "She didn't understand what I was saying, Sis."

"Oh I think she understood exactly what you were saying. I also think you may have lost Robert permanently. I don't think Bobbie wants to be Robert again."

"You can't be serious! I don't understand how any person would choose to be a donkey when they could go back to being human again.

"I think I'm having deja vu all over again here." Alice said. "You turned Robert into a donkey against his will because you just didn't understand his fantasy. Now that he has lived his fantasy for almost two years, borne a foal, nursed and cared for it, and completely adapted to his life, you show up and say it's over now. Time to go home. And you say you just don't understand why he wants to stay as he is."

Maddy looked at Alice and said, "Well, I don't. It's obvious that he's not thinking rationally. We'll just have to force the injection on him."

"I don't think so Maddy. If Bobbie doesn't want the injection then she's not going to get it. It's up to her."

"But the formula's only good for a short time. If I don't add in Robert's blood and inject her within a few days, its potency will be gone and he will stay a donkey until I can have more of the formula made. And I don't know how long his blood will last now that it's thawed out. I don't have anymore of his blood."

"Then he will stay a donkey and that's the way it will be." Alice said.

"No it won't. If you don't help me then I'll get someone that will." Maddy said with determination as she turned and walked to the house.


Out in the stables later that night, Alice looked down on the unconscious form of her sister and said, "I'm truly sorry about this, Maddy, but you'll never understand that Bobbie is happy and you'll never give up trying to change him back.

I've drawn some of your blood and stored it away along with Robert's. I also visited Jake and drew some of his blood and added it to your formula. It's now coursing through your veins and arteries to every part of your body. By the time you regain consciousness, it will be too late.

Alice kept Maddy unconscious for three days until her transformation was complete. When she awoke, she found herself in the stables, closed in a stall with Alice looking in over the gate.

She immediately knew something was terribly wrong when she raised her head and opened her eyes. Her vision was all wrong and there was a muzzle in front of her eyes. She tried to speak and all that came forth was the bray of a donkey.

When she looked back over her body, all she saw was the form of a donkey with four legs ending in four hooves. When Maddy moved, the donkey she was looking at moved. She looked up at Alice, her vision clouded, and she passed out.

Three days later, Maddy was up on all fours walking out in the pasture grazing with Bobbie and little Maddy. She knew that there was only one way back and that was to accept what had happened until Alice was willing to change her back. She was shocked to find that she was a donkey but was even more shocked when she found that she was a donkey jack.

Alice found it rather easy to dispose of Maddy the person so there wouldn't be any questions. She dressed in Maddy's clothes, went to her office and turned in a letter of resignation, effective immediately. All of Maddy and Robert's belongings were packed and put in storage and the house and cars were sold. Robert and Maddy no longer lived there.

Eight months later, Bobbie was pregnant again. This time it was Maddy, or Jack as she was now called, that was the sire and by the looks of her, a damn proud sire she was.

Alice kept little Maddy in a separate pasture because she was old enough to conceive but not mature enough to get pregnant without possible harm. There would be time for that when she was a three year old.

The End


Imagined delights can, if by some chance they became as reality, come at a price for being donkified, neat story!