Eat at Dick Burgers

by TF_Hive
Published: Dec 15th, 2016
Last Edit: Dec 16th, 2016


In a universe where the conception of transformation is steadily becoming recreational, a girl signs up for a decent restaurant to grab some sweet cash. The twist is that having a dick isn't optional, and sprouting ears and a tail can only help you in your line of work.


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The car pulled up as close to the building she could get it. The parking lot was fairly busy already, plenty of people joining in for the lunch rush in the middle of the week. Most places weren’t busy on Wednesday, but most places weren’t this high quality. Word got out right away that this new brand was amazingly delicious, like had top quality burgers. The hard part was due to the uniforms, about half the country wasn’t going to be getting a branch anytime soon. Luckily, Sarah’s state had legalized transformatives by the time she was a freshman, and she was fresh out of highschool now. And she was also hungry for money, and the restaurant paid six bucks above minimum wage even for starting employees. So of course, she had to do it. She’d worked at restaraunts before, so she had experience, and she was decently easy to talk with so she nailed the interview, now just came the training, and that was clearly going to be the hard part…

Just walking right in the door, there was a patron of the restaurant leaning out of her seat, her face gorged on a massive cock. Sarah nearly backed right out the door the moment she saw it. Just some girl, holding her long hair back, going to town on this thick horse cock. The woman who possessed said cock was done up in a cute little uniform, with a small skirt, a slightly open blouse with a nametag, and a thong rolled up down to her knees so she could let her meat do the talking. The woman was massively busty, and had long blonde hair and horse ears. She shot a wink to Sarah and stuck her tongue out. Sarah’s blush ripened redder than an apple, so she just looked away and sunk into the building to find the manager. 

“Aha! There you are!” A woman said, coming out from behind the counter. The manager was a tall woman whose face stretched out into a muzzle and had fur all over her. She had pointed ears, whiskers, and a long tail, and needless to say huge breasts and a bulge stuffing the front of her tight skirt. “Sarah, glad you could make it in! Welcome to Thank God I’m Futa! Are you ready for your training?” 

“Y-yup.” Sarah said, still trying to get used to the sight of her manager. The whole transformative thing was a new concept for most in her town, though they say the people up east in all the big cities were so used to it that it was almost mundane. “So, are those two back there really just kinda…?”

“Hmm? Oh, you mean Lynne over there?” The manager asked, looking over Sarah at the horse girl. “Of course~ That is a big part of our appeal is giving customers exactly what they want! Though, making a girl change her form costs a little extra… But yes, yes, as I’m sure you’re aware everyone who works for us is required to take some little itty pills and become a dick girl, as per uniform regulations. We appeal to a very hungry audience. Hungry for our burgers, and our cocks~” 

Sarah nodded, finding the implications of the eatery’s apparent catch phrase appropriate. Everyone in the place was to some extent very into the sort of people who’d be serving them. The shy guy sitting in the corner nibbled on his burger, but when a cock was shoved towards him he accepted it happily in his hands and jerked off the hyena girl serving him. A group of girls came in and quickly picked out a waitress and got themselves a table and ordered fries for everyone. There was even a bar off to the side with a shark girl spreading her legs on the table, letting her twin dragon dicks with fins air out for the two patrons sipping cheap beer and suckling salty shark cock. Sarah’s hands awkwardly darted for her loins, pushing her skirt back against her. She tried to imagine a bulge there, just something taking up that space time and time, but she couldn’t. It was too odd, too out there. She shook her head out of it and nodded back. “Of course, miss…” 

“Olaine.” The manager said, grinning. “Now, your interview was pretty good. We got a few people with more experience and who were already futas, but you had better availability. The other girls were busy strippers, go figure. However, you had said that you were a little concerned with the whole transformative bit. Now, that is understandable, and a big reasoning behind implanting our chain here! We hope to help people grow more accustomed with the things possible with transformatives, as well as discover exactly who they want to be. Up north they even have things called dick stores where you can just buy any change you want without doing the mail order stuff we have to go through. Here’s hoping soon enough this store can start serving futa pills along with fries.” Olaine said, her tail swaying as she talked on, leading Sarah through the double doors into the back. Sarah was frisked past a kitchen worked by a busy bunch of girls. Some were down on the floor sucking each other off real quick so they could get back to work, while others were well and in the flow of frying, washing, and serving. Olaine led Sarah back around a turn, and into a sizeable office. 

Tucked in the corner on the office table was a neatly folded uniform shirt, a cute skirt, and a thong. As well, there was a neat tray of about four pills. “Three futanari pills, and a cleanser.” Olaine explained. “Should an emergency come up. We know there are rare conditions where a dick may not be best.” 

“Yeah.” Sarah nodded, easily thinking up two or five, or maybe even a hundred. She was still on the fence of it. Holding the little pill container wasn’t much assuring. It was like a little day organized container, except three slots were labeled “Down to fuck” and the last one was “Gotta up and stop.” Sarah grabbed the clothes and started moving to the door to change, until she remembered where she was working. Olaine eyed her oddly, so Sarah went back into the center of the room, and started stripping. Olaine audibly purred as the brown haired girl pulled up her shirt, and tugged down her pants and panties. Sarah reached for the thong, but Olaine stopped her. 

“No, no, keep it off. I’d like to see you take your pill now. I personally oversee all the growths.” 

Hard to argue with that. Or with the huge paycheck. Sarah popped open one of the slots and slipped the pill in her mouth. It didn’t have much of a flavor, which was both good and bad depending on how Sarah looked at it. The effects set in almost right away. There was a quick burst near her crotch of something that felt like fire, but there was nothing really burning. Then without warning, a growth just jutted forward from her crotch, growing and growing. Sarah gasped and moaned. Her eyes rolled back like the most mind blowing orgasm was wracking her. She quaked and shivered through the whole thing, drool coming out of the corners of her mouth. Through squinted eyes she could nearly see Olaine rising from her desk, undoing her blouse, and wrapping both of her huge cat tits around Sarah’s newly grown cock. Sarah squealed, the soft feeling around her newly grown sensitive dick was too much. She could feel the tits rise up and down, constantly massaging back and forth against it, her new thing pulsating as it thickened up and grew out longer still. 

There was a hot feeling, like she was squirting lava, and when Sarah opened her eyes again, she had a massive cock with a weird bulge near the base, and she had just splattered her manager with enough cream to cover a dozen cinnamon rolls. “Oops?” Sarah said, her first thought after she came down from her sky high orgasm. 

“Mmm.” Olaine said, purring as she cleaned her face off. “Seems your genes had an interesting effect on the pill.” She said, squeezing the cock again. “You’ve got a dog cock from a plain set of pills. And a lot more cum than usual~ Which is just an effect from re-activating some of your male genes. This pretty good~ Damn, its long too. You’re going to end up a favorite, I can just tell!” Olaine grinned, rising up from her knees, her tits still splattered in cum. “Now, we’ll need to get some more exotic traits for you.” 

“Exotic?” Sarah asked. “I-I have a dog dick!” 

“No offense, but that is considered boring by a lot of our clients~” Olaine said. “If people wanted boring, they’d just go to Futa Queen and chew on foreskin, flappy disappointment, and fake grill marks. We are a high up establishment, and you’re going to be serving, so that means you gotta look the part. So, we’ll let you pick from this…” Olaine said, reaching on her counter to grab a decent sized tablet. Sarah looked at it and instantly saw a big, like, endless list of changes she could pick from. The variety was a little much, like being let loose with a blank check at a supermarket. There were things she never even considered sexually, a picture of a trillion animals with a percentage slider, cartoon characters somehow, and on and on and on. Sarah kept sliding along, trying to find something she could settle for, or even better feel excited for. This would be a big gig, and if she got a lot of hours it’d be easier to not have to reset every night. “You get to pick five things.” Olaine said, tapping Sarah on the head. 

Five things?! She didn’t even know where to start with one! Did her dick count, or was that just number zero? “H-how about this busty one?” 

“A fine choice.” Olaine said, tapping her chest proudly. “Most people go for that on first, not that there is anything wrong with flat chicks~” The cat girl mused, twisting one of Sarah’s nipples. Sarah gasped, sliding a little away. Olaine went back to her desk and slipped out a container of her own from the drawer, passing it over to Sarah. “Here ya go. Give it a shot, see how ya like it.” Sarah turned it over in her hand before deciding to take the plunge. She opened wide, and swallowed the pill. 

Right away she was pretty glad she didn’t opt to put on her clothes before taking the pills. This new one was even quicker acting than the futanari pill was. Her hips thudded forward, expanding out to take up more space, and her flat chest spilled forward with two, perky breasts that kept swelling until she was in the upper echelon of double D’s. Sarah stared down at her body and how quickly she went from being the flattest girl in her school to have the absolute perfect body. Her breasts were big and filled her hands. Her hips were wide and her ass bouncy. She kept cupping all over herself like she was her very own long lost lover. No doubt, if her lips could move around (which was an option for a pill) she’d probably kiss herself too. Sarah settled after all the wiggling to look back at the tablet, a little more excited to look for some more changes, one hand taking breaks between swipes to cup her breast and massage her nipple. 

“Hmm, what about this fox one?” Sarah asked, showing it over to Olaine. “I mean, I don’t really want to be a full on fox, because I’m kinda not completely a furry or whatever you call it, but Io always thought the ears and tails were really cute… and the noises they make… and I saw some good art online before and in my favorite video games.” She said, trying to hide her blush, but Olaine just had a big grin on her face. 

“Relax hun~ Before this job, I was a crazy cat lady. Now I’m a little more literal~ We encourage everyone; pick something you really, really like. And lucky for you, we do have just the thing.” Olaine said, slipped to the corner to a little machine. Sarah didn’t know what she was doing, but she only had to tape a few buttons on the display and hit a switch. The thing looked like some dull espresso machine, but instead of coffee it spilled out a single bean shaped bill. Olaine lifted it and brought it over to Sarah. “By the way, don’t tell anyone that we already brought over our custom pill machine. We’d get in a little bit of trouble until some more laws are passed.” 

“That thing can just make any pill right on the spot?” Sarah asked. She knew that after cancer was cured, things got a little wild, but she didn’t know at what point all of these crazy genetics altering stuff was. She really regretted sleeping through science class, because science was really kicking her ass. The cat woman only nodded, her tail swaying back and forth behind her. Sarah swallowed the pill, this one actually have a little bit of a rank taste, but that faded quickly, and what took its place was that sweet hot sensation that Sarah could see herself getting addicted to. 

Every transformation was a burst of erotic fires that overtook her. Her ears grew in and her cock spewed cum all over the floor. Her tail grew in, swaying in the air with the fur growing along it, and her pussy dripped with her juices. “O-oh shiiit~” She gasped. 

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Olaine nodded. 

“N-no!” Sarah gasped, recovered from her transformation high. “I just remembered, there was a fox girl in my graduating class! Like, not even one, five of them! I-I kind of want to be a bit more unique… Is there a way I could grow a few more tails?” 

“Of course, though how many more exactly?” 

“Like, eight more so I have nine?” 

“A nine tails!” Olaine grinned. “Like the Pokemon, right?” 

“Well, more like the Japanese thing…” Sarah replied, watching the woman head back over to the machine, plug in a few little things, and instantly getting the exact pill to do the exact thing she wanted. Sarah guzzled it down right away, jerking her cock off in tandem as her excitement grew for the sensation. And as always, it didn’t disappoint. Her cock spewed a long strand, hitting one of the walls of the office. A cluster of tails grew from behind her, one after the other. Each one growing plucked a string of Sarah like she was an instrument, and so she came along to it nine times. 

Olaine seemed a little less thrilled about the cum in her office, but she still had to go down and pet the girl on the head, praising her for all the hard work she was already putting in. “Nine shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves… Better be careful with that hun, we can’t be putting down splash zones in the dining room.” 

“S-sorry.” Sarah cooed. “Just got a little carried away.” She recovered from her pose down on her knees and stood all the way up, stretching and clicking things back into place after her little round. “A-alright, so only two more, right? Then can I get something for like, white hair with blue streaks?” 

“I mean we did get you dicks and tails with no problem, so a dye job should be doable~” Olaine shrugged, plugging some things in, and getting a blue pill out from the contraption. Sarah took it, though was disappointed that the effects were a lot more subdued. Her hair turned white with blue tips, and her tails took on a similar look all over. Sarah held her tails in her hands, holding them happily, combing her fingers through the newly recolored fur. 

“Alright, so only one more. I need to get weird with this one…” Sarah mused. All she knew for sure, was that she needed to do something to get popular with the customers, and make sure she kept the job. She had big plans for colleges, and she really needed the money, really really bad. So what could she do to ensure she would keep the job for a good long time? She wracked her brain, thinking carefully about it. What did she like when she went out to eat? What would make it perfect? “I got it! But it is a little weirder than the rest of the stuff I’ve thought up.” 

“Well, let’s hear it!” Olaine said, a big smile on her face, encouraging as she could be. “What did you think of?” 

Sarah got up from the ground and whispered it in Olaine’s ears. Her cat ears perked up, standing straight. “Oh that’s brilliant. Yes, yes! We can do that!” The cat girl said, going over and making the pill. She handed it over to Sarah, and patted her on the back. “Now, for your training. There is a floor manager out there already, and a few employees. We have a table set up with someone who was told you’re new and stuff. We usually sit down and explain everything so damn slow, but you already have worked at restaurants, and you don’t have to worry about explaining the specials. We only have two specials. Your cock, and bofa.” 

“Bofa?” Sarah asked, turning the pill over in her hand. 

“Bofa your nuts! Now get out there and get some orders!” 

“Yes mam!” Sarah said, sliding on her TGIF branded thong up her fat ass and her shirt over her wobbly tits. She slammed the pill down, and wet out. 

The customer waited at his table, idly looking around, waiting for his trainee to get the knots out of her performance. It was an easy job, and the food would be free in exchange for helping the girl learn how things at Thank God I’m Futa work. The floor manager came over to him once, making sure everything was still alright. Suddenly, from out of the back she came. “Hi, my name’s Sarah~” The kitsune girl said, plopping the menu down in front of him. While she did so, one of her two huge tits gently tapped against his cheek. The front of her shirt was slightly cold and wet, and her breasts were probably the biggest he’d seen in the store. Instinct took over, and he knew his job was to gauge her comfort with her job, so he peeled up her shirt. 

One nipple was brown as chocolate, the other pink as a strawberry. He brought his lip up to one and suckled, Sarah gasping cutely and excitedly, like giggles from a performer losing her nerves. He sipped and his eyes went wide. Ice cream. Her tits were leaking milkshakes. He gasped, starting to suck with a lot more enthusiasm. With breasts so warm it was a bit of a surprise to get something so cold, but he wasn’t complaining. He sucked and sucked, and dragged the nipple against his teeth. He slammed both tits together and sucked as hard as he could on the twins, mixing the strawberry and the chocolate together. When he was out of breath, he stopped and sat back against his chair, gasping along as the woman regained her composure. 

“I’m glad you like them, sir~” She grinned, crossing her legs cutely. “Now, what else can I get ya to drink?” 

“That.” He said, pointing at her tits again. “Milk yourself into a cup. In front of me please.” He said, trying to regain composure but he was already sweating like a politician with money on the table. 

“Mind if I help?” Another waitress asked, slipping a tray of shake glasses beneath Sarah’s orbiting tits. The waitress’s name tag read “Lynne”, and she was already slipping her horsecock inside of Sarah, her little thong the easiest thing to just slip to the side. 

Sarah moaned, the horse girl’s fingers wrapping around her breasts and milking her. She wasn’t expecting another waitress to gang up on her, but then again it was just the feel of the place. No doubt, after all the pills, most of the waitresses were even hornier than the customers. Sarah shivered, trying to help Lynne aim her breasts to mostly hit the glasses, and also to avoid bumping into anything. Sarah slapped her hands against the table, though she had to be careful. With the power of the thrusts the table was sent wobbling, and inevitably some of the milkshake was missing the mark of the half a dozen glasses arranged just above her tits. Lynne milked quickly with skilled hands. Squirt after squirt of runny cream came spilling out. Sarah’s fat ass wobbled as she was bounced in and out of, her body wired and configured to perfectly take any size. At first it stung, but she adapted lightning quick. Her tails swayed in the air, tickling Lynne teasingly as the horse girl devastated the girl in front of her.

The further they went, the more that Sarah was spilling, all of the thrusting doing a good job to help her out. The cream filled a few glases, than a few more. Then finally, Lynne blasted off inside of Sarah. She nonchalantly slipped her cock out, stuffing it back up inside her dress, some of her cum runnily staining the front of her shirt. She giggled, and scooted off to make sure her tables were doing fine. “Phew~” Sarah shivered. “Alright, there’s your drink. Now, is there anything else I can help you with?” 

“How much does your dick cost?” 

“It comes with the purchase of any meal~”


I love this story. Though makes me wonder if a guy can get get a job here to become a futa. Sure it is a bit more of a chance, but it be a fun one
AMAZING!!! I loved it. More sex and more fun transformations. Can a guy become the futa he wants to be in this world?
By Odin's beard! That was awesome! I'd like to read more in this universe :)